Obama “too talented” to bother meeting with Sebelius

Guess how many times President Obama met one-on-one with Secretary Kathleen Sebelius from July 12, 2010 to November 30, 2013? According to Peter Schweizer of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) writing in Politico, that number would be ZERO.

We have an absent president whose best attribute is his ability to deflect responsibility and blame others.

When I was in the military we prided ourselves in conducting meetings, briefings, that kept commanders informed, enabling them to make necessary decisions. A fundamental part of conducting business was preparing “Commanders Intent and Guidance” which provided the purpose, key tasks, and end state allowing the staff to plan, brief, update, and execute critical missions.

As a staff officer myself, I always held pre-meetings to make sure we had all the possible issues covered before going to the boss. As a Battalion Executive Officer, second in command, it was my responsibility to prepare the staff prior to our weekly Command and Staff briefing to the Battalion and subordinate commanders — after all we worked for them.

At any time I could articulate the maintenance, supply, budget, and personnel issues of the Battalion. That was my duty, to know the details and keep the Commander informed. My time as a young Battery (Company) Commander, Brigade Operations Officer, and Battalion Executive Officer prepared me to be a Battalion Commander myself. I knew how to issue guidance and intent in order to improve the functionality of our staff.

Obviously, that’s not the case with our so-called Commander-in-Chief.

Remember when he said in a November 14 press conference, “I was not informed directly that the website would not be working as—the way it was supposed to. Had I been informed, I wouldn’t be going out saying, ‘Boy, this is going to be great.’ You know, I’m accused of a lot of things, but I don’t think I’m stupid enough to go around saying, ‘this is going to be like shopping on Amazon or Travelocity,’ a week before the website opens, if I thought that it wasn’t going to work. So, clearly, we and I did not have enough awareness about the problems in the website.”

Oh come on, clearly you are that stupid, not to mention irresponsible and incompetent. What leader would hold not a single one-on-one meeting with the person responsible for his “signature policy initiative?” What leader would then come out and speak as though he had complete knowledge of the operation and that it was running smoothly? What leader would then come back and say “uh, I didn’t know anything and no one told me anything — and expect us to believe him?

Schweizer says close advisers like Valerie Jarrett say the problem is Obama “knows exactly how smart he is” and has “been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do. He would never be satisfied with what ordinary people do.”

I have a response for that assertion and it’s two words: first word, large bovine animal with horns. I think President Obama describes himself aptly when he says the trait he deplores most in himself is that “there’s a laziness in me.”

America has an absent, absent-minded president who possesses no skills beyond the delivery of rhetoric. Too many people felt a tingle running up their leg and voted for this brazenly empty suit – TWICE (in fact some people voted more than twice in the election, but that’s another story).

Obama doesn’t know what questions to ask, and is too lazy to do so anyway. But hey, he plays an awesome round of golf!

Chime in, what’s your assessment of the intellectual capacity of President Barack Hussein Obama? You know, back in 2010 I referred to him as one of the dumbest individuals ever. I stand by my assessment — community organizers are just low-level socialist agitators, perfect for campaigning, but not much else.


  1. It is unbelievably arrogant for Svengali Jarrett, or for that matter, for anyone to label Barack Obama as being so much smarter than the rest of us. Nobody who plays golf as frequently as he does (and meets with top advisors as INfrequently as he does) can hope to do more than siphon off a few tidbits of information germane to a topic or issue, throw them out for consumption as if he’s only scratching the surface of his veritable Matterhorn of knowledge, and let this suffice as ‘genius’. I suppose there is a kind of genius in carrying on this kind of charade for years on end; having a complicit and embarrassingly adoring media certainly helps. But to act like it’s some sort of extraordinary talent (at which the rest of us can only gaze wistfully) is complete B.S. of an ultimate order.

    • To “manage that deception for so many years”, yes I believe he is totally corrupt arrogant narcissistic anti-american anti-christian and a pathological liar; whose very well connected. He has to be stopped.

      • Very well connected is the key. If we want to stop Obama we have to stop the people he is connected to. I wondered from day 1 how he became Senator from being a “community organizer” then from a no one in the Senate to President. Then you look at the little things… the Muslim prayer rug behind him as he holds a press conference and delivers speeches, the fact that he refuses to put his hand on his heart during the national anthem, the lack of an American flag pin on his suit 99% of the time… seems fairly obvious he hates America and he hates the Judeo-Christian beliefs this country was founded on.

