The day that shall live in infamy

The U.S. Navy battleship USS California (BB-44) slowly sinking alongside Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (USA), as a result of bomb and torpedo damage, 7 December 1941(US Navy photo)

Today we remember the 72nd anniversary of the attack at Pearl Harbor, and those famous words spoken by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

On that sunny Hawaiian Sunday morning, America was viciously attacked as part of a deceptive action by the Imperial Empire of Japan. Americans immediately stood up and answered the call to defend this nation and indeed the world against the aggression of Nazism, fascism, and Japanese imperialism.

Young American men lied about their age to be able to do their part, and we came to know them as the “Greatest Generation.” I am proud my own dad was part of that heroic generation that ensured the light of freedom would not go dim.

America clearly identified the enemy and took every measure to defeat them soundly, in complete and total warfare of annihilation. We honor those men who survived that day 72 years ago, and sadly remember those who lost their lives.

Let us not forget that the reason why our flags are flying at half-mast today is for them, for Pearl Harbor. If there is a remembrance event anywhere near you, please attend. If not, then take the time to teach your children and grandchildren why this day must never be forgotten.

Explain to them so they will understand the relevance of Pearl Harbor Day to 9-11, the significant event of this current generation. And as those Americans did then, there are those who have answered the nation’s call once again.

However, today we struggle to clearly identify the enemy and decide what our objective of warfare should be — assimilation, attrition, or annihilation. How shall we defeat Islamic totalitarianism?

Today, we remember and honor the past, but let us not forget the recent past, the present, and the impact that a failure to secure victory will have for our future.

God bless those heroic men and women of Pearl Harbor.


  1. OBAMA DISGRACES AMERICA AGAIN! Even most in the media are complicit and
    turning a blind eye while reporting praises for Mandela, a “great” man!?
    Does any of these low information (or just plain phonies) care anything
    about the truth!? Honoring and giving Mandela a free pass for communism
    (which is the enemy of freedom) and torture and murder (because of
    “race”)! Who did he free? Well. . .he banished the Christians! Murdered and tortured those who tried to stand up against his violence. Yes, we can understand that Obama likes this! Flags at half staff for this?! OMG! The USA has only flown flags at half staff for two foreign leaders in all of its history–Winston
    Churchill, and Pope John Paul II! This Mandela hated America and said
    so! (Obama hates America also. So this may have something to do with
    it!). Nelson Mandela quotes: 1. “If there is a country that has
    committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States
    of America. They don’t care for human beings.” 2. “If you look at those
    matters, you will come to the conclusion that the attitude of the United
    States of America is a threat to world peace.” 3. “Long live the Cuban
    Revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro.” We all need to stop giving
    free passes whenever some race card, or religious card, or other kind
    of supposed minority card is played! We need to stop overlooking the
    violation of true moral values and the committing of humanitarian crimes
    in the name of someone being “black,” or supposedly taking on a
    so-called “black” cause!

    • You are an idiot!!!! How dare you say those things about Mandela. Banished the Christians??? He praised the Bible, he taught the Bible and he lived by the Bible. Enemy of Freedom???? Murdered and Tortured????? His own people were being murdered and tortured. He worked for freedom, love and tried to nurture people to unite and live together with love and kindness to each other. Cynthia you are one of the problems today…You really come off as a racist or just one of the most stupid person I have ever come across. Go get yourself educated. This world lost a great man and we should be honoring him. We need tons more like him.

      So do I. In his Easter conference speech, Mandela proclaimed, “Each Easter marks the rebirth of our faith. It marks the victory of our risen Savior over the torture of the cross and the grave.” Soon that victory over the grave will come to Nelson Mandela. God’s promise will come true for him: “The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing”(Zephaniah 3:17).

      • In light of Mandela’s passing and one of his famous quotes “resentment is like drinking poison and hopeing it kills your enemies”. Rush Limbaugh went down a pretty long list in yesterday’s show. Showing opposites between Nelson Mandela and obama (lil’o). Rush didn’t say this but I’m saying it now “obama(lil’o) could possibly be a great leader one day. But first, he may need to go to jail for about 16yrs”.
        -A combat Vet

      • Sorry Sherill,, but this is for your own growth. Your first 4 words commenting to Cynthia, and your last few words in that comment are to the Christian contradicting

      • Mike don’t be sorry…I appreciate the feedback and/or correction. That is how we learn. My turn to say I’m sorry,,,I wrote that so fast,,explain what last words in the comment you are talking about. I’m not seeing it but when you write something at times you can’t see what somebody else is telling you. Thanks.

      • Nowhere at no time in my life have I ever seen where calling someone an idiot would create peace. In the comment to Cynthia you wrote about the peace that Mandela is being rewarded by God. Hes being rewarded that peace because of the peace he discribed, that his ppl could live in, if they would get along and except each race equally.

