Mandela vs. Thatcher? Who deserves flags at half-mast?

We finished family Sunday dinner this evening and my wife Angela asked me a question I had to ponder. She asked, “Did we make this big a deal over the passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as we are for South African President Nelson Mandela?”

I had to think about it since the “Iron Lady” passed back in April of this year. Meryl Streep did play her in a movie. So I Googled, “did America flag fly at half-mast for death of Margaret Thatcher??”

I found a site called and got the answer: “He [President Obama] did not order the flag flown at half staff for the death of Margaret Thatcher, did not attend her funeral, and did not send any high level officials to represent the United States.”

This site also had this tidbit from Politico in April 2013: “President Barack Obama not only didn’t attend Margaret Thatcher’s April 2013 funeral, but also refused to dispatch any high-ranking members of his administration to pay respects to Britain’s Iron Lady.”

Back in June of 1991, C&C Music Factory released a nice little ditty called, “Things that make you go hmm.” — how appropriate in this case. President Obama dispatches the bust of Sir Winston Churchill and then follows it up with blatant disrespect to PM Thatcher. Not for nothing, but who do you think had a greater impact on our America in the 20th century, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher or Nelson Mandela?

Maybe in the world of progressive socialist relativism — since Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her performance as Margaret Thatcher — that’s just like flying flags at half-mast and having President Obama attend her funeral — it’s all relative ya know? No one will debate apartheid was a horrible social class system. Not a single person will dismiss Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment, but are we going just a tad bit overboard here comparatively when assessing the Obama administration and liberal media reaction to the passing of Margaret Thatcher?

Does this further reflect the liberal socialist — and Obama’s view — of the world preferring all that is anti-western civilization? Let me know what you think. Is this much ado about something too much or are you cool with this?


  1. I agree with your sentiment – it is appalling that he has shown such disregard for Britain and such reverence for Mandela – but you have to realize that he doesn’t care one bit. He isn’t up for re-election, so polls don’t matter. After November, we’ll see the real monster behind the mask. These mid-term elections are the ONLY reason he plays nice at all.

    If we can’t get people like you or Mrs. Palin or other lovers of America to run – i.e., TRUE PATRIOTS – then hope for this country is lost. Stop writing books and get out there and run. Even if you lose, at least we had the chance to elect you. It’s on the country then. But you have to try.

    • Huey,
      Could not agree more!! Colonel, we need you in this nations highest office, we NEED someone to take our country back, along with the warriors and patriots we need the leadership that you can provide….

  2. The outright disrespect shown after Lady Thatcher’s passing by Obama’s regime is a disgrace, but, sadly, not surprising. That’s all that needs to be said.

  3. Col. this was the first thing I thought of, the double standard of Lady Thatcher vs. Mr. Mandela. Both should have been honored but in the liberal world, this is impossible.

  4. It’s definitely all about an anti Western/ anti anything good dear leader gesture. However, that said, I’m glad he didn’t go to Lady Thatcher’s funeral- it would have been a fake photo op moment to be made all about himself anyway. Her funeral was as her life was- dignified. It would have been marred if dear leader had have attended.

  5. Colonel, you’re cut right to the meat of the issue.
    Huey is right too – it will get REALLY ugly after the mid-terms.

  6. Funny you comment on this. I was talking with my wife about this just last night. I will agree that Nelson Mandella went through hell here on earth. But he changed a nation and perhaps some hearts and minds. He deserves a great deal of credit. Having said that however, we cannot forget that in his heart he was a communist. He was a president for five years. Lady Thatcher on the other hand was leader. A true ally and the PM for ten years. I wonder if it was a racial decision of this administration to snub her?

  7. President Obama is a fraud. He has no managerial experience and he does not know how to lead. Are we surprised about any decisions he makes at this point as the president?

  8. Are you surprised by his actions. When I saw the flag at our dealership lowered the other day I wondered what American died? Never thinking about Mandela. Great man but as you say a slight regarding Thatchers passing.

      • in New jersey Chris Christie did for

        James Gandolfini New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has strongly defended his decision to
        have flags flown at half-staff Saturday for Whitney Houston, despite
        receiving emails and other messages disparaging the singer and
        criticizing him. He also ordered flags lowered last year for Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

      • Thx for pointing those facts out. Christy has high hopes. Its gonna be entertaining to watch him get dropped on his fat b-hind in the primaries.

  9. He was a great man to some, a murderer and terrorist to others, black and white. He was in prison for acts of terror and murder, he was not a political prisoner.

  10. Not for nothing, the only way to get his agenda moving was to instill terrorism within South Africa, granted the apartheid was horribly wrong. As far as I know Martin Luther King did not instill violence anywhere on American soil. I think Al Sharpton is a bigger threat to America than King was. Nelson Mandela changed in the eyes of the world,but those who really knew what he stood for,could see he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.He was no different than the fanatical Islamist’s that will sacrifice their lives and those around them to kill Americans or non-muslims. He also supported Cuba, Libya Iran to name a few. Yeah lets lower our Nations flag for a man that was not a American but considered by some as a Madyr.

  11. Margaret Thatcher was a great leader and a great ally. She stood with President Reagan and Bush through thick and thin. What did Nelson Mandela do for the US? I can’t think of anything. If flags were not flown at half staff for an ally like PM Thatcher then it certainly should not be flown half staff for Mandela. Frankly, I am incensed over this!

  12. The flag at half-mast should only be for an American, that being said his disrespect for the Prime Minister was only viewed on FOX because the liberal media would not go against their king.

  13. one should always do research before declaring anothers ‘goodness’ to the world, mandela was not a good man, but I agree his wife was even worse.

  14. I believe that what Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill stood for Obama stands against and Nelson Mandela being a socialist/Marxist was an icon to Pres. Obama and someone he desires to emulate. Just further evidence of Obama’s hate for America and love for socialism and the idea of turning America into a socialist country. Just a sad example of the state of our country.

  15. Mr. West…so what do you think of necklacing and the other things Mr. Mendella has been tied to …Castro…Khadafy…Please Mr. West…comment on this.

  16. I have been questioning the same thing, bit of a double standard with this president. I really don’t understand why the US flag would be flown at half staff for any foreign leader. I also thought it tacky (and maybe I missed the Pearl Harbor tribute) but my husband was watching an NFL football game and they had a big tribute to Mandela but nothing about Pearl Harbor and it was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

  17. I’ve learned a lot about good old Mendela just recently. History tends to cleanse who he really was.
    He was a terrorist mass murderer communist . PERIOD.

    • yes, and the rest of the Apartheid supporting terrorists who terrorized his people as a rule of law. Hooray for Mandela for fighting them back!

  18. this administration has shown their hand how many times, is this a surprise, no not really.. I am one that does not see Mandela in a good light ..

  19. I see the disrespect of Mrs. Thatcher and returning the bust of Churchill as a slap in the face to our staunchest ally. Barack Obama is a disgrace to this country and should be removed from office (and soon) or we will not have a country left.

      • No Norman, it isn’t. Your use of the comparison of Obama’s actions that degrade the rule of law domestically and inhibit our strategic interests abroad to your “suffering” under Bush is both silly and asinine. I see you suffer from the same affliction as does our president. This is not about you and your perceived suffering/ sniffling.

  20. Mandela had his whole life rewritten and now he become a “saint”.. For those of us that remember watching the news and reading books and news papers about him we know the truth.. Sadly most of the people (Not All) born 1980 and above do not know nor do they remember the world with him (Mandela) and his wife (Winnie) in it.. None of them will pick up a book and read about him instead they’ll research him on the internet and then pick and choose what they want to believe. We live in a sad and ever falling world..

  21. President Mandela was of the Methodist faith and sided with the Communist party ONLY to fight against the oppressive rule of proponents of Apartheid. He sought the Communist party for freedom where none other was available. The fact that this man chose peace and forgiveness as well as UNITY for such a divided nation is very admirable. Prime Minister Thatcher did seek release of President Mandela, however the Brits had influence of the South African government as well as the Apartheid system. Her seeking was at best symbolic and nothing more. She is more known for her conservative stance and her relationship with President Reagan. Her conservative stance over the years drew high unemployment, high crimes, and low domestic manufacturing growth. She finished with a low 20% approval rating and resigned from office when she was headed for sure defeat. Yes, the President got it right about honoring President Mandela and NOT Margaret Thatcher. Do your history people!

    • “President Mandela was of the Methodist faith and sided with the Communist party ONLY to fight against the oppressive rule of proponents of Apartheid. He sought the Communist party for freedom where none other was available.”
      Sounds like something an apologist would say.

  22. Allen, it’s funny that you should mention it. I was telling my wife the day I heard Oblamer was going to go to the funeral of Nelson that he never went to Margaret’s. I had forgotten that he hadn’t allowed anyone else to go to represent the USA until you mentioned it. It is said that Nelson Mandela changed the world. I say Oblamer is destroying the world, especially the United States of America, and I believe he is doing so intentionally.

  23. I’m curious when last we dropped our Ensign for anyone who was not an American citizen. I have nothing against Mandela. He was obviously a socialist, even Marxist in his ideology, but he lead a democratic nation and allowed the rule of his people to move the country forward even in opposition to his ideology (so in a way he is the polar opposite of our sitting President), and he was a great exemplar of perseverance in the face of absolute tyranny. But so are many others. Our flag should only be at half-mast for those who either made our country great or keep it safe. If we dip it for every significant person that dies, then the act itself will lose it’s significance. And no disrespect to Nelson Mandela, but let South Africa bring it’s flag down; that’s where he made his mark, not here in the US.

    • Miracles? Exactly what miracles did this person perform? And I agree wholeheartedly our flag should NOT be flown at half mast for this man!

      • He convinced Mad Racists to peacefully transfer power without slaughtering hundreds of thousands or even millions of black South Africans.

      • Stephan, please review your history lessons. From 1948-1994, a Human Rights Commission determined that 21,000 black Africans were killed due to apartheid related crimes. They further broke this down into two periods. From 1948-1989, the effective end of apartheid, 7000 were killed by government authorities. From 1990-1994, 14,000 were killed. This coincided with Mandela’s ACA being unbanned. Of the 14,000, over 90% was determined to be black on black killings between the ACA, the IFP, and other black factions vying for control. Only 5.2% of the murders were attributed to government troops. He may have helped bring SA together, but there were no “racial miracles” involved.

      • Had you lived through apartheid in South Africa – which I did – you might have a slightly different understanding of the matter. Mandela was as much if a ‘terrorist’ as George Washington, I.e. not much, when viewed through the prism of history. What the apartheid regime did to black South Africans not only for the 50 yrs you just googled, but also for he previous hundred is beyond comprehension. The ANC tried 60 years of begging, pleading, turning the other cheek, and other failed attempts at pacifism, before lifting a stone.
        Feel free to do a little more googling before attempting to give a history lesson.

      • How I came to my information is irrelevant. Can you dispute the numbers put up by the Human Rights commission? I am not disputing that apartheid was an evil part of history. I am disputing your assertion that hundreds of thousands or even millions would have been killed if not for Mandela, especially since his own ANC, along with the IFP was responsible for a good portion of the violence from 1990-1994. Have you read the book “War in Peace” by Nick Howarth. It certainly gives a different incite (or bia) to the ANC’s role in hostilities.

      • How many ppl you think would slaughtered in America if obama (lil’o) decides to take the guns from Americans?
        My prediction is this, that that action will be obamas (lil’o) last order of business. Cause he know it will create a state of marshal law hhe’ll never leave office. I predict, that when I’ll die.

    • Thatcher was not a terrorist, she did not bomb innocent victims, she did more for the Americans than Mandela did, for gawd sake he even refused a photo op with Obama…2 first black presidents in a photo, and he refused…lol….no one should fly half mast for him, except maybe his family.

