Devout Muslim woman graduates top of her medical school class – in Israel of course

I want to thank the Huffington Post for providing such a pro-Israel story, which demonstrates the opportunities provided in western civilization for all women, instead of the horrors awaiting women in Islamic countries.

Let me introduce you to 27-year-old Mais Ali-Saleh, who grew up in a small village outside of Nazareth, in Israel’s Galilee.

As reported by Diane Bletter in the Huffington Post, “Guess who graduated first in this year’s medical school class at the Technion, Israel’s version of M.I.T.? The answer will surprise you. It’s a stereotype-buster: a charming, feminist, smart, open-minded and observant Islamic woman.”

Bletter even admits:

Ali-Selah’s academic excellence not only marks her own personal achievement but also proves that contrary to propaganda spouted by proponents of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement — whose latest convert is Stephen Hawking — an academic boycott of Israel is the wrong approach to solving the Israel-Arab conflict.

Aware that she is seen as a role model to other young Muslim women, Ali-Selah also knows that she is breaking common misperceptions and stereotypes. “The media emphasizes negative things about Muslims and does not emphasize the positive,” Ali-Selah said. She also feels, however, that extremists are co-opting Islam and radicalizing it. Extremists within Islam are influencing people’s perceptions about Islam and women’s roles. “There is nowhere in the Koran that that states women should not study,” Ali-Selah explained. The same is true of women’s dress. Women are supposed to dress modestly, but there are no Islamic laws stating that women need to wear long robes or cover their faces.

However, I beg to differ on this point. Ali-Selah fails to mention the writings of the Hadiths of Muhammad which is where Muslim mullahs, clerics, and imams follow those traditions where you find discriminatory practices against women. Ali-Saleh must recognize young women like Malala Yousafzai and so many others suffering horrific treatment such as genital mutilation and honor killings.

In addition, as Muslim woman Ali-Saleh must understand she has been afforded a great opportunity because she lives in a country that respects her as a woman. We all know — and she must recognize — the same opportunities would not be open to her in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, the Gaza Strip, Yemen, or other countries where Sharia law dominates.

“If people’s socio-economic situation improves, they become more educated and enlightened,” Ali-Selah said in the HuffPo article. “Take away people’s food, and they become religious.” Her husband, Nidal Mawasi, agrees with her.

And I agree as well, which is why the two of them should speak out against the despotic, autocratic, dictators and theocrats who rule in the Muslim world. I would hope the two of them realize how especially blessed they are to live and be educated in Israel and how their children will have better opportunities because they live in a place where individual liberty and freedom reigns supreme.

They must ask themselves, would a young Jewish couple living in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, or Pakistan have such a high quality of life? I congratulate Mrs. Ali-Saleh on her momentous achievement and wish her even greater accomplishments in a free society.


  1. Wonder how many Muslims from Gaza strip are angrily waving like bunch of apes while holding stones to throw at her for being educated.

  2. Really you need to stop spreading your lies and filth about Islam. I am ready, willing,and able to debate you about Islam in an open public forum anytime, anywhere. I do know that you represent yourself as being a defender of the Constitution, but it also makes you a hypocrite because you do not want the Constitution to apply to Muslims. You have no idea what real Islam teaches in regards to women getting an education. You make money and gain notoriety for being a fear-monger. By the way, I guarantee that I care more about the US Constitution than you do. I am sure that you will delete what I say.

      • Obviously you are not very educated and do not know what a cult is. However sense you made this uneducated statement can you please enlighten me on what is a cult and how does Islam fall under the term cult? Thank you.

      • 49ers Fan4Life!!! Now while you are at it an you please explain what a religion is and how Islam does not fit into this category? Thank you again.

      • Im sorry but I have no time or the patience to explain to you why Islam is cult and not a religion it is what it is and im sorry to you feel differently

      • I am a Muslim and I have been for 16 years. I have studied under some of the best scholars on Earth. I have an Ijazat or certificate to speak about Islam, one of the major books of Hadiths. I am very conservative and I believe 100% in the American Constitution. When people say, and they are always from the right, that Islam is a cult and not a religion, it is like they are trying to say that the First Amendment does not apply to us. This is ridiculous. Did you know that in the US Supreme Court, that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is considered one of the greatest law-givers. You my friend are not answering the question because you are making a generalized statement not based on any merit or fact and you do not want to be publicly humiliated.

      • Since the Koran (Qur’an) acknowledged the words of Abrahm, Isaac,
        Jacob, Moses, David, Jesus and His apostles as authoritative (Surah
        2:136, 17:55), how do you account for the conflicts between the Bible
        and the Koran such as the Koran’s claim that Jesus was not crucified?

