Budget deal rips vets retirement

My fellow veterans, below is the text of an email legislative update I received from the Military Officers Association of America. Please read and take action:

”A proposed bipartisan budget deal threatens to significantly slash retirement benefits for current and future military retirees, and it’s scheduled to be voted on by the House tomorrow.

The FY 2014 budget proposal drafted by Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Paul Ryan includes a provision that cuts the annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for military retirees by 1 percent a year until reaching age 62.

The cuts will have a devastating and long-lasting impact, reducing retired pay for those who serve a 20-year career by nearly 20 percent at age 62. An E-7 retiring at age 40 today would experience a loss of $83,000 in purchasing power — an O-5 would lose $124,000.

 Act now. Send your elected officials an MOAA-suggested message imploring them to reject this radical proposal that breaks faith with current and future military retirees, and threatens long-term readiness and retention in the uniformed services.”

This is what I most detested about Congress. A couple of folks get together with their respective committee staffs — often barely 25 years old — and make major policy decisions affecting the lives of Americans. These “deals” are done behind closed doors. Then a surprise briefing is produced, subsequently with a rushed vote, and voila, more BS for the American people to swallow. This is not how our legislative process within our constitutional republic was intended.

Today, members of the House of Representatives will vote on this “budget deal” and I can guarantee you they will not have read it in entirety and certainly do not comprehend it.

However, they’re in a rush to get home so in the end you’ll be getting a lump of coal in your stocking for many Christmas seasons to come.

Our Congress does not principally solve problems, it just puts a band-aid over a sucking chest wound. To see that two individuals, Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray would covertly erode veteran benefits is truly disturbing. If anyone in America deserves the honor, thanks, and regards of the nation — and their hard earned benefits, it is our veterans.

Never forget the quote from George Washington, “future generations will regard their service to this nation, no matter how justified the war, based upon how well we have treated our veterans. “

The veteran network needs to light up the phones.

And a special hat tip to one of our many voices, the Military Officers Association of America, who recently extended their membership to senior Non- Commissioned Officers.


  1. Don’t mess with my military retirement. I soldiered for more than 29 years and earned it. If you cut it, you will feel the wrath of millions.

    • When I
      was drafted they said if you stay in the military 20 years you would
      receive free medical for the rest of your life and receive retirement
      too. I guess things change now I have to go with Tricare for life and
      pay 100 for medicare what a deal. Under the new budget proposal I guess
      retirement raises will be cut granted I could live with that but what
      concerns me the younger guys which have sacrifice so much will really
      take the hit. They put their lives on the line for the people of the
      United States and this government thinks more of the ones on welfare.
      SAD VERY SAD…I retired with 38 years active and guard with 21 years active federal service because of mobilizations I received a full title 10 retirement…

  2. And that 1% cut really does nothing, spit in the bucket for the total US spend, just like the tiny cut in food stamps not too long ago. Not to mention it’s just despicable treatment for those who sacrifice it all. We need to vote 99% of these people OUT. Those in leadership positions should be the first to go, all their power and supposed good things it brings back to their home state be damned.

    • It is hard to respond. ..but I am a VN Vet and have worked at the forefront of this county’s national defense 35 years and have gone through numerous years with no pay increase ( consecutive years), salary cuts or 1- 11/2 % increases occasionally. My point is is that we all make sacrifices. I don’t like it either!

    • No kidding, it’s nothing. Military retirement needs to be trimmed down a lot more than that.

      We spend 50 BILLION every year on retired vets. We give them all that money for doing nothing. And a lot of these guys retire in their early 40’s to collect money for decades.

      It’s a huge waste.

      The military should be concentrating on defending this nation, not running a retirement program.

      • Anyone that ever reads stuff from people like Gary O just need to ignore this people like them. Just doing it to get a rise, clearly not in touch with the facts. I know for a fact there is no corruption in the government or war profiteers and everything I hear on Fox/CNN/CBS/ABC/NBC/et al. is fact. You can take any $$ spending by the gov’t and paint a good or bad picture, regardless of the cause. I don’t align with any political party, but if I did, it’d be libertarian, so to the first poster saying Libetard or whatever, you’re just doing what Gary does. Don’t sink to that level, any party affiliations are just meant to isolate us anyways, Repubs/Democarts, ran by same people, the money/power worshippers. If anyone is looking for something good to listen to, free of bias, google the No Agenda Podcast with Adam Curry & John C Dvorak.

