Who defines our rights, and why I stand with Phil.

This morning as I did my regular run and workout I was thinking about the real issue surrounding Phil Robertson. Too many are focused on the words spoken, but there are some deeper issues to ponder. For me, the prevailing issue is centered around one word: “rights.”

Phil Robertson is a born-again Christian and I’m quite sure the executives at A&E knew that from the get go. Phil was paraphrasing the following:

1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (New International Version)

Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

The unalienable right from our Creator that Phil has is his “pursuit of happiness” and Mr. Robertson defines that as his Christian faith — that is his right.

Furthermore, as codified in our US Constitution, Phil has the rights of free speech, freedom of religion, and the free exercise of religion. It’s funny to me that some believe American freedom of expression includes burning our beloved flag, but I guess Phil’s is not tolerated.

Which brings up another key point, who is the guardian of tolerance? Who sits back and defines what is or is not to be tolerated? There is a theocratic-political totalitarian ideology that operates freely in America — and across the world — that executes those who engage in same-sex relationships. But I don’t hear too much complaint against them. Did Phil take it too far using some crude language? Maybe, but then again, that’s his image, a simple straight talking American man, and it seems A&E loves it when it’s making them money.

A&E is Phil Robertson’s employer. I don’t know what his specific contract states, but A&E is economically profiting from the Christian faith and the subsequent popularity of Phil Robertson and the “Duck Dynasty” trademark enterprise — it goes way beyond just a show.

A&E has their own brand and as a private sector employer they have the right to hire and fire as they choose, albeit in this case it seems they’ve overreacted and are suffering the consequences. It has to be a matter of concern for all of us in America when special interest groups believe they can bring pressure and punish organizations due to their “dislikes.” How far could this aspect of censorship go?

Should A&E have suspended Phil Robertson? My assessment is no. Should A&E have had a chat with Phil before the GQ interview and discussed their concerns? Yes. Does A&E have the right to prevent Phil from doing interviews? Depends on the parameters of his contract.

The third component to analyze is the pressure from gay advocacy special interest groups. Last night on “The Kelly File” on Fox, a gentleman representing GLAAD stated that “Phil Robertson wanted freedom from consequence.”

Oh come on. These groups want freedom from any dissenting views. This is the danger in America when we start to grant “rights” to groups based upon behavioral choices. I often wonder, what if you choose to be bisexual? Do you lose half of your gay rights or only get part of your straight rights?

Every American has the right to the “pursuit of happiness.” If your “pursuit of happiness” means a same-sex relationship, very well.

But we must not then seek to redefine all other aspects of established societal norms just to appease. There should be no discrimination based upon sexual preference, but then again, there shouldn’t be any preferential discrimination against those who disagree. Case in point — the lawsuit against the New Mexico couple who refused to photograph a same-sex marriage because it was not in concert with their faith.

And no, I don’t see this as a civil rights struggle such as that for women (gender) or for blacks (race), or other ethnicity. Gender, race and ethnicity are not lifestyles.

Do two people of the same sex have the right to love each other? Absolutely. Do they have the right to force me to agree with it? No. Do they have the right to not be discriminated against? Yes. Do they have the right to advocate for additional rights because of a preferential choice? No, and what more rights do you require? Do they have the right to redefine other established aspects of our society? Let the people decide — but we should not have special interest groups run to the courts to overrule the referendum of the people, as with California and Proposition 8.

We must be very circumspect about understanding what is a right and what is a privilege in America. Politicians will collectivize us and use the word “rights” to manipulate us for their own personal gain. Right to own a home? Right to healthcare? Just remember the words of President Thomas Jefferson, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is also big enough to take it all away.”

Phil Robertson has the “right” to speak his mind based upon his personal beliefs. People don’t have to like it but to leverage pressure to affect someone’s life and liberty based upon their pursuit of happiness is not in concert with our American values. And let’s be honest here, GQ knew exactly what it was doing and sought a certain response to please the intolerant left. It has horribly backfired — just like the attack against Chick-fil-A. Phil Robertson is an even greater American Icon.

So for the record, I’ll give you my stance, plain and simple and why I stand with Phil. For me, homosexuality is a sin, because I executed my individual right to choose Christianity as my faith. There are other things that are sinful for me as well. I am far from perfect, I’m just trying to live a Christ-like life as a flawed human being.

The great thing about America is that we all have free will, so if you choose not to follow the precepts of a Christian faith, you are free to live as you wish. I do not condemn you, as a matter of fact, I gave 22 years of my life to protect your “pursuit of happiness,” but as I respect your individual right, I ask you to respect mine — and that is the essence of coexistence.


  1. Very well stated sir and I agree 100% with what you said. Trouble is the devil is the god of this world and it is his minions (liberals, homo’s, lesbo’s, etc) that are doing their best to make America a weak spineless country fussing over something so trivial as Phil’s comments. God help us!

  2. Right on the money Allen West.our troops fought , fight died and die daily…FOR OUR FREEDOM…agree or not, he has the right to say it…it was an interview….he was not at a gay rights meeting causing trouble. I guess only alec baldwin, and company can say whatever….

  3. Why is it, Mr. West, that you don’t stand with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his volunteer Cold-Case Posse in their defense of the law especially since they have so far uncovered that the electronic file posted by Obama on the official White House website is an amateurishly manufactured forgery and the Selective Service Registration Card proffered by Mr. Obama/Soetoro likewise is a fraudulently constructed forgery?

  4. When it comes to “lifestyles” and “beliefs”
    Liberals seem to forget and fail to understand
    that there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in definition
    between “tolerance” and “endorsement”. :-<

  5. LTC West, I ask you again and will continue to ask on every forum I find your writings. As a retired NCO from the U.S. Army Military Police Corps, PLEASE take the Guidon. We need you Sir!!

  6. Will you please throw down in 2016 for us?? This country needs an experienced straight talking conservative leader who understands our country…its history and its place in the world.. understanding our enemies is a plus too… thank you Sir..

    • our enemies within are very dangerous, hiding in plain sight. Please continue serving the conservative segment of the population against the militant liberals and all others desiring to cram their views, lifestyles, religious practices, and perverted sense of right/wrong. Thank you.

  7. I heard on the news today,that A&E knew about this article with GQ three weeks before it was published …A&E dropped the ball it should have been edited….I agree 100% with Phil and Allen West….I have gays in my family,I don’t agree with their life style….Their sin is their’s and my sin is mine…We will all be judged in the end….God Bless Us All and God Bless this Country..

  8. I agree with this. This articulates my thoughts very well. The only thing I wanted to point out is the small point about using crude language. It may have been a little unexpected for Phil to discuss sexual preferences of certain body parts but he used the appropriate words for those parts. How often do we hear very inappropriate words for those parts? Those words, to me, are crude.

  9. And that is precisely the problem. Tolerance should be a two way street, but is only a one way street, and it’s on the left side I am sick to death of this overly PC society we are living in. He did NOT say he hated gays. He simply said his faith doesn’t believe in homosexuality, and therefore, he doesn’t either. Get over it already! Thank you for a well thought out piece, and thank you for your service.

  10. So clearly then, Mr. West et all who agree with him, you are all equally as outraged that MSNBC fired Martin Bashir for saying that someone should shlt in Sarah Palin’s mouth and sew it up to show her what slavery was really like in comparison to Obamacare being slavery, yes? You are all going to write angry letters to MSNBC heads to get him reinstated and fight for his right to his beliefs and freedom of speech, right? You guys believe Martin Bashir has a right to say whatever he likes while representing his company and face no consequences, right? And you also condemn the right wing pundits and news sites that DEMANDED Bashir be fired for his statements? Correct?

    Okay cool, just checking! Wanted to make sure you guys weren’t being just total and absolute hypocrites!

    • Stefanie, Col. West, Ted Cruz, Palin and all the right-wing entertainment complex frothing at the mouth don’t care about freedom of speech or freedom of religion. The Tea-Party is loosing clout in the republican party, even marshmallow Boehner is standing up to them. They are in fear of loosing the Christian right to mainstream republicans. All the outrage is about bringing the faithfull back into the fold. They drum up the contreversy because it raises funds, they couldn’t care less about Phil Robertson or about being hypocrites.

    • Stef, can you not see the difference in the two comments? Are you that blinded or ignorant? Bashir suggested someone should assault and physically harm Palin ( I’m a police officer, any judge would affirm that what he suggested is aggravated assault!) Phil Robertson stated his beliefs, and not any suggestion to harm anyone. It is called free speech and freedom of religion….there is a huge difference!

      • Now you are being dishonest Sean. He suggested that if Palin thinks national debt is comparable to slavery. Maybe she should get a taste of what slaves endured. He merely used the poop as an example of said treatment. He even went at length to quote the book he go the example from. Then suggested Sarah should get the same treatment to gain a little perspective. Hardly qualify as aggravated assault I would not want to be walking while black on your block.

      • Charles Payne made the same statements about the national debt. Why didn’t Bashir attack him with the same example?

      • Vlad, I don’t think I was being dishonest, but I did make an angry and impulsive, and judgmental statement, to Stefanie. I apologize to her.

        And I should have done some research before responding…my fault. Here is what I learned:

        Sarah Palin was not referring to the terrible oppression, violence, and tyranny of slavery that many Africans suffered during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas. I agree it was beyond terrible for many. And I know that as a white man a can’t understand the anger and pain still felt by many. And we should never forget. But, I, and probably 99 % of Americans abhor what happened and had nothing to do with slavery; so we must put it in the past, and never let it happen again. Palin referred to our probable future economic dependence, and debt, to slavery. Not African-American slavery. Just slavery. Webster’s secondary definition: Submission to a dominating influence. “Slave to fashion”, “slave to the government”, etc. Bashir went way overboard. He suggested SP be given a dose of the “urination and defecation in the mouth” treatment. Not a direct personal threat…but possibly an incitement to violence…still unacceptable…and down right disgusting.

        Back to Phil Robertson: I don’t speak for him, but I share his beliefs. And I think we agree that homosexuality is immoral, unclean, and ungodly. BUT, please understand, we don’t hate, or dislike, or wish anything bad for, homosexual men or women. It is the homosexual acts that they perform that we are against, and believe is morally wrong and against our Christian beliefs. As a matter of fact, I don’t like it that men and woman are labeled as “gays”, or “homosexuals”. It is a lifestyle choice. I was born with the…predisposition…the inclination…to drink like a fish. And I was a drunk for 20 years. I did terrible things. I made terrible choices. I was literally on the highway to hell. But was I destined to be a drunk for the rest of my life? Thank God (and I truly do), I was not. I made the choice to change (helped by God, family, and fiends) . It was not easy, but it happened. Yes, I know the comparison of alcoholism to homosexuality isn’t perfect, but it works. My point is this: we have to be honest with ourselves and know what is right and wrong. My guide is the Bible. God’s Word. And I am the first to admit that I fall short all the time. I am a sinner. I pray for help and guidance every day…and I still make mistakes. But I take responsibility for my sins, my poor decisions, my impulsive behavior and remarks.

        OK, enough talking. Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless you guys and gals….truly.

    • Stefanie, MSNBC never fired Bashir, he resigned out of his own and he was rude with his mouth just because Sarah Palin did not go along with liberals like you. Also again, why was everyone silent about the words from Oprah Winfrey who said that the whites should just die just because they criticize Obama on the Obama Care and other lies, oh that is ok because she is walking with Obama and we should just agree on everything you Liberalists are saying. Alan West is a man of Character and do not have time to play the race card like you liberals or the homophobia or the Islamophobia card. Also Christians did not come with pressure groups to get Bashir to be fired but GLAAD and the other Gay right groups.

      • Who appointed Gladd and the other Gay rights groups to speak for all gay people and bully and attack anyone who does not agree with their lifestyle? The cry for tolerance is laughable when they come screaming out of the closets in a filth laced rage.

    • and don’t forget that Phil commented (paraphrasing) that as a Christian he is to love is neighbor as himself….he did not suggest harming anyone as Martin Bashir did….nor did he slander anyone, he just told the truth on how homosexuals have sex…

    • And Joe Biden said “The Republican Party is gonna put ya’ll back in chains.” Remember that one from your crazy Uncle Joe? And yet you still voted for him, I’m sure.

