Video: MSNBC host proves a mind is a terrible thing to waste

Just when you thought progressive socialists couldn’t say anything dumber, they break the sound barrier of stupidity, again.

You might remember commercials for the United Negro College Fund with the famous tagline, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” — unless of course you’re an anchor on MSNBC.

We just saw Martin Bashir read a prepared monologue for his resignation – isn’t it funny, he wasn’t actually fired for his disgusting comments.

Now we have Melissa Harris-Perry, apparently a college professor, say something so very stupid that I almost decided this wasn’t not worth mentioning, but my wife Angela told me this deserved comment.

Harris-Perry actually stated,

“I want to talk today about a controversial word. It’s a word that has been with us for years. And like it or not, it’s indelibly printed in the pages of American history. A word that was originally intended as a derogatory term, meant to shame and divide and demean. The word was conceived of by a group of wealthy white men who needed a way to put themselves above and apart from a black man. To render him inferior and unequal and to diminish his accomplishments.

President Obama has been labelled with this word by his opponents. And at first he rose above it, hoping that if he could just make a cause for what he achieved, his opponents would fail in making their label stick. But no matter how many successes that he had as president, he realized there were still many people for whom he’d never be anything more than that one disparaging word. A belief he knew was held not just by his political opponents, but also by a significant portion of the American electorate.

And so he decided, if you can’t beat them, you’ve got to join them. And he embraced the word and made it his own, sending his opposition a message they weren’t expecting — ‘if that’s what you want me to be, I’ll be that.’ Y’all know the word that I’m talking about. Obamacare.”

You’d think that at some time while reading this off the ‘prompter, her brain would prompt her and say, “Melissa, this REALLY sounds dumb.” So I guess “Romneycare” (which the Left coined to hammer ol’ Mitt) or even “Hillarycare” used for a white male and a white female were in no way controversial or derogatory?

But to compare Obamacare to the “n” word is actually offensive to all those black Americans who were castigated using that word — my parents included. This just goes to show again how desperate the liberal progressives are, and you can bet this was part of the marching orders issued by the Obama administration to MSNBC.

What liberals seemingly fail to comprehend is the incessant use of race baiting is failing. More and more and now actually inoculated against the word. The repeated use just angers people and progressives are now the “little children who cry wolf.”

Harris-Perry says of all Obama’s “victories” in office his legacy is ultimately going to be remembered for this one single word, Obamacare. That’s like saying Napoleon is remembered for one single word: Waterloo. But then again, Harris-Perry is an admitted progressive which means she believes in revisionist history so probably has no clue who Napoleon Bonaparte is — no, not Napoleon Dynamite.

So my astute readers, I humbly submit that if you should find out where Ms. Harris-Perry teaches, make sure your kids do not attend, or never attend that institution. I am starting to believe friends shouldn’t let friends watch MSNBC, because a mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste.


  1. OMG. This is the mind-bending idiocy that faces us. Seemingly intelligent, well-educated people who can’t see beyond their adoration of the president, BECAUSE he’s half black.

  2. Harris-Perry was associate professor at the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University and left in 2011 after being denied a full professorship.[4] Currently she is Professor of Political Science at Tulane University. MSNBC announced on January 5, 2012 that Harris-Perry would host her own weekend show, which began airing on February 18, 2012.[5]

  3. Wow- How embarrassing for her- and stupid- not to mention completely fabricated. Obama used the term “Obamacare” with pride when he was pushing this- before the failure- and lies came to surface.. What a misinformed and blind woman this is.. What is this world coming to?

  4. What successes in his Presidency has he had? Transparency? Submitting a balanced budget? Immigration Reform? Reaching and working across the aisle? Explaining what really happened in Benghazi? Protecting, Defending, and Preserving the Constitution? Success and honesty in OBAMACARE? NO to all! This lady is spewing her own Racism! I’m not buying it!

  5. Prior to the launch and failure of Obamacare — Obama himself called ACA –> Obamacare. After his infamous failure of the site and the terrible missteps since (and the fact that no one is immune from this failure — poor, rich, middle class, etc) he stopped calling it Obamacare. I don’t think anyone thought to call it Obamacare to give it a bad name, it just was a bad idea that was badly marketed and badly put together. Obama owned it prior to the failure and tried to distance himself after the fallout. And now Ms. H-P is trying to explain it away — just like Obama’s administration did NOT know that Obama lived with his illegal uncle in Boston for 3 weeks when he went to Harvard.

  6. Oh my goodness. Please stop the driveling. First of all, his name is Obama and he is determined to ram rod this “Affordable Health Care” down the throats of American and if it works, like the propaganda says it will, then He will be in ego heaven and NO APOLOGIES will be necessary. If it doesn’t, then he deserves to “own” it as well and swallow the bitter pill and have his “pride and joy” live in infamy, as it will. Now, as for the “hints and allegations” that this is somehow tied to “racism”, be reminded that Obama is as much white as he is black and that to divide him into one or the other is the height of “racism”.

  7. Here is a little bit of information for Ms Harris-Perry since she apparently is unable to do research. Lord help our kids!
    The term “Obamacare” was probably ‘coined’ by many people at the same time and patterned after the term “Hillarycare.”

    A LexisNexis search of all news media shows that Wayne Madsen of the Progressive Online Journal was the first to use the phrase “Obamacare” in a pro-Obamacare article titled Obama’s well-crafted plan offers Americans full coverage without emptying the Treasury, on April 4, 2008 in the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Here’s the money quote:

    “Obama’s national health insurance program, let’s call it “ObamaCare,” provides Americans with affordable premiums, co-pays and deductibles.”

    If there is an earlier reference to the term, it doesn’t show up on the LexisNexis search.

  8. Is it worth pointing out to them that the word is only as positive or negative as the experience/result of the law? I suppose not.

  9. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.MSNBC has a become nothing more than a support/cheer leading channel for Obama.

  10. Obama himself called it Obamacare! If you built it, you own it!! Ms. Harris-Perry should find something more important to expound upon! BTW- The president did NOT get rid of Osama Bin Laden – the military he so disdains is who got rid of Bin Laden!

    • Yes!!!! And then he found an affective way to get rid of the group that accomplished that. To appease his friends in the Muslim brotherhood, or was that his brother in the Muslim friendhood…… Hhhhhmmmmm!!??

  11. So now that Obama care is failing, let’s attack the word. I bet you if Obamacare was an overnight success, the Obamacare word would be championed. .

  12. I will NEVER call it Affordable Care Act – It is not nor will it ever be AFFORDABLE to millions of Americans. I can’t call someone stupid but I can say that she is definitely misguided. Like most on MSNBC but oh well I guess someone once to still have a job.

  13. His legacy will be as the worst president in the HISTORY of the government and anyone associate with his regime, er administration including drooling idiots like this one, will also be a failure.

    • That’s incredibly insulting to blonds! Don’t compare her to blondes LOL! She’s a nut plain and simple, don’t overcomplicate it.

      • Nah I’m not blond 🙂 I know you were saying it in a joking manner – I was too. I just had to give you heck 🙂 But we do need everyone to stay focused – she’s a NUT, plain and simple! No need to get the liberals all crazy with the “your racists against blonds” rant that will undoubtedly come since they can’t take a joke.

  14. You must be kidding me lady. Get real, yes he will be remembered for “ObamaCare”. It was deceitful, full of lies, and done for one reason only. To get votes.

  15. This is the same idiot that donned tampons as earrings to protest Texas banning late term abortions. She’s an embarrassment and it’s almost painful to watch her!

  16. The Left-wing windbags invariably resort to their old standby – the “Race card” – whenever they come up with an empty hand.

  17. How could anyone watch this idol worship? And a false idol, at that? My ears bleed every time I hear that lisp of Harris- Perry. I couldn’t imagine sitting for an entire semester while she vomits her doctrine of wretchedness and Godlessness, but the lisp would have me jumping out the window.

    Kinda like whenever I see/ hear Medusa herself- Wasserman- Schultz (maybe its all in the hyphenated names?) talk. Actually turns my stomach. And if I look directly at her for too long, I suddenly feel myself turning to stone. Must…turn…away…

  18. And what does she want it to be called? The “Affordable Care Act”?

    That one is already out of the barn as once everyone’s premium has increased by signing up, it’s really quite elementary to see that there is nothing ‘Affordable’ about it at all.