      • You Libertarians are such sheep. You are completely out of touch with reality.

        Look Big Number, plenty of people realize that Veteran Retirement pay has gotten completely out of hand. John McCain supports cutting cost of living adjustments for retired veterans.

        And former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates realizes veteran retirement pay is a money pit.

        “Military retiree benefits cost the Pentagon $50 billion a year. That’s
        more than next year’s entire budget for the Department of Homeland
        Security. There are 1.9 million military retirees drawing pay and
        benefits, compared to 1.5 million in the active duty force. In 2010,
        then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates said those costs are “eating the
        Defense Department alive.”

        Let’s just stop the waste. Pull your head out and recognize reality.

      • Face reality.

        Paying so much money to retired vets at the expense of our national defense is just plain stupid.

        Learn to THINK.

  3. honestly though,why are we surprised,theyve never honerd our contracts,i remember when ford wrote 8% into the tract,first thing carter did was cut our pay.gi bill as I knew it doesn’t exist anymore,we just got a letter one day said use it now or tough s and now im retired the va sends me a bill everymonth.everything the gov.ever promised they took away,so why be surprised now?

  4. What can we do to fix this …I feel so helpless and angry, I am a Mom of 4 soldier sons and wife of a soldier and we have all given so much to this country and I feel so betrayed!!!

    • Everybody, blogging is fine to get the word out, now everybody call your congressman. Also, even though I hate politics, the Republicans need to take control of the Senate to repeal all the damage done by our dictator-in-chief, obama. I used to be a democrat, but the party is not what it used to be. Getting control of the House and the Senate will make it possible to have a conviction party. Maybe a firing squad. 🙂

      • You are like so many! Pointing fingers doesn’t. When are we the people going to get involved? We don’t need the Republicans or the Democrat in control! We need the people of the United States of America in control! Do you really think it’s going to make a difference if the Republicans are in control? I would venture to say, “No!” We need to understand that what every “party” is in the majority is going to make policy. When will we learn that is it not about a political affiliation, it’s about people. It’s the “People” that have lost jobs! It’s the “People” that have lost homes! It’s the “People” that have suffered because our “elected” officials don’t want to sit across from each other and “get er done!” To me Democrats and Republican alike have failed the “People!” Oh! BTW…I spent 26 years on active duty defending this great country.

  5. Unreal… cutting the pay of those who deserve it most!!! IF politicians want to bleed someone they should start by bleeding themselves FIRST to set the example.

    • Really? Less than 10 percent of the military ever engages in combat, but they are all eligible for retirement after 20 years. And a lot these guys retire young. Why the hell should we pay some 38 year old retired paper shuffler to sit on his Azz and do nothing.

      We spend 50 Billion a year on these people for doing NOTHING for this nation.

      That money could go to active military and new weapons systems.

      The average military retiree scams taxpayers out of more than half a million dollars in his life time.

  6. This angers me! The Congress needs to cut their pensions to 0 for not serving 20 years in and leave our soldiers alone!!! What BS this is! I am outraged!

    • Do you know what all the retired teachers and local civil service employees are making after 20 to 30 years of employment? Your local property taxes are paying for their pensions, by the way. Have you ever been deployed away from your family for a year and then re-deploy within a year to another overseas location for 6 more months? Have you had to move your family to another assignment nearly every 3 years?

      • Let’s not forget all the politicians and Federal employees.

        If they are going to take away from the military, they better make MAJOR cuts to union retirement as well.

      • The bill also requires federal employees to pay more into their retirement. Get educated before you start firing off nonsense.

      • Taxpayers don’t fund union pensions, so that is none of the government’s business.

        On the other hand, American taxpayers pay 50 BILLION dollars every year to retired veterans for doing NOTHING at all for this nation.

        The DOD should be spending that money on defense, and not coddling retirees, (many of whom retire in their early 40’s) for the rest of their lives.

