Amazing video: black people erupt at Al Sharpton’s town hall meeting

Hat tip to ‘Rebel Pundit’ for this video published on Dec 21, 2013. According to the description:

This past Thursday, a town hall meeting hosted by Al Sharpton and the National Action Network to address gun violence exploded into a revolt against “Chicago Machine” politics, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and black alderman in City Hall with panel and audience members calling to vote out their elected officials. One 82-year-old preacher even called for “Tea Party” style meetings in some of Chicago’s south side communities such as Altgeld Gardens and Trumbull Park.

Take time to watch and enjoy this five minute video and perhaps, just perhaps, some people are starting to wake up. It would behoove the Republican party to engage the inner city communities with policy inclusiveness and hat tip to Senator Rand Paul for his recommendations for Detroit, on issues such as economic empowerment zones, small business growth, school choice, restoration of the black family, and running anti-establishment corrupt politicians.

As you watch this video, just imagine Rev. Al’s face as he sat there. Of course the liberal progressives and the black acolytes of progressive socialism will say this video was taken out of context or does not portray the entire event – but it seems to me a pretty good sampling and the responses from the audience support this premise.

The black community may just be finally realizing that they have been locked into a 21st century economic plantation. The GOP was established to break the physical shackles of slavery in 1854. Today, the GOP is needed to break the metaphysical bonds of economic servitude.


  1. If you want to be “Free at Last” get rid of the “leaders” you are following and open your eyes and ears. Jesse, Al, Barrack and Rham are working hard to keep you on the plantation poor and voting Democrat.

      • Some of them may be. I doubt they all are.

        People don’t work just to better society. A lot of people work for selfish reasons (to support themselves). That’s natural for most every species, to look after oneself before worrying about others.

      • They are indulging in veiled grubspeak. They’re not making very specific demands (in the video). If they’re thinking that their government is supposed to create jobs, they’re on the wrong track with the wrong party. If the bloated government would close up a few hundred offices and allow the private sector a lot more freedom, those government sector jobs would convert to employment in a company that actually seeks a profit, not how to suck more taxes out of you and me.

    • shame on your ignorance Czarnecki, I live in a district that I grew up in and over the decades I came to see, hear and KNOW the mindset here. That is how most of the people of lower-middle and lower class behave in large numbers here…if they bother to vote at all it’s only to elect people who promise them free stuff, “Obamaphones for everyone!” “Free internet if I’m elected!” “Public schools just need more money and we’ll get that from the ‘rich’ people!”

  2. Well, looks like finally the people are waking up! All it takes is when it starts affecting “me”. That is when “ME” decides we need a change. Thank God!

  3. It begins. Please Allen West, we need a vocal outspoken advocate for all conservative values. One that can shake some pillars. This is a perfect window.

  4. Kudo’s to all who asked the hard questions in this video,, stand up and be heard, hold the people voted in accountable.. the people in office are corrupt, awful people..

  5. Everyone of them are right ,your elected mayor ,senators and the President .They don’t care about the people in the Black neighborhoods . Because they know you will vote for them . As along as you continue to vote for Democrats , why should they do anything for you . Blacks votes are a guarantee for the Democrats . But what good has it done for you . Until you stop voting our vote for someone who cares why vote .

  6. Im from Chicago and I can tell you that there’s no doubt that what the elected officials here do not represent the will of the people. That said, I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the policies of the Tea Party will not help anyone here. We need officials who represent the will of the people and the Tea Party is nothing but a well funded lie machine meant to hand even more power to special interests. The REAL problem is we have Republicans and Democrats and both parties cater to their special interests instead of the people. The only thing different is the groups they cater to.

    • The Chicago elected officials that got you in the mess your communities are in were DEMOCRATS! So don’t go blamin no damn tea party for ur problems. Clean up ur own mess at home and stop hatin and blamin others.

      • Can you read? The Tea Party has no new solutions to offer in the world of the 2 party system. Just the same garbage conservative ideas that Republicans have been pushing since the 1920s. Tea Partiers get into office and immediately start passing laws based on their religion and try to pass economic policies based on deregulation and tax cuts. SOS different day. Same garbage just repackaged. Theyre crap as are the Dems and Cons.

      • Tea Party Express is proud to stand for six simple principles:
        No more bailouts
        Reduce the size and intrusiveness of government
        Stop raising our taxes
        Repeal Obamacare
        Cease out-of-control spending
        Bring back American prosperity

      • BS!


        The TEA Party has ZERO, ZILCH, NADA to do with religion or religious values. Many Tea Partiers are religious, yes. But that is besides the point.

        The TEA Party is all about Fiscal Policy. It never has been about anything EXCEPT Fiscal Policies.
        Go spread your lies somewhere else.

    • A well funded lie machine? If that were true, the Taxed Enough Already party wouldn’t have taken such heat for “shutting down the government” and wouldn’t be blasted constantly in the liberal media for being “extremists” and “racists.” The TEA party is not well funded and it’s not even well organized at this point. And what special interests are you talking about? The Tea Party wants the government to stop spending the tax payers’ money…that’s all.

      • The reason/s we haven’t severely punished the Tea party deal partially with all the additional pain that sabotage/extortion caused, besides presenting means to obfuscate other matters, and distinctions, also resoponsible for everyone in all these states having no premises standard, and not realizing it.

    • .Man, you sure do go out of your way to rationalize yourself directly into doing nothing. Democrat propagandists know all about you, and that’s why you will continue to be slave to their rule. Think all those Democrat-run Inner City Ghettos throughout the country are only coincidences?

      • Robert Frost (1874-1963) The America poet’s lifespan connected the sixties to nine years after the Civil War ended. Slavery didn’t end in New York until right at the end of the Civil War. The Tea Party also poises strategic ignorance still tempered into us through pseudo-education, for example, because nobody had the courage to stand up against the Tea Tax had not Madison counter extorted enough inventual people to force it between everyone all at once. And that was to exploit phenomena playing out between the complex litigation agents of the time, and with their extortion of the other nations that colonized us too. So it was a phenomena that they’d allied with us. Rhetoric. Of course there were people from all nations who wanted us free, who understood it, because we took from the power of those evil complex litigation writers entrenched here even after we’d barely announced our nation, and that was even less time before this than was the lifespan of Robert Frost. We haven’t been around long, and with entrenched means to the moderation of our potentials, books, and, so, our conclusions, from the desks of agencies who keep themselves unapproachable for the way they inherit their positions too. Profits had to create a devil to begin to describe this.

    • Ha Ha Ha!! Oh sure. that’s why Obama had the IRS sic ’em. That’s why the Taxed Enough Already groups have been assaulted by our fascist Paid Media. Uh huh.

    • I can Agree with only the first and last sentence you wrote ,Absolutely ! And that is exactly why the TEA Party started , started Boiling! TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY ! The Barry Obama’s Administration has backed up The Banks, The Wall street Boy’s, Any and all of The Muslim Brotherhood in the middle east , Africa, and the United States ! Get a tablet and calculator out and it up , It’s Absurd , Absolutely Criminal in nature ! No disrespect but It’s real hard for me not to think you are not a Mole Spreading Lie’s ! djc84 ? What kind of name is that ? You could be Satan himself ! I am the grass roots of Western Pennsylvania and you know my real name. I hope and Pray that you are the grass roots of Chicago and join We The People and Stand with us, for your own community and all of our’s Country ! May God Bless You and Keep You Safe, Amen !

  7. I was in the Democrat party , I voted for Democrats and Republicans , Now I look at both party’s ,they are out for themselves . That is why I am a TEA Party Member . If you want change it has to start at the grass roots level . People at the top could care less about you . But when both party’s start losing elections , than they will hear the people .

  8. The cultural awakening had begun! Let people of all color, faith and gender stand up and stop being taken advantage of and used by these cancerous politicians.

  9. I will stand with everyone who thinks critically and not just follows blindly a party or candidate for reasons other than upholding constitutional liberty.

    • I don’t mind being used, as long as it’s for the right reasons. I got used in Viet Nam, and I learned one thing: it’s about your buddy beside you, which translates to your neighbor in civilian life, when it comes to fighting communists. Remember, communism is about “TAKING FROM those with ability and GIVING TO those with NEED.” Who says the Fifth Floor NEEDS to TAKE from you and GIVE TO some cheater? Communism always ends badly….always has, always will, it’s a sucker bet….MORE POOR people because that’s the way it’s BUILT to “work.” Like the man said, “It’s not just the white people, it’s the right people to blame.” How much power do the people, your neighbors, have any more? Wake Up,Stand up, Speak Up and don’t Shut Up until this cronyism shrinks back into the pit it came out of. Al Sarpton is no Dr King. Some rednecks are more Dr King than some of Neros Negros today. .Remember, it was LBJ who said, “I’ll have those ni88wers voting Democrat for 200 years!” The War on Poverty is over. Poverty won. Just like it was supposed to from jump.

      • Hey buddy you are right when your taking fie & pinned down your fighiting for the man in the foxhole you be he black,red,white.Your are fighting to keep each other alive. I happened to be born white nothing I could about that but I have many good black friends who are good men be what ever color they are. It scared me when I 1st saw LBJ I thought of Lomg Ben Junction. You know what I mean if you were Nam. I found I would fight just as hard for a black man as I would a white we were trying to keep each other alive. We had enough of Communist’s in Nam & GOD forbid looks like we going to fight them again only in our country this time. YOU have a Merry Christmas from the 101st

  10. I have heard Democrats say they don’t need to campaign in the Black Neighborhoods , because their vote is locked in . I am in the Tea party and I will tell we have all people from different races . We don’t care what you do our where you live , all we care about is the Constitution and smaller government . We want people to have jobs , and a good family foundation . To make our Neighborhoods safe and able to provide jobs for everyone who wants to work .Everyone should have the same chance ,no matter what your skin color is . This government will only work if everyone works together.

      • Google Translate: Blessed be the LORD, the God of my fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the God to these men and women.

      • Yep, and I did it on purpose to show that I stand in solidarity with my Black brothers and sisters as a Messianic Jew.

      • These people really don’t hate like they front they do. They hate! But it’s because so many jobs make money off of pretending wisdom, and just following rules, and systems that people don’t like to challenge. It’s easier to challenge people, and encouraged, rather than challenging distinctions. That’s why all these serious subjects and nobody has any real premises. So of course the conversations will end with no change, and more means to measurably exploit the people who are actually trying to think. Politicians can mostly only work with what they are being given. From pseudo-education in highschools most can’t distinguish it in colleges where the professors have the agenda of their takes worked out already. Look how chop shop they left American history explained, and, without explaining how many naitons, and competing international companies cultivated colonists into perpetual disputes to keep them from uniting to take freedom from subservience to international statutes and all that’s entrenched and parallel to them still overriding to our own.

      • I’ll stand with them when they stop caring about Obama’s skin color. When we first heard about him, I had great hopes a Black president would heal the race rift, but he has only widened it. The damage he’s done will take years to remedy, if we have that much time left.

  11. 100% Republican here but Im telling you right now, we are going to be sold out in this next election worse than when McCain was running! Jeb Bush is seeking to bring and WANTS to legislate millions of migrants to become citizens to fill jobs. Im SERIOUSLY thinking libertarian or write in. The republicans have insulted EVERY BLACK CANDIDATE that has ever ran for office, and it stated with Alan Keys, they forbid him to even debate on national TV. !! I’m begining to hate my party as much as I detest Sharpton and Jackson!

  12. This is how politics should work. This is why the status quo government cronies are so afraid of the Tea Party and spends so much time slandering patriots like that. They are a threat and rightfully should be. We have had enough of these do nothing politicians. Nice to see a few blacks waking up at last. Barack Obama has been a dismal failure to them. He got 95% of the black vote. How stupid is that, voting based on skin color?

  13. The Democrats “use” the blacks because they are sure of their votes. News Flash! Blacks are intelligent people, and will come to realize that the Democrats have made them slaves to their party. They don’t care about them, they just want their votes. I hope every black that realizes this, picks themselves up by their boot straps, and shows the Democrats that they have had enough. Look at the people who have been running these dying cities! That alone should tell you enough.

    • I dare to disagree with you! I believe that a large majority of blacks and Hispanics will vote based on race and political party, until the end of time! The people of Detroit have not awakened, despite the constant reminders surrounding them of the results of their blind loyalty.

  14. Its about time the black communities wake up to
    Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton does not support anyone but himself, he looks for every opportunity to portray himself as the voice of the black communities. There would not be the division in communities, that exists today if it were not for the Al Sharptons of the world.