      • We believe that the Bible was corrupted and tampered with so as a result the Qur’an was revealed to protect and confirm the Bible by showing what is accurate in it and what is not. The original Bible is no longer in existence but if one appeared I would be the first to want to read it.

      • Since the Koran was written around 600 AD, a time when current
        manuscripts of the Christian Bible were available, what is the evidence
        that the Christian Bible has been corrupted SINCE then?

      • Actually the current manuscripts of the Bible were not finalized until 400 years after that. However, the Bible that was used then ans is used now is not the original one. Let me ask you this. I have a New KJV of the Bible. In it, it says that it is the 5th major revision to the KJV Bible. Now lets say that your great-great grandfather wrote a book. Then your great-grandfather made major revisions to this book. Then your grandfather made major revisions to this book. Then your father made major revisions to this book. Then you made major revisions to this book? Is it still your great great grandfather’s book?

      • SInce the Koran claims that the words of Allah cannot be changed (Surah
        6:34, 6:115), how do you support your position that the previous words
        of Allah in the ‘Book’ (the Bible) have been changed?

      • The promise was made that the words of the Qur’an would not be changed, not the Bible and there has never been a word change. The Qur’an is the only book in the world that can be memorized word-for-word. A miracle of the Qur’an.

      • Actually, that is incorrect. The Bible has been around for THOUSANDS OF YEARS, long before Mohammed. Human history is ingrained in the book of the bible.

      • SP, you just made a good point. When Muhammad and his followers tried to change the Bible into something they wanted they really lost the good that it held. It did not hold that the Jews should be punished, wiped from the face of the earth as many teachers of Islam advocate in the Mosque, did not speak of “people of the book:”. You could not beat your wife because you “suspect that she might be disobedient”. You could not lie to, steal from or kill people just because they were from a different faith. Islamist are intolerant of others, in Dearborn Michigan the Muslims are demanding the Gvt. there be replaced with Islamic law. In Thailand, 90% Buddhist, the Muslims are killing school children while demanding that Islam be taught in Thai schools.

      • Please show me, who on the right is saying muslims don’t have freedom of speech? You have it backwards. Muslims are the ones who get all upset if anyone says anything negative about their beliefs.

        Sharia law and the American Bill of Rights are incompatible. Period.

      • Do you know what Shariah really is or is it something you heard said so many times that you are scared of? I can explain to you what Shariah is if you want. I will say this once and say it again, I fully believe in the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. I believe that all men are created equal. The Qur’an tells us that if Allaah swt wanted to he could have made us all one people but he did not so that we can learn and benefit from each other. It also says that Allah swt could have made us all one religion but we are not so we should compete towards going good to each other. The Qur’an says that if you murder one person it is like murdering all of mankind and if you save the life of one person it is like saving the life of all of mankind.

      • Democracy is in its baby steps in the Arab world. I am currently in Tunisia trying to help them. You have to give them time. I vote, so I do not know what you are talking about. There are some sects like the Madkhalis and the Takfiris that oppose Democracy, but I am opposed to these sects just like the majority of Muslims are. If you think that Muslims are opposed to Democracy please come visit me in Tunisia.

      • Steven Pearce/ Jose Silva-In the American Heritage Dictionary it states the word ‘cult’ refers to 1.) A system of religious worship & ritual. 2.)A religion or sect considered extreme or false. 3a.) Obsessive devotion to a person or principle. b.) The object of such devotion. Hopefully this will end this heated discussion.

      • SP, you are a real work, even in the U.A.E. women who are raped and go to the police are put in prison and the rapist goes free. I have read the Koran, I found it to be really sick. I have read about Buddhism, that is the religion of peace.

      • I am in Tunisia and they hate Arabs and Muslims from the Gulf. I know a lot about the history and if you want to add me on FB we can have this discussion. If they are being arrested it is because of Gulf Arab culture not the religion. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said to take a wrong action and return it with a good. By the way Buddhists are killing, barbecuing, and eating Muslim babies in Myanmar and are doing a genocide against Muslims in Myanmar right now.

      • The Muslims made the same ridiculous claims against the American soldiers in Iraq. It is BS, the Muslims started the war with the Buddhist by raping young Buddhist girls. You want to talk about genocide, look at what the Muslims are doing to Christians and Jews and calling for in the Mid-East.