  2. You’re a very different man than the President. You’re smart, capable, dependable, and a good moral compass. Although I believe the President, deep in his heart, wants to do the “right” thing and thinks that he’s doing the right things, I truly believe he’s over his head in this role. Two different people, two different abilities..

    • You may be correct, I believe only Obama and Jarrett know for sure; but I try never to “under-estimate” someone else’s ability. There’s 2 options here: he’s either totally inept OR totally corrupt. He’s come pretty far to be so inept.

      • I agree Anne, he is totally corrupt. It is not his intelligence that is at fault, it is his hypocrisy and manipulation of the political machine. He is also probably “bought and paid for” by some more powerful groups behind the scenes, to help bring about a one world government controlling every aspect of our lives. Only in the spirit are we truly free.

  3. Keep licking on those liberal lolly pops. The candy is almost all gone. What’s left is a bitter tasting, cardboard stick. They’ll be running out of lolly pops soon.

    • If you’ve done any research; Valerie Jarrett (also her dad a very radical muslim) is Obama’s closest confidante. Both have admitted, and WH admits, SHE has his confidence and she has his ear.

      • Because she tells him how talented and intelligent his is! In other words, feeding that inflated ego of his!

      • she and soro’s keep him so drugged that he has no idea of what is going on. they have access to stuff that we don’t even want to know about.

    • Then how do you know “she is at the White House alot”? Regardless, don’t you even want to know how such a perfect failure came about? I didn’t give the website any more than a 50% chance of working simply from knowing it would be 1] a Government project, and 2] the result of “Progressive” handiwork. But the absolute perfection of the failure still has me gobsmacked. My only explanation is that there must have been a nearly perfect denial of reality achieved by everyone involved – proceeding from their own well established m.o. of “perception is reality” delusionalism and crony reward ‘ethic’ – but I’d still like to see the anatomy of whatever caused it. And it looks like it’s still going on!

      • Obama care is a success. It is a cluster fart exactly like it was supposed to be. Apparently Obama cared more for our move toward socialism than he cared about his own legacy. Single payer system will be next because us hard headed Americans refuse to sign up. Even liberals could not be so stupid to think they could shove this down our throats and we would joyfully comply.

    • Yes, I believe we need to both: pray to survive and then 11/2014, with our votes, limit Obama’s power, by uniting Congress under GOP majority, to limit the the number of followers/votes he has in Congress with these lemming Dems who’ve shown they will simply follow his politics, instead of honoring the wishes/what’s best for U.S.citizens. PRAY AND VOTE.

  4. I am not sure that the DIC (Doofus in Charge) meeting with another doofus like Sebelius, no matter how many times they met, would have resulted in any other outcome than what we are seeing. Neither doofus has any real world experience to bring to the table, and Mr. West hits the nail on the head in pointing out that Obama doesn’t even know what questions to ask.

  5. Schweizer says close advisers like Valerie Jarrett say the problem is Obama “knows exactly how smart he is” and has “been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do. He would never be satisfied with what ordinary people do.”

    Sounds to me, THAT is the problem: what the president thinks of himself!

    I disagree, of course, in that he’s either not smart enough to realize that he is not being paid for how smart he is; but for DOING A JOB. Or, if he’s so smart, and it doesn’t appear to the citizens he’s doing his job – maybe we, the citizens, need to find out what his intentions really are – that he IS succeeding at doing? (only 2 options here, either he’s unable to do “THIS JOB” or he’s unwilling to do “THIS JOB”?

  6. He’s a PHUCKING IDIOT, and totally LOST…. And those that voted him in a second time are also just as bad as he is. They Haven’t a clue as to how the world works. They probably never worked themselves just collected welfare…

  7. He’s talented at taking vacations and screwing up information. As if we would listen to anything Valerie Jarrett has to say!

  8. Just where are the school records that verify his intelligence? During the 2012 campaign he kept saying “do the math” and I kept yelling at the TV screen “show us your math scores!”. Almost everything he has promised or said has been proven false how can we believe anything that comes from him or his supporters?

    • Is it smart to, or can we believe a pathological corrupt liar? I can’t. If he says the sun is shining – I will take my umbrella when I go outside to check.