  15. Every American needs a helping hand from time to time . But for America to work ,everyone has to be in the game . If everyone worked as hard as the others . We would reduce crime ,because everyone would be working . Look at Detroit ,run by Democrats for over 60 years . When I say run Detroit , I mean into the Ground .That is what Democrats did to those neighborhoods . Don’t wait till they run the rest of your Neighborhoods in the ground like Detroit . I heard one man say ,every other home in Chicago is boarded up . You keep voting Democrat ,your not going to have a neighborhood . Most of you ,had to move people into your homes , friends ,and family . It was either that or the street over the last 5 years . The time is now in 2014 to send a message to your elected officials . If you don’t start buying more plywood to board up your home .

    • hangman57, we have too many cowards at the end of a linch pin, and, while blocking distinctions from being made. Both sides need to make distinctions and get these criminal prison, pension, and international police/commodities system into check finally. No man is free until we have the sophistication to distinguish the evil that cultivates cultural divisions from the top down in the furtherance of the countermotions to James Madison’s limited by the depths of our pseudo-education freedom plan… _:l That and why you and these people who post don’t understand that; it has a direct relationship to the measurably exploitable delusions on your takes yall.

  16. To the last gentleman who said: “How dumb can you be?” Thank you Sir for your candor. Lots of racists voted for a man they did not believe in, either because they were black and felt they had to, or because they were afraid to be labeled “racist”.

    Evolution: Darwin’s “Origin Of Species – on the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life” was the first mention of so-called “races” to describe different groups of people. Scientists of the day roundly dismissed his pseudo-science, but gutless “ministers” – with rich slave-owners in their congregations! – embraced this hateful piece of trash.

    It comes down to believing God and His Word – “God … hath made of ONE BLOOD all nations for to dwell on all the face of the earth” (capitals mine) Acts 17:24 KJV (read 22-34 in context)

  17. Please stop making it about race or gender. That is part of “their” tactic to divide and conquer us. THE Worst thing “they” do is dishonor our God given right of Autonomy. God himself made us Black, or White or whatever He chose. Plantation “owners” of all types use tactics to enslave us – Get wise. Get color blind and see Right and Wrong. Get Right with God

    • I’d vote for the Colonel any day, for any office.

      It’s high time we had a Veteran in office again. 5 years-plus of the America-hating, never worked a day in his life worthless piece of crap has really ground on me.

  18. It is time. I am happy that this group of our brothers and sisters in Chicago are stepping up and taking back their neighborhoods. They will no longer follow along with any leader if that leader does not produce progress for the families and businesses – not only in Chicago, but from sea to shining sea. It is time. Take command of your country. We will stand for you in your battle. God bless your battles with success. It is time.

  19. Who’s the reason mama can get a job to improve her life and they cut off her welfare? Why can’t we allow her to work and gradually reduce her welfare so she can improve her life on her own? Liberals are the reason.

    They must force her to stay on the plantation to sow and harvest the fields of socialism.

  20. I would vote for Col West ,if he run for President . Because he is a no nonsense guy . He cares about our Country and the Constitution .But he also cares about people , He fights for jobs ,and he fights for what right . He don’t care about special interest groups . That is the problem in Washington , in your states and your cities . Somebody greasing someone hands .

    • That’s like a child’s explanation of how to give brain surgery. These things are on the record, if we care to address the interests underlying, and connected to the businesses our politicians are forced to work with, too, reason why we have to attend to the language of the law, demonstrably sick in many ways, demonstrably effected to subservience to international statutes, and to freedom sabotaging agenda between them. Too many hangmen, because of having our prisons sold out as a private, but international commodity tied to pensions and stuff related to demonstrable national extortion between nations also imposed upon by and through agenda related to, and parallel to that which allows for international language to disfigure us the way it does. Hangman57, that has to by why yall don’t react to the hate in these comments. Not to condemn the people, but because it is really suggests that they have connections to parasitic economic prospects that they can’t reveal really cause them to ignore reality.

  21. Well I hope that their anger towards their own continues, as my anger at my own continues. I pray for a turn around next election. Throw the bums out, and recall those that refuse to represent the majority of their constituents!

    • “their own”???? We are all Americans. WE the people. Putting GOD first, then our families, then to our neighbors (country) then our jobs. God, family, country, job; there is a righteous order. The STATE wants first place, and they can’t have it; that’s why God wants the First Fruits of our labor, so we remember the proper order of things. So, when we don’t put the State first, they declare war on us. Well….

    • That keeps them tempered to sensibilities incapable of defending distinctions in the contexts where so many people don’t like things explained with particularity for they get over on particularities in still inherited exploited ways, still, too, with relationships to international agenda associated also with the subservience of our statues to international ones that are to the detriment of other nations too. And thank god for China who’s holding us up, remember.

    • It’s that we need to distinguish the movements between administrations that consciously sabotage distinction for their own economic incentives cultivated in relationship to others cultivated to sabotaging distinction for other reasons. All such together creates the phenomena of politics, an illusion measurably separate from the actually discernible mechanics/distincitons furthering the dysfunctions. It starts with claiming that Lincoln’s words ended slavery, and/or for the whites, and/or for the phenomena of any other skin pigmentation, including albinos. _:l

  22. I don’t vote for a man ,because of the color of his skin , I vote for them because of the content of their character . That is why I would vote for Col Allen West .

  23. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!! I have been praying for an awakening in the inner cities for a long time — ever since I read “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.” It broke my heart.

    • Col West raised himself out of the inner city ,and he cares about your neighborhoods . We are all in this country together , if everyone work for the same goals . we all can make life better for our families .

  24. When the Blacks finally realize that the White and Black politicians do everything in their power to plant a seed of hatred, racism and bigotry in their minds and soul, we will have a prosperous and FREE country!

    • In Chicago it’s all the black leaders that have done that. Especially that Jesse Jackson. You know they are starting to catch on to him to. When they see their Aldermen going to jail for stealing,,,it’s a big eye opener. Also we can thank Obama for opening their eyes,,,after all he got his buddy in office as the Chicago Mayor and Emanuel has done nothing but get rid of their schools in their community. And for racism and bigotry,,,,that is Jackson who preaches that to those people.

      • To me everybody is EQUAL and ALWAYS will be. The color of your skin does not matter at all! I know that most so called liberals want f.e. gays and lesbians, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, thugs, etc. to have MORE rights than me (by f.e. taking away or infringing my right to self defense at school, airport, sport event). I will always oppose that. I will oppose also if the Black, White or Green person would have more privileges than myself (food stamps, affordable or free housing, extra points to get to college). If you don’t have something you want, it simply means you are too lazy or too stupid to have it! I don’t want to support that. I don’t want my taxes to degenerate the society. When do Democrats finally understand that by redistributing the money and several “social programs” they feed human worst enemy – LAZINESS. Give person a rod, not a fish.

  25. How many who hated Obama because he’s black still voted for him (and now work for him) because they wanted in on the game? It’s not about the color of your skin, but about the content of your character. You can be a hard-core hater of the black race and use the black race to gain power….and then shut the black race out of the picture. Maybe now people can see, where once they were blind. If we go on the Constitution, everybody wins, if we go away from it, you get what we got now. If black people do what they’ve always done, black people will get what they’ve been meant to get by the slavemaster from the start.

    • You’re not really that stupid. And/or nor are you that much of a hater naturally, and, while speaking about the Constitution. You contradict yourself. You are a psychologist, huh? And note that, and how the F.B.I. is in Chicago, but, also, too, not without noting how many agencies we have, but, too, not without noting how many nations are tied to all the companies, and to all the investigations tied to the land below our feet still, these shackles you deny with hate that justifies the confinement of your convictions. You’re an intellectual captive and don’t even know it. And there’s only one life to defend life.

  26. It’s time for an information campaign in Chicago to remind them that Lincoln — a REPUBLICAN – freed the slaves… That Fred Douglass and MLK Jr. were REPUBLICANS…etc.

  27. They are right…and in Chicago the blacks are getting fed up. Hell it’s the 3rd corrupt city in government in the nation but because of the population in Chicago the FBI really called it the most corrupt. You have Jesse Jackson Jr. who stole over $750,000 of his campaign funds so he could live the life of the rich, owed two homes, etc. and did Jack S— for these people. Then you have the Aldermen in their areas going to jail for theft and corruption. Then we had Emanuel running for Mayor, who Obama endorsed, and was going to clean up the neighborhoods. Hasn’t happened. Then Obama, who is from Chicago, promised to help them out. Not one of those people did jack. But they knew the blacks would vote for them. It was even going around when Emanuel was running for mayor that he would win because he would get all the black votes because of Obama. Some of those neighborhoods the older man mentioned are not that bad if they got cleaned up. The old homes boarded up where drug dealers hang out. Young teenage girls run the risk of being brutally beat up and raped as they walk to school, which is happening now. Emanuel has how many schools closed in their communities so now the kids have farther to travel to get to school and it’s not safe for them. I’m glad they have finally woke up and realized that those they elected don’t seem to give a D— and haven’t filled their campaign promises. We all are getting tired of the corrupt government we have in Illinois,,,,Black & White. These people are serious and I’m willing to bet not one of our elected officials in the state of Illinois are going to take it serious and will think next election they will vote for us anyway. My money is on the black in Chicago…I believe they will be sending a message in 2014.

  28. People like Col west needs to go to Black Neighborhoods and explain our values to these Americans . Old says “We can stand together or we will fall together “.

  29. “Mr. President, the man that you have sent down here as the Mayor [Rahm Emanuel] hate us. Ain’t no way of getting around it.” – Chicago resident

    • Amen I swear he was sent to destroy Chicago, just like Obama is doing to our country and just like Ezekiel Emanual who is the main creator of the Obamacare Law. I love our city and the people in it. You go into the city and the people are the greatest no matter what color.

  30. Canada did NOT have the discrimination towards colored people that is paramount in the USA. Slavery, of any sort, should never be tolerated. And, in one sense we are all slaves to the almighty dollar. A president who gathers educated people, business and working class people together to learn what the US needs to turn around the chaos and disaster is currently experiencing – would be a wonder to behold. Color has no place in our society – we are all human beings, This President, imho, allegedly has done the divided and conquer game – for whatever his game is; which is yet an unknown. He came from no where, handpicked for whatever purposes yet unknown, – but surely in this next election people will choose wisely for another who WILL serve the people.

    • Slavery has been long over in this country and it is way past time that black’s and whites began to stop using that history to try to paint todays problems about slavery. Less than 1% of American citizens can actually( prove) they had any connection to slavery. The entire race of black people in this country try’s to claim they were abused because of what happened more than 200 years ago. History shows that before black slavery began , which was created by a black man for the record, indentured servants were used as slaves. Millions of Americans hold proof that they descended from indentured servants. They don’t use that fact to try to call a race card. You are correct that this current president has played a race game. He has used the black people. I pray that the black people will understand this fact and wake up their family members to the truth of it. Our country has suffered too long because of this sort of division and devilment.

      • You are correct when you wrote of the indentured servants from a time long past.They were shipped out from England to Americas, to Austraila and elsewhere.And, yes, in Africa, tribes would enslave others and sell them to the slave ships to be sent to the USA. And, then many ships carried the Irish and Scots to escape from the hunger and poverty of their lands. And, in the America’s the US and Canada – the Indians there before all were dreadfully treated, and their lands taken – Trail of Tears is a good book to read. Canada has compensated but living on reservations does nothing to help peoples pride and, this is the 21st century. It’s time democracy become a reality – which it is not, imho. Blacks, colored, white and red all deserve equal treatment, whether they be rich or poor. Hopefully, in this new millineum it will happen.

    • I blame Obama for a lot of the segregation that is going on now. I don’t trust him and I never voted for him. Not because of his skin color. If you disagree with him you are called a racist because we have a black president. The word “racist” is thrown around so that I feel it has lost the true meaning behind it. When he spoke right after the Zimmerman verdict, listening to his words I thought,,,,”you have just brought segregation back. You put us almost back to the 60s”. Right after that speech he turned his back on the blacks that he promised to help. There are a couple of black writers, very educated, that will tell you he hates the blacks and he hates the white.

      • Well, in all reality Obama isn’t very black.

        He’s a mix of white, black, & Arab. His father was more Arab than black. If there are any racists on this planet still, the Arabs tend to own the top of the list.

        He has always been rather well-to-do, attending wealthy private schools then going to big name universities like Harvard & Columbia. Even his adopted father (Soetoro) was wealthy!

