Video: Did NFL officials miss the call on Bengals Huber?

Sunday night’s game between the visiting Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers featured one of the most horrific hits in football this season.

Click the image below to watch Bengals punter Kevin Huber gets absolutely crunched by Steelers’ Terence Garvin. There was no flag thrown on the play and Huber did end up leaving the game. Update is that Huber has a fractured jaw — he’s actually quite blessed it’s not worse — and will not play for the rest of the season.


That is somewhat damaging for the Bengals as they are the AFC Central Division leaders. Furthermore, the NFL has come out and ruled that it was an illegal hit, leading with the helmet. The Steelers went on to win the game 30-20, aided by the touchdown of Antonio Brown on this punt return, which probably should have been called back.

What do you think? Was this a clean hit, or did the NFL officials miss this call?

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Clean hit


Clean Hit


If it weren’t the Steelers I might say clean hit. But it is, so…intentional targeting, just as they’ve done many times before.


Clean hit!!! You can’t be staring down the ballcarrier like that. Is he taking a picture? Keep your head on a swivel.


No, this was not a clean hit. Beginning last year, the prohibition on helmet to helmet hits began to be called (almost) every time, and it’s still being called a lot this year. The league reviewed it; the officials in this game made a mistake. This is not the first time a Steeler has broken the jaw of a key Bengal’s player; Hines Ward broke Keith Rivers’ jaw a few years ago.