  9. You said it best, Allen, with your “empty suit” comment. He is so far beyond lazy that I would call him worthless. It amazes me first of all that anyone can be POTUS that has not at least served in the military, but it amazes me even further that this moron who completely lacks moral and ethical compass serves as the Commander in Chief. How can so many Americans be so oblivious?……referring to those who did vote for him twice, but not those who voted for him 3 times!

    • The deception, money behind it, real destructive intentions of Obama – do answer some of those questions. It makes more sense that his agenda is different than U.S.citizens and he’s accomplishing it, than his agenda is the same and he is SIMPLY failing totally.

  10. The president’s lack of insight into what is actually going on around him is an indicator of his own admitted laziness and ineptness in management skills. The real tragedy is that he could have been a very solid president, but has chosen to be the emperor without clothes instead.

  11. The man is an utter idiot and regardless of what brush you paint him with, he will still be an idiot. You truly cannot make a silk purse out of a pigs ear and that is what he is. He is surely the most useless man on the face of the earth.

  12. What makes me the want to scream is when I am called a racist for seeing BO for what he is: a lazy, arrogant nobody that was able to blow smoke up people’s butts from an early age to get through school, college and finally into politics. He knows no truth, he speaks only lies. His whole background is a sham – otherwise why try to hide so much? The saddest part is that this loser is our first African American president! Why not a Codie Rice a Ben Carson or an Adam West??? Why not a person of color that actually loves this country instead on being hell bent to destroy it?

  13. Valerie is a product of the environment that feeds at the teat of others with no regard for the masses. Obummer is the Pawn led by the Knights and King of fools…the Demo-rat’s. Theit only lot in life is to userp power and control for their benefit. As for her statement this man cannot speak coherently with out a script or teleprompter and yes he could not do what real talented people do as is prven daily…he is nothing than a punk ass wannabe

  14. Boredom is the symptom of a narcissistic mind, thinking that the world should entertain you and you have to do nothing in return. The only people who I know who get bored are teenagers who haven’t been taught how to keep themselves engaged in life. I can’t recall a day in my life where I was bored, and I am extremely intelligent.

    • When my sons told me they were bored, I quickly found work for them to do. They learned quickly how to entertain themselves by reading a book or going outside to play.

    • Yea that’s all good and well but as usual you have to go and pull the INFAMOUS Race Card with the statement… See how effective ‘AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IS’ . Your such a BITCH!! I Pray for all of you blog, Internet Racist hiding behind computer screens!

  15. Let us compare the likes of Obama , Bill Cosby, Colon Powell and other famous blacks to the likes of Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson Condi Rice and others There is a massive difference in the scope of their intelligence. Period. A Clear window into the depths of leadership verses being nothing more than puppet followers using the color of skin…..

    • It’s a also a huge difference of attitude, honesty: compare Sharpton, Rangal, Jackson, Obama to those who have positive, common sense approaches as MLK, Dr. Carson, West, Cain…who talk peace, common sense, pride, self-responsibility, etc. not SIMPLY bullying, lying or blaming everyone else for their own failures.

    • Bill Cosby has gone after his own race, telling the black men to stop making babies with all the women, to get off the welfare dole, stop the thuggery, to pull up their pants-on-the-ground, for the women to stop having babies with a man who won’t commit, etc. He has tried shaming those who only take from the gov., without giving anything in return, and they have attacked him as they have attacked Col. West, Mia Love, Dr. Carson, etc. There is a race war indeed, and it is a crying shame that people are baited and played the fool for the likes of those race-baiting loudmouths.

      • It’s like dealing with a drug addict. The addict doesn’t want to hear, what he’s doing is wrong, that he first has to admit it, and he’s responsible for getting himself well – with the help of professionals – but he first makes the choice, takes the first steps.

        They prefer to go to the drug dealers, who make them feel good and feed their addiction. In truth, the dealer cares NOTHING about the addict, they are concerned with keeping their $$$, income.

  16. I’m w/ the others below that say the real tragedy here is that this man has had the distinction of being the first African American president. There are so many others that are well qualified and responsible enough to do the job he obviously has ignored. I remember being told once to “not know” sometimes is the best thing because if something goes wrong, you can claim you had no knowledge. I didn’t agree with that advice then and his presidency has proven that being in the dark doesn’t fix the issue. The only thing that grows well in the dark is fungus – and that grows really well when well fertilized!

