Caught on film: proof voter ID isn’t racist!

Well, I guess all the distressing language from progressive socialists about voter ID being racist just ain’t so. Let’s all follow THIS example of Nelson Mandela and ensure all “legal” voters in America get a picture ID, get registered, and participate in our electoral process.


Unless Democrats want to continue to perpetuate racism and duplicitous hypocrisy — after all they required a picture ID to gain entrance to the 2012 DNC convention in Charlotte, NC.

C’mon President Obama, honor Nelson Mandela’s legacy and ensure we have integrity in our electoral process. I’d be delighted to speak to you on the issue, specifically about St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, a fellow Democrat.

I’m sure you don’t support voter suppression Mr. Obama, which is exactly what happens when more Democrats — oops, I mean people vote than who are registered. A picture certainly is worth a thousand words.


  1. Photo ID is also required for ACA doctor visits, backed up by the mandate in the Stimulus requiring medical offices to take a digital photo for verification that you are the same person on your State issued Photo ID.

  2. How is showing an ID to vote racist? Every american no matter thier color can get and should have an ID for thier own sake. I have to show an ID to write a check, to buy booze, hell for almost everything, too many to list. The only people this could possibly hurt is illegal immigrants and they shouldn’t be voting anyways.

  3. Who said it’s racist? That’s silly. As someone said, the only people this would hurt are the illegal mexicans. People who vote should be people who actually pay taxes on the money they are paid under the table.

  4. Mr West, you are so far from reality with this post. Do you even know what the laws are in our country, the reason for the wearing of this shirt? You are comparing the ID drive in SA to VOTER ID laws in the US & racism. Reseach our history and learn something about the Struggle, the refusal to carry ID’s and the drive, after our country was freed, to get people back onto the system in order to vote. (a federal law) Madiba would forgive you for your ignorance and put you back on the right track. Dig deep, you will realise that you are currently, a doos!

    • Rob Munro – that is a racist attack. Mr. West showed a picture of Nelson Mandela wearing a t-shirt that supports ID checks to ensure the integrity of elections – and apparently you disagree with both Mr. West and Nelson Mandela – so you must be a hateful Democrat racist (but that is redundant.) – And it is clear you don’t respect the integrity of elections – which is anti-American. So – clearly you are a racist/ant-American Democrat…and again – it is redundant.

      • whoa jimmy, lets not get in the mud with these guys and start name calling. thats exactly what they want. let them be who they are and dont engage in fruitless banter with someone that cant be taught the truth.

    • Mr. Munro, Please feel free to keep your contentions feelings towards Mr. West and America in general. BTW, why would you really care? If SA is so wonderful please feel free to remain there and stay out of America’s business.

    • I grew up in America and have this crap shared with me via school friends (old) on FB. It is clear you (the ones who responded) do not read before typing and employ tactics of diversion, insults and the usual crap on so many of these blogs. Moreover, assuming you know who I am, what I stand for or where my opinions lay without knowing, just makes you look idiotic. Call me an idiot if you like or accuse me of having ‘contentions [sic] feelings’, I really do not care. This post by Mr West is idiotic and alluding to racism, VOTER ID’s and the US situation whilst using Madiba in this shirt has no similarities to each other, unless your are just plain ignorant. Go out and educate yourselves on the struggle and post apartheid SA with regards to ID books and voting, you will find the true reason behind Madiba’s tshirt. It has noting to do with this tripe on MrWest’s blog.

      If you do not agree with a post you are a hater, so you hate the hater. I get it.

    • It’s obvious you are out of touch with reality on many levels Munro. First of all, do some research on LBJ’s quotes concerning blacks.

      Lyndon Johnson remarking on civil rights in 1957:

      “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.”

      The whole point is power attained by votes. Also, be aware that Republicans championed civil rights and not democrats. In fact the KKK was a Southern Democrat entity. Do your own research. Keep drinking the Kool Aid while Obama and Marxist ideology beat into his head by his mother, grand parents, Ayers, etc is his goal. Too bad bath house Barry was our first “black”, well half black president. I’d rather have had Herman Cain over any of them.