  19. All those Obama Achievements she was so adamant to cram down your throats: • First President to
    preside over a cut to the credit rating of the United States government

    • First President to
    violate Article 1 Section 9 of the Constitution by sitting as Chairman of the
    UN Security Counsel (a foreign post)

    • First President to
    violate the Logan Act by sending his Secretary of Defense to attend the
    Bilderberg meeting

    • First President to
    orchestrate the sale of murder weapons to Mexican drug cartels

    • First President to
    issue unlawful “Recess-Appointments” over a long weekend — while the U.S.
    Senate remained in session (against the advice of his own Justice Department)

    • First President to
    be Held in Contempt of Court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

    • First president to
    intentionally disable credit card security measures in order to allow
    over-the-limit donations, foreign contributions and other illegal fund-raising

    • First President to
    defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease implementing the ‘Health Care
    Reform’ Law

    • First President to
    halt deportations of illegal aliens and grant them work permits, a form of
    stealth amnesty roughly equivalent to “The DREAM Act”, which could not pass

    • First President to
    sign a law requiring all Americans to purchase a product from a third party

    • First President to
    spend a Trillion dollars on ‘Shovel-Ready’ jobs — and later admit there was no
    such thing as Shovel-Ready jobs

    • First President to
    sue states for requiring valid IDs to vote, even though the same administration
    requires valid IDs to travel by air

    • First President to
    abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union

    • First President to
    sign into law a bill that permits the government to “hold anyone suspected of
    being associated with terrorism indefinitely, without any form of due process.
    No indictment. No judge or jury. No evidence. No trial. Just an indefinite jail

    • First President to
    bypass Congress and implement the DREAM Act through Executive Fiat

    • First President to
    threaten insurance companies after they publicly spoke out on how Obamacare
    helped cause their rate increases

    • First President to
    openly defy a Congressional Order not to share sensitive nuclear defense
    secrets with the Russian Government

    • First President to
    threaten an auto company (Ford) after it publicly mocked bailouts of GM and

    • First President to
    terminate America’s
    ability to put a man into space

    • First President to
    encourage racial discrimination and intimidation at polling places

    • First President to
    have a law signed by an ‘Auto-pen’ without being “Present”

    • First President to
    send $200 million to a terrorist organization (Hamas) after Congress had
    explicitly frozen the money for fear it would fund attacks against civilians

    • First President to
    arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it
    (Defense of Marriage Act)

    • First President to
    tell a major manufacturing company in which State they are allowed to locate a

    • First President to
    file lawsuits against the States he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN,
    TX, etc.)

    • First President to
    withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago

    • First President to
    fire an Inspector General of Americorps for catching one of his friends in a
    corruption case

    • First President to
    propose an Executive Order demanding companies disclose their political
    contributions to bid on government contracts

    • First President to
    preside over America’s
    loss of its status as the world’s largest economy

    • First President to
    allow Mexican police to conduct law enforcement activities on American soil

    • First president to
    propose budgets so unreasonable that not a single representative from either
    party would cast a vote in favor (“Senate unanimously rejected President
    Obama’s budget last year in 0-97 vote”, Politico, “House Votes 414-0 to Reject
    Obama’s Budget Plan”)

    • First President to
    play golf 90 or more times in his first three years in office

    • First President to
    authorize the use of surveillance/attack drones on American citizens

    • First President to
    authorize the use of deadly force against American citizens with no proof of
    wrongdoing, no criminal evidence, and no due process

    • First President to
    violate the War Powers Act (Unilaterally executing American military operations
    in Libya
    without informing Congress in the required time period)

    • First President to
    triple the number of warrant-less wiretaps of U.S. Citizens

    • First President to
    refuse to tell the public what he did for eight (8) hours after being informed
    that a U.S. Ambassador was facing imminent death during a terror attack

    • First President to
    lie about the reason for an Ambassador’s death, blaming it on an Internet Video
    rather than what he knew to be the case: the Al Qaeda-linked Terror Group Ansar

    • First President to
    have an innocent filmmaker thrown in jail after lying about the cause for a
    deadly attack on U.S. Diplomats, using the filmmaker as a scapegoat

    • First President to
    use the IRS to “Unfairly Target Political Enemies” as well as Jewish groups

    • First President to
    unlawfully seize telephone records of more than 100 reporters to intimidate
    and/or bully them

    • First President to
    witness a single cabinet Secretary commit multiple Hatch Act violations without
    acting, speaking out, disciplining or firing that person

    • First President to
    have his Attorney General held in criminal contempt of Congress for his efforts
    to cover up Operation Fast and Furious, that killed over 300 individuals

    • First President to
    claim Executive Privilege to shield a sitting Attorney General from a Contempt
    of Congress finding for perjury and withholding evidence from lawful subpoenas

    • First President to
    sue States for enforcing voter ID requirements, which were previously ruled
    legal by the U.S. Supreme Court

    • First President to
    increase surveillance of American Citizens under the Patriot Act by 1,000
    percent in four years

    • First President to
    demand a company hand over $20 Billion to one of his political appointees (BP
    Oil Spill Relief Fund)

    • First President to publicly
    announce an enemies list (consisting of his opponents campaign contributors;
    and to use the instrumentality of government to punish those on the list)

    • First President to
    attempt to block legally-required 60-day layoff notices by Government contractors
    due to his own cuts to defense spending — because the notices would occur
    before the election

    • First President to
    send 80 percent of a $16 billion program (green energy) to his campaign
    bundlers and contributors, leaving only 20% to those who did not contribute

    • First President to
    issue an Executive Order implementing a “Racial Justice System”, a system that
    tries to achieve “racially equivalent outcomes” for crimes

    • First President to
    leak confidential IRS tax records to groups aligned politically with him for
    partisan advantage

    • First President to
    use the EPA to punish political enemies and reward political allies

    • First President to
    send millions in taxpayer dollars to his wife’s former employer

    • First President to
    have his administration fund an organization tied to the cop-killing terrorist
    group, the Weather Underground

    • First President to
    move America past the dependency tipping point, in which 51% of households now
    pay no income taxes

    • First President to
    increase Food Stamp spending by more than 100% in less than four years

    • First President
    whose economic policies have the number of Americans on disability exceed the
    population of New York

    • First President to
    sue states for enforcing immigration laws passed by Congress

    • First President to
    redistribute $26.5 billion of the taxpayers’ funds to his union supporters in
    the UAW

    • First President to
    endanger the stability of the electric grid by shutting down hundreds of
    Coal-Fired plants without adequate replacement technologies

    • First President to
    have his EPA repudiated by a Federal Judge for “Overstepping Its Powers” when
    they attempted to shut down coal operations in Appalachia

    • First President to
    lie repeatedly to the American people about the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and
    three other diplomatic personnel for purely political reasons, rewriting a
    “Talking Points” Memo no fewer than a dozen times to avoid referencing a
    pre-planned terror attack

    • First President to
    Leak Highly Classified Military and Intelligence Secrets to Hollywood In Order to Promote a Movie That
    Could Help His Reelection Campaign

    • First President to
    Insert Himself into White House biographies of past Presidents

    • First President to
    Golf 122 or More Times in His First Four-and-a-half Years in Office

    • First President to
    be born in a foreign country (Kenya)

    • First President to
    fraudulently obtain and use the social security number of a dead person

    • First President to add more to the National
    Debt than ALL the previous President’s before him

    Ohh, and then there is … Obamacare.

  20. She must have just smoked crack before this broadcast because if she actually believes what she just said than she truly is the most stupid person on this planet.

  21. Harris-Perry is also professor of political science at Tulane University. She previously served on the faculties of the University of Chicago and Princeton University. She is also the director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project., as taken directly from her website. Harris Perry is disgusting. Obama referred to it as Obamacare because he couldn’t wait to take credit for it… MSNBC needs to start objectively reporting news; I don’t know where they find these people!!!!!