        This is a man who had written TWO autobiographies before he’d accomplished a DAMNED thing in his life!

        It’s not a matter of skin color or ethnicity, it’s more an issue of Obama just doesn’t like poor people. He’s a narcissist, and if you’re not just like him, you’re trash.

      • I still say he doesn’t like white either. One thing I will add to what you said about not being just like him is,,,,he doesn’t seem to like those blacks that have made something of themselves either. He’ll use them but he turns his back on them after that. One thing I listened to recently was an interview with his half brother. The brother was asked why they didn’t like each other. The brother responded they didn’t like each other when they first met. He said he looked at Obama’s skin color and thought he was too black and Obama said he (the brother) was too white. His brother has written a book that is to be released, I think, in February. It talks a lot about their father and discredits a lot of what Obama said about the father. The brother said his father was a very abusive man and beat his mother pretty bad. He said Obama wrote about a man he really didn’t know and never lived the fear of that man that they did. He also said Obama’s book is just filled with untruths. Hmmmm now why would that surprise me?

      • The point being, if you aren’t giving him something, he doesn’t like you.

        He likes his rich donors (even if contemptuously). He honestly believes he’s better than everyone else. He’s a classic narcissist & sociopath (as opposed to a psychopath, as psychopaths are born that way. I don’t believe that Obama, or people of his ethnicity, is/are naturally this way). He was “raised” by a socialist mother, whose father was a devout communist.

      • i believed from the onset Obama was intent on destroying America’s pride of people and race. His father, a black American poet by the name of Marshall, taught Obama well – the ways of communism or, if you prefer, socialism at its worst. Divide and conquer. No people wish to see the country and its people destroyed through hatred – white, black, colored, rich or poor. Presidents, beginning with Washington only wanted the best for the country and its people – not, its destruction.

  31. Every since Rahm Emanuel has been Mayor of Chicago the death in Black Neighborhood have went up 45% and about every other home is boarded up . What’s next ?

    • What does he even do about the gangs? He comes out when two gang members open fire on those 11 people enjoying a warm day in the park and says he’s going to make a change, the cameras stop rolling and Emanuel disappears again. Those neighborhoods could really be nice if they would either tear down those houses or sell them to a family for $1 with the deal that they fix it up. Those people want their neighborhoods to be cleaned up.

      • That’s just the things. Dem/Progressive/Communist policies are why gangs exist. To do something real about gangs would betray everything the above groups stand for.

      • They also exist when a buffoon like Reagan amnesties their relatives and helps bring them into the country from Mexico.

      • a dollar??? what about the owners they are buying or renting them from? I guess you would like the govt to pay them off, but with money from whom? the govt produces no money, all the govts money is TAXPAYER’S money

      • I’m talking about the houses that are boarded up and deserted. Nobody is renting a deserted building. There just deserted and the city has taken them over. It wouldn’t be taxpayer money. But it would be taxpayers money if they had to tear them down. That’s why they sit there. The city doesn’t want to spend to the money to tear them down. Several years ago the city took over those house and sold a bunch of them for $1 or $10 to make it legal. The agreement was the person that bought it had to fix it up and bring it up to live able standards, pay the taxes on it and kept them fixed up. Had nothing to do with the government paying anything on it.

  32. It is time now for ALL God fearing Americans to put aside any negative notions of each other, and join hands to reclaim our nation which has been hijacked by greedy, power hungry politicians. Together we are mighty divided we shall fall and so will the future of our children. The time to put the race issues aside is now, embrace ALL of your fellow Americans once we all collectively join hands we will be unstoppable.

    • Well put, and thoughtful…I agree 100%…prayer can change anything…we as a country need to come together… the division is extremely wide at this time…only we can change this through communications.

  33. No, Lincoln only freed the slaves, rhetoric wise, and only partially, John Samuel Wilson, and that was, and still is apart of tactics associated with our intellectual slavery, and demonstrative higher education extremism. The political parties in my town and the police block my posts. We have state police and local and campus police involved with prostitution and with gangs with drugs demonstrably, related to their hiding, and from my posts. And they wrote/write fake police reports and persuade strangers to lie about me too. We need to defend the individual, and individual human rights, and from standards, because of their relationship with demonstrable unconstitutional contradictions incapable of being prosecuted until we unite behind distinctions. We need to not take people down, but to hold them to sustained distinction making, and/or take them down for not, and, keeping the distinctions/revelations flowing… _:l

    • Demonstrable criminal enterprises have the effect of what is referred to as “criminal insidiousness” in, and through complex litigation. I’m not a lawyer, but also, there are proofs that lawyers are associated with agenda, and with the language of so many peripheral laws tied to these zoning and geographic problems connected to phenomena still exploiting the tactic that had colonization set up slavery so insidiously/criminally, specifically to ferrit out anyone who might, and who did try what James Madison did, to set us to sustain free speech, even though everyone gets so frustrated they create opinions that are measured and are exploited by complex litigation agents who had the positions, but not the moral education, and with pseudo-education making everyone thinking potentials are too good to be true. And it takes just a human to demonstrate how so many blacks are still the victim of the counter tactics of colonization, and of the cattle herded pursuits cultivated to the nature of our own natural ones. I’ll help you guys if you help me. I’ll write a book to be owned by a company to be owned by you, if you share it with one for Hartford, too. I’ll make it a basic curriculum book, starting with basic English, and spelling, too, consolidating principle things we all need to know. I’ll go a to z and make three letter words around the vowels to explain the way the vowels sound. Even people from other countries will appreciate the insights of our book/s/businesses/virtual super hero/gaming system… _:0 It’s time to do things different for the perfect results…. _:l

  34. Pay attention to details; the Devil is in the details, and details are what the Devil doesn’t want his slaves to notice. Common Core in schools is turning kids into mindless drones, not giving kids the basic skills to think about anything but what the slavemasters narrowly designed for them to think about. Common Core is setting up an endless stream of voters who can’t resist the sales pitch of the slavemasters.

  35. Perhaps these people might wake up and realize that those they’ve been calling Uncle Tom were actually pulling for them all along. Fitting, because as I understand it, Uncle Tom wasn’t an evil figure, he was a noble man who refused to compromise his principles in doing what was right.
    Something I’ve said about the decline of the middle class, it has to do with the over-regulation of small business on the fed, state and local level. Whereas 100 years ago, the people in that room could buy some flour and yeast, bake bread and sell it to their neighbor and make a living – today they’d need thousands in fees, licenses, permits, taxes and have to have a full time administrator/accountant just to do the overhead on baking that bread. That in a nutshell across all productive crafts is a large part of why we are in the straits we’re in, let alone the black communities which once were supported by a legion of such small businesses.

    • Actually in line with that, I had an idea but it needs to be vetted for going the wrong way. The idea is that all taxes. licenses, permits, fees, etc must go thru a single government office that is tasked with providing compliance information to a small businessman/worker. Thus, if the government doesn’t tell you there is a tax due thru that office – its not collectible and no penalties apply for the government’s failure to inform.

      This would take the burden off the citizens and put it on the government, which is the greedy entity sapping their wealth in the first place. Does this create more government, or does it make less since all the supplicant agencies wanting monies can get rid of their collection departments and solely provide the compliance agency with information on what is due & payable for each craft etc.

    • Racist much….your term is very derogatory in which the manner you said it..with your hateful comments, how much do you think the black community will want to take participation with people who talk like you.

      • Oh please, that so-called discussion of race that Obama and Holder always talk about is really a lecture on why white people are evil and the cause of all the black problems and we are kind of sick of hearing it.

    • Yes Ragman… NEGROES isn’t even the term black people use to insult each other IT IS THE OTHER N WORD! Only because they have been told by people like Sherill Weber that they can defame themselves with the use of the word, but other races CANNOT! Which is the reason why they are in the position they are. If you say something enough times you start to believe it and act like it and using that word, when it was a disparaging word used against them historically only prolongs that self image of being inferior. THANKS SHERILL YOU ARE AN IDIOT!! Please move out of Chicago!!

  36. The day I see black leaders call people out on what the real problems are in the black communities (crime, illegal guns, having babies out of wedlock, absent fathers, not staying in school, glamorizing drugs and gangs) will be the day I will say that blacks actually have a chance in Hell at pulling themselves out of the filthy, dirty, poverty ridden hole that they are wallowing in. Too bad the Democrat Party needs them to continue needing the Democrat Party and will do all they can to keep the black man under its thumb.

    • Not all the blacks in our city match the description you just wrote. The people you saw in the video are families working (fathers and mothers), keeping their kids in school and trying to keep their neighborhoods cleaned up. Those are god fearing and hard working people. They are fighting for the community, trying to get the old boarded up homes torn down, trying to get rid of the gangs that are moving into their neighborhoods and destroying it.

      • Yes, you are completely right and these good people need their leaders to point out that they are the ones doing things the RIGHT way and they are a great example to follow. I just don’t see enough black leaders (especially church leaders) point out how many people in their communities are leading morally deficit lives and bringing children up in the same seedy manner, generation after generation. This has got to stop but as long as any kind of lifestyle is considered just as good as a committed marriage, children will continued to be raised slip-shod and half-assed in the city streets.

  37. Watch the Hannity segment with Stephen A. Smith from 12/18. “And so what I’m saying to us as black people, if you tell the Republican
    Party there’s no way we’re interested in supporting you thereby giving
    the Democratic Party pretty much 85-plus percent of your vote, you’ve
    essentially served to assist anyway in disenfranchising yourself
    because you told one party you want nothing to do with them, and you’ve
    told the other party they don’t have to work for your vote. So neither
    side is working for you. And as a result, they have the opportunity to
    cater to other people because one side knows you’re not going anywhere
    and the other side knows they’re going to have your support anyway.”

  38. The problem with this line of thinking is that it is just as delusional as the left. In the right’s dim witted view, the only thing keeping black people from being white or Asian is that they don’t have “school choice” or “empowerment zones” or more “free trade” or some other BS designed to hand over more control to the private sector.
    There is a lot more wrong than that.

    • “keeping black people from being white or Asia”…..

      What the hell are you talking about? We don’t want to change their skin color! We wish them to succeed as well as any other race! We want more than anything to see them shed the Democratic shackles and finally end the violence!

      • We don’t want to change their skin color!
        How dense are you? Have you never heard the black expression about “acting white”? You know like actually making an effort in school.

      • BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Markinla!! WOW!! You have been programmed, to hate and you don’t even see it. You are hating against black people mostly. Who came up with the slogan “acting white” you don’t hear someone telling a white student he is acting black… YOU FEED INTO THE ENERGY OF THESE SORT OF INANE NO SENSE STEREOTYPICAL PHRASES when you repeat them and give them credibility.

      • Moron that is what blacks say to other blacks who are trying to achieve something. You are the typical no thinking liberal who repeats he same tired drivel you get from the media and schools about how we are all the same and whitey is to blame for all the problems in the black community. You are the real “haters”.

      • The Democrats aren’t causing the violence, take a look at Africa, it is part of their makeup, in the same way that Asians in the US are far more socialized and orderly than whites – just like their racial brothers in Japan and Korea.

      • Exactly CLK. I (we all I hope) want to see everyone succeed. I also think it’s not just the democratic shackles, it’s any government shackles. I vote mostly republican, but will vote for democrat if I think he or she is a better choice. Right now, it is hard to tell the difference. I will work against either party if I don’t think they are for all Americans. I will not vote for anyone who I think is in it for just themselves. There is too much at stake to not know what they stand for, and with the internet, it is easy to find out about them.

    • yes, like family values and personal responsibility! hummmm, seems to be a rare concept in the economically and socially depressed areas!

      • Somebody thinking “school choice” is the only thing keeping blacks from closing the academic gap calling somebody else a simpleton is as funny as it gets.

      • you really are. The only thing holding blacks back are themselves. your precious Chitown spends more per student than any place in the US. And the students still cant graduate, oh yeah, but only in the public schools. where discipline and learning are obviously secondary

      • Maybe you should look in the dictionary for the word simpleton. There might be a picture of you in it. There is A LOT more wrong with the black community than what ever “school choice” will fix. School choice won’t fix the thug culture. School choice won’t fix the lack of respect for teachers. The list is a lot long than I care to bother with.