  24. The world needs to remember that Mandela was NOT a political prisoner. He was convicted of terrorist activities including his involvement in bombing a bus station where women and children were killed. He even pleaded guilty to his crimes. I do respect the fact that he sought “reconciliation” when elected president because it was a huge reason that South Africa survived the transition of power to the blacks. I believe Margaret Thatcher was far more relevant as a leader especially to Americans. While the world should respect Mandela for his attitude I don’t believe he was worthy of the attention we are giving him.

  25. Lady Thatcher wasn’t a Liberal so she gets no respect from Obama! It’s the same in Congress, Republicans get no respect from BO! It’s actually a disgrace that he gives the Iranian regime more respect than members of Congress from the opposite party!

  26. I am not the least bit cool with this. Lady Thatcher deserved so much more, as well as the British people, from our government at that time. the fact Mandela is black and radical and “appeared” peaceful allowed this revisionist crap. he may have been kinder and gentler, and what he did to end apartheid cannot be denied nor should it be. it should be the highlight of his legacy. it does not change either that he had a very violent arm in his government, which is conveniently being blamed on Winnie. how ironic that a film about her is just now being released. one of those co-inkydinks. no..the obeyme’s will be happy to sing and dance and send him on to Glory..and that is fine. they should have done equal or greater respect to Lady Thatcher. lol, who would have smeared him all over the place had she had to deal with him. ugh. 3 years is a long time to wait to be rid of this evil.

  27. I keep hearing Obama has broken the law numerous times, treason, broken the law by rewriting laws….impeachable offenses. So WHY is he not impeached and removed from office??? Can anyone honestly and knowingly answer this?

  28. I don’t resent the respect being given Mandela. I just resent the disrespect done to Thatcher. I can only hope when his time eventually arrives that the UK returns the
    disrespect that the late president Obama paid to Thatcher.

    • True, what goes around comes around. On the other hand, you can only give something you posses, this admin have not even an ounce of humane or respect for anything honourable or good or honest.

  29. As i’ve mentioned before, Mandela’s life is shrouded with mystery. When I hear who is actually heroing him, especially in our country, including this president, I’m going to side with those who question deeply his heroic status.

    • I am in complete agreement with you Pat…..although I will say that I don’t believe his life is shrouded in mystery at all, and actually everything you would want to know about Mandela’s past was written while he was in prison, as Winnie was doing his murderous bidding. He denied the opportunity to denounce violence, and wrote a book/papers entitled, “How to be a Good Communist” while in prison as well. He was the ANC”s right arm, and carried out many violent crimes, plead guilty to 156 crimes against humanity, and did so as a trained lawyer, understanding that he was guilty and could not win the case against him.

  30. “Does
    this further reflect the liberal socialist — and Obama’s view — of the world
    preferring all that is anti-western civilization?”


    I’ll choose door #1 “anti-western

    You Mr.West can have door #2 Apartheid.

    If that’s my choice.

  31. I am totally NOT cool with this! Just add this to the long list of things this prez has done to embarrass this country and our American culture and values.

    • Yes, and notice how no one in the Repub party has a word to say about it. Notice how he is a traitor and the House hasnt started impeachment. Notice everyone, doesnt matter where they fit in Politics is avoiding this. That says alot about everyone, doesnt it?

  32. Interesting…
    In this forum we can differentiate between pro-apartheid and anti-apartheid.

    Some of us make it seem as simple as accusing someone as being socialist is a good
    reason to disenfranchise or oppress a group.

    The United States is the largest Socialist / Capitalist country in the world.

    We may not be Communist but make no mistake we are Socialist, and have been for

  33. I absolutely am not cool with this, I think it was a disgraceful act of arrogance that Obama snubbed the passing of Margaret Thatcher, yet makes a huge deal out of Mandela. Absolutely disgusting.

  34. Congressman West, you are absolutely correct. Prime Minister Thatcher was a giant among giants. The others being President Ronald Reagan and His Holiness, Pope John Paul II. Mandela is a Marxist, supports abortion, gay rights and homosexual marriage. Obama has a twisted view of “heroes”. He lacks the knowledge and passion of a true American and his every action proves it. He had no message for Pearl Harbor Day but he is going all out for Mandela as are all our networks. The late Holy Father was the Vicar of Christ for over one billion Roman Catholics and the premier moral leader of this planet for his entire reign of twenty seven years. He helped bring down the Wall in East Berlin and was the driving force in Poland and elsewhere and there was not the media blitz on his passing as there is over Mandela. It is truly sad.

  35. “In the 1980s Lady Thatcher
    caused controversy when she refused to back sanctions against South Africa. In
    1987 she said that anyone who believed the ANC would ever rule South Africa was
    “living in cloud-cuckoo land”.

    When she died Obama said, Well… guess who’s in cloud-cuckoo land now. Ouch!!

    • All of South Africa is. And that would not be an ouch – only an oaf would make light about someone’s death, even if he did disagree with her – guilty as charged. … shows something about his religious convictions also.

  36. Telling the truth about Nelson Mandella does not mean one favors apartheid. Mr. Mandella was the head of the ANC which was a terrorist organization which not only killed innocent whites, but blacks who did not agree with them. Mandella never repudiated the murderous actions of the ANC. It is proper, therefor, to conclude he approved of those terroristic activities. He did much good, but falls way short of the words being lavished on him now.

  37. I am not cool with this. I will never forget Mr. Mandela saying of George W. Bush (paraphrase) “America deserves a better President”. Not one word have I ever heard from him about the present president. If America ever deserved a better president, it is now.

  38. Mandela became a great man after he was released from prison but Margaret Thatcher was also a great Prime Minister. How do you select one and not the other? Perhaps we should only fly the US Flag at half-mast for only the US Citizens. They are honoring Mandela by going to his funeral but then again why didn’t they honor Margaret Thatcher. Maybe the Oscar that Meryl Streep won was her honor. (Being Sarcastic) I think somebody should have gone to her funeral representing the US. To me that was almost like a snub to England. Does anybody know why the bust of Sir Winston Churchill was returned? It seems like every other day something new comes up with Obama.

  39. The Iron Lady, left her country a better place.
    I am afraid that South Africa today is going down the same road as most African countries and when they have bled the whites of their money and land the slaughter will follow. As much as he wanted his country to be better it has just turned, just as what the whites did was wrong what has happened since Aparthied and what is about to happen is wrong.
    oh well they deserve it right?
    there will be a slaughter in South Africa

  40. Anyone who has read “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh D’Souza would not be surprised by Obama’s disdain for all things English.

  41. O’bs just another communist bowing down to another one — treating him like a god! It’s absolutely stomach turning and my heart grieves for our beloved country. The values and priorities of this admin are so degrading and debased.

  42. Another slap in the face at the Brits. Says to the world that Mandela’s life was worthy of our presence, regardless of his terrorist history, and Thatcher’s wasn’t. Falls in line with how the poser represents our foreign policy. Allies be damned were gonna show the world that we welcome Muslims with open arms, money, munitions, regardless of their terrorist leanings. Muslim Brotherhood is a case in point – killing Christians with the guns we provided. When do we say ENOUGH! Oh yes, American Flag for Americans.

  43. Not cool. Madela was a communist, responsible for the deaths of thousands.
    The attention is disgusting.

    “Mandela was the terrorist leader of a violent terrorist organisation, the ANC
    (African National Congress) which was responsible for many thousands of,
    mostly black, deaths. The ANC’s blood spattered history is frequently
    ignored, but reminders occasionally pop up in the most embarrassing
    places, indeed as recently as this month the names of Nelson Mandela and
    most of the ANC remained on the US government’s terrorist watch list
    along with al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Tamil Tigers. Of course the
    forces of political correctness are rushing to amend that embarrassing
    reminder from the past. However, Mandela’s name was not on that list by
    mistake, he was there because of his murderous past.” MANDELA THE MYTH

  44. Can any of you source columns or articles showing that people from the UK were upset over BHO’s actions? Who cares if a bunch of you non-Brits are upset? What do they think across the pond?

  45. No sir! I’m not cool with it at all. My thanks to your wife for triggering your mind. She’d make an outsdanding first lady. And thank you as well for bringing it to the forefront.
    The more I follow the articles you present and those of others that you share, I feel a kinship. Not surprising to me tho. I was raised in the military my dad retired USAF. I served 13 yrs Army Aviation and I served in the Gulf. In the days of Gen Schwartzkoff (sp) and that other general I’m not too proud of right now. Back when the generals had a little more spine to stand up to bureaucratic BS. My commander was
    Maj Maria Rossi. First female Army Aviator to fly into combat and first to die. Rest her soul. Her heart was in the right place. I drove her on a couple road trips in Saudi. Or should I say off road trips. She made me feel trusted.
    I served in the days of Ronald Reagan and so miss his style of leadership. And also the powerful resolve of Margaret Thatcher the Iron Lady. It wasn’t hard to recognize the admiration the two had for eachother. Their both truly missed by this soldier.

    The only person I can recall Mandela having admiration for was Fidel Castro.

    ENOUGH SAID. God bless you and your family Colonel

  46. The inconvenient truth that most ignore about Mandela is that he was a communist and a convicted and admitted terrorist who never apologized for his actions. While he was the face of the end of apartheid, his association with the ANC is contradictory to what he supposedly stood for. The simple fact that this man is on video singing a Mkhonto we Sizwe song about killing whites pretty much says it all.


    • I am with you on that. Already talking to my people and having them talk to their people and I will not stop until the polls are closed. Also I wanted to say “Thank You” for your service.

  48. Love ya Mr. West…but “Not a single person will dismiss Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment” he was rightfully imprisoned. the man was not a good man. he should not be glorified at ALL.

      • It isn’t in the official Webster Dictionary which is the standard although I found it there at dictionary .com. They add words and definitions at the discretion of their personal opinions if they find that people use the words other than the standard set by the official board that decides the standards. Here is Webster’s Definition

        1staff noun ˈstaf

        : a group of people who work for an organization or business

        : a group of military officers who help a commanding officer but who do not take part in active fighting

        : a long stick that you carry in your hand for support while walking

        plural staffs or staves

        Full Definition of STAFF


        a : a long stick carried in the hand for support in walking b : a supporting rod: as (1) archaic : shaft 1a(1) (2) : a crosspiece in a ladder or chair : rung (3) : flagstaff (4) : a pivoted arbor c : club, cudgel


        a : crosier b : a rod carried as a symbol of office or authority


        : the horizontal lines with their spaces on which music is written —called also stave


        : any of various graduated sticks or rules used for measuring : rod


        plural staffs a : the officers chiefly responsible for the internal operations of an institution or business b : a group of officers appointed to assist a civil executive or commanding officer c : military or naval officers not eligible for operational command d : the personnel who assist a director in carrying out an assigned task e plural staff : a member of a staff

        — staff adjective

        See staff defined for English-language learners »

        See staff defined for kids »

        Examples of STAFF

        The entire staff has done a great job this year.

        The staff is at a meeting.

        She’s a new member of the staff.

        The general’s staff is planning the army’s next move.

        Origin of STAFF

        Middle English staf, from Old English stæf; akin to Old High German stab staff, Sanskrit stabhnāti he supports

        First Known Use: before 12th century

      • This discussion is so way off the subject, but I looked up half staff and it gave the definition as half mast, and half staff was first used in 1708.

    • Obama didn’t even say or do anything all day to honor the survivor’s or victim’s of Pearl Harbor. He is one great pos.

  49. How many americans will be slaughtered if obama (lil’o) tries to take gun away?
    My prediction is this, that that action will be obamas (lil’o) last order of business. Cause he know it will create a state of marshal law hhe’ll never leave office. I predict, that when I’ll die.

  50. Mrs. Thatcher was never a terrorist nor did she take up the extreme left philosophy! I personally don’t agree that the Stars and Stripes should EVER be flown at half-mast for anyone but an American citizen.