    • Yes, it’s that “potential deniability”. Unfortunately, Obama has taken that to an all time new level, to explain his failures; like everything else he’s done in office.

  17. What an ignoramus tool she is, and getting tingles all over for the despot on the throne! The fool on the hill lies every time he opens his orifice, never taking the blame for anything… those of us who cannot stand the marxist should not be surprised each time vomitus-eruptus spews forth. Yes he is dumb as dirt, and those who voted for this thief-impostor baffle me; how could they even once, twice? These “folks” (sound familiar?) have some neurotransmitters not making proper electrical connections.

  18. I appreciate your relating this to how the military has check and balances and makes sure that it is a “well-oiled informed machine”. This only points out the level of incompetence that is leading our nation. Obama has no clue how to carry out a mission. I vote for Allen West!

  19. Stalin was , and still is right with his quote about America .

    America is like a healthy body and its
    resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.
    If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from

    Obama is not , nor has he ever been a patriot . he has No , None, Nada Morals . He spirits are not of ,by or for America , or the people .He’d dime out his own mother just to save his own ass !
    With the misguided ,backasswards lead from behind style of leadership , America was ripe for take over . What gets me is the fact that Obama simply knows exactly what he’s doing , Following Stalins advice.
    We the People need to be we the people and defeat the Liberal & Progressive “DEMO”crates like we did before . The GOP is no different . they’re infected too , Ask Turncoat Flip floppin’ John McCain !
    The only thing , Well, maybe not the only thing , would be to sign into law ” term limits” .

    • Voters need to take back their power, by always going to the polls, VOTE. Too many conservatives didn’t show up 2012, and left us with Obama. 11/2014 we must VOTE in new GOP, unite Congress under GOP majority, with their promise to repeal ACA and stop this lawlessness. Demand more from these representatives, also.

      • Sad fact is that the left cheated at many polls throughout the country, votes were never counted for our side, and on their side? Well…we know what THEY did! ( they finagled computers and many voted several times.) How do we counteract the cheats?! We do have to demand and keep speaking up and out. Clear as a bell and loud as hell.

    • There are a few very distinct people out there in politics that have exactly what this country needs to correct itself. Allen West., Ben Carson, Trey Gowdy. just to name three…There are more of them out there and they must realize by now that the fight would be massive and the job almost impossible. It CAN be done but you would have to have that perfect storm of unity to make it happen….And lets all face truths, At this point in time with one foot on the banana peel and the other at the edge leaning over, It is going to have to be something pretty damned amazing to save our souls……

  20. The problem is they worship him and therefore are so blind to his failings. Because of that worship he feels no compunctions to do anything other than what he wishes to do or feel responsible for any thing that goes wrong.

  21. Col, West, you mentioned DUTY. That is a word the is not in Obama’s vocabulary. Yes, he is that stupid to not know what is going on and it has nothing to do with talent. He is a community organizer, which is to say he is a hoodlum/gangster without the courage to actually face an opponent and stand his ground. He resorts to rhetoric because he has nothing else. No courage, honor, integrity or sense of duty. Keep up the fight Mr. West. it’s nice to know there are still some men of honor in politics..

    • He knows exactly what’s going on. He’s just an accomplished liar. He is destroying our country from the inside. It’s time to take a stand and fight to get this man out of office by impeachment or anyway possible.

  22. The problem is Obama “knows exactly how Stupid he is” and has “been Clueless his whole life. He’s just too ill informed to do what ordinary people do. He would never be able to function to do what ordinary people do.” There I fixed it for her.

  23. I have also always known how smart I am (tested all of my school life 4 to 5 times a year) but IT DIDN’T MATTER to me. It was never an excuse for performing poorly (which, of course, was never allowed, since the whole Dept of Education also knew my test scores). I have NEVER been bored. My mantra has always been “only boring people are bored”. Stupid is as stupid does. Valerie, you’re right up there with the boring stupid one!

  24. He is not a leader! Sadly, a Presidential Offices are viewed in history he will take the prize from Jimmy Carter. Like Carter, he had qualities people wanted at first glance. Like Carter, he will be a prolific writer and talker of ideals. One quality Jimmy Carter had above all other Presidents he had little debt but interest rates soared. Soon under Obama’s regime our money will be worthless.

    • Exactly – and then they did it again with a less momentous action for her Let’s Move campaign. This is not allowed and still it is allowed again, no hand slapping even.