        Cynthia. Just the name alone is Caribbean. They did and still do have very big problem with Mandelas admiration (Loabw) for Castro in Cuba. Castro undoubtedly tortured and murdered many many of his ppl.
        Its still a sore spot and now that Mandelas dead it will always be.

        For Cynthia I will reiterated a famous Mandela quote, “having resentment is like drinking poison and hopeing it will kill your enemies.
        Its one of the problems we still have in this country. Resentment over the slave days. Resentment over such things, in time, can ddestroy a nation.

    • No offense Cynthia but you do need to read up on Apartheid and what Nelson Mandela did. Not everyone agrees with every way of life and as an American you should be well aware of that. It is what he did for his people that made him great. What is your current President doing for you? Thats who you should worry about. He cannot be compared to Nelson Mandela because he is not doing what is good for his people, here, in America. All he is doing, as I can tell you realize, is breaking the backs of the middle class to raise up the wealthy even higher and support his “too-lazy to work” poor & “too stupid to ask for a fair wage illegals”. Worry about that because its HIS communist-socialist agenda that will harm you. Nelson Mandela’s people loved him, so their way of life is fine by them and really not our business until it spills over here or they decide they want different. Sure Obama is hailing him, but Obama fails to see the difference between what he is doing and what Mandela did because he is too arrogant and un-caring to get a clue. Our job is to push impeachment.

  2. Allen, you did your part in this kinder and gentler war, on terror, and saw many of our troupes maimed or killed in the process. Will we ever accept the collateral damage that is necessary to make our enemies leave us alone?

  3. All veterans understand that the freedoms we enjoy today
    have never been free, but have been paid for with the blood and sacrifices
    of thousands of men and women before us on the altar of freedom.

    This country and its grateful citizens must never forget the values that you so
    respect…values such as Duty, Honor, Service, Sacrifice and Love of
    Country. We pause on this Pearl Harbor Day to remember and honor all veterans,
    past, present and future…and because of them and their ongoing service to this
    great land…we will continue to be the greatest nation on earth.

    You brave service men and service women here today, are owed a great debt of gratitude for your service and sacrifice that this humble nation can never, never repay.

    As we, at home, witnessed the war thru black and white newsreels over the weekend at the Bijou, Majestic or Rialto theaters or gathered around the boxy RCA radios. We heard the voices of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow. They gave us names such as Normandy, Omaha, Gold, Sword, Juno and Utah Beach, Tarawa, Bastogne, Midway, Iwo Jima, El Alamein, Coral Sea, Arnhem, Salerno, Okinawa and the Philippine Sea. Too many places that we knew were too dangerous and too far from home. And finally…Tokyo Bay. It’s over…it’s over…and the boys…are coming home.

    Dockside you saw us waving, saluting and crying. As you debarked, many of you dropped to your knees and kissed our sacred soil. You rose up to embrace your loved ones like never before…you kissed sweeter and loved deeper all the time thinking…Thank you Lord…Thank you Lord, I made it home.

    We also want to recognize another very special type of hero today…your families…families that you left behind when you answered the call to arms. They were called The Home Front Warriors. They were the Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, Children, Aunts, Uncles, Sweethearts and friends you left behind. They cried for you, wrote long, beautifully handwritten letters of undying love, of hope, of inspiration and faith. All bearing a kiss and a hint of your favorite perfume.

    They also prayed at bedside, at churches, temples, parishes in all faiths and languages for your safe return. Big city, little town…it didn’t matter…we
    were all in this together. They also did their part stateside with every type of rationing imaginable… grease and gasoline, coffee and cheese, sugar and silk, meat and lard, tin cans and newspapers. Who remembers buying and collecting 10 cent stamps to fill a Bond Booklet? Saving was their patriotic duty! It was the least all Americans could do.

    And the women. Let’s not forget our women. When you answered the call, there were gaps in the workforce to fill. But, filled by whom? Your mom’s, wives, daughters and
    sweethearts stood tall, straightened up, pushed their shoulders back and joined
    the great American War Machine.

    Everyone was “Rosie the Riveter”, whether they built airplanes or cannons, sewed uniforms or tents, sorted mail or poured a cup of hot Java at the local canteen or the 10,000,000+ other jobs that were essential to our war effort. “Making history
    while…working for victory” was their motto.

    And after their work shift was over they went home… because that was their second job. All our veterans here today thank you AGAIN ladies, for all the hardships you’ve
    endured on our behalf. God bless you girls.

    I stand before you as a proud United States Marine of the Vietnam Era whose father, grandfather, uncles and cousins have also served this great land as you have.

    To the service men and women of all services branches, I proudly salute and Honor your long, glorious lives and your many accomplishments in making this the greatest country on the face of this earth.