      Can’t have it both ways, pumpkin.

    • Bashirs statements were not only perverted but presented a threat to someones safety. But alas, he quit and was not fired for his bigmouthed bs.

  11. Oh, and hey Allen, I’m guessing you weren’t offended when Phil said that black people like yourself were happy in Jim Crow era Louisiana and that no black person down there was “singin’ the blues” despite the countless accounts of lynchings, beatings, the lack of the right to vote, sitting on the back of the bus, cross burnings and the constant presence of the KKK right?

    • Again attacks on black people are no concern to the Colonel. He’s not black he doesn’t see color. He’s exactly the type who would never look unhappy in front of white people. Notice he doesn’t even attack white liberals but will go after Colin Powell. “No massa your right it is the libruls saying blacks wants respect.”

      • I read word for word what he said – he stated that he never saw a black person being mistreated and that he thinks black people were happier and more “godly”. He also compared black people to white trash “we were white trash so we were always with the blacks” and then he said during jim crow era laws there was no feelings of entitlement or dependency like there is among the black people today. That no one was saying “white people are bothering me”.

        Trust me. I read and I read very well.

      • do you think he may be telling the truth??? That he, personally, never saw black people being mistreated in the area he lived in, that the black people didn’t have the attitude when he was growing up that many black people have today….you have to admit that there are many black people who have the attitude of entitlement and/or dependency today – there have been a number of black people recorded many times saying ‘the government owes them’….

      • I believe he is telling the truth as he saw it and most likely doesnt have a racist bone in his body. I think the entitlement/dependancy is pervasive in society as a whole. Black people today think they deserve respect and most take offense at making a black face the one of welfare.

      • I too doubt he has a racist bone in his body, considering one of his grandchildren is black. The progressives attacking him would know that if they watched the show.

      • Jo Post I beliebe he would treat them with respect and love them while believing they are living in sin.

      • Stefanie you didn’t respond to Gary’s question. Do you know that one of Phil’s grandchildren is black? He was adopted by Willie. Puts the whole trying to make Phil Robertson a racist crap in a different light doesn’t it? Oh wait – you would know that if you watched the show and didn’t get your talking points from the Chris Matthews crowd.

    • I bet you didn’t know that Phil has an African-American grandson, did you? Or when the Robertson’s were flat-broke and couldn’t have a Christmas for their children, the only people who helped them were their black friends, who all chipped-in and gave them $200 bucks. Maybe you should take your argument to West Monroe, LA., and get the opinion of the black community down there, and see how they feel about Phil Robertson.

    • What I read he stated that the black folks he was working with in the fields were happy, upbeat and not feeling sorry for themselves. I did not take it that he was talking about all black folks but the ones he was personally involved with.

    • Back then people black/white and otherwise were too busy trying to feed their families while corrupt politicians run amok, to feel sorry for themselves. Putting bread on the table comes first. Phil was right in that respect, people were just happy to have a job and got along.

  12. A&E is a private entity with a clientele as diverse as America itself. Duck Dynasty is only one show show on the network. They are free to take any action they deem necessary to protect their brand. I’m not saying it wasn’t an over-reaction they have the freedom to make it Phil Robertson is their employee and he would not be talking to GQ if the show wasn’t so popular. Who knows how many black, adulterers, atheist or gays people watches the Robertsons and are probably big fan. I personally hope the show stays on the air and all that stuff will blow over.

    • I too hope it stays on the air but that being said, I dont thinks this family should be forced to pay lip service to something they do not believe in.

    • You need to READ THE WHOLE COMMENTS made…you will see that he said no such thing…read with an open mind…not with what the MSM is saying.

    • He was talking about a time in the past when things were different. Sounds like you didn’t live in that era or you’d understand what he means. When someone is talking about how things were past-tense, you may not like the answer. Be thankful those things have changed. You can’t change history. It’s a fixed point. All we can do is learn from it. He did not say he agreed with the laws then, but gave an answer as to how he saw things THEN. People like you must live a totally unhappy life always looking for the bad in people and in everything they say.

      • If you are NOT Black…you will never understand! Don’t respond to something you no nothing about….my mother, father, & grandparents lived during that period. It’s not something you want to be reminded of! His comments have nothing to do with ME being unhappy. You people always find a way to try to insult….if it’s the past…what’s his point?

      • your family being alive during an era of discrimination and slavery DOES NOT mean you were there and it DOES NOT mean you “feel their pain” by association, that is the biggest BS going today, people claiming to be victims just because they had relatives who were victims are ridiculous and pitiful.

      • So history has allegedly turned you into an emotional cripple? Dont be ridiculous..Great strides were made for equality and still you want more? Get over your self victimization and work towards making it a better world for all people.

    • What he was talking about was the day to day life. He worked the fields with people that worked hard and were satisfied with their lives. Unlike todays free ride, constantly bemoaning and alleged victimization. The NAACP, Sharpton, Jesse constantly bemoan the poor black folks and unjust treatment, yet neither the organization or other 2 dingbats ever hit a lick at an honest days work in the field. Basically, they are unqualified to comment.









  14. Amen…agree with you whole-heartedly Col. West and thank you for showing the true meaning of leadership. May God richly bless you and your family!

  15. Bravo Col West! That covers all that needs to be said. GQ was just out to sell magazines. They knew exactly what he was going to say. Instead of answering the interviewer he should have smashed his nose for being ambushed in such a way.

    • Holy crap, here we go again with this Christian Nationalism. America is not a Christian nation, it is a nation of freedom of religion, as in NO religion governs or controls America. The founding fathers who designed our government made this VERY clear.

      • Excuse me, Shoes! It always was, and it still IS mostly a Christian nation!!! It is, however, no longer a government guided by Christian principles. Therefore, it is not a Christian GOVERNMENT. This nation is made up of far more Christians than non-Christians. Something about that majority speaks volumes, wouldn’t you say? Nevermind. Don’t bother answering. I know the drill. (Chip-chip-chip away . . . )

  16. Well, Phill’s first amendment right wasn’t violated. Was he arrested or fined by the government? No. He was suspended by his employer for comments that he publicly made that will effect his employers sponsors and revenue. I am quite sure there is a clause in his contract with A&E that specifically details this. That’s grounds for dismissal. Also, I GUARANTEE that if a person of fame or mass popularity spoke out against Christianity you all would be flocking in troves to protest and boycott their products or services…think Marilyn Manson. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, don’t be hypocritical.

    • So you’re saying it’s ok to fire someone because of their sexuality? Would there not be a major law suit filed if this was the case. Toleration goes both ways.

  17. This is one of many reasons why I pray you will be our next President. America already owes you our deepest gratitude for your service, and you just keep on giving. Thank you, GOD BLESS YOU, AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  18. The left almost without exception fails to take Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into consideration, before they start shouting about how its not about the First Amendment.

  19. I am the proud mom of an amazing gay son, and he and I both agree that the people of this country must be able to express their true and most cherished beliefs or we can no longer say we live in a free country. We will never find common ground as a people if we abolish every citizens right to free speech.

  20. It has become outright silly. Americans need to grow a thicker skin and a spine. We all should work towards reaching perfection while knowing we never will. We are ALL sinners and we ALL have things about ourselves we need to work on. As it has been since the beginning …. people will say things that hurt or you disagree with …. the choices we make must be able to endure the consequences we enacted when we made our decision. I have family and friends who are gay …. lovely sweet hard-working …. I love them but am so thankful I don’t have to judge them or ANYONE … I don’t envy God’s job. With that being said …. I will not judge – just love. I’m not prepared to lose my freedom my better half and my family fought to give. Phil, as I, have the right to our beliefs, our opinion, and our free speech. He was asked a question and he didn’t lie – he answered truthfully.He didn’t offer his opinion on his own, he was asked a question – being a Christian – he didn’t lie – he didn’t have time to rehearse and choose his wording selectively. A&E has the right to broadcast who they want – as GLAAD has the right not to watch “Duck Dynasty” just as I plan on using my right to not watch A&E because they punished Phil and all Christians for their beliefs. I get Political Correctness, Atheists, and different religions shoved down my throat on a daily basis. We I’m done…. in fact …. this Southern biscuit is burnt. Good Bye A&E hate to miss some of my favorite shows but I will accept the consequences from my actions with my Big Girl Panties on my Southern hinney.

  21. Why is it that when you are talking on one subject the garbage truck comes in and dumps of every piece of questionable topics known to man. I’m waiting for Green Peace to come in and say the Col. and Phil hate whales…. (fictional alert!!!!! : The last comment was meant purely as an example and it has no substance of truth. The Col. and Phil both love whales and would never harm them, judge them or interfere with their rights as Ocean life.) The Topic is Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty, A&E and YOUR OPINION about Phils religious beliefs, the future of Duck Dynasty and A&E decision and consequence over the interview with GQ.

  22. Allen, thank you for your comments on this topic. I agree 100%. I appreciate what you stand for – I stand with you…and I stand with Phil!

  23. Amen Colonel, as a old fashion Methodist preacher and living historian portraying a constitutionalist {Jefferson Davis} I applaud your comments and stand. Thank you for your service and on to 2016.

  24. According to Corinthians he can be stoned for long and unkempt hair! Lets not even start on Leviticus…..he and his entire family can be stoned for those sins!

    • yachty – I’m not sure the version of the bible you are using, but don’t believe 1 or 2 Corinthians mentions stoning for any sin. The bible doesn’t mention anywhere stoning for long and unkempt hair or for long or unkempt hair

    • Nowhere in Corinthians does it say that. And Leviticus is is in the Old Testament and are laws for Jews only. Not Christians of today. HAVE YOU EVER READ THE WHOLE BIBLE?

      • Where in the new testament does it say homosexuality is a sin? (I’m not being sarcastic, I really would like it pointed out for me)

      • Well, I can’t tell you specifics, but think of this – premarital sex and extramarital sex are sins, right? And marriage is defined as the union by God of a man and woman. Therefore, it can be said that homosexuality is a sin based on that, can’t it? They’re not married in the eyes of God and they’re having sex.

        Plus, though I can’t cite them, there are passages about men laying with men, I think. I’ll let someone else quote the exact place.

      • SANDRA: Romans 1:24-32, 26-28, 32 I Corinthians 6:9 & 10, I Timothy 1:10, to name a few. The practical book of Proverbs (my favorite) has quite a few references, as well. As I understand it from that book, women were the first to partake of this kind of behavior, then the men. (I could be wrong, but given the nature of harems back then, I can see wy that would happen with women first.)
        It is labeled a sin, but even moreso, it is also called an abomination – a behavior God vehemently detests, along with sodomy and beastiality. But he hates lying, killing the innocent, haughtiness, those who produce evil schemes or love jumping into situations where evil is afoot, slave traders, those who lie about others, and stir up trouble in a community, among other things. He hates all of these things the same way he does homosexuality. I believe he hates these things because He made us, and knows what happens to EVERY person, every society where these kinds of things are accepted, where they become the norm. They are highly destructive to the health of ALL of humanity; unfortunate for those who insist on doing them, but also for the society where they approve of them.
        Don’t kill the messenger, here. I’m just telling you what the Bible says. You’ll have to take it up with God if you don’t like it. I fear that’s why so many hate the Bible, why they hate God. Because of how the truth makes them feel when they are confronted with it there.
        I totally understand since I’ve insisted on going my own way in years past concerning serious life decisions, and I (and my children) have paid dearly for those decisions. I also have had several homosexual male friends over the years, and I’ve enjoyed their company. We had lots of laughs. But when they started to try to indoctrinate me into partaking of their lifestyles(they all attempt to indoctrinate straight folk eventually), I had to draw the line and abstain from hanging with them – which is exactly what those of you who hate Christians should do. Abstain from hanging with us in real life or online. Duh!

      • Lets not forget he hates FAT people, men with long hair, men with unkempt hair….you can sell immigrants into slavery! That would give us 11million free laborers! I will take two mexicans…I can keep them in my unused dog run…my dogs sleep inside!

      • It doesn’t…thats why they turn to Leviticus, which they do not use on themselves! Christians are just full of crap and are haters!

