The Potemkin Village of Obama’s Unemployment Numbers

This morning while running, I was thinking about the recently released unemployment figure for October, down from 7.3 percent to 7 percent, the lowest in five years. Sounds good on the surface, right? In addition, the workforce participation rate ticked up slightly from 62.8 percent to 63.6 percent, but it’s still below the 30-year-average of 65.8 percent.

But here’s the kicker. According to Terence Jeffrey in a report from CNS News, fully 41 percent of net new jobs were created in government.

Things are pretty good in government these days. According to the report, “unemployment for government workers fell from 4.4 percent to 3.2 percent.” That’s half of what it is in the private sector. Where are this president’s priorities? Clearly not in encouraging growth in the free market.

Because there’s been such a proliferation of lies and deceit, no matter how good the news may appear on the face of it, you always feel the need to question.

Case in point, consider the re-launch of, America has been told how great the second coming of the website has been for those seeking health insurance coverage. But now we find out some 30 percent of those applying actually have no verification of getting insurance coverage. Imagine if you were to place an order on Amazon believing it has been received and processed — oops, for 30% of Americans going to, no one is on the back end.

Further, the Obama administration is touting record numbers of signups, to the tune of 29,000 the first two days of December. The sad reality is that President Obama needed 55,000 per day to sign up between October 1st to March 1st in order to hit the magic number of 7 million to stabilize Obamacare and redistribute the wealth. Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich) issued a statement saying because of the delays, Obama now needs to have 100,000 sign up per day. Ouch.

We all REALLY want our economy to be restored and for our fellow Americans to get back to work — and I mean quality career full time work. Could it be that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is counting more of the part-time employment as part of this improved unemployment number? Is it possible that this number reflects a seasonal hiring period as we enter into the Christmas (yeah, I said THAT word again) shopping season? I guess eventually the truth will come out.

Oh – the SEC Championship game just kicked off and Oklahoma State just got upset by Oklahoma. The do call that game “Bedlam” after all.

I’d like to hear from you in between commercial breaks or during halftime. If you’ve been unemployed, how long has it been and do you see any prospects?


  1. We, the taxpayers, pay for government workers in exactly the same way that we pay for the unemployed; it comes out of our taxes. Government doesn’t contribute to GDP, it is a cost not added value so we are net losers. Welcome to the Obama Gulag.

  2. So is our only defense to vote? What else is there to do. I dont condone one thing the POTUS is dishong and frankly Im embarrassed. LTC West what is the MPCOA?

  3. Did Obama take a page out of J Edgar Hoover play book? I am convinced EVERYONE in DC has something on them and that is why they all roll over at his feet. Even Justice Roberts!

    • THANK YOU for bringing this up. This is such a good point. I question Justice Robert’s decision on Obamacare even now. It simply doesn’t make sense. Here is a man who was talking against the Constitutionality of this thing for weeks and then changes his mind all of a sudden. Excuse me? That’s like being a devout Christian your whole life and converting to Satanism overnight for no good reason whatsoever. People don’t just do magical 180’s on their views like that. So there’s no way that was above board. Something was very wrong there and I don’t think it’s all that far fetched to consider the possibility of some sort of blackmail.

      From what we’ve heard, it would seem the NSA has dirt on everyone in the country, so would it be a stretch to think the Obama and his cronies could use information coming out of that all intrusive, privacy invading agency for their own ends? Maybe that’s a stretch, maybe it isn’t. The point is that we just don’t know. We’re lied to by the media regularly and government “transparency” is so opaque it’s ridiculous. How are we lowly citizens to really know anything? All we can do is speculate and ask questions that are never answered.

  4. I am not sure how you stand on the unemployment issue. I do not see it at beneficial to the economy to extend benefits. There appears to also be quite a bit of fraud in that system. Many have told me about “fudging” the applications made requirements by having friends or family filling them out for domestic type positions. I do realize it is difficult to find adequate employment in this country. Especially for our younger generation. I believe that the longer the benefits period the less likely it is somebody will even want to go back to work. Filling out the applications is nothing as long as they get free money. It’s employment welfare. We should go back to no longer than six months and deport the illegal aliens (I refuse to call them undocumented workers), Those two things together could very well turn the economy around. We cannot, however, do one without the other.

    • All well and good in theory, however, with only 11million in illegal aliens and 20 million in out of work legal citizens, that leaves with a 10 million job deficit. It won’t cure the problem and it will generate tons more. I agree we need to close the border and ask our “guests” to go home for now. However, it would be better if we stopped the importation of government subsidized everything from over seas forcing Americans to buy local or do without. It will raise prices in the short term, but eventually things will shake down. Then we can begin to dial back on the entitlements and give back the vets and social security benefits that are owed.

