If Obama were a Cadet or Midshipman, he’d be expelled

There is one simple, yet powerful, comparative analysis from this week that I’m sure not many are considering. This week President Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the dubious distinction of being the mouthpiece of the Politifact “Lie of the Year.” This follows a year where President Obama was awarded by the Washington Post with four Pinocchios.

It begs the question, does integrity exist in the highest office in the land?

Interestingly enough, Saturday will be the 123rd anniversary of “America’s Game,” Army vs Navy. Those who will march into Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia live under a code of honor that concisely states, “I will not lie or cheat, nor tolerate anyone who does.”

I have seen the United States Military Academy at West Point honor court. It is a peer-led system. Last week, I saw the same while visiting The Citadel, where they also have the same honor code.

Is it not the greatest of ironies that these young men and women uphold a code of character that the “Commander-in-Chief” does not? How did we come to this point in America? Has our culture so devolved that those who are elected lack the basic standards of honesty that we all teach our children?

I find it unconscionable that one day, those young men and women of the highest, impeccable standard of character, be it from West Point, Annapolis, Colorado Springs, or New London will not have someone as a leader to whom they can admire. If Barack Obama was a Cadet or Midshipman he would be expelled. What shall the American people do?


  1. Unfortunately we no longer hold our elected officials at any level to an acceptable standard of conduct. Elect, then forget seems to be this nation;s mantra now, and it is impossible to control a government when you ignore it or let it get away with the most heinous acts. Our representatives swear oaths to uphold and protect the Constitution, yet we have a President who is writing and enacting his own law, and Congress is letting him. We have a President who lies, then lies about lying, and we let him get away with it. We have a President who has, in effect, declared war on the American people, and we let him get away with it. We have become sheep in the pasture of the Idiocracy.

    • The majority may be sheep but there are a quite a few rams mixed in with them. We are millions strong and we WILL keep our oaths. The tree of liberty seems to be in need of watering soon. Semper Fi

  2. It is very nearly too late to rectify the shame the White House. The saddest part of this parody of a presidency is that no matter who wins the next election, they will spend the first half of the term trying to fix all the mistakes and poor judgement this great country has been forced to endure over the last 2 terms. May God have mercy on our land.

    • I believe Obama is going to stay in office and he will do something to make that happen. Our W H press is NOT allowed to see or photo anybody that this crook sees anymore,so we don’t know what he’s planning !

  3. I just THANK GOD. That all our young men and women have the values of what is for OUR COUNTRY, Not a person, AS THEY SWEAR TO PROTECT ANY AND ALL FORMS OF TRAITORS FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THANK YOU FATHER FOR THAT. . We have to honor that commitment and their belief’s. GOD BLESS THEM ALL.


    • You stated ‘AS THEY SWEAR TO PROTECT ANY AND ALL FORMS OF TRAITORS FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC’, surely you meant to defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Right?

    • If that incident in Iraq had not happened, Colonel West would likely still be in the Army today, and by this time, he would probably be a general. However, he effectively threw his up till then spotless fast-track military career on a grenade to do what he had to do to get information from the corrupt and double-dealing Iraqi “policeman” needed to prevent whatever kind of terrorist action against his unit and himself that was going to take place. The bottom line was that NO U.S. SOLDIERS IN HIS COMMAND WERE KILLED OR WOUNDED in the incident, and that is HUGE. If West had played it “by the book,” had obeyed the Rules of Engagement and had followed the Field Interrogations Manual — and thus had not been able to get the intelligence from the recalcitrant, hostile and and uncooperative suspect needed to stop the planned attack and had some of his people been killed or wounded as a result, who would have had to give the orders that the dead be body-bagged and shipped off to Dover AFB or that the wounded be evacuated to the nearest hospital and the casualties’ personal effects be boxed up and sent to their families – and who would have had to write letters of condolence to their families stating what great solders and good friends the dead men had been? Colonel West. He was forced out of the Army that he had given his entire adult life to – but he can look at himself in the mirror knowing that he walked the extra mile and did what he had to do to protect the people in his command. Contrast the leadership shown by a man who said flatly that if faced with that choice again, he would walk through Hell carrying a gasoline can to protect his people with that of a man who got to where he is today mostly by voting “present” hundreds of times on all of the really tough issues so as not to endanger his own political career and who spun a web of what turned out to be empty false promises to deceive an oh-too-willing and gullible electorate, who has repeatedly blamed everybody else for his own numerous failures – and who now has been awarded the not-exactly coveted “Lie of the Year” award.

