China threatens U.S. cruiser in international waters – so much for “closer relations”

President Obama infamously stated his “foreign policy” strategy was to pivot away from the Middle East and focus on China.

Well, China seems to welcome that pivot as they have assumed territorial control of the Japanese Senkaku Islands and had another direct confrontation with the US Navy in the South China Sea earlier this month.

According to Bill Gertz in the Washington Free Beacon:

A Chinese naval vessel tried to force a U.S. guided missile warship to stop in international waters recently, causing a tense military standoff in the latest case of Chinese maritime harassment, according to defense officials. The guided missile cruiser USS Cowpens, which recently took part in disaster relief operations in the Philippines, was confronted by Chinese warships in the South China Sea near Beijing’s new aircraft carrier Liaoning, according to officials familiar with the incident.

The Cowpens was conducting surveillance of the Liaoning at the time. According to the officials, the run-in began after a Chinese navy vessel sent a hailing warning and ordered the Cowpens to stop. The cruiser continued on its course and refused the order because it was operating in international waters. Then a Chinese tank landing ship sailed in front of the Cowpens and stopped, forcing the Cowpens to abruptly change course in what the officials said was a dangerous maneuver.

Chinese naval and air forces also have been pressing Japan in the East China Sea over Tokyo’s purchase a year ago of several uninhabited Senkaku Islands located north of Taiwan and south of Okinawa. China is laying claims to the islands, which are believed to contain large undersea reserves of natural gas and oil.

What an amazing turn of events. Back in the late 1930s it was Japan who sought more natural and energy resources and built a huge naval force, with supplemental air forces, to extend its regional hegemonic dominance. I’m quite sure China remembers that. It’s always amazing how history plays such games on those who fail to learn from it.

Regardless, we find ourselves in a dangerous situation with Chinese expansion and incursion not just into the South China Sea, but also threatening the Philippines. I’m not a Navy guy but would guess this little maneuver by the Chinese navy towards the USS Cowpens was an intentional act of belligerence — our response seems to have been to issue a protest statement. I bet that was really scary to the Chinese.

Welcome to the inept foreign policy world of President Obama. We pivot from the Middle East, destabilizing it and promoting the rise of Islamic totalitarians. Then we negotiate with the Iranians while they march forward to a nuclear capability. When we “pivot” to the Pacific, China threatens one of our ships. We hit the reset button with Russia, and it’s stuck on stupid. Whatever happened to “peace through strength?” I’m not digging this “lead from behind” stuff — down South we call that following.


  1. China’s stated goal is to rid the China Sea of all warships , especially carriers, from “it'” waters. We have paid no attn, pulled the “3 monkies” act when they took over one of the Phillipines’ Islands and now are talking about reducing the NAVY’s carrier strength to 8. When I was in during the Regan Era we had 2 in the Med, 2 in Westpac,1 forward home ported in Japan usually one or two doing workups to relieve those deployed , one for a training platform for new pilots coming out of flight school 2 or 3 in the yards and 2 in restricted availablity being repaired/upgraded in their home ports. The thinking was the absolute,”fall dead” limit was 13, then it dropped to 11 and now look what’s happening, but then why have these assets with a leadership that ignorant of their use and no guts to use them.

      • These were the tell tail signs of what is happening right now. It was made aware of by those connecting the dots no one had the intestinal fortitude to take bolder steps to make Americans aware. The panty waste liberal media and their radical tree hugging concerns are 98% responsible for what is happening and the surprise it will be on the American public.

      • It is all about the money. Obama and the progressives have now succumbed to the allure of the oil money of Islam. It is being “donated” to the “Muslim Brotherhood” apologists and sympathizers in both parties. MB money has been flowing in to our major university campus ever since the first Muslim Students Association was established as a front.

    • A carrier in the Med would have made a world of difference during the attack on our facilities at Benghazi. An amphip group in addition would have saved lives. Actions like that are what those battle groups were designed for.

  2. As a retired Navy Submariner, I concur fully with your assessment of these events. Down here in the south we do indeed call that “following” and we do not look to the crowd behind us for “leadership”. Reason being when things go horribly wrong the “leadership-in-the-rear” becomes nothing more than a “list of suspects shrugging their collective shoulders”!

    • Vern, with all due respect, I believe “insidious” (operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect) is the more appropriate adjective!

  3. The world realizes that the once great USA is now but a paper tiger thanks to the current White House occupant and his “we are the world” cabinet. He even eclipses Carter for being foreign policy failure

  4. thank you Obama… we’re headed towards 3rd world status economically, healthcare and militarily… hope and change I never wanted I can say that! nothing to be proud of; someone please bring back the good ole days of being hated by other nations!