      • Christians use Leviticus……Christians are all BS! Christianity is just Paganism in a different wrapper! Sport I am a Jew and you are a Gentile…..

  25. We brought this mess on ourselves, Christians have been silent too long. Stop being “nice” when something offends your belief speak out. Let your friends, neighbors and children know that it is not okay to talk or act that way in your presence or in your home. Stop allowing filth to be brought into your home via the TV or internet. Until you DEMAND respect you will not get it.

  26. Thank you very much Congressman Col. West! I thank and praise God for people like you. God has blessed American with sons, parents and families like the West family. Your values are one of the reasons this country is so great and blessed. God bless you and please continue to protect America from those who want to punish and take away our privileges and God given rights as a human being. God Himself gave us the freedom to choose, tho He created you and me.

  27. I think Phil should sew (even though it’s not the Christian thing to do) ABC. And why SHOULDN’t he when Dan Rather got $20million from CBS FOR A LIABLE SUIT AGAINST CBS??

    • I think you mean “sue” and no, Phil wouldn’t do such… he’s not interested in money and scripture doesn’t agree with that view either.

      • Scripture, if you read it carefully, is referring to a Christian brother or sister sueing a Christian brother or sister. We are to take our issues to our spiritual headship and let them help us work through it. with the offending party.

        It says nothing about sueing an unbeliever, one way or the other, as I recall.

      • Hi Judy, I have read it very carefully and find no support in doing as the world does when they have been wronged… Jesus was horribly wronged, Paul, Peter and many that came after them… none sued. Suing is a form of revenge or looking for justice or for vindication… all of that comes from above.

      • Thought I responded to this yesterday Judy… bottom line, the scriptures/bible is loud and clear regarding “suing”… we don’t. THE WORLD is always ready to seek recompense, to be vindicated and seek justice when they are wronged. Christians don’t… they were wrongly imprisoned, whipped, stoned etc… and Jesus instructed by his own example… Forgive them.

        Justice, vengeance, recompence is not for those in the body of Christ… it belongs to the Lord.

      • Yes, Phil and his phoney family are not intersted in the Millions they make from idiots like you! Is that why the are all clean cut when not filming? Phil has a networth north of $100,000,000.00….give me a break! Go look up Duck Dynasty Fakes on youtube and see how real your hero is! One video he bitches about praying before he eats! It is a scripted comedy….nothing on it is real! It is Disney for REDNECK WHITE TRASH……

      • I don’t do crowds either, totally agree with you there. I likes my trees, takes me back to my childhood with my grandparents and huge family parties… they had 10 kids and they all had kids… the laughter, the joy, the memories, all wrapped in Love… priceless!! Well, I wish you well whatever you to on that day or any other day ♥

      • “He puzzled and puzzled ’til his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. Maybe Christmas, he thought… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more!” -Dr. Seuss

      • Yachty, I am so sorry for whatever has happened to you in your life to make you such an unhappy person. You are correct, I have no clue what has happened to you in your life to make you feel as you do. No matter, I will not hate on you… its not in me to do… I wish you well ♥

      • I am not unhappy! I wish this stupid holiday would be over so life can go on! Just because you believe in BS doesn’t make everyone believe in BS!

      • Well anyone reading your comments… you come across as very angry, very unhappy and frankly, miserable… ♥

      • Why are you so obsessed with how much money this guy has, yachty? Jealous? Mmmhmmm . . . .

        And you’ve obviously never even watched the show, have you? Why is it sticking in your craw, little man? Why not just moooooove on? Isn’t there some but t for you to plug somewhere?

    • He’s not likely to sue. First off, the family has earned enough money over the years to live comfortably and pass on a mighty legacy. Secondly, he stated in the interview with GQ, (near the end is where it was quoted), that it would probably end soon. He said something to the effect of four or five years and then the show would be over, after all it’s only a TV show. Yes A&E illegally discriminated against him on the grounds of his expression of his religious views, but Phil is a real Christian, and real Christians don’t sue for money just because they can. They might go to court to create a precedent protecting religious freedom or to protect someone else’s interests, but real Christians don’t seek monetary gain through litigation. The bible tells us not to do so.

  28. Agreed!!!…Thank you for being a Man of Faith. Thank you for serving!! Thank you for this article….now go tell Paul Ryan to kiss my ass for Betraying the American Veteran!! He can leave America and take Rubio with him!!

    • Just a quick note, but a heartfelt “yes, you’re right” when you express what everyone in congress did to veterans recently. It’s disgusting. I’ve never served, nor has anyone in my family – but, I understand, appreciate, and am awed by those who have served. Congressional salaries should be cut in half, pensions should be zero’d, and if they support any legislation that benefits illegals, their assets should be seized, and they should be deported – by way of dropping them out of planes over Mexico, so they can be with the people they represent! I just don’t understand this RINOs! I mean, libtards have always had backassward morals/principles and have always aided and abetted the enemy – but these RINOs make me sick. Where are we supposed to turn? Allen West should lead the charge. Take back our country.

      • Thank You for being “In-tune to Politics” and paying attention to these very important subjects. Mostly I appreciate that you CARE about American Veterans and for expressing your thoughts!! Right on about Mexican drops!!

  29. BRAVO !! BRAVO ! BRAVO ! You have spoken the truth, but some people just can’t handle the truth. Some people think it’s alright for them to do this or that, but nobody else better think they can do the same. It can’t go both ways. If you have the freedom to say whatever you want to, then so does everybody else. As far as the consequences go for saying what you believe, why should one person be persecuted for saying what they believe and another person have the right to say anything they want to about anybody or anything without that same persecution? Thank you Mr. West for standing for the truth.

  30. You are a good man, Allen. I’ve always thought that, but this column re-enforces that. I read somewhere that the end is near when everything right is considered wrong; when they’ll tell you black is white and the moon is just the sun at night. We are there. Miley Cyrus is praised for her “artistry” when she simulates have anal sex on stage in her underwear with a man. (She’s a talentless immoral dweeb, who resorts to the age-old trend of shocking people as a substitute for having any talent!). Meanwhile, Phil expresses the tenets of the Christian faith and everyone goes beserk! And quite frankly, most talking heads piss me off, too, because they give the old “I don’t agree with what he said, but I think he has the right to say it” BS. What? You disagree with the bible and God? You think hollywood and the gay rights people are right, but God and the Bible have it wrong? Really? I’d like to watch when you are meeting your maker someday, idiot! God has defined right and wrong clearly – premarital sex, extramarital sex, and homosexual sex – all wrong and sinful. Don’t shoot the messenger!

  31. I’m with you Allen. At a glance, it appears that two or more people have agreed among themselves to act and speak in a manner which carries the weight of depriving Phil Robertson of his Freedom of Speech, AND, in doing so, they also violate his Constitutional Right to Equal Protection Under the Law. That Makes two Rights, guaranteed to Phil Robertson by the U.S. Constitution, that the (poor) decision-makers at A & E have agreed among themselves to act upon their agreement in a way that injures Phil Robertson, in violation of His Rights. I am pretty sure that what A & E did, at least technically, Violates the prohibitions under Federal Law against Conspiracy To Violate Constitutional Rights. Not good for A & E. Thank You Colonel West, for proving your position Scripturally. It Glorifies God, and Lifts Up The Name Of Christ Jesus, and it provides knowledge to those who may not have been aware of specifically what Scriptures document the prohibition of homosexual behavior.

  32. The CONSEQUENCE goes both ways. The entire actor family is providing the final consequence – they’ll quite A&E. The problem has been Christians have been very nice and given the “other cheek”, so their opposition is used to Christians not confronting. But we are not under Roman Empire domination, as the first Christians were. We ARE the government, all of us in terms of the majority. Minorities cannot rule for long, so they get nasty about it.
    Good article – says it like it is.

  33. I agree with with you. Well done. Very eloquently expressed. Happy 24th Anniversary to you and your lovely wife . Happy Blessed Christmas to you and your beautiful family. Have a Happy productive and successful New Year.

  34. Thanks Col.West
    I have been accused of being blunt when I have a point to make.
    Phil was not half as blunt, he got his point across with out resorting
    to foul language (no pun intended) and spoke like a true believer.

  35. Bravo! I am in complete agreement with you. We’re not allowed to discriminate against the “alternative lifestyle” people but they sure are allowed to discriminate against us! What’s wrong with this picture??

    • Cool, so if a Christian comes into my store I can boot them out and spit on them? Give it 10yrs and there will be more Atheists than Christians in this country! Your breed is dying and no one cares! There is no Jesus, heaven….just death and no lottery win on the other side!

      • Your ignorance is so mundane that you’re being viewed by everyone reading your comments as a meaningless troll. Is that how you want to be remembered?

      • I believe the homosexuals (and liberals of every other stripe} actually do go on respectable web sites and say outrageous things in an effort to provoke their enemies (in this case Christians) into saying something foolish and un-Christian things in order to use our statements against us with the secularists and others who are undecided about faith in Jesus. Don’t be sucked in, brothers and sisters!

      • “Jesus Christ is the same YESTERDAY and TODAY and FOREVER.” (Hebrews 13:8)

        † JESUS CHRIST † is “the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one comes to the Father, except through” Him. (John 14:6)

        “This One (Jesus) is the stone that was rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone. And there is salvation in no one else, for there is NO OTHER NAME under heaven given among men BY WHICH WE MUST BE SAVED.” (Acts 4:11, 12)

        “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My WORDS WILL NOT PASS AWAY.” – Jesus Christ (Mt.24:35; Mk.14:31; Lk.21:33)


        Ψ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours Ψ

      • Says the poor, confused, ignorant and miserable little man. Yachty, you don’t have a store. You know you’re working at Burger King. And you’re just angry with Christians because we tell it like it is. You’re like that little toddler who covers his eyes and thinks we can’t see him. You want it both ways . . . you want to act out your perversions AND get to heaven, but just like a child who is incapable of delaying gratification, you please yourself today. Tomorrow you will reap what you sow. You’ll be burning in hellfire. You have to deny Jesus and heaven because it gives you permission to act in the depraved way you chose. We’ll be praying for your wretched, miserable little ignorant soul.

  36. Col. West, thank you so much for your service to our country. You have done so much while in the military for us and still continue to serve. You and your family are a valued part of our society. We continue to pray for you and your family and hope to see you in the White House in 2016. We stand with you with our support as we watch with excitement in the coming days. Your comments regarding the situation with Phil Robertson has been the best I have heard. You came straight to the point with honesty which is something we have not had in a long while. Thank you, Sir

  37. Bravo Col. West. these people need their toes stomped on rather than stepped on.We as Christians have had about enough of this belly aching from all these other groups that call themselves protecting all the ones that feel they are inferior,although they are no different than all the rest of us.Maybe one day they will see the light and repent of their sins and realize we are all the same.

  38. Thank You For ALL of your service, and I appreciate you being there to protect and stand for our Constitution, and Country. I am glad that you are still fighting the good fight. Wishing You and Your Family A Very Merry Christmas.

  39. Does not the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman apply here? That seems to be a the root of the issue with Phil Robertson. When that definition is “modified” to accommodate a particular, all other “groups” can use the same rationale to justify their legitimacy. Phil used the word “morph.” I believe he sees, as do many others, the degeneration of American and Western civilization, Pandora’s Box has been opened.

    • Phil and his family are phoney! Isn’t greed spoken about in Corinthians? and Long unkempt hair? He is greedy (millionaire many times over) and his hair is disgusting! If you had him walking behind you in a dark alley you would think he wanted to mount your ass! I bet he sodomizes his wife!

      • Yachty, you’re an idiot. You assume a person who becomes a millionaire is greedy. Why? Earning a million or more dollars does not make one “greedy.” A person can be dirt poor and still be “greedy.” You do not know what Phil Robertson does with his earnings, do you? You do not know what charities he supports and to what degree. In fact, you know nothing about him, yet you open your ignorant mouth and let it run, and in the process you prove that you are an ignorant and stupid person.

      • I am rich and greedy, but I don’t pretend to be a Christian! Phil and his family are phoney, just like 99% of Christians! I wouldn’t want that scum in my neighborhood…..unkempt POS! BTW-the idiots are the white trash that made him rich! He does have a nice compound on the coast in FL! If anyone is a sodomizer it is good old Phil in his prison days!