  22. What
    an idiot. I guess the liberals want to take title to the word Faux News. It fits
    MSNBC and most other liberal broadcast networks. The Obama name will go down in
    history as associated with the biggest failures ever. His spotty, rather
    atrocious, record in the Mid East may be responsible for WWIII. He has put the
    American economy on the edge of the abyss, and we don’t know whether by design
    or stupidity.

  23. Wow, it was okay to call it OBAMACARE when they actually thought it was a good idea to ram it down our throats. Even Obama with his giant ego loved the name OBAMACARE, because his name was all over it. Now that OBAMACARE is a total failure, Obama and the left wing nut-cases want to take Obama’s name off and constantly call it the Affordable Care Act or ACA. Even Obama don’t want his name on this failed policy. If this was successful, every liberal would proudly call it Obamacare.

    Hey Obama, you built that. Now live with a failed policy that has your name all over it,. OBAMACARE!!!

    • Now he has to Own it and would rather not!! Too late! This will be forever written in history as the most corrupt administration in American History!! Failed attempts to bring Socialism to our shores!

  24. It’s only a disparaging word now that the Affordable Care Act is proving what Conservatives knew to be true all along: this Bill is incredibly harmful. If by some chance it had wound up being a success, you’d better believe they would LOVE having his name plastered all over it. Progressive opportunism and revisionist history at its best. Oh, and let’s not forget the the President himself said that he liked the name “Obamacare” during one of the debates with Romney.

  25. False charges of racism today is the modern day witch hunt. The witch hunters of old made up their own list of what qualified someone as a witch. .In England, one witch hunter decided that suspects should be tied to a chair and thrown into water: all those who floated were considered to be witches. He pricked some with needles or knives, and if they bled they were considered witches. Now we have people who are making up all kind of things that they say means a person is a racist.

  26. The usual standby for them. If their idyllic society in which the one wise and great ruler distributes everything fairly you are wrong in thinking. Since they have no basis on this they you hate terms. When it was Hillary, they called opponents sexist. With Obama, it’s racism even if you are the same race.
    Many on the right are no better. However, thankfully there are still some on the right with reasonable minds such as Col. West. It matters not what you believe, if you have true conviction and confidence there is no need for hate. Fear, hate and anger are tools of those who cannot reason any other way.
    To be fair also, there were a few reasonable minds on the other side. I particularly liked Lieberman’s willingness to discuss, rationalize and compromise. Unfortunately this got him ejected from the party.

  27. Wow, not the brightest light on the Christmas tree is she? Obama is what his is. I wouldn’t use the label dumb; however, Miss Harris-Perry, please don’t ask me what label that I would use for you.

  28. Allen- I’m sorry, your wife was wrong. This needed to never be seen by anyone. And it wasn’t until you linked it to your website and got more play than it originally did on air. It’s time to say what happens on MSNBC stays on MSNBC.

  29. I hope Obamacare, or sometimes referred to as “the unaffordable scare act”, contains provisions for speech therapy for Melissa. Her thoughts come out of her mouth too thick.

  30. I was going to refute all her claims of victory for President Oblahblah, but I decided she is not worth the trouble!!!! We all know that Bin Laden was found by enhanced interrogation, which President Oblahblah was opposed to. Need I say more???

  31. Melissa Harris-Perry’s name evokes some words like, “Robot”, “Brainwashed”, “Conditioned”, “Mind Control” ……. “FOOL” !

  32. This woman is simply trying to cut her losses supporting a fellow going down in history with the last name “Asterisk,” he has to qualify so much of what he says at one moment by statements he makes later..

  33. Does he have anything Else to remember him by? Failure after failure! His friends will attribute accomplishments that are not his own…because even they are embarrassed by what a Failure he is!!! Lie follows lies!

  34. She just shows just how ignorant she is. It is sad that she is even allowed on TV to fill the airwaves with such stupidity. The President even embraced the moniker and happily accepted the term. I am ashamed she has the same last name as me and gives the Perry name such a blemish.

  35. Too bad she didn’t mention the shame and degradation Romney suffered from Romney Care… oh wait, there was no shame and degradation there.. because it wasn’t a GIANT fiasco… All brain laden people know that Obama Care was always meant to be an homage to the great and mighty Messiah, and had it gone RIGHT, she would be singing a different tune… no wait…make that, reading from a different teleprompter. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first national mention of the phrase “Obama Care” actually spewed from the “read it later” lips of Nancy Pelosi. The good news is no one takes this ridiculous trashy left wing weirdo network seriously anyway. It provides more fodder for ridicule than anything even vaguely resembling news for the masses. She looked more like a correspondent on SNL than an actual news reporter, or whatever she calls herself. Cheers, loser lady.

  36. Ms. Perry why make it a racist item. Last I heard President Obama’s mother is white so if not mistaken isn’t he half white. A lot of what you say is your opion but it is a way to show how racist you are.

  37. Don’t understand why people get so up tight with these fools. Putting them “in lights” only legitimizes them. I say: Pay them no mind!

  38. Laws are traditionally named for the person who inspired or initiated its adoption into law. For instance “The Brady Law” or the “Sonny Bono Copyright Law”, etc… Suppose Obamacare was a stellar success. What would her opinion then be then? Imagine this scenario; What if the ACA was a success and it was named after Romney because they say after all that it is actually “his” idea. Would they cry racism then?

  39. It really matters not what you call it. Obama Care, well By God all evidence to the contrary I’m sure. First President that does not care for America, our Traditions, our Values, or People nor our God that I can see after watching for 6 years. This is not just Obama’s Signature piece of Legislation, it’s the ONLY PIECE OF LEGSLATION HE’S EVER INTRODUCED. Having that stigma attached he doesn’t care what it harms or disrupts just as long as you keep referring to it as ObamaDon’tCare his over inflated EGO knows this bill is not any good but the Democrats don’t care. They just yell that the Republicans don’t want 30 Million people to be uninsured. All I know for sure is if the 18 to 34 age group doesn’t buy it and I mean 90% of them it takes to make the numbers work out. You buy insurance you don’t need so the older group can get benefits so shell out 200/300 or more a month for coverage you will not use so Obama can have his Signature legislation. But I’m sure you would run your business the way Obama, with all of his prior accomplishment, he overwhelming business successes have groomed him so well for the offices of President. Only 85% of the people don’t believe the man is capable of telling the truth on anything, nor do they believe the direction his is going and the whole Democratic Party is trying to take America and what they are trying to do to our constitution and rights and yet there are still 15% out there that want to hand on to the notion that he’s trying to build out country. Everything again to the contrary but you like to debate don’t you. Sorry Charlie, not stooping low enough to even play that game.

  40. Melissa is such an Idiot… What victories… ?? Everything she pointed out was just news spin from the administration… He really only accomplished failure…

  41. Obama sink to new lows becasue of Obamacare.. Not only will he be considered the worse president elected, he will be consider as the most criminal, the most racist, and the biggest idiot the citizens ever elected..

  42. I wanna tell you, Allan, the race card is so getting so devalued, that pretty soon it’s going to show up as a prize in a box of Cracker Jacks

    • It was the liberals who were happily calling this bill “Obamacare” at every turn. Now that it’s turned into a destructive and expensive DISASTER, they can’t distance themselves from it fast enough.

      There is abject fear in every liberal congressman up for reelection in the midterms. Everything they said about Obamacare was a LIE, and everything the Republicans said was TRUE… and now EVERYONE KNOWS IT. Their signature “accomplishment” is about to be used like a sledgehammer to drum them out of office… and they are TERRIFIED.

      Obama is about to become a lame duck, and liberals worry there will be nothing left of the “glorious legacy” they dreamed of. They are now mincing words and spinning like crazy to redeem something of his time in office. They CANNOT have Obama’s name associated with the ACA. The ONLY thing they can do at this point is shamelessly pull the race card and vainly attempt to pry his name from Obamacare.

      We can expect a LOT more of this. We can expect to be called “racist” merely for using the term ‘Obamacare’. Remember that liberals consider themselves the ultimate arbiters of race. They believe they are judge and jury on the matter. They’re pulling out all the stops because they’re in serious trouble… this WILL get funny… and maybe a bit disturbing.