  51. The U.S. flag has flown at half staff for only two foreign leaders, Winston Churchill and Pope John Paul II. Entirely inappropriate for Obama to order the flags at half staff for this! Mandela was a communist and a terrorist. He operated the ANC from prison during his 27 years of incarceration, while his wife carried out atrocities. Really, life in South Africa is fraught with crime and poverty currently! Here is an open letter from Senior Chief Geoff Ross, US Navy retired,Surface Warfare / Air Warfare: President Obama why have you have ordered the lowering of the Stars and Stripes to half staff to recognize the death of the Communist-Marxist terrorist
    Nelson Mandela ? A man who was jailed for being complicit in the killing
    of women and children and other terrorist activities. A man who was the
    defacto leader of the South African communist Party. A man who
    considered Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez as
    his closest and most trusted friends. A man who played the race card to
    put man against man in order to reach a political goals.

    I am
    glad this evil doer is dead. He deserves no recognition he deserves
    only contempt and dishonor as one of the evil doers on the planet. As
    the President of the United States why would you use your office to
    lower the stars and stripes to half mast and disrespect our flag but you
    refused to recognize the death of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and barricaded
    the World War II memorial from our veterans ?

    Mr. Obama you are disgrace to the office of the presidency and I demand your immediate resignation.

    I demand that all government buildings restore the Stars and Stripes to
    the full staff and disregard the order from the Communist usurper
    infesting the White House. AKA Barry Soetoro.

    To quote Nelson Mandela:

    I salute the South African Communist Party for its sterling
    contribution to the struggle for democracy. You have survived 40 years
    of unrelenting persecution. The memory of great communists like Moses
    Kotane, Yusuf Dadoo, Bram Fischer and Moses Mabhida will be cherished
    for generations to come.

    Shame on you and shame on our government for recognizing this Communist terrorist.

    Senior Chief Geoff Ross
    US Navy retired.
    Surface Warfare / Air Warfare
    Navarre FL

  52. Insulting the USA’s friends seems to be one of Obama’s main goals. His aggressively passive, if not openly dismissive, stance towards Britain and Israel makes me sad that he represents the USA.

    Obama’s response to Thatcher’s passing was simply wrong.

    And now he wants to heap high praise on a committed communist with ties to terrorism.

    I’m positive Obama would’ve felt differently about Thatcher if her skin was a different color. I can’t wait til this racist bums term is up and he can go back to Hawaii or Chicago and quit purposely damaging our country on numerous levels.

  53. OBAMA DISGRACES AMERICA AGAIN! Even most in the media are complicit and
    turning a blind eye while reporting praises for Mandela, a “great” man!?
    Does any of these low information (or just plain phonies) care anything
    about the truth!? Honoring and giving Mandela a free pass for communism
    (which is the enemy of freedom) and torture and murder (because of
    “race”)! Who did he free? Well. . .he banished
    the Christians! Murdered and tortured those who tried to stand up
    against his violence. Yes, we can understand that Obama likes this!
    Flags at half staff for this?! OMG! The USA has only flown flags at
    half staff for two foreign leaders in all of its history–Winston
    Churchill, and Pope John Paul II! This Mandela hated America and said
    so! (Obama hates America also. So this may have something to do with
    it!). Nelson Mandela quotes: 1. “If there is a country that has
    committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States
    of America. They don’t care for human beings.” 2. “If you look at those
    matters, you will come to the conclusion that the attitude of the United
    States of America is a threat to world peace.” 3. “Long live the Cuban
    Revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro.” We all need to stop giving
    free passes whenever some race card, or religious card, or other kind
    of supposed minority card is played! We need to stop overlooking the
    violation of true moral values and the committing of humanitarian crimes
    in the name of someone being “black,” or supposedly taking on a
    so-called “black” cause!

  54. God bless you and your family, Dr. West. You would get my vote for President if you decided to run for that thankless job that needs a REAL American patriot.

  55. The other day when Nelson Mandela passed and you posted a picture of him with a little blurb about his memory, there were a lot of us that were incensed at the fact. Nelson Mandela was, at one time, a terrorist. He was rightly imprisoned for that and yes, he did his time, but to fly a flag at half mast for the man, under those circumstances, not to mention the fact that he wasn’t an American citizen? That’s outrageous. Margaret Thatcher was a hero of conservatism and freedom and liberty worldwide and yes, her passing deserved much more honor than she received officially from our government, but she shouldn’t have been honored with a flag at half mast any more than Mandela, and for the same reason. She wasn’t an American citizen.
    Most of us that comment on your blog love what you stand for Mr. West. Just be sure to keep the message clear and unsullied. Please…

    • Discussion on Allen West Republic
      Allen West “We must stand together to defend our nation against Obama’s Marxist/socialist agenda”
      retiredcrewdog • 2 days ago
      As long as he doesn’t open mouth insert foot, like he’d did yesterday. Sure. Might, I suggest researching “Umkhonto we Sizwe” and “necklacing”. While you are at it, do a little light reading of Mr Mandela’s autobiography. He says he’d have executed himself for the thousands of people killed by his orders. He was not imprisoned for political reasons, but murder. Which is why Amnesty International would not touch him with a ten foot pole. Hmmm…… Did I mention he was a Socialist and Communist? History, learn it or die repeating it.……

      • Yes, thank you. This is exactly what I was referring to when I made my post, but the question was not about Nelson Mandela, per se. It was more about Margaret Thatcher and why she wasn’t honored. I think the answer to that question, if we stop to think about it, is that a black and radical trumps a conservative white woman every time. At least in the leftist fantasy-land we live in today…

      • Well said. Very true, he was not even after prison and president of S. A. What the press has made him into. He was not a peaceful man and he continued to kill.

    • Those two have something in common with Obama, should something happen to him the flags shouldn’t fly at half mast either !

  56. No Sir I am NOT cool with this. I have nothing to add to what others have said except this. In hopes that there are many British people reading this. My apologies to you in Britain in how the President has treated your great country & how Margaret Thatcher’s death was treated. At the time I considered wring a letter to the editor of your most read newspaper with apologies then but doubted if it would be published. ( is your press as liberally biased as ours?) Col. West is there a way that you could compose such a letter to the British people and post it where we all could sign it??? I would be glad to sign my name at the top!! Thank You.

  57. Flying American flag at half staff for a foreigner is an insult to America as a whole. That seems to be the continuing theme of Obama

  58. History will paint Mrs T in a good light , the problems of the UK with union control of the Labour Party and that horrid man Marxist scargill force the miner on strike without a ballot as he knew he would not of won a ballot for a national strike .

    Nelson Mandela is a great man in leading his nation to a peaceful transision .

    • Do you know any of the history of the ANC and Mandela’s part in 100’s of terrorist acts, including putting tires filled with gasoline around the necks of his enemy “Afrikaner’s” better know as whites? Do some research before making stupid comments sir.

      • With respect, whites in South Africa were not targeted for “necklacing”. Rather, this particularly horrific form of murder whcih was very prevalent between 1985 -1989, was perpetrated by black people against other black people who were suspected of being informants or selling out the the apartheid authorities. Suspects would be targeted on the streets by mobs styling themselves as ‘Peoples Courts’ and they would summarily ‘convict’ the suspects and hand down these barbacic ‘punishments’ based on little or no evidence. Most right thinking South Africans, both black and white utterly condemned this brutality and murderous practice. After the release of Mr Mandela in 1990 instances of necklacing became fewer and fewer following the calls for unity and the cessation of violence from all sides. See

  59. Margaret Thatcher was a friend of the USA, as much as Obama is an Enemy of the United States whose ideology is more Muslim than a Citizen of the USA.

  60. Margaret Thatcher was a friend to the US and good for the British. But she didn’t do anything worth anything for us in the US. Period, sorry.

    • But Thatcher stood strong and built a strong force an aligned herself with Reagan to stanp out communism.
      Mandela did none of that. He was good liar. I’m sure obama (lil’o) admirers him for and emulates him in that regard. obama used to have to ly with savvy but now he’s grown powerful enough to just lie straight to our faces and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. These are sad yrs for our nation. You have to ask yourself “will it ever be made right in our lifetime?”

  61. I’m Mexican American and I will say this plan. I’m 50 years old and you White people are true haters, the devils people. You just don’t like Black people and you cant stand us Mexicans either. True Haters

    • Really? Sorry you feel that wY. The only Mexicans I don’t like are those breaking our laws and demanding citizenship before all those including the Mexicans who follow our laws for it. Because a person doe not believe Mandalla the saint the media is making him out to be does not make a racist.. But the term is a sure easy way to push personal shortcomings on another individual. I’m 60 and having hardship, people who do yup wrong, or don’t like you for what ever reason is no respect or of color or nationality. No one escapes the rigors of life, we all suffer the consequences of our own actions and decisions. Sometimes it’s easier to place blame so we can look ourselves in the mirror. If you think white people do not get treated badly then you are being myopic to say the least. Life is hard, it’s what YOU make of it that counts!, not what some one else says or does to or about you, unless in court that is.

    • No we are not haters, we just sit back and laugh at the stupidity of people like you… I was married to a black man & have mixed children… It is you that have the issue with the white race… You want to come to OUR COUNTRY, but don’t want to accept the laws and values OR COUNTRY was built on.. Everyone someone disagrees with your kind (not your race, your ignorance) we are called out as being racist!!!

  62. I also believe that Mr Mandela DID have a very gentle approach to the South African “apartheid” situation, and it’s dismantling, AFTER his release from prison. He also was a good example of how we should live when he worked together with President Deklerk on the “Reconcilation” commission. He seemed to have renounced his violent ways from his early years. YET he sadly did allow unlimited abortion to be enshrined in South African Law.
    Mrs Thatcher was a force for good, and a great ally to the USA. I find it sad that President Obama boycotted her funeral, yet finds time to “honour” Mr Mandela with his presence. I paraphrased the word “honour” as I am not sure that is IS an honour.

  63. Okay, so Nelson Mandela is the terrorist in the middle of apartheid and I guess MLK JR was a communist in racist and jim chow south. It is so insulting to read all the narrow minded views of the people. Margaret Thatcher was a fine person and good for her country. Nelson Mandela was a aid to his country and peace even with the racist apartheid and all. Did MLK or JFK or President Bush do wrong by America – No. Please get real people. Racist is you look in the mirrow.

  64. Good riddance on his passing. He was nothing but a terrorist who had organised the killing of many Blacks and whites alike. Even while being locked up, he was giving orders to kill. And of course he supported every other terrorist scum such as Arafat, Gaddafi etc.
    So he didn’t take any further violent revenge, but he made sure white people had to suffer economically.
    And lets not forget how much he hated the US, calling it the biggest genocide country in history and calling President Bush an oil thief.

  65. Hass – Your a super dumb Ass. Don’t you know your History. It is in black and white, google it. Bush is a oil thief. President Cliton has even said in the pass that the Bushes are oil thiefs. Now please tell me you do know America’s history, we did do some bad things to many different people and groups.

  66. I am most confused. Obama’s disrespect at the death and funeral of Margaret Thatcher was was a national embarrassment and travesty. And now contrasting the media and national/political blitz on the death of Nelson Mandela is certainly striking. And yes, ending apartheid was undoubtedly good, but I am reading that Mr Mandela was not the saintly figure being portrayed. I am seeing Mandela described as a Marxist and murderer by many people. Some are calling him a leftist humanist. There are many who say he supported and embraced radical communist ideas, leaders and regimes. I had not heard about these things until recently, but suffice it to say that we may have an incomplete picture being painted by the media. If any of this has a shred of truth, the political and media focus around Mandela’s passing are perplexing. And more particularly in contrast with the death of the Iron Lady. Thank you for noticing this parallel.

    • obama’s (lil’o) media is painting a picture that is all wrong. The ppl that know it are the ones paying attention. There dosn’t seem to be enough if them. (Us)
      But media is targeting the uninformed. Kinda like Jim Jones did yrs back. When he convinced a group of ppl to drink the cool-aid of salvation. The same gross manipulation and misleading tactics are being use here in obama’s (lil’o) media. The poor misguided ppl. One day they’ll learn their loyalties have exploited.