      • You couldn’t pretend to be Christian if you wanted. You’re ignorant of all that Christianity teaches. There’s not an authentic bone in your body. You’re nothing but a wussy with a p. Phil Robertson is ten times the man you’ll ever hope to be, and twenty times more respectable. You hide behind a ridiculous moniker on a website and spew your gay rants because you don’t have the balls to say it in public. Phil tells it like it is and you don’t like it because he hurts your little pansy as s feelings. Run along and play with yourself, yachty. Nobody else will, I’m sure.

      • I would never want to be a weak idiot praying to some BS demi god. Phil is a punk phoney that more than likely has sex with his grandsons! Actually he is smart because he makes money from white trash like yourself! Hillary will be the next president and gay rights will really be big then! Wait until the day we have a Gay President and his first Husband!
        I don’t have to play with myself…I have a hot Husband that loves to sit on my erection and ride it like a broncho! I tried to knock him up, but we finally hired a surrogate and had twin boys!

      • You’re a sad yet amusing little specimen. And you most definitely are a weak idiot. I am so happy to know that Phil Robertson’s truth telling irks you to the degree that it does. Here are some facts for you: I’m not white. I’m not trash. We already have a gay president. He doesn’t have a husband though, he has a beard instead. And you misspelled “bronco” . . . dipsh it.

      • Dude, your breed is Dying and no one cares! You are going the way of the dinosaur’s….I bet you don’t have two nickles to rub together!

      • You’re a betting man, are ya? Go ahead. I dare ya.

        Listen, yachty, my breed is far from dying. We’ve been napping a little too long, granted, but we are just about sick and tired of you and your whining, sniveling little victim progressives who believe you’re entitled to whatever you demand. The jig is up, little man. We’re wide awake, and you’re about to regret your foolishness.

      • Who is We’re? We are the New World Order, coming to take your life over! Your children’s children will piss on your grave…..They will know the truth!

      • There’s so much ignorance piled up in your short comment that I could go on for days. But everyone sees it, so what’s the point?

      • When you can’t argue the issue successfully, attack the messenger. Always the left’s “go to” strategy. Because he makes millions doesn’t automatically classify him as greedy. I’m no Bible expert, but I believe the long hair thing was in the Old Testament. Corinthians is New Testament. Even if it were New Testament, that’s your best come back? The rest, you’re just making up because…..you just don’t know; do you?

      • You are a dying breed and we have 18 states and more coming everyday! The entire country will embrace Gays or die hating them! Your BS religious hold is over in the USA….hell we never even said the pledge in California!

      • If you’re right, all the vile, heinous, abominable humanity that will follow you through the door will bring down American and Western culture like Sodom and Gomorrah. When this ship goes down, everyone, EVERYONE, goes with it. There is an absolute, universal truth that cannot be simply willed away by relativistic wishful thinking.

  40. The Constitution wins, again. Mr. Robertson’s rights were not violated, as he can still hold his personal beliefs, and express them as he wishes. However, no private organization, e.g. A&E, are obligated to give him a platform to express himself, and can at any time terminate their employee agreement with Mr. Robertson.

    You call yourselves “conservatives”, when what you are really doing is pushing a Christian agenda through politics. If you claim to love the Constitution so much, claim that it was divinely inspired, and think that this country should respect the laws contained in it, then you should support A&E’s decision. After all, this isn’t a Christian nation, as evidenced by the fact that the founders did not establish a national religion, and made it illegal to do so under the first amendment.

    • Bit of cognitive dissonance there. No one is saying A&E has no right to fire Phil. They are ALL saying what a stupid choice they made. Kowtowing to a radical, Stalinist sect of less than 2% of our population will get you the revenue from that 2% but not much else.

    • According to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, what A&E did was illegal. It was discrimination based on the religious and sexual views of Phil Robertson. Furthermore, it wasn’t even done ON THE SHOW, so it has nothing to do with them giving him a platform from which to express those views.
      I support Phil’s freedom to express his religious views AND A&E’s right to fire Phil for anything that doesn’t violate his rights, civil or otherwise, but on the same note, A&E is going to suffer the loss of more than just PHIL. The Robertson’s should and hopefully will take their record breaking show and viewers to another network.

    • Mr. Philips was defining sin as he understands it. He was not proselytizing, he was answering a question. He was not at work. A&E cannot fire someone because of his religious beliefs. The big loser here is A&E. They just lost their cash cow. 9 million tune into the show. Almost 2 million have promised to boycott A&E until Phil is reinstated. https://www.facebook.com/Philrobertsonsupport?fref=ts

  41. Mr West, just what do you know about any preferential choice? Why don’t you go ahead and “decide” to change your sexual orientation and see how well it works out for you.

    • Let’s put it this way. I’m not gay. I like women. I like them short and tall, skinny and chubby, White and black and every shade in between, but for me to say that because God made me with the desire for women I have the right to be with as many of them as I want is wrong. Hell, being with ANY woman or NO women is also my choice. Same story for homosexuals. They make a choice based on their preference. It’s not like some force of nature causes two people to have sex with each other against their will.

  42. Phil Robertson’s interview had a lot for some to be offended by, especially given the number of black, gay, and divorced people there are in the United States. And while conservatives such as Sarah Palin want to drape Robertson’s remarks with the banner of Christianity, the truth is not everyone who identifies as a Christian subscribes to anti-gay beliefs.

    Just as not everyone who identifies as a Christian believes black people were happier before the civil rights movement or that marrying a divorced woman is adultery. This variation in religious expression in general and Christian denomination in particular are also protected by the First Amendment.

    Not that it really matters.

    Robertson didn’t falsely yell fire in a crowded theater — which Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. said was not protected by the First Amendment back in 1919 — so he is legally free to say whatever he wants to GQ about anyone he wants.

    But that does not mean he is protected from how people react to what he says.

    People like his bosses.

    Or those who make decisions about advertising.

    Or viewers.

    This is where Gov. Bobby Jindal — as well as those who believe Robertson’s suspension violates his constitutional right to free speech — get it wrong.

    You can say some stupid stuff — whether it’s Paula Deen dropping the N-word, Alec Baldwin dropping the F-word, Jesse Jackson using a derogatory word for Jewish people as he talks about New York City — or Bobby Knight infamously saying, “‘I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” — and the First Amendment will keep you from going to jail. But it is not a get-out-of-jail-free card in the eyes of society.

    And if you don’t believe me — try walking into your boss’ office and call him or her a big fat idiot with ugly children.

    Then see if “freedom of speech” helps you keep your job.

    • Not a free speech issue. Wrong argument. It IS an employment discrimination case, a violation of Mr. Robertson’s civil rights.
      I don’t believe homosexuality is a “lifestyle choice.” Do believe that gay people should be allowed to marry/civil union. Also believe that a man has a right to espouse his religious beliefs without fearing the loss of his job.

    • It sure took you a lot of words to say nothing. We already know it’s not a 1st amendment issue and we already know that it IS a civil rights issue. Furthermore, if you READ the article in GQ magazine that this all resulted from, you’d know he was never quoted in that article as having said anything about marrying a divorced woman. He also never said that all blacks were happier before the civil rights movement. What he said is that the ones he knew, in his limited experience as a poor white trash redneck growing up hoeing the fields with them in his home town, they would sing their songs while working and they were Christians and they were happy. Everything the author quoted him as having said about his faith in that interview was fairly obvious, biblical doctrine. The thing you HAVE to understand about Christianity is that men have no say in whether this passage or that passage in the bible is correct. As far as Christianity goes, the whole thing is correct. The only possible distinction that can be made is there are churches and people who are true to what the bible says and there are those who are NOT true to what the bible says. I think it probably has a lot to do with them not knowing what the bible says because once they accept that Jesus loves them, died for them and rose again so they can be redeemed, nobody ever tells them they can have a happier life by learning more of the bible and putting it to practice in their lives. Whatever the case may be, Phil obviously knows what the bible says and he chooses to live by it and he’s being discriminated against by A&E. He also stated in that article that he didn’t think the show was destined to continue much longer. So I doubt he’ll be taking anyone to court over this.

  43. No one’s free speech has been impeded and the media has far from silenced him–his face and this story are everywhere! Contrary to conservatives and extremist Christian opinion, this is a perfect example of an exercise of free speech in a free market system, something conservatives have always championed in the past. The fact is, an employee of A&E freely voiced his opinion without threat of censorship or arrest by the government. In response, his employer freely expressed its opinion that they disagreed with the employee’s opinion and legally suspended him (remember, because of the supreme court, corporations have free speech too). The constitution only guarantees that “Congress shall make no law.” No law has been made preventing any free speech: Mr. Robertson has not been censured by anyone, let alone Congress. Conservatives and extremist Christians have confused an entertainment corporation reprimanding an employee with censorship.

    • Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, codified as Subchapter VI of Chapter 21 of title 42 of the United States Code, prohibits discrimination by covered employers on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.
      Please note the word RELIGION. You cannot summarily fire someone for espousing his/her religious beliefs. BTW, this wasn’t even done at work!

      • I’m so glad that someone better versed than I in the details of the Civil Rights Act posted this information. Based on a layman’s understanding of the law, I’ve been asserting this point of view on various blogs, etc. I was confident that the Act contained language to this effect, but didn’t really know the “chapter and verse.” I’m grateful that you posted it – I can no longer be accused of making things up!

      • Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, codified as Subchapter VI of Chapter 21 of title 42 of the United States Code has nothing to do with this instance. Mr. Robertson is in violation of his employment contract with the A&E network, which states in part that if Mr. Robertson (and I’m paraphrasing here) causes a diminishing of the A&E brand or the Duck Dynasty brand he can be disciplined or his show terminated.

      • What are you – lawyer for A&E?

        You are 180 degrees out of phase with the truth of this situation. You have NO idea of the content of the employment contract between A&E and Mr. Robertson.

        Calling BS on your post.

      • @Mark – Phil Robertson’s interview had a lot for some to be offended by, especially given the number of black, gay, and divorced people there are in the United States. And while conservatives such as Sarah Palin want to drape Robertson’s remarks with the banner of Christianity, the truth is not everyone who identifies as a Christian subscribes to anti-gay beliefs.

        Just as not everyone who identifies as a Christian believes black people were happier before the civil rights movement or that marrying a divorced woman is adultery. This variation in religious expression in general and Christian denomination in particular are also protected by the First Amendment.

        Not that it really matters.

        Robertson didn’t falsely yell fire in a crowded theater — which Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. said was not protected by the First Amendment back in 1919 — so he is legally free to say whatever he wants to GQ about anyone he wants.

        But that does not mean he is protected from how people react to what he says.

        People like his bosses.

        Or those who make decisions about advertising.

        Or viewers.

        This is where Gov. Bobby Jindal — as well as those who believe Robertson’s suspension violates his constitutional right to free speech — get it wrong.

        You can say some stupid stuff — whether it’s Paula Deen dropping the N-word, Alec Baldwin dropping the F-word, Jesse Jackson using a derogatory word for Jewish people as he talks about New York City — or Bobby Knight infamously saying, “‘I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” — and the First Amendment will keep you from going to jail. But it is not a get-out-of-jail-free card in the eyes of society.

        And if you don’t believe me — try walking into your boss’ office and call him or her a big fat idiot with ugly children.

        Then see if “freedom of speech” helps you keep your job.

      • If you READ the article in GQ magazine that this all resulted from, you’d know he was never quoted in that article as having said anything about marrying a divorced woman. He also never said that all blacks were happier before the civil rights movement. What he said is that the ones he knew, in his limited experience as a poor white trash redneck growing up hoeing the fields with them in his home town, they would sing their songs while working and they were Christians and they were happy. Everything the author quoted him as having said about his faith in that interview was fairly obvious, biblical doctrine. The thing you HAVE to understand about Christianity is that men have no say in whether this passage or that passage in the bible is correct. As far as Christianity goes, the whole thing is correct. The only possible distinction that can be made is there are churches and people who are true to what the bible says and there are those who are NOT true to what the bible says. I think it probably has a lot to do with them not knowing what the bible says because once they accept that Jesus loves them, died for them and rose again so they can be redeemed, nobody ever tells them they can have a happier life by learning more of the bible and putting it to practice in their lives. Whatever the case may be, Phil obviously knows what the bible says and he chooses to live by it and he’s being discriminated against by A&E. He also stated in that article that he didn’t think the show was destined to continue much longer. So I doubt he’ll be taking anyone to court over this.