  4. With the Rapid EXPLOSION of B-HUSSEIN-O, and his Administration, joined with the Democrapy Senate, and The recently Identified RHINO’s….Our present “Civil COLD War”, may be getting to the Boiling Point. Happy to be a Member of the OATHKEEPERS….Cause we better get ready for the Dawns Early light “AGAIN”.

  5. I am here in Philadelphia for the 3rd time as our son is a firstie at Annapolis….the year Obama finally showed his face at Americas Game he was BOOED by everyone but the Mids and the Cadets…need I say more……ps I am sure he will not be here tomorrow!…
    Go Navy!

    • I am not surprised that our Mids and Cadets didn’t boo. They have too much class and respect. And, if our “President” has any sort of smarts, he wouldn’t show up. The tide is slowly, but surely, turning and I don’t know that he can handle it.

      And I don’t know about you…but I see the Navy winning their 8th in a row! GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY! 🙂

    • Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) got it absolutely right when he shouted “You Lie!” during Obama’s deceitful bloviation about his proposed Obamacare during a joint session of Congress. Good for him for having the courage to speak up and tell the truth!

      Rep. Joe Wilson “You Lie”
      YouTube Video, runtime 0:25

      This is the right tact — he must be called out — publicly, whenever possible because lying and demonizing anyone who opposes him is all this illegal alien occupying the “People’s House” does. He is a thin-skinned narcissist and doesn’t take criticism at all well. Public appearances — “boo” him. He has constantly deceived the American people and “We the People” must express our outrage and disapproval in return.
      I highly respect the “Office of the President,” but trust and respect for an individual occupying that office must be earned — and this lying bastard has done absolutely NOTHING to earn my respect!

      • We Can SAVE America

        *I’, Robert David Hummel, a Combat Veteran
        and Servant, Did Serve to Preserve, Protect, and Defend, the Freedoms of Our
        Great Nation, *am enduring with wanton TOLERANCE, “My”, din and angst of the
        OSAMA’OBAMA’OSAMA, and his Administration CZARS, that are Promulgating LAWS, NOT
        SANCTIONED BY THE CONGRESS, that is forcing America down the path of
        HISTORY,…as in the FALL of The Roman Empire.

        We are no
        doubt enduring a “Civil COLD War”, in America. “I pray Our Lord in Heaven, will
        Continue to Bless, Lead, Guide, and Direct”, “The FEW”, of Our Nations Leaders’,
        That are in TRUTH, attempting to CORRECT the FAILED LEADERSHIP of the Many, in
        our three branches of government.

        The continued
        FAILURE of our LEADERS to return WITH Due Diligence, of Deference, DISCERNING
        Prudence, and Accountability, to, “We The People”, and RULE of LAW, inculcated
        with-in, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of
        Independence, WILL RESULT in “We The People”, reaching the Boiling Point of a
        Revolution’, That may CHANGE the FREEDOM of America FOREVER’,

        I invite ALL
        PATRIOTS to JOIN with me in membership with, “The OATHKEEPERS”, Which may be.

        PSSST’, November 2014, May be TOO LATE.