  67. Talking about pulling the race card, this is as hypocritical of a topic I have ever heard. Are we talking about the same country that was stolen from the people that he was “killing” or the land he was fighting for? The same people whom denied them access to guns to defend it? From the people that raped and pillaged their land and then claims it their own? Unless you’re talking about another Nelson Mandela, most of you have this story bass ackwards, or too racist to realize it. Almost as bad as the little white lie we tell about Christopher Columbus…how do you discover something already discovered? Unless you’re willing to admit we were the last to learn about the world beyond our own. Learning, and respecting the “new world”, not seek, destroy and conquer what didn’t die.
    If we didn’t allow our conscious to get the best of us, we WOULD see a hero, that fought for a land that had provided the fruits of life for him and all his ancestors before him. You should be proud of him, because if it was your land you gun toting sons of bitches would do the same…even if the land you claim isn’t yours

    • Just to correct you there, South Africa was NOT owned by the Africans – it was actually populated by the Hottentots and Bushmen. The Africans came down from the north and the whites landed in the cape and worked their way up. The Hottentot race was wiped out by both in the ensuing migration.
      Mandela was not imprisoned for his political beliefs only, he was caught with an armoury of weapons which he had used and planned to use again against many innocent people. He was a terrorist. He was also rascist.
      As for Gandhi – he was also rascist – hated the Africans and was only interested in bettering the lot of his race. He was a lot of other things beside – you can read about that yourselves if you’re interested enough.
      As for terrible rascist regimes, have any of you been to South Africa or Zimbabwe just recently? … I thought not!

  68. There is nothing wrong with honoring Mandela by flying flags at half staff. He was labeled a terrorist by an oppressive government he was fighting against, and was imprisoned for his violent actions. When he was released, he was able to help bring about a peaceful end to an evil system of segregation. For people who say we shouldn’t honor him because of his socialist views, or because of his association with people like Arafat, I will say that the US found themselves aligned with the Soviets during WWII because we had a common foe. When you are in a country with a tyrannical government and you are fighting that tyranny, you will take your friends wherever you can find them. Not condoning or condemning the mans associations, they are what they are. We also cannot discount what he was able to accomplish in the end, in spite of his past sins. I was, in fact, just discussing this with someone else, and the point he brought up regarding Obama honoring Mandela is worth considering: President Bill Clinton did so for Yitzhak Rabin (1995) and King Hussein, a Muslim, of Jordan (1999), and President Ronald Reagan honored Anwar Sadat, also a Muslim, with the lowering of the Flag. What’s the problem with Obama honoring a former South African President in the same way? The issue I have with it is simply Obama’s blatant disregard for Margaret Thatcher. Obama’s lack of consistency is a reflection of his disdain for those that do not share his views, and his lack of poise and experience in global politics, and is, to me, an indication of how he is out of his depth.

    • Thatcher was a major world leader, and from Britain which, before President O, was considered a MAJOR US ally & friend. Thatcher’s death should have been significantly honored.

  69. Mandela was on prison for acts of violence on behalf of the ANC. From whay I’ve reaf Amnesty International woildn’t take up his case becaise he wasn’t a political prisoner. So the comparison itself is not valid. Mandela was not Dr. King. His wife also is known to have been responsible for some rather questionable acts. To order the flag st half mast is just another slap in the face to our closest ally and one more example of Obama’s lack of competence.

  70. I don’t take issue with Obama’s honoring of Mandela. I do, however, take issue with his lack of recognition of Thatcher. Seems a bit disrespectful to me.

  71. Mandela was imprisoned for being associated with the radical, militant branch of the ANC. He was a terrorist, who was given the chance to leave his imprisonment, if he would pledge to no longer engage in violent protest….he said NO!
    Real simple: Good media attention = bad person; Bad media reporting = good person.

  72. Colonel West, I’d help you carry that gas can through that very hot place, but I am not at all cool with the current gushfest over the passing of Nelson Mandella. Having witnessed my countrymen TWICE elect an overt enemy of Western Civilization by a metric that more resembled an “American Idol” contest than a serious election of national leadership, I’m hardly surprised that Obama, the sycophant media and the pathetically uninformed among us are so caught up in the Mandella warm fuzzies. Flags flown at half mast? Absolutely NOT, and for the same reasons OUR flag was not ordered flown at half mast for the passing of Yasser Arafat, nor should it be when Fidel Castro eventually flies west. Obama ordering the flag at half mast for Mandella was as 180 degrees out of synch with sensibility, protocol, ethics and propriety as was his insults at Margaret Thatcher’s passing.

  73. I served with Allen West in Taji Iraq in 2003. I found him to be one of the most down to earth and intelligent officers I ever met. He truly is steadfast and loyal to his men and our country. I did not realize this about Margaret Thatcher and this is a travesty. But then I ask myself why this could happen? The only answer I can come up with is besides a racial motivation, both Mandela and Obama himself, are truly Marxist in their political ideology. We can prove this fact easily by the people he has associated with throughout his entire life, including his real father Frank Marshal Davis. If you want to find truth which is out there, one must do the research as I’ve done for many years. Nothing would surprise me about this POTUS. Some would say, we must show respect for the presidency. This is very true in most cases. In Obama’s case, no we shouldn’t. When a president lies and hides his true allegiance to our constitution and spends considerable money to hide his past from the people, how can any patriotic American do this. Some say, well he saved the US and world economies from a big crash. Well he really didn’t do much. The Fed just came up with a gimmick to print more money and China bought some of our debt which somehow in the future has to be paid back unless, it never will be. There is much more I could add to this, I’ll just say do research on this Obama character and you’ll find out more about his agenda. Thanks Allen for your service to our great nation, and always stay steadfast and loyal Sir!

  74. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (noncommunist) was a staunch conservative and worked “hand in hand ” with one of our most revered Presidents Ronald Reagan. She was far more deserving of flags at half mast and far more deserving of the hightest ranking member of the land to attend her funeral. Nelson Mandela was a redistributor of the wealth (enough said).

  75. I have been asking this question all week. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of everyone. I pray this country will soon realize the need of true leaders such as you. I fear we do not have much time to make that decision.

  76. Please read the following article written by Peter Hammond and posted by Joe the Plummer on the web.  It is an un-whitewashed truthful assessment of Nelson Mandela and his ANC party without any revisionist history mixed in it.


    a film review by:
    Peter Hammond
    (South Africa)

    Mandela was not a saint. He was not a second Abraham Lincoln with biblical morals. Nelson Mandels was a Marxist terrorist who seemingly appeared to take on a cause that westerners liked. Both sides in South Africa committed violence, but the horrible evils of Nelson Mandela and his ANC party are getting whitewashed or totally ignored.  Even Amnesty International did not consider Mandela a political prisoner because he had done terror acts for which he was fairly tried, rightly convicted, and adequately sentenced by Amnesty International’s standards.

    The Apartheid situation ended the wrong way because the way that the Apartheid ended brought on greater savagery and economic havoc that endures to this day. All of these were the result of Mandela’s election in South Africa. Many victims of violence in post-Apartheid South Africa are black women who are raped mostly by black men who go unpunished because of Mandela and his ANC party.

    Please oppose revisionist historians’ attempts to portray Mandela and his ANC party as saintly Lincoln-like freedom fighters. They are not.

  77. I wish there’d been more honor bestowed by our country for Margaret Thatcher and her tremendous contributions. An “official delegate” (if not the Prez or VP) to HER funeral would have been proper, regardless of politics. But then again, it’s all about politics and photo ops, isn’t it?

  78. On Friday, I asked my wife and daughter about the flags being at half-mast. My 16 year old daughter answered, “It’s for Nelson Mandela.”

    I replied, “That makes sense.”

    Then, I wondered out loud, “Is it appropriate for the American flag to be half-mast for a world leader?”

    Thanks for reminding me about the lack of respect for Margaret Thatcher.

      • Wrong……”After the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag may be flown at half-staff according to Presidential instructions or in accordance with recognized custom not inconsistent with law.”

      • YOU should read the protocol:

        The president may order the flag to be flown at half-staff to mark the death of other officials, former officials, or foreign dignitaries. In addition to these occasions, the president may order half-staff display of the flag after other tragic events.

    • The president may order the flag to be flown at half-staff to mark the death of other officials, former officials, or foreign dignitaries. In addition to these occasions, the president may order half-staff display of the flag after other tragic events.

  79. Shah52 I liked your comment, however it is my opinion that Lincoln represents one of the greatest errors of revisionist history in our time. A truly great leader would have freed the slaves and re united the country without killing a million of the countries citizens. Leaving our country split still today.

    We need real leadership in this country. I hope Col. West will be one of those leaders.

    • A truly great opposition would have frees the slaves, laid down their arms and worked side by side with the North to re untie the country. But, they did not. Perhaps you missed the memo? The Civil War was the result of the South’s refusal to free the slaves. With the benefit of hindsight, just how would you have done it differently?

  80. Why everything Obama does you would do better furthers the divisiveness that cripples our government. Your extreme right think tank views are paid for just like the left. Obama sent members from the Reagan admin which was appropriate. I don’t care for either side but I am totally against the right second guessing everything he does. Why any of the 98%, women, Minorities, would ever vote right would be because the right can pay for misinformation to be repeated by media, bought politicians, and conservative think tank groups . Tell me what you would do to solve major issues besides drill, frack, trickle down,start new wars, abolish regulations, austerity. You and yours want to discredit Obama to make sure he is worse than Bush without regard to our future.

    • Obama is far worse than Bush and I never liked Bush. Obama lies every time he opens his mouth and has done nothing but divided our country and turn people against one another. BTW, I’m an Independent so I feel that I have the right to voice my opinion on what both parties are doing and all that the Democrats are doing right now is a lot of name calling. That makes the whole party look so petty.

  81. I said this exact thing to my wife the very day Mandela passed. Nelson Mandela lead a political organization that was backed by communist and was responsible for many bombing deaths before it came to power in the SA government. You can’t say that about Margaret Thatcher.

  82. Actually, the best example of why Margaret Thatcher deserved no respect when compare to Nelson Mandela, was her view of Nelson Mandela in the first place.

    And to be more true to the other 5 and a half billion people on the planet who aren’t smug imperialists who feast off the suffering of the world, he is the better man, superior to Lincoln in that he actually gave people the rights and respect he idealised. Hmmm… something to think about.

    • Superior to Lincoln? I don’t recall Lincoln ordering the bombing of innocent people on the street. Lincoln never created explosives in the form of children’s toys IOT invoke terror in parents. Did Lincoln put tires around peoples necks and light them on fire? There are so many ignorant idiots commenting here but you take the cake.

    • goolam…then please do some thinking and fact-checking. Unless of course you believe that killing whites is not a crime and therefor does not count. ‘Smug imperialists’…hahahaha…did you turn another page in your Malcom X pamphlet? Didn’t your mom tell you to stay away from it..???

  83. apparently everyone forgot this lady ordered. war in the 1980s. killed soooo many innocent lives for no reason. sheesh she’s disgusting!!!

    • What war? With who?nWhen? Over what? How many died? How many Brits died in said war? Seems like the one who forgot is you. How about some facts? You actually do not have anything do you? Credibility ZERO.

    • And Mandela hasn’t ? He lived a long live and was not always peaceful! Many people got murdered and he never denied it. Now will you call him ‘disgusting’ too? Be honest with yourself: you don’t want to hear and believe that Mandela was called a ‘terrorist’ by many even though he was and was imprisoned many years. I guess when whites get murdered, it’s ok. So be honest next time you comment. If she disgusts you for ‘ordering’ wars that killed soooo many people, so should Mandela who by his personal orders killed just soooo many people too. I think anyway you are not very educated and you should read up some of the facts before you comment.