  5. More fake “real” numbers from the government when the actual
    unemployment, counting those off the rolls, is hovering around 23.3
    percent. They have already shown the regime manipulated the numbers with
    the census bureau so when printing an article bring some facts to the
    content. This is one more canard to take the collective eye off of
    Obamacare. #obamacarefail.

  6. How many small businesses have gone under, requiring the owner to become an employee again? Owners of small businesses usually don’t show up in employment figures.

  7. Just watched Gadiator for the umpteenth time… My hope is that Col. West shall soon be thought of as MAXIMUS and return the power back to the republic. Think about it Col.

  8. My husband has been unemployed since 2008. He has worked at part-time jobs since that….anywhere from 2-4 months each time. Then he started hauling tractors that people bought, to different states. He decided to start his own company and bought a commercial car hauler. He’s done that for a little over a year, but will have to shut that down because he hit another truck from behind when that truck slammed on it’s brakes. His insurance jumped from $600 to $1800. We can’t afford that. He was a hotel manager for almost 40 years but no one is interested in an over 60 man with tons of experience anymore. We are trying to sell out 63 acres of land that we have lived on for almost 17 years because we can’t seem to make any money. I am disabled and feel so down because I can’t get a job because no one wants a 58 year old that can’t sit or stand for a length of time without having to get up and move around. We are tire. We will be working to simply survive until we die. This is not what we looked forward to in our old age.

  9. I have been a small business owner for 6 years, once employing 12 people and now can not even employ myself. Working odd jobs here and there to pay the bills. I have two bachelors degrees and in my particular geographic area there no decent paying jobs. The only benefit I can see to my situation is it brings out the entrepreneur in me. I refuse to accept any government assistance and refuse to pay for others health insurance etc but will always help a neighbor in need.

    • AS I stated above. God bless Regannomics that sold out the worlds greatest value economy EVER and replaced it with the miserable minimnum wage service economy the fools on Washingtons capitol hill think the citizenry can live on.

      • Rancho, don’t play the blame game – talk about how wonderful Obama is and what he has done to help us. No answers, huh…

      • Let me guess you must be an angry air traffic controller that was shown the door after bringing air traffic in the US to a halt when Reagan Reined, well get over it. It’s more then Reagan who got us into this mess and O’bama has done more to destroy this country then the last 3 presidents combined. Quit your crying,we have heard enough already.

  10. I worked in customer service centers for 28 years and lost my job June 2010 when the company I worked for close customer service centers in 3 states with no warning. I’ve had one part time temp job Feb-Aug 2011 since, and have not been able to find any other work since Aug 2011. I spend 8-12 hrs a day,7 days a week on the computer putting in job apps and resumes and do 1-3 interviews a week, but I am almost 60 so I don’t get hired. I have no savings and my pension is only $250 per month. My adult kids have part time, minimum wage jobs and everything we have goes to try to pay the mortgage. Our food comes from church charities. I have a college degree and used to make 50k per year, now we’re lucky if 3 of us together can make 18k in a year.

    • God bless Regannomics that sold out the worlds greatest value economy EVER and replaced it with the miserable minimnum wage service economy the fools on Washingtons capitol hill think the citizenry can live on.

      • Rancho, you can’t blame this on Reagan or Bush. Try thinking about Obama and tell us what he has done to help the economy. We are in debt so deep our grandkids won’t be able to dig us out. Plus, the new jobs are in government – big government is not the answer. That creates a dependent society for the fewer and fewer taxpayers to support. It’s a paper bridge.

      • Sorry but at the end of Regan the economy began to slide drastically. Didn’t get anywhere 1st term of Clinton and recovered with the finger in the dike of the Clinton housing policy of a home in every citizens pot. Liddle Bush tried to tell everyone hey this housing house of cards is getting ready to comedown and the democrats push awed him. So here we sit with a Snidely Whiplash for a President wringing his hands knowing hes has a real shot of putting Uncle Sugars heel of his boot squarely on the throat of the citizens just like Lenin did.

  11. Have not found work now for 18 mo. and I have checked out most of the insurance I can afford based which is bronze, there are not many in the town that will take it. Two major hospitals here and only one will take bronz

  12. The current U6 for November 2013 is 13.8% and in a rising trend, again.

    I’ve held a PT, 21 hours/week, small retail job since May. I’ve been searching for full time, career directed, employment for over four six years. The ROI for my career search responses is 3%, at best. There are job out there, but only in certain sectors; government and union. The Obama administration has been severely reticent at influencing job and economic growth in the private sector. Stimulus programs helped primarily union jobs. Private industry is sitting on job growth because of the many uncertainties this administration (and congress) has presented to industry through its policies, executive orders, lack of executive leadership, lack of honor and respect.