        Robert David Hummel USA RET, Inverness,

    • As a military member, I can tell you that 30 years is too much. If someone joins at 20, they would be 50 by that time. There is little to none they can do in any sort of warfighting capacity. We have civilian jobs if we need their wisdom that they can go into. At that age, they also become a liability to everyone else. If a battle were to kick off, or the base we are at gets hit with fire, the people there would have to make sure he doesn’t have a heart attack, or injure himself. I am not saying that to be harsh, but that is just the way it is. We can’t lose our war fighting abilities to try and be nice to people.

      • i’d like to see you get a hold of my ass when i was 50 sonny and show you a few things .wait till your 50 if your smart enough to get that old

      • LOL! /This old Devil Doc can still kick your a$$ little boy. I can shoot the nuts off a gnat at 50 yards and can still run for miles with gear on. By the way, I am 67 years of age. You are an idiot!

      • I just hit 22 years, is that too long? I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m HUNGRY for another 22! I am more mentally, physically and spiritually focused than I’ve aver been. The only people that are a liability to me are the ones that shrivel up and cower because they cannot or will not let the training they’ve received sink into their minds and become instinctive, and the majority of the people that I’ve ever seen do that are the YOUNG, unseasoned troops. Nothing against them, but they need to learn their roles and get their heads in the game or they’ll get all of us killed because they couldn’t draw-fire, support-fire or HIT THE DECK and get the hell out of the way so we could return-fire. If anything, you’ll lose your fighting ability because you’ve let your experience go! As far as civilian positions, the best war-fighters are the ones in the field with eyes-on the situation so they can assess it first-hand. There are very few DOD/Civilian positions that will let you do that, my friend.

      • Never ever really served did you; Nothing but a made up fantasy; How many purple hearts and silver stars have you awarded yourself?


  7. Take all politicians who can’t uphold their oath and arrest and try them if found guilty they should make restitution, and be thrown in jail depending on their crimes. afterwards, they should never be allowed to hold ANY office ever again. And all the money they are trying to cut from the military pensions should be reinstated from the cuts to politicians who need to live within their means

  8. Obama would NEVER be allowed in the military… he couldn’t pass the background check… and YOU know it.
    He’s an ILLEGAL ALIEN, and if we had someone with the courage they say they have, Obama would be in jail.
    Too bad it’s being left to an 82 yo Arizona Sheriff to do the work of “patriotic” Americans.

  9. Obama couldn’t figure out how to be a dog catcher. He’s a groomed psychopath puppet, a compromised and controlled agent. He is a very specialized product. I can’t imagine what he’ll do once they’ve used him up. There’s not much “there” there since he lives in a fantastical demonic miasma of lies. Republicans need to disengage from Obamaworld completely, they’ll never win there. They need to occupy realville and call Obamaworld what it is.

  10. I haven’t understood for some time now, just why he isn’t “expelled”! What do our congressmen do if they aren’t protecting the people and upholding the Constitution by act and by principle?

  11. It is my opinion that anyone elected president must complete military basic training before being sworn in if they have never served.

    • The only truth this man ever told was that of his desire to “Fundamentally transform America.” America’s foundation is our Constitution, would he have been elected had he said he was going to “fundamentally transform our Constitution?” The true deception that his desire is to “fundamentally DESTROY America!”

  12. With a son that spent 10yrs in the Army. Two deployments to Afghanistan and one to Iraq. He served 10yrs in the Army out of the 82nd Airborne, Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, N.C. I have a niece that has been in the Army at Fort Hood. She was there during the shooting fortunately on the other side of the base. Now I have a granddaughter in the Navy. She is a Air Traffic Controller in Virginia. I have a husband that was on the USS Nimitz as a Flight Deck V1 Division. His father was in the Marine Corp. Retired as a Master Sgt. after 30yrs. My father was in WW1 and WW11. Now I want to say how proud I am of all military services to anyone that serves. As you can see and In my family most all branches were served. But, even though no one went to West Point they do most certainly do and did carry a code of honor. I salute you all. In Obamas case he most certainly would never have gotten in. He doesn’t now or have I ever seen an ounce of honor or truth in him. This man COULD have went into the White House and do great things. But, to his own doing and disadvantage he chose another route. Thank you.