    “Great is TRUTH, and mighty above all things.” (2Ezdra 4:41)

    “You SHALL NOT lie with a male AS WITH a woman; IT IS AN ABOMINATION [DETESTABLE/ HATEFUL]” Leviticus 18:22-30

    The most “loving” and “tolerant” minority group is offended by the TRUTH: HOMOSEXUALITY is a Mental DISORDER / SICKNESS aka Psychological PATHOLOGY, which leads to the ABNORMAL, UNNATURAL, and ANOMALOUS sexual behavior/ conduct, appearance, thoughts and emotions.


    According to two separated studies (University of Texas and Louisiana State University): “Study reveals that ADULT CHILDREN OF HOMOSEXUAL and lesbian parents experience far greater negative social, economic and emotional outcomes than children raised hetero families”

    Here is the REAL FACT: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association provides standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders. And Homosexuality was included in the list of the Mental Disorders alongside with the Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Bestiality/Zoophilia, Paraphilia or any other – Philias.

    But in 1970, the PERVERTS and DEBAUCHED, led by radical activists like Frank Kameny, began a PROGRAM OF INTIMIDATION aimed at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and attacking many psychiatrists publicly with the goal to remove Homosexuality from the List of the Mental Disorders (DSM).

    “…what happened in 1973…referring to the widespread protests by the gay and lesbian community that led to the APA’s dropping homosexuality from the DSM” as a Mental Disorder. (The Advocate, 12-28-93, p.40)

    Under extremely forceful political pressure the APA’s board of trustees finally CAVED into the demands of Homosexual activists and declared that Homosexuality is “no longer” Mental Disorder.

    But does it really means that Homosexuality is not Psychological PATHOLOGY/ Mental Disorder aka Mental PERVERSION and Sexual DEPRAVITY?

    No, it does NOT. Homosexuality WAS, IS and ALWAYS will be Mental Disorder, because EVERYTHING that is UNNATURAL and ABNORMAL is a DISORDER and should be treated as such. And there are many Health and Mental health professionals who maintain that HOMOSEXUALITY is a Mental Disorder.

    God says: “You SHALL NOT lie with a male AS WITH a woman; IT IS AN ABOMINATION/ DETESTABLE/ REPUGNANT/ DISGUSTING/ REVOLTING” (Leviticus 18)

    “That is why God abandoned them to THEIR SHAMEFUL DESIRES. Even the women turned AGAINST THE NATURAL way to have sex and instead indulged in SEX WITH EACH OTHER. And the MEN, INSTEAD OF HAVING NATURAL SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH WOMEN, BURNED WITH LUST FOR EACH OTHER. MEN DID SHAMEFUL THINGS WITH OTHER MEN, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved” (Romans 1:26, 27)

    “…as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them in a similar manner to these, having given themselves over to SEXUAL IMMORALITY and gone after strange flesh,are SET FORTH AS AN EXAMPLE,suffering the vengeance of ETERNAL FIRE”Jude 7

    Here is the NON-Christian view on the Homo Behavior, but the view from the Law of NATURE aka NATURAL Law:

    “The PLEASURE IS TO BE NATURAL that arises out of the INTERCOURSE BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN; but that the INTERCOURSE OF MEN WITH MEN, or of women with women, IS CONTRARY TO NATURE, which was originally due to UNCONTROLLED LUST.” – Plato (Plato’s dialogues “Laws”)

    “The male-female sex causes PLEASURE BY NATURE, while same-sex sex is ‘UNNATURAL’.” – Plato (Plato’s dialogues “Laws”)

    Plato is the world’s most influential Philosopher, who is taught in ALL Universities at the Faculty of Philosophy. In his “Republic” Plato gave his definition of the ‘IDEAL COMMUNITY’:

    “…a city which would be established IN ACCORDANCE with NATURE.”

    Another famous NON-Christian Philosopher Cicero [106 BC – 43 BC, a Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, orator, political theorist, constitutionalist and consul], wrote in his “De Legibus” that both – JUSTICE and LAW – should derive their origin FROM what NATURE has given to man and what NATURAL Law obliges the human society to embrace.(Cicero,“De Legibus”,Book 1,sec.16-17)

    The jurisprudence of the Roman Empire was rooted in Cicero’s laws, which were based on the Law of NATURE.

    And I am going to finish by the Dr. Carson’s statement at the National Prayer Breakfast:

    “Why is it so important that we educate our people? Because we don’t want to go down the pathway as so many pinnacle nations that have preceded us. I think particularly about ancient Rome. Very powerful. Nobody could even challenge them militarily, but what happened to them? THEY DESTROYED THEMSELVES from within. MORAL DECAY, FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY. They destroyed themselves.” ENOUGH SAID!

    P.S. The Perverts tried too hard to find the “gay gene(s)”, but they failed, because the “Homo” gene(s) does NOT exist. God did NOT include it in DNA.

    HOMOSEXUALITY is a Mental PERVERSION which leads to the Sexual DEPRAVITY!!!

    P.S. ONLY “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.’” – Jesus Christ (John 8:31-32)

      • I do wish these forums had underlining and italics, so those of us who use caps for emphasis, not yelling, could find some other, more quiet way to emphasize parts of our text.

    • I agree also with what you said, but Spatin is right about the caps, too many of them takes a good massage and makes it look like it was written by someone on the fringe of sanity. This massage, like the message of the gospel, is very appropriate for society today. But we need to be sure when we forward this message, to do so in a manner that will not give the adversary any unnecessary room to discount it as the rantings of a lunatic. Good points, but work on your presentation of those points.

    • My issue with what you’ve said is that whether being gay is perverted or not, it is provable that it is a human GENE that creates it, not some head trip. So if God makes some people gay, then what right have you to question Him? He has a plan. Maybe it’s his way to slow down the population growth. And a second issue I have with you, is that YOU don’t even AGREE with what Phil did … he stated that he believes being gay is sinful, but that it’s up to God to judge them, and that all WE can do is to show them love, YOU, on the other hand choose to pretend you are God, and you don’t even act as Christ commanded you to.

  45. The world’s most influential Ancient Greek Philosopher Plato said:

    “The PENALTY GOOD MEN pay for INDIFFERENCE to public affairs is to be RULED BY EVIL MEN.”

    It’s VERY important that Christians participate in the political process of the Nation.
    The God’s Word tells us about what kind of the Nation’s Authority shell to be:

    “3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, BUT TO EVIL. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. 4 For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for HE DOES NOT BEAR THE SWORD IN VAIN; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him WHO PRACTICES EVIL.” (Romans 13:3)

    “The power” should be the “God’s minister to you for good” and “an avenger to execute wrath on him WHO PRACTICES EVIL.”

    But what to do in the case when “the power” is a Godless worker, as we have right now in the WH, who CONSTANTLY PRACTICES EVIL?

    Well, the Bible gives us the answer on that question too:

    “10 Finally, MY Brethren, be strong IN the Lord and in the power of His might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to STAND AGAINST the wiles of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES, AGAINST POWERS, AGAINST THE RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS AGE, against spiritual hosts of WICKEDNESS in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the WHOLE ARMOR of God, that you may be able to WITHSTAND IN THE EVIL DAY, and having done all, to stand.” (Ephesians 6:10-13 – NKJV)

    Please, People, KEEP it in mind when you’ll go to the Precinct Polls in 2014.

    God’s Love & Peace — Amor & Paz – Любoвь & Mиp – be ALWAYS with YOU.

  46. I absolutely agree with you 100%. We were taught in 8th grade Civis that my rights end where yours begin, and every right has a corresponding duty. I also think that many interviewers target Christians for responses that they know they will get, for the very purpose of increasing readership/viewership, and to rile people up against the interviewee. I stand with Phil. I believe, too, that this is also more of a fight against our Freedom of Religion than just Freedom of Speech. Those who target others seem to only ‘hit’ conservative and practicing Catholics, Evangelical Christians, etc — those who live their faith.

  47. BTW — I understand that DayStar tv has just offered Duck Dynasty a slot — , and don’t you think Phil has a case for a suit against A&E for violating his right to religious freedom? He was unlawfully terminated for expressing a religious belief — there was absolutely NO hate-speech involved…, but the way the LGBT jerks are treating the rest of us, they are trying to stir up hatred against them…, (be careful what you ask for…)

    • There was no hate speech from Phil, but there was pleanty from that GLAD group against Christians and anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I have several Homosexual friends and when they told me so, my stance was good for you. As long as you don’t try to hit on me or force me to support your lifestyle I have no problem with you or your perfrence as to relationships. They accept that I’m straight and I accept they are not. Point being this Glaad or whatevere do not repersent all LGBT people most just want you to respect their right and they will accept your right to disagree.

  48. If anyone claims to follow the teachings of the bible then they can’t support the gay lifestyle. As fun as it is to twist words around to make every deviant choice acceptable..That doesn’t make it so. If you are Christian and take part in the gay lifestyle then like it or not, you aren’t going to heaven. Those are the rules. Your only hope is to repent for that lifestyle, cease taking part in it and THEN ask Jesus for forgiveness.

    Jesus will forgive all sins but one has to truly repent for that forgiveness to happen. That is what the rule book that people call the bible clearly states. If you don’t agree with that book, fine. No skin off my back either way.
    There is one HUGE reason that churches have started inviting openly gay people into the flock and it isn’t to save them.. It is simply to fill up that collection plate. No man of God (or woman for that matter) can stand before a congregation and teach the bible in one breath and praise homosexuality in the next.
    * I don’t identify with any organized religion myself but in making that decision I did study the bible enough to make that informed decision. If you don’t agree, pick one up and read it yourself.

    • Ron, dear, is not a Christian tenant “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you?” Matthew 7:1-3

      • Sorry, lib2, your comment is taken out of context. Read the entire thing and research those addressed, full meaning.

      • Judy, I have NO idea what you are talking about. Did you mean that since Ron is NOT a Christian, it is pointless to quote Matthew? Ron judges churches, “openly gay people,’ homosexuality etc. You and Ron and Phil Robertson, Christian or not, have the right to your religious beliefs. But you cannot deny the teachings of Jesus through Matthew. (Sermon on the Mount)

      • You also cant deny any portion of the Bible.. The Bible does not condone homosexuality, it condemns the act along with adultery etc. You can’t be a Christian and be homosexual at the same time.

      • Rena, I suspect that your comment embodies the very issue the homosexual community has with Christianity. It is so exclusive. If God made us all, and I have no reason to doubt that He did, then His plan includes homosexuals. The Bible is a history of a people. God is within us all and His plan cannot be denied, bible or no bible.

      • Actually, lib, I suspect the problem “the homosexual community” has with Christianity is that they cannot twist it to condone the sin around which they have created their “community.” Homosexual behavior is sinful. That’s just a fact. There’s no way around it. True Christians will not condone sin. True Christians are all sinners and we are supposed to turn away from our sin and repent; not try to “normalize” it and demand that the world “accept and approve” of it or be called bigots and homophobes.

      • Judge not lest ye be judged. God created His children. It is up to Him to decide who has sinned and what behavior is sinful. The bible was written by the same folks who later brought us Islam, nomadic tribes from the deserts of northern Africa and Arabia. It’s a fact, Jack. Live with it.

      • Go forth and spread my message .. I think cheating on your taxes is wrong and will tell you that you shouldn’t do it.. but I don’t judge you for doing it.. I let the judges do that. I’m not one.

      • Actually, you demonstrate your ignorance here, as do many who attempt to offer the same argument. Yes, God created His children. And then He gave us the rules. Yes, we will all face Him at judgement, but until that time, He left us His Word so we will know how to live. He clearly tells us that homosexual behavior is a sin.

        The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It’s funny though how you try to use the Bible, about which you know nothing, to correct me, and then you discount the Bible altogether. See how ridiculous that is?

        You’ll need a whole lot more education before you’ll successfully enter any discussion regarding Christianity.

