Lead smelters and leftist lunacy: Follow-up

We smelt something funny going on with the Doe Run closure.

Needless to say, our article on backdoor gun control generated a bit of, shall we say – interest. In fact, our readers posted 914 comments here and 41,432 shares on our Facebook page

But we also generated immediate attacks and disdain from the Left. As my boss always says, “if you’re catching flak, you know you’re over the target.”

Initially, I thought the brouhaha was limited to my careless omission of attribution to the insightful Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, whose blog post on NoisyRoom.net provided great background.

As Jim Simpson reported in his article “Lead smelters and leftist lunacy” today about this non-story:

In his post, West did not at first cite Monroe-Hamilton, an oversight that was corrected within one hour. But of course the radical Left lunged all over it, calling him on his “plagiarism” with the rabid lunacy only they can produce – revealing in the process that many of these trolls have to just be hovering over big Republican targets waiting for the slightest opportunity to pounce.

And pounce they did, with the verdict that we were lying or incorrect about our assertion that closing the Doe Run facility will affect ammunition supply or prices and is a de facto effort for backdoor gun control. Yes, the Doe Run smelter was a supplier of primary lead. Yes, most ammunition comes from secondary lead. But if you take about 130,000 tons of primary lead from the US supply on an annual basis, the shortfall has to be made up somehow. Tammy Stankey, the spokesperson for Doe Run, says closing the plant will likely have a significant impact on price for all lead-based products.

Besides, as Simpson writes:

Given the virtually nonstop criminal shenanigans of this lawless administration, and Obama’s proclaimed determination to use “executive action” to impose gun control; given the EPA’s unconstitutional regulatory edicts that are destroying the coal industry and terrorizing others, and the former EPA director’s efforts to evade disclosure by using secret emails; given the administration’s relentless efforts to shut down the Keystone pipeline and its other unethical, unconstitutional, criminal behavior, one would be foolish NOT to assume a malevolent motive in almost everything they do.


(Read all of Jim Simpson’s article here. Particularly if you’re a lefty.)


  1. A good reason why we need competition even in lead smelting! The government’s laws, mandates, and regulations, not to mention the licensing fees that further burden businesses, is proof we no longer live as free people.

    Isn’t it time that the People and the States stopped pandering to this vile abuse of power and unconstitutional control over our lives?

    • yes. destroyers of good. I don’t see why some likes him or his lies they are sending more jobs overseas so americans cant get work. the way he likes it.

  2. Confused: Is ths article about the price of ammo going up or is it about libtards doing what is expected of them? In either case, it’s sort of a non-story. We know that this administration will do everything it can (up to and including the ATF paying extraordinary prices for buy-back guns) to making sure that the availability of hole inducing substances (lead) become impossible to find. Next he’ll put a tax on fresh air. the point is that everybody knows; 52% don’t care and 48% are powerless to stop it.

    • There already is a tax on air. They’re called pollution credits. And guess what? Your IRA is next if Billary wins….20% “one time” hit. They HAVE to get at people’s savings to pay the bills somehow.

  3. Well on the plus side, somewhere along the line there is a monopolistic opportunity for someone that does operate a lead smelter. I propose dropping Obama, the EPA & other liberals in it so they can get a taste of what awaits them in the hereafter.

  4. I’ve seen similar stories posted lately, so I checked into it. What I have found is that 80% of all lead used in ammo comes from recycled lead/acid car batteries. I read further that the lead produced from smelters is too soft to be used in ammo. So, evidently this is a non-issue. Did anyone else find similar info?

  5. True ammo is mostly made from “recycled” lead. However without things to recycle this is still a major issue. Lead smelted by facilities like this are made into batteries and such that are in turn recycled. If you don’t think it will affect the ammo supply then you aren’t thinking logically.

    • Exactly. Ammo is not made from virgin lead because it doesn’t HAVE to be. However, now that virgin lead made products cannot be made from Virgin lead due to no domestic, they will now have to be made from recycled lead, because it’s cheaper than digging it out of the ground. Taking 130,000 tons out of the USA domestic market MUST be made up somehow, and the answer is that it will be shipped in from overseas. Don’t worry though, other countries will “promise” to make up the difference. Rigghhht…

    • Leftists don’t employ logic in their thinking and never have. “Its all about the chiiildren” or other causes that tug the heartstrings and help people defy logical thinking.

    • As stated in the article, it will inevitably affect the price of all lead based goods. Anything that affects supply will affect the cost.

    • A lot of car batteries are imported (guess from where). Still, any shortage must be made up somewhere. I think both sides are right: initially there won’t be any price increases in ammo, but down the road a ways, it will slowly but surely start to rise. The only question is how much over how long a period. Same thing for car batteries.