  13. The point of always being truthful is credibility. Once it is gone it is gone.

    Anybody that now supports anything that Barack Hussein Obama says. Has extended their loyalty beyond their own honor. And are now reprobates.





    an unprincipled person (often used humorously or affectionately).

    synonyms:rogue, rascal, scoundrel, miscreant, good-for-nothing, villain, wretch,rake, degenerate, libertine, debauchee; informal,cad;

    archaicblackguard, knave, rapscallion

  14. I can’t understand WHY Obama has not been removed! He gos on Jimmy Fallon show and brags about smoking Dope and ..” Doing a little Blow!”…Dean Kraus

  15. The US is led by a Liar-en-Chief.
    He lies to to the Americans while he destroys their health care system and he lies to Israel when he empowers Iran to build a nuclear bomb that may physically destroy the whole Middle East.

  16. In the Left’s play book lying to reach your ends is justified. They have no shame. They don’t even know what the word means or just don’t care. We will be seeing more lying and other contrivances unfortunately.

  17. Unfortunately this hypothetical would never be because he never would have been eligible for acceptance to any of the U.S. Military Academies.

    • bh0 claimed to have “decided not to sign up due to US not being involved in wars” at the time — probably a euphemism for “I sent applications to all services and got PFO letters almost immediately”.

  18. For true believers, the answers are all in their Bibles, including evverything that happens next.

    2Th 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already working, until He who is now the obstacle, is taken out of the way.
    2Th 2:8 And then “the Lawless One” will be exposed, “whom our Master Yahshua will consume by the spirit of His mouth,” and will destroy by the brightness of His presence. (Isa. 11:4)
    2Th 2:9 His coming is due to the working of Satan in all power and miraculous signs and lying wonders,
    2Th 2:10 and in all deceit of unrighteousness in those who will perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth in order for them to be saved.
    2Th 2:11 And because of this, YAHWEH will send to them a working of deception, for them to believe the lie,
    2Th 2:12 that those not believing in the truth, but who have delighted in unrighteousness all may be damned.

    YouTube Video, runtime 4:52

    Obama – 7 strange coincidences – WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? GEMATRIA and BIBLE CODE Information here!
    YouTube Video, runtime 6:47

    Wake up and spread the truth!

  19. I use to say that we should give obama a one-way ticket back to Chicago.
    Now I say we should put obama in jail -and throw away the key.

  20. I have been accused of being intolerant of people who lie, cheat, steal,and do drugs as well as being deviants. This is the world we live in now , people, and we can only change it one by one, risking being labeled harsh or intolerant. But it is a small presonal price after all, and we could improve the world.

  21. Having passed this code on to my son, I was gratified to know his fellow midshipmen throughout his time at the Naval Academy. They have gone on to their assignments now. It give me hope that the same qualities of character still exist as they did in my days of service.
    Regardless of how low we seem to sink as a society, there will always be the upright, clear thinking and moral, though they be few.
    There is a lot of heavy lifting in front of them.
    God Bless them and Protect them.

  22. Based on the paperwork we have seen to date, it is highly doubtful that Obama would have been accepted as a seaman recruit in the Navy, or a buck private in the Army.

  23. First off this half breed dirt bag POS could never get into any of these fine academy’s he would have to fill out paper work that would require specific information that he refuses to let out. Hell maybe the next Pres. won ‘t even have to tell us its name just vote for me cause I make “hopey changey” UGH!!!!!

      • Thank you for seeing one of my finer traits. besides what did I say that was wrong, #1 H/she is a half breed or would prefer mulatto. #2 Dirt bag, no one person has ever taken this nation so low in just 5 years as this one mooslioum. #3 POS, yup speaks for itself.#4 Now little troll get off your ass and get a job and get off the taxpayers teat.

  24. The American people should expel the LYING MURDERING THIEF out of the Highest Office in the nation and put his and his friends butts in prison.


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