Mulimillionaire lawyer Jeh Johnson heads Homeland Security. Uh, why exactly?

With the recent foiled car bomb plot in Wichita, Kansas, there can be no doubt that homeland security is a vital function for our nation.

So what does Jeh Johnson know about Homeland Security and by the way, who the heck is he? Glad you asked.

Well, as Fox News reports:

Democrats used their newly initiated lower threshold for defeating filibusters Monday to win Senate confirmation of President Obama’s nomination of former top Pentagon lawyer Jeh C. Johnson to be Secretary of Homeland Security. Until Democrats unilaterally changed the Senate’s filibuster threshold on presidential nominations, it would have taken 60 votes to clear Johnson for a final vote.

Per Fox News, here is a summary of Johnson’s background:

He was not particularly well known when his nomination was announced in October. A multimillionaire lawyer, he is a longtime supporter of Obama, donating more than $33,000 to his political campaigns over the years. He has moved in and out of public service throughout his career, serving as a lawyer in the private sector as well as a two-year stint in the U.S. attorney’s office in New York between 1989 and 1991 and as general counsel of the Department of the Air Force under President Bill Clinton from 1998 to 2001. He was the Defense Department’s general counsel until 2012, when he returned to private practice.

During my tenure in Congress as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Mr. Johnson did testify before me and I found him capable in that position.

However, two Republican Senators offered their insights on the confirmation of Johnson as Homeland Secretary:

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., questioned Johnson’s experience for heading homeland security: “ I’m not saying he’s not a good man, but he’s not a good choice for this.”

On Friday, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said he was also troubled because Johnson did not answer all of his questions about immigration policy during his confirmation process”.

One could certainly understand Tom Ridge and Janet Napolitano in that position as they were each former governors, but this selection is quite questionable and possibly of concern. I guess it’s not only ambassadorship you can buy, but also a cabinet position.

In complete disclosure, I will say I didn’t not feel we needed to create another government agency after 9-11. The typical response of federal government after a crisis? Make a new government agency.

I believe the US Department of Defense under the Command of USNORTHCOM (Northern Command) is the geographic combatant commander responsible for our homeland. There are undoubtedly civilian agencies which need coordination and synchronization, but we should have examined how we make our domestic security structure more effective and efficient and reduce seams and gaps which allow for exploitation.

Yes, I believe Customs and Border Patrol could be under the DoD but possess special arrest privileges. Our military cannot be used domestically because of posse comitatus. I remember being stationed at Ft. Riley and getting training in fire fighting as a contingency mission — that is a proper role to utilize active duty in support of domestic disaster relief operations, just as we deployed Marine Corps amphibious assets out of Camp Lejeune during Hurricane Dennis and Floyd.

I was assigned to the II Marine Expeditionary Force in their Future Operations section and that event exposed me to military support to civilian disaster support operations.

Of course the National Guard belongs to the governor of its respective state and its assets are at the immediate disposal of the governor’s guidance and direction in conjunction with the TAG (The Adjutant General).

So it is with that experience and background that I ask the question, what does Jeh Johnson know about Homeland Security?

By the way, in other confirmation news, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., the incarnation of political Beelzebub, took steps Monday night toward winning confirmation for nearly a dozen other Obama nominees before the Senate adjourns for the Christmas, including John Koskinen to head the Internal Revenue Service and Janet Yellen to succeed Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve chairman.

So get ready for those 16,000 new IRS agents who will enforce Obamacare individual tax mandates and the continuation of “quantitative easing”…er, printing — I pray not more than the $85 billion a month the Fed is already doing!


  1. Obama certainly didn’t win election because of ability or experience, so why not make his appointments the same way? Expect the same dysfunction and lack of independent thinking at DHS. Of course, because he really is totally unprepared for the job (like Obama), someone else will really be calling all the shots. Another puppet in high places

  2. From a community organizer to the head of Homeland Security — another lawyer in a position that he knows nothing about. I feel safer already.

    • Where does it say he was a community organizer? As well as working for the US attorneys office, he was General Council for the US Air Force as well as the Defense Dept. Not that it qualifies him to be head of DHS.

      • gomurr

        Let me explain it to you–Obama was a community organizer, both were lawyers –neither is qualified-
        NO, being a lawyer for the Air Force does not qualify Johnson to run the DHS–it qualifies him to be a general council.