  25. During my service in the Navy, one of the first lessons I learned in Petty Officer Indoctrination class was that one may delegate authority but never responsibility. That means that although I’m able to order someone to act on my behalf, every single action of that individual is done with my name on it.

    Perhaps had he served in our military or been a leader of any kind he would have known this. Sad huh?

  26. All these sites, all this commentary…people want to take action. Please, PLEASE advise what ordinary citizens can do! Contacting our elected representatives has not yielded the changes we desire. Additionally, the Republican Party is divided. The career politicians in Washington only care about their personal power. They aren’t listening to us, either. What can we do?

    • I have written several times to my Congressman and Senators about impeachment. The responses I have received indicate clearly that the Congress has absolutely no appetite for impeaching Obama.

      • I had better luck with my Congressmen and Senator, but it takes more than three. We need a lot more Ted Cruz’s in office, in my opinion. Hope all the people will who have congressmen coming up for re-election are smart enough to get them out of office.

      • Because, fact we need the Senate majority to agree/vote in favor of Impeaching, and current Dem majority will not. That majority, we can change in 2014. We cannot wait until 2017 to be able to stop Obama.

    • There are enough Congresspeople up for re-election 11/2014. We must not lose sight of the power of elections, and the vote. We can unite Congress under GOP majority in 2014; the Senate/Dem majority will not go for impeaching; but elect new GOP with the promise of repeal ACA and Impeach O. It is one area of strength. Also, continue to contact representatives and warn them, they can also be out; if the people continue to speak and they do nothing.

  27. My ex-wife was a very intelligent person – IQ-wise – but she could not accomplish anything. I was a marginal student in high school and college however my life is full of accomplishments to include retiring from the Army as a LTC. Thus, whenever I hear someone boasting about how intelligent someone is, I am never impressed – I am only impressed by accomplishments not intelligence. As a senior army officer still working for the Army, I – and 99% of my cohorts – are appalled at the “leadership” abilities of this president. LTC West is exactly dead-on with this article and how a commander and staff must operate. Mr. Obama would not make an acceptable 2LT in the Army.

  28. What makes me so angry is that we are having this conversation at all. The man does not have the constitutional right of being the president. Let alone that he has none of the qualities one should desire for their president. And the fact that I feel it necessary to even mention that the color of his skin has nothing to do with why I object to him is even further infuriating. But you can’t tell me had he been a white man that had come to run for the presidency that had “NO” qualifications, sealed all his records restricting the people (voters) of knowing important facts necessary to make a educated informed decision, that he would become our president. No that would have gotten the white man laugh at and his application to run considered joke that was thrown in the trash after being passed around like a Far Side strip from the funny papers. But then to go further because it wasn’t thrown in the trash where it justly belonged. Here was a man relativity unknown, and what we do quickly learn about him is that he idolized Malcolm X, a Muslim communist. And of Jeremiah Wright a minister known for preaching to his congregation hatred of whites and America. And in a interview on Meet the Press on September 7th 2008 said, (and I quote) “It is my intention, if elected to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle Eastern Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails…perhaps a state of mutual accord could exist between or governments. We as a Nation have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice.” Why he won’t place his hand over his heart, or at least “stand and face it”. Senator obama replied “There are a lot of people in the world whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. The anthem itself conveys a war-like message…You know the bombs bursting in air and that sort of thing”. He continued with ” The National Anthem should be “swapped” for something less parochial and bellicose”. (he must have looked up and practiced those words pre interview)” I like the song I’d like to teach the world to sing” If that were our anthem, then I “might” salute it. (I suppose he wants us to give the whole world a fricken coke too, or some coke, lol) He goes on, ” In my opinion we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as redesign our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love…When I become president. I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts….this is why my wife and I disrespect the Flag and she and I have attended several Flag burning ceremonies in the past, of course now I have found myself about to become president and have put my hatred aside”.( Ha, like you can do that as if it were a book you chose not worth finishing) Him, ” I will use my power to bring change to this Nation, and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming the first black family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America”. And this is the man that is heading our Nation. I can’t believe his name ever got on a ballot. And when it did, am I to believe that all the people that voted for him were listening. No they were to busy being all twitter-patted by the mere sound of his voice. Well guess what I was listening to his words, and I know “Bullshit” when I hear it. To bad the 69,456,897 voters weren’t listening with their ears instead other body parts. Thanks for nothing all 69,456,897 of you assholes.