    • Thatcher did not start the Falkland or Malvinas war the Argentinians did, and the reason they started it was to created political cover for what they were doing domestically. Obama would do the same thing if he thought he could get away with it.

    • Argentina violated International Law. They started the war. When the UK responded, Argentina escalated the aggressions. Argentina sacrificed hundreds of lives in an effort to divert national attention. Now THAT’s deplorable.

    • Some people intentionally leave out the truth to validate their view point or claim rather. Classic liberal slight of hand. Misdirection is the best direction.

  84. Do you want the cold hard truth (that I believe) Margaret Thatcher was not black. In other words, Obama would not have gained anything by attending and or acknowledging Margaret Thatcher, passing or funeral. He did however gain attention/ respect from his
    so called, minority, lower income level (putting it nicely) supporters, voters.
    That is why, he has made a big deal out of nelson mandela’s passing, funeral.
    Some people did not do well in History, taught in our School system. Some
    people, do not do their research, when speaking, or voting, or honoring, people
    of interest/ and or elected officials. Ps yes The lower case letters on certain
    names, in this statement, was and is intentional

  85. I hope someone can help me with this one. I have been doing a little research on Mandela and from what I can come up with, it looks like Mandela is a communist and has considered himself friends with some pretty rough tyrants. I don’t know the whole Mandela story, only bits and pieces so therefore I can’t say anything more than this, it is a sad day when America flies the flag at half staff for a communist foreigner but, not for our own troops that die protecting our freedom.

      • Vlad I don’t have to “research” Apartheid, I was alive when this wasooccurring. It might interest you to know that Mandela did not represent all of the Blacks in South Africa. The largest group, the Zulu’s, while they opposed Apartheid supportedbthe government. Mandela was a communist, bought and paid for by the USSR.

  86. The behavior of the Libs/Progressives regarding the passing of Mandela is reminiscent of the adulation and breathless deification of Obama in 2008…complete with a Nobel Peace Prize. And of course, I believe that Obama sees himself as another Mandela as well. I think this accounts for the current over-reaction to his passing. I’m not a Mandela basher. I’ll certainly pray for his soul, but I do not agree with the way the Libs/Progressives have deified the man…(and Obama). Obama and his minions treat the Office of the Presidency, like the spoils of war–doling out favors to pet campaigns, initiatives, and people.

  87. Native Africans blame England for their years of slavery/brutality, etc. England was the main country that bought kidnapped Africans and sell as slaves. However, tribal warfare was the source/cause of this horrible, evil enslavement..the kidnapping of tribal enemies and selling them into slavery to whomever would buy them.

  88. We know that Obama has a hatred of things British and free market. Two strikes against Margaret. In Obama’s world two strikes and your out.

  89. With all due respect Col. West Margaret Tatcher is no Nelson Mandela. Not even close. Mandela spent 27 years as a political prisonner. He ended a policy called appartheid in South-Africa. Does the good Colonel knows he would have never made it to Colonel under the appartheid system. Does he know that appartheid would have never allowed him to give him to lead white soldiers in combat?

  90. To order the flag flown at half staff for a notorious communist and murderer is just WRONG on so many levels, to praise Mandela for anything is advocating everything he perpetrated and believed in. Lady Thatcher was a great woman who worked her entire life for peace where Mandela used terror, murder to control his country. I am still very upset over the fact that Lt Col West actually praised Mandela, who stood for everything that is contrary to American Freedoms and values. We glorify a communist and spit on Americans who gave their lives in defence of our Constitution. Sir, please retract your praise for Mandela and reread your history of this communist.

  91. Mr. Mandela was man of restoration. Mr. (President) Obama is a man of derision. Mr.Mandela showed forgiveness, Mr. BH Obama shows vengeance. You decide who is a better man.

  92. The American Flag should never be flown at half mast for any foreign leader regardless of his world standing. For those of you students of history who would ask, “Why was it then flown at half mast for Sir Winston Churchill?” Simple he was granted honorary American citizenship by an act of Congress in 1961 shortly before his death. If you read the Flag Code it gives specific instructions on how, when and for whom it should be flown at half mast. Foreign leaders don’t make the cut.

      • You are wrong read the code

        The section provides that the President shall order the flag flown at half-staff for

        stipulated periods “upon the death of principal figures of the United States

        Government and the Governor of a state, territory, or possession.” After the death

        of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag may be flown at half-staff according

        to Presidential instructions or in accordance with recognized custom not inconsistent

        with law.

    • Also, Churchill’s mother was an American.

      He is the only foreign head of state to have a US Navy vessel named after him.

  93. In answer to your question, sir, I am definitely NOT cool with this!!! The disrespect that Mr. Obama has shown on so many levels to those who have always been America’s closest allies is just plain wrong. I sometimes think they should repay the favor by ignoring him when it comes to other things in their operative areas … but then I remember my dear wise grandmother always telling me that it does nothing to stoop to other people’s levels except to lower your own integrity. It is a sad day when it becomes an embarrassment to be an American because of the person who is supposed to represent your country on the highest level. It’s worse than having an alcoholic uncle that everyone has to keep making excuses for and apologizing for. We need to get this man out of the whitehouse and into rehab ASAP!!!!

  94. … I think he was a great man… I think we should honor him… BUT I did not even know that Margaret Thatcher had passed… and that in and of itself is a great embarrassment, to me for not knowing, and to the entire United States of America… I am deeply deeply, mortified

  95. Black people don’t care who did more to help this country. All they see is color. It doesn’t matter what each of these people did through out there lives. If more black people would do research rather than just judge upon color. Then they would know.

    • How do you know so much about black people’s mind? You are impugning the entire black race beliefs about Mandala and Thatcher based on what? Actions taken by the current administration? Since you chastise blacks about doing more research, what research did you do before you made these accusations?

      • Actually, it is bit more complicated then simply race. If race was all there was to blacks voting for Obama then Clarence Thomas, Condeleeza Rice, and even Allen West would be loved by them.

    • Tina I hope your heart is in the right place, but you are falling prey to the divisiveness that Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and the liberal media foment.

      I had grown pretty despondent after the whole Travon Marten debacle. President Obama, rather than bringing the country together drove a bigger wedge between blacks and whites. The news reported on blacks rioting and random acts of violence against whites that seemed to be ignored by the law. It seemed to be evident that a sort of reverse apartheid was becoming the law of the land. Affirmative action programs give blacks a legislated edge over other races. Black on black violence is ignored, black on white crime trivialized, but any white on black violence is prosecuted as a hate crime.

      Fortunately America is better than the image that the media portrays us as. My turn around came when I met a black brother at a Christian retreat. He shares my love of the Lord, and political convictions that we need a level playing field for all Americans. Then I started reading opinion pieces by Allen West, and other black conservatives who have renewed my faith in America, and the greatness of our nation. We all need to rise above these race baiters and look beyond the color of our fellow American’s skin.

  96. Nelson Mandela chose peace even though he was clearly wronged. Margaret Tatcher supported apartheid, as did Ronald Reagan a policy of hate surpassed only by the racial laws created in Nazi Germany.

    • Nothing in US policy compares to the racial laws of Nazi Germany. Why do you liberals continue to compare our Constitution and policies with that of the most evil man in history, Adolf Hitler? Hate is on the side of the Liberals and Communist where their means to solve problems was genocide. The only people that killed more people that Hitler was Lenin, Stalin and other Communist leaders.

      • Where did I say US policy. I said that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Tatcher supported Apartheid.

        Liberalism has nothing to do with communism.

      • Reagan & Thatcher did not support apartheid. They favored a different approach to ending apartheid (constructive engagement) While you can disagree with the methods they chose to pursue in trying to end apartheid, there is no evidence whatsoever that they supported it.

      • Nothing in Ronald Reagan’s policy compares to the genocide of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and other dictators that liberals support. btw, Eric, I took the liberty to read some of your other post. You really have drank the Kool Aid. Liberals are a step a below the Socialist and two steps below the Communist.

      • Thanks for your insight Jonah1939, I understand your politics very clearly, I truly am sad for you and all that know you.

      • You give yourself away ,Eric. You are unable to have an intelligent conversation with anyone without resorting to negative comments. You have yet to counter any statement I have made with something that would make my statement false.

      • So Sorry I guess I misunderstood your quote: “You really have drank the Kool Aid. Liberals are a step a below the Socialist and two steps below the Communist.”

    • “Nelson Mandela choose peace” .. what planet do you liberals come from .. he was a terrorist sponsored by communist to steal the resources of South Africa .. he was also a racist as he supported Muslim terrorist in there quest to destroy Israel … “Margaret Thatcher supported apartheid, as did Ronald Reagan ” really please tell me when there was a racial cast in the USA and the UK in the 80’s … do facts or truth even matter to you liberals POS

    • You’really kidding, right? He chose peace? Maybe after being released from prison but read what non-peaceful acts got him thrown in there to begin with. While you’re busy reading, read up on who Reagan sent as Ambassador to South Africa and for a minute try to imagine what that was saying about apartheid.

    • Neither Reagan nor Thatcher supported apartheid, any more than they would have supported segregation in their own countries. They DID throw their support behind most governments that were anti-communist. That is what the SA government was, at the time. Mandela was a committed communist who had the support and admiration of communists around the world, including Muammar Qaddafi and Fidel Castro – murderous dictators.

  97. I also have respect for the late Nelson Mandela. But to not attend the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, or send anyone to represent the U.S. at her funeral and not even order the flags flown at half mast is extremely disrespectful! This man has done nothing but try to tear down what previous presidents have done, even those before any of us were born! He is a bigger disappointment than Clinton and Carter combined!

  98. Nelson Mandela was put in prison for acts of terrorism. He blew up some stuff and killed some people. He completely changed in prison, but you never hear any of that in the press. Only people from South Africa know about that. Just more Press cover ups.

    • Martin-Luther King was believe to be a terrorist and a communist also. But our beloved Col. West does not miss a change to quote I have a dream.

      • MLK was the quintessential Christian. He changed the hearts and minds of his detractors not with bombs terrorism and the policy of governmental stealing (communism ) he showed that through peaceful resistance 10 x more could be accomplished. He was also a republican.. Not an unrepentant terrorist POS that blew up innocents
        at the Johannesburg train station

      • MLK was not a good example of a Christian ( look up his drunken orgies with whores) nor a good example of a Christian Minister – he never proclaimed the Gospel or pointed his people to Jesus Christ – his focus was on earthly things. Sorry you have bad information on MLK and Christianity.

      • I am white, Reverend King was leading a fight that needed to be fought I grew up in his period of time never heard of anyone calling him a communist.

      • Hoover was actually investigating Dr King’s “communist ties”. He was considered of of the 10 most dangerous man in america.

  99. I never supported apartheid or any system that held people down by race, color or religion. It’s not moral any way you look at it. But neither is mass murder because one doesn’t support the current political power. Nelson Mandela’s only claim to fame was 27 yrs in prison and murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people with burning tire necklaces and other means for disagreeing with his communist mandates. Are South African people any better off now? I’m asking seriously because I don’t really know. Obviously Obama supports Mandela’s doctrine by putting “OUR” flag at half mast and purposely ignoring the passing of a great lady who also was a head of state. That speaks volumes to me….does it you? Can anyone say today with assurance that we won’t be facing the same thing here if we can’t get Obama out of office? That man is not going to leave, term limits or not. He is going to find a way to declare martial law. Then it will begin. The NSA hasn’t been spying on us for no reason. There will be a purge.

      • “That will never happen” – said by countless citizens of countless countries around the world. Most recent of memory: Nazi Germany, the most educated, cultured, free country in Europe at the time.

      • Of course the president can declare martial law. If not him, then who? THIS president has even been caught on open mikes saying exactly that.

        We WILL see martial law in this country before this administration is tossed onto the scrap heap of history. Now, whether he will be able to continue purging the ranks of general officers who would refuse to fire upon citizens before the deal goes down remains to be seen. As of right now, his declaring martial law would result in a Coup, which I would welcome at this point.