  43. Ms. Harris-Perry, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who has seen your comments is now dumber for having read them. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  44. If Obamacare is in fact his signature legislation and he is so proud of it and it is as great as he tells us it is, why would he want his name distanced from it and why would it be considered a derogatory term to use it? About as ridiculous an argument as could be made and certainly saying or using Obamacare is not way near the vileness of using the N word. Now if they acknowledge it is the failure that the rest of us know it is, then they will do as they are doing, and try to vilify using his name on it and connecting it to the fact it passed with no Republican votes whatsoever, and was crammed down the throats of unwilling Americans by Obama and his democratic cohorts in Congress which could bite them in the butt next Nov at election time. Could that possibly be the real reason this race baiting rhetoric is being thrown our way?

  45. Oh Dear God please tell me this was suppose to be a SNL parody of a news broadcast. This lady can’t be for real… has she not been awake for the past five years? Has she not seen the latest news on how tax payers have lost so much money due to the sells of GM stock? Take your racist glasses off and pull your head out of the sand (or should I say from up Obama’s backside) and have a look at what is really going on.

  46. I have coined a new word. What do you call a man who is a failure as a military officer, having been forced to resign his commission in disgrace after his despicable, unauthorized, and AMATEURISTIC “interrogation” of an Iraqi police officer on the flimsiest of evidence? And who embarrassed himself so badly in his (single) term as a US congressman that he couldn’t even get reelected – in the kooky state of Florida?
    That’s right, ladies and gents. The new word of the day is “Westfails”. Again and again. This B.S. smear of M.H.P. is yet another in a long series of Westfails.

  47. One of the good things ObamaCare did was bailout the auto industry, we lost 10b from the GM bailout. Just look at the rest of the good things ObamaCare did, just a thought.

  48. Well woman, first lets get the facts straight, Bin Ladin was not lost, we knew where he was, that is a fact. Benghazi! seriously? woman he didn’t save anyone there, he let them die. Obama Care sucks, pay more get less, allowing insurance companies to really have control. He is not liked, because he is incompetent, How he saved out national debt. Woman your on crack or very stupid, we are 20 trillion in debt, because of this fool. Now let get with the other serious stuff, he initiated racial tension , every program on or movie they make the white guy stupid, This dude has not accomplished anything but disaster. He brought on the hate, nobody else. He manipulated the press, he is a known liar, obviously you do not read the news, or have this so called Obama Care health plan, or you would be in line with the rest of the liberals, bailing out of it. So lady I am offended by your comments, and your lies, and the blame game keeps continuing, for a president to break our constitutional rights, in which he swore an oath to defend. So lady, like all the others that get up here and talk, make sure you get the facts straight. I cannot wait to see this man impeached, which for your information, violated more laws and rights then Nixon and still in office, using the race card, one who never proved his birth, who embarrassed this nation to many times, want examples, a $20.00 coupon to china’s prime minister, demanding the Olympic be in Chicago , trying to intimidate Putin in Russia, don’t get me on Syria, they just prove that was another lie. Should I go on woman? these are the things you boy king has done, why he is not respected. Not because of race, creed , or color. Because he is against everything this nation is founded on. How dare you get up here and promote this , like it is republicans fault. Not once has he stood up as a man and acknowledged his lies. I have a word, IMPEACHMENT that is all he is worth.

    • Because, as a muslim, he is entitled to lie! He lies open-faced!!! His book say it’s ok to lie, cheat, steal, and any other despicable thought, act or deed that one could come up with, in the name of that pedophile… gee…what’s that piece of pig-shit’s name again??? …Oh…right…mohammed.

  49. Ignorant fool. Put your head back in that hole in the ground. If you’re not intelligent enough to see that Obama is the greatest natural disaster that has ever hit this country then maybe we can bury you with your butt in the air so people can use you for a bike rack. At least that way you won’t be totally useless.

  50. She just flat doesn’t know any better, or know any history at all, particularly of Hillarycare. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t paying attention when that happened. So of course, that is why they have her in this spot.

  51. Nig ger is a noun in the English language. The word originated as a neutral term referring to black people, as a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger (“color black”).Nig ger is a noun in the English language. The word originated as a neutral term referring to black people, as a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger (“color black”).

  52. This woman has got to be the dumbest newscaster ever in the history of the world!! Obamacare is in itself your version of the word Obamacare!!! The real problem why your trying to change it is because Obama is trying to distance himself from his own failures!!!

  53. Oh Man, that woman is NUTS, listing all of the things that obama FAILED in as good things. GAWD, does she think that we are all as STUPID as she is. Wonder if she signed up for obamacare…..

  54. OMG What a Dumb ass woman, There I said It!!! She Left out all the things that Obama Lied about…Benganzi… IRS…. NSA…. You can keep your Health Ins…. Why??? He should OWN up them if it’s his right??? Wow I Know one thing… better keep her away from the President… she might just jump down on her knees an do a Monica on him… Awwwww…. see where she’s coming from now… MSNBC

  55. Stupid is as stupid does……he didn’t get Bin Laden our troops did. He is a liar and not even an American GET OUT AND YOU YOUNG FOOLISH WOMAN GO WITH HIM!!!

  56. LMFAO. OBAMACARE = NIGER……… Can someone say DUMB ASS. How low will people go to try to make a name for themselves. In life if there is one thing you learn it should be YOU CAN’T HELP STUPID

      • dont use that term dumbass,you give what the libs say creedence when you spout off your big dumb hick mouth like that

      • Go easy on ol’ Terry there, Short Little Reject! He is only saying what every one of you fascist right-wing scum posting on thiis idiot’s page are (not so secretly) dying to say. Embrace him, and embrace and admit your racism and depraved bigotry and hate.

  57. This is another reason why we don’t need Hillary for President. If anyone disagrees with her…she will say it’s because she is a woman.

  58. Rescues the auto industry? Pulls us out of the recession? Seriously? Has this woman looked around? Also, I think the seals killed Bin Laden. This woman is psychotic.

  59. man this woman has made herself look stupid. But keep in mind she is doing what her bosses have told her to do. America, brace yourselves, the worst is yet to come

  60. I don’t know if I want to laugh or be angry. She started out giving history, of what I thought, was the “N” word and then screams out “Obamacare”. Just another way of calling those that disagree with Obama a racist. Was she sitting on some kind of bouncing ball the way she just kept bouncing around? All she was missing was the clown suit and balloons. I loved the comment about a bunch of rich white guys. Hmmmmmmmm how many millions is Obama worth now? A lot more than any of those white guys…oops there were also black guys in that group. She forgot to mention that. Mr. West I am not a racist and anybody that knows me knows that. So I want to thank you for the laugh and free entertainment of the day.

  61. What parallel universe is she living in? The only thing he has had success in is lying without end, taking credit where credit is not due him, destroying the healthcare system, and turning us into a socialist country. She is an imbecile!

  62. Wow! I have seen clips of Obama calling it that and laughing, saying he liked the sound of it. Americans are getting sick of the race card being used CONSTANTLY.. How about her comment accusing a bunch of white men? Obama was elected by mostly white people. She should education herself before she speaks so. Ignorantly. That’s MSNBC for ya!

  63. You’re an idiot. The point she is making is that they, you know who, are using the term Obamacare in the same tone as they have used the “N” word. And if you don’t believe that then you are blind as well. I am related to many white blue collar Republicans and when they say Obamacare they really mean anything that presumptuous N in Office has done. You sir, are the one that is spewing written agenda. And most people remember Napoleon for Waterloo so if a person reads what you’re saying intelligently you are making your own counterpoint.

    • Then what was it when it was called “Romney” care? During the 90’s, Clinton’s health care debacle was called “HIllary Care”. Is that a slur against women? White Men? Please.

    • Dude… You’re dumb. Of course most people know Napoleon for Waterloo. That was the point. With all of Napoleon’s success, he is only really known for his one huge failure. The same is going to come of Obamacare. That is the point, and he made it well.
      I find it funny that you said ‘…if a person reads… intelligently you are making your own counterpoint,’ When he in no way did. Also, you are showing your own lack of said intelligence and critical thinking skills. This makes since though, seeing as you actually believe what that person in the video is vomiting up.