  3. My question is HOW did he make all that money?
    WHO are his primary benefactors and supporters?
    ALWAYS, “Follow the money.” :-<

  4. Unless we having a national conversion from our sins … contraception and abortion especially … the end-game will quickly be falling into place now … with apparently nothing that can slow it or stop it now … not even the elections everyone is hoping for … it seeming the gulag being only a short distance away now … with the nuclear option and everybody in O’s pocket … lock-stepping it quickly to the end-game.

    Without Repentance and direct help from GOD … it sure appearing to be to late … to stop those who wanting control … but it’s not too late.

    But, never lose Hope … even at the last instant … even if too late … even if in 3 days we’re slated for oblivion … GOD and HIS Mother can turn the tide and snatch us from the jaws of death and destruction … and GOD’s Mother promised us that GOD plans a victory over evil … if Russia is Consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart … almost, but not yet accomplished with the words Mary requesting of the Pope and Bishops … and so, any victory … ? … it will be late in arriving … but NOT too late to save some of humanity. JMO. You don’t have to agree.

    GOD Help us all.

    • I am going to go out on a limb here and guess you are a Catholic given your references to God’s Mother. I have never read the Catholic Bible, so I can’t make an educated comment in that vein, but where in the world would you ever get the idea our God has a Mother?

    • God promised that evil we not overcome us…not his mother…God has no mother he sovereign of all the universe. But it is never too late to turn until the day he does return.

    • pat–>DanMR … this is too long … so you may not read and may not understand or may not accept … GOD BLess you no matter which you choosing …

      Mary is as much a part of GOD’s Plan of Salvation through HIS SON as Eve
      was a part of Adam … as the Blessed Trinity are a part of each other
      … as the Church is a part of CHRIST … as a Woman and a Man being
      made One in the child they bringing forth.

      There is a Divine
      Mystery in GOD’s including Mary our Mother and HIS Mother in HIS only
      acceptable and singular Work of Salvation … and by way of Mary, GOD
      including us also, as Her children and HIS in CHRIST and by the HOLY

      If we don’t understand this … then in some way … we
      then having our eyes tightly closed … and we being in jeopardy of
      missing some of the Truth as to WHO CHRIST is … and the Whole CHRIST,
      HIS Body, the Church.

      GOD involved the ‘Woman’ of Scripture …
      the Woman of Genesis … the Woman of Apocalypse … in the actions of
      Salvation which would come only through HER Divine/Human SON’s
      Incarnation, Life, Death and Resurrection … which Mary’s SON’s
      singular accomplishments would only occur with this Woman’s (and with
      mankind’s) Co-operation in all of these actions of the SON … prior to,
      during and after HIS Coming .. and She accomplishing these actions of
      co-operation with GOD by Her ‘Yes’ to GOD … Mary saying to the Angel,
      ‘Behold the Handmaid of the LORD. Be it done unto me according to your
      Word.’ …

      Mary, from the beginning of Her Life to the end of
      Her Life … always Hearing and Doing GOD’s Divine Will … Believing
      and Doing GOD’s Will and Word … Believing with Faith and Doing with
      Works in actions of Love .. Mary being Full of Grace and at ‘one’ with
      the HOLY SPIRIT in bringing into the World the Incarnate GOD/Man, Her

      … Mary being the Mother of GOD the SON …
      and the SON of GOD, the Divine 2nd Person of the Blessed Trinity …
      forevermore being both 100% man and 100% GOD in a Hypostatic Unity of a
      singular Divine Person in two Natures, the wedding of the Divine and the
      Human, the Creator with the Creature, in an eternally Chaste Unity,
      neither nature infringing upon or destroying any of the other … though
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      Yes! CHRIST Is fully
      GOD and Man … and these cannot be separated … just the same as a
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      … these
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      The Woman of the
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      This was NOT a mere coincidence.

      As I saying, this is what the
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      have to agree. Thanks for allowing me to Believe.

      GOD Bless you and us all.

    • Patrick, sober up a minute… these unqualified incompetents are selected because they know how to really use that agency against us…

  5. Sorry Allen I have to disagree with you on the part of Tom Ridge and Janet Napolitano, I don’t think being a governor is a good qualification. Now if they really wanted a DHS then they would have an ex-cop or ex-military heading it.