    • Unfortunately, by accident or design, Obama became your leader and is he not the destructor of America? One wonders how on earth this man was allowed to run and to win the leadership and resulting Presidency.

  5. They rammed US run ships filled with groups from all countries trying to stop the killing of the whales, along with demanding the captain be returned to China to face charges and US supports it and its demanding to know his where about’s so he can be charged in China! The Hell with China!

  6. Every American should be concerned, very concerned about this sort of behavior. It proves a fact that America must be strong. Without a strong America the world falls apart. Aggression grows bolder. The aggresors grow in numbers. America can not fall. If it does the world will fall into kios.And Godless atrocities will occur. The brutality will be of such the world has never seen. Be afraid America. Be afraid of complacency in leaders. We are in trouble. Make no mistake.

  7. what do you expect when all the real leaders have been dismissed, no one in charge has a clue they are awaiting for someone else to direct the situation which will never come.

  8. This president is a disgrace! What’s even more disgraceful is all the BRAIN DEAD MORONS that
    elected his commie ass into office in the first place! Twice??!!

  9. why cant the most powerful naval in world be hand tied when something like that happens. The marines dont back down (thinking of the FA18 fighter that a something similar happen to him and did not back down once told he a us marine and waiting they left him along).

    • obama has tied their hands. I pray we have military leaders that are just about fed up. And I pray they know what action to take. We, as Americans, are the targets of these types of aggressive actions. All Americans. Tierney knows no prejudice. UNITE AMERICA. This is serious.

  10. I am a navy guy via NROTC. I sailed in the 600 ship USN during the 80’s when the prime opponent was the Soviet Navy. The Soviets learned from the Cuban Missile Crisis about what a strong navy can do. In the 20+ years afterward, they build a huge & very capable navy. It was down right scary to see a presentation on their weaponry. Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising will give you a good idea of what it was like in that era.

    Now we have the Chinese Navy growing, exerting its dominance over what are international waters. And for much the same reasons as Japan did in the 1930s (mentioned above) & the Soviets did from post WWII until they collapsed from within in 1991. Then, it was about control, power, & dominance, … but most importantly, resources. Now, for China, it is about the same thing! Just shows you the importance of learning the lessons of history.

    If the US military & maritime forces don’t get back to the basics, we won’t be able to do a thing against a power move such as the Chinese Navy demonstrated. Our resources don’t match theirs because we’re stretched thin. The Reagan era USN had almost 600 ships. Now were about 280. Also, as Col West posted in another column, much of the DoD budget goes to staff! Not to putting the warfighter in the field or at sea.

    China is in a position to exert its power. Why? They have the resources to do it!

    What if they start a blockade of the East China Sea? We’d be hard pressed to keep the Sea Lines of Communication open, keep trade flowing, in international waters.

    Who’d help us fend off the Chinese Navy? The naval component of the Japanese Defense Forces are small & mostly for coastal protection. Likely the same situation for Korea & the Philippines.

    It would not surprise me at all to see some rogue nation or global power make a move while Obama is in office. The USA’s back is against the wall & we don’t have a capable Commander in Chief with the leadership skills to lead us out of a Cuban Missile Crisis type situation.

    Think I’m wrong? Remember the Iranian Hostage Crisis? US diplomats were held for 444 days. The day they were released was Reagan’s 1981 inauguration. Why did the Iranians release them? They knew Reagan would send US forces to kick their ass! In the near term, don’t count on a strong leader stepping in to get us out of a jam. Because our current, alleged leadership has not learned this lesson from history, I fear for the future of this country.

    • Hello, What you said is so true I need to repost on my FB, so many of my friends and family are oblivious to what is going on. They would prefer to ignore the dangers surrounding us and pretend the world we live in is full of rose petals.

  11. We need to spend a few million and make sure are prepared militarily. Oops, I forgot, that money is for the Muslim Brotherhood, Health care, and mobile phones for drug addi…I mean people on welfare.

  12. through
    the famous fair trade agreement with china , they have been able to build up their military, with american money, and american politicians darn well are aware of it, and have been for a very long time .

  13. It’s a shame the world knows the president does not have a set America has beeen weaked under this admin.The goverment is weak i wonder what other u.S. President they would have tried that with????

  14. The US Navy is bigger than the next 17 biggest navies combined. China is just asking to release it. Too bad our President is too busy taking selfies.