      • No desire to discuss Christianity. Discussing religion with a “Christian” is like talking politics to a liberal. There is NO discussion. lol Still, I support Phil’s right to state his religious beliefs without losing his job.

      • Lib2, ajb1959 hits the nail right on the head as true Christians cannot accept homosexuality. It is detestable to God. One cannot be a Christian and be gay at the same time, they have to leave their former ways and as you said or Ron said they have to show true repentance for their actions.

      • Rena, I also wanted to let you know that the “wrongwrongwrong” I was referring to is that there are many ways to God. In my area, a huge lie is being spread around WITHIN the Christian community and they discuss it where children are present. That lie is that there are many ways to get to God, that Jesus sacrifice means little to nothing, other than his being a great prophet. You can tell that it stinks of world view. But, as for me and my house, WE will serve God.

      • Rena, dear one, you could be right – and you might also be wrong. There are so many belief systems taught in the world. I have been exposed to many of them. I know which denominations believe what, and why they do. I am a born again, spirit-filled Christian (you probably won’t like that part). However, I finally, and genuinely met my Lord and Savior, after playing church (behaving and believing the way others in churches did) for nearly three adult decades. I can tell, by your comments, to which denomination you most likely belong. I won’t, out of respect, mention my hunch. I will say that, if I’m right, the basic doctrine of that denomination is firmly rooted in God’s Word. It’s a good foundation to start with, but it lacks mature understanding of the true sacrifice Jesus made for anyone who will simply accept it. And its substance does not originate from Godly, Christ-like love for the lost. It is arrogance and pride, or in other words, legalistic self-righteousness. Not always, but often.

        I am not a person with any degrees. I can’t brag about my theological training. I am just a woman who met my Savior for real, and I am changed because of it. HE has taught me what I am about to offer to you, here.

        Let’s reason together and not argue…
        Only Jesus’ sacrifice of His shed blood can get us to God. The Bible is VERY clear on that point. You know, for so many people, that incredibly sacrificial act is so simple, so pure, such a simple way for us to get to God, that it seems far too easy. We just can’t seem to take gifts, without thinking there must be something more we have to do. There must be a catch! Yet there isn’t. That’s the beauty and pure nature of it.

        Let’s look closely at our own lives. At any given time, I can “screw up”. I can fall into gossip. I can tell a little white lie. I can think sexual thoughts about some really hot guy. I can proudly display my breasts for all to see, via a low cut blouse. Resentment, or even a seemingly long-dead feeling of hatred can rear its ugly head against my ex-husband of 40 years, for his currently unfairness treatment of me. I can help myself to a pen from work, justifying it by saying in my heart that they don’t need it, that they have plenty. Think 10 commandments style. Christians often do any one of these things and don’t think a thing about those acts. Unbelievers see them, and then rightly judge our hypocrisy for what it is.

        I have, by those actions, committed the following: Gossip, lying, adultery, lust of the eye, murder, and theft, to name a few well-documented sins. Read the scriptures. Jesus says flat out that none of us is EVER without sin. Even Christians! WE SIN, still, even with Jesus in our hearts. it’s in our human nature. For those who have accepted Jesus’ gift, His blood covers, disguises, forever removes our sin from our own slate, and we are never judged. Not for what we do or don’t do – but for what HE did, once and for all time..

        According to the scriptures, those who do not accept Jesus’ gift, are judged at the time appointed. It’s not our job to do so.

        I tried HARD for nearly 5 decades to be “good enough”, to sin less, to behave, to act like other “Christians” – and I just can’t do it. I never wanted to disappoint my Lord, my God. But life happens. If you think your own behavior governs whether you will reign with God, think again! If you think you can be good enough on your own, think again! The moment you sin, if Jesus’ gift is not all it takes, you must again go through the repentance process. And if that is so, then what was the point of Jesus giving up His life for you? If that is so, then Jesus’ incredible sacrifice was not enough, and therefore pointless!!! GRRRRR, on behalf of devaluing the sacrifice my Jesus made for YOU and all mankind. Makes me irritated with those who propagate that belief! If you think I’m wrong, it’s because you have not been taught by the Holy Spirit the truth of God’s Word for yourself. You have settled for dependence on some other misguided, self-appointed religious “expert” who is equally wrongwrongwrong, if you think you can ever be sinless enough to get there yourself, by your own efforts, think again! (I’m getting worked up over this, so let’s go on.)

        WE cannot successfully earn our way to God, into heaven. Jesus knew this. It’s why He willingly hung on that cross, allowing we humans to heap horribly cruel treatment on Him. He never once asked His Father, God, to let Him off the hook, so to speak. HE KNEW WE COULD NEVER EARN OUR WAY TO GOD, so He stood in our place so we could be holy via His shed blood! Beautiful. Wondrous. I am beyond understanding that kind of love.

        It’s satan’s lie that we have to straighten up our act to get to God. It’s his lie that says we can sin less, not do this, or keep doing that, and earn our way to God. He’s been very successful at neutralizing, for many people, what Jesus did for all mankind via that lie.

        To sum this up, according to the scriptures:
        If a person is caught up, proudly and arrogantly in homosexuality, and/or is preaching the gospel while blatantly continuing in what the Word of God calls abomination, that person could not possibly have a genuine relationship with the only ONE who can save him or her. God would reveal his error quite plainly, via His Holy Spirit. If their true heart condition is filled with pride over their sin, and rebellion against God, or despite God – then they are not saved, and will not enter heaven. That is per God’s own Words. After all, why would a person who deliberately rebels against God even want to be with Him? Being with God requires things of him that he is not willing to give. It would require laying down his own life, and letting Jesus in.

        However, if that same person, realizing his error, has truly and humbly accepted Jesus’ gift for his sin, he will most likely be saved. He may still be caught up in the sin for a certain length of time. He may fall back into temptation, then cry out to Jesus for help, again and again. But if his heart hates his own sin, and he is determined to depend on Jesus, he is most likely going to come to freedom from that behavior at some point in his life. God will never stop working on that person. He will work with Him every second of his life, via the Holy Spirit, unless the person finally gives up and intentionally turns away from God. If that happens, his end is worse than if he had never known God in the first place. All scriptural.

        God says flat out that he will NEVER leave us or forsake us (His own). He doesn’t say, “If you behave and don’t ever sin, I won’t leave you. If you do, even once, you’re out the door!” That’s human style love. God loves unconditionally those who accept His gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus, including the worst kinds of sin. All scriptural.

        If you aren’t there yet in your understanding, I pray that God will take you to the end of yourself, just as He did me. At that point, you will be teachable, and you will finally learn what the real truth is. You will never be the same, as I am not. My love for my Jesus, for my God is like air to me. He breathes life into me every second of the life I have left, and I gladly let Him do it.

        I hope I haven’t gone on too long. Long posts are Oh, so hard to get through, I’m afraid. But I must go buy food for tomorrow night (Christmas Eve) and do it now before the crowds become unbearable.

      • We all have everyday screw ups.. yes. We are all going to sin on some level and maybe every day. The difference is that asking for forgiveness for a sin and truly repenting is one thing.. Being in an active homosexual lifestyle isn’t doing either.
        Bet you can’t guess my denomination. I don’t buy into any of those store front churches that lie their members into the gates of hell just to pad their collection plates.

      • Ron, I don’t claim to be a member of any denomination, either. I follow God’s Word, only. If some belief doesn’t line up with the Word, it’s not God’s truth and I’m not buying it. We are rare, nowadays, even in churches.
        Paul is talking to fellow believers on various sins they have fallen into, one being not to sue anyone, just prior to this passage. He goes on…
        I Corinthians 6: 8-10 (Amplified version)
        8 But [instead it is you] yourselves who wrong and defraud, and that even your own brethren [by so treating them]!

        9 Do you not know that the unrighteous *and* the wrongdoers will not inherit *or *have any share in the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived (misled): neither the impure *and* immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor those who participate in homosexuality,

        10 Nor cheats (swindlers and thieves), nor greedy graspers, nor drunkards, nor foulmouthed revilers *and* slanderers, nor extortioners *and* robbers will inherit *or *have any share in the kingdom of God.

        My turn. Verses 9 & 10 lump together all of types of people and their bad behaviors. Neither will THEY get into heaven. God help US never to fall into such sins as these.

        ALL of that stuff is wrong. I think homosexuality is the most powerfully destructive of them all, and the most difficult, if not impossible to overcome, just by its nature. Every one of those sinful practices in that passage has the same root. It serves the person who commits the sin, often with little to NO regard to how it will affect others around them, be they loved ones or their society.

        The particular practice in question at this point is unique, in that it is the last grand practice which, once it becomes more prevalent than the norm, precedes its destruction. (Sodom and Gomorrah, as reference.) No one, other than Lot and his family was straight. All had succumbed to the power of the self-gratifying deviation of God’s creation. So much so that they wanted to rape God’s own angelic alarm sounders. Those men were not interested in any woman. Lot offered his own daughters, in the place of the angels, knowing what was to occur. He knew they were heavenly beings, as did the men who wanted to have their way with those awesome creatures. Yet they had no fear of God’s own. That is how bad it got, right before its destruction.

        I worry about what my grandkids are going to live with, after we are gone. So many of these little ones have been sucked into the lifestyle and many of us can already see America’s demise on the horizon. As it was in the days of Noah…..we are very nearly there, if not already.

      • My my Judy, such a long winded response to a small comment, however I will try to address all you have said but it seems rather “pointless” as you seem to know it all already, even so much as to what “denomination” I belong too and even knowing that I “won’t like that you are a “born again spirit filled Christian”.

        This intrigues me, please do humor me as I am very interested in knowing you think you know so much about me. It’s quite interesting that you think you know so much about someone you don’t know, never met and probably never will. Only God knows ones true intentions and thoughts. Your complete haughtiness is not very appealing to say the least and would find that many would be turned off by it simply because it’s not how Jesus would represent himself. I can see why some atheists gave up and made their assumptions about Christians as they do….

        Your experiences as being “exposed” to many belief systems does not impress me one bit and has not taught you to be humble in the least. I too have studied many belief systems, from Christianity to Buddhism, and from paganism to atheism…and many more so please don’t try to “impress” me or anyone that you have the exclusive rights to knowing what is right or wrong, that is still up to only one being, God.

        Your posts seems more of a confession that I am not in the least interested in, you come off as quite a braggart and then you attack what YOU think you know about me and what I believe or don’t believe in. You seemed to have made up your mind that I have not accepted that Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice to us all so that we all may gain acceptance to his Father, and you further ASSUMED that I have “settled on some “misguided, self-appointed religious expert” that in YOUR opinion is “wrongwrongwrong”, but who made YOU the judge of that?

        I pray for you “my dear” and all of us to have a wonderful day. Please do get back to me about what denomination you assumed I subscribe to… this so fascinates me…

      • Rena, I owe you a very BIG public apology since I decided to post that last rant as if it were totally directed at you. I want to thank you for rightly commenting on my long-windedness.

        By the way, the “dear one” reference to you was a sincerely warm greeting to you, even though I don’t know you. It’s just how I am – really, all the time..

        Rena. I am so sorry. Had someone posted this to me, I’d have reacted far differently than you did. I’m not so sure i’d have taken it as well as you did. You were gracious, although correcting, and I deserved it. I post this here so all who read that post know how sorry I am to have put this out there to you. You didn’t deserve that, one bit.

        I am embarrassed to say that, other than that first paragraph, the entire rest of it was not even directed at you, The “you” and the “your” were entirely directed at the Christian community I’ve been around in my area of the world. It’s like the song, “You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out…” The “you” is directed at a general group of people but to no one in particular. Bad habit to get into, when speaking OR writing..

        I am so embarrassed for YOU who had to read that as if I was some crazy person, slamming you, a total stranger, into the wall with that rant. And I am embarrassed for myself (I should be!) for being so stupid.

        Please accept my apology, if you can. I promise to no longer be long-winded on any post, if I ever do post again. I have learned a big lesson here. Stupid is as stupid does!