    • You do realize the men she spoke of were mostly democrats right? They were behind the KKK and trying to stop the civil rights act. Or didnt you know that?

  64. @ jln Socialism is the only thing Obama will be remembered for. This video is a joke, he did not save the auto industry, he did not pull us out of a recession, all he wants to do is make an even playing field for all of the people, that want hand out’s. Obamacare will be known as the biggest failure for this country.

  65. Stupid, saying it was used because he was black! “Hillary care” was also used for Hillary’s attempt at socialized medicine. Was it “racist” then? It’s about a bad program, not a skin color. Race-baiting MSNBC fools.

  66. bringing about world peace? Did she really say that? Say that about Mr Nobel Peace Prize winner who stepped up drone attacks ten-fold over that war-monger bush? THE Peace Prize winner who added 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan? Really? Lay off the kool-aid Melissa.

  67. What do you call the President who hijacked 16% of the US economy, by manipulating out legislative procedures against the will of most Americans leading us into debt that could be the demise of our nation? OBAMACARE, because that is the nicest title I can give it.

    • And you’re nothing but a racist piece of garbage, a real shitstain in fact – which makes your chosen user name very appropriate. You should be ashamed of yourself. “Negroid” brain? WTF?

      • Gee..for 78 years I thought I was ‘free’ to believe whatever I chose to believe…right or wrong, Then, along come a ‘thing’ called “DOGMADESTROYS” who writes that I haven’t the RIGHT! What HE believes is the ONLY right thing!!! Dat don’ make it rite…rite?

      • So you’re saying then that you agree with that despicable degenerate “Skid Marks” then, idiot? The guy who just insulted the entire African American race – on a page run by a man who happens to be African American himself? And where did I attack any of your so-called “rights” at all?
        You really are one STUPID specimen, aren’t you? Proving once again that traitorious scum that support liar and war criminal Allen West are a group that coincides almost perfectly with the most undereducated, ignorant, and dumbest of all Americans.

      • Along with you just said. Where does Oprad’s hate statement (All old white people should die) fit in. Please don’t come back with name calling just the facts.

      • Who the hell is this “Oprad”, idiot?
        Oops, looks like I just called you a name. Well, it’s a fitting one at least.

      • forgive me for misspelling Ms Oprah Winfrey’s name. Now that the spelling is correct answer the QUESTION! remember no name calling, unless of course if that is your only way to respond.

      • I learned a new word today. Negroid. Not sure how a brain can be such yet, but the word is legit, and used to define people with characteristics of someone from Africa. Cacascoid or something is ised for Europeans. But yeah, skid sounds dumb.

    • You’re obviously a “plant”…of the vegetable family… trolling to further divide people. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out you are on the staff of MSNBC or one of Obama’s left-hand cronies.

      • LOL, nice try, Millie. The racism and STUPIDITY displayed by your friend Shitstains, er, Skid Marks, is the nearly exclusive property of you far right wing nut jobs.

  68. I figured it was “Failure”! Oh, and isn’t Chevy going bankrupt again and closing? And wasn’t it Seal Team Six that supposedly got Osama bin Laden? The same team that Obama had ambushed and murdered to coverup his lying about Osama too. This Skank makes my stomach churn! She is knee deep in Obama’s vomit and loving it!

    • Well said Billwhit!! I am sure you have checked out Bill Whittle on you tube. I think you would like him. I was hoping Romney would have asked him in one of the debates after “I saved GM”, so what about Saturn? Oldsmobile, (the oldest car maker in America), Pontiac? Hummer? How about those? Didn’t Michelle like those? Or were they not giving enough to your campaign ?

    • I believe Earth has become the dumping ground for the aliens. An insane asylum for them. That would certainly explain a lot of these liberal hacks.

  69. This Hariis-Parry HACK is just a cheap antagonizer. Liberal ‘poly scientistists’ claim to have NO ideology yet nothing but assinine garbage spews from their mouth to insult those who can rationalize intelligence. Its straight out of Sal Alinsky’s playbook mixed in with Cloward/Pivens radical dissention. She literally enjoys pissing everyone off no matter the means, in fact the more rediculous the better. This is supposed to break you down & believe what ever half truths they evlevate toward your ‘feable understanding’…hense inculcation.

  70. During the debates Obama said he like the name ObamaCare! That’s how much he loves himself!! This woman is an idiot!! It’s just sad some people will not report the truth but lean only on lies and stupidity!

  71. Well, I agree with her. It can all be sum up with ObamaCare, because we know what that is and how that has gone and where it is going. I just pray that we can recover….

  72. What an idiot! I hearg him say he liked the name Obamacare. I wonder if this lady has signed up for her Obamacare yet, let alone read the fine print in the huge document. Get a clue, this isn’t about Obamacare, that’s just a tool he’s using to get what he wants – control.

  73. Harris Perry is a Educated IDIOT! Meaning has schooling but cannot conceive reality. No wonder MSNBC is losing ratings. But lets give Obama his due. I can say I will remember his legacy as the worst president in history.

  74. I only have one question. WTF is wrong with Harris-Perry? This woman gives women everywhere a bad name. First tampon earrings and now this. She isn’t original or funny in her commentary. Like Obama she is her own biggest fan, I would dare say only fan. MSNBC wants to be taken seriously but how can anyone do so with the likes of her, Baldwin and Bashir. Not to mention Al “Resist we much” Sharpton.

  75. Is this for real…Where in the hell do MSNBC hire there people from….They have no smarts ..I thought this was for Saturday Night Live ….MSNBC is making a ASS out of their self…..THE TAX PAYERS AND Americans of this country are not stupid….

  76. I just had to shut her up it was hurting my natural intelligence senses. I wish I could have shut her up with my hand across her freakin; mouth. NEXT

  77. What? We are out of the Recession? Really? Oh cause I thought that we were STILL in the Recession. And No, I think Obama will be remembered as “THE PRESIDENT THAT ALWAYS LIED!”

  78. Is she an idiot or what…oh brother, she needs some training on how to read from a teleprompter, maybe her buddy Barry could help her out.

  79. so she is trying to say that bc obamacare… the seal team was able to take down osama bin ladin…? absolutely no connection with obamacare.

    stopped the recession yet 17 trillion dollars in national debt… good work Obamacare!
    do you know what would happen if i didnt pay my bills? i would lose my house.
    maybe obama needs to lose his house.

  80. She is implying that if we are against Obama care we are calling him a +++++ and we are racist. Saved the Auto industry, can anyone say Detroit! Stopped the Recession, Can anyone say, unemployed, more people on food stamps, larger national debt, Can anyone say Illegals.

    She sounds like a racist with a grudge. Just because I am not for Obama care and Obama does not make me a Racist. and for her to say otherwise, she should not be teaching out children anything. I , think MSNBC should stop this Liberal garbage and show both side. People should boycott MSNBC. I would hate to have to not watch anything on MSN.

  81. What a dumb ed down useful Idiot. That speech what just pathetic and completely untrue. Obama embraced the term Obama care like a gold medal until it rolled out and was a complete disaster, now all of a sudden your a racist if you say Obama care. These people are lunatics!

    • As I have said before, “What recovery?” Things are getting worse and no can seem to see it. Perhaps they would just like to bury their heads in the sand.

      • I talked to a 2 time Obama voter and those were is words when I confronted him with facts. I would let him speak but when I would speak he would interrupt me and repeat himself by saying, “I am perfectly content with my head buried in the sand.” Expect that to be the new norm from the collective liberal mindset.

  82. The people on top are trying to keep racism alive to divide us as a nation. Welcome to the new millenia. We are one people, one world, with many problems. Corruption in our leadership is trickling down and is easily seen nowadays. Do not fall for the ploy. Love one another and we will go far! Continue to bicker over trivial things like color of skin, or someone elses religious beliefs, and we will be using the rest of earths resources to erect one large tombstone for humankind.