  6. just buy steel coated bullets made overseas
    ,that’s whats been on the market forever,just buy it before the ragheads shoot it all straight up in the air

  7. Plagiarism is a major problem. You are opening yourself up to a major trademark infringement lawsuit from Joe Biden. For those of us that are a bit long in the tooth, “Joe Biden” and “plagiarism” go together like “ham” and “eggs”, “butter” and “popcorn” or “Clinton” and “mistress”.

  8. It is possible that EPA violations have been ongoing. It is possible
    that Doe Run rested on laurels of being the only one in America, as some have opined. BUT the timing of all of this is really suspect. The govt. first buys 10 years worth of ammo in one year. Then they close the only lead smelter and pretend there’s no connection to guns control or the administration. Where ever this began, here is where it ended up and further hardens my view of regulatory agencies. Regardless of the party in the W.H., this is the danger of having so many agencies or any regulatory agency
    under the control of the executive branch. They are not elected; neither
    are they accountable to Congress, the only constitutionally allowed law
    making body. Regulatory agencies were designed to circumvent the
    legislative process and to insulate politicians from unpopular
    shenanigans like this.

    • Doe Run WAS in compliance until the EPA arbitrarily incresed emmision standards for SO2 and Pb by a factor of ten! The 100’s of millions of dollars it would take to meet the new requirements is forcing the shutdown.

  9. Well lead or no lead, regulations or no regulations… why have I been able to find .22LR ammo all my life at any WalMart, sporting goods store, hardware stores, etc, and now I have stopped in stores all across America as I travel and cannot find it anywhere. There is SOMETHING RADICALLY DIFFERENT… and I have been fussing about it online for months. My daughter practices for competition shooting and we cannot find ammo. She still gets ammo for trap & skeet but no .22LR. Shelves are empty all across America… If you are reading this just go into your local stores and ask for .22cal Long Rifle ammo and see if you can find it plentifully. Some other calibers are in short supply as well.

    • Just a theory here rhodes, but if the government bought 10 years of ammo in a
      year, it is obvious that the manufacturers would not have had this
      amount in their warehouses. So, the powers that be are the focus of
      production (to fulfill the orders) , not the “civilian” population (to stock the shelves). I’d say the shortages are mostly in
      the calibers that that the government ordered, with the exception .22cal Long Rifle ammo as they did not need it. The .22cal was probably cut in production
      to make use of the lead for the “other” calibers. I’d guess that the
      lines are started or the dies changed to produce just enough .22 to keep the masses
      quiet or at least a dull roar.

  10. Friend of mine says his brother-in-law drives a truck for the ammo producer, Federal. Last 3 months he delivered 5 billion rounds of .22 to Wright Patterson AFB. Why do they need it?

    • you notice .22 is now the hardest round to get, at one time it was the easiest ammo to get, you could find it at any Walmart store, farm and ranch store, many hardware stores and most convenience stores especially those in smaller communities. Now around here we use maybe 10 rounds of .22 a year, for pest control (deadly snakes, disease carrying animals the like) but its gotten insane finding .22 LR

  11. The forced closing of the smelter due to edicts from the bureaucrats at the EPA may or may not be a part of an under-the-radar effort by the libweasels to get around the Second Amendment – but it clearly represents yet another step in the long process (it’s been going on for decades) of dismantling the U.S. industrial base. Whether the fault lies with bureaucrats such as those of the EPA who forced this smelter out of business, or the Interior Department hamstringing U.S. oil and coal production, or with companies that found it more profitable to outsource production of things that used to be “Made in USA” to Mexico, China or elsewhere, or the fault of labor unions whose unrealistic demands helped to make U.S.-made goods uncompetitive in world markets (look at the steel industry), or some combination of all three, the fact is that we can no longer make things for ourselves and must depend on others to supply it, a dangerous situation. That could eventually e the case with ammunition).

    America won its two World Wars because we had the industrial might to build what we had to. But now, facilities like the old Brooklyn Navy Yard have been closed down and have been “repurposed” – and China and Korea are handling much of the world’s ship building. The great Bethlehem Steel Works in Pennsylvania is now the site of a gambling casino. “Bessie’s” big plant in Burns Harbor, Ind. still runs – but now it is under the control of a foreign entity, Luxembourg-based Arcelor Mittal, which also took over the assets of many other former American steel manufacturers like LTV, Acme Steel and Weirton Steel. Detroit’s Big Three have between them closed dozens of plants, shipping centers and other industrial facilities (Ford’s former Rouge Steel Works in Detroit is now owned by another foreign company – Russia-based Severstal, Long Island’s once-mighty aviation industry, which produced such great warplanes as the Grumman F-14 Tomcat and the Fairchild Republic A-10 Warthog, is gone. If we were again faced with a major global war, would we have the industrial strength anymore to prevail?