  15. The commander of the ship did the right thing and keep moving. America needs to be strong and any backing down or “Saying Sorry” to world powers such as China are only signs of weakness. America does not need to say sorry for being in international waters period. This president needs to go. His purging of our militarys commanders is also seen by other countries as our country becomeing soft. As I see it right now all nations are debating which one is going to make a move (Militarily), a show of aggression and if we back down they are going to come at us full force. Of course our government will have to respond then but if obama wouild wake up and make it clear – as bush, regan, did no country would even think about let alone go through with any actions. And please do not bring up 911 as I am on the side that is not the most popular belief but I feel and thru extensive study can only come to one conclusion that those buildings were demo’d period. No plane brought down those towers period and building 7 nothing hit it at all but it fell in the same fashion as the others which is totally impossible period. Obama is wrecking our country and our economy on purpose, that can be the only reason why he is acting the way he is and the decisions he is making he is not stupid, make no mistake about it, he is smart and knows full well what he is doing.

    • Damn, that’s some good trick photography. Even from those folks across the with their camcorder.. its that silliness right there that divides us. I can almost guarantee, if Bush had gotten Osama, we’d have all seen the pictures. Those pictures are necessary.

  16. That Americans elected the unvetted Obama in 2008 was ill-advised but forgivable. That they re-elected this charlatan, after four years of gross incompetency and deceit, was incomprehensible.

  17. I’, Robert David Hummel, a Combat Veteran and Servant, To Preserve, Protect, and Defend, the Freedoms of Our Great Nation, am enduring with wanton TOLERANCE, “My”, din and angst of the DEVASTATIONnow being OPPRESSED upon OUR AMERICA, by the DEMOCRATIC SENATE and OSAMA>OBAMA<OSAMA, and his Administration CZARS … Promulgating LAWS that are NOT SANCTIONED BY THE
    CONGRESS, that is forcing America down the path of HISTORY,…as in the FALL of The Roman Empire.

    We are no doubt enduring a "Civil COLD War", in America …"I pray Our Lord in Heaven, will Continue to Bless, Lead, Guide, and Direct", "The FEW", of Our Nations Leaders …That are in TRUTH, attempting to CORRECT the FAILED LEADERSHIP of the Many, in our three branches of government…

    The continued FAILURE of our LEADERS to return WITH Do
    Diligence, of Deference, DISCERNING Prudence, and Accountability, to the RULE of LAW, inculcated with-in, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence, …WILL RESULT in "We The People", reaching the Boiling Point of a Revolution…That may CHANGE the FREEDOM of America FOREVER….PERIOD.

    I invite ALL PATRIOTS to JOIN with me in Membership with,… "The OATHKEEPERS",… Which may be. "OUR ONE

    PSSST', Teacher's, and other detractors…please do not give me a poor grade for my, BLUNT GRAMMER & Run-on Sentences.

    Robert David Hummel USA RET, Inverness, Florida

    Robert David Hummel USA RET

  18. When I heard about the B52 incident I knew this was about oil. We’re not going to war for Japan, we’re going for Exxon.

      • Yep saddam was selling it on the black market the powers that be couldn’t manipulate the price.NOW they DO!

      • So you are saying he didn’t? Look back at the price of a barrel of oil before the war compared to after you must live under a rock or up the bilderberg groups anus,THAT’S why you can’t see the light …SPURT! GARIN!

      • ygtbk~ Wow Thanks for showing your ass to the world LOSER. There’s a direct quote from the story above=”which are believed to contain large undersea reserves of natural gas and oil.” Now quit hiding behind your keyboard tough guy and suck my dick

      • Given that the US will be pumping enough of our own oil in 4 to 5 years, why would we fight over oil in the China Sea? mmmm maybe our allies count for something. and Oh by the way given that I am straight I will pass on your offer but I understand that SF California needs new meat.

      • Any idea how fast the oil consumption is China is growing? Any idea what prompted Japan to attack Pearl Harbor? We blockaded their oil supply after they attacked China. Japan & China have been maneuvering for the oil in this disputed area for quite some time.
        I apologize for the rude comment.
        All the best to you and yours

  19. The key words are “tried to stop”

    No one stops our Navy. We would obliterate China’s naval forces. In this little run-in… Aegis, Ticonderoga-class cruiser? The Cowpens could have obliterated the two ships.

  20. Mr Ambassador to the US from China, we have summoned you here in order to spare the Chinese embarrassment of loss of military assets and more importantly to us, Chinese lives. Your government apparently has made a decision to disregard US resolve in ignoring our declaration that the US does not recognize the newly claimed right by your government to establish sovereignty over areas of the East China Sea, areas which heretofore have been universally recognized as international waters and airspace. As we are certain you are aware, it has been the long practiced policy of the US to ensure that universal acceptance be enforced, for the freedom of trade amongst civil nations. Your government recently showed it’s disregard for the afore mentioned resolve by deliberately initiating a provocation to the freedom of navigation by a US military naval vessel, in a manner endangering the safety of said vessel and recklessly endangering US lives in the process. You are hereby informed no further provocations shall be tolerated or permitted. We do seek confrontation, indeed we strive to operate under the same rules of the sea as anyone else, but you are hereby on notice any further provocative action by any military vessel by sea or air shall be deemed by the US as an act of war, and any and all such vessels or aircraft will be immediately destroyed. We would hope the Chinese government is not attempting to cause any such military action, but it should be unmistakeably assured that if that be the case, the US will most assuredly eliminate that or any other threat. We hope the Chinese government does not make any further mistakes in questioning US resolve concerning this matter. Thank you sir, we appreciate your time and attention to this mater, and you have a nice day in the US today.