    • You have to understand your audience my friend. People like Col. West don’t care about South-Africa’s history and don’t care about learning anything. You are dealing with republicans my friend and their speciality is to sound like experts on subjects they know nothing about. They call that “common sense”. Col. West makes a living pandering to their prejudice and misconceptions. Their second speciality is to talk out of both sides of their mouths. Col. West published and article on that same site criticizing President Obama for ordering flag being flown half-mast to honor Madiba. Still they don’t see the irony of using his image to justify their bigoted policies. That picture of Madiba is only there to make Col. West money. It’s the American way.

      • Madiba? Your weird! Think this makes your words true!
        Results my friend!
        SA is worse off today than it ever was!
        Most of Africa is blacks killing blacks! Mud huts! Child soldiers! Men used as slaves in gold and diamond mines run by corrupt Tyrants! Friends of your Mandiba no doubt! Soldiers with guns keeping them there! They get rice and beans once a day!
        A man is known by the company he keeps, and the good he does!
        Not the money and elegant speeches he makes!

      • Be careful, you’re bringing logic into mix. That does not sit well here. I do have to say that this is the most entertaining group of people I have ran across in a while.

  5. I had to have an ID to register like everyone else in Florida. The ID is required for a lot of things in Florida. This includes prescription medications in certain cases. An ID is a good thing to have for many reasons. Legal and otherwise.

  6. The only ones who could possibly object to voter i.d. are those who have plans to steal the election. That would be democrats, as they do with the military vote which typically runs 70 – 30 for Republicans.

    • A huge number (and I mean enough so Osama Obama would have been out on his butt) of the military vote didn’t get counted in the last election die to “delivery issues”.

  7. Well, if you have to have an ID to vote, then all those illegals and non registered voters would not have been able to vote for Obama. Isn’t that the real reason he is against showing an ID to vote? I think so.

    • The voter turnout in America is embarrassing. The enthusiasm and passion for change is not seen in the voter booths, it’s seen in forums, email chains and facebook posts. In some countries, there are riots in the streets by hundreds of thousands of people because tuition goes up $500 dollars. You people that frequent this blog speak of the end of our nation, freedom, and a horrific future for our children and children’s children – forced into Islamic law. Well, what are you all going to do about it? Click “Post as _____”? “Like” something? – If you were really passionate, and confident in all you say, then rise up off your couch, put your lap-top down, finish off the Mountain Dew, and rally together in protest. Gather by the millions. Take back our Country. I ask you again, what are you going to do about it?

  8. Nelson Mandela was a communist and what the hell is all this hoopla about how great he was. Since when do the Flags of the United States get lowered to half staff for a foreign dignitary unless he is the same color as the president? They didn’t lower them for Margaret Thatcher and she was a hell of a lot better than Mandela

      • The point is, he hates Great Britain and the U.S. also because of what he terms, colonialism. And just to let you know, I’m an Independent and didn’t vote for Dubya. As it turns out, Gore and Kerry were just as bad. So is McCain. Give me a Dr. Benjamin Carson or Col. Allen West any day. And forget the race card because it has no bearing.

    • Yes Mandela was communist and yes he ended up in prison for almost 30 year for all his deeds. BUT this man came out and he had a choice, go back to the life he left and take the other path and make a new life. He choose the new life. He preached for peace, love, end of racism, etc. His dream was to see people, no matter what color, to be able to live together in peace. He really was cared for by a lot of people in this world. I am not discounting that Obama didn’t lower the flag for Margaret Thatcher. He did lower it for the Pope. I really don’t like sticking up for Obama but I don’t believe it’s because he was the same color. After all Obama is 1/2 white.

      • Mandela chose to stay in jail! He was offered release if he promised not to incite the blacks to slaughter, rape, and murder any whites they saw! Burning tyre around necks !! He refused ! And then wife Winnie an evil witch took over!
        I pray he begged God for forgiveness!,
        But with all his Buds being Marxists and Communists I have my doubts!
        His family was warned and told to shut up! And behave like they all loved him!! Weird!
        Big O shaking Castro’s hand made me sick!

      • That is a flat out lie. The video shows that Obama pushed his way through the crowd to get to Castro. He made every possible effort to cozy up to every single communist dictator who made an appearance. Get your facts straight before you defend an enemy of the State like Obama.

  9. South-Africa has a national id issued to everyone for free. How many conservatives will scream goverment overreach if that idea get proposed in the US.