      • There was a case of rape of a 14 year old girl and the murder of her and her family and they were court martialed. Most people over here do not understand than when American military personnel get out of hand that they tend to get fragged with “friendly fire”. Also there has been many good things and reconstruction projects that the American troops have done that the liberal media did not cover. I have many friends who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and I have a couple of real good American friends in Afghanistan now. They are not Muslim so do not get the wrong idea. I am aware of their work and they consult me when they need advice on Islamic subjects. I think that any type of actions against Jews and Christians in inexcusable and should not be tolerated. I know while the American media says that Christians are being slaughtered in Syria, I have seen evidence to the contrary that there is actually a Christian Militia that joined the Free Syrian Army against Assad. I have seen their videos with the cross. Do not believe everything you see on the news. My friend Omar was in Riyad when 9/11 happened and he said that the streets were quiet, everyone was sad but that American media was saying that they were celebrating in the streets. Then they took video footage of a 3 year old marriage celebration and said that they were celebrating the attacks. This is a class tactic taken from The Art of War. Nobody is innocent and nobody is completely to blame. We need to come together as a collective humanity and communicate and stop the bloodshed of all people.

      • In support of his claim that Saudi Arabia supported terrorism,
        Khilewi spoke of an episode relevant to the first, 1993, attempt to
        bring down the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. “A Saudi citizen
        carrying a Saudi diplomatic passport,” he said, “gave money to Ramzi
        Yousef, the mastermind behind the World Trade Center bombing,” when the
        al-Qaeda terrorist was in the Philippines. The Saudi relationship with
        Yousef, the defector claimed, “is secret and goes through Saudi

        The reference to a Saudi citizen having funded
        Yousef closely fit the part played by Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law
        Jamal Khalifa. He was active in the Philippines, fronted as a charity
        organizer at the relevant time, and founded a charity that gave money to
        Yousef and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the chief al-Qaeda planner of 9/11,
        during the initial plotting to destroy U.S. airliners.

        Khalifa returned to Saudi Arabia, in 1995—following detention in the
        United States and subsequent acquittal on terrorism charges in Jordan—he
        was, according to C.I.A. bin Laden chief Michael Scheuer, met by a
        limousine and a welcome home from “a high-ranking official.” A
        Philippine newspaper would suggest that the official had been Prince
        Sultan, then a deputy prime minister and minister of defense and
        aviation, today the heir to the Saudi throne.

      • I do not like the Saudi regime and I have heard in Tunisia that they are behind funding all of the extremists. They are also trying to fund the problems in Tunisia to punish Tunisia for starting the Arab Spring and trying to bring Democracy to this region of the world. The Tunisians despise the Gulf Arabs. I know quite a bit of the history and the Gulf Arabs are very bad. With that I am out. Feel free to add me on Facebook.

      • Those are good talking points but I have lived in a Muslim country and have worked with Muslims, I have lived with and worked with Buddhist and Christians, I have worked with Hindus. The West has leaned over backwards to appease the Muslims and Arab world. What have they got in return? Christian churches turned into Mosque, Christians and Jews killed for their religion. The West blamed for everything, lie after lie. I worked with a well educated Muslim that had spent over a decade in America and he was ask what he would do if his sons decided they did not want to be Muslims. His reply, “I would kill them”. You will not hear that from any other religion that I know of. There is not another religion that talks about killing people of another faith the way Muslims do. As I said, I have read the Koran and I have see with my own eyes what the Muslims do and how deceitful they can be. If you are a good person as you may well be then you are not a true follower of Islam.

    • I suppose the women choose to wear full body and face coverings as well as being raped and mutilated? Do you believe in your honest opinion that muslim women are treated as fairly and equally as American women? If no, please explain in your opinion why they are not. Thank you!

      • YW. I am currently in Tunisia and it is not fair to say that all Muslim women are treated the same in all so-called Muslim countries. With that being said, women were given their rights at the time of Islam. What you are seeing today comes from the time of the Jahiliya and are cultural practices and not Islamic practices. Islam does not condone or encourage genital mutilation even though some cultures have decided to use a fabricated Hadith to support this. The covering of the face is not from Islam but is also a cultural practice. Islam says that it is required for every Muslim woman and every Muslim man to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. There was a man at the time of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH who was teaching his daughters how to run their own business and his companions complained to him about it. He went to the man and praised him. Also here in Tunisia, and I am an American citizen, I can tell you that women are gaining a hire education level than men and have more jobs. About the rapes, in real Shariah, not what you see in Saudi, the rapists are executed and the women are forgiven. There was a woman who was raped at the time of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, she was brought before him and he told her she is forgiven and then they executed her rapist.

      • Apply just 50% of the time and effort you wasted on studying Islam to studying Math, Science and Technology and you have a chance to join the modern world. You would then likely get a decent job which will lead to you being able to support a family (I recommend you limit yourself to a single wife, whom you don’t abuse and no more than 4 children whom you encourage in the direction of enlightenment and not
        toward the manifest evil that is Islam). I know it is an up-hill battle, BUT you can do it. For the record:

        In the time that Nobel Prizes have been awarded, beginning in 1901, the constituent 1.6BILLION (that’s Billion with a ‘B’) moslems that live in the hell-holes created by Islamic ignorance that support Sharia can look to 10 Nobel Prize winners (6 of them for the nebulous and debatable area of ‘Peace’, 2 for Literature, 1 for Physics and 1 for Chemistry).