    • Don’t state what you would do. The part about destroying the fleet if they do it again is bad because it will probably make them do it again to test us. If they do it again, and things change so we can’t attack at the time, we look super weak because we could not carry out the threat. Instead, it should just state that we will take swift and harsh actions againts them.

  21. Obama doesn’t run the show, our creditors do, since you retards don’t think we owe anyone any money the Chinese stepped in and bought the debt, we the people should be buying the debt so that we really can be the ones who say what kind of country we want to live in, creditors always win debtors always lose, many of you Patriots are debtors plain and simple. You think going to war with China is a good idea? uh huh and you are the same morons that want to bomb Iran too? you have know idea what hell you will live in if this happens, you have no idea, your food storage, gold and silver will not save you you schmucks!

    • How about no?

      Our largest foreign creditor is not China. Japan has lent the United States far more than any other foreign nation.

      Yet even Japan’s contribution is miniscule compared to the debt owed to the American public. Yep, the majority of Government bonds are owned by American citizens.
      Feel free to catch a clue before posting again. Thanks.

    • You really want to know who owns most of our debt, check it out. The US owns the biggest share compared to China. So far I have not read of anyone here promoting war with China, you are the only one that brought that aspect forward. Before your adolescent name calling goes forward maybe you should evaluate your intellect.

  22. Our fearless leader/follower is wussifying our military and this type of crap can and will hurt us in the end. We have brought peace through strength for years and when a bully /dictator stepped out of line America only had to flex her muscles to make them get back in line. It is heart breaking to know that all of the wars that we fought against bullies and tyranny is being washed down the drain. Nowadays when or military stares into the face of a dictator and tyranny they do it when they look into POTUS eyes.

  23. Cowardly politicians have always gotten good men killed and made our country weak . I’m not saying we should have sunk the Chinese fleet. Just maybe not put the breaks on so fast in a game of chicken.

  24. Not ONLY China, but ALL world powers now know that “The OBUMMER” is working for the destruction of The USA, and that he has not dis-armed lots of our forces, but is also retiring many of them……all solely to WEAKEN our country!

  25. The woeful performance of Obama and Kerry in getting the Iranians to agree to what amounts to a “peace in our time” agreement (all that was missing was Kerry waving an umbrella) has convinced the Chinese that these two can be rolled like a pair of rubes from the sticks visiting the county fair.

  26. I see a false flag coming. The Communist Peoples Republic of Chinas military was here with boots on the ground in Hawaii during the drill Grid Ex II back in November 2013. The only other participants were Mexico and Canada. So, our governments are friendly enough with one another to work together on Grid Ex II. I call BS and this is to make us think they are enemies while they are all in this EVIL together.

    • Nah, would have done more damage to the Cowpens than that pig the Chinese were sailing, and it was their intent to cause an “incident”: showing the Cowpens returning to port with a smashed up bow, and numerous crew injuries. What they didn’t know was the maneuverability of a U.S. Navy guided missile cruiser.

  27. One would think that after China threatened to invade us, due to fear of of US “defaulting,” on the loan to them, during the government shut down… Then making public statements of wanting a “non Americanized new world order,” in front of the UN… Joining the vast power grab of so many groups and countries that want to seize control of the UN in order to control the world, such as Islamic countries and the Muslim Brotherhood, wanting their “new world order,” “caliphate,” and many communist leaders that see it as a chance to grab global power.. So why is China still looking for any reason to bring about war with the US? APPARENTLY, CHINA, AS WELL AS MANY OTHER NATIONS, HAVE HATED THE US FOR MANY MANY YEARS, AND ONLY NOW THAT THEY SEE OUR NATION AS WEAK AND DEPENDENT DO THEY FEEL THAT THEY HAVE THE UPPER HAND, AND ABILITY TO WIPE US OUT! WE NEED DEMOCRATS SUCH AS OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE, AS NOT ONLY ALL OF THE US SAW THE INFORMATION IN THE MOVIE OBAMA 2016, SHOWING OBAMA HAD DE-ACTIVATED SO MANY OF OUR NUCLEAR WEAPONS THAT WE ARE ON THE LEVEL OF A THIRD WORLD NATION! Were now sitting ducks. Vote the Democrats out and bring in good leadership! A good military leader and strategist is what we need when facing so many powerful enemies!


