If you want to fight Obamacare, send in a Marine: BGen Mark Bircher

From my vantage point off Capitol Hill, it appears the Republicans have lost the will to fight, and the desire for victory. Is it any wonder? So few congressional members have served in uniform.

Brigadier General Mark Bircher is exactly the type of citizen-servant our country needs on Capitol Hill – and precisely the type of leader the Left would like to suppress.

BGen Bircher is a Naval Academy graduate, a lawyer, an airline pilot, a retired Marine Corps Reserve brigadier general (former Commanding General of the 4th Marine Air Wing) and a former Blue Angel pilot. In fact, he was once featured in a Van Halen music video.

After graduating from Annapolis, BGen Bircher served 12 years active duty with the Marine Corps before resigning his active duty commission and joining the Marine Corps Reserve, where he remained for 21 years until his retirement in 2009.

As far as executive experience, he commanded the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing in Louisiana, a widely dispersed combat organization of more than 5,000 people.

Currently, BGen Bircher is running in the special election in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, to fulfill the legacy left by the late Representative CW “Bill” Young, former Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Military Appropriations, who passed away earlier this year.

As Bircher said recently in the Tampa Bay Times, “Instead of spending the rest of my life complaining, even if I were to fail, at least I wouldn’t have to say ‘what if?’ I want this job. I want to do the best I can.”

But first, BGen Bircher must win a January 14th Republican primary in which he is pitted against a pair of much more experienced and well-known politicians: David Jolly, Young’s former general counsel and lobbyist; and Kathleen Peters, a pro-choice state representative.

BG Gen Bircher understands his oath of service has no statute of limitations. Americans must rally behind leaders like this warrior and send a message that we want principled men and women, those who have been willing to lay down their lives for this great nation in our nation’s capital.

January 14th is just around the corner. BGen Bircher is one of the few, the proud, a United States Marine. He knows how to fight, and he knows how to win. He will take a strong stand to defeat Obamacare and provide viable solutions. Let’s make him a United States Congressman.

Find out more about BGen Mark Bircher here.


  1. General, Sir, on the way up to Capitol Hill, grab my Congressman: Rep. David Joyce, from Ohio and put him to work. Semper Fi !!!

  2. OH THIS is the guy Debbie Blabbermouth Schulz just sent me an email about… they are just apoplectic over losing this seat! HAHAHA

  3. We have a Navy man for Gov. and we have a rockin’ economy and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. We need this man in D.C fighting for us.

  4. the left detests anyone who has or wears the uniform and is of the warrior class…sadly simply wearing the uniform no longer makes you a warrior…there are far too many politicians in uniform

      • Gen. Wesley Clark was. What he is getting at is that the brass at top often are silent and too often support policies that they know will hurt the readiness of their perspective branches. War fighting has become too political, Grandhuff. When the enemy has been identified and a legal team needs to give the go ahead to attack the fleeing car we know this ship has left port.

      • Wesley Clark was. When top brass keeps silent and often times supports policies that they know will jeopardize and hurt readiness, we can say that the decisions are made on a political basis. He may also be alluding to the fact that top brass often end up on corporate boards, with lobbyists, and getting other appointments and they don’t want to rock the boat.

        We have seen that you risk being purged if you rock Obama’s Titanic.

      • for the most part pick a flag rank officer; most of the warriors have been weeded out..CJCS Dempsey-best description–tabless bitch (non-Ranger), the Commandant of the USAF Academy–she is tauted for her diversity…watch any of the various hearings/forums on the Pentagon Channel or CSPan you will see.

      • Scott Snoopy-I have replied to you several times and my comment always disappears. In it I provided a link to a GREAT letter written to CJCS Dempsey. The link is to a site to which you must be a member. Maybe that is why it keeps disappearing. Do a google search for CJCS Dempsey, and the 5th one down will lead you to the letter. I completely understand what you meant. I’m going to post another comment with the link, and see if it disappears.

      • Huff, none have shown up…just blanks… There are many flag rank officers like Dempsey…it is a long on going thing. Back a few years ago we had Strategic Air Command, Tactical Air Command, Military Airlift Command…under Merrill McPeack–CSAF a fighter pilot, member of the fighter mafia and hated all SAC stood for. He engineered the current USAF force and made the nuke crews of SAC nothing but a part of TAC; not the grp who could wipe out the world in 20mins. McPeak was the first of the current politicians to be proud of it.

        Under the current White House a record number of flag officers have been “retired” with cause or without–many charges that barely require a letter of reprimand. These were all warriors of the modern Patton/Grant class…now there are more and more Dempseys. This happened in Vietnam and it took yrs to recover from that.

        All the best Merry Christmas

      • I am all too aware of the flag officers being “retired” or worse. This is in Obama’s grand plan. I DID post a link to that letter again, and once again it disappeared. You really should google ‘CJCS Dempsey’ and read the letter if you haven’t already. The title of the search is: Letter To General Martin Dempsey, CJCS – Constitutional
        Emergency. It is the 5th one down on my search.

        May you and yours have a very Blessed Christmas.

      • Thank you Guest! I think I posted that one up above. The comments track seems all out of order. Merry Christmas!

  5. Just what this country needs…a real hero, who put his life on the line. It’s apparent Gen Bircher really loves this country and wants to serve any way possible. Hope the voters in Florida recognize this warrior’s qualifications and vote for him.