        By comparison, 14MILLION (that’s Million with a ‘M’) constituent Jews have produced 193 Nobel Prize winners who have transformed the world positively through science and medicine and have restored Israel from a moslem created ‘hell-hole’ to a flourishing and thriving nation. From Wikipedia:

        “The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded
        in 1901 for achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace. An associated prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969.[1] Nobel
        Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals,[2] of
        whom at least 20% were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world’s population,[3] (or 1 in every 500 people). Overall, Jews have won a total of 41% of all the Nobel Prizes in economics, 28% of medicine, 26% of Physics, 19% of Chemistry, 13% of Literature and 9% of all peace awards.” Max.

      • I have a Bachelor’s of Integrated Studies in Sociology, Anthropology,and Political Science from Weber State University with both university and departmental honors while earning over 40 awards while I was a student there. I am going to have my MBA with an emphasis in Sustainability Management in April and I was recently inducted into Sigma Beta Delta which is an International Honor’s Society for Business, Management, and Administration. An honor which is reserved for the top 20% of business students internationally. I will then take one class at a time to finish my Masters of Project Management and in July I will be starting my program for Doctorate of Business Administration in Strategy and Innovation. Also since I was accepted but did not finish my ALM in International Relations at Harvard University I will go back and finish this degree when I am done with my doctorate. This is for my own personal and not professional interest. I am currently working with nation-states, the World Bank, the IMF, the International Human Rights Committees, and other entities while I do this all. So I am not sure what you mean when you tell me to study these other things and join the real world. I would love to compare educations with you.

      • do you aspire to be a part of the IMF, World Bank power structure? what is your position of a global government to be achieved by complete capital and resource control to economically enslave the population–
        per the white papers of the trilateral commission and the CFR?

      • Sex without consent against non-Muslim slave women is not considered a religious sex crime, zina, for Muslim men.[86] This principle of religious crime only applies for unlawful sex between free Muslim men and free Muslim women.

      • your quoted ” she was brought before him and he told her she is forgiven” My point is, there is that the notion that she was forgiven is ridiculous because she has not done anything wrong.

      • The sex crime, zina, cannot be alleged by any woman or man,
        without four Muslim male eyewitnesses to the crime, or without
        confession in court by the man who committed the sex crime’.[77][78][83] Scholars[77][84][85] claim this sharia
        requirement of four eyewitnesses severely limits a woman’s ability to
        press rape charges, a crime often committed without eyewitnesses.

      • The age of Aisha at marriage to the Prophet PBUH has been exaggerated. She had reached the age of puberty and was already promised to marry somebody else prior to the marriage. It did not cause a scandal at that time and was something that was commonly practiced. So to judge someone 1,400 years ago to the standards of today was wrong. You would see similar marriages in the USA just 100 years ago.

      • Cite a source that would contradict that she was married to the pedophile before puberty. Cite a source that contradicts that he deflowered her at 12. Reliable sources, not your approved lies to the infidels . . .

      • There are multiple sources. Also Mary the mother of Jesus PBUH gave birth to him when she was 12. Imagine that.

  3. She is a citizen of israel, although Muslims are not always treated fairly in Israel, much like black Americans pre-civil rights, they are cirizens and can achieve.

  4. There are many forms of Islam, there are many types of Muslims. To lump them all together is wrong, but the fact is, Muslims are treated far better in western countries than Christians are treated in Muslim countries.

      • In 2011, the Israeli cabinet announced that it had allocated funding to
        help Tunisian Jews move to Israel due to growing manifestations of
        anti-Jewish and the difficult economic situation.[11]

      • There is a group of Jews in Iran also. Anyways I have no problems with Jews and I have many Jewish friends. What is the problem with that? I do business with them also. Some are like brothers to me.

      • And there are fewer than 140,000 people who live in Djerba, Tunisia. In most Muslim countries Christians and Jews not only do not “fare well,” they are routinely murdered. But thanks for showing up.

      • Tunisian Jews have for centuries made an annual pilgrimage to the synagogue on Lag Ba’Omer.
        On April 11, 2002, a truck full of explosives was detonated close to
        the synagogue, killing 21 people (of whom 14 were German tourists and 2
        Frenchmen), and wounding over 30, in the Ghriba Synagogue Attack. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility.

      • They are having a pilgrimage right now. I have been to Djerba and met the Jews. They love Tunisia and do not want to go to Israel.