      • So, by law, my 10, 11, and 14 year old children should have a picture ID? They are American, or are they? How would I prove this during a random search? If they, “have my eyes”, will that be enough? When would be the right age to require one? Remember, you’re wanting an ID to prove we’re American, so this is far different than a drivers license. I’ve forgotten my wallet from time to time, if I’m walking down the street and stopped by Law Enforcement, should I be carted to jail? Who would facilitate all of this? Ah, Government.

      • ,and 14 years old have school id’s and I didn’t know that children that young drive, work, go to places where id required(ie:r rated movies,…use your brain you know I was talking about adults…..and by the way all need ss cards also even children that young…. and some schools (grade schools are starting to id kids also)

      • I understand you might not scream peronaly. Trust me it’s not an idea the right would appreciate if it came from pres Obama. I invite you to do you own research.

      • Invitation accepted. I’ll be throwing it out there but not on this immediate site. And other ways also.

      • Federal ID? Really? We vote for ONE person every four years who does not directly represent our state of residence. We need a FEDERAL ID why?? Simple. The Federal government wants to track everyone. NSA scandal ring a bell? We do not need ANOTHER freaking federal agency to regulate voter registration.

        What we need is STATE photo voter ID. That is it. The state you live in already has options for photo IDs and there is ZERO need to waste money developing an entirely new card with an entirely new system that cannot be maintained from one central office anyway.

        Your Federalist agenda is plain to see and no one is buying this load of crap. States are better suited, better equipped and more capable of tracking voters. Deal with it.

  10. Vlad99, you have the right to express your opinions. however that does not mean the opinion is valid, verifiable, and well thought out. You seem to have trouble accepting that Madiba would do anything that you do not approve of, or does not support your, apparently, MSM driven agenda. Nor does being black give you the right to determine the interpretation of Madiba’s goals for the people of the country he supports. So please eliminate your RACIST perspective when you talk with people who might or might not be part of you view of the world. TY.

    • Actually I’m going to stick up for Vlad99 here. He has his right to an opinion and he was being racist in his comment. Whether we agrees with somebody’s comments or not we still need to respect the person for stating it. When we don’t we get away from the real issues and start fighting. Hell, Vlad99, on one of my postings told me to be careful because somebody would take me for a terrorist. And he really gave me a good laugh out of it.

  11. Voter fraud has been a big issue and I feel that we all should have a voter’s card along with an ID. I remember years ago when I had to show my driver’s license when I went in to vote. Now when I go in they have a list of with all registered names on it and you stand there until they find you name on their list and cross it off. I don’t know if they do that all over or if it’s just in our precinct.

  12. This is a sham issue created by the liberal elites peddling their faux racism. I have argued the following in the past:
    If the get out the vote organizations spent half the money getting out the vote (making multiple or false registrations, driving the disenfranchised to the poling stations, and coaching those how to vote) and instead acted proactively by actually committing to drive the so called disenfranchised to a state registration office to get a voter ID if a voter ID law were enactedin the case , then problem solved. But, they don’t want to do this

    The burden should then be placed on the voter registration organizations. They should be proactive and drive their disenfranchised voters to the state office to register the voter in person (these are the critics of voter ID laws, and the providers of the lame excuses above). If you’re going to vote, you need to appear to register.

  13. Voter ID is a sham issue concocted and supported by the left. I have argued this point in the past:
    If the get out the vote organizations spent half the money they do on getting out the vote (making multiple or false registrations, driving the disenfranchised to the poling stations, and coaching those on how to vote) and instead spent it on a proactive commitment to drive the so called disenfranchised to state voter ID registration offices, in the case voter ID laws were enacted, then problem salved. However, the liberal elites do not want to solve this problem because it would take away the faux disenfranchisement talking point as a means to suggest conservatives are racist.

  14. Only comment I got is to make it mandatory to have picture ID to vote in America should be a requirement period. Has nothing to do with race, religion, or anything other than showing a name & matching face can be identified as living and breathing. Only one’s it would hurt is those using illegal stat’s to get into office period. Walk the street’s in any major city in America and get stopped by a cop? Got no Picture ID, oh sorry your spending the night in jail? Go figure? Works to keep the streets safe at night but not to put into office those whom the public wants?

  15. New subject! Here in My state they are issuing the Handicapped placard with photo ID …this year, ALL users should have photo on it!
    No more 8 healthy youths jumping out a van and using grannies placard!! Just love it!!

