Last BSC game set: Go Noles!

Jameis Winston Photo: Joshua S. Kelly - USA Today Sports

Congratulations to the Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers for winning their respective conference championships and heading to Pasadena for the final Bowl Championship Series (BCS) game. It’s fitting since the first BCS game pitted the Southeastern Conference vs the Atlantic Coast Conference in 1998 when Tennessee faced Florida State.

So the ‘Noles will have the distinct honor of opening and closing the era of the BCS college football championship. The game will feature two high-powered offenses, and possibly a Heisman Trophy winner. I actually don’t know if southern California can handle all those good ‘ol boys and girls from the South out there – -heck they might run all those liberal progressives out of the area for the weekend (we can hope).

Also, thanks Michigan State for ensuring another SEC team got into the championship game and congrats to the Spartans for their steadfast win. What a determined defense!

Congratulations to the Baylor Bears for securing the Big 12 title and Stanford for winning the PAC-10 title. It was too late so don’t know who won the Mountain West contest between Fresno State and Utah State.

However, the big game comes next weekend — Army vs Navy. The great thing about that game is that every kid on that gridiron is already an American champion because upon graduation they will stand guard on freedom’s rampart protecting our liberty to enjoy college football forever.

It has been almost 12 years since Army won. Perhaps Auburn can share some miracle with the Black Knights of the Hudson. Go Army, Beat Navy!



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