      • There are also ancient Jewish communities in Iran, but my post referenced Christians. As for Muslim countries with equal opportunities for women, Iraq, was one. Syria is another. Saudi, Arabia is not. We have allied ourselfs with the most repressive feudal kingdoms in the world, while aiding in the overthrow of secular nations.

      • I have no love for the Saudi regime or their interpretation of Islam. I think it is an embarrassment to the Muslim world.

    • As Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the “Führer” of Turkey stated, there is only ONE Islam. There may be Muslims, which are less or non violent, but still Islam is Islam. Or do you see any Muslims protesting against honor killings, religious apartheid like the discrimination of women – or the discrimination of non-Muslims even in their own countries – against terror and violence. I don’t see them anywhere. The only thing they do is to repeat the old lie about “Islam means peace”, though it truely means “submission”.

  5. She should admit there is not one Muslim country that would extend the opportunities she has had in a Jewish country to those of Jewish or Christian beliefs. She would do good to find a Muslim country where she could have had the opportunities she was afforded in Israel.

  6. Let’s have media coverage when she tries to buy land in Israel. Not gonna happen. Non-Jews can’t buy land, except in tiny, Arab-only areas.
    Oh, and good luck if you fall in love with a Jew and want to marry him. Also illegal.

    • that is bullshit.
      i have arab neighbors. you choose to be who you want to be.
      do not delegitimize my country!
      stop being a useful idiot, and open a book.

    • Not sure what you trying to say….but many Muslim countries don’t allow non muslims to own land, and Muslims aren’t allowed to marry non Muslims.

      • What point? The difference here is you want to win. I really don’t care what you think … in there lies the chasm. My point is invalid, like you’re the guy with the stop watch playing the Jeopardy theme.

      • Did you not know that non-Jews may not marry Jews in Israel? Why don’t you Google it, if you would like to try and prove me wrong…
        But I’m right.

      • I am so seldom wrong it is hard to admit it. I think it was in response to a totally different forum/thread. It was about how different Jews of today are from Biblical times. I actually argued that because of the inter-faith practice that they were not that different.

        I guess I had a visceral response to your post; in that I may have missed interpreted your intent. I intended more of a “so?” meaning. I can’t buy land in Mexico either … there are loads of that sort of stuff going on in the world. I wasn’t sure how your post lent anything to the message that Mr West was trying to make. I am open to learning.

      • So when people with agenda driven motives miss the whole point, it becomes something less than a sharing of ideas and dissolves into the primordial ooze. Is there a point system on this thread? If so, give me a list of rules. What has all of this got to do with the essence of the article? I know y’all have your set of standards. You have your own hurdles to overcome. I wish you all the best in reconciling them.

    • Liar, In Israel an arab can buy land where he or she wants, Im from Haifa, 3rd biggest city In Israel, and there are many Arabs that live there, Lets see a Muslim woman want to marry a Jewish man, she will be killed by her family…that would be called honor killing. Stop making up lies and crawl back to your hole.

  7. Muslims can be given every opportunity including the opportunity to be well educated (usually with other peoples money), they can be given freedom to live in the USA and be well taken care of by taxpayers, They can be supported by government in order to open businesses and operate tax free until they are on their feet, (Usually for a lifetime), They can enjoy freedom of religion while condemning our OWN religion of Christianity, and all the while, they will NEVER condemn their brothers for the atrocities committed against other peoples. Sorry, but I have absolutely no respect for them. I imagine that sooner or later, liberal left wing idiots will allow another Muslim to be elected President. THIS one won’t ruin the USA enough for these idiots.

      • It seems that way yes. Direct request to condemn are met with the best hemming and hawing known to modern man. If we saw more of an outcry against extremist, then folks like Mary wouldn’t feel they way she does.

        We also understand that to raise too big a fuss is to put one’s life in danger. Catch 22, yes?

      • I can give you many links to Scholars condemning terrorism. Also it seems that most of it comes from the Gulf. I am in a country, Tunisia, where they hate the Gulf Arabs and I am learning about the history and am understanding why. In most areas where there is extremism you will see it is in areas of either low education, low unemployment or both. Also many of the extremists feel like they lost their old glory and want to regain. I have actually written papers about radical Islam and its refutation as well as the radicalization process of Muslims. I would like to research the deradicalization process. I am interested in writing a book. Here are links to those writings in case you are interested. Also feel free to add me and I will give you links to scholars who have condemned terrorism. I can also explain the different groups and their origins. I have learned about this recently so it is not in these papers.

