President wins “liar of the year” – what does that tell you?

Politifact named “If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it period” as the 2013 Lie of the Year.

So what do you call the person who repeatedly gave the lie of the year? We teach our children about honesty and integrity. Can it be that the new normal in America is that character does not matter? Can it be that integrity is no longer a valued trait, and what lesson have we now given to our children?

Do not harp on about “Bush lied, people died” because there were quite a good many others – including Democrats — who agreed with same assessment and intelligence support.

We are indeed Slouching towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline as the late Judge Robert Bork wrote — first a president and a despicable act in the Oval Office — and his subsequent lie. And now this today. Thanks to the liberal progressive perspective of relativism and “any means necessary,” along with the Islamic totalitarian concept of “taqqiya,” lying to promote ones goals, objectives, and agenda is now prevalent.

How is it that we have come to this point in America? President Obama receives four Pinocchios in the Washington Post, and now this. What do you call the person who repeatedly professed the lie of the year? The most untrustworthy President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. Thanks Col West for keeping us informed. I can’t bring myself to call you Allen. You are Col West and I would rather call you Mr. President of these United States of America.

  2. Okay Allen what can we do about it? Who is going to take Boehner’s position next year? Until we wrest that away from the do nothing golfing buddy of O’s we are hung out to dry. How come I don’t hear loads of people getting after Boehner instead of whine about O? Until we get someone with cahones and body guards willing to prosecute from that position we have nothing!

  3. Yesterday Boehner said TEA party elected representatives were holding the American Citizens hostage. Mr. Boehner, YOU are holding us hostage. Did you consider all the CITIZENS that elected those TEA party people? Get him, Obama, Reid and San Fran Air head out of office.

    • Majority speaker of the Congressional House of Representatives, John Boehner, is equally as reprehensible as Barrack Hussein Obama. John Boehner is unfit to speak an opinion on anything. I can’t wait for both of them to be kicked out of office.

  4. The answer to your question: “What do you call the biggest liar in America?” is simple. Obama. Next question?
    To paraphrase another loser’s action, Johnny Depp – as long as we don’t wipe his crap from our faces, we deserve to have Obama sitting on our heads. Well – are we? Done with him yet?

  5. Bill Clinton proved long ago that character does not matter to many people, as did
    Ted Kennedy. This has been coming since the early sixties, when this country gave up it’s stand on MORALITY.

  6. I call him “the liar in the White House”. I refuse to call him president as that would only
    dignify the most reprehensible man since Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton!!

  7. A legacy to aspire to somewhere no doubt, but not in the America I grew up in and formulated morality, ethics, personality and character from the values of the day.. many years ago..

  8. Question. If its proven that obama was not a citizen of birth, what would the legal ramifications be concerning all his executive orders, acting as president and signing into law everything that his evil hand has penned into law? Would that nullify those laws? What about the office itself? A hiatus would’ve occurred so what be its impact on our chain of command? Is this a reason why those who have pursued the issue have backed off? Help me understand this Col.. West .

    • Democrats don’t care if a non-American gets elected to the presidency. For years, Democrats have also been promoting implementation of foreign law in our judicial system. They even now are promoting the acceptance of Sharia Law in the U.S., though you won’t get them to publicly acknowledge it. (Check on Muslim (Islamic) judge in the state of Michigan), and I’m sure there are others who already actively use Sharia Law inside the United States. You can’t expect someone who wants our country to view foreign law as our own to care about our president’s country of origin.

      • Yeah? Just try to get Cruz or Rubio on the ticket and see which arguments the hypocrites launch first.

  9. Understood but the question is not answered. I asked my father today the same question and he believes all obamas actions would nullify by the fraud he perpetrated on our legal and judicial systems. What about the hiatus of the top executive office?


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