      • I have moved with my wife every 2 years. One time we moved after one year. I retired from Civil Service after 25 years. I receive $1,400. Were you expecting more?

    • Then MAYBE you should have enlisted in the military, worked for $501/month and found out exactly what had to be done to EARN that retirement. So EASY to give away what others have WORKED FOR, SACRIFICED FOR, EARNED! Trust me Mrs Coffman, no one’s getting rich…except the bureaucrats in DC.

      • Wait, so the military trains and pays an unskilled laborer for their entire life, gives them benefits, provides morale and stops only just short of wiping their ass, and THEN gives them 50% or more (up to 75) of their base pay for the rest of their lives? Yeah, totally getting short-changed. Make yourself marketable and keep working after retirement from the military or things are going to get ugly. It’s how the world works.

      • Military retirees are ripping off America, and jeopardizing National Security.

        “With annual military retirement system outlays exceeding $50 billion,
        senior officials have begun calling for pension reform on the grounds
        that the current system is fiscally unsustainable.”

        – Strategic Studies Institute

        The DOD has a limited amount of money to spend, and it should spend money on those things that PROTECT THIS NATION.

  7. Paul Ryan is an unthinking self centered jacka… er, politician. He sure as hell is no conservative. He’s a democrat.
    So, if you selflessly serve your country and save and plan for the future during retirement the lazy incompetent federal government is going to punish you by breaking the promise they made to you about retirement. When the revolution comes it’s going to be bloody. Congress needs it’s salary cut. In fact I like the idea proposed by Buffett that if the federal government budget is more than 3% over budget ALL members of Congress are ineligible for reelection.

      • Why not? They are the cause of most of the problems because they were suckered by the LIAR, Barack hussein soetoro. THEY are the ones who have created the ‘Great Society’. They are the ones who champion welfare at the expense of others. I could go on, but if you haven’t figured it out by now, there is probably no hope you ever will figore it out.

  8. I totally agree with the wrath of millions. I was called by the draft of ’68. They would not take me. I do feel so sorry for our military. Bummer has turned his back on them and the American public. He needs to be impeached and put in prison along with his wife, Hillary holder, and all his cronies.I am so proud of our military, for what they do. I want to be part of that wrath when it comes. May God watch over or military and protect them from harm. Let,s bring them all home now.

  9. I am retired, SSG, E6, U.S. Army – 26 years. They have already increased our med insurance cost by $500 a year, starting this past Oct – and now this. You are literally talking the difference in me and my wife being able to pay rent or not. If they want to start that initiative for new enlistee’s – fine – but to pull the rug out from under those who have already served? Just another example that this administration deplores the military and holds us as worthless, just another set of statistics to get rid of…For all you Obama supporters, Thanks loads.

    • The Obama supporters are all on food stamps with free phones that don’t have clue about ‘work’ … in fact they don’t have a clue about ‘life’ …..I went to a black doctor at a walk-in clinic two wks ago & up front asked him how he liked what the President was doing to his country (I’m a Canadian) … his mouth dropped open & he said …. what? ….what’s the problem … I told him I didn’t have three months he should catch up on the news …gave him several examples .. which he spun ….when I responded he told me to stick to Canadian Politics .. I told him since my husband was a USAF retiree & we owned property, paid taxes I had every right to be concerned about what was happening in the country…. he wasn’t a happy camper!

      • Not all Obama supporters (which I’m not sure I am anymore) are on food stamps with free phones and don’t know how to work. I worked since I was 16 and am now 73 and trying to figure out how to survive on my monthly income. Don’t tarnish everyone with the same brush!

      • “With annual military retirement system outlays exceeding $50 billion, senior officials have begun calling for pension reform on the grounds that the current system is fiscally unsustainable.”

        – Strategic Studies Institute

  10. I served 24 years, lost both my kidneys in Desert Storm and my wife cheated with the neighbor. Now this SOB wants to short change my retirement. What the hell was it all for?

    • Thx for your service. I guess I got lucky in all my years. I didn’t lose anything. Did lose my commander in the Gulf. She was in a horrific helicopter crash. Took 5 of my bodies too.