    • Whoa. Hold on here. If I understand what you are saying, and correct me if I’m wrong, you feel that what’s holding black people back is NOT related to policy or politics. And that given the same policy and politics as Whites and Asians, the results would be different? What you are not saying is what you think that difference is. I would be curious to know. Because on the surface this comment seems a bit, well “racist” in nature. Please clarify. Why is that you feel blacks when given the same opportunity as Whites and Asians will not succeed to the same degree?

      • racism, racism, racism, blah, blah, blah. Tell me you think blacks are the same as whites when it comes to IQ, impulse control, and other things that show themselves in black communities all over the world.
        What policies exactly turned Compton into a sh-th-le from an Ok neighborhood?

  39. I am so happy to see this happening. So glad to see that everyone is waking up to the fact that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  40. Having lived in the Chicagoland area for 15 years it is good to hear of this. The problem though is the idiots in leadership of the GOP are too centered on their own welfare that they won’t be able to take advantage of this dissatisfaction with the status quo. We need new blood at the top of the heap in the GOP or nothing will change.

  41. We won’t win the urban centres, but by engaging with the city folk, we an lose them by a smaller amount – maybe even enough to not lose the state as a whole. Connect with the marginal voters in the inner cities of marginal states. That’s how you turn things around.

  42. There is no right or left……..there’s only the corrupt party and their all in on it.What they want is division and division only.What we need is to Unite against them,they are suppose to work for us,not us working to support them.

  43. Keeping voting Democrat and keep voting for chains. It’s that simple. You want to get the chains off your legs, then you better start voting Republican or third party. And you better stop voting by skin color, because Obama doesn’t give a rats ass about black people, or white people, or red people, or any people except elite people. He is Uncle Tom’s Uncle Tom.The blacks of this nation needs to stop worrying about being black, and start worrying about being American or these bastard politicians are going to wipe you out, because they are wiping everyone out. We are all American or else we are dead. end of story, and that is where we are at now. There is no more kicking the can down the road. It is all for all, or nothing for no one time.

  44. The struggle for freedom continues. The way may not always be clear, but the anguished cries of the oppressed are clear. There are Black folks in the Tea party and the Tea party welcomes all. The Tea party is hated by the establishment Republican and Democratic party. Could you imagine the panic in the establishment Republican and Democratic party if they were unable to divide the people of any color. That appears to be their goal, to divide and conquer. Listen to their message and you will know who they are. Taxed Enough Already= TEA!

    • I’ve been preaching this for, egad, I don’t know how long now. There’s been NO DIFFERENCE between the parties for so many elections it’s pathetic. We really don’t have a good choice of who we can vote for.. it’s been decided at “party” headquarters long before any election. I’m tired of the good ol’ boy parties. We need to get REAL PATRIOTS into office and take America back. And it’d better be darn soon, before king obummer declares martial law… and it’s coming… have no doubts about that! The political machine will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to retain power…. and screw us… we don’t really matter as long as they are making their big bucks.

    • I love that… “could you imagine the panic in the establishment Republican and Democratic Party if they were unable to divide the people of any color” AWESOME!!! Yes and I agree that does appear to be their goal!!! I am down with the Tea Party

  45. Some of the speakers made good points. The last guy that spoke talked about WHO voted for Rahm Emanuel in the last mayoral election, then he said “how dumb can you be?!” MY question is … what were the CHOICES presented to the voters of Chicago? Hmmm? There were none to speak of, there never are. It’s always the same ‘ole same ‘ole. The city of Chicago has been a major Democratic machine for at least a century. Maybe that’s why there are never any serious opposing candidates to choose from. Maybe NOW is the time to show alternative candidates Chicago is ready for them.

    • Chicago never really was able to have choices. Politics in this area is like tunnel vision, the media is to blame too because they never really vet candidates. Emanuel was the candidate from the time Daley announced his resignation!! It’s sick… people need to be wary of the media too. As American citizens we are alone!

  46. OH please God be with these people to make the right decision with their leaders. You can’t trust the Republicans now either. They are all in it together. The two so called Tea Party Candidates Adam Kinzinger and Aaron Schock; voted with the Democrats to fund Obama and voted against the conservative wing of the party and vowed to assist any anti Tea Party Candidate in the upcoming elections. Fortunately their constituents have taken to social media and have vowed to end their young careers! We’ll see… God be with them, God be with us all!!

  47. United we stand, Divided we fall-as long as Blacks, Whites fight among each other Washington Politicians reap the benefits, UNITE

  48. What I am so glad about is that the black community appear to be finally seeing that the Democratic party has used them for how many years. That they have been turning their backs on the true leaders of the Republican Party; Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King Jr. both Republicans BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS were successful at brainwashing them!!! 🙁 Regardless I am excited and hopeful… everyone should just vote Republican, to undo everything Obama has tried to kill in this country. It is the only way!!! TRUE GOD FEARING AMERICANS. Obama may have been born here, but he was not raised here, which means he is not American!

    • do NOT, i repeat, DO NOT just vote republican…..they are in bed with the libs and are happy to continue the status quo. vote for PRINCIPLED CONSERVATIVES who will take this country back to the world leader we are meant to be…by developing OUR RESOURCES with good paying jobs for EVERYONE.

    • Yeah, and the Republicans have used the Christian Coalition and the conservatives for years to further the goals of the 1%ers, zionists and other globalists.

    • I agree Jennifer …..I think Obama doesn’t like America or Americans. I think he is being controlled by a hundred year agenda. This agenda goes back to Woodrow Wilson. Progressivism started then because he thought he was smarter than the founding fathers and he wanted more control over the American people. Do yourselves a favor and read the Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin! He has studied the Constitution and has made suggestions to bring us back to what the founding fathers originally intended. I think everyone in America can live together in harmony! But we need to stop what is going on! I am happy to see that the Black community is coming out of the dream. Many of my friends are still asleep! They think I am crazy…..oh well I tried to tell them, but they don’t want to hear me.

  49. We need to see this video on Fox, and on any other network that has the guts to show it. If this is happening in Chicago, and there are rumblings of similar sentiments in Detroit, then this might just get that snowball rolling…a snowball so big that it has a chance to turn things around, to roll right on through this hell of a corrupt administration. Obama can’t be a Robin Hood when he’s too busy robbin’ the ‘Hood! These people need help, but what they don’t need is more handouts. and more chains.

  50. What is and has destroyed the black community is the belief of victimization. They believe, because democrats and race baiting opportunist, that they are victims. The global testing standards were just reported about a month ago. The lowest scoring students in the industrial world were inner city white Brits, closely followed by inner city blacks in America. What do they both have in common? Inner city Brits have been sold the politics of victimization by the Labor party for nearly 50 years now. The same message sold to blacks in America by race baiting leftist. Yet, to spite socialized programs, government funded education, and housing assistance neither whites in inner city Britain or blacks in inner city USA could outscore Thai, India, or Philippine children living in thatch huts, sustaining themselves through an pseudo farming/fishing lifestyle, with little medical care, and nearly no electronics. They walked to their schools from fishing villages and mountain towns and still outscored our inner city finest. Although these inner city (Chicago) blacks are pissed at their inner city race baiting masters, make no mistake (listen carefully), they still think they are victims. And the beat will go on.

    • black community is the belief of victimization

      More drivel. A while back somebody tried to explain the achievement gap away by claiming somehow blacks had “low self esteem”. They made all sorts of stupid claims about black and white dolls and choices by kids and other stupid pet tricks to prove their point. They finally concluded that it is mostly whites and Asians who have low self esteem as evidenced by their lower level of self-confidence and willingness to doubt themselves, something not seen as much in blacks.

      Victimization is just their coping mechanism for their lack of achievement, you are confusing cause and effect.

      As for the other nonsense about British underachievement, show a link. A lot of those studies are full of garbage that hides the real issue and what the demographics are for political correctness sake. I could go into any country and find a neighborhood full of losers and pretend they equal everybody in that country. The problem is determining how representative they are which you don’t usually get by reading the articles.

      However, in the US we have plenty of previously all white neighborhoods that went into the toilet when the whites moved out. That is a more representative example of how different groups behave.

      In general Britain does quite well.

      • Racism, racism, racism, blah, blah, blah. Here I thought I was dealing with a mature adult who could discuss issues like an adult. Instead we get a simpering PC drivel monger who makes statements he can’t back up and resorts to name calling when called on it.
        In case you haven’t figured it out, facts are “racist”.

      • There is no “adult” conversation to be had with a racist. It is the racist that should be silent and learn. Honestly, I think you are a liberal plant attempting to make conservatives look bad by posting drivel on a conservative sight. No different than union paid protesters at tea party rallies holding up racist signs. In my eyes, God made us all and given the same opportunity we all have the same right to fail or succeed. My view generally reflects the conservative position on race. Yours reflects the liberal stereo type of conservatives and that is why I think you are a left wing plant and a fraud.

      • It is the racist that should be silent and learn.
        And yours is the “conservative” position? NO yours is the typical leftist bed wetting pussy position where no other opinion but that of other bed wetting leftists is allowed or maybe you aren’t following the Duck Dynasty crap.

      • And please tell me what I am supposed to “learn” from an uniformed moron who can’t back up his claims and resorts to name calling?

    • “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
      ― Booker T Washington.

      • This could be said of so many groups today. The baby boomers want their pensions funded through the taxation of their children, farmers have to have their subsidies, and corporations need their loopholes or they would go under. It seems every American has become reliant on government to some degree and if you threaten to take it away they all of sudden become victims. Although I think your point is right, I just don’t think it applies to only blacks. Especially today.

  51. thank you for affirming my belief that all people need to work together to MAKE our politicians work FOR US, ALL OF US, AMERICA TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING………………………… DO NOT let these politicians play their devisive game and BAND TOGETHER AS AMERICANS, ONLY AMERICANS NOT COLORS, RACES, RELIGIONS OR SEXUAL ORENTATION, DIVIDED WE FALL UNITED WE STAND!!!!!

  52. As I scrolled down reading all the blogs, I can’t help but have hope for all that is just. Totally right, if we don’t stop saying; black, white, red, brown, and start viewing all here as Americans, it will never change and there will always be a place for people such as “Mr. Sharpton and Jessie” to make a buck on racism. We are all faced with what will be the biggest fight in the history of existence. It is a fight of good against evil and I can only hope and pray that I am one of the 144,000 to help the Lord toss all these bastards to the lake. Excuse the language. We must all see past the perils of yesteryear and overcome. I will be unable to even look at Him when He comes if we all just sit while this evil grows. I am gearing for a great battle and freedom for all and humane treatment is our goal. I bow to all who recognize what is before us and look forward to meeting each and every one of you in the day of triumph. God Bless!

  53. The uproar over Al Sharpton’s statements about God not blessing America, but rather is

    gnnna Damn America,” was not true for the reasons Al Sharpton wanted them to be. I do not feel it is over “race” as most Americans are not that way [at least not that much in my lifetime, and I am an X’er… most people are exactly the opposite on the race issue, and do not really think of race that much.] I think if God brings damnation on the US it is over the US leaving the Biblical moral standards, and bringing in Democrat party platform on abortion and gay marriage… I feel concerning the natural disasters happening across the globe that God is pouring out judgment on the nations as the book of Revelation states, but it is due to the Democrat viewpoint of pro abortion and gay marriage, leaving Christ and the Bible! Wish Al Sharpton could see this!















  54. he uproar over Al Sharpton’s statements about God not blessing America, but rather is
    gonna Damn America,” was not true for the reasons Al Sharpton wanted them to be. I do not feel it is over “race” as most Americans are not that way [at least not that much in my lifetime, and I am an X’er… most people are exactly the opposite on the race issue, and do not really think of race that much.] I think if God brings damnation on the US it is over the US leaving the Biblical moral standards, and bringing in Democrat party platform on abortion and gay marriage… I feel concerning the natural disasters happening across the globe that God is pouring out judgment on the nations as the book of Revelation states, but it is due to the Democrat viewpoint of pro abortion and gay marriage, leaving Christ and the Bible! Wish Al Sharpton could see this!
















    • Americans are not that way [at least not that much in my lifetime, and I am an X’er… most people are exactly the opposite on the race issue, and do not really think of race that much.]
      Well that may change when you have kids or jobs that cause you to deal with affirmative action, especially if Mexicans are amnestied and immediately pushed to the front of the list. Are you going to be that generous with your child’s future?

    • Yes, I’d like to hear what they WANT.

      I know their not happy but WHAT do they WANT in place of what’s going on?

      They are short on specifics on WHAT TO DO about the mess.

      • At least they all recognize that it is time to vote out the idiots they have been re-electing for years…maybe they can lead the way for the rest of the country to do it too!

