Scary combo: impotent Congress and imperial president

The 113th Congress is about to end its first session and has been referred to as one of the least productive legislative bodies in recent history. Perhaps there are those of you who feel that’s a good thing…

As Reid Wilson writes in the Washington Post,

“As the Senate prepares to take up the budget deal this week, both sides say it is likely to be one of the final pieces of significant legislation to pass the 113th Congress as midterm elections loom.

After the Senate reconvenes in January, observers say, the coming year is unlikely to yield significant legislative action. Democrats will probably advance measures intended to draw political contrasts with Republicans — including a proposal to raise the minimum wage and a number of smaller bills that they say would boost jobs and strengthen the economy. None of those measures are likely to win Republican votes or spur action in the GOP-controlled House.

In other words 2014 brings the American people more politics, not policy, as the game continues, DC-style.

Here’s what we have to look forward to: a final deal on the farm bill, a water-resources agreement – and of course another deal to raise the debt ceiling. Speaker John Boehner says he won’t take up the Senate-passed version of immigration reform, but the Senate may take action on a proposal from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) to make changes to the military’s handling of sexual assault cases.

We wrote on this legislative proposal by Sen. Gillibrand and her desire to completely remake the Commander’s involvement in the military justice system, basically stripping them of their command authority in all major cases and creating an outside independent legal body. This is a very bad idea and we hope you’ll contact your Senators to express disapproval. Lastly the Senate may consider a new package of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, albeit against the desires of the Obama administration.

But don’t take your eye off the ball when you have a lying, obtuse, arrogant, and belligerent President Obama who will try to use low Congressional approval ratings to support his unilateral executive actions — something he’s already done.

As we reported, John Podesta, former President of the Center for American Progress, is joining the White House and is known as an expert in “Executive Actions.”

And with a stacked DC Circuit Court, thanks to Harry Reid’s violation of Senate rules, we could be looking at a 2014 not of governance by legislation and the will of the people, but rather of rule by edict — executive order and regulatory fiat — issued from a despotic ruler who sees his agenda to fundamentally transform America as his ultimate will. Fasten your seat belts folks, we’re in for bumpy ride.


  1. We will have a few years of the Dems/Pres making the republicans in congress “look like villains”. Many gullible votors will – yet again – forget their anger at Pres. O – and will – yet again – blindly vote for the Dem candidate – no matter who he/she is.

  2. The agenda is Socialism. Why ? The American people no longer have congressional representation. The will of the people is no more. We’re only kidding ourselves thinking that the GOP or any other party will in some way relieve this aberration of an American administration, any time soon. Why? for two reasons, (1) We are so enamored by having a black American President that it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to remove him from office. And (2) that any opposing party at this time, is politically stymied because of it. Obama knows this, his administration knows this and so does his socialist base. Lets hope Obama doesn’t see this as an opportunity to fore go the 22nd amendment. Col, it will be more than a bumpy ride. In my opinion, it will be a generational fix.

    • THIS is Exactly what OUR 2nd Amendment WAS/IS FOR . Is it ARM UP , LOCK n LOAD REVOLUTION Time Yet ?? If not now , When ??? just akin

      • IHL, Let’s hope it doesn’t reach the point where America’s citizens will have to defend themselves and their Constitution with force. I believe that this administration’s socialist policies, will self implode whereby the resurgence of truly democratic constitutional republic we once had,can again be established.

      • That thought is not unlike like pre 1932 Germany. in our case, only revolution will affect our path. The despot in chief is planning on that.

      • A lot of people believe that. However, the motivational impetus to trigger a revolution in the classic sense will never come to pass. His socialist political base are far too smart to enact or impose an abrupt policy like gun confiscation or anything that may impact negatively on the average citizen. Why? because
        a) they don’ t have to. And b) it will short circuit and disrupt their successful stealth strategy They won’t risk it. The best case scenario is runaway inflation precipitating the with holding of taxes to the feds.requiring reconstituting (purging and replacing) our political leaders.

      • Yes, it will implode but by that time it will be to late. Damage is done and will take a very long time to fix. SMH

      • JDU, We already know that it’s too late trying to change their socialist policies via congressional representation. Both the House and Senate must agree. The question ? when.

        It’s not likely that this will happen soon.

    • Golly, gee, he is half white and half black. I am so sick of hearing about our black president. Does the white half never THINK?

  3. AHHHH what ya gonna do. I voted in our local city allections last month Against all incumbents. I plan on continuing that tactic up to and including 2016 when I will be voting against whomever the current administration tries to palm of on us. And this disgust is from a former Union officer and local union pres. The selfish boys have gotta go whatever party they “say” they are part of.


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