      • I was listening and I heard all that bullshit and was actually shocked when he was elected, I had no idea American was so dunbed down until that election and I am still convinced it was rigged and so was the second, yet our elected congress and senate did nothing, help us Col West!

  29. “America has an absent, absent-minded president who possesses no skills beyond the delivery of rhetoric.”

    Insert the adjectives “illegitimate and unconstitutional” and that’s about the size of it.

  30. If playing games and taking vacations were prerequisites to holding the highest office in the nation, Mr. Obama would excel. Otherwise he is a grossly underqualified bully who thinks he knows what is best for people and is not opposed to throwing temper tantrums to get his way!

  31. I think his agenda is not about any of the things he says it is. He is trying to destroy our country as a Good radical Muslim should. To bring us to our knees he 1st wants to spend us into collapse while blaming one group and dividing the country. It is not like he is really doing much to hide his real agenda other then his normal posture of lies.

  32. I agree with you. I also see how there still think Oboma is the secound coming. It’s nothing but Oboma worship. Saying that he is so smartthat he can’t work with ordinary people.

  33. Total agree with you on this… the man is a front controlled by Jarrett and whoever her bosses are. BHO is the ideal Manchurian Candidate.. all empty suit raised and programmed by the marxist machine… they finally have their man in office and it is starting to blow up on them… I fear for this country… we need a leader to step up and lead this country back to it’s greatness.

  34. Well, look at the man’s resume:
    – The only thing he managed to accomplish in the Illinois Senate was to vote “present.”
    – The only thing he managed to accomplish in the US Senate was to get the image of Rosa Parks on a postage stamp – a political gimme that benefited no one.
    – He did distinguish himself in the US Senate by amazing his Senate colleagues by tagging along with them to news media events as if he had something to do with the legislation that was under discussion.
    He’s supposed to be brilliant, but his grades at Columbia and Harvard are sealed.
    He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, but he never published anything in it.
    He has lied about Benghazi, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, the NSA, the FBI, and his Attorney General.
    He even managed to lie about and insult the Supreme Court during a world-televised State of the Union Address.
    He’s reputed to be a brilliant orator, but nearly every time he speaks extemporaneously he jumps the tracks. Remember his preposterously ignorant comments that lead to the “Beer Summit,” and how he essentially claimed Travon Martin as his own son?
    This man bears ALL of the trademarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:
    – He cares about LOOKING good, but does not care about actually BEING good.
    – He is a serial liar, and thinks nothing of telling one lie to defend a previous lie.
    – He is aloof, emotionally distant, and unmoved by the pain of others.
    There is no way this man could pass a psychiatric evaluation.

    • I believe Obama has no idea what he is saying when using his teleprompters. Thus he does not remember what he has said, He does not watch TV so he cannot see or hear what the news media rebroadcasts.

    • His actual personality seems to be: Malignant Narcissist.

      I fear his replacement will be Hillary, the evil witch with the gutter mouth and explosive temper – which I’d love to see her use on the wrong leader who calls her to task. She will attract the votes of the no-information voters, the illegals [why are they voting, anyway??] , the multiple voter, and the deceased, through voter fraud.

    • You forgot that he lied about the IRS “investigations” of people he didn’t like and/or agree with like “the teabaggers,” as he called them. Just thought I throw that in. Otherwise, you are spot on!

  35. Allen, you are spot on! Ever notice how Dems characterize people they are afraid of as stupid, while lauding their bigwigs as brilliant and way above the crowd? Guess they don’t realize how revealing that is.

  36. Lazy, egotistical, incompetent, racist, dumb, anti American … He has no leadership skills or experience. The manager of my local gas station has more experience.

  37. What Comrade Jarrett means is that it doesn’t matter if figurehead Comrade Barry gets involved. CPUSA is running the show.