  28. The only reason this dictator wannabe “Pivoted” from the Middle East is because it blew up on his face, Morsi being his latest failure. It hold be interesting how Morsi “Sings” to the brave Egyptian men and women who put an end to his dreams of radical islamism.
    In another development our tin can dictator is following closely on the Castro book of communism. During his South Africa speech he alluded to the founding fathers being communist, just like his handlers taught him.

  29. We need to put Obama on the bridge of one of those ships and try that again. Maybe he will START to understand what he is doing. We can only hope while we work to Impeach BHO we can teach him a few things. After all, he has had a full term to learn, but it doesn’t seem to be getting through his thick, ignorant skull!

    • Obama knows exactly what he is doing is destroying the American greatness and world respect for our word, that is the problem, While Obama has some folks fooled into believing his fundamental change is good for America. What would BHO do if and when Iran starts bombing Israel at the same time China starts bombing Japan and Islamist Jihad start their strikes in this country ? Call for UN resolution ? Or send John Kerry out to apologize to Iran and China for Israel and Japan for getting in the way of their bombs.,

    • Why would you put our brave men and women in such peril? And indecisive CIC is what causes death in combat. Just like the Generals we have been left with. No combat experience just experience in pushing paper. If you haven’t seen the movie “Heartbreak Ridge” there is a scene at the end where the Battalion Commander is crying that Gunny disobeyed orders and took out an enemy position. And the Commanding general asks him this question. Colonel what is your command experience?” The colonel answers “Supply and Logistics” The General asks “Were you good at that?” Colonel “Yes Sir” General “Maybe you should stick to what you know and leave the fighting to those who can.” Obama reminds me of the Colonel.

      • I’ve been there, done that. As part of my 25 year military career, I was in the Med and Black Sea in the 70’s when we played chicken with the Russians. I don’t need your fretting over this. The ship’s C.O. would prevent harm befalling us if at all possible. Even if the C.I.C. was aboard, the Captain of the ship is still in charge and responsible for operating the ship in a safe manner. Makes me wonder about your military background.

      • Actual combat Experience 6 months of constant fire fighting in Nam 68-69 US Army. But if you are as smart s you say. Chain of Command. Who is the ranking authority? CIC or Captain of the ship. Have you ever heard of “Relieved of duty. Doubt me but I kept my guys alive. Ring knockers like you fell real bad ass when you are on board ship.

  30. Since the summit conference over U.N 21. Obama has given the U.N power over our lands. Along with Harry Reid and Polisi. Google U.N 21 to see who is supporting this.
    Obama leads from behind to ensure that countries like China can take over without firing a shot as of yet. Liberals that follow Obama, They do not realize that our families are at danger of being killed by a Chinese army. Mexico is so corrupted they will allow them to enter. I am not a conspiracy nut. But I am seeing more and more.
    Soon the Chinese will ask for their payback.

    • I am against U.N. 21, however Wikipedia lists Former President George Bush as a signer of Agenda 21. I think this goes further than just the U.S. vs the world, I think most politicians would sell us down the river for a few bucks. Politician is just a fancy word for LIAR!

  31. After living in China and worked there for 8 years. I would like for folks to understand, this is new test for the Chinese military. I taught and trained over 5000 Chinese students and Military dills. Now listen very carefully. The Chinese military is a paper tiger! They can march and sing and look really sharp! They have neat equipment. But they are no where ready to engage in a real war! They would get their butts kicked so fast! They are better at electric warfare and human intel gathering then at real fighting. The majority of the soldiers are paid for by their families. You see, there are only so many positions in the Army and there are not enough good paying jobs in China,so the Army there is considered a secure well paying job. So the families pay a corrupt system of commanding officers to get their children in.the military. Otherwise unless a child goes to a large city like Shanghai they can get a college degree and end up working as a waiter or some small job. So the military is a valued job..Families pay a average of $1500 in bribes to get their kid in and then the soldiers pay a monthly kick back to the leadership to keep their job!. Had the U.S. Navy started and engagement, the commander of the Chinese forces would have had to get permission to return fire. I can assure you, that would not happen. China needs America and we need them. We are economically dependent on each other. Think about it, Just how prepared are the Chinese to go to war? When was the last time you heard of the Chinese in a war. Hell Vietnam threw them out after only 2 years. They have a few Blue water Navy ships, But no Blue water Navy fighting experience! They have about 100 years catching up to do and need a lot of land fighting to do before they become a serious threat. As I said a Paper Tiger! But they look good!
    .They are very large in number, but do not have the expansion capabilities or experience! Also the Vast majority of Chinese people are very peaceful. It is rare to ever see a aggressive or angry person in China. The American sterio type of the Angry Asain is very different from reality. They are still Pissed at the Japanese for the atrocities from WWII. But they would not go there to fight! So in all this makes good news, But you can sleep well tonight, because they are testing the waters, but they are not stupid!!!