  55. The last speaker on this clip hit the nail on the head. Pray God, this is the spark that ignites true liberation for all people everywhere. Think, research the candidate, then vote with that informed power we all have. Praise God. Amen.

  56. Great comments from great Americans. Hope someone has the courage to step up and run for office. It’s way past time for voters to have a choice. We’re all tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s time to reinstate morals and ethics in our elected officials. Lead the way Chicago!

  57. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The last speaker said this exactly right.

    • I have no desire at all for them to rot in their misery…maybe they voted these guys in and maybe they didn’t! In case you haven’t noticed, While voter fraud has been around forever, it has run rampant and been increasing in every election we have held since Bush’s first term! In fact, Democrats have been so emboldened by wining through fraud they openly produced a ballot box stuffed with ballots for general attorney, after their guy lost by a very slim margin in the real ballot boxes across the state. And if it is that obvious in the rest of the country, you can rest assured that in Chicago, there are very few honest votes to be counted! But either way, I hope they have seen the light and start voting these frauds out…it would save Chicago and it would help the rest of the country!

  58. both parties have their own agendas and representing yours is not at the top of their list. This govt. continues to allow an open border which allows 90% of the heroin, meth, and cocaine which is ruining society on both sides of the border.. corruption at the highest levels, families ruined, dealers, addicts, overdoses, murders (500 in Chicago) , gangs, the costs are staggering.. so why don’t we drone Mexican cartels ? Chicago has a huge pension crisis about to hit as well too.. could bury the people living there with debt and cut many needed services to all. The killings in almost all inner cities are mostly black on black murders over drugs, territory, money, or gangs.. not racism, facts.. We need jobs… while the president had meetings with the silicon valley giant companies at a 25k per plate dinner … he failed to mention to the CEO’s of Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Intel, to stop outsourcing tons of jobs overseas.or to the banks that took tarp money… bofa Citicorp, wells bring back jobs.. . but what can you say to them when you borrow money from china to give to Syrian rebels ? or other countries when people in your own country are living in poverty, poor health care for elderly and vets, .. Al Sharpton not worth the time to comment.

  59. Encouraging, for sure! I had thought Racism was pretty well licked, until 2008 when Obama came on the scene and he and his people started using the Race Card left and right! No matter what you said, you were Racist if you did not support Obama. Doesn’t matter that you like the person, just not the policies, you were still Racist! At least those in Chicago are waking up. I pray it is a Nation Wide Trend! We don’t need racism from Whites or Blacks! We are Americans first and our Nation needs us all to pull together, because divided we will fall!

  60. all I can say is this, “Mr. West, with people like you fighting for the people we stand a a chance in America. Keep up the good work, and thank you very much for your service.”

  61. I had to watch the video twice, as I couldn’t believe my eyes. The gentleman who brought up the Tea Party was spot on. I hope that the community DOES hold meetings without the establishment politicians involved. Maybe more people will wake up and realize that, like gangs in prison, some “leaders” stoke the fires of racism in order to maintain power. A shame that the right doesn’t have a Jack Kemp to bridge the gap between working class inner city blacks and suburban whites.

  62. how can anyone connect The REV Al (Tawana Brawley was raped by white men-lies he got caught in, and Brawley blamed him for the lie),Sharpton with the idea that he would dispute the truth that black attendees are tired of Chicago Machine dumocrats Emanual et al, out on their cans.

    • He’s just another politician that refused to look at the evidence that Obama is a fraud, a foreign national, occupying the White House, because it might jeopordize his career. Those Blacks who voted for Obama, just because he appears Black, should look at that evidence, and at the evidence that he is only 6% Black, the rest being 50% White, and the rest, Arab. Appearances can be deceiving, especially when appearances are deliberately misleading.

      • FFS, are you one of those people? Obama has screwed up enough, blame him for his failings. You only sound like a fool when you keep harping on something that may, or may not be true. There’s Benghazi, there’s ACA, Those have proof.

      • I think he is looking at the “big picture”. Obama and Mooscheel have both stated in the past that he is from Kenya. You can google this. It’s no secret . True he is a failure at every thing he touches but that is by design. He is out to destroy this once great nation. He is good at that. Look at the people he has around him . Bill Ayers for a start. You know a man by the company he keeps and his actions. Fast and furious, Bengazi,, Obamacare, NSA, so many more.Our credit rating has gone down for the very first time. Unemployment is so high but he is bringing in illegals from Mexico by the bus loads . coming in from Ft. Huachuca. I have seen these buses in Atlanta. myself. . We don’t have jobs for them and can’t afford to take care of them, but yet this is another way to hurt us. When I was young houses in my area were built by the young people that dropped out of High School. Now it’s illegals.I could keep going on but you get the picture.. If you don’t hang on… You will soon enough.

      • The reason we don’t have proof, is because of the cover-up, one of many cover-ups by this admninistration over other problems, the administration is orchestrating over Benghazi. If you mean, am I a Birther, yes, and I’m proud of it, because Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse has compiled more than enough, indisputable evidence, that the online birth certificate is a fraud, and has found no evidence that Obama lived in the US during his first five years, let alone was born here. All that, because Obama is the one that has not met his burden of proof by providing even one valid document proving he was born where he says he was. Where’s his proof? Why are you willing to take his word for it, while ignoring all the evidence people have gathered, that he is a fraud?

      • Maybe he faked it, maybe he didn’t. I’d rather judge him on what is factual. There’s enough there to go around. If you’d like to keep looking for a needle in a haystack, by all means continue.

      • “Maybe he faked it, maybe he didn’t. I’d rather judge him on what is factual.” You’re telling me, in your own words, that the only thing you believe is factual, is his word, because you apparently don’t care if he “faked” it, or not. There’s no needle in a haystack, if Obama produced a valid document proving who he says he is, like you had to produce to get a driver’s license, yet, he has not produced anything valid, but still occupies the Oval Office, and you don’t have a problem with that!

      • lol. wow. you’re a hoot. What I said is that I have not seen anything conclusive about his birth, one way or the other. Maybe if he was born in Kenya, we’d see a birth cert from there. But probably not, I don’t think Kenya would have kept great records. A few things were produced as “proof” of his birth here in the US. Meh, I wouldn’t put money on either one.

        But I have seen the proof that he’s been a miserable leader and has bruised and bloodied this country for years to come. I’d rather hold him accountable for what he HAS done as opposed what he has been “accused” of doing. He will go down in history as a miserable leader not because of his lack of a birth certificate, it will be for Behghazi, ACA,Guantanamo, NSA, drones, etc.

      • If that’s what you meant, that’s what you should have said. There is evidence that there was a Kenyan birth certificate. Bush inquired about a birth certificate with the Kenyan government, and when a Kenyan official went to check on it, he said he found evidence that a birth certificate was destroyed. When researchers discovered that the British government kept duplicates of all Kenyan birth certificates from that time, Kenya was still a British colony, they went to the British archives to try and see if there was one for Obama. When they got there, they found Hillary had beaat them to it, and had asked the British government access to their archives.

        That’s an admirable sentiment, to hold him accountable for what he has done, but, if it can be proved he’s not a citizen of the US, let alone not a natural born citizen, and was never qualified to hold the Office of the President, than everything he’s done, all his executive orders, all his appointments, and all the bills he signed into law, can be nullified, and much of the damage, altough far from all, can be reversed. You really think that all his crimes would not be considered even worse, if it’s acknowledged that he did them as the greatest fraud, part of the greatest fraud, ever, in the history of the human race?

      • Sorry Sir Wilhelm.I wasn`t trying to jump in front.You said it very well..Obama is so smitten with himself,some day he will crow about the biggest veil in history,being pulled over the eyes of America.Off mic (he thought) he and Michell were caught saying how stupid the American people are.

      • He has the help of almost all the media, and many people in positions of power, and trust, to help him fool the American people. History demonstrates that masses of people can be fooled for relatively long periods of time, given the tools, and the power. Islam has been fooling billions of people for circa 1400 years, for example. I too, believe Obama will crow about his successful deception, someday, because he is a Muslim, and a devout follower of Allah, the Greatest Deceiver. No need to apologize, we’re on the same side, and thank you for the compliment.

      • I agree with you on most of your points.To prove him not eligible for President would allow the USA to reverse most of the1,022 executive decisions made by this administration.


    • This the same Alan West who had a “list” of communists in the govt? No thanks. I’ll vote for my tennis shoes as I did in the last election.

      • The problem for you, tho, is that he’s right. There are some Marxists in our government. Up to and including in the WH. Whether or not you choose to accept that reality is entirely on you.

  63. “Don’t just blame white ppl”” There’s no reason to blame white people AT ALL. Try looking in the mirror & what you have allowed the Left to do to your communties.

  64. I am a white person that grew up in the 60’s in a black neighborhood. We were all Americans and now it seems like politicians are in it for themselves. Not all black people are bad. I think that black people are smarter than they give themselves credit for. The real problem is that no poliician black or white ever speaks the truth. God for bid when a black republican speaks. Black people think he is the devil. Preach family because if you want wha is right take care of your own kids and your families. It is not rocket science.

  65. Dont blame the white people and dont blame the 5th floor. Blame the voter. TEA taxed enough already. and those taxes are not just financial. Speak truth to power.

      • We do. Otherwise why would the candidates put so much time and effort into fundraising, campaigning and baby kissing? The real problem is they ALL work for the same small group of people. Basically, they’re all puppets with the same hand up their rears.

  66. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. One thing I do know is poo trickles down. but the “can” (America) can get filled up w/ the “POO” and we all live in this can. We need to stop blaming each other and start to work together. When people come together great things can be done. .

  67. the tea party will welcome these folks with open arms we all need to wake up and see what this Administration is doing look at all these cities in ruin they have been led by democrats for decades

  68. During the Reagan presidency more black people entered the middle-class than at any time in history.
    Sooner or later black people will wake up and realize how they’ve been played by the far left and made powerless victims.

      • and how was that kind sir? How were blacks hurt during the Reagan days. The point is that the Tea Party isn’t against Obama personally, they ask the same questions from the Republicans as they do the democrats and get the same Tax and confiscate answers from both parties…..Wake up, the government and big business have stolen more from all of us economically in the last 10 years than in history….Ask yourself this question….where did the 17 trillion dollars in deficit go? Are you that much better off, do you see where it has gone, roads, streets, is education better? With that much money spent, every person in America could be a millionaire…..However 17 trillion dollars and we have NOTHING to show for it……That’s on Obama, Pelosi, Reed and Boehner and Bush…..

  69. Allen West you for get all blacks did not support Dr. King and the Civil right movement, so nothing new, the question is what are you doing? Rev Al ,Jackson and others are trying to stop the killing and they are not blaming the whites as you make it sound, you was in Congress and did nothing to help pore whites or blacks for that matter and you was kick out of office in your own district because the people did not by the Bull you were trying to sell and oh yes your district was a majority white people, so it people like you. Jessie Peat, and Ben C who go around talking against those who don’t agree with
    you so get out of the way and or do something positive.

    • umm you apparently do not watch Al’s show, he does blame white people all the time, whites and republicans according to him are the blame for all the troubles blacks have. what you don’t want to face is that people like Al, need racism. Booker T saw this long ago. The issues blacks have stem from thier own communities and until they fix that, they will remain right where the Al’s of the world and the dems want them.

    • “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
      Booker T Washington

    • The difference between Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Kackson and the black establishment is that they try to keep blacks down on the Government Plantation so they can them all in line, while lining their own pockets and be seen as puffed up “leaders”.

      Allen West, on the other hand, gives blacks more credit for brains and the ability to think for themselves, as shown in this video. He is trying to give blacks the backbone to stand up for themselves and not simply say “ya suh, ya suh” to those who lie to them with sweet words and then do nothing for them but pick their pockets.

    • Hobo: By your expression of hate,I have to believe your station in life has been improved by Al and Jessie.Praise the Lord.We would love to see your real name.I feel like a person who has progressed as you have,should get the praise you deserve.I feel sure you are well known in the community for all you do for the less fortunate.A man with such a loving and positive attitude is just what America needs.You probably know personally,the young man that invented the “knockout ” game.

  70. Grass roots is where its at! The citizens who attended have the same concerns the Tea Party has. Look out DC—–America has been held down for too long and Washington DC should be trembling now! Conventions of States under Article V Of OUR CONSTITUTION! That is what people are standing up for!

