Looking forward to a White Christmas – can I say that?

Aubrey, Angela, Lin, Austen - me in the back and Winston Churchill in the front!

Next Tuesday, the West family is heading west to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a true “White Christmas.” Doggone, the liberal progressives are going to get up in arms about that and call me a racist. But I supposed they all shopped on Black Friday.

Anyway, it’s time to take a little break. The West women asked for a “real” Christmas with cold weather and snow. My initial response was to say look at it on TV. However, being the only man in the home, you learn when to wave the white flag, and retreat to fight another day – after all, college bowl game season is coming!

Yes, I have been skiing before, but not since 1987 — and the girls have never been. Aubrey is looking forward to snow boarding. Angela wants to cross-country ski, methinks she doesn’t realize how tough a workout that is! Austen and Lin, well, they’ll probably just throw snowballs at each other. We’re all looking forward to a nice wintry getaway.

And next Saturday the 28th, I’ll be speaking at the Steamboat Grand Resort for the Steamboat Institute, on the topic of “Turning Principle into Policy.” The real treat is that after my remarks, Angela and I will be on stage together for a panel discussion. Just watch, she’ll use REALLY big Ph.D words to show how much smarter she is. It should be a really great time and if you want to join us out in Steamboat Springs, go to the Steamboat Institute website and sign up.

Looking forward to hitting the slopes, sleigh riding, and just having a relaxing 24th anniversary on December 24th and a nice Christmas in Colorado. See ya out there.


  1. Col. If you hurry, you can still select the group that you would like to be slammed by for these non-pc comments while we still have some amount of “freedom of choice” left LOL! Have a great Christmas and an enjoyable trip, I always enjoy your FB comments.

  2. Welcome to Colorado Col.West we hope you and yours enjoy your Christmas vacation in our wonderful but blue state. “Merry Christmas”, and God Bless Us Everyone.

  3. Yes you can say that especially when you pay for your vacations yourself unlike another family that will be having a green vacation in Hawaii that the green $$ is covered by tax $$

  4. Of course you can, Colonel West – who’d wanna ski on black snow? Lord knows the black ice is bad enough by itself. No, Barry – I won’t say ‘buh-lackk’ ice to be politically correct. Suck it up and move on. Polite jealousy, though, I’ll be back here for no snow Georgia at Christmas . . . Yep. “Sir, you are a NO-SNO at this station. Move on.” A very Blessed and wonderful Holiday for your and your family – and the very most Merry of Christmases be yours.

  5. Have a fun and safe trip. As we get older, our bodies do not sustain injuries as well as they did in the past. Be safe and don’t start thinking you can do what you did in 1987.

  6. Give my home town some good conservatism for Christmas. The Boat certainly needs it. I love that town, but WOW are there a lot of politically lost souls. Merry Christmas!

  7. Can you say that? You can say anything you want. When idiots and fools twist colors into noncontextual meanings, that is THEIR problem, not ours. (But to be safe, during your white Christmas, and considering your ancient age ((have to offend the senior citizens too you know)), don’t be skiing any black diamond runs! Seriously though, it’s best not to take a deep breath in Colorado. WIth their new elimination of rational laws regarding pot, you can get a really great introduction to Rocky Mountain High just by inhaling!

  8. I just realized what your intro reminded me of, and you’ve had me laughing my butt off under I could breathe slowly enough to type again:
    Do you remember Ken Hamblin, and The Black Avenger Radio Show? He was always knocking the professional civil rights victims, and saying, “Well, this is what ‘X’, whatever the subject was, is about, because it’s the truth, and you can’t say it because you’re white, and I can, so I just did,” issuing on demand and mailing to you “Certificate(s) of Absolution of White Guilt,” for your ‘I love me’ wall, and such like. Lived in the Black Avenger Cave, ‘high in the Rocky Mountains above Denver,’ drove around in his wife’s ‘Nazi staff car'(big Attila the Hun S-class Mercedes sedan), flew across country in ‘American Eagle,’ his Piper Seneca II twin . . . He had a lot of fun, and I admired him for being one of the first conservative black talk show hosts.
    The thing about him that I remember him to you for, is this: He started out a welfare immigrant in New York, raised by aunts and no visible means of father, and liberal. But then he went to his war year in Vietnam in the 101st, had a real sea change in his mind, couldn’t get a job when he returned so he could support his wife and daughter, and finally got a job as a ‘quota black’ photographer for the Detroit Free Press. He said that kind of shuckism was the last step in changing him into a conservative, and he’s been rational ever since.
    So let me give you that story as a Christmas present – to reinforce what you already know: Every so often you’ll meet too many shucks and moochers and regressives for one day. Just remember that by our actions, seen by others in turmoil, we can be the trigger for them growing up and becoming rational and rejecting the bankrupt unreligion that these regressives proselyte and we stand firm in refuting as unworthy and un-American. Good people can change for the better.
    And you, and I, are agents of change simply by refusing to do the easy thing and give in to the wrong . . .
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Wishing you and your family a very Merry CHRISTmas!!! And when you get back will you PLEASE consider throwing your hat in the ring for POTUS? Our country desperately needs you!!!

  10. When you get to Steam Boat, if you have time, take a short drive to Clark .
    There is a store there that serves the area, a real country store.
    And just a couple blocks away is Glen Eden a very nice place to eat.
    I’ve never skied there but go there Elk hunting, you will love it, enjoy.

  11. Happy Anniversary. May your white Christmas be a bright and happy one. I’m sure your family is going to enjoy having a white Christmas and playing in the snow.
    We just celebrated our anniversary Dec. 18. My birthday is Dec. 25 a wonderful day for a birthday. Growing up in So. Ca. also born here I always wanted a white Christmas. Especially growing up listening to “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”. One year in about 1947 or 48 it snowed and I can honestly tell my kids and grandkids and great grandkids that I had to walk a mile to school in the snow. Actually 1 1/10th mile. LOL I’ve been hoping for snow again but so far it hasn’t happened. I’m only 76 maybe I still have time to see it snow again.

  12. Yes, you can still say “white Christmas” and wish people a Merry Christmas – just don”t ask for any “crackers” with your soup, that could get you into trouble! LOL

  13. Sir, you have EARNED the right to say anything you please…and the liberals can go jump in the lake if they don’t like it! Hope you get your fill of snow and if you can, send a few flakes eastward!

  14. Have a Merry Christmas, LTC West! At least the snow where you are going is meant to be enjoyed, compared to the snow-job coming out of the White House.

  15. It will be an honor to have you visit our state, we welcome you with open arms..I salute you Sir as one veteran to another…Merry Christmas and God Bless you and yours

  16. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family! God Bless and thanks for all you do to keep this nation informed and moving in a conservative direction!! Wisshing you and your family the best!!

  17. What a beautiful family! (Would love to see them as a First Family, hint, hint). Merry Christmas to all of you, and God bless you.

  18. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I’ know this is according to the PC POLICE not what they want, but until Obama Officially declares his Dictatorship, and they force me to stop saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I will continue and you should too.

  19. I hope you and your beautiful family have a great time Colonel. Wing-nut money spends just as well in Western Colorado as liberal cash.

  20. “24th anniversary on December 24th “….Is that your wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve ?…If so, Happy Anniversary AND Merry Christmas ! Have a safe trip and I hope the event at the Steamboat Grand Resort goes awesomely !


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