  83. Mr. West, your wife, Angela was correct. This did need attention. And as usual in your very honest manner, you nailed it! People are becoming really tired of the race-baiting. The progressives are so desperate they do not even realize that they are demeaning the work of all those who, have in the past, worked so diligently to bring light to a true issue. They are minimizing a situation that does exist, but if they keep this up no one is going to pay it any mind any longer. As usual, they are shooting themselves in the foot. And she, is in large part, why this country is so messed up. Educators with an agenda is a very dangerous thing.

  84. This woman is an jackass … a stupid one at that. Obama is everything that is in opposition to our Constitutional Republic and this dummy can not see it.

  85. I was just wondering what “all the successes as president” that she was talking about???? I must have been in a coma for the last 5+ years while “he” has had all these successes that will make his legacy…..gee I really can’t remember one instance..wait I have it, no….oh wait,……and we are still waiting for his first success… what a boob she is….no wonder OUR great Republic is in such turmoil.

    • AMEN! She’s slept through the past 5 yrs. that this apparent “idol” of hers has reigned and lorded over us, bankrupting our nation, stirring up hatred between the races, shouting his approval for abortion-any term- stuck his head in the sand with Benghazi, particiapated in Fast and Furious, shamed our nation by his lack of appropriate protocol throughout Great Britain and other countries……yes, he’s an AMAZING MAN. Amazing how he is surviving w/out getting impeached!

  86. Miss Harris Perry is typical of the sheeple being turned out by our higher education system. She believes what she is saying. That makes her a ignorant racist. So sorry to say she is not alone at MSMBC.

  87. Doesn’t this stupid, stupid female remember that Dimocrats were calling it obamacare from practically the beginning ?…The requirement for working there is that you’re still drinking the koolaid.

  88. I’m sure the term “Obamacare” was ‘coined’ by many people at the same time. It was patterned after the term “Hillarycare.”
    That said, a LexisNexis search of all news media shows that Wayne Madsen of the Progressive Online Journal was the first to use the phrase “Obamacare” in a pro-Obamacare article titled Obama’s well-crafted plan offers Americans full coverage without emptying the Treasury, on April 4, 2008 in the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Here’s the money quote:

    “Obama’s national health insurance program, let’s call it “ObamaCare,” provides Americans with affordable premiums, co-pays and deductibles.”
    If there is an earlier reference to the term, it doesn’t show up on the LexisNexis search.

    10 posted on October 29, 2010 at 12:38:37 PM EDT by Yo-Yo

  89. this woman fell off the pinnacle of stupid. she looks like she is trying out for some simple high school play with her exaggerated movements, her uncontrolled tone and voice, flailing hand gestures. I would think she was pranking us if I didn’t know better. if she was on my television show, I would FIRE her with her ridiculous stupidity. race monger, much? Goodness!!!!

  90. I am reminded why I don’t bother with this station..What boat did she just get off of? Who is she? So let’s just see then…What do you call BENGHAZI? What do you call the IRS, FAST & FURIOUS? Eric Holder? Susan Rice? Simple Sebelious? Tell all 9 of your listeners to get the truth from FOX News…Basically that is where the audience is..Oh and just for the record..”Obamacare” is ruining this nation as we speak! Millions have no insurance, Millions will have to find a way to pay thousands of dollars more not only in premiums but with outrageous increases in deductibles…Take your “Obamacare” and put it where the sun doesn’t shine…

  91. I’m still trying to figure out what te many accomplishments he has are. He didn’t take down Osama, I believe the Navy seals did that and everything that led to that was set up long before “Obama don’t care”. I didn’t know the economy was doing that great, as far as I can see it is still pretty damn bad. Odumba didn’t save anyone, he has put everyone in the unemployment line and on food stamps. If his “Obama don’t care” is his legacy he is in real trouble.

  92. I’m literally at a loss for words. Is this what passes for journalism these days? I can’t believe someone actually pays her to spew this crap. I think the politicalramblingsofamadman just found his idiot of the week.

  93. No obummer care is something that only a half bread Demo communist could come up with to bring our country down I have Black People as friends in AL.That hate him as much as i do Libtards like her are a dime a dozen .Trying to find something to blame because they are so dumb.

  94. im just confused as to what “victories” shes talking about. He found Osama because of Bush’s leg work, our country has the largest debt in history because of Douchebama by 10+ trillion, we’re still in recession but he’s printing soo much money we’re headed not for a recession but a DEPRESSION. Can someone enlighten this dumb B!+$& ! Oh and Obamacare cost millions of Americans their healthcare plans while only tens of thousands signed up for the overpriced nonsense..his presidency is the greatest failure in the history of the united states of America. Can we please get Mr.West in there to try cleaning this mess up?

  95. Is she off her meds? If his greatest legacy is a half ass half baked healthcare ” reform” , then hey, who am I to judge. Embrace it man! Obamacare.

  96. Dis anyone notice when she said ” Obama said he can’t beat them, so mine as while join them, and talked that jive with the headshake? What’s she doing implying that people that talk like that are N*ggers? She implied that not me! Am I wrong? This woman is a whack job and a bigot herself, just as her statement applies. I think her spitting on the camera with the way she talks, only shows hoe desperate MSNBC are for ratings. They know she’s a idiot and stuck with her, so why not use her to their advantage. Obama, her and MSNBC all suck !

  97. oh my goodness!!!! that crazy chick is snorting DRANO!!!!!! 0bama has never accepted the blame for any of his failures… he was blaming President Bush until a few weeks ago. now he is blaming the “messed up government”…lol!…OBAMACARE is yours barry…own it!!! the whole freaking mess…..and, get another spokes person….dat beeotch iz kwazy!!!

  98. Another horses ass speaks! What an idiot! Actually she goes into bold new realms of stupid!! She should be fired for racism towards whites!! Where is Al Sharpton now?

  99. According to her web page,, Harris-Perry is also professor of political science at Tulane University. She previously served on the faculties of the University of Chicago and Princeton University. She is also the director of theAnna Julia Cooper Project. I guess you can grow wingnuts anywhere.

  100. what accomplishments? He either wasn’t aware, doesn’t know, or blames someone else! Obamacare? THAT IS A DISASTER!!! No one in their right mind would WANT to be linked to that!!! He’s promoted racism!!! I’m lucky enough to live where ALL races are to smart to be drawn into THAT crap!!! He’s done nothing good for this country. He sends aid to our enemies and I do mean enemies, treats citizens like crap while welcoming invaders and he himself belongs to the muslim brotherhood!!! Again, what accomplishments?

  101. I admire, Billy Graham, Thomas Sowell, Ted Cruz, Allen West, John Bolton, Ben Carson, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, and many more. And I will not apologize for not admiring them because of their race.

  102. Wow… The idiocy never ceases to amaze me. His only accomplishment has been to become the first black president, but that makes me feel terrible for the black people in this country who were looking forward to feeling pride in that accomplishment – that has been taken from them…. Or will be one day if all eyes are opened. This country is being destroyed before our very eyes, but the sheep still have the liberal wool pulled over their eyes and just can’t see it. Can’t believe she had the audacity to start talking about something so serious, and then turn it into an Obamacare “joke” as if the “N” word would ever be funny in any way. I am disgusted. But what do you expect when the government is trying to take the whole reason for the Gettysburg Address out of our children’s history books??? The only people who will be more ignorant about our country’s history than our future generations are the North Koreans.

  103. melissa you need to be the first one to sign up for Øbamacare with it’s high prices, rationing, lack of choice, long waits and doctor shortages.

    Øbamacare- bath house barry and dhimmicrats, YOU BUILT THAT.

  104. Awesome job. I havent watched the news in a while since all we have is fox or cnn or msnbc, but apparently the recession is over and everyone is back to work, and we all have disposable income again. Great job. Oops, I forgot I live in Illinois, Obamas home state, you know the one with billions in debt, and the worst credit rating in the USA. Unemployment high, jobs low, corrupt politicians, and one of the worst economies in the USA. Now he is turning our great country into ILLINOIS

  105. WOW!!!! What an Idiot!!! affordable care act instead?? lmao.. might as well keep the name Obamacare because the affordable care act is not quite the name to describe this crap they served us.. they should call it the rape America without the KY Jelly act…

  106. OMG just when you thought there might be hope for America, these empty talking heads come up with more stupid garbage to throw at uninformed constituents. They no longer deliver news, only act out the lies that are the Democrat party.