  38. Everything the POTUS utters is male bovine excrement. His soaring rhetoric, whenever he gets the chance to read it from the teleprompters, is someone else’s rhetoric; he is just reading it, sometimes for the first time. If it contains anything that has not been repeated ad naseum in prior campaigns speeches (which is the only thing he is capable of delivering), it is always something to divert attention from the real issues at hand, whether they be IRS disclosures, the AP scandal, the Benghazi scandal, Fast & Furious, illegal NSA wiretapping/spying, etc…He indeed is talented; getting and keeping the fawning, sycophantic mainstream media to cover for his non-stop lies, without a single question that might indicate that they listened to a word he just spoke…

  39. This man had no experience doing anything………..he isn’t too smart or bright to meet with people, he is too inexperienced to understand he is supposed to meet with people and actually the more the better, because he really doesn’t know how much of anything works in our economy or anywhere else. I wonder if all these folks suffering the results of Obamacare (many of whom voted for this person) understand now that “on the job training” is not a good thing when it is the president of the country?

    • One of the first problems with Obama considered by his handlers and political campaigners was that he is disconnected from reality. So the campaigners controlled the media/message, coached him excessively on what not to say and put a teleprompter in front of Obama for the rest of the time he would have to open his mouth. His press briefings are carefully choreographed with instructions to run on and on with an answer(he spent 20 minutes on one question, never answering the question) in order to minimize the questions.

  40. I am undecided whether Mr. Obama’s lack of private sector accomplishment has left him so unprepared to do more than repeat (with variation) ‘I didn’t do it’; or his agenda is the destruction of the Republic

    • His agenda is the destruction of the Republic. He is not stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing: undermining our system of government. He is a Fabian.

    • Then you’d best work like crazy and get all your friends to work the same or we’ll end up with Hillary or another term of BO. He will not go quietly into the good night.,

    • We have a very important election 11/2014 – long before 2016. We can unite Congress under GOP majority, toss out these Dems who are simply Obama followers, and repeal ACA and Impeach Obama. Our country cannot survive until 2017, with uncontrolled Obama – as it current sits. We can’t let the Libs change the focus: 11/2014 needs to be a mandate that Obama has to be stopped.

    • For the first time in my life, I don’t think 2017 will bring a change. I’m afraid something will happen that will make it seemingly necessary for the govt to not change hands. Like Roosevelt’s third term. I won’t believe it until he’s gone. But what does it matter? He has all of our top secrets and so does Valerie Jarrett. They can sell us out to anyone. And I do mean anyone.

  41. Carpathia! He is teflon… nothing will stick to him because he is the tool evil is using to bring down this great country. And the sheeple of this country are blind to it. Well at least enough of them are blind so he can win elections. I am waiting for O-pathia to declare martial law for some reason (which he will probably make happen) .. and become the new King of the New World Order. My Green Beret Silver Star Dad passed away in May, from agent orange. He gave his life for the country he loved. I am sickened by how it is crumbling. I pray that Mr. West runs for President.. he is the only HOPE that I see out there to save it. We need a man with integrity and guts. If he does not run for the American People… who will we have? The people that allowed Benghazi to happen as they partied in comfort… the ones less America!

  42. Actually, the retention of power is P. Obamma’s focus, not governing.

    He wants to be someone with political power Internationally (Globalization) – the Senate was simply a stepping stone (voting neutral most of the time). He threatens his subordinates to the extent they cannot deliver their assigned project goals.

    The A.C.A. is merely an opportunity to grab more political power, though Democrats running for re-election are to be “sacrificed” for the long-term goal (which is more political power, and less for his political enemies).

    His subordinates are terrified of this man who cares for no one, and focuses only on retaining political power. Why? Because since he was a boy, he was instructed on how Stalin achieved and held on to power.

    You have to be like a “Chameleon Lizard”, able to change from one color (personality) to another in a flash, unpredictable, non-transparent, agreeing with all in appearances, agreeing with no one in reality. America was duped by the color of the skin (the Black people will normally vote for a person of dark,dark skin – racism in reverse.) That’s part of the tactic, its foundation.

  43. I believe the idiot thinks he knows everything and what is best for everyone, including himself. Unfortunately he is not smart enough to know he is wrong, dead wrong which makes him so much of a failure it’s laughable.

  44. I believe that Barry is a very intelligent man who has suckered the majority of the American people, the VAST majority of the global media, most Euro heads of state, and far too many others, with his sleek rhetoric. I fear that he has already caused so much damage to the USA that we may never recover from it. That he is a talking head for other Powers That Be is obvious, but can he pull off his move to thrust us into the middle of the increasingly dangerous Agenda 21? Unfortunately, I fear he can. Duck and cover, boys and girls. It’s coming. Are you ready?