      • Wow. Somehow, my comment was totally misunderstood. I must not have been clear in how I stated it. Lib2, I wasn’t even addressing Ron or his comment. Only yours. Very sorry. I will attempt to clarify, and I have now read Ron’s comment, so both are addressed here: And I would never deny any teaching of my Lord and Savior, Jesus, or my God. Let us reason together, and not argue.

        First let me say that it remains to be seen, as to whether Ron is a Christian or not. He stands for the truth of God’s Word, even if others don’t like it, If so, he must have some reason for standing for God’s truth. Only God knows his soul, his heart, so we must not judge HIM. Lack of church attendance is not an indicator of Christian status or not. I am a living testament to that fact.

        OK, here goes the clarification of “out of context”. (I hope!)
        According to God’s Word, we are not to arrogantly, proudly, or haughtily judge those lost in destructive (sinful) behaviors. We are, however, to lovingly and gently speak the truth to fellow Christians and unbelievers alike. Speaking the truth, if done correctly, is not judging them. It is speaking the truth, right from God’s Word.

        We are to judge a believer’s ways against God’s Word and try to lead them away from their sinful behavior, if they have been caught up in it. We are to speak the truth from God’s Word, to unbelievers, even when they hate us for it. But it had BETTER be spoken with the love and compassion that only Jesus can generate within us. We are better off keeping our mouths shut if we can’t balance His truth with His love.

        I have read Phil’s comment regarding the recent issue, and I saw no judgmental statement there. I applaud him for his courage in speaking the truth that comes from God’s Word. I have no knowledge of anything else he may have said in the past – only that which he spoke during the GQ interview.
        He is crude, yes, but crudeness is not sinfulness. I have seen several of his shows, and at times the crudeness leads me to turn my TV off. But his love of God is admirable.

        Further, while those of us who follow Jesus are not at liberty to condone or participate in sexual misconduct, we TRUE believers cannot be cruel, or meanly judge those caught up in seriously destructive behaviors – and live with the guilt of it. We are just as wrong when we are cruel, call them names, make fun of them, or display a host of other kinds of ungodly behaviors, such as murder, abuse, or bullying. We are commanded to speak the truth, whether in season (warmly received), or out of season (not received).

        Sadly, the truth of God, the love of the one, true God is no longer warmly received in our country. Our nation is slowly sinking into total chaos, due to our rejection of sound Biblical doctrine, and it shows! Decadence, raunchiness (Miley style) self-love and all kinds of destructive behaviors abound, and it’s getting uglier as time passes!

        Only two Godly commandments sum up all the rest. Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind. (That kind of love for God MUST be present before we are capable of the next one.) Then, love your neighbor as you love yourself. That first love generates the capacity for the second one. It can be no other way, if you love God with everything you’ve got. That second one then backs up the instruction to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You learn to love even yourself, when you know God, for real. In loving yourself in a Godly way, reflects outward to all around you, and you could not be cruel to those who need a savior.

        No matter how one justifies it, laughing at, criticizing, making fun of, bullying, killing, or hurting a person IN ANY WAY is WRONG. That includes those who live a homosexual lifestyle, those who are alcoholics or drug users, (whom Phil mentioned, as well) or whatever else one may be caught up in. Gossiping is detested just as much as homosexuality because it is DESTRUCTIVE to all who come in contact with it. Get the point? God detests our destructive behavior, which is satan driven.

        I guess this rant is largely directed toward fellow Christians, some of whom are caught up in unkind treatment of others: Think of it this way. What we do, what we say, how we live and treat the lost is a direct reflection on Jesus’ reputation. If we portray a cruel Jesus, that’s how the lost around us will perceive His gift, and our God. So, when we tell of God’s Word to those who challenge us, we must not be unkind. It’s like I’ve told my kids and grandkids many times when their speech is unkind but their points are right on. “It’s not WHAT you’re saying. It’s HOW you’re saying it.” It’s not what we are saying to unbelievers (and believers alike) who may be caught up in destructive behavior. it’s HOW we say it. We MUST care about them and show Godly love for them, no matter what. I speak also to myself here, as a reminder.

      • Judy, somehow your “long” comment landed in my inbox thanks to disqus. You seem to be a thoughtful, intelligent human being and I believe that we are in agreement in this; God is love.

      • Actually, the bible does talk about not judging others but without twisting any context the bible also says that one should go spread the Word of the Lord. Can’t really do that and not speak the truth as it was written (If you believe it to be a truth)
        I am not saying and I didn’t say I wasn’t a Christian or that I didn’t believe in Jesus or God. I said I don’t follow any organized religion such as Catholic, Methodist et;al. so, thank you. Again you twist things that have been written to form a fake truth that serves only to make you feel better @ lib2libertarian

      • Judge not lest you be judged but, it also says judge according to the righteous judgement… its in the same area. Oh I see… you have created a god in your image and likeness right Ron? lol! That was a question 😉

      • libtard – YOU judge, and you don’t have the understanding of the subject on which you base your judgement. You make yourself look like an idiot. Give it up.

      • Dude, you are the idiot! We are coming for your soul……You made the deal with Satan in your teens and we are ready to collect! Your soul is damned! Do you remember the night you sold your soul?

      • LOL sure you do yachty, you just told something else they have a soul that satan was coming for… now, you can’t believe that unless you believe in God/Jesus and the bible!! otherwise, where did you get that from *giggle* Thanks! ♥

      • Satan is a Christian story, as Jesus is as well. I am Jewish and don’t believe in any of that nonsense! The Christian Bible is a joke and the Torah is a Mathematical code. Christians don’t even know what they believe in! The story of Satan morphed over the years…in the Torah he was Gods buddy and they joked and wagered with each other….Catholics made him bad!

      • Well I know his name is not lucifer, that’s a latin vulgate word in a Hebrew (Aramaic) book… I have the Talmid, among many other Jewish books in my library… I agree some do not know what they believe.. but, I do know who and what I believe. I don’t believe in God’s creation being given over for all eternity into “hell” to suffer.. but, that’s another can of worms. I am interested in your “mathematical code” you say exists in the Torah… if you care to share more look me up on FB.
        None has all the truth… I live in a glass house so I am careful not to throw stones. ♥

      • Wrong again, sinky…Satan appears in the first book of Moses, Genesis. In every Bible, even the Torah. The Talmud comes from the Rabbis, but the Torah comes from God!!

      • lib, give it up. It’s clear you do not understand the scripture you try to bash people over the head with at every opportunity. It is not judging to state what scripture says. God tells us that homosexual behavior is a sin. Stating that fact is not judging. Get it? It’s really not that difficult.

      • Wearing mixed textiles is a sin, as is not keeping the Sabbath, eating shell fish, eating pork, having unkempt hair, lying, praying to a lesser God, touching insects, do you want to go on sport? I bet you went to some back water high school you dropped out of! You Gentiles have no clue…you are a dying breed….there was never a Jesus! If there was he was a Homosexual that was the bottom!

      • Yea well.. you play with the words in the bible and twist them around in ways to make you feel better all you want in. Homosexuals aren’t going to end up in Heaven if the bible is right. Can’t ask for forgiveness for a sin (homosexuality) and keep on doing the sin.

        I’m not overly concerned with who goes or doesn’t go. I know what the bible says and I do my best to live it. When I knowingly sin I ask for forgiveness for that sin.

        I don’t need to flip flop words around and pretend that the old testament is dead to make my lifestyle acceptable either. I don’t dislike gays or hate them or judge them. I don’t care that they aren’t going to be in heaven either.. Rather will enjoy the break from all the fake emotions of it all.

      • Dude, there is no heaven, no Jesus…when you are dead you are DEAD! There is no lottery win at the end…..A grown man basing his life on fairy tails is sad!

      • Since this is waaayy of topic, I will flag it as inappropriate. You are showing some sort of anger and probably some bashing from the rabbis at your end, too!!

      • Wrap it up yachty! We have rules about posting here, no profanity and no name calling. In other words, shut yer trap! Sink!!

      • It explains your your STUPIDITY and DERANGEDMENT.

        You PERVERTS are changing the words’ definitions:
        “Love” ≠ Tolerance
        “Truth” ≠ Hate
        LOVE = TRUTH

        The TRUTH is:
        “I will declare to them: ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness.” — Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:21-23)

        The LOVE says:
        “All Scripture is given by INSPIRATION of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for REPROOF, for CORRECTION, for INSTRUCTION in righteousness.” 2Timothy 3:16

      • Better a pervert than a stupid ugly old hag that believe in nonsense! I will see you in hell…I have a special room all for you!;)

      • Psychopathic MANIAC aka bob666 aka JON aka Liberty2012, your original reply is:

        “Better a pervert than a stupid ugly old hag that believe in nonsense! I will see you in hell…I have a special room all for you!;)”

        I told you that you are soooooo STUPID!!!!!
        And EACH time you just prove that.
        Didn’t you get from my yesterday’s reply to you, DERANGED STUPID and PREVERT that I did book myself in Heaven?

        So KEEP squeaking Mentally PERVERT MANURIAL fly of the 13 generation out of 14. Hell is for you. Good luck, miserable and delusional insect.

      • You are a pig of the first order, and you should go and take your swill with you! You are as fake as your homosexual love is, and I truly fear for your “twins” psyches! You think money is all people think about? Maybe for you, but not for most of us here. I believe you are lying about your mother, a true Jewish mother would have declared you dead as a sodomite.

      • My twins are fabulous! When my husband, boys and our mothers get up and I get over this hangover we are going to my favorite Jewish store….POLO! They have 60% off today and the store here is to die for! Then it is lunch with the Rabbi friend that wed us…..Yes, a Gay Rabbi! We were BF in High School and he lives in NYC now doing Gay Marriages. I don’t lie about my mother…Reform Judaism was the first organized religion to allow same sex unions. My parents are cool (well dad just spits and bites people), but they caught me in bed when i was 16! They were supposed to be in Vegas for a week, but my dad dropped a bundle their first few days and came home while I was making passionate love in the spa. Gay and Jewish is so common we have Synagogues! In NYC we are going to B’Nai Jeshurun in the Upper West Side….they have an entire Gay club within and the boys love it there. My mom is from Beverly Hills, Gay and Jewish go hand in hand in LA and NY!

      • Jesus often referred back to the Hebrew scriptures about many things, one being that the reason for marriage is to be between a man and woman and to become fruitful..

      • True Christians do not adopt nor accept pagan rituals or beliefs into their tenets… such as Christmas, Easter and so on…

      • But feel free to bash all you want… it does not weaken me one bit but makes me stronger… have a Blessed day

        hehe… sent that to myself but its to you Yachty 🙂

      • No, you’ve just been fruity. One of you has been fruitful. Not likely you. You’ve been typing for days and haven’t yet said anything worth reading.

      • We did the swirl…very common among the higher order of mankind! Tonight is Jewbilee for Gay Jews in NYC…huge party! The moms are baby sitting and the manny is going with us….should be a hoot! Last night was the Townhouse, you could never get in with the hair and beard…it is a Gentleman’s Club and one must be dressed and groomed properly!

      • Like I said . . . you’ve been typing for days and haven’t yet said anything worth reading. Well, there was that one comment when I made you so mad, you tossed out the racist words and got yourself deleted. That was worth the read. I can always get a rise out of you. And I’m not talking about little Dick. You’re just like a frustrated woman.

      • You don’t get a rise from me….I think you are a frustrated homosexual. I think you dream of performing oral sex on some hot sexy guy! Come on, you hide behind a photo that isn’t even you! It is a picture of an ugly troll looking dude, that needs a haircut……I wouldn’t even allow someone like that in my home, but again I generally only hire gay people. Keep the money in the family!

      • I’ll bet you also think it matters what you think, huh?

        It’s okay, luvie, I understand you better than you understand yourself. I can spot an impotent man a mile away. People who are secure in themselves don’t feel the need to attempt to impress others. You seem to need to convince others that you’re richer, smarter, happier than they are in order to prop yourself up. It’s a miserable, small existence you’ve created for yourself. Truly sad. You have absolutely nothing to contribute to the world. An empty and meaningless life. Perhaps one day you’ll grow up.