  107. So now obamacare, ACA, universal health care, whatever you want to call it, is a failure because of race? What a colossal disservice this nitwit is doing to her race and country. Where does MSNBC get these intellectual midgets?

  108. This woman is a professor??? Wow, I guess that is why college kids come out with a degree in stupidity!!!!! Where does MSNBC find these looney tunes!!!!????? Do they just go out and find the dumbest person on the planet they can find to be anchors?????? No wonder that Fox News Channel beats the pants off ANY news channel on tv today!!!!

  109. Is she drunk? I’ve never referred to him as ‘ObamaCare’ but I’ve called his horrible health care act ‘ObamaCare.’ No one refers to the president as ‘ObamaCare’ except her in this drunken rant.

  110. What is she teaching? Inciting race war? So now we are being a racist for saying ” Obamacare”!!! Good Grief we are going to have to stop talking until we get this monster. Obama had a great many white voters,well maybe. Not sure he was even voted in. Anyway…. it has nothing to do with skin color. Had he been a good president I would have sung his praises. If he had just been a bungling idiot, he would just have received the same praise as the others on SNL.

    But this man is destroying all that is America! It is referred to as ” Obamacare” is because he gave birth to it, rocked it, and it is his “legacy”. So own it dude!

  111. As long as these types of people are riding the airwaves and representing liberals in the eyes of the public, there is hope for conservatism and the US!

  112. So now we have a commentator on MSNBC trying to distance the president from his epic failure of a plan, a plan that is costing us trillions, failed from the very beginning and there is no hope or change that will fix it. Her trying to equate Obamacare to the dreaded N word is the most ridiculous thing that has come out of the ultra liberal media yet.

  113. If the word Obamacare is an epithet, it is because it contains the hated name of the despised despot squatting in the Oval Office.

  114. Yeah, She’s stoned out of her gourd. She sounds like she’s reading a story to a bunch of kindergarteners. Well, I guess that’s her audience’s level.

  115. Did you hear the one about a President who had this signature legislation that would define his legacy in all the history books but was too incompetent to actually implement it – OBAMACARE!

  116. HIs legacy you say? how about the most inept POTUS in history..and by the way GM still owes us $10 Billion! but Obama wrote that off!

  117. This woman mentioned President Obama’s accomplishments. Is she going to let us in on what they are? Let’s go over some important stuff. Benghzai. Iran. Unemployment. Stimulus package. Fast and Furious. Obamacare. Cash for Clunkers. I know these were all completely failed items. Does she mean these as “accomplishments”? She makes it sound as if OBama had no choice but to accept “Obamacare” as the term used. From what I remember, when it finally past he couldn’t wait to associate his name to it. She’s making it sound as if others surrounded him with it, held him down and made him say the word. Talk about racism. This woman is using race again to justify poor performance and a bad program. Most of knew from the beginning that it would be bad. We definately knew when Pelosi said you’d have to vote in first before you could know whats in it. Pretty easy on that one.

    • This woman’s monologue is a truly embarrassing display of sycophant drooling. But to answer your question, David, she did mention his “accomplishments”: killing Osama Bin Laden, “saving” the auto industry, “saving” the country from a depression-like recession with the stimulus bill, passing the Lily Ledbetter equal pay law, or whatever it was, and something to do with alleviating the unequal incarceration of blacks–I didn’t quite catch that one. So there, that’s everything, according to her. It was a stretch.

      • Obama did make the call to have Bin Laden killed. However, he failed to save the afghan doctor who helped lead us to him. He’s in prison and being treated poorly. Part fo the operation should have been to get the guy out. Obama is weak. He’s surrounded by aids who do him no service. Lame duck for the next 3 years

      • Wait a minute, didn’t they use water boarding as one of the methods of intelligence gathering to find out where Osama was at?

        Oh yeah, thanks alot Obama, two of your policies helped to bury my business as well as a few dozen of my customers’ businesses. Appreciate that.

      • Also, since we now know that Benghazi wasn’t caused by a video, where is the director of said video? A political prisoner perhaps.

  118. It’s all lunacy. Using the “N” word, as people so politically correctly refer to it as the most heinous word ever uttered is the height of idiocy to begin with.The word originated as a corruption of the word Nigerian….denoting that the person was of the black race. No denying it did turn into a racial epithet before it was over, but it still is no better or worse than the epithets that black people call others. To continue to act as if it is the all-time worst is simply to pander to the racist mentality that is actually very strongly out there…………against white people! I never owned any race of slave in my life and none of the black people having fits over this word has ever BEEN a slave. Grow up. The people who have for centuries owned the most slaves and who still today do it are Muslims. Check your history…..the real history, not the brand put out there today that is altered to fit someones agenda!

  119. Old Socialist trick, she failed to mention that the Socialist Soviet Union had next to no blacks or any other color race or religion. All these scams are the USSR propaganda being repeated. I think all should be equal, but equal. He claimed Obama Care from the beginning and since it is failing she is trying to blow wind back into its sails to get people to forget about it for a while.. As far as the auto industry, he paid (yes paid) China to take Chrysler and Brazil to take Volt, so Detroit lost how many jobs? is that saving the American Auto Industry or the Chinese? Lets be honest, Obama is pushing all Bush’s agendas to the next level. Less transparency than any President and a State Ran Media.

  120. What a stupid B**** Are you kidding me? Made up by a bunch of “rich white men”? rescued the auto industry? Pulled the country out of a depression? WTF? Might as well call him Jesus Christ, since they obviously think he walks on water….

  121. What an over-dramatic douchebag! I love her feigned anger! What a bunch of toolboxes! Trust me: OBAMA considers this his SIGNATURE act as President, so that JERK loves the term! UNTIL it became OBVIOUS that the rollout was a COMPLETE and UTTER failure! He’s a stooge but sadly, this is NOT funny! I miss Moe, Larry and Curly! (and Shemp too)

    • Church theatrics. Made me laugh out loud. Reminds me of Eric Dyson. That man can talk for an hour to make a two minute statement. I especiall love his use of big words. Like that makes him intelligent. Just makes him sound like an arrogant leftist. He and Perry are of the same mould. Idiots.

  122. The President who pulled us out of the greatest recession ever…really? What about the President that managed to increase the national debt by 6.7 trillion dollars and still has us a debtor nation. We could have built a new economy on the money spent, but he chose to throw it away on social programs.

  123. His many successes? Is she serious? What successes, he just keeps getting deeper and deeper into trouble and taking us with him. What color glasses do these people where to think that for a minute he has been a successful president on any level? I guess if you are a socialist/colonialist/communist you consider him successful. However for the rest of us, he’s just an EPIC FAILURE!

    • For America he is a failure. His entire agenda has been anti-American and designed to discredit/disgrace and ruin the American way of life. At that he has been very successful.

  124. Melissa Harris Perry is what happens when one falls totally for the partisan BS that Obama is doing a great job, is a total success story, and that the economy has rebounded from the worst recession since the Great Depression.
    Melissa is as blind as Mr. Magoo. A total embarrassment, but let’s keep her on tv for we need a very good laugh. However, I don’t watch MSNBC, but I love to hear about it from other’s posts.

  125. It’s evident that she rehearsed this little monologue, blurting out the word “Obamacare” after a brief “pause for dramatic effect”, which only made it sound more absurd! Rarely have we seen such a clear cut case of race-baiting as this! Her claim that was coined by “a group of wealthy White men looking for a way to keep the Black man down” was way out of line! Wasn’t it one of Obama’s own staffers that coined the term? Anyway, she got one thing right- Obama himself uses the term, and is not ashamed. She should have been fired or suspended, but so far MSNBC has shown no interest in taking any action, not even making her give an apology for it, and I’m not holding my breath.

    • …Well, I am holding my breath a little, but that’s to keep from puking.from such a nauseating display of Obama worship, revering him as a god.