    Too many people believe that they should be able to buy anything they want, own homes and expensive cars. Our economy and the financial rewards, are based on the importance of our talents, the maturity and experience we bring to a job and the ability for a company to make a profit based on what we contribute. Not everyone will make nine figure incomes. Some will make six figures and some will earn a five figure income. We all cannot be six figure income earners. There are those who wrongly believe that this is the case, but they don’t understand that there must be a stratification of incomes. This is not to say that one will be stuck at a certain level. A person has to make the choice and do the work to advance into higher income levels. Artificially changing this isn’t the answer. You must earn your right to a certain wage. Just like those before us have.

  13. Webster’s Definition of POTEMKIN VILLAGE
    : an impressive facade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition
    Grigori Potëmkin, who supposedly built impressive fake villages along a route Catherine the Great was to travel
    First Known Use: 1937

  14. My husband, a former USAF pilot who fought in Desert Storm, has a genius level IQ, a degree in chemical engineering, and a decade of experience in multi-million dollar program management, was unemployed for 5 years after losing a six figure per year government contract position. No, excuse me, he did work for about a year and half of that 5 years – at Walmart as a bottom of the barrel, minimum wage earning, sales associate, at least until they laid him off too! Regardless, that minimum wage position was all he could find. He would apply and apply for all sort of positions at varying levels and either receive no word back or get told that he was over-qualified.

    He remained unemployed until I, after getting laid off from my own job that was supporting us throughout his unemployment, bought us a business (a franchise) this year. I essentially bought us both jobs because of Obama’s “improving” (cough, cough) job market. Thankfully, I had the means to do that. Granted, I went into debt to do it. But most people don’t even have business ownership as a viable option anymore, most often due to the extensive government restrictions in place that severely impede ordinary citizens from starting up businesses like they used to years ago before the government regulated everything under the sun.

    Now that I own a business myself, I also have more of first hand grasp of why small businesses might not hire people. If my husband and I can’t do all the work ourselves and I actually have to hire someone, the cost is outrageous as is the required government reporting! Between all the taxes, extra insurances, extra costs for accounting/payroll management and reporting etc., all on top of the employee’s salary, it’s not feasible to hire anyone else, not feasible to create a job or two, especially not a full time position with benefits for someone (who on earth can afford that!), that we will wait as long as humanly possible before hiring anyone. Bottom line, we’re going to have to break our backs before we can hire help. If small businesses could hire people without the excessive government regulation and taxes, I guarantee small businesses would create tons of jobs and fuel the economy. So many of our economic problems come from excessive government control, taxation, and regulation on small business and across the board in general.

  15. been saying this the whole time. With no significant growth in GDP jobs market, this employment growth in gov jobs is not sustainable.

  16. Employment up because of part time help for the Christmas season. Wait till after the holidays and view the employment record then?

  17. I was laid off in 2011 and found work after 6 months, in Japan. I finally found a job near home in Nashua NH at less than half my previous salary. The search took 18 months.

  18. The middle class will be replaced with government employees. *For the government by the government* will replace “For the people by the people”. The world was told about that plan a long long time ago.

  19. Have you questioned the jobs numbers also in the fact that it’s the CHristmas season and there were many part-time/full-time seasonal workers hired?

    • Roger- right-on, the numbers are deceiving as the 11 million who have left the work force because they’ve given up trying to find a job aren’t counted. The majority of those hired thus far are part timers. Basically, due to their method of counting unemployment, it;s all smoke & mirrors.

      • I agree with both of you. So many factors make the numbers paint a very inaccurate picture.

        My husband is a perfect example. He went from a 6 figure a year job to a part time, minimum wage position at Walmart. At that time, he was counted as one of the many who had found work. Come now, an individual taking an $85 thousand dollar decrease in salary for a job he’s grossly overqualified for can not be considered as someone who is successfully and gainfully employed. But he was considered as such in their overly optimistic reporting algorithms, I’m sure. Like you said, Frank, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

  20. Unemployment rate is much, much higher as they don’t even include in calculation those who have essentially ‘given up’… the discouraged worker after one year.