      • LOL Like ive never heard that B4…. you should thank my family for that product because without it your dad wouldn’t of went near that snailtrail of your moms and would of rolled her over n kornhol’d her

      • You are an embarrassment of the Caucasian race, generally referred to as white trash in the local terminology, here in the Deep South. Pretty much an embarrassment to the US of A as well.

      • LOL …I know you are but what am I? If you don’t like it in the south go back to that CHITHOLE lebanon.One word comes to mind about YOU….FISTULA that’s you.Pull your BIG GIRL PANTIES UP and get over it!

      • By the way for the second time, I am not Lebanese, have never been to Lebanon and am 100% American and proud of it. Now, go away little boy. Shouldn’t you be in school, after riding in the short school bus? Adios, MFer! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

      • WHAA! WHAA! WHAA! WHAA! you sound like the teacher on charlie brown…lol HAPPY FESTIVAS Stand up for your beliefs be proud of who you are don’t hide behind a false persona…

    • The Chinese don’t need to be “ready” for war they so greatly outnumber us, Regardless of skill we would be completely over run in days.

      • Maybe overrun on their soil but not ours. They have strength in numbers but not training or weapons. We would dominate them by sea and air too. I’m not worried.

      • Like I heard earlier, it wont be the men it will be by infrastructure! Is all they have to do is kill all the power and celluar,wireless signals and they could walk in this country from anywhere they want !lol

      • If they take out our sattelites and comms…..then we done! We would be just as dumbfounded without orders to be taken except for the small units trained to communicate by themselves.No command though. AM signals hahahaha

      • The amusing part of this discussion is the complete lack of logistics on the part of the Chinese. They can’t move that many soldiers, even if they tried. Even if they tried to do it, who is not going to take notice. To take down our communications to a stand-still would take a tactical nuclear strike of immeasurable proportions. Again, who is not going to take notice of airborne missiles coming our direction? Now, let’s just say they try that. Our response is to fire back not only at the Chinese but at anyone who might be our enemy. That is to prevent anyone left over having any tactical advantage. You see, that is why the Chinese have never tried it and never will. Viet Nam was a lesson in futility. It was fought with soldiers to prove that no one would use atomic weapons. The Russians, the Chinese, the U.S. none of these world powers even thought of going that route, not even in the face of defeat. Don’t get me wrong, at some point and time somebody will let all that is going on today slide by and some fanatical group will acquire a nuclear device and try to take out their sadistic and psychotic views by detonating inside the U.S. That is going to be the initiating point of all countries kicking everybody out that don’t belong there. I only see Australia at this point doing anything right as far as all of the PC bullshit. They basically say to all, you are not going to change anything about us. We are who we are and if you don’t like it you can leave, now, today. And if you try anything, we will help you to immediately depart the world or at least Australia. It is about time that what is perceived as the New World Order comes to an end. The trouble is not with countries intrinsically, but Elitist Politicians that think they can take our life and our freedoms away for their own greedy end.

      • Look at what a few terrorists did? Hello….and you ask if the worlds armies could do us in! This guys a moron to think that the worlds armies could not annihilate this country!

      • Morons are grown everyday. Let me ask you this, why didn’t Russia beat Afghanistan? Because we supplied and trained them with the techonology it took to do two things, kill their helicoptors and tanks. Why didn’t Afghanistan beat the US? For the same damn reason. Anyone thinking that under anything less than waving a white flag to the Chinese or the Russians or anyone for that matter that they would have a chance in Hades of taking over this country is vastly mistaken and a “moron” in their own right. You have to realize that Chinese technology has been gleened from us. Not developing their own technology puts them at a disadvantage. We have always been able to defeat our own technology as we know it’s limitations.
        As far as a few terrorists, like the Warren Commission Report, our government is blowing a hell of a lot of smoke up the proverbial tail pipe of it’s own people. Until the government gives up all video definitively showing the world what happened on 9-11, I don’t believe a word of it! And only a moron would believe without absolute proof.

      • Does anyone in teh US know how many Russian and or Chinese spys are here in the US? The terrorists have more dmn spys guys here than we probably have NSA workers!

      • I don’t believe you have that answer. And we have just as many there as well. So, in reality, what is your point.