      • hey sinky, I believe, based on good psychological information, that you are feeling mighty guilty about something. Perhaps you are a Jewish anti-Semite, or perhaps a homosexual Jew, no longer welcome in his family’s home, right?? Hhmmm…

      • Anti-semite…LOL! I am Gay and Jewish. My husband, our twin boys and I live 5 houses from my mother on the bayfront in Newport Beach, CA! I have a dead brother, but he fell out of grace by converting for his gentile wife. My father is out of the picture (Alzheimer) and I am his guardian and manage his portfolio. My husband is an interior decorator and I sell expensive yachts. Our boys attend a private liberal school that is run by a dear gay friend. We also have home in Key West, FL. I own my family……once dad is gone I get his estate in Pacific Palisades and all his holdings. Seriously I am not worried what anyone thinks! The key is to be invited into my world and life…..I will be 40/45 and retired, can you say that?

      • I believe you are a liar, and for me, I care not for your riches. One day you will come to your end, and it may be AIDS that does it. Or at the very least, hemorrhoids! If you don’t hold to your faith, you are dead, now.

      • Why would I get AIDS? I have been with my husband since college and we don’t plan on splitting…unlike heterosexual! We have children and a fab life. Although I did do a lot of living last night and in need of a Bloody Mary or three to straighten myself out.
        Hemorrhoids, really……..whatever would make you say that? Do you have hemorrhoids and a bad diet? You are one sick and perverted old lady!

      • If true, you appear to be a really greedy person, stuck on material possessions to try to make you happy. That rarely works, and people with those likes are never happy. Let me ask you something – have you ever seen a U-Haul truck follow the deceased to the cemetery? One day you will die and will answer for your lifestyle.

      • I don’t have an issue with greed…I have an issue with someone that preaches to others and avoids the things he does! After college I sold mausoleums before I got into yachts and people would move in with movers. There is one I sold in Pacific View in Newport Beach that is stunning (It should be for $7,000,000)….but anyway, it has a large Sofa and a cocktail table and two end tables and a huge TV. Everyday at 9am the TV comes on and turns off at 9pm. His Urn is on the right and her urn is to the left! The family actually does the holidays there every year…..Hell the son got $200m I would put a tree and have a drink with the ashes as well!

      • sticks ‘n stones may break my bones, but names shall never hurt me. I will refer you to the posting rules, above the solid line!

  49. This is crap…Phil’s comments before were banned because they didn’t want to offend the MUlsims…why should we pussy foot around the Muslims and let them denigrate all other religions except Islam. where is the balance??? Islamist can spout off anything against others but non muslims cannot…this is a load of BullS*hit!

    • Indeed, we have a nation that is supposed to be tolerant of all, but if one wants special rights, they’d better go somewhere else!!

  50. Phil was stating HIS opinion on those so called inappropriate remarks. He’s not a politician, he’s making no laws or does the first amendment apply only to the socialist, Islamist currently living in the white house? Opinons are like A$$holes everyone has one and everyone is entitled to one!

  51. Here is a good one! Phil charges $60,000 to speak at Churches and demands a private jet to boot! Look it up…..If he was such the good Christian wouldn’t he speak for free?

      • Ok read the profile, and you do know there is a difference between speaking engagements and going to church right? I highly doubt he “charges” to speak at his church or any church he visits. But thats my opinion, that link you gave me gave no indication that he charges for speaking at his church but is available for speaking engagements as is any entrepreneur, people do have a right to make money you know.

      • I love making money and my hats off to guy like the owner of Goodwill industry that takes home close to $3,000,000 a year. Hell I make great money selling yachts, my min commission is $100,000, but I don’t BS! Phil is a lying BS artist, he and his family are scammers! He like Pat Robertson and several other good Christians scam the uneducated! Yes, Pat owns 2 diamond mines in Africa…..he raised money to feed the poor and took the money then bought mining equipment that he flew over with his Jets! Wake up….and smell the coffee!

      • so are you damning him because he makes money doing engagements? Is it wrong for him to do so? You have no valid point but to assume he is bilking someone for talking to groups of people… where is the crime? He is a Christian and talked about having Bible study, which I am sure he does not charge 60k to do. He may collect tithes for his work, some churches pay their deacons and preachers you know…. but you are still trying to lump his spiritual work with his secular job. He has the right to charge a church that for a speaking engagement just like any other motivational speaker… do you get it now? Or do you prefer he work for free for everything just because he is a Christian?

      • my goodness, you took the time to look up all this? and about Pat Robertson, too?!! you’ve been quite a busy boy, and selling leaky rafts too?? my goodness!

      • I believe I hear a load of guilty anger here. Perhaps you could not sell more than one leaky vessel this year, or maybe even none?
        Well, we have better things to do with our money, like “feed & clothe the poor”

      • Guilty anger….ROTFLMAO! Last boat i closed was 105′ Westport and my cut was $250k…..currently closing a deal in Trinidad, which is small, but still can’t sneeze at $100k commish! I didn’t need to look it up….the guy that owns Goodwill is Jewish and I am a huge fan! Pat Robertson, read his unauthorized biography .

      • I don’t care what money you make, Mr Braggert. “It will be harder for a rich man to go to Heaven, than it is to pull a camel through the needle’s eye”. I detest greed, and you got it. Unauthorized biographies are full of lies and accusations, that is why they remain unauthorized. I don’t believe or read any of them. Pat Robertson is no hero of mine, but Jesus Christ is! I see you floundering about unable to live with or without your faith, and you know what your ultimate place will be. You are a really sorry substitute for a human being.

      • So, Phil won’t be going to your heaven! I live fine with my faith and i love money! When I was a child I would iron it, stack it, bind it and put it in my safe….my mother always tells that story! What is better than shopping after xmas? I love getting fab deals….that is why we are in NYC for the week….Well I am off to happy hour at the Townhouse….there is a Martini with my name on it!

    • why should a person speak for nothing?? Jesus Christ said, “a workman is worthy of his hire”, in other words, if one works, he should be paid. Don’t Christians have to live, too?

      • Your God also speaks of GREED! $60,000 plus a jet for a few hours is Greed…especially for some A$$hole that sells duck calls….which he doesn’t make!

      • You are mixing up what its about silly one.. One is for business and the other is his spiritual need. I dont believe you can show any proof he asks for payment to speak at his church unless it is something that is part of his job… and btw… motivational speakers get paid too or do you consider that wrong? They go to Churches, schools, and many other civic and private functions as well.

    • Oh, you’re so scary, NOT! If you can scream, so can Phil, guy!! If homosexuality is your thing, do it. But no need to bash others with your guilty conscience!!

      • I absolutely agree, Alondra! The perverted are now having their day, but when Jesus returns, things will be very different for perverts!! Our right to say so, too!

      • AMEN, my sister.
        The Leftists did created PC
        (political correctness) to censor us and we were toooooooo long silent. But NO

        We have to call the things by their proper names.
        So let’s ALL of us call a SPADE a SPADE and not a Rake
        and not put a compassionate face on the perversion just so the perverts could feel good about their DEBAUCHERY.

      • Pay no attention to the little man behind the yacht. He suffers from delusions of grandeur. Thinks he’s Thurston Howell, III. Think about it . . . he’s so inept he had to pay someone to carry his children . . . and that someone was probably his own mother. He’s spent days on end online trying to convince perfect strangers that he’s a wealthy, happy, carefree gay man with a husband who cares about him and two perfect children. Clearly he’s a miserable wretch with no self-esteem.

      • The closet case has changed his picture! Now it is an American flag….LOL! You can’t afford the taxes on your double wide! So, do you dream of Phil, we know you have a crush on his ugly ass.

      • Homer, you claim to sell used boats for a living. That’s not an occupation worthy of bragging.

        I, on the other hand, am of sound mind, with a healthy ego, and I have no need to attempt to impress strangers in a comment section with my long list of professional achievements and my financial success.

        Quite obviously you are poorly bred, ill-mannered, uneducated, lack good taste, and have crossed the line from intentionally eccentric to certifiably mentally ill. Run along now. It’s time for your meds.

      • Gomer, You are not worthy of a response! You have no idea what I do, but I am sure you have some nice blue collar job that affords you the finer things at Walmart.

        No go and dream of your bromance with Phil and how he would mount you OLD sad ass!

      • Not worthy of a response?” You continue to respond. Interesting. Demonstrates your fragile ego. Must engage at every opportunity to talk about yourself.

      • Sorry to break the news, but Jesus is not coming back! Unless you are talking about your gardener, there is no Jesus!

      • Please 85% of Heterosexual engage in oral sex and 60% engage in anal intercourse….just think of what your son and his wife do…..

      • How do you know this, ljb? You taking a poll? Poll, not pole. I guess you need to check the research to see if you’re “normal” huh? Newsflash: You’re not.

      • That is directly from my Human sexuality class in college. College is a school you attend after Prep School. It is a place of higher education. I am very normal…..I am married, have two kids, play tennis, sail and play polo….I love to shop and adore cocktail hour. I have my hair cut, have a massage and manipedi weekly and anal bleaching monthly. My family has a very normal life…..

      • A class you obviously failed! Puddin’ pie, I’ve got news for you, there ain’t nothin’ “normal” about you. You need to go back to school and learn the meaning of the word “normal.”

        If you were normal, you wouldn’t be working so hard to convince everyone here that you are normal. In fact, you have a very fragile ego, virtually no self-esteem. And I’d venture to say a polo pony is about the only thing you HAVEN’T mounted in your life.

      • Did you really just say that you tried to get a man pregnant?! If that’s the type of mind you, have then the public should definitely not pay you any attention. There are many escaped mentally disturbed patients out there. I think we found one in you

      • I do it all the time…I tried for years to make my husband pregnant….finally had to rent a womb and invest in a turkey baster!

  52. His remarks are covered by the First Amendment! He didn’t say anything that isn’t true. It’s to the point that only the deviates have the right to free speech. Maybe we Christians should start having parades? I am getting sick of the liberals getting their say without the vast majority of Americans being ignored and/or silenced. Rock on, Phil!

    • I am with you Robin L.G.!! We Christians are being persecuted right and left here!! I say, Christians unite!! We know what Jesus taught, including what the Old Testament taught, and we have the right to say so, just as Phil R. had the right to say what he believes!!

  53. I stand with Phil! His wording could have been a bit better in some spots, but none of it was offensive and all of it was truth. Leave it to the LGBT minority to blow this out of proportion! Though not all of the LGBT community follow the common thinking. I heard more than a few on Mark Levin talk about how they despise the average LGBT community thinking on this issue.

  54. “” Last night on “The Kelly File” on Fox, a gentleman representing GLAAD stated that “Phil Robertson wanted freedom from consequence.” ”

    LOL I don’t believe Phil is worried about the consequence you have in mind…Good Luck Sucker…

  55. “” Last night on “The Kelly File” on Fox, a gentleman representing GLAAD stated that “Phil Robertson wanted freedom from consequence.” ”

    LOL I don’t believe Phil is worried about the consequence you have in mind…Good Luck Sucker…

  56. I too believe homosexuality to be a sin. However, I found his wording in this matter to be very disturbing and judgmental. I already think that A&E had the right to fire him, however, based on the comments I learned through this ordeal that he made about the black race regarding life in the pre-Civil Rights era, I feel like he should have already lost his job. I have never watched the show and now I can honestly say I’m glad I didn’t waste my time. I am a Christian myself and I also am concerned that our freedoms are under attack. However, when someone goes on national television, announces his faith repeatedly, and then goes on to makes these types of comments, I’m more concerned about the message he is sending to unbelievers than rather or not this guy keeps his job.

  57. As usual, Col. West spells it out correctly. I am pleased that A&E has changed their minds about Phil Robertson but it is certainly not due to a change of heart. It is solely a decision on which side they will lose the most money from. I thought Mr. Robertson was a bit crude in his interview with GQ but he didn’t ask my opinion about it either. As I have said numerous times, we choose to be offended by someone’s behavior or comments. Jesus tells me (us) that we are to love others, forgive when we are “offended” or wronged. Oh, and the other thing, I have seen a lot of discussion about the woman being stoned and how Jesus challenges those ready to stone her. He asks that only those without sin cast the first stone. They all walked away. Here is the part the homosexual lobby refuses to say in the comments or op-ed pieces. The next verse, Jesus tells the woman to repent and sin no more.


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