  21. When the government gets the amnesty pushed through, poof, millions more low paying jobs will be taken by those that are considered illegal. College grads can’t find work and can’t repay their loans.
    About half the country gets food stamps and not all of these people truely deserve them. I know people who work the system because they choose not to work. I have two ,hardworking nephews who have worked at COSTCO for several years and can’t get full time. They both have families and live in substandard homes. They have large gardens and chickens and sell some of their produce at church. They do get food stamps and I believe they earn what little they get. Oh, and they have no insurance, their babies have been born at home.
    NAFTA has helped the mega corporations move our manufacturing offshore. The new TPP trade treaty will further cripple American business, pretty much elininate public use of the internet, inflict huge fees for energy consumption, and allow companies like Monsanto to beat down the smaller farmers and increase our consumption of GMO food that makes us sick and weak. More US citizens will lose jobs and actully be imprisoned for violating laws that prohibit what is put on the internet or even having a small pond of water on their property. I am sure my nephews will be told they can’t have their chickens or sell their produce at church.

    • Phoebe- Laws have already be authorized in some places disallowing produce gardening and definitely chickens. The plan is to get everyone so riled up with all they are doing to us that we revolt. That’s when Obama’s executive order for martial law comes in. It’s been done many times before around the world. Chances are it may happen here. Do a search on martial law and see its full implications.

      • Frank, I know you are right. There is lot more evil going on in this country than I have posted. Terrifying events are coming and people are asleep, watching football, playing video games, watching “reality tv” , and oblivious to what is taking over this once great country. I CRY every time I pray for God to have mercy on All the children in the world. I admit that I was asleep until the last election. I have spent hours everyday this year researching, watching YouTube videos linked on various sites, and listening to alternative radio. Stopped watching tv.

    • It won’t just be low wage jobs. For years now illegals, and even legal, immigrants have been replacing blue collar and even white collar work. In the US, meat packing plants and others have fired Americans and are using immigrants and a company in Georgia that made equipment for the power grid was busted for using illegals. All the outsourcing of call centers and technical support hammered the white collar jobs, while I used to know people who were forced to train their immigrant replacements before being fired.

      At the same time, there are armies of lawyers who have been going around the country giving seminars to business on how to legally fire Americans and replace them with immigrants. That included information on how to advertize by jobs but in ways that only immigrants would see them and still be within the law.

      So there is indeed a lot of bad stuff coming but it has been building for at least 2 decades. The stupid, greedy elements in business have been quite literally selling the Communists the rope they will be hung with but don’t even realize it yet. The honest ones do, but the crooks don’t care.

      • Sickening. We each have bits and pieces of this NWO plan that we can share. Trying get more Americans to wake up so we have strength in numbers. So many years of lies. I know I was lulled to sleep thinking our presidents loved this country and its people and wanted the best for all of us.. Keeping us in war, after war, after war… not for our protection or to fight oppression in other countries. By greed and power they rule. No love for humanity or freedom.

      • The Founding Fathers didn’t trust standing armies and counseled against long wars. There is a very good reason for the latter.

        All wars require increased government control to see to its needs. However, government is loathe to give up power it gains so whilst much may be given up after a war, some is kept.

        With a long war there is no need to give up power but rather to keep gaining more. This is what is happening now. The government has gained so much power, mostly in the spying and information realms, that it has become a serious threat as much of those resources have been turned inward to watch the citizens rather than outward against the enemy.

        Now, the trouble with the standing army is that Patriots are being squeezed out. This has not been uncommon in the past, especially in small, peace time armies because the ticket-punching promotion system is geared toward politicians and game players (psychopaths). Today, however, the politics have become so horrendous that Patriots are leaving the military, even the special operations community, after a term or two because they can’t take it, most of them anyway. This leaves the military increasing populated with careerists with more love of themselves and their careers than of country. That is very dangerous.

  22. Re: Unemployment…I was Comp Eng for 30 yrs, economy went VERY far south, folks were hiring H1B’s versus US based folks. Went back to school for teaching, couldn’t get anything else. So I am now a tutor, enjoy it, but still barely pay my bills…get obummer (et al) out now while there’s still a country left to us.

    Vote AGAINST amnesty
    Vote AGAINST H1B visas
    Vote FOR a way to track & eject those that have over stayed their visa
    Vote FOR Border control
    Vote FOR jobs for US citizens first!

    • A few of us are. A few of us also remember Russian exchange students who came over in 1992. They expected to see worse conditions than in the Soviet Union because that was what they had been told in school. What they saw instead were grocery stores with food in them and the only lines were to get out and not to be handed enough food for a day if they didn’t run out before you got there. Ditto for clothes, etc. Everyone having cars shocked them. What really blew their minds was Toys R Us: a whole giant store JUST for toys. The ability to travel freely with no checkpoints also floored them.

    • I was not surprised, but it showed that congressman Allen West is educated and conservative and understand fraudulent president through his equality image. Mr.Maksimov you lived in Russia probably so your parents probably taught you how to read between the lines.

  23. I was laid off twenty months ago. Had one prospective job interview with State Government, but did not get that position. I have many skilled and educated friends in the same situation as me.


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