      • Citing a couple of scholars is a far cry from refuting the inflammatory rhetoric spewed by most of the leaders in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the many middle eastern countries, where islam is the strongest and where women are the most oppressed. Nor does it negate the hatred and death-wishes spread by imams in Britain, Europe, America and other civilized countries where the irrational islamist appear NOT to be in agreement with these scholars.

      • How is it possible to know what these so-called scholars or religious leaders say? It seems now-a-days anyone can claim to be an imam, give a fatwa, and everyone in the USA thinks it is binding on us. I do not pay attention to these people. I am more concerned about being a good person, helping the world to become a better place, continue my education, build my company, and raise my daughter. You think that we should all just stand up and say oh my this scholar said this and this. We do not even want to watch a video or read what they say in fear of being targeted and being put on a list so how can we reply to them? I am just as much of an American as you, I hate what Obama is doing to destroy the country. Also there are many people whom you are attacking that work to keep the USA safe and you would not even know it.

      • Your ignoranced seems to know no bounds. Of course not ALL muslims – many are apostate and have given up on the irrational demands of the Koran, etc. But when a imam can attend to meetings in the US and collect millions of dollars for war against the west, you have to admit, there are not many moderate rational voices in the muslim community speaking out against the slaughter that is the cornerstone of their religion.

        I get out. A lot. At the airports, in many cities, the cabbies were dancing after the 9-11 tragedy. There was almost no voices from the muslims condemning it. I think it is you who needs to get out more.

      • Please feel free to email me or add me on Facebook, I can speak to you about any of these subjects. People were not dancing in the streets, it was old footage from a wedding celebration. My Shaykh gives over 200 lectures a year speaking out but no one is listening. The media refuses to acknowledge it. I have spoken out and I give public speeches on Islam. Why should I have to apologize for the acts of other people that I had nothing to do with or condone? I have been to many mosques in the USA and not once have I ever seen anyone trying to collect money for wars in the West.

      • Here let me give you some names, you can see them on Youtube and I know them all personally. Hamza Yusuf, Suhaib Webb, Gharib Khalil, and Zaid Shakur. Imam Zaid Shakur has an open letter to a would be Mujahid which you can Google online. These are people that I study from. I am a Malaki. I despise the Takfiris and Madkhalis. I am a completely different sect.

      • Actually most of us are just watching as Muslims murder Christians on a daily basis in the Middle East while they burn ancient churches to the ground. When Iran releases Rev. Saeed, that will be a good beginning. Maybe you just need to read more. Those of us who do read are horrified at what is happening to Christians in Muslim countries. The point of this article is that Muslims in Israel are free to accomplish their goals while Christians in Muslim countries are routinely murdered for their faith.

      • Iran is a Shia country and the Shia hate everyone and would kill me faster than any of you. I hate Iran. I have been to a church that is like 1,900 years old in Carthage, Tunisia and I have seen a very famous Catholic Church in Bourgouba Ave, Tunisia.

      • Have you ever heard of 9/11? If not, then you must realize the true reality, If you did know, then you’re just an another ignorance liberal who recognize the truth, yet refuse to admit callousness of Islam. Generalization of freedom of speech/freedom of religion for everyone does not mean they deserve it. THey have a right to, but THey must earn it. WE earned OUR FREEDOM OF RELIGION, through OUR BLOOD, AND WAR. Islam is Islam. and they will kill any one regardless if you’re christian, Catholic, Buddhist, or just a secular. That is, liberals.

      • Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim country in the world has never had a single Muslim soldier in their country which forced them to become Muslim. Islam was spread through the honesty of the businessmen in Indonesia, the same can be said about the spread of Islam in China and Africa, so get your facts straight. Of course I am familiar with 9/11 and if Muslims did do it then shame on them. It is completely haram to kill innocent people in Islam, the unarmed, elderly, destroy buildings etc. Do you know the history of Christianity and how it was spread? If you compared the history of the two religions, far more people were killed in the name of Christianity than in Islam. However we cannot blame all Christians for the travesties of the violent Christians in the past just like we cannot blame all Muslims for the acts of violence by a few. You cannot blame a religion by its people. More people were killed in the name of Communism and Democracy than were killed in the name of Islam and Christianity combined. It is the nature of humans, always looking for an excuse to fight. I just want to add that it is always human nature to demonize those whom you do wrong to and many of these people are demonizing those whom they are doing wrong too. It is coming from both sides of the conflict.

      • Its really too bad you are so historically challenged. The supposed violence of the Christians was mostly against the murderous muslim hordes slaughtering their way through all of Europe like a plague of locusts – following their damned (you can be sure he is in hell now) prophet who stated ” I conquer through terror” and who is the model ALL muslims are supposed to emulate.

