Lousy enrollment numbers help Obama’s grand plan

With every day, Obamacare enrollments fall further and further behind. But does it matter to the president? I don’t think so.

In order for this program to be solvent, seven million Americans actually have to sign up and pay up in order to stabilize this farcical endeavor into one-sixth of our economy.

It means from October 1st, when healthcare exchanges opened to March 1st, an average of 55,000 people per day would have to sign up and pay. Well, the healthcare.gov flubs put that Obama pipe dream behind even further, so now closer to 100,000 paid consumers are needed every day. The reported number of 364,682 Americans who have signed up as of November 30th is nowhere near the original 7-day goal of Obama and Sebelius.

Even more disturbing, according to an AP report:

Nationally, an additional 803,077 people have been determined to be eligible for Medicaid, the safety-net program will it seems the Obama administration is trying to tout as some success story.

How many of those are in states that opted out of Medicaid expansion? Will those states be coerced to comply? Are those who signed up for Medicaid going to be stuck out in limbo? And how many actual policies have been written? What a fiasco.

My assessment is they’ll indeed fall short of desired numbers. As well, the private insurance industry will have been destabilized as well as demonized. Doctors and some hospitals will abandon accepting additional Medicaid and Obamacare mandates and lower reimbursements. More Americans will actually find themselves without healthcare coverage — and we’ve not even addressed the employer mandate issues.

But then Imperial President Obama will issue the decree for which he’s been preparing — especially if liberal progressives win back the House and keep the Senate – a single-payer plan that puts ALL Americans on Medicaid.

However, Obama may not wait for the November mid-term elections. He’s brought on John Podesta, former head of the Center for American Progress who is an expert at “Executive Actions.” Harry Reid has changed the filibuster rule to a simple majority, explicitly meaning the DC Circuit Court can be stacked, for life, with Obama’s three nominees, 7-4. That means any challenge to Obama executive action would go to the DC Circuit Court — and we know what that ruling would be.

I learned a vital lesson from US Marine 1st Sgt (Ret) Jim Reinfinger, “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, it’s because your tactics suck.” This damn sure ain’t a fair fight and the sooner Republicans see that, perhaps we can restore this Republic, recommit to our constitutional values, reclaim our American pride and heritage, and kick these progressive socialists out of rule.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this read, and for allowing us to see what it really means. I’m so frustrated with Obama and his administration. Every day I see something more outrageous, and when I think it can’t get any better, the next day it does. How can we stop this radical president from bringing us to our knees. I hope everyone does their homework for the next election. Too many americans want santa claus, and that’s the only reason he won. Oh – he won on lies, I forgot !!

    • To keep discussing Obama and his Administration, English needs adjectival and adverbial forms of the word “CHUTZPAH” because nothing else describes them. The dictionary I checked on line showed no sign of words existing like “chutzpanic” or “chutzpanically.” But their actions are chutzpanic or chutzpanically motivated. (The President’s attitude towards Israel simply makes using a Yiddish word more rewarding.)

  2. as soon as the web site was not working correct I told my husband that the single payee is what o was after. we have to fight but it is hard sometimes because libs do things against the law and think it is alright as long as it gets them what they want.

  3. I didn’t expect you to agree with what I was already saying privately, perhaps in a slightly different direction, that Obama & Reid, ULC, (Unlimited Lie-Ability Co.), would say, “See, trying to integrate a free-market economy into this will not work, we need a single-payer system and we need it now.” The part about stacking the DC Circuit Court is good attention to detail that I missed.

  4. The many who blindly follow Pres. O (or who are backed against a wall in desperation to have some kind of insurance) will have to back whatever mandate he decrees.

    And the other party, the Republicans – as well as any of us independents – should be prepared for extra tactics. One suggestion $$ and contacts to PAY for media blitzes to update people on the various moves Pres. O and company will surely pull…since most of the media will (still) blindly repeat the Obama line.

    (You never know…Maybe more people will actually realize the way our US GOV is being deconstructed…into totalitarian LITE!!!)

    I agree with the Col. They are setting up the gov to be a One Party System – yet again.

    Think “Chicago” here!!! Or…the STar Trek “BORG”!!!

    • And to the TOO NAIIVE REP party. Think of getting the solid leaders (elected and not elected) like (in no order) Thomas Sowell, the Col, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and others …Think more of different races and more females.

      Not just the same old white guys.

      While race (ultimately) should not matter, the REP party (and independents) need to reach people of other races!

      • Your thoughts are good, but… the liberal press will demonize any minority that runs for anything in the Republican party,and the Obama zombies will believe anything they’re told by the mainstream press!

  5. Mr. West, I agree with everything you have said. I am a quiet man but also a man of determined nature. My heroes are Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Revere, Patton etc. I for one am finished talking. I will not join Obama Care, I will not pay the tax, I will throw his Tea into the ocean and I will take up arms to defend myself, my family and my friends.

    I have an immeasurable disdain for both sides of the ailse. I would rather die, my body riddled with lead, than live as a slave to my Government, without true freedom. I respect you Sir, but it is time to stop talking. Polictics will not solve this matter.

    Give me Liberty or give me Death. God Bless you and God Bless America.


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