    • Govt. regulation and corporate taxes are what have made outsourcing to foreign producers so attractive. It’s a hard bargain to pay U. S. taxes and follow the nauseating maze of corporate regulations and still stay competitive on a global market.

      • No, Individual Greed by CEO’s and boards etc makes outsourcing popular. Failure by the government, regardless of party, to maintain strategic industries (i.e. the ability to make stuff end to end) and allowing corporations to export the actual making of just about everything is a crime against the security of the USA.

        If push comes to shove, what are we going to do if there is another war? Throw chinese plastic toys and charge them with weak nail files tied to a stick. I suppose we could always try Chemical warfare, giving the enemy melamine tainted chinese milk or Biological warfare by feeding their pets chinese salmonella tainted dog food.

      • Greed or not doesn’t matter so much. Business will go where business is welcome. If a corporation doesn’t stay profitable, it doesn’t stay competitive and may not stay in business. None of this happens in a vacuum. The govt. can’t pile on regulations and taxes without cutting profits. Some in govt. believe they can but they also believe we can spend our way out of debt. I really believe that some in govt. get giddy whenever another business folds or leaves the country. They think they do us a service getting rid of those fat, cheating, dirty money grubbing capitalists. After all, we sure wouldn’t want any wretched rich people in America now would we? resmh

  12. IF all things being equal and there is no increase in demand for lead in the U.S., THEN there is no demand for lead production. Just an observation but if there is a buy-off of secondary lead combined with exportation of the existing supplies, would not this create a demand? Maybe, I fall into the “stupid American patriot left wing homophobic Christian conspiracy theorist (forgive me if I’ve left something out) group” but maybe, just maybe, depletion of secondary lead can be attributed to the the mass buy-out of rounds by the Dept. of Homeland Security and the possibility of additional wars in the name of freedom and democracy? Duh, George, wadda ya think?

    • IMHO, I’m all for HELPING a people develop their own Freedom and Democracy. Now, if we PURCHASE their freedom for them, then it has no value to them and is of no use. Only Freedom which is Blood Bought is of any efficacy. Hmmmm. Seems like there’s a parallel here…

  13. It is my understanding that most of the Ammo comes from the secondary lead market, recycled lead. When asked about concerns, ammo manufacturers have no concerns over closure of this lead smelter.
    Having said that, the total amount of lead that we need still increases, and so we need lead smelters. When the last of any supply line is shut down due to government overreach, it is tyranny. Tyranny most foul.

    • Of course ammo manufactures have no concerns. Would you be concerned if you product was going to go up in price and increase your profits? Don’t think they’ll just add in the increase in the cost of lead.

      • Do you know that lead smelted from ore is cheaper than recycled lead? I once saw a video segment of the reclamation of lead from car batteries and it’s my bet that it is cheaper to recycle.

      • Ok from your post which is it? Is smelted cheaper or is recycled lead cheaper? You contradict your statement. We will never reclaim all the lead to recycle 100% so each yr the total qty of lead available will be reduced driving up cost. I don’t think it will matter much as far as which is cheaper the due to the annual loss in circulation.

      • In my second paragraph I make that point. I agree that this closure was the wrong thing to do for the country. The problem is that attaching this despicable administrative action to the suppression of Ammo Manufacture by covert means does not match the facts, and impacts our credibility and integrity.
        Not that our credibility matters to the left, but it should to us as an integral part of our integrity.

  14. is not lead an essential resource for the security of this nation? If so, how does EPA trump a security issue. When will the lawsuit be filed or will this have to shake out during the next revolution?

  15. The problems started with the EPA regulations that would eventually close down the lead smelter, which was done in 2008 in the Bush administration. I am not bashing President Bush. I am bashing the EPA!!! The EPA needs to be abolished, along with the Dept. of Education and a whole host of Beurocracies that we do not need.

  16. Allen. Although this statement doesn’t have anything to do with this article, you need to run for President. Maybe you and Condoliza, or Judge Jeanine Pirro. This great USA will be garbage by the time Obama is done. Any combination of the three of you could bring us back. FOR ALL YOU WHO CAN VOTE THE DEMOCRATES OUT OF THE SENATE IN 2014, PLEASE DO SO. SPREAD THE WORD TO GET THEM OUT OF THE SENATE. Maybe Barry S. Obama can be stopped in his tracks or if we are lucky, Congress will bring up impeachment charges and the new non-Democratic Senate can give him the trial he needs and hopefully gets convicted/impeached.

  17. You are not hearing me. The largesr lead smelter in the Southern hemisphere is in South Australia, there is no shortage of lead.


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