  6. They’ll brand him a racist and an extremist. I wish he was running in my district. My rep is apparently a conservative coke head??!? We need to vet these guys better, it seems as though Brig Gen Bircher has been thoroughly vetted.

  7. Maybe he is great. I just don’t know. I sometime wonder about the filth of politics. I don’t think that anyone of honor can enter the ring without getting filthy. I can remember (can’t remember his name) the General that served with Bill Clinton. What a piece of trash he is.

  8. After hearing Mullen tell us that open sexual deviants in our military “was the right thing to do” and listening to the garbage that Powell spews on a nearly daily basis, I don’t immediately trust generals who should know better. Where does Bircher stand on the issues? ALL of them.

  9. I hope all you folks “pledging my support” will send the guy $25. It’s going to take some money to beat the establishment candidates in the primary. Share on FB and email!

  10. OBAMA HAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER RESPECT OUR MIlitary,watch is face and that bored look on his face when he is giving well deserved accomdations to our most honorable military men and women.HE FEELS THEY ARE A THREAT TO h7mHIM,HgiveWHATS DOES OBAMA THINK,HE IS THE JOKE OF ALL JOKERS.

  11. I trust Allen West and think we need to share his article, opinion and what he knows about BGen Bircher with as many Floridian voters as possible. For starters, use media sites and then your voices! Be loud and if needed, frustrate the heck out of a Liberal by telling them you support Allen West and BGen Bircher!

  12. I’m a native of this district, and what is interesting to me is that Bircher came out of nowhere and he’s espousing the ‘tea party’ rhetoric. I’ve been active in the patriot movement for many years, and since Bircher retired in 2009, isn’t it odd that none of the patriot leaders have heard anything about him or seen him at any events until the Congressman passed away. Now his commercials are playing often in prime time on FOX News, so he apparently is backed by plenty of money. His website doesn’t have any specifics about any of the issues that our families are dealing with in our community, just a bunch of pictures about the military and his service. Something stinks… and unfortunately not enough vetting has been done on this man for him to gain my family’s support. Haven’t we learned our lessons about voting for people whom haven’t been researched?

  13. This is campaign material and it is truly targeted at the ignorant. Hi, I am a marine. I hate obamacare. I have no ideas, but I want to be a congressman. Elect me.

  14. As a South African concerned spectator I do hope that the Republicans will once again stand up out of the dust and produce a challenge to the Democrats.

    But I find it amazing that in that –once–great country it seems as if leadership is strangely altogether lacking! How is that possible? Is it because God has been removed from the public domain? Is it because hyper liberalism is undermining the resolve to fight for what is worth fighting for?

    BGen Mark Bircher may be the man who could prove that the American nation has a sufficient determination to pick up their heads high as in times past to lead this nation back to respectability.

      • So no substance to your comments, just insults huh? And lemme ask you, you still believing the words coming out of the mouth of the winner of Politifcact’s LIE OF THE YR award? The lyin’ king himself. 5 pinocchios from the Wash Post, too. Not bad, those will look good next to the Nobel Peace Prize which he won for not being George Bush — zero accomplishments towards peace, a record which remains unchanged to this day. Except that he has said “I’m really good at killing people.” With drone strikes, civilians included, or are you overlooking that fact? Thought so.

  15. And if you want to fight Obama, send in an 82 year old Arizona Sheriff and a crazylady Russian / Miami Dentist.
    They seem to be the only ones with the courage to fight for our country.

  16. I would like to ask the General his opinion on where the Corps will come down when the revolution begins or martial law is declared?

    • If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody like the Colonel supported martial law..as long as the GOP/Teabaggers were in favor of it.

      • I see that you’re finding it hard to make even a single-sentence comment without hurling insults. Someone that pretends to be intelligent, such as yourself, surely should be capable of making an articulate and cogent statement.
        Since you can’t, the only logical conclusion is that you are not intelligent. And therefore, nothing you say is of any importance and merely an inconvenience to a few kilobytes.
        BTW, he’s not a Col, he’s a General.
        Wow, so much ig’nance in such a short comment.

  17. I served with General Bircher as a member of the Blue Angels in the 80’s and we have been friends and Marine brothers over the years. I can unequivocally say that Mark is a true Patriot who believes in the values and tenets of the Constitution, National Defense and the welfare of the American Citizens we have served. I can tell you that the requirements and standards used to select Officers for an Exchange tour with the Air Force flying F-15’s or the Blue Angels are stringent and based not only on skills as a Pilot but also a record of excellence as a Marine Officer and Leader. There are also few who have the Leadership skills and demonstrated care for subordinates that would qualify them to command not one but two distinct squadrons of dissimilar aircraft, an Aircraft Group, and a Marine Air Wing. Add to that record earning a Law Degree on his own time while engaged in his day today job and you have a define record of excellence. I would argue that anyone who has served with “Birch”, officer or enlisted, Marine, Navy, Air Force or Army or worked with him in his civilian career will attest to his intelligence, dedication to family and country and readily support his candidacy. We need change in Washington now before it is too late and it starts now by sending strong Leaders and in many cases distinguished Veterans to Congress to right a sinking ship for our children and grandchildren.
    Bill Campbell
    LtCol USMC Retired


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