  11. Look yall, their giving the state of the art VA hospitals to medicaid. That was my prodiction in 2009. Another thing, obama and his ilk search to find what will irritate the consecutives to most? When find something, they target it and seek to destroy it. Then go out and look for another target.
    A wrath of a million?? That isn’t enough. We need 100 million. You know advertise that there is big party in Washington and everybody is invited. We’ll just drag his ass out of the place. Can’t deny a hundred million ppl….I WISH IT WAS POSSIBLE.

  12. I am a vet and my husband is a retired vet. IF, and only IF, the monies from these reductions in cola were used to pay down the debt load being passed down to our children would we not find this offensive. We do not agree with this to simply balance the budget or to reduce the amount of added debt. As citizens, we are expected to pay as we go and not incur massive debts. Until the government has their spending under control, this is offensive and unfair.

  13. This is enough. Why is it that every time a cut or deal is made it is to the military or those that are on Social Security. I am so weary of this lousy representation and administration that has no regard for our veterans and their service – I am just ashamed of them all.

  14. This is horrible news! I am currently retiring from the military after 20 years of service and 5 combat deployments. I had to continue to fight wars over and over because of the 98.5% who wouldn’t or couldn’t. Why should I have to take permanent pay reductions because the President and Congress cannot be fiscally responsible? My retirement income is not enough to live off of, anyway! I have to work or face Bankruptcy. Obama and his wife could spend over $1B on personal vacations over the last 5 years, could give billions of dollars in weapons and aid to Islamist terrorists but now I have to take a pay cut? Just go ahead and kill me as a thank you for my service.

  15. I am utterly appalled!! My husband retired after serving twenty five years in the military with deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq and this is the thanks he gets from this poor excuse for a government.

  16. I’m all for cutting the 1%, if they then make our retirement tax free as in some states. I paid taxes on active duty pay to get paid, I pay taxes on my job/retirement to get my retirement pay, I”m being triple taxes. Bunch of asshats, where a Japanese jet when you need one (honors to Tom Clancy – Debt of honor).

  17. Betrayed again. These politicians who have never served a minute in their pampered lives lack the courage to make the necessary changes to our bloated federal budgets and entitlement programs. Instead they pick an easy target – the people who did go in harm’s way and serve this nation. Why not cut COLAs for social security and federal civilian retirements? Why not eliminate their own generous retirements (they don’t need them because they all get huge six figure incomes when they leave Congress and work for lobbyists). Instead they pass this phony budget deal which actually increases spending and the federal debt, pat themselves on the back, and will ask to get re-elected next year so they can continue to “make the hard decisions” on our behalf. Throw all of them out and start again.

  18. We Americans have a very SHORT memory. Let’s remember next time around and get rid of those inept in congress that believe they own this Country.

  19. those secret behind closed door meetings and deals never do the people any good why do the think secret deals are good? cose we don’t know what they are doing till its too dam late. guess they forgot how to be straight up and honest with eather their selfs or us time for this kind of thing too stop

  20. I am sick of this fuktard govt…they can all kiss my arse….all the promises made to me if I gave 20 years nothing but a lie free medical? yeah right recieve pay rest of your life? yeah right…if anyone honestly believes they will just stop at 1% they are a fool….later on they will actually reduce retirement pay…..until now I wasnt in favor of an armed revolt but now? Hell yeah Gen Mathis where do I sign up?All the sacrifices, pain, blood..for nothing…absolutely nothing…..

    • Our government spending will never be in the black. The Obama administration has seen to that with the seventeen trillion dollar deficit. I agree, bring all our troops home, we need them here to take out the internal invasion and attack that has been going on for the past five years. Our military needs to clean house in Washington DC.

      • .

        You’re blaming the national debt on Obama? You should blame yourselves.

        The yearly budget deficits are running less than half of what they were when Obama took office.

        Your hero Ronald Reagan TRIPLED the national debt and GW Bush more thant DOUBLED it again, and for no good reason.

        Veteran Retirement benefits are a money pit.

        We pump 50 BILLION dollars down that dry hole every year.

        It’s time to quit wasting money, don’t you think?

  21. Where do I sign. I guess our veterans now know how the North American Indian tribes felt. How can our government justify this? Is the value of the dollar going up? Not last I checked. In fact the opposite is occurring because of our print more money policy every time our government wants to irresponsibly buy something they cant afford.