        The BIG difference is that when muslims slaughter an entire nation or kill a few thousand people in a jihad as 9-11, they are simply following the orders of their pervert prophet. When supposed Christians supposedly kill irrationally it is in CONTRADICTION to THEIR Redeemer and his directions.

        Surely you are intelligent enough to see that distinction.

      • You are completely lying if you say that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said I conquer through terror. Really, you should be ashamed of yourself and repent for lying. The Qur’an says that there is no compulsion in religion but the truth will stand out for itself. This means that you cannot force someone to be Muslim or any religion. When the first crusaders sacked Jerusalem, they killed not only Muslims, but Christians and Jews as well. You are the one who is deprived of historical knowledge. Also during the time of Andulusia, the Muslim and Jewish scientists and doctors wrote books together. When the Christians were purging the Jews they went to the Ottoman Empire for protection. Quit listening to your pastor and read a book. There is no order for me as a Muslim to kill anyone. The Qur’an commands for me to save the life of people and to not murder.

      • then what about sura 9:5? and the many others that call for the striking of necks etc etc? How about the Hadiths? and your so called “Andulusia” was only possibly because of the idea of the dhimmi and the jizyya tax. Stop your taqiyya because the sura you are quoting is directed at the Jews. You are taking this out of context and you know it.

      • Taqqiya is a Shia concept, I am a Sunni. That does not apply to us. Qur’an 9:5 is being taken out of context. If you read the ayats before and after it is clear, especially if you know the history behind the ayat, that it is in clear reference to people whom the Muslims had a treaty with and they violated the treaty. Since you want to speak about Hadiths, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that if anyone harms a non-Muslim they have him to answer to on the day of judgment. Be honest with your use of ayats or educate yourself on what they really mean and the historical context in which they are revealed. I have a very good reputation and I am very known, those who know me know me.

      • Communism is not a religion. It is anti-God, anti-marriage, anti-religion cult, and pro-atheist. As for Democracy, it is an idea. An idea of freedom. The Greeks were the one who formed democracy thousand of years ago. Therefore, because of the Greeks, the idea of democracy infuse the mind of many, freedom. Secularism. Rights. Now, we have Christianity. Christianity comes from Judaism, and Judaism is rooted in Israel. Europeans were becoming too Jewish to the eyes of Roman, and Roman Empire was expanding at the time. Because they did not want them to integrate in the society of Israel, Roman soldiers separated them. Gentiles were persecuted and were called Christians as insult by the Romans. They were followers of Christ, which means savior in Greek, Hence the name of Christians. WHO says we’re blaming? HISTORY is FACT. IT’s WHAT we see that we disapprove of. Every religion will have bad apples, but never like Islam. NEVER. Islam is a cult. Just like Communism. HIstory has confirmed over, and over, and OVER that communism and islam will be what they are. It is WHAT IT IS. THere is no bad muslims or good muslims, because Islam is Islam. Muslim terrorists are actually more faithful of muslims than those who are moderate muslims by dying for Allah. WHO want to die??!! I will NOT trust a muslim, even if they are kind to me. I will respond in kindness to them, nevertheless; I will not, cannot trust them. One Indonesian woman was raped, and mutilated by a muslim. People of Indonesian do not trust muslims because of their violence and hypocrisy. If one is a muslim, all of them represent Islam. if one is a christian, all of them represent Christianity. If Jew or anyone convert to Judaism, all of them represent Judaism. NO. It’s a fact. FACT, FACT. Yes, yes, humans are humans, but we are ingrained with ideas, implemented by religions. They preach that Islam is the religion of peace, while hamas is bombarding Israel from Gaza, which had been under control by Israel. Mahmoud Ahmajinedad, former president of Iran, stated back in ’07, Israel must be swipe off in the face of earth, Back then, there were rumors of incoming war between Israel and Iran, and there is rumors now, which Israel may strike first in defense if Iran finalized nuclear warheads. THis religion of Islam is to kill every infidels who are NOT part of Islam. They will force infidels to convert or DIE.

      • Really you should stop lying about what Islam teaches. Anyways it is 4:39 am and I am just talking to brick walls. My point was that people are going to look to fight and kill it is human nature. The books that radicalized Muslims were written by the University of Nebraska in 1968 with funding from the CIA working with the Pakistani ISI. They wanted to radicalize Muslims in order to get them to fight the Soviets in what was called Operation Mosquito in order to give the Russian Bear Malaria. This is not something I heard from a mosque but from an Honor’s class at Weber State University. The class was called Great Ideas of the East. So it is what it is. For every Israeli that has been killed, 1,000 Palestinians have been killed, I really do not want to get into this debate because both sides are wrong. I am against all wars and all violence. You do not trust Muslims because you yourself is not trustworthy.