    • So you must also be angry with George Bush also about the NSA. As he did the same thing, the only exception is that President Obama has a warrant.

      btw I am also not happy about the NSA.

      • I thought we could get through a discussion without someone going into Bush Derangement Syndrome mode. I guess I was wrong.

        Do you people even read what you write before you hit “Post”? It would be laughable if you didn’t show up to vote, several times in every election. But you do and that’s why the country has a Fascist President for Life now.

      • “Bush Derangement Syndrome” can’t you republicans come up with your own branding with out stealing if from some one else(Obama Derangement Syndrome).

        I do notice that you have avoided the fact that Bush did do this also and with out a warrant.

        Fascist President for life, where do you get this tidbit of “wisdom” from?

  100. It is really discussing to continue to hear about the color of ones skin. Skin color has nothing to do with political or social order. It’s not the color of ones skin, it’s the character of ones mind, body and soul. This country is full of great black, brown and tan people who have added so much to the development of this nation. But, now, we are supposed to accept as equal those who commit dark crimes, drop out of school and call those who strive to succeed “Uncle Tom”. We are expected to support abortion as a means of controlling the sexual drive of black men who turn out a dozen kids from a dozen women. Now you are calling me a racist, but look at our prisons, 75%-80% black. Black on black crime is one of our nations greatest threat. Drugs as a means of having money is destroying the black community. Who needs an education if they can make so much money selling drugs and pimping young girls. YES, I KNOW THERE ARE MANY WHITES IN THIS CATAGORY, they too lack the character of one body, mind and soul. They are, however, in the minority of the white race. There, I’ve said what’s been on my mind for a long time.

    • Jonah 1939, you are obviously a victim of our horrible public school system, spelling disgusting the way you did shows how really ignorant you are

      • pb2013. What planet are you from? When you are discussing something it’s easy to spell a similar word wrong. I, by the way, have a ME degree and have spent many years in the field of education. You, however, are a disgusting liberal who can only call people names when you disagree with their POV. You obviously did not read the entire post. What I said is the truth that at some time must be admitted, for the sake of the black community. This is what many black leaders are trying to get across to you Liberals. A family unit is all important in all of our homes and it is missing from so many black homes.

      • If he has an iPad the thing changes on its own!
        Really rude and ignorant of you to point out something so not needed!
        This I see a lot when people do not agree with statement! Turn on the messenger!
        As you do not express your opinion! Name calling is immature and called for!

  101. I thought it was such a slap in the face to the late, great Margaret Thatcher, the way Obama acted. However, after 5 years of this creep, it all makes sense. He hates all things Western, most importantly, free markets and Capitalism. He is a Marxist at best and a communist at worst, so he definitely feels the passing of a fellow comrade more deeply. Yes, Apartheid was horrible, but so were the crimes that Mandella perpetrated on the peoples of South Africa. To honor him so highly, while snubbing such a great lady as Margaret Thatcher is showing his true colors. I agree that O has no plans to leave after his term is over, and the amassing of bullets (enough to withstand a 30 year siege) is just one thing he has done. The you know what is going to hit the fan, very soon….

    • No Friend of O’s:

      THANK YOU! I’m glad SOMEONE else is saying what I have been saying since 2004 (when the junior state senator from Illinois spoke at the DNC.)

      He will be the first president to refuse to hand over the reins of power peacefully and legally. It’s as clear as if it has already happened and I’m looking back on it.

      We are in for some very interesting times from now until 2017.

    • Yes according to the flag code.

      ” After the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag may be flown at half-staff according to Presidential instructions or in accordance with recognized custom not inconsistent with law.”

  102. I think it is working. Obama got your attention away from Health Care. I am old enough to remember Margaret Thatcher, Apartheid, and residence fleeing Africa, the terror and people sending family members to safety. Not everyone supported Mandela, he was a terrorist, he may have changed in Prison, I just can’t condone the way he brought about change. I like to see some stats if S Africa is better off know, employment, freedom, work etc.

  103. I’m not in agreement with holding anyone back due to race/creed etc. but i also don’t agree with the killings of thousands of innocent people to try and rid a country of apartheid. (burning tire necklaces/the cutting off of ones lips etc).

    apart from that.

    why would we ever fly they flag of OUR COUNTRY at half mast for the death of someone not involved in our country’s top leadership or for loss of a hero.

    The United States Flag:

    Federal Law Relating to Display

    and Associated Questions

    • FYI…in your own link: ” After the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag may be flown at half-staff according to Presidential instructions or in accordance with recognized custom not inconsistent with law.”

    • Did you read what you linked to? CRS-11

      The section provides that the President shall order the flag flown at half-staff for

      stipulated periods “upon the death of principal figures of the United States

      Government and the Governor of a state, territory, or possession.” After the deathof other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag may be flown at half-staff according

      to Presidential instructions or in accordance with recognized custom not inconsistent

      with law.

      • NOBODY said that the President COULD NOT do it. They opined that he SHOULD NOT do it!

        Before we lower the flag for a foreign dignitary, we should lower it for EVERY Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Airman who gave their lives for THIS country.

        Marquis De Lafayette, Nelson Mandela is not!

  104. Allen B West, wait I mean Uncle Tom, why do you hate Obama so much. I’d only ever heard of YOU through the tea-party. That shows how much YOU have done for this country…NOTHING.

      • He’s espousing his opinion, and we all can be quick to judge here – you judged his calling Allen an Uncle Tom, you judged his calling Allen a nothing . . . you sound like the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Why do you hate Allen West? because he disagree’s with that phony in the white house? and then you stoop to name calling? the guy in the white house is a liar and that’s been confirmed, he has done more to hurt black people than any klansman could eve do but instead of using facts you simple take the usual democratic tact of calling names……………pathetic.

      • He “hates” him by asking the question of why he hates Obama? The same could be said about you – why do you hate Obama? You claim he stoops to name-calling, but then calls a sitting president a phony and a liar (no double standard there, huh) – not sure how you can say with a straight face that the country’s first black president does more to hurt black Americans than a Klansman (perhaps you think the Klan didn’t actually kill people), but I’m not sure what black American Obama has killed. So it appears calling names is a Democratic and a Republican virtue, huh Bob – Ole – Boy?

      • He has increased black unemployment and forced them into slavery by making them dependent for their very lives on the government. Housing subsidies tell them where to live, food stamps dictate what food they buy, Medicaid gives them substandard medical care and abortion “rights” make it easy to kill their babies. He has completely taken away the dignity of making a living. Yeah, he’s been real great for his people.

      • Oh, and by the way, Obama IS a confirmed liar (He attended college on a scholarship he obtained as a “foreign student.” Either he defrauded the government then or he lied about his citizenship to become president. And then there was the famous “The attack on Benghazi was due to a video,” and “if you like you insurance…” I could go on and on – HE’S A LIAR! No souble standard there.

    • He spent many years serving his country in the military at a high level. Why is it that every time a black man doesn’t shuck and jive, he’s an “uncle tom”? His conservative ideas are what can save this country from the lying, communist, un-American pretender in the white house.

    • How can you say Mr West has done nothing for this country? He served his country in the service, which is more then our community organizer President!! Mr West love this USA which is more then this President shows!

      • He has done far worse for this country by spreading slanderous and libelous lies about our Commander in Chief. He should be retroactively dishonorably discharged if there were such a thing and stripped of all honors. He is SCUM.

    • As opposed to obama, who is a pathological liar according to people that knew him in high school? Who paid millions (of our money) to hide his transcripts and who he really is? Who does the will of the union bosses instead of the people? Man, you’re really stupid.

  105. Remember, According to “his:? book Dreams of My Father, he held a long standing grudge against Britain for being the colonial power which controlled Kenya. He also made a conscious decision to align with his African roots. He even showed some disdain for his mother’s obsession for men of color.

  106. Mandela epitomizes Obama Bin Lyin’s penchant for stooping and bowing to Islamic thugs and murderous terrorists who also happen to be Communists.

  107. They are hardly equivalents. Mrs Thatcher, regardless of whether one agrees with her positions personally, is remembered in Britain as a divisive character, an ideologue who delighted in irritating her opponents. She is the reason the Conservative party is dead in Scotland today. Mandela, on the other hand, is remembered in his country as the preeminent unifying force, who took extraordinary measures to unite a previously divided country. Only a narrow ideologue could find her achievement to be on the same level as his.

  108. Nelson Mandela was offered prison release if he agreed to espouse non-violence, but he refused. South Africa was one, if not THE most affluent nations in Africa until the Mandela regime turned it into (another) third world country. Mandela himself recently was videotaped singing a song inciting the killing of all white people as his citizens clapped, sang and cheered their approval. On the other hand, Ms. Thatcher may have been an ideologue, but at least her ideology did not involve killing and maiming her own countrymen! I am not surprised at Obama. He obviously hates all things ‘western’. Just waiting until he starts singing Mandelas ‘song’!

  109. With our national shame of Reagan twice vetoing anti-Apartheid sanctions and twice being over-ridden, plus Nelson’s 27 years in prison, and then the peaceful transition from Botha to ANC, we may not be doing enough for other reasons. SA begging for Intl aid help but which holds almost all of the world’s platinum, gold, chromium and Rare Earth minerals–SA is the Saudi Arabia of these precious metals etc… that it sells to China at our expense, would-have been the better point than Allen’s own-race hate baiting,don’t you think?

  110. Mandella was the underdog guy, so he looks good to everyone, myself included. Thatcher was tough leader that lead through tough and sometimes unpopular choices. they were very different [“hardly equivalents”] it has been noted. The points of unification or division have nothing to do with measuring quality of leadership. A mindless tyrant can unify a mindless populace OR a mindless tyrant can divide a thinking populace. These leaders should be appreciated in regard to their respective conditions and political contexts.

  111. Who made the following statement about Nelson Mandela? “He was a principled man. Gracious and courageous. And a true leader. His
    character was cut from cloth that is all too rare these days. The world
    shall miss him, but he is no doubt being welcomed in very good company.”

  112. At the risk of ticking people off, I have to say that while I am very disappointed with Obama’s performance in office on a number of issues and I think not attending Thatchers funeral was disgraceful and another MAJOR failure on his part I do believe Mandela warrants the attention he is getting.

  113. Because she doesn’t equate to the same leader as Mandela. Not even close in my opinion. They should’ve never even been compared. Who did that?

  114. I would have to say that returning the bust of Winston Churchill (which was not “his” to return as it belonged to the American people) and the snub to a great stateswoman and staunch ally were unpardonable. I do believe that Nelson Mandela deserved to be recognized. However, I question the validity of recognizing one and not the other. Nelson Mandela was never a supporter of the United States. Margaret Thatcher most certainly was. Is President Obama racist in the recognition of a black leader while snubbing a white ally?

    • No, Mandela was a supporter of Communism, great friends with Fidel, greatly admired China’s leadership, etc. He was a POS and we were sold a bill of goods on him. I’m sure our school text books and praising him for all the whites (AND BLACKS) that he killed. Burn in hell, mandela.

  115. Mandela was a mass murderer and his circle of friends were all dictators and terrorists. Jail time mellowed him but he is still guilty of 100 times the murders as when whites ruled.The ending of apartheid was necessary and over due,but what a price

  116. I don’t think we should put flags at half staff for people who are not American, with the exception of someone who has done a great service to the United States. Thatcher did that in spades, by her and Reagan’s moves to topple the Soviet Union, including of course the Pope and a Polish union member. I always thought Gorbachev was a venal, self serving rat in all of that, so I don’t revere him as do many Europeans. Mandela may have repudiated his bloody past but I never heard him do it, and he did little or nothing that benefited the United States.

  117. With Obama in such straits right now as he is, I have detected that to dismiss Mandela for being questionable is to be accused of making a backhand slap at Obama, ie, to be a racist.