  6. Let me be the first to admit to Plagiarizing a comment from Mr. West because it’s revelation. Let’s just refer to this entire administration as incarnation of political Beelzebub.

  7. Jeh Johnson must be a Big Brother Socialist, willing to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. Otherwise, Barry would NEVER pick him for this position.

  8. The vetting process for DHS is very thorough and insistent on integrity and efficiency. Based on what I have read and seen of BO and others in his regime such as Eric Holder, neither would pass the process. I am sure there is a herd of them in BO’s regime.

    I can not understand how we allowed, and continue to allow, this Gestapo to continually embed itself in to the threads of America, especially inside of her domestic security.

    BO has placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood in high ranking positions within DHS. He will do it with our military once he bleeds it of all patriotic leaders, which he is well on his way. The Muslim Brotherhood are supporters of the Taliban and many other American hating, and killing, cowards. Taliban and others are still killing Americans. Now, it is usually when we lower our guard from either compassion and trust or from out right naive, dangerously suicidal policy handed down from the BO regime.

    WTF are we doing!!! It is time to stop this…

  9. They are all lawyers in one form or another. The main reason behind that is so they can find the loopholes in the law. The government is not for the people anymore…. They are for themselves.

  10. So sad for our once proud country and our potential, cannot even enjoy Christmas this year, wondering how much we are going to be hit with new taxes and fees. We already know we will be making less in 2014 than 2013 and we barely scrape by now. He wants a country of serfs

  11. All those posts he held during the clinton era and other times, just seems like he was being groomed deliberately for this new position. Remember, nothing the government does is by accident. It may not be perfect or well executed, but its by no means accidental. This man is not an accident. Like Obama, he too has been well prepared for his new position by certain powerful interests that want the country to run according to their agenda.

  12. Col. West:

    am confused. While you claim to be a great patriot. Simultaneously,
    you endorse the NDAA, which eviscerates the Constitution. Only a
    (Progressive) would make such a conflicting claim.

    you claim (NDAA) is no threat to the American People, due to (Posse
    Comitatus) protections. October 2006, GW Bush; (RINO, Neo-Con, Traitor)
    eliminated (said) protections. Further, evidence your claim of (said)
    protection is (moot)…New Orleans (post: Hurricane Katrina).

    what is it… are you (misinformed)…or, (like the Communist, BH Obama
    and the MSM) are you deliberately lying to the American people; (stupid
    or (liar)…those are your choices)?

    the military career and rank you have achieved…would suggest you are a
    very intelligent man. Then, by process of elimination…my offering
    is, you are a liar.

    What a shame, we must vote based on lesser of evils, rather than for a real, forthright American.

    thank (God) and our (Forefathers) for the 2nd Amendment… so we will
    be able to protect ourselves from the likes of you, Obama, McCain,
    Pelosi, Feinstein, etc…and the rest of you slithering politicians.

    My God man…you have taken (The Oath) on at least 2 occasions!! Have you no conscience??

    Most sincerely, Dan Christopher (well informed American)

  13. Close the Department of Homeland Security! Save 45 Billion Dollars Annually! Created in the wake of 911 to coordinate intelligence and police… It has become a massive Gestapo! Turn all of their weapons, ammunition.. ALL WAR WEAPONS and personnel over to the Department of Defense! Put Airport security under Private contract as they do in San Francisco! It becomes competitive in costs and controllable! DHS serves no purpose but a Gestapo active arm of OBAMA, an Illegal President, who is the son of a Kenyan!! Not the son of two American Citizens. Where he was born is irrelevant! Arrest Obama and all of the leadership of the Democrat Party who were complicit in this MASSIVE FRAUD that has been perpetrated on our Nation! They were responsible for vetting him as their candidate! Make a new party if necessary but MOVE! We must ACT! Rescind every law and action taken by his administration and go back to the laws in operation when he took office! If Congress won’t act we need the Military to step in and operate our necessary government functions until proper elections can be held!

  14. Jeh Johnson is a political hack for this Left-wing president and his Left-wing coalition of supporters. Mr. west is clearly right: Johnson is only a rich lawyer and really is not qualified for this position. A rubber stamp for Barack Obama’s desire to ignore and weaken the immigration laws passed by the Congress. If it were not for Harry Reid’s abuse of power br going nuclear, it is doubtful that Mr. Johnson would have garnered enough votes to win Senate confirmation.


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