      • Yeah, no. Communication, especially among military units, does NOT depend solely on satellites and the advertised methods of communications. Redundancy is the absolute lifeblood of the US Military. Military units and their commanders have backup methods of communications that non-military types don’t know about. Those methods may not be as effective as the primary methods, and they may not give such detailed intel, but they are viable options and can be implemented, on the fly, should they become necessary. Also, Military training takes into account the possibility that the “big cheese”, so to speak, of any military unit may be killed in combat. Non-Coms, believe it or not, are actually much better able to lead troops than are officers because, while the officers may indeed know the picture, the Non-Coms know the troops.

    • What a terd you are! Let me see….a hundred million men against half that or less so to speak. I think they’d whoop the sht outta the U.S. in a heart beat so we need to wake up and stop peeing in other peoples plates.

      • what a terd you are, who cares if they have a hundred million men, first off they have to get those hundred million men here, then they have to fight against every armed american citizen here, there is no country out there that even stands a chance of successfully invading and conquering the UNITED STATES.

      • We cannot stop illegal entries at our southern border you think we could stop a hundred million ? hahahahaha especially a few at a time? terd………

      • What was it that I heard recently? I think it was “The American hunters” alone comprise the 5th largest army in the world. Most of them are pretty handy with a rifle too. Something like that.

    • This is a good assessment and matches my observations from central China right now. The Russians have always played “tag” with our ships and boats. Our carrier groups are always followed by opposing navies. A polite FU is probably an appropriate response.
      The game changes when any ship is fired upon. I would hope the captain of our war ships would return fire with the most effective weapons he has. If attacked by aircraft from a carrier, surface ships, or subs he would have to respond quickly to an actual threat.

  32. obama’s handler Soros is mad at China. They know about him and his dirty deeds and want nothing to do with him, they’re not stupid and it’s really ticking off George. But, just like obama and being the arrogant psychopathic Marxist that he is, Soros is not use to being told “no” so he is going thru the backdoor to get at what he wants out of Asia…natural gem stones, grain, teak wood and (the biggy)….oil reserves. He’a sending in obama and his people, Kerry for instance, to build relations but also to make threats as a build up to Hillary’s run.

  33. Mr West, sir you are talking about Barack Obama. I don’t believe he’s capable of leading anything in any direction other than down. We need not worry about China, Russia, or Iran. They couldn’t begin to destroy this nation as effectively as our president has over the last five years. We’ll be very lucky if our republic survives his presidency.

  34. When such incidents happen, the correct procedure is to sink the threatening ship as having committed an act of war. Unfortunately, our commander-in-chief lacks the experience, common sense and guts to defend the country from terrorist acts by the Chinese and others.

    • But then they would have had to sink the carrier too, and any other ships that were involved. That might actually make China mad at us, and they would quit loaning bumm money to squander, so that we would be taxed more to pay them back.

  35. As usual this bum Obama lives in an alternative reality. The ideologue in Chief is always on the wrong side in every case. An arrogant unbearable ideological buffon.

  36. Wow. How skewed some stories become in the name of maintaining the negative image of China.
    Allen, you’ve given a good argument to support the increased need of
    “defense” spending, but I’m afraid you’ve lost some credibility with me
    in terms of common sense and international politics.


    I understood it, WE just happened to be in the vicinity of their new
    aircraft carrier. Yes, it was in international waters, but it doesn’t
    excuse OUR behavior which lead to China’s response… WE decided, since

    we were in the area, that we wanted a “closer look” at the newly
    Chinese vessel. So, we sent an ARMED cruiser (supported of course by
    other fleet combat ships), towards their carrier group. Following me??
    Do we need to discuss the policy deficiencies which contributed to the
    Cole attack? How could we expect China NOT TO take evasive /
    protective measures when there is an ARMED vessel approaching their new
    ship??? We would have likely started shooting if it happened to one of
    our groups. Luckily they didn’t.

    Imagine if the roles were
    off of our coastal waters (in “international” waters), with an armed
    Chinese vessel approaching a newly renovated US carrier group. We hail
    them to stop, but they keep coming at the ship… Would you
    feel like it was a “threatening” gesture by their navy?
    If yes, then you must agree that their actions were perhaps the most
    non-aggressive response to that threat.

    The U.S. should have
    issued a statement of regret for the misunderstanding. Seems common
    sense would see us as the ones committing “maritime harassment”. What
    is the protocol on approaching ships in international waters after being
    hailed NOT to approach? Our Navy has no more authority in those waters
    than they do.

    • No apology need to be extended to China, as you said they have no more authority than we do in international waters.. No worry about U.S shooting with this president.