  71. OMG! They finally seem to be waking up…at least those with half a brain. They should form the Black Tea Party because they ask for the same things as the Tea Party that started from grass roots back in 2009. Stop picking our pockets…stop telling us lies…stop spending like money grows on trees, do what’s right for the country and not your political career.

    • Yeah Wade. Let’s keep it as it is. Blacks living for their next unemployment and or welfare check. Their kids being shot and killed almost always by other blacks. Their self esteem shot and self worth at zero, with Big Al reinforcing to them that the only reason their lives are like this is because the white man made them slaves almost 2 hundred years ago. So keep demanding more free stuff. BTW Al is a mega millionaire from all of his nonsense. HE could care less about the people.

    • “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
      – Booker T Washington

  72. Nice, maybe now something will get done. But my concern…I still didn’t see any owning responcibility, I still saw alot of blame and rascim.

  73. The last guy hit the nail on the head. They keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. That my friend is the definition of insanity.
    Finally the veil has been lifted.

    • They veil hasn’t been lifted…..AL and Obama will tell them more lies and they will continue to blame the white man! They will continue to vote 100% for black “democrat” candidates and call black republican’s uncle tom’s. These people are in more slavery than they know!! LOL!!

      • The problem isn’t with the people that were there, it is the media would not report on this because they do not want the rest of the black population following suit. The Dems like to keep the blacks uninformed and under their thumb.

    • We need tocome together, Blacks and Whites, we need to save our country before the USA is destroyed completely by the dems and rep, in office, We need new people in office, from the bottom to the top, or we will not have a country. think of your children and grandchildren, what kind of world are WE leaving for rhem?

      • Well said Vickie. It’s is up to all of us no matter the color of our skin to save our United States of America. It isn’t about Republican or Democrat either. It’s about honest and dishonest. Genuine and Phony. We have to be the ones that do the work before election day. We must use the internet to research all the people we are going to vote for and put the real, honest and caring people in office if we are going to save our America. I never cared what color a person’s skin was. We all bleed red when it comes to it. I worry about the color of a person heart. It’s either Dark and Cold such as someone like Al Sharpton or its Warm and Golden like a Ronald Reagan. We all have to start fighting in the first way available to us. With the vote. If that isn’t enough then like someone said in a post above it’s time for another American Revolution. We have to fight for what is right.

      • Amen Trubow. I’m at the age where it probably won’t affect me too much, but I have 5 children and 12 grandchildren that I want to grow up in a safe and prosperous country, like I did. As for the revolution, I don’t know what I can do, but I do have several weapons and will fight to the death anyone who tries to harm me or my family. I also vote in every election and I vote for whomever I think will uphold our constitution and our way of life. Their color has zero bearing on who I vote for. They just have to be for the USA.

      • Trubow! One of the first lies coming from a politician is; ” If you want someone that can reach across the aisle,vote for me”.Then they get to Washington and vote straight party lines.We must know for sure who we send to emotion vote,no skin vote,but for who will be best for all Americans.We must remember that a government big enough to give you what you want,is big enough to take it all away.

      • Right again Ron. Most of the people that voted Obummer into office were the 74% of the African American vote and all of the illegals that are here. This is how crazy it is. Arizona wanted to make it a law that anyone showing up for any election had to show an ID with a picture on it to vote. The Supreme Court told them they could ask for ID’s for City and State elections only. If it is a National election then one does not need to show an ID. So let me get this straight. In 2016 when it comes time to vote for our next President an entire country can come over here for a visit and vote for anyone they wish???? That is utterly insane. They need a new Department in Washington DC. The Department of Common Sense. Let them look over every law and when something smells like fish throw it out before it makes the rest of the country spoil.

  74. Awesome. I sure hope they stick it to the incumbents and get their communities back.And in the meantime Rev. Al, have you paid your fairshare of taxes. For those who don’t know, the last time I checked he owed over $1,000,000 back taxes.

  75. Chicago is the easiest platform and model for the Socialist agenda to manage and take over the community, they want enslavement and figure if they can do it in Chicago they can do it anywhere. But oh are they in for a rude awakening. At least some in the black community are starting to see the writing on the wall. Their people are enslaved by a cultural economics that the government insists they stay in. The government wants a base of voters that doesn’t think for themselves, maybe just maybe they are finally getting it.

    • Right Debbie. It’s not only the Black community. It’s all of us who are tired of the same old same old going on in DC. We ALL have to get on the band wagon of the same type of folks that printed out the Constitution. It needs to spread all over the country. It’s time to take our government and our country back. It starts in the cities and it works it’s way out from there. We all need to research these politicians before we go to the polls. Now we have the internet it is a whole lot easier to do. Stand up and be counted as someone who votes for change that we ALL can live with. Be safe and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

      • I agree – the increase in poverty in our country, is across the board.
        But, as race baiting haters such as Al Sharpton – has to first lose HIS followers, along with Jackson, Rangal, Pelosi, Reid – their followers need to realize the truth – they do not have citizens interests at heart.

      • I believe they are finally opening their eyes Anne. If Rahm (Barry Hussein’s hand picked thug) is losing his hold on them all, then the Dems are in a really tight bind. If Chicago falls so goes the rest of the country for them (save New York and California) Those 2 states are a special kind of stupid. NYC is so off the wall they just elected a self professed Socialist-Communist. How bad can it be? This is utterly outrageous.

    • It’s how the Lib agenda works. If you want something to decrease – you tax it. If you want something to increase – you subsidize it. These entitlements have (fact) only served to increase poverty, they don’t get one OUT OF POVERTY, as they enourage one to remain there to continue to receive the subsidy.

    • That is right Heilbama. He is only HIS friend. He is lining his pockets and the pockets of all the people who paid a ton of money to get him into office. His main goal is to destroy America as we know it. I love my country and I don’t care what color or if they are a man or a woman is. I just want someone that will fix this enormous problem of stagnation we are living in. It is too late to fix it for people my age but for our children and their children it is imperative we start now. This nonsense has got to stop. The people in DC need to be replaced with folks that are going to work FOR us and not for THEMSELVES.

  76. HAHAHAHA!!! LOL!!!!!! Geee, only took what, 50yrs for ya’ll to figure this out!! LOL!! Suckers, it’s too late, don’t you get it!!! THIS is exactly where they want you!!!!HAHAHA!!! Sorry to say, but we told you so!!! LOL!!!

  77. The Tea Party concept is a fantastic idea , no head to cut off, something that could gain traction in the Black Community.

    Nothing to invent – the blueprint is available

    • Your right Brad. He don’t even need to be a Republican. We just need honest people to get out there and run for us. I know they are there. I am a Republican and I am ashamed of some of them in office. We have to do the work ourselves before the elections. Now with the internet at the tips of our fingers we can actually look up the people running for offices and find out their beliefs. Just because I said I am a Republican doesn’t mean I vote ALL Republicans in. I vote for the man doing the job. If I can find out he is an honest hard working man or woman I will jump on board and vote for them no matter the party. We need people that are going to work together to solve all this nonsense the ones we have in office now have thrown on top of us. 17 Trillion dollars is way more than we can handle and they want to make it more???? Do your homework Brad. I will be doing the same. Let’s save our America for our kids and their kids. Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year to you sir.

  78. I believe the Second American Revolution has begun in the Windy City! God bless your courage as you go forward ALL brothers and sisters in Chicago!

    • I think Stephan is right. Pick up the banner Chicago. All the brother and sisters of AMERICA, black, white, red, yellow and brown will jump behind you 100 percent.

      • I agree. I really think most people (even if they can recognize it) don’t care what country/ancestry you came from. We’re Americans, this is our country, and we have wondrous variety. It’s our beauty.

      • Anne;Chicago and Detroit used to be 2 of the greatest cities in the world.Tourists are terrified to visit either.America will pray for and financially ( from individual pockets ) help a grass roots organization willing to take back their cities.Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on restoration only to see it go into the politicians pockets.

      • Your right Ron. I lived in Detroit for 9 years and it was a great city to live in. The crime rate isn’t as bad as they would always tell you about. The biggest crime that brought Detroit to it’s knees was one Kwame Kilpatrick. That SOB pretty much signed Detroit’s death warrant. With all the money he stole to buy himself and that beast of a wife he had there was no way the city could recover. Now it is coming back to bite them. They should take Kwame out of that nice easy life prison he is in and put him up in one of those boarded up Crack hotels near downtown. Let him watch as the city crumbles around his ears. It’s sad really. I loved that city.

  79. The Tea Party is for all Americans that believe that lazy big government, that takes from the people, forces a self-serving agenda and is kept in place by reciting dividing propaganda, days are over. Big government’s worse nightmare> a UNITED states of America.

    • I don’t do bumper stickers – too hard to get them off the car. But I do have a symbol of America’s resilience, resolve, and patriotism in my vehicle – I have a tea bag hanging from my rear view mirror! I’m starting to notice a few of them in other local people’s cars as well, since answering some questions about mine. LOL

  80. It really sounds like these people finally understand what has been going on in ALL of our communities. The politicians say what ever it takes to get elected then go to either the City, State or Federal government seats and do what ever it takes to line their pockets. There are only a hand full of GOOD politicians. Way back in the day, my mother worked for the Democratic committee in Philadelphia. While she was there I had the chance to meet quite a few politicians. Even at that young age I could tell who was going to work FOR the people and who was going to work for the RICH people. I shook the hand of John Kennedy when I was 8 but the one that struck me as a true, decent person was a man named Julian Bond. He was running for office in the state of Georgia and come to Philadelphia to help with the campaign of one of our state senators. When Mr. Bond spoke you could tell instantly he was telling you exactly how it was. I felt goose bumps on my arms as he laid out the plans he had and what this person he was helping would do. We need more people like Mr. Bond and less people like (Rev) Al Sharpton. I put the Rev in parenthesis because this man only does things to make himself rich. He incites anger and violence in people and the last time I checked that wasn’t what a Reverend was supposed to do. All of us need to go to the polls and make sure we vote for our future heroes. The ones that are going to their respective offices and do us proud and make us feel happy that we voted for them. I know it is a hard task to undertake, but as citizens of the United States it is our duty to pick the folks that are going to work FOR us and our cities. We need to get back to the America where it is a great thing to shout out U S A U S A U S A again. I loved those days when we didn’t have anything to fight about or fight over. God bless and keep you all.

    • I could not agree more. The last five years have been custom made for the Republicans to attack and defeat the corruption and incompetence of the left and they blow it at every turn.

      • yes they did i agree, the republicans caved in to oibama and they have not got anything done,i am so glad to see them waking up to what is really going on in washington,all those politicians including obama are self serving,they care nothing for the people of this country, they only care for the money and perks they get,its time we find some one to do the job right, my idea?support and elect a poor man or woman who knows what its like to be poor,the problem with most politicians is they are rich when they run for office,our founding fathers were not wealthy men in todays standards,it would be a good political experiment to see who would serve us better a rich person, mor a poor person,thats what this country was founded on that any citizen could run to serve their country if they so chose to do so,but the money got in the way, i say elect a poor man and lets see how he handles the job,hopefully he will get it done, just sayin

      • cabinetguy;I am friends with Louie Gohmert from Texas.The Republican Party has been completely shut out by the media.They have no platform to reach the people.The new blood who were voted to change things have been ostracized not only by the democrats,but by their own party.See;Both parties are controlled by the good old boy network.The only venture from that was when Obama was slipped in.( It was Hillary`s turn as she had paid her dues).Neither McCain or Romney had a chance of beating Obama,but it was their turn.When the government shut down earlier this year,the republicans went to the White House with 7 different proposals.The media never mentioned them.

    • Predictions are simply “guesses”. Encourage the move forward, see the successes, and point them out as examples. The black population, as well as the entire country, needs this action to taking responsibility.

  81. They have come to realise what conservatives have been trying to tell them. Its unfortunate that it takes such suffering to wake people up, but its better late then never..

    • “Change” is one of the hardest things to do; and any steps forward helps real lives. It’s also better than moving backwards – which by all measures – the black population has moved backwards in “areas of success” at least the last 50 years.

      • The moving backwards started IMO in the mid 60’s with the so called great society. I know many were in poverty, but they survived and most importantly were accountable for themselves and went out to work. With the free ride many lost pride in themselves. The new welfare rules caused the increase in unmarried women and illegitimate children. Then teen girls realized that if they had a
        baby they could get a welfare
        check and their own apartment to
        have parties in. For poor people
        things kept spiraling down. This
        was all done by Democrats.

      • Oh, how I wish I could!! I have too many physical problems to be able to withstand the campaigning much less the rigors of the office. I much appreciate the fact that you agree with my ideas.