      • LYING? THat’s all you could say, because YOU know it’s the plain truth. The truth behind Islam. THERE’S proof and I was taught and TOLD by EX-muslims. And they all know if they leave Islam, they are TO BE killed. I can firmly confirmed fact behind it. I trust God because HE IS trustworthy, KIND, LOVING; because of HIM, i am able to BE trustworthy. If muslims decapitate me, HE WILL AVENGE MY BLOOD.

      • That ayat which was revealed was made towards people who lied about saying they were Muslim then planned to change religions in order to confuse the early Muslims. I think people have a right to choose what religion that they want to follow.

      • The plight of the Palestian people is something most of the world does not understand, They don’t know who they are or what they were before the creation of Israel, and that is tragic. . It has been the habit of the western press to depict many middle eastern populations in a negative light. It would be like using parts of Detroit or some other failing city to represent the whole of America,

  8. I see all the violence, racism, vulgarity I need to see to form an opinion about Muzlims.
    They are evil and the spawn of Satan! I have nothing to do with any of them.

  9. I was at Balad, and the hospital there where American Doctors and nurses were treating and providing free healthcare for the Iraqi nationals. Where were the muzlims treating their own people?

  10. “And I agree as well, which is why the two of them should speak out against the despotic, autocratic, dictators and theocrats who rule in the Muslim world.”.

    The difficulty “moderate” Muslims have is they are very much the minority within practicing Muslim circles / Mosques and regardless of intellectual prowess, when push comes to shove will always react against those influences outside Islam. The two suicide terrorists who attacked Glasgow airport were Muslim Doctors. So much for the influence of a privileged education or even the Hippocratic oath there.

  11. Below Steven mentioned the Christians in the past killed many people. Please understand that this was a time when everybody was killing anyone they could. Some people choose to be ignorant of what the Muslims did in what is now Spain in the eighth century. That was two hundred years before the hated crusades. Who started this? I am willing to let the things of the past stay in the past. Let’s focus on the present. Within the last 100 years who has purposely killed more innocent lives?

    • I have made it very clear that I am against any killing of anyone in the name of Islam. How can I make it any clearer than that?

  12. In Saudi Arabia, women have the opportunity to attend medical school. When I was stationed there in 1990, I met a number of female Saudi physicians and found them to be intelligent, well-educated and well-trained. By the same token, women attend different medical schools than men. They say that their education is via the same curriculum and equivalent to that of the men. I remain a bit skeptical, however, having seen somewhat of Saudi society. I am sure that there were lectures that had different content and connotations in the course of their education.

    To Dr. Ali-Saleh, I say Mazel Tov and wish her a prosperous and fruitful career in whatever specialty she should choose!

  13. Ali-Saleh needs to be congratulated and praised for her courage to study medicine in Israel in spite of the muslim misconception that women are supposed to be silent and obedient to men. I praise Israel for its fairness and its laws which give equal rights to not only men and women, but non-Jews living within its borders.

    However, I do have the fear that Ali-Saleh’s achievements will probably not be appreciated by the global muslims. When a muslim has let down their faith, or gone against it, Mullahs have been known to issue a “Fatwah” or in essence condemn a person to either be banished or be killed. Since we know that honor killing and stoning is an often practiced ritual throughout muslim lands, I would hope Ali-Saleh will not be named in a Fatwah or be harmed by her family because of her achievements. It would be a great loss to the practice of medicine and a great loss to humanity!

      • Your question is confusing! Men in the muslim tradition believe women belong in the background, covered and without a voice. If a man wants to divorce her, he can just simply state so, but a woman cannot get such a divorce.

        So, what part of what I said isn’t clear about my thoughts of islam and muslim women getting an education?

      • I am trying to divorce a Tunisian woman now in Tunisia. It is not so easy. You do not know what you are talking about.

      • When that ayat was revealed it was revealed at a time when women had no rights, so it was trying to get the mentality to accept the witness of a woman. There were no rights for women until Islam gave them rights. I have no problem with a woman being a witness by herself. What is the problem?

  14. There is a reason, why People Karl Martell, Jan Sobieski III, Vlad Tepez, Ludwig von Baden Baden, and many more fought against islamic occupation. They’d known, what’s at stake.

  15. Hell Hawking can’t even pee strait, even though his brain is fine he is still thinking with his head up his ass. He might be brilliant in the sciences but when it comes to human nature he gets a goose egg.

  16. Thank you for this story. I think the extremists do not realize that by not educating the women, over half of their population is left un-educated. How could they ever be a successful civilization under circumstances like this? How can a mother who is un-educated help her son or daughter get their homework done with any success? I think they would produce less doctors and engineers even if they are all “male” this way. I hope her story inspires other women and I hope someday this will change the way women are viewed.


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