Maybe we need Michelle “Death Stare” Obama to negotiate with Iran


It’s not just Republicans criticizing Obama and Kerry over Iran. Democrats are abandoning the president over the deal as well. Credibility is quickly slipping from his grasp.

According to the Washington Post, “more than two weeks after a landmark deal with Iran, House Republicans and Democrats called the Obama administration’s approach to nuclear negotiations naive and signaled they will slap more sanctions on the country despite warnings that doing so would torpedo the United States’ best chance in years at rapprochement.”

In a truly delusional statement before the House Foreign Relations committee on Tuesday, Kerry claimed the national security of US, Israel, and Arab Gulf States actually would be enhanced by the “nuclear deal” with Iran and new trade measures would harmed the fragile diplomacy with Iran’s government.

“Fragile diplomacy?” With a country holding three Americans in prison as we have reported here, and just recently celebrated “Death to America” day? Mr. Kerry, that’s not “fragile diplomacy,” it’s abject belligerence and overt conveyance of disdain and hatred.

As the Post reported:

“You’re asking us to be asleep and do nothing,” Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) complained to Kerry during a testy session of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In the end, not one member of the influential panel pledged to try to help the administration keep new sanctions at bay. Rep. Edward R. Royce (R-Calif.), chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said the current global sanctions net around Iran took years to build and should not be loosened without clear benefit.

“Governments throughout the world will not be easily convinced to reverse course and ratchet up sanctions pressure if Iran is only buying time with this agreement,” Royce said.

The Obama administration seems to have an insatiable appetite to do something, anything, no matter how truly ill-conceived or how little it is supported on Capitol Hill. While Obama once had the power like Ramses in the movie “The Ten Commandments” to demand, “So let it be written, so let it be done,” he’s certainly struggling now.

Based on those pictures with the Danish Prime Minister over in South Africa, it seems like President Obama is good at some foreign relations. But I bet the First Lady imposed some serious sanctions on him per that death stare. Hmm, perhaps Michele Obama should be the lead negotiator with the Iranians?


  1. Michelle Obama and her best pal Valerie Jarrett are much more “proud” of Iran – they really have no use for the Constitutional Republic known as The United States of America, their preference being The Islamic Republic of Iran. Who needs a Constitution when you have a ruler. Didn’t VJ claim this about BHO right after the 2008 election? Yes – when he begins to “rule.”

  2. I was stunned when I first read your twitter lead in because I misread “Death Stare” as Death Star. It did get my attention though. ?8^)

  3. I once knew a very handsome man. He married an ugly woman. He could not bear to think that someone would steal his wife from him. Reminds me of BHO and MO.

  4. maybe obama is a radical muslim that wants to help the Iranians scorch the earth for the return of the 3td matti !! or maybe he is just a destroyer-in-chief- since everything he touched turns to chaos and mayhem!! he is leading our great Republic on hyper speed to hell!!

  5. Death stare, I love that! I was thinking the other day,most of her pictures had the nasity, look down her nose if looks could kill stare. Those two words fit perfectly. Also perfect is ” Destroyer -in – Chief!

  6. I’ve watch Obama’s America 2016 with an open mind. Is he a muslim? Is he a communist? Is he just over his head? Or is he relying on incompetent people? Is he just over his head? I didn’t vote for him and it’s not because of the color of his skin but because I am a Republican. When he was first voted in I thought our country had come a long way and thought here would change things for us. My balloon did burst long before his second election. One of the things I really started noticing is he doesn’t admit when he has made a mistake. It’s his way or no way. Not a good quality in a leader. He has surrounded himself with a lot of people that should go. But for some reason they are still with us. Holder (Fast & Furious) why is he still with us? Obama’s words were “I didn’t know about that”. The IRS targeting the Tea Party. Why didn’t heads roll? Hillary Clinton (Benghazi), yes she left office but my question is did she really leave on her own? Obama’s words, again were, “I didn’t know in time about that”. Perhaps she was asked to and nothing would come out about it so she had a chance to run for President in 2016. The spying on our allies. Obama’s words were “I didn’t know about that”. The spying has gone on for years and years. Obamacare. He signed off on it and hadn’t even read it. He should be telling Ezekiel Emanuel to hit the road jack, since that guy was the main creator of the law. Sebelius (Obamacare Website) his words again were, “I didn’t know about that”. Why is she still here? She lied during the hearings that nobody told her the website wasn’t really ready to go but then, what, a week later a document is found that she was told. John Kerry (Iran Deal) This is my opinion but I have no use for John Kerry and don’t think he is qualified for the job. The sanctions should not have been removed. What Iran just turned a 190 and can now be trusted? When Obama first started saying “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance”. We all say he was lying. But was he at that time? Was that what he was told by Ezekiel Emanuel and others? Then he tries changing what he said and says “What I meant was if you liked your employer’s insurance you can keep it”. No that’s not what he originally said. But when he said that was he covering for those people? Then when he came out and spoke again and said you can keep your insurance another year to the ones that were cancelled, he was like a whipped puppy at that time. All the times he also said “I didn’t know that”, did he really not know or did he? If he really didn’t know then who the “H” is running the country? Incompetents! And if that is the case why isn’t he saying goodbye to them? Why is he covering for them because sure is allowing them to make him look incompetent. I know one thing the majority of us agree on, we need a government change big time. Time we start firing people in 2014 and send the message out….You like your seat…..remember you can lose your seat….PERIOD!!! We need to start reminding our elected officials that they were “ELECTED FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE”. And I 100% believe that elected officials should only serve a two year term just like the President.

    • The Democrat machine can produce around 10-20million fake votes by 2016.

      Obama’s Regime can also blackmail Republicans, Democrats, bureaucrats, and Roberts at the SC, to do the bidding of the Left.

  7. I HAVE A QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU OUT HERE. I researching something and could use you help.

    If Obama wanted to issue all of us American Citizens a National/Citizen card how would you feel about that?

  8. Just as Valerie Jarrett, Michelle has a dark soul and dark look about her that gives you the shivers just thinking about the evilness lurking inside her. She can’t even begin to hide it. THAT is one angry lady!


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