  82. I am so happy to see the folks in Detriot waking up to their real power as individuals! God Bless them, every one. Take our government back on all levels.

  83. My humble opinion is that it isn’t a black /white issue. Yes, black slavery was practiced and accepted years ago and it was shameful to this country and all involved. Today we have slavery of a different kind and it includes most of the population of the world. In this country, USA, most people are serving the state one way or the other. And please don’t complain or you go on a list. Most of the people in North Korea are slaves, Cuba, many countries in Africa, Mexico and South America. The slave masters are very rich and very powerful. They love to watch us little folk fight among ourselves and get nothing done.

    • REAL movements take time. The information and discussions need to disseminated and held. But once the ball starts rolling, it is pretty hard to stop it. This is a great first step to taking responsibility.

      • Anne;I can`t say this without being labeled as racist.I hold Dr. King in the highest esteem,but I have seen more splitting of the races in the last 6 years than anytime in my life.May this be a giant step for healing and may God receive the glory.

      • Your right Ron. It is how they keep things under control. It’s the race card that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are playing for Obummer. He has them bring it up because him bringing it up doesn’t look Presidential. I think he actually pays Sharptongue and Non Action Jackson to do his bidding for him. I would like to get a look at their bank statements but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Someone said previously that Sharptongue owes over a million dollars in back taxes which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  84. Good to see that they are waking up. They finally realize that this black President has done nothing to help their black communities. If Obama gets his amnesty then even more black people will become or stay unemployed.

  85. This brought tears to my eyes. I have prayed for the awakening of the black community for so many years. They have been oppressed and used by their leaders. Now maybe they can lead themselves out of their bondage.

  86. Its good to see that racism is a card played by the powers that be,and that is the politicians.By any color of people that have a political and financial agenda for their own personal gain.They deliberately try to keep hate and dissension alive so they can play all of us against one another.They themselves are the racists

    • Yes, it is divide and conquer. And, if they try to put the blame, put the focus on “it’s someone else to blame”; they will never be held accountable – even though they are, in fact, the only ones who are responsible. It is their failure.

  87. definition of insanity is doning the same thing over and over expecting a different result… im glad the black community is finally starting to wake up and fight back

    • I agree! We need the integration of THOUGHT, and action on the part of neighborhood and suburban blacks who have plans & goals for their lives, and for their children, too. Where I live few people care what one’s color is, but place emphasis on improvement and empowerment of the individual, family, church, & city/town. We want folks of ALL colors & creeds to do well, and that’s the truth!

  88. The elderly man said “Arians”, for those of you who are saying that he said “areas”, because he was speaking of people, actually politicians, and of voting them out. He did not say “we’re gonna shut these ‘areas’ down.”

    • I thought that was quite clear, so why did this website decide to insert (inaudible), because they didn’t want to accept that? Didn’t fit the agenda? We can’t be doing what the Progressives do. Take the good with the bad. Trust me, almost every 82 year old black person in the US feels the way this man does. The “Aryans” are the cause of any misery they’ve ever known.

    • And if the poor blacks had been voting Repub for the last 50 years they’d be even poorer! It’s always been about the lesser of two evils, lousy choices, for sure.

  89. Colonel West, I believe the ball has been passed and you should catch it. Please sir. It is your time. Go to the meetings of the broken promised and tell them our truth. Explain that it is their truth. Show them how things can and should work to break this despair and lack of understanding of truth. I believe this is the kind of thing you are here for. I know you do as well. You have my respect and love sir. You are a great man and it’s “Game Time”. I would like to see real honesty and plain truth hit the liars in the face. I want to see it.

    • I agree with you. Now is the time for action in Chicago. They are ready. They are ready for the truth. Their eyes are beginning to open and their hearts ready to know the truth. All they need is Col. West to lead. They are looking for a leader and thought they had found him in Obama. He was a bad mistake for us all. It would be nice to have someone in the Whitehouse you could trust, that you could believe in. That person is Col. West. We are ready Col. West!!
      Are you??

  90. The ironic thing is that blacks have been taking it in the rear by the same people they vote to help them out for decades. And somehow believe that the party that would give them more freedom and independence (republican) are racist.


    • I can’t stand the hyphenated Something-American. Either your American or your not….we usually can tell if you or your parent/parents are black, white, chinese, japanese, italian…and so on…..I say take color and race off of everything such as applications, for work, school, careers….either your American or not….if we want to know where you or your parents were born can’t we just ask you?

  92. Shame that Uncle West couldn’t win re-election because Teabaggers won’t vote for a black man over a white hayseed. I wonder how much Wests’ slaves were paid to harass Sharpton. I suggest the Black GOP Senators and Black GOP House members use this video for re-election ads. AHAHAHAHAHHA!

    • 1. Allan West is a leader in the tea party. Your accusation that the tea party is racist is nothing more than throwing sand because you realize that the movement is only growing.
      2. How dare you call the group of folks who gathered at this meeting “slaves”. Just because someone disagrees with you, they are “paid slaves”? You think that they applause they were receiving was from “slaves”?

      Wade, the conservative movement is gaining momentum. I am a college student, and let me tell you, young people are waking up too. There is a much wider debate going on because people are realizing that the loss of liberty is a bad thing. We WILL take our country back from the liberal demagogues ignorant people like yourself have given power to,

      • For 50+ yrs the progressives (liberals marxists communists) have promoted divisiveness.The powers that be have stolen your money, your jobs, your communities.The progressive policies have totally destroyed the city of Detroit.This includes the unions.They have taken your money and stuffed the leaders pockets while they laughed in your faces with greed in their hearts.It’s about We the People, who they are supposed to work for, that we get answers when we ask questions.It’s our government and yet the elected black leaders do a head nod take the money and do not do what is good for the look at the southern border fence to prevent illegals from destroying our neighborhoods.Billions of dollars to support these people who are not supposed to be here.They are given our jobs our resources and Americans can’t receive simple answers.We need a house cleaning to get our country in shape again for its foundation is crumbling and unless We the People stand together we will lose to these power crazed progressives and become the house negro or field slaves.Yes, OPEN your eyes and look into the mirror and ask did I contribute to the demise of America because I’m Black, Asian,White American or are you American and love this country for all.

      • Dear Paul, what does your family tree look like? Where did your people come from and how many different nationalities contribute to your genes? This is a country of immigrants and where they come from or how they got here matters not. What matters is the “system” that provides for those who do not contribute and makes them permanent dependents that continue to vote for those who support that system. Nobody should be paid to sit on their able bodied asses. Here in Texas, many of the illegals do jobs that you couldn’t find a white boy to do for ANY amount of money. They work very hard under deplorable conditions for very little $$ out of desperation. We need them as much as they need us. What I have a problem with is non-resident owned high end businesses (hotel chains, convenient store chains, import-exports, etc) not paying their fair share of taxes. They get all sorts of exemptions and abatements, assistance and benefits and do not pay the Federal taxes we do. Why can’t our government figure out that you need MORE income than liabilities. It should be as it was in the beginning… you may come here but you must earn your way and pay taxes and stay out of trouble. Assistance is TEMPORARY! Building that fence was a huge mistake and it’s full of holes (incomplete sections) anyway, much like our government > :p

      • I disagree with your statement, that our men won’t do the work, and we need them. Sorry, when you get hungry enough, our boys will do that work. We don’t need Mexicans for work. It only benefits the employers who want cheap ass labor. If we fined everyone caught that hired an illegal $ 10,000.00, and took his social security number away for six months, they would leave on their own. We wouldn’t need to build a fence. We need security to keep the Muslims and communist out. They will continue to infest our country, because we put a welcome mat out, and promise them the sky, without any out of pocket to pay in taxes.

      • I once knew someone who purchased and developed acreage into subdivisions. He had “wet backs” living on the land in a shed, without utilities… clearing the land of cedar trees and simultaneously erecting a cedar post fence around the property in the middle of nowhere, in the south Texas summer heat. He took them meals twice a day and “checked on them”. They got paid a fraction of a normal American wage and they were happy to have it in order to care for their families in Mexico. Now… not only do I not know anybody (white or otherwise) who would do that work > for any price… I pray that our country’s economy doesn’t sink so low that “our boys” ever get that hungry. >>> I have more examples, but that’s not the point. The Muslims and communists are not the ones doing that kind of work either.

      • You say you pray that our country’s economy doesn’t sink so low that “our boys” ever get that hungry. That is probably what is going to happen with our evil politicians leading us down the pathway to hell. Maybe that is what we need to wake up these spoiled little boys that are raised to never mature and make their own living by the work of their hands. All you women who don’t need a man in your life are teaching our kids to be non productive, and the world owes them a living. When welfare stops coming to the rescue, they will have to eat or die. We need to learn that lesson by tough love, whether you believe me or not. No, we don’t need Mexicans to do our work, or Muslims trying to run this country.

        Here is a letter my friend sent to me to his ex wife.

        Dear Julie,

        It has been over twelve years since you divorced me. When I married you, I thought the man was suppose to adore his wife, protect her, and be the leader of his house. Everything was fine while we dated, you agreed on most of my quilities. After I said I do and the kids were born, things changed. I became a dummy in your eyes, and you decided you could do a better job of raising the kids, and running the household without me because you had a masters degree in child socology and business. I had no choice, then you insisted on a divorced. The court issued the divorce.

        When I sat the kids down for twenty minutes while I read from the bible, you said that was cruel treatment cause they were bored to death. When I took our son into my work shop and tried to teach him how to use a hammer and saws, you said that was to dangerous. When our son was 9 yrs old, I bought him a rifle and wanted to take him hunting, but you said no, that he would only learn to kill. Then I asked him to come outside and help me dig and plant the garden, you said no, that that was to hard of work for a boy of that age.

        You told me that you wanted your kids to have a better life than you had. I watched you buy them lap tops, video games,cell phones, and four wheelers. You did allow them to wash dishes and dust the house once in awhile. Then they could play and have fun. You taught your daughter how to stand up to a man and be tough. They could come and go without restrictions,or rules, and stay overnight with parents you knew nothing about because you trusted them.

        I have some good news to tell you, I got a second job at night with Mac Donalds, and am glad they got the minimum wage raised to $ 15.00 per hour. Now I can make my child support payments, and not get behind.

        I can really say I am proud how the both our kids turned out by you raising them. The boy is on national television in Obamacare’s advertisement. He is the one in just jocky shorts,and has a big red ball over his nose. Our daughter is a reporter for MSNBC News, and I congratulater her for getting promoted as vice president to the LBGT rainbow organization.

        Thank you for taking over my job, I was suppose to have as a father. Just think, if I would have been allowed to raise the kids, God forbid, they might have matured into pro-life, God fearing patriots.

        I am going to cut this short, as I have to go and get registered with Obamacare. Thanks for telling me how great obama care is.

        Thanks for changing my outlook on life. Have a very Merry Chritmas, and say hi to the kids for me.

        Your ex,


      • I’m not sure what your friend’s bad marriage has to do with the subject at hand but let me tell you … I do not have a man in my life, nor do I need one because the only ones I have ever known have only brought me down. Finally, I am on my own and doing it all >> working, bought and remodeling my own home, doing all the yard work, paying all the bills, etc, etc, etc… My ex (3 year marriage) kept none of his promises, did nothing, lied – cheated – and stole at work, did the same in the marriage and left me bankrupt. I have no children but have many nieces and nephews. So far they are very impressed with my ability to stand on my own and one niece in particular wants to learn from me. Perhaps if your friend Bill was more of a man, or if my ex had been any bit of a man, or if the “men” in today’s society could act like real men and teach their sons how to earn what they want and sometimes the work isn’t “fun” and sometimes the pay sucks but you gotta do it anyway >>>> we wouldn’t have illegals building fences and a fair wage would be paid for hard work. And maybe men and women alike would really mean it when they say wedding vows without an exit plan. Our “leaders” are corrupt and Hollywood is our young society’s guide to happiness. Sayings like “He who dies with the most toys, wins” is taken to heart. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride (false pride) > The seven deadly sins > seem to be in control. Where is the courage, the character, the kindness, the empathy, basic civility to each other? I see a few examples occasionally but it should be the rule and not the exception. Looking down on a man that is desperate to survive is certainly not of a kind heart.