  126. This post is directed to those of you who voted for Obama. I know there are some here who did. I’m not posting this to shame you, but to tell you that you are forgiven. Many fell for this charlatan, but, and this is a big but (pardon the pun), if you vote for a radical leftist liberal every again, then you don’t deserve forgivness. What is unfolding before your eyes is a direct result of a cult of personality that swept millions up in its wave. If you vote for a radical far right wing radical, you are just as guilty as if you pulled the lever for this usurper of American ideals.

  127. She is a Jack ass! President Obama” yes, I like the name ‘Obamacare’ — so your insurance companies can’t jerk you around anymore,” he told a cheering crowd in Manchester, N.H.,

  128. This is such bullshite. He did none of the things she said. None. It was smoke and mirrors and lies. I call it obamascam anyway. or obamadon’tcare. Howabout obama wrong? She’s so full of racist
    crap you can smell it through the monitor.

  129. It’s amazing that in all the “accomplishments” she listed, she believes them to be positive. How does someone get such a skewed thought process? Anyone who is willing to go along with a person just because of the color of his skin is just as mentally deficient as the person who is willing to hate a person just because of the color of his skin. Both are wrong. Both cause a lot of damage to this world.

  130. She should get together with Chris Matthews and have a threesome with obama. Or maybe she could get Wasserman-schultz and obambam.

  131. She is what you get when two very close family members breed. A delusional liberal. They live in a cartoon world of their own insanity where Obama is God. I truly think it’s a genetic malformation.

  132. I cannot believe what a waste of air we still have not come out of the recession ,hes Obama Care will be the downfall of america I truly cannot believe that a waste of space like her can report on news and lie of the liberal party not to mention all the impeacheable offences Obama has been involved in and let us not forget he really is not an American citizen But you are right he will be remembered as the worst president in history I truly believe she needs to take her head out of the sand and some truly uneducated people say there is not anliberal medisa please

  133. How in the world do these STUPID people even get air time? And why has no one really addressed the BOONDOGGLE of ObamaCare (there I said it) Even those who through subsidy get their PREMIUMS paid by us tax paying citizens will still have to shell out their $6000 plus deductibles each and every year BEFORE the insurance companies pay out anything. This is nothing more than a RAPE of the American Tax Payer….Then go to the site and search for the known providers in your area. In my area, they have all basically been excluded..and the nearest hospital under the so-called Bronze Plan is about TWO HUNDRED MILES AWAY….What clown or group of clowns believe A. That this affordable. and B. that it is in any way providing BETTER health care for anyone. Oh wait but you get freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee birth control and Abortion access which I as a 64 year old male would never use..Oh my and ObamaCare is NOW a racist word? No, Melissa, ObamaCare has a stigma attached to it NOT because of race but because of the STUPIDITY of what it represents. And those of you who still fawn all over Obama (Oh wait you are black aren’t you Melissa) are the real lemmings and blind sheeple of this country…So the real meaning of ObamaCare and those who fall over themselves in favor of it can be summed up in one word S T U P I D.

  134. When one calls good;bad ,and bad; good, it is willful ignorance. The worst kind because the truth and facts can be right in front of them, and they will indignantly deny them. She’s fighting to be stupid.

  135. & when a, you all know who I am talking about, a ‘Republican’ gets back in there & fixes it, they will blame anything bad on him, & give his credit to Obama, The lazies piece of anti Jewish, anti Christian radical ever elected. It’s get even steven with them & all liberals combined feel like getting even, not solving a damn thing!

    • God help us if a Republican gets into office again, it will takes decades to get past the mess you have made of this once great nation. Now we are only #1 in people in prison, and military spending. Seriously doesn’t it bug you guys that the tax breaks are for the rich? I just don’t get how anyone with common sense can keep voting for a party that doesn’t give a flying fudge-cake about you.

      • If you were a smart person & new what it was you mean, or are talking about, I could answer you…

      • properly! Now I can be as smart as you ‘visdrew’ because now I can spell that/this 1 word, now. G golly. Lets not call it an err. We’ll just call me stupid, huh?

      • Miss Lynn….you do know that the only ones paying taxes ARE the rich…don’t you? 60% of us pay ZERO in federal taxes. Most people even get money back that they never paid in the first place thru tax returns. I guarantee that YOU pay zero federal income tax, or more than likely probably even get an earned income credit, which means you paid LESS than zero. Wait…what am I thinking???? You probably don’t even have a job, being a democrat and all. Tax breaks for the rich, allow the rich to OFFER you more jobs. Which in turn, equals more tax payers, so the economy gets better as well. When the government cuts taxes for the rich….WE WIN in the form of more jobs!! Unless of course you don’t want a job. Then by all means vote democrat, so they can tax the rich more, to afford more welfare checks.

    • I will reply to myself, & pretend it was another person with common sense., since that person makes absolutely no sense, then.
      Go study it for yourself, & find out what Ben Stein said about it, about how cutting taxes brought in more revenue for the Government. This idiot below cannot think that socialism is the way to go. She just told me that it is good to go ahead & tax everybody, & squeeze all our money out of our pockets, to feed greedy people.
      That troll cannot be for real, & expect people to not go & look up what she just said as being a complete lie. That what is said below is complete hogwash!

  136. You won’t hear her talk about “Reaganomics” that way. So that must mean that it’s only derogatory if it’s about O-Man. And why does it matter so much to her that Obama’s “a black man?” And why lie about the term “Obamacare” being started by “rich white men?” Oh, yeah. Race matters to libtards because it helps them divide the nation.

    • You know the last politician/president in this country to take everyone to the bank, & took all their gold was a Liberal Democrat. FDR just took the money & ransacked people over! People will commit suicide over this, what Obama does, & then they want to also pretend they have a heart.

  137. How do morons like this woman even get into a university, let alone get the degree? Oh, that’s right….the U professors are raising the morons to parade them in front of the cameras.

  138. She seems to me to be a woman who thoroughly enjoys hearing the sound of her own voice. I on the other hand enjoyed being able to turn her voice off.

  139. Well that was odd! I just threw up in the middle of her rant thinking; Benghazi-ObamaCare! NSA spying-ObamaCare! IRS targeting-ObamaCare! And you guessed it, ObamaCare-ObamaCare!

  140. I wanted to burst out laughing when this women started talking. I thought that it was some sort of joke. The fact is, what she is saying isn’t funny but she is a joke. It isn’t THE stupidest thing I’ve ever heard a liberal say, but it’s run close. I had to ask myself, does she REALLY believe this garbage that she is spewing? Then I decided that lying is simply what liberals do best. This was just her attempt at being cleaver. She was trying to sound smart and intelligent as she made up this “spin”. She thought she was coming up with something original and profound. Its all a pack of lies. She even tried to sound sincere and indignant. Anyone with an ounce of common sense could see threw this women’s charade.

  141. Honestly, I just feel sorry for this woman, and anyone who thinks the way that she does. She obviously has a good paying job and probably doesn’t see the world through struggling eyes. The fact is, most of the people who DON’T have an issue with a lot of the legislation and issues that Barrack has imposed, are simply out of touch with the rest of the world. I don’t live in a cardboard box, but I also make less than 30k a year, and with medical bills, a mortgage, mouths to feed, etc., “middle class” income sounds amazing to me… you know… people who could actually AFFORD insurance. With insurance being forced onto everyone, millions have lost their jobs due to businesses cutting positions and hours to make up for Obamacare err… the “Affordable Healthcare Act” (which is comical in of itself, since most people who don’t have insurance can’t afford to have it). This country is NOT better off than it has been in decades, it’s getting worse… in every facet of life. Religious freedoms (among other freedoms) are dwindling, jobs are harder to come by, expenses are rising, retirement accounts are drying up, the national debt is rising, the list goes on. Then again, when you make as much money as these politicians and media types do, it’s easy to assume that things are “great”… when in reality, having a college degree (as I do), doesn’t mean much.

  142. I think people need to read her words again never mentions any reference to the N word or any comparison of the two, seriously grasping at straws. I don’t know what makes one think like a conservative but so thankful I don’t have it. Now after you have had a good time writing hateful comments about her please post it on Facebook. I love to see posts like this from my friends followed by a “Press if you love Jesus” posting.

    • No, she just describes it as a racially disparaging word, “thought up by a group of white men”..
      Sorry that is over your head.


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