    To all you true American Heroes of WW II, Korea and
    beyond…I Salute you.

    God Bless each and every one of you and your beautiful
    families…and God Bless the United States of America.

    Thank you. Wingman

    • Well Said.

      My Uncle served then, USN, was at the Pearl this date. He lived until 2007. Never talked about his adventures until I became a Marine, then we shared many letters. Also, Elder’s of the family and neighborhood lived thru this era and spoke of the efforts made by many, in so many ways, so to support our troops and our country. Today, we can’t get two people to agree on where to get a cup of coffee at.

      Salute !!!

      Semper Fi !!!

  4. My father was one of those who graduated h.s. a semester early to join the US Navy. Every man on either side of my family found a way to serve. WWII defined my childhood in so many ways. In the small town that I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley of CA, we had two survivors of the Batan Death March. At the same time, this tiny community rallied to protect the one Japanese family living there from being sent away. So much was at stake for our country and the world. It is so easy to lose the understanding of the importance of our country to the world. God bless our veterans and all who love and serve this country.

  5. One striking difference is how few jocks and entertainment people signed up. In WWII scads of them did. This country was ably led from the late 1940’s through the 80’s by that generation.

  6. We flew our Flag, as always, for the memories of this Hallowed Day. We were, again, the only house of 45 in our community showing the flag!
    After the first 9/11 American men and women flocked to recruiting centers to strike back against our attackers! Today we are under a different kind of attack. This from within! Ever growing numbers of Muslims enter the U.S. illegally and with the help of this administration. Militant Hispanics calling for “DEATH” to North Americans pout across our joke of a border every day! Encouraged by their leaders and our own!
    The way to FIGHT BACK against these INVASIONS is to mobilize with strong voting blocks and with strong support of our First 2 Amendments. We can not afford to be apathetic or to expect “the other guy” to fight our fight!

    • Agree! As you say, we need “strong voting blocks”.
      I tried to educate and warn young people of obama and his Marxist plan for what he calls “healthcare” aka obamacare. If they did not believe me then, they most certainly are NOW. We need their votes and this time around, I will be breathing fire down their necks until I actually witness them going to the voting booth. For them to sit home in their own little worlds with their smart phones, their ipads and backpacks full of gummy bears and computer games is unacceptable!

  7. ” It is fortunate for the governments of the people they administrator don’t think.” Adolf Hitler. i believe it is more important that most don’t read or do their own research. there was no way for citizens to have known the truth leading up to Pearl harbor but today there is the Freedom of Information Act and the many memoirs, notes and books written about the facts behind the Pearl Harbor attacks. Few Americans have ever heard of Commandeer Arthur H. McCollum or his eight actions on October 07, 1941 to draw Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor because Stimson said himself we must make Japan strike the first blow. McCollom said otherwise the American people would not be willing to go to war. Colonel Edward Mandel House was infuriated because the American people did not want to go to war. The U.S. intelligence had be decoding and intercepting messages sent by Japan since January 1940. Read DAY OF DECEIT The Truth About FDR And Pearl Harbor by Robert B. Stinnett. Victors write history therefore that will be what is taught in our history books in our public schools. Just like with the Spanish-American War, WW I, WW II, Vietnam, ect. we will one day known the true events leading up to the Iraq war and not just the governments story which are are always taught to accept. No one wants to believe millions soldiers, or civilians were sacrificed for the goals of a few. The social engineers who have shaped our society and what people in America believe have been quite successful dating back to the Civil War. They realize that because of our public schools not teaching students to be critical thinkers they will be able with their plans to reshape America into the American Empire they seek. WW I Ten million killed, WW II 50 million killed and nearly 70% were civilians killed by U.S. and British bombing of cities. ” America buys war like children gobble candy.” Henry Kissinger.

  8. I believe there is only one serious problem with the Greatest Generation. Vast majority of them are demoncraps who credit FDR for saving the world from evil aggression. They always vote a straight democratic ticket (my Dad once told me it didn’t matter whom I vote for as long as I vote democrat). Well, the Kennedy boys opened my eyes. LBJ revealed the evil behind America’s “peoples’ party and Cahtah completed my disillusionment. Even at that, I changed to GOP but voted for the person. 2008 was 1st time to vote a straight ticket.
    My brother was one of those young men who enlisted (Navy Seabees) and put his life on the line. He earned 2 Bronze Stars (1 at Okinawa and 1 at Iwo Jima). Like so many yellow-dog dems of that greatest generation he is an America hero of the 1940’s and an American traitor of this century. Remember obozo goons putting up barricades so those old warriors could not visit THEIR memorials. Many of them blame conservatives for their mal-treatment. Hopefully, at least some of them finally realize we have gotten what they voted for.


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