  118. Perhaps we should lowered our flag when Chavez died also. And that’s not too diminish his fight against apartheid, but he was a commie you know.

  119. I am not cool with anything Obama does. He has displayed rank disrespect for America, he flag and her history. He gives support to our enemies and turns his back on our allies. He is a traitor and his values stink. I wonder if it is time for the states to succeed from the Union again to make the point that, We are the PEOPLE and WE have the constitutional right to run our country, not some liberal who aspires to be another Hitler. We need to clean house in Washington and re-establish our country based on the original Constitution not the one Obama seems to think is in existence.
    Sharon McCormick of Alabama

    • Sharon My sentiments exactly… Get rid of him and quit talking about it send in the military to do what is necessary to get rid of him…

  120. Obama, has a record of being a Socialist, a Race Baiter, and he although having been raised by White Grandparents, seems to have distain for Whites. He vilifies all that is Conservative and has no desire to give credence to anyone or anything that is Conservative. In his mind Conservatives, including PM Thatcher are no more then uneducated, rednecks, who are to be re-educated, ignored and if he could get away with it; eliminated. It has been his goal from the beginning to dissolve the Republic and replace it with a European Socialist State. The libral agenda has not changed in 100 years. Woodrow Wilson was attempting the same in his Administration. Mandela deserves whatever respect and remembrance he gets. But so did Margaret Thatcher. Obama should remember Thatcher’s advice.” The biggest problem with Socialism is that
    eventually you run out of other people’s money”

  121. Mandela & his wife were known to be terrorist. His wife, while he was in jail was part of groups who killed other blacks by placing tires around the necks of their victims and set the tires on fire.

  122. The Iron Lady was a real hero to me she had the grace and wisdom I cant believe that there is so much difference now with the death of Mandela and of Margret Thatcher they were both great people and I feel very honored knowing I lived in the time that they made our nations know them. they will always be remembered to me with grace and Honor”

  123. Thatcher by a Mile. obama did not even acknowledge her death. Sent no one to Briton and it pisses me off that George W is going to the funeral of a frickin Communist.

  124. I feel a little uneducated about Mandela, that said, I have seen him posing with many leaders with bad reputations, the communist flag and heard the stories about the burning you’re necklaces. So I lean toward thinking Thatcher not only contributed more to the world but doubt the reputation of someone so revered by socialist …. things that make me go hmmm.

  125. To see Mandela visiting and admiring every despot in the world , Castro, yesser Arafat and the like, and to know that Margaret thatcher stood for principles that the liberal left hates , it is know wonder that the usa and canada and the west in general ,are an ever increasing bureaucratic totalitarian socialist states with runaway judicial tyranny ,and a media as a tool of the ideologues on the left and so they celebrate and lionize the lives of like-minded progressives and ignore or demonize the true heroines of liberty and justice .

  126. Thank you, Allen. When I heard that President Oblahblah was going to
    Nelson Mandela’s funeral — I thought, ” Who did he recently snub?”
    For the life of me, I couldn’t remember that it was Margaret Thatcher
    and at the time I thought that it was pretty inconsiderate of him to not
    even send a representative of the United States. Nelson Mandela
    suffered some horrendous treatment throughout his life and he was
    instrumental in ending apartheid but he was also a Socialist, so maybe
    this explains President Oblahblah’s actions. Although it does not
    excuse his actions. He is just showing his true colors. Margaret
    Thatcher was an icon of Conservatism and Nelson Mandela was a icon of

  127. Col….It has been my observation,that Obama feeds on the retoric that he recieves from the right…Rather then lead this country.His foul focus and agenda is to impress his will upon the people of this great nation…We need to “Buck” like never before…in cadence! Holding down the fort on the “Left coast”Nor-Cal.conservetive”

  128. can someone find something for this guy to do …like a real job ,,,,all this hate for Obama is over the top ,,what you mad because your not relent,,,,to black to hate your own kind ,,,,,,,,HI HATER !!

    • You’re an idiot. It’s dumbasses like you that put the communist in what used to be the White House. Now it’s the Spite House. He’s got the same attitude as I see in so many young STUPID blacks.

      • seems to me you the day’me fool looking for attention im far from young… o311 command ,,,when you can came at me with some real scholarship information backed by the records then you might get my attention,save the nonsensical gibberish for the rodeo ! clown !

      • With the passing of President Nelson Mandela—arguably the most transformative world figure of the last century—our nation’s airwaves are awash in soaring and well deserved testimonials from all sides of the American political spectrum. While the memorials are both heartwarming and sad, the loss of Mandela has also resulted in a great many conversations providing important historical perspective and context via the media coverage—perspective that helps us more fully understand and appreciate just how remarkable and inspirational were the accomplishments of Nelson Mandela.

        Indeed, so critical is Mandela to modern world history, each and every one of the living American presidents are planning to travel to South Africa next week to participate in a memorial service honoring the man who is considered the father of the South African nation,,,,.to the left to the left !

      • You have, evidently, a very high opinion of our ‘living American presidents” to imply this is proof that Mandela was worthy of our respect. Again, as another has said, ‘do your research’ on the ‘living American presidents’ and then determine if these men are men of honor and Conservative constitutionalists….Each have been and are Progressives! Yes, the Bushes are among this group, so the Republican have, also, supported the Progressive movement. Since Roosevelt, our nation has eroded to this point in our country’s history! This IS an educated opinion!

        You may call me a radical conservative, however, the truth will be reviled in time! But research and opening your mind to the facts will change your opinion of those who see what you don’t see….the right wingers, the conservatives, the haters, etc.

      • he just won’t shut up will he?
        won’t ever slow down, or think for a half-second
        like you said
        stuck on stupid

    • This guy is a perfect example of stuck on stupid. And product of the dummed down school system. Probably one those 70% dropouts from the Chi-town system.

  129. Mr Allen you need a hobby real bad! Try playing the guitar or drums, it’s a lot more fun.
    Quit wasting your breath on Obama, it’s like pissing in the wind.

  130. I believe Neither should have had our flags flown at half mast, Thatcher was a great leader Mandela as well, but neither was deserving of our Star and Bars to be dropped by half, they where not US citizens……

    • I believe Stars and Bars is a phrase used to describe the Confederate Flag — I don’t think that is the flag Col. West was referring to.

    • Mandela was a murderer, a terrorist, a communist. We have been lied to for years about this imposter. By the same people who have pushed our imposter onto us.

  131. Thatcher was an amazing leader. mandella was a racist communist thug who had no problem with the murder of 3k white farmers. Necklaces of tires were put around the necks of whites and set on fire. He was not a good man. Thatcher out shined him in every way.

    • Thatcher was an amazing leader???????????????????WTF. DID YOU LIVE Great Britain THEN. I think not, Put thousands of workers out of work Ie coal miners. Shut down the coal mines and then imported coal from Germany. Shut down factories. I was a welder and had a young family at the time . Don’t tell me that Thatcher was an amazing leader…A-Hole

  132. Gems of truth: “Since Mandela took over, South
    Africa has become a Third World country. It went from being the safest
    country in Africa, to being the rape and murder capital of the world. In
    Johannesburg, 5,000 people are murdered every year. Unemployment went
    from 5% in 1994 to 50% today.”

    Also: Mandela’s ex-wife Winnie, also a longtime ANC activist, prefers a method called “necklacing,” where a gasoline-filled tire is placed around the neck of a victim and set ablaze. “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country,”
    she is infamous for saying.(Mandela was in solitary confinement at the time
    of the necklacing torture-murders. An estimated 3,000 victims died by

  133. Good to know the thought of people in the West. Still most world leaders, ad a huge number of famous people will attend his memorial service. That is no coincidence.

  134. I was at Nellis Air Force base today and noticed the flags at half mast. I believe this practices should be reserved for US Citizens. Did South Africa fly their flags at half mast when Ronald Reagan died?

    • Look man, these ppl wouldn’t give the truth abt Mandela the time of day.their stuck on stupid. Their the kinda of ppl that would jump off a bridge if obama said. Brainwashed. Remember that word. Call as you see it.

  135. you sound like one of those Conservatives right wingers tea party members trying to brand Nelson Mandela A terrorist ,clearly there were those who, back in 1986, viewed the ANC as a terrorist organization. And it is true that the ANC did engage in some violent acts. However, none of the violence perpetrated by the ANC was as heinous as the violence and acts of terrorism carried out by South Africa’s apartheid government. It was, after all, President P.W. Botha who gave the order to bomb the South African Council of Churches in 1988 just as it was with the many South African government leaders preceding Botha who, for decades, killed and maimed black South Africans by the thousands, whether they be political activists or small children.

    Yet, when the ANC fought back in an effort to end this horrible political system that had engaged in terror against the black citizens of their nation for generations, it was Mandela and the ANC who were, in the mind of Dick Cheney, the terrorists.

    One is left to wonder if Dick Cheney views the American revolutionaries that gave us our own country to be terrorists. Surely, there were many across the pond—along with no small number of British sympathizers right here on our shores—who believed that the revolutionaries were, quite literally, brutal terrorists. Thus, by the standards employed by Cheney, he would appear to have little choice but to view the great founders of this nation to have been terrorists.

    Of course, Cheney did go out of his way during that television appearance to label Mandela as a ‘great man’ who had ‘mellowed’ since his release from prison. Talk about a backhanded defense for a bad vote! Cheney couldn’t bring himself to accept that Mandela’s greatness was all too apparent well before he went to jail. Indeed, it was that greatness, expressed through the astonishing grace and leadership Mandela demonstrated during his many years in prison, that played such a critical role in bringing apartheid to an end.

    But Dick Cheney could not bring himself to admit that just as he could not bring himself to admit that he had cast a bad vote on a critical, moral issue.

    At the time Cheney made this statement on “This Week”, I recall feeling that his comment on Mandela was one of the most revealing of the entire 2000 presidential campaign and provided ample evidence that the Bush ticket may not be the one that was best for the nation. After all, if the Vice Presidential nominee—a man who was already slated to hold a very important place of influence in the administration should his ticket succeed—was incapable of seeing and acknowledging the error of a vote—even if only through the prism of history—what did that say about his judgment and ability to make the kind of course corrections an administration must be prepared to make?

    I believe that history bears out the legitimacy of my concerns.

    Sadly, Cheney was not alone in his failure of judgment back in 1986 as others still serving in government today chose to support apartheid and label a man who become one of the world’s great heroes to be a terrorist. These people include GOP Reps. Joe Barton, Howard Coble and the powerful Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Hal Rogers.

    Maybe Dick Cheney, along with the others who still hold a place on our national stage, will see the benefits of using the opportunity provided by Nelson Mandela’s passing to set the record straight and acknowledge that they were not only on the wrong side of history but on the wrong side of political decency in the world.

    To do so would be a fitting tribute from these politicians to a man who stands as the most important of icons in the world sadly in need of the greatness that was Nelson Mandela.

    • i’ll sum up this comment for y’all that don’t speak liberal:
      rant, rant, rant, oooohh big scary spooky dick Cheney, he evil, he evil
      rant, rant, rant, evil conservitards be evil
      rant, rant, rant, typical liberal robin hood story
      rant, rant, rant, he solved sin by sin
      rant, rant,rant, compares a racist terrorist favorably to George Washington without knowing the first dang thing about Mr. Washington
      two wrongs don’t make a right, sin begetting more sin is still sin
      the ANC has much blood on its hands and has only brought poverty and misery since they’ve come to power
      now the country is exactly as we feared… a one-party socialist state, filled with violence, ignorance and poverty
      and I agree, it seems mandela had mellowed since his release, whether he became a good man though I do not know
      I do know that this disproportionate and wildly ignorant love for such a flawed man is ridiculous and disgusting, and yet another sign that we are living in the endtimes

  136. After 69 peaceful protesters were massacred during a huge protest in Sharpeville, Mandela decided militant action was required. He raised funds and coordinated sabotage campaigns against military and symbolic apartheid targets. Unfortunately, in their efforts to challenge the apartheid system, civilians became casualties of the war.

