To the love of my life

Angela Graham-West

December 14 is the day when a certain person in my life was born. I was not there at that special moment when God gave life to Angela Michele Graham but I am glad that day happened.

In 1989 I was given the first chance to celebrate the birthday of my wife Angela. She has stood by me through many a difficult time and separations. She has gone from being the daughter of a career Army Soldier to raising the daughters of a career Army Soldier.

When we met she was completing her MBA — now she has that degree, a Ph.D, and a successful career as a financial adviser. At a time when some think there’s a war on women, Angela is a breast cancer survivor who has excelled at everything she has ever endeavored to achieve — and not by living the “Life of Julia.” Her commitment to excellence is beyond reproach and she demands the best of all of us.

I must share this story with you all. One year I thought I could buy just one gift to cover several occasions: Angela’s birthday, our anniversary (Christmas Eve), and Christmas. That idea did not go over well fellas, and I mean that dog don’t hunt — bad idea. I learned how really mad Jamaican women can be. So if I can impart any advice guys, don’t do the gift consolidation thing. There is no worse doghouse in which you could find yourself.

So happy birthday Angela from me and all the many folks who have come to know and love you as I do. You certainly could have done much better than me, so thanks for leaving the Big Apple of Manhattan, NY to be with me in the Little Apple of Manhattan, Kansas. And thank you God for December 14 — 37 years ago. (Hopefully, that will keep me out of a doghouse for the day!)


  1. Common sense, respect for our constitution, love of country, more sense than a certain retired General (Powell), and great taste in women. God Bless and Happy Birthday Mrs West.

  2. I think our great nation will be in good hands with you and the Mrs. on our team. Happy birthday to your beautiful wife and much success to you, Sir

  3. Sir, you just “unleashed” a very moving tribute for a lady who obviously you credit for your happiness and may be a major reason for the daily installations of inspiration we gain from you here on Faceook.

  4. Happy Birthday, Angela West. Col., you have written a beautiful sentiment for a lovely lady who I have had the honor & joy of getting to know from her blog and FB page. I marvel at her insight and intellect. You & your girls are blessed. And I hope one day my path will cross hers and we can share a cup of coffee and chat about our lives. We have so much in common & I look forward to that day. This Country would be so blessed if you & she occupied the White House. Have fun celebrating today!!!

  5. Happy birthday Mrs. West I think you would make a perfect first lady, one we could all be proud of. Could you please speak with that wonderful husband of yours, would love to see him as president.

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an honest person who has the experience to understand how things really work and knows enough to surround himself with people who are trustworthy and strong where he is weak in the White House. Wouldn’t it also be nice to have a someone who understands the financial world in the White House with him. Right now we have neither or anything even close.

  7. Happy Birthday, and as a retired Army man myself, hats off to all military wives who have stuck with their husbands throught thick or then times.

  8. Happy birthday Mrs. West. It’s often said that the wife makes the man. In this case, I wish to congratulate you. you did a fine job. America treasures you both.

  9. Like most of us, Col. West, we marry someone way above our pay-grade. She’s a beautiful young woman – I wish her good health and Happy Birthday.

  10. God Bless Both of You. And my Happy Natal Day wishes to Dr West who will, God wllling, be our net FLOTUS and bring back dignity to that role.

  11. Happy Birthday, Dr. West! I’m looking forward to reading about some Ackee & Saltfish breakfasts being served in the White House.


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