  16. The voter ID laws were targeting elderly voters over age 64, no ID given on their drivers license, in hopes that they would not vote Democrats out over making them “lowest priority,” in the Obama Care legislation, age discrimination laws. It was to benefit the Democrats!

    • not true – i am an RN now – but i used to help doctors set up clinics in FL, one of the biggest medicare states. Seniors have to show a photo ID as well as their medicare card at check in so we can make sure the right person is using the card and they are not defrauding the medicare system – sorry – try again

      • You are correct. Photo ID and Medicare card. EVERY time I go to any doctor. Heck, they ask me every day I get radiation for prostate cancer what my name is, birthdate, etc. and they have a picture on the computer screen to verify I am the right guy. I agree also with the guy who posted re Social Security card needing a pic as well. There is massive Social Sec. fraud (per my cousin who worked for them and my neighbor) so that might be a start there as well.

      • When I got my social security card it had on it ” for social security use only, not to be used for identification”.

    • Osbama has done MUCH more damage to this country than Mandela has done to Africa.

      Although Mandela did not have as much to destroy in the 1st place.

    • Dont need ANY id to register to vote in Wisconsin; just have a registered voter with you at the polls, they dont show ID either, and say “I know this person is a resident and the piece of mail they are showing you is them”. Also no law here to purge known fake names, even if the CITY doesnt exist on the registration form (registered to vote by mail). But, say you want to fix it, and democrats scream bloody effing murder.

  17. I had to have a photo ID to register for the Selective Service. I had to have a photo ID to join the Navy. I had to have a photo ID to enter other countries on travel. I have a photo on my Driver’s License, my DoD Retired ID, my VA card, my Health Insurance Card… the only two things in my wallet with no ID requirement? My Social Security card and my Voter Registration. Probably the two most important documents in my wallet, and no proof that the bearer is the actual person!

  18. How about we compromise: If you have ID, nobody can vote in your name because you voted, but also…INK THE FINGERS of people who voted WITHOUT ID (hell, ink everyone) so they cant vote the same day. Liberals cant argue with that AT ALL

    • Ink does not stop, “manipulated” voting machines, or the guy with ink on his finger from voting 17 times with absentee ballots of dead people. True story, …. my father registered and voted republican all of his 86 years up til his death in 2006. Then, somehow he got “re-registered” as a democrat, and voted in 2008, 2010, and 2012. We have notified the registrar of voters in our county, that he died in 2006, yet they continue to allow someone to reregister him as a democrat after he gets removed from the rolls. Irrespective of what the democrats are saying, VOTER FRAUD IS RAMPANT. Voting machines should be outlawed, until such time they become “100% tamper proof”. Absentee ballots should be reserved for truly “absentee” voters and those to ill to get to the polls, AND NOT, for the sake of mere convenience. Photo ID should be required to register, and to vote, AND use the ink on the finger. Also, IF any overseas soldier is prohibited from voting, due to malfeasance, or error on the part of folks responsible for getting their ballots out to them on time, those folks need jail time. Voting is that important! Repeat: jail time! Until we take voter fraud seriously, it will remain rampant by the democrats! They are experts in the field!

  19. That’s not going to happen. The Democrats will never agree to that. Just like the 18th Amendment they will fight this tooth and nail. They have always used the Polls to stack the deck. Having their People vote 4 & 5 times at different Voting Places. Than, counting the Votes of the Dead. If this Practice was stopped, they wouldn’t be able to get a Dog Catcher Elected. The Old Saying goes. Democrats might Die but, they never stop Voting!!!

  20. I think this is bogus! Mandella was and STILL was up to his death, a member of the Communist Party (proven after his denial of it 50 yrs ago!) and I don’t care WHAT the establishment tributes to this madman! He was NOT as who you think he was at all! Therefore, this is one bogus piece of LIE, Mandella was a bigger liar than his catalyst Obama! Mandella once said, “don’t pretend to be pure”, well, he surely was pretending to be “pure” with all his speeches on racism and he was the biggest racist of ’em all! So I do NOT agree with this and he’ll never be honored in MY BOOK!! Big LIE! Don’t Believe it!

  21. If an ID card to vote truly is racist, then I want to file some lawsuits starting with my state about the drivers license and my place of employment about my work ID badge and the school my kids attend. All clearly racist.


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