    His use of violence would continue for two years until 1962 when he was arrested for traveling without a passport. A few years later he was sentenced to life imprisonment

  137. Nelson Mandela was the leader of Spear of the Nation [MK],
    the terrorist wing of the ANC. MK murdered countless people and advocated mass
    genocide of all white people in Africa. MK also slaughtered members of South
    African tribes who had gained independence or were in the process of gaining
    independence under the Apartheid plan.
    MK was armed by the Soviet Union and trained by Cubans. When
    Mandela was arrested, he had a massive stockpile of landmines, hand grenades,
    and explosives. Joe Slovo, a Jewish man from Lithuania took command of MK when
    Mandela went to prison for numerous murders. Slovo later became head of the
    South African Communist Party.
    While Mandela was in prison, his wife Winnie Mandela ordered
    followers to carry out numerous gruesome killings of black people she deemed to
    be “race traitors.” Many of the victims were women or teenage boys. They were
    killed by being burned alive with a gasoline soaked tire around their neck.

    he was sent to prison for more than just being Black
    evidence submitted , included 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000
    anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonia nitrate, 21.6
    tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder); all in his possession.

  138. Definitely not cool. Dig into Mandela’s past and politics and you find that, apart from apartheid, he was a Marxist Leftist Terrorist (which I call evil) talkin’ a good game, tryin’ to use apartheid to sound like a person spreading Christian ideals, only not Christian, but from himself, which is very new age. Mandela did not invent goodness, and to misrepresent where goodness comes from is the definition of evil as Augustine understood it when people place themselves over God.

    He was in jail due to his terrorism, and he was offered release repeatedly IF he publicly renounced terrorism, which he would not do.

    Understanding this, his speeches now sound very misleading to me, like he’s trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the people and misdirect them.

  139. all that y’all say is true, and I surmise that Col. West knows this
    but remember that Mr. West could run for congress again in the time yet to come
    we all know how the socialist muckrakers would portray it if he attacked this great tower of terrorism that we (apparently) must love so much

  140. We are missing the bigger picture. Which of the two leaders (Mandela or Thatcher) made citizens of their country safer, more prosperous, and a leader among the world? That is the true test of a great leader.

  141. Setting myself up for castigation, in my opinion, neither warrants setting OUR flag at half staff. Half staff is an honor that, in the past, has been reserved for heroes of our country, and as much as I admired Margaret Thatcher, she never was a hero of our country and as far as Nelson Mandela, I’ll just let that one slide.

  142. Well granted Mandela was a great man, however, circumstances changed greatly in the 27 years he was imprisoned. Keep in perspective that he went in in 1963 and was released 1990. If you’ve lived through those times, I think you understand. I thought it was policy that our country sent a lower level representative than the deceased person to pay our respects. It looks like Someone needs headlines that are foreign to our current events.

  143. Nelson Mandela’s life and passing should honored but it is inexcusable that PM Thatcher’s life was not honored properly by President Obama. However, I believe that flying the flag at half mast should be reserved for American heroes only. As to the actions of Obama reflecting the liberal socialist view…absolutely.

  144. Nelson Mandela was A terrorist and communist. He was jailed for good reason. Like has been stated here he was often offered his freedom just deniegh terrorism, he wouldn’t do it.

  145. It’s amazing to me that people who would claim to love freedom, who would fight for their right to own guns, who claim to dislike big government, would have nothing bad to say about the apartheid government, and nothing good to say about the man who fought against a government who took it’s peoples rights away, took their guns from them, and controlled every aspect of their lives. And after these people tried in vain through peaceful methods, they continued to be oppressed, they then decided to defend themselves, you call them terrorists? You are all liars of course and you care nothing for freedom, or those who have fought for it.

    • Well…it might be because we recognize that two wrongs don’t make a right, for starters. Apartheid was always wrong. The civilian/women/children murdering terrorist tactics used by Mandela before he was imprisoned were also wrong.

  146. You really are not comparing Thatcher who supported apartheid to Mandela are you? How many years did Maggie spend in prison for her beliefs? And just a heads up no one went to Thatcher’s funeral not even Bush.

      • Le4arn to read and comprehend. She was bitterly against sanctions against the apartheid regime. That is support.

      • is it?
        is supporting communists in the cold war right and just?
        keep listening to your revisionist propaganda son, don’t ever question it

      • “Sir John Major has admitted that the Conservative Government led by Margaret Thatcher was wrong to oppose tougher sanctions against South Africa during the apartheid era.”

        “Asked if Britain was on the wrong side of history, the former Tory Prime Minister replied: “Absolutely she was. We should have realized what was happening earlier.”

        “She also was bitterly against sanctions of any sort – they were a crime against free trade. She even went on denouncing them after Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth had imposed a ban on sporting contacts and other marginal sanctions. She boasted that she alone had managed to fight off demands for stronger sanctions.

        Advised by her husband, Dennis, who had business interests in South Africa, she felt that anything that damaged wealth creation must be bad for South Africa. She was also a great admirer of Laurens van der Post, the South African writer and traveller later exposed as a fraud, who also opposed sanctions on the country. He introduced her to Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the Zulu leader, who played an ambivalent role in the struggle against apartheid, splitting from the ANC in 1979 and accepting “homeland” status for Kwazulu. His movement, Inkatha, helped the South African police repress ANC rebellion in the townships.”

        Shame on you for not know your history or your facts.

      • You are as dishonest as a filthy communist can be.
        Look at the title and the subtitle of the article you quote:

        “How Margaret Thatcher helped end apartheid – despite herself

        Former PM opposed white rule in South Africa as a sin against economic liberalism rather than a crime against humanity”.

        So Margaret Thatcher helped end apartheid and opposed white rule, by the article you quote to argue that “Thatcher supported apartheid”.

      • Reading comprehension not one of your strengths?

        “How Margaret Thatcher helped end apartheid – DESPITE HERSELF. Which means my friend that it was by accident and not by policy.
        Good grief get over it. No world leaders went to her funeral, she was not well loved in Britain and if we are going to whine about flags at half mast then I hope you were this upset when Bush did it for Pope John Paul II in 2005.

        And FYI no one is actually communist anymore, not even the Chinese. Seriously Stefan what is about the right and the constant throwing out the word communist? It so 1950s.

  147. lets shut this down right now ,,,,,SHUT IT DOWN !
    Thatcher infamously dismissed the African National Congress (ANC) as “a typical terrorist organisation”.

    >Her stance became one of the political flashpoints of the 1980s and is now regarded as one of her greatest misjudgments. She was denounced by Britain’s anti-apartheid movement, which took to the streets to demand South Africa’s isolation. The MP Peter Hain recalled seeing Conservative students wearing “Hang Nelson Mandela” badges on campus.

    The British Anti-Apartheid movement which first came into being in the late 1950’s campaigned long and hard for boycotts and sanctions against South Africa and played a proud and significant part in raising awareness and mobilizing world opinion against the injustices of Apartheid.

    From 1979, Margaret Thatcher’s role in relation to Apartheid is well known. She was bitterly against sanctions of any sort – “they were a crime against free trade.” She even went on denouncing them after Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth had imposed a ban on sporting contacts and imposed other sanctions.

    For many of us on the political left in those days, the South African struggle was highly significant in inspiring many of us to become involved politically and to become drawn into other fights against injustice and oppression.

    We all owe Nelson Mandela and his colleagues a huge debt of gratitude and remain to this day inspired by their vision and courage and resilience in defeating the evil of Apartheid.

  149. Margaret Thatcher was a resolute champion of freedom. Much of the commentary thus far ignores both the context — the fight to bring down the Communist tyranny was not complete — and the actual facts of what she did. It is legitimate to question the means she employed, but the Left constantly seek to impeach her motives. Nelson Mandela did not make that mistake. In July 1990, soon after his release: “She is an enemy of apartheid… We have much to thank her for.” See the link below showing a letter from her to the South African president to get a better understanding about what she was trying to do. Argue about her methods, but understand that she worked on the South African Government to un-ban the ANC, release Mandela and move to a universal franchise.

  150. Thatcher was an Imperialist pig and the reason Britain doesn’t own ONE automobile manufacturer now.EVERY English car company is owned by another country. Had the Argentines had 50 more Exocet missiles she would have lost the entire British Navy. The only reason the British won the Malvinas war is because Argentina ran out of missiles. She also supported the Afrikans. No more need be said.

  151. For all you right wing racists……Let’s see,when Mandela came to power,did he tell “Afrikans” they couldn’t vote? Did he tell women they couldn’t vote? Did he say slavery was legal? Did he murder indigenous tribes and steal their land? Then that means he’s a d*mn sight better than the “Founder Fathers” of this country doesn’t it?

    • I knew that if I looked I would find evidence of your trollish nature. Is this a hobby for you? To incite racial tensions amongst the “gentiles”? “For all you right-wing racists” and then you go on to elevate a known communist terrorist(who wasn’t even taken off the US terrorist Watch list until 2008) who was imprisoned for over 20 years for murder, bombings, advocation to the genocide of all whites on the continent of Africa, and for killing mostly women and teenagers who he thought were race traitors…So you live in America, but you don’t like it, lol, as you referred to “Founding Fathers of this country” …yet you speak of American stupidity. Well hell, Welcome to America…you will fit right in.

  152. Mandela was a terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of many Africans including women and children. He promoted homosexuality, abortion, and other pervertions of humanity. When he meet with a Christian Missionary who questioned some of his beliefs and actions , the missionaries organization was audited for 7 years. He was imprisoned for acts of terrorism. Why people will follow someone like this is amazing and it casts a dark shadow on our own people here min government who have known the facts about him for years. The shadow here is like the shadow over Germany when the people there followed Hitler straight into hell. If believing in the Constitution and the freedom it gave to America makes me a racist, so be it, that is better than the scum that you are following the socialist path to destruction, nurredin.

    • Me and 95% of the world right? We don’t care what you think.The world loved Mandela,and not your ilk. Your time has come and gone. Deal with it.

    • I hope your views are yours only. Otherwise, the USA is in deep trouble.

      You are a mindless bigot! Mandela was a freedom fighter who paid dearly defending what he stood for, and came out forgiving those who committed unspeakable crimes against his people.

  153. I regret having let myself get upset and involved in arguing with the kind of people who have posted some communistic, socialist views. I came to this site trying to get contact information for Col. Allen West. I have watched and listened to him the last few years and believe he may truly stand for some things he has said and would like to ask of him a few questions concerning his beliefs. I am will be 72 in less than a month (served in USMC) and have always voted against the democratic party because they have always seemed to be the party of choice for the communist in this country and more and more the republican party seems to have socialist leanings because of our government as a whole has been a long time partners with the socialist, one world government pushing Federal Reserve that has brought us to the very brink of destruction as a nation setting us up to forfeit our sovereignty. I would encourage anyone who truly believes in our nation and the Constitution that gave us a free Republic to find and read ,” The Creature from Jekyll Island”, by G. Edward Griffin. It will give you a clear distinct picture of what has happened and is happening to our country and the men responsible for the Federal Reserve and the Congress of the United States of America that is partners in crime with it. I doubt that there are enough if any in our government that has the guts, courage, or ability to gather enough support to defeat this movement that is in the last stage without the American people going to open warfare against a crooked , deceitful government or becoming just another dictator run country. For all of you who do not believe in an all powerful living God you had better rethink things and see how hard these enemies are fighting against Christianity and think about why they fight so hard against it. It is because it is and has been the foundation of our security and we have slowly but surely turned our backs on that security and allowed ourselves to be pulled away by self indulgence and greed while we ignored those we sent to Washington with the same purpose of self and no concern for oath of service to their people or country.

    • im 55 0311 usmc and Allen West is not a factor in real life ,,he has lost his position and is looking for attention with his Fallacies]


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