    • Wade, I got news for you. Among white conservatives, West is very highly respected. And it is NOT any idea that he’s a house Negro or something vile like that. We see a guy who has some principles and is grounded in reality, and I am telling you right now, if somehow the GOP establishment can be moved out of the way, if West were the nominee there would be a stampede of white conservative voters to his side. Not because they want a Magic Negro like Obama was. (Look up Magic Negro if you don’t know what that is) They want a guy who loves his country, first and foremost, that is well grounded on the limitations on government power, and above all that will sign a repeal of the ACA. The fact that he’s black is a bonus because if a Republican can get one-fifth of black voters it will be a national landslide for West. Stop with the condescending insults. At some point when the ACA finally hits you upside the head with what it means to YOU, you’ll get it.

    • Col. West is a true American who served his country to protect us all from harm. I wonder Wade …….were you ever in the military? Hmmmm.

  93. There are a few things that bother me with this when the older man says Captains, Lt. and soldiers. I’m glad that they are tired of being lied to, but I still see a lot of talk about do nothing politicians. I thought it was their over reaching and massive amounts of programs drying up the coffers that got them into this problem.

  94. Finally, people are waking up. Not just the black community. The nation is tired of the rank and file politicians who get nothing done except raise taxes on the middle class and stymie progress of our nation. Not to mention the corruption that exists. God bless the brave black souls in Chicago for standing up.

  95. Regardless of what you all think about “them” or “us”, folks… Here it is! “We the people” are coming together as a singular voice. Change IS coming! So get off your soapboxes and speak up like “they” are. It’s no longer about Obama being a black man, it is simply that he is a destructive man and he is destroying this country. Quit your yapping! DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE!!!

    • YAWWWNNN. Why is it you stupid, racist, white cracker women keep saying that Obama is “destroying” America when every indication shows our Country is improving in almost every category that Bush left us. You sound like you need to “never go back”.

      • Sure don’t want to be where you are. Our country is in turmoil and if you can’t see it you need to take off your designer rose colored glasses.

      • Blind people can’t read the signs right in front of them.
        This “Wade” character won’t see what’s coming untill it’s too late, and then his reaction will be “What the hell just happened?”

      • Wade you need to look at a calender and look to see what year it is .Bush has been gone now for 5+ years and your still laying the blame on him.Because of obama we are in the position we are in today. It has nothing to do with Bush.It has to do with the change that obama told us about in the beginning,but so so many people thought his change was going to be positive but instead it has been the most negative thing that has happened to us since our beginning as a nation.We are in the worst shape we have ever been in and it’s not because of one race. Oh no . It’s because all Americans that backed obama in 08 and 12 were taken in by him the same way people will be taken in by satan. Deceit deceit deceit lie after lie. The best thing about this is at least he isn’t anti-christ.We have time to overcome his deceit and lies before it’s to late.So WE as Americans no matter the color of our skin can take back America before it REALLY is to late.

      • By no means am I hysterical.I a long way from that.As for you I don’t know what your problem is.Other than you don’t care what happens to this Country or the people of it.

      • He needs to go to a liberal chat room they might think he is trying to actually say something that makes sense.His talk around here is just wasting space for some one to say something that is important.Go to bed Wade and stay there.

      • Glenn, THANK YOU! Obviously, wade is one of Obama’s “total package” recipients. We will never change the opinion of someone so blinded. Are you sure Obama isn’t the anti-Christ? He seems to be going unchecked. If he brings revolution to this country, it will surely become Sodom and Gomorrah.

      • I know that Obama isn’t the anti-christ because Satan only has a short time on earth and Obama has all ready been president for a lot longer period of time.Satan only has 5 months (read chpt.12 of Revelations ) to get the job done he is coming here to do although it will be like a Sodom and Gomorrah.Satan will be much more deceiving.Satan could make Obama look like a n idiot,but he wouldn’t because that’s not how he operates.Satan will come in peacefully and prosperity and promise you any thing you want or need to get on your good side and then by that time it maybe to late.Please take the time to read all of Revelations (the unveiling of all things to come) to really learn and understand what God has in store for you.

      • Well, if Hilary is elected, it will only take her five months to deceive everyone. DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON. She thinks nothing about murdering Americans. Forty seven and counting.


      • Wade……I guess you haven’t been paying attention since you voted for “Change”! Well….you got change all right. This country is CHANGING for the worst. I can admit I voted for the wrong man. How about you?

      • If you read the previous conversations, it was clearly about race. It was not about that for me but it is what has divided this country for generations. WE THE PEOPLE are now finally standing together as one against the machine that is our government. Are you one of us or are you one of them?

    • Diane, we’ll never get beyond square one when any and all perceived negative comments about Obama are met with,”you’re racist.
      Well, for me ,it isn’t about race he is merely incompetent.
      From day one he has been a shuck n jive artist- all,”tell’em what they want to hear and deliver nothing.
      I’m a white guy with quite a few years on thix earth and race has nothing to do with wbo I would vote for.
      Indeed my first selection for president would be George Foreman but think he has too much character to apply for the job.

    • This is a kind of a soapbox to tell people what we think, I know sometimes I get fed up with the nonesense that is written and I question it….most of us don’t even think of him black, but as our leader, supposedly however leading us down the crimrose path, instead of keeping our country the best in this world we are constantly watching the news to see if we are still here or one morning you look out your window and the enemy overtake us…why are we paying so much in taxes and we are constantly bombarded with anger, hate, selfishness, greediness, jealousy, stupidity, and who will die with the most toys and countries…

  96. What a hopeful video Mr. West. A video finally showing individuals
    waking up to what the Government is doing to our Country. Hard to tell and maybe I’m wrong, but I not only saw Blacks, but I also saw Whites and Mix.
    Am I wrong?

    This is to the individuals that post: I am ashamed the way most people write their
    comments. Instead of being positive about the video, you are hateful, critical, etc. I’m an American first. I’m a white female from the South and proud of it. Several of you sound racist in your statements. If you don’t like a comment,you response sounds racist. Think about and reread what you write before you post. No such thing as “You People” anymore. No such thing as the “Blacks This” anymore. This is America and we are Americans; if you were born in this Country and/or came to this Country Legally you are an American, including Native Americans. Period! I personally don’t know any pure Whites, Pure Blacks or anyone that is pure. Myself, I’m considered white, but I have Scottish, Irish, Cherokee and Creek Indian. That’s so far, but who cares, because I’m an American first. Please post as an American speaking to or about other Americans. It doesn’t matter what ethnic group it is, because we are all
    mixed. Quit referring to the President as the “Black President,” because he is not Black, he is mixed. It’s time everyone quit putting Americans into groups. It doesn’t matter what party or group you are a part of, I like none of them. It’s
    either Give or Take; none are for “All the People”. If you think of everyone as Americans instead of a type, it would be a lot different.
    There is no such thing as only Blacks being on Welfare, etc., don’t have a Job, Vote Democrat, Cheat on Elections and Kill People. In our Country today, every color is part of it, so quit implying it is only one group of people. Our government has destroyed every ethnic group in this Country and if you think that way, maybe we can go forward and help each other to get our Country back, but it will not happen if you continue to make racist and hateful comments.

    Thank You, Reba

    • Reba, most of us would hope this was so! It is not those who are describing groups such as “Hispanic”, “Black”, Asian and ect. Americans. It are those groups that have segregated terms, labeled themselves via the progressive left using those terms all the time.I have many times spoke out about the referring of themselves that way. So, check it out sometime and see if this observation is not so.

      • Nanette, I’m very analytic
        and try to approach everything with common sense and put myself in that person
        shoes. How would I feel? I agree with
        you, but we don’t have to be at the same level when we are having discussions.
        Every Ethic Group votes Democrat, Independent and Republican, not just one
        group. Why not say, “All of you that vote Democrat, please listen and educate
        yourself on all issues. Not just the one
        or two that you are only interested in, but all, because all of these issues
        will impact you one way or another. Don’t only watch MSNBC, watch FOX and other
        stations and see what is said, then research for yourself what is the truth and
        the same when you ask others what they think”.
        It’s no different when you are speaking to someone and they are being condescending
        when they are speaking to you. I don’t
        appreciate it and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.
        It is up to the conservatives to educate our families which include the
        young ones. I spend a great deal of time
        talking to my nieces and nephews about our country. They do not learn it in school or being on
        electronics every day, so in return they do not educate themselves about it on their
        own. I ordered the booklets for our
        Constitution, Bill Of Rights, etc., and gave them to each one so they would
        read, learn and ask questions. I talk to
        them about what is happening in our Country and World today. I don’t want them to think like me, I want
        them to think for themselves and learn what happens when elected officials take
        everything away from us, because we let them.
        When our elected officials speak to the people, find out if they are lying
        or telling the truth. The facts speak! Our elected Republicans and
        Conservatives do not go out among the people and educate them. They do not go out to small communities whether
        it’s the (White, Black or Hispanic) and explain to them the difference between
        the Democrats and Conservatives. They
        only throw rhetoric around and then leave.
        If you could find one person in each community with knowledge to hold
        meetings to teach the facts about our country and what is going on in it without
        the crap, it would go far. Sorry to be
        so long winded, but it’s a big deal to me when individuals talk down or treat
        others bad instead of speaking to them the same way they want to be spoke to
        and treated. Most
        of all, everyone has the right to speak their opinion. Thank You, Reba

  97. COL. WEST , go to Chicago and lead our lost people. Show them the way to true freedom. You are a proven leader and a good role model for the young men in that city.

    • Goat: Good idea, however, I think it should start with the parents, the parents can only teach their child what they know….if our freedom is lost, so are we….West would certainly be the perfect role model for the young, and a good example for the babies having babies….

  98. Wonderful and Powerful ! ” The Black Tea Party ” , has just been born ! and I do love a cup of tea ! This really is good news for us people, this is our common ground . We need to be united ! ALL TEA ! White TEA, Black TEA, Red TEA, Yellow TEA and Green TEA ! Grass roots from all communities, if not ,than how else ? In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen !

  99. This is paramount!!! We the People!! We are ALL AMERICAN’S of this COUNTRY. We are being set up and pinned against each other by these Politically corrupt machines. They want to rule US, white,black,hispanic,asian American’s. I applaud these great Americans who want to hold their agenda motivated corrupt politicians to task. These politicians want to remove Christ from our country, to remove our Constitution, our rights as Americans. There is something awful going on in this country and we need to Unite. I am concerned about ALL Americans as we are ONE.

  100. It’s time the black community quit letting the Democrats take them for granted. There’s a world of difference between making promises and keeping promises.

    • That’s the reason ZERO’s bus-cade never went to $hitcago when he was campaigning. #ell…..they KNEW that voting bloc was signed, sealed, and delivered to the DNC.
      Do I sense dissention in the ranks??

  101. Colonel Alan West, the US and the world need people like you. Keep running for Office, and I will always vote for you. We need great Americans like you, that are not corrupted and will die first for their country. We don’t need World -Socialist-Democrats nor Power-hungry-corrupted-traitors republicans. God Bless You.

  102. No! Republicans are going to suffer a slow death BECAUSE thanks to Ryan’s budget deal which included the Senate’s Amnesty bill split into a few pieces! Blacks will be told that Republicans screwed them over. Mexicans will be told Republicans hate them. Republicans will leave the party in droves and most likely start a new party. I see some really bad days for the Bush and Rove clans! They certainly DO deserve it… Even more American businesses will relocate as the US becomes more anti-business.

  103. You may be right about Ryan, but I honestly don’t think so. For the first time in years, we will have a budget, rotten as it is, controlled by the Congress instead of the WH. Congress can change what is passed in this budget, once it is passed. Now the House proposes something and the Senate keeps it in the closet.

    Imagine the scurrying the rats will be doing if the Hose votes to put the military pensions back in where they should be or the bill to kill Obamacare. . . How will the liberals vote if they know 70% of the voting public wants it killed.

    Yes, I don’t like the proposed budget as it stands, but it is only a start, and it isn’t chiseled in stone!

  104. Allen this video is awesome. Tells a story none of the big outlets like Fox will tell. I am seeing the same reaction from many young people 20s-30s who are waking up and realizing the gov is out of control at all levels, city, county state, fed. It has become a beast that is feeding on itself and growing like a cancer. The bureaucracy is definitely out of control. People afre realizing all the illusions taht ahve been perpetrated on them and we do live in massive illusions ! check it out at not at all about fat guys hoarding beans and bullets

    Keep up the good work my man !

  105. Blacks would have so much power in the Tea Party and could actually get something of substance done for their people and all people. They are now taken for granite within the Dems. The overwhelming majority in the Tea Party are either not prejudice or open for education. Join and get educate them.


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