    • No, I don’t want it to come. I want my America back that was by and large safe and peaceful the land of opportunity. I want that for my child. BUT, as a younger baby boomer did we not really turn a blind eye to what was happening to our government and to jobs going over seas. Didn’t we really just throw money at the poor but not really engage with them? I think so. I am a capitalist but I think capitalism got greedy and lost it’s morality. That’s why I think we have a Barack Obama problem. The Republucan party has to change. It has to become more accountable, more transparent and far more compassionate if it hopes to ever be in power again. JMO

  45. Calling this turd Obama a “brazenly empty suit” is way too generous. I can think of some more apt descriptions for him. They’d consist mostly of some four letter words, with “piece of” and “son of” mixed in.

  46. Most criminal think they are smarter than others, President Soetoro is no different. He talks a very impressive game and has a lot of people snowed. Unfortunately he has set in motion some of THE most destructive legislation in history. The self sufficient middle class Americans as we know them today will soon be a thing of the past. In a very short time the Unaffordable Care Act will transform this country into a big government dependent state. The so called redistribution of wealth really isn’t taking from the rich to give to the poor, in reality it’s the other way around, the government is taking from everyone and giving nothing in return. Once the government has control of our healthcare they will control what will be considered approved treatments. If your treatment isn’t approved guess who doesn’t get treatment? He might be too smart for OUR own good.

  47. […..”close advisers like Valerie Jarrett say the problem is Obama “knows exactly how smart he is” and has “been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do. He would never be satisfied with what ordinary people do.”]

    I always wondered what kind of horse puckey Valerie Jarret was telling her One Trick Pony to get him to do his magic tricks in front of admiring audiences. Now I know. Thanks, Colonel West.

  48. Quite some years ago I began promoting this statement: “The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.”

    Many of you may scoff, yet the declaration is quite true. The inverse is equally true: “The less you know, the more you think you know.”

    I maintain this is the case with President Obama. His IQ is so low he’s incapable of realizing how stupid he is. Because of his vast ignorance, he is incapable of asking the right questions; he is incapable of leading. Obama believes leading means rewarding the cronies who supported his political campaigns, that a proper education is irrelevant, that anyone can ‘manage’ a business.

    When Obama initiated the development of his Health Care website, he failed to realize that paying 100 times as much for its development as it should have cost has nothing to do with producing results. Obama was so busy using the website’s development funds to reward his friends that he forgot there’s a reason why fortune 500 companies have been complaining for decades that its too difficult to hire competent programmers.

    Actually, because Obama doesn’t know anything about the programming field, he likely was unaware that the vast majority of computer programmers are classified as ‘stupid’. While there are some exceptionally brilliant computer programmers, they are few and far between. That is a major reason why Obama’s website was a mitigated disaster.

    Add in Obama placing a bunch of his uneducated cronies in charge of its development, there was only one possible result: failure.

  49. Question for Oprah…..If I share a Conservative Black American’s negative post regarding our President?, Can I still be called a racist?

  50. I fear that We as a nation of free people are nearing a point of Revolution.
    I am a man of 71 years, retired. Having grown up in a military family and served on a nuclear submarine for 7 years during the Cold War, I see the character of this nation being destroyed from within both in the halls of our Government, but also from the very halls of our society.
    As a Nation, we have slowly neglected the one thing that has given us our unique identity, our independent spirit and our courage to challenge any threat to the foundation of American values.
    The young people in this country have been denied the information, historically taught in our schools, reflecting on the hardships our forefathers had to overcome to form this Nation.
    Watching students on the campuses of some of our most prestigious universities being asked very basic questions such as “where did the Pilgrims set foot in America?” “Who is the vice President?” “What right does the First Amendment of the Constitution give to all Americans under our Constitution?” Name at least two men that signed the Declaration of Independence.” etc…..
    As it has been clearly stated by someone much wiser than myself, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’ll be going.”

  51. The one thing that Obama can do is give great speeches. That is it. The one thing is all he’s got. Today he made a complete fool of himself at the Mandela memorial service…even Michelle knew her husband was way beyond good taste. I don’t think I have ever seen a first lady be that angry in public, have you? The thing is that her husband is a narcissistic child who can get folks excited about stuff with his rhetoric. He fails to be accountable for any mistake and even his apologies fall flat. He has too many people carrying the water for him and it’s time for him to man up.


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