  22. Men and women left their families and friends behind, served this country by going wherever their services were needed, risking life and limb to carry out whatever duties were required. They deserve ALL of their benefits and retirement payments. Why should Veterans do without while our government will just waste any monies they deprive them of?

    • Paying 50 Billion dollars to retired veterans for doing nothing for this nation is a waste.

      Think about how many missiles, tanks, jet fighters, and drones 50 BILLION dollars could buy for active military to actually protect this nation.

      • Oh, did I imply they were purchased with defense dollars? So sorry, I didn’t realize that they were a gift from you! How in the Hell do you think all this traveling, parties and vacations are being paid for? It’s coming from the taxpayers wallets..not Obama’s deep pockets. Might try getting some education and improving your reading skills before commenting there, Gary!

  23. fact 1: Military men/women already get shafted by getting only 50% of there base pay only not there real pay which is almost twice the base pay!. Now they want to take more away from us.
    Fact 2: I’ll agree to it if all congress men/women take a retirement pay cut of 50% or more to equal our contribution to these extreme budget cuts. Congressmen/women get 100%

  24. We worked/sacrificed family times/lives/wounds/deaths in some cases for 20 years or more. If your a congressman/women you just have to show up for work for one term and you get 100% of your retirement plus your children get a free education. We have to pay for our children to go to college. Wonder why we have generations after generations of one family politicians??? I spent 32 years serving in military leave our retirements alone. We don’t get paid same percentage as you all now! Quit messing with our military pay please.

  25. They have already taken enough from active
    duty and retires! If it wasn’t for our military
    then nobody would live in the land of the free. It is time for congressman and senators
    start taking from themselves. I don’t think they deserve us to pay them after one term
    for the rest of there lives. Most congressman
    and senators haven’t even served in the military. Well the knewer ones anyways. I think they should be able to serve a maximum of 8 years and no more then that. They shouldn’t be able to give themselves pay raises or what there salaries are going to be. It should be voted by the people of our great nation. It comes down to this you want to take away from the men and women that fight for our nation so you can sleep at night. It’s just wrong we have veterans living on sidewalks

  26. This gravy train has got to stop. Too many piggies lined up at the trough.

    The United States spends 50 BILLION dollars on veteran retirement pay alone.

    Canada spends less than half that amount for all of its military operations put together.

    The Department of Defense could better use that money to defend this country. They shouldn’t be paying 50 billion dollars for people to do nothing.

    It is the function of the military to defend the nation, not run a retirement program

    Let Washington know you want the military to do its job and DEFEND AMERICA!

    • Face reality knothead.

      The Department of Defense has a limited budget, and they are wasting far too much money of Worthless Military Retirees. Many of the brass in the military realize that, but politicians are too gutless to talk about it because of knee-jerk reactions from idiots like you.

      Retired Marine Corps General Arnold Punera refuses retirement pay because he’s a patriot with good sense.

      “People at the Pentagon know that the issue is a huge problem, Punaro
      says, but the problem is finding someone willing to take up the fight.
      Though he is eligible for military health benefits, Punaro says he
      chooses not to use a system he criticizes and currently pays “a small
      fortune” for his health care. What concerns Punaro is that the cost of
      retiree benefits weakening the current and future military.

      ‘I am very concerned that as current trends continue, this country will not
      have the strong military it needs 20 years from now, because all of the
      money is going to go to pay people that are no longer serving,’ he

      Paying so much money in retirement pay to retired veterans is a THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY.

      Face reality.

  27. It makes me sick to see some of the rude comments some of you are making. Yes some of our military retire at a young age, but what you forget is they gave their life to the military at a young age. While the rest of America was going to college or living with mommy and daddy. These young people were out giving their life up so you could say some of the horrible crap you are staying. These people have given up everything so you can sit at home and cry about how bad you have it. They have earned their retirement. What have you done for our country? What have you given up, that you can still there and say they are lazy? Absolutely nothing. You people are so blind by what you see or hear on the news. How about you actually give up your life and join the military. So you can see first hand how demanding it is on you physically, emotionally, and mentally.


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