    • A. if you read the article completely it states in there that this ship was sent for surveillance of this carries B. get your head out of the sand China is claiming all islands that lie within the China sea and then some this is not conjecture it is fact they have already taken over a remote Philippine Island rich in oil reserves and is claming an island belonging to Japan. You are part of the problem by refusing to acknowledge we do have powerful enemies the world

    • Obviously you weren’t in the Navy during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. During the height of the Cold war, Russian vessels regularly and routinely shadowed US Carriers, INSIDE the protective Destroyer/Cruiser screen. Those actions weren’t considered by us to be provocative and that was with a nation that we were a breath away from planting mushrooms on/with. International Waters are exactly that, International Waters. Common sense obviously prevails but the bottom line is that the Cowpens did NOTHING wrong in taking a “closer look” at that ship.

  37. Before long Obama is gonna make sure that the US is at war so he can remain in office, because you can not change presidents in time of war, so he is gonna time it just right, count on it, this is the type of people they are him and Michele hate America, because look at what they have done to this Country so far!!

      • He messed up his first term, and he got voted back in, I didn’t vote for him, and if you look at the map on the day of election it was all Rep. and he still won, so tell me what people are gonna vote him out, it’s rigged for him to win. George Soros owns the voting machines, Bret Beir found that out!!

    • an amendment to the constitution limits a president to 2 consecituve terms, to change this would take a 2/3 majority of both houses of congress to send it to the states where it needs a 3/4 majority of the states to ratify it so even if it could pass the time constraints would be too great but if were approved today it would probably be struck down a being racist given anybody the disagrees with OBama is automatically a racist.

    • Show me where that is written in the Constitution & Bill of Rights. Any act giving him a 3rd term is a violation of the Constitution and his oath of office.

      • Check you history. FDR was elected 3 times because the American people trusted him and it was Harry Truman who got FDR’s bill passed that limited a President to, Only, two terms.
        FDR feared the power that he was given, even though, it was in war time. He feared others would abuse the office when there were no wars. I think he knew what he was doing.

      • FDR ran and was elected by the people in large part, because there was a two-front war going on, (Japan in the Pacific Ocean and Germany in Europe) and nobody wanted to change course by electing someone else. the Amendment restricting term limits on the Presidency did not come to fruition until after FDR’ s death, and I believe he ran and was elected 4 times.

      • Sorry Metoo looked for it, could not find it, but did find where the House of Rep. have soul power to Impeach Article l section 2 # 5! They need to Impeach Obama for a lot of things before things really get bad, we can’t do 3 more yrs. with this man!!

      • That is one of those “executive orders he has signed. Bush had one signed that said riots and bum just added to it and resigned it.

      • I should have added, it doesn’t say third term, it says no election until the president declares the emergency over.

      • At last count, he had still, 3 more years of destruction to rain down on this ONCE great nation, to complete his communist “TRANSFORMATION”! Hopefuly, mother nature will intervene, … you know, …heart attack, stroke, etc., etc.,….

      • He MAY have 3 more years. I do wish our Military had the backbone necessary to chase that asshat out of ”OUR HOUSE.”

        Some thing about ‘all enemies, foreign and domestic.’

        Obama counts as a domestic enemy in my sights. e.g. all his subversion of our Constitution.

    • The Heck you can’t we can change a President, whenever we decide (mostly thru elections, but also IMPEACHMENT) esp. if the liar-in-chief gets caught lying to us.

      • Congress would have full authority over Obama in time of Impeachment, that’s what they need to do now, before things get really bad!!

  38. We have always had presidents that made sense. We might disagree with the amount of government and other issues, but it was always within certain limits–especially the constitution helped us put on the brakes. I have been asking myself what Obama really wants. He has thrown out the polictical fences that our founding father put down for us. He has done things that shock me. He has disarmed our bases? Our soldiers? After a muslim doctor opened fire on an Air Force Base? He has allowed states to throw away the 2nd amendment so he can disarm American. So much is hidden and untrue. What really is his bottom line. Start putting the pieces together and see what you come up with. I can’t figure it out. Is he really trying to protect us?

  39. Wow! Look at THAT! Now there’s some change. Were we hoping for that?

    HEY! Did anyone ask what sort of change the idiots were hoping for before we alowe them to defraud two federal elections and subvert the means of the US to project power in defense of our allies and interests, anywhere?

  40. ” I’m not digging this “lead from behind” stuff — down South we call that following.”
    But who is he following? Sounds like treason to me following the lead of the Chinese over our stated policy’s.

  41. Obama will fix it all… he will go and kowtow to the Chinese and kiss their feet. That is a position he has in his arsenal. Maybe he will allow them to take over all of Long Beach as an adjunct to the naval facility the Chinese have (the old Long Beach NAVSTA) in reparations for having had the temerity to shadow their naval task group.

  42. Well, China seems to welcome that pivot as they have assumed territorial control of the Japanese Senkaku Islands

    No, they have not. They’ve merely declared that they control Senkaku. That’s far from actually having control of the islands.


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