Are you an American Badass?

Since this is the gift-giving season, I’d like to recommend a fantastic book, written by a “badass” friend of mine, Dr. Dale Comstock.

It is said that “a nation sleeps peacefully at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on her behalf.” Dale is most certainly one of those men.

He is possibly the youngest Soldier ever to qualify for the Army’s Special Operations Detachment (Delta), the nation’s premier counter-terrorism force. Dale follows the calling of his own father, an infantryman in Vietnam, who passed on the legacy oath of service and commitment to his son.

It’s not just Dale’s exceptional military service that’s impressive — Paratrooper, Ranger, Special Forces, Delta, serving in every ground combat operation from Grenada to Afghanistan to Iraq. Dale also holds a Masters degree in business and security management and a Ph.D in alternative medicine.

He’s been a small business owner, and some of you may remember him from the NBC series, “Stars Earn Stripes.”

Dale is the consummate man’s man and as I had the special honor of dubbing him, a “modern-day Spartan.” His book details the exploits of an American warrior. Dale was encouraged to write his book by the late US Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle, author of “American Sniper.”

What is an “American Badass,” the moniker bestowed upon him by his competitors on the NBC show ? Here are Dale’s own words:

An American Badass can be a man or woman. One needs to be a role model and lead by a positive example. An American Badass doesn’t start fights, but knows if he must fight, he can with courage and conviction. An American Badass doesn’t steal, lie, or subvert the society he lives in. He lives by a code of unwavering morality, and ethics that are tempered with honor, honesty, integrity, leadership, and loyalty to family, friends, and America.

I wholeheartedly recommend this great read by a great American. Dale says it’s his story of a journey “from innocence to a world of extreme violence, from a paltry and humble existence to a life enriched through determination, hard work, sacrifice, and the love of family.” It’s a great Christmas gift for dads – and badass moms.


    • Our current politicians are like spoiled children. They get every thing they want with no effort on their part. So never having really worked for it they do not value what or where they are. They are just rich petulant children who can not see past their wants,desires and entitlements.

      • Unfortunately, you have hit the nail squarely on the head. They talk a good game about the greedy rich people paying their fair share etc.. then try to hide the fact that they are all Ivy Leaguers and multi-millionaire tax cheats and swindlers.

        The entire cap and trade scam easily proves they are not worried about the environment as they profess, they are wanting the money and power of the regulations. Legalized extortion of power companies, which will spike electricity bills through the roof as Obama has admitted.

        In addition, it is public information that many democrats in DC have set up non-existent power companies so they will be entitled to carbon credits. Obama, with their help, will lower the emission standards so low that power companies will have to shut down three days per week to keep from violating them.

        OR… they can simply buy carbon credits from democrat senators and keep emissions at the very same level they are today by paying billions to the democrats and sticking us with the bill. The level of stupidity among voters in this country is astounding. Everyone wants to go after feel good legislation that does nothing but feed democrat corruption and wallets.

  1. LOL …. Maybe we should all chip in and buy one for every person in Congress. Forget about the POTUS …. he wouldn’t read it. To him, the title belongs to him already.

    Wish someone would send him over there to do some duty in a foxhole, at least until 2016.

      • Unfortunately, they think they’re badasses, too. Just look at Ryan’s budget “solution” that adds trillions to the debt — and he and Boehner tout it as a “win” because it shaves a bit from preposterously large annual deficits (but remain preposterously large under this ridiculous plan). I’m afraid the dolts wouldn’t get the message any more than Obama would.

      • I can’t even express my disdain for them. Ryan is a traitor a louse an opportunist that doesn’t deserve to be reelected. Wis. wake up and smell the coffee please? Ohio, shame on you for allowing this human dung to be reelected, as you know, I am referring to John Boehner. Time to VOTE HIM OUT!

  2. I love democracy and freedom but sometimes I think we need our Maximus to lead his army to DC and restore the Republic and then quietly retire back to his farm.

  3. LTC West: Thanks for recommending this badass book. BIG THANKS to both YOU and Dr. Dale Comstock for your service to our Country!

    • LTC West, I am a big supporter and wish to thank you for your service and dedication to this Country. You served us proudly. I wish you and your family God’s Blessings. Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow! I am humbled and honored Sir that you would promote my book on your site. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas to everyone.


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