Obama the absolutist

America doesn’t have a president but an absolutist who has no ability to govern, and therefore prefers to rule without opposition. Even recent polls show the young millennials are no longer fawning over Obama. The facade of the Potemkin village has eroded and the failure is exposed.

This week we witnessed a House Judiciary committee hearing on the unconstitutional overreach of President Obama and the executive branch. In response we witnessed a desperate and threatened President resort to the politics of divisiveness instead of leading.

We heard the President assert that successful major policy changes occur in America only when one party has a complete majority (because it works so well in China or Russia). Obama referred to the New Deal of Roosevelt and the Great Society of Johnson, both huge progressive policy initiatives. But the New Deal did not restore our economy, per Roosevelt’s own Treasury Secretary Morgenthau. And the lasting effects and unintended consequences of the Great Society are the expansion of the welfare nanny-state, and the decimation of inner city black communities and families.

However, my concern is what will be the level of implosion and extent of damage this incompetent President and administration will cause our Republic? This week the Obama administration and their union comrades showed us the level of disruption and damage they’re willing to inflict.

The push to raise the minimum wage to $15 would be economically destabilizing — and of course these protests were mainly in large urban areas. The last thing you need in those areas is more jobs lost and hours cut. Workers must understand the minimum wage job is not meant to be a career, it’s an entry-level position.

Once again, progressive socialists seek to manipulate the low- to no-information voters. Rather than fomenting discord regarding social or economic justice, we should be focusing on sound economic policy – but sadly, that’s not President Obama’s strong suit.

This week in Ohio, Georgia and the Carolinas, I heard many Americans say they want leaders who will fight against the slow, steady assault on our economy and culture. But this week we were introduced to Obama’s desperate scorched earth policies. The next battle for this nation’s soul comes in November of 2014. We must stand together to defend our nation against Obama’s Marxist/socialist agenda.


      • It would only be the same as the Clinton impeachment. The Senate won’t hand out any punishment since they are his Senate.

    • Very simple Monica, it takes the House to bring charges , but the Senate to actually try and convict him… the democratically controlled senate will not do that to their messiah

    • You have one other HUGE problem with impeaching Obama. If that should happen, then that moron Biden would move up. Being totally clueless about
      what those big and little hands represent on an analog clock, let alone how to run a country, the one who would actually be running America would ultimately end up being that sleazy little weasel snake in the grass, (with my apologies to weasels and snakes), Harry Reid. He is the ONLY person I can think of that might be even more dangerous than Obama!

      • nightranger~~good points but consider: 2014 conservatives regain power in the Senate and retain majority in the House. Even with both Senate and House controlled by conservatives it would take the next 2 years to impeach~~~2016 Presidential election year–Less likely to see a progressive candidate after coming from an impeached (or under impeachment) previous Pres. Conservatives will be in a stronger position to elect a conservative President due to previous history of charged or impeached obama/progressive/socialist. Regarding Biden again good point. Decision: do you want dishonest or stupid ?
        Key will be the 2014 mid-term election for control of Congress!

    • Monica is isn’t that easy. The House can bring impeachment against him but then the Senate has to convict him. Which that will not happen since it is Democrat controlled. The Republicans now have to be careful because they did Impeach Clinton and now if they Impeach Obama and it goes no where, whats the country going to say? We need to change the Senate in 2014 and get the Democrats out of the Senate and fill it with the Republicans in order to get Obama out of office. That will also change Harry Reid from Majority Leader. He needs to be stripped of his power that he seems to have right now. Also, people have said that John Boehner needs to go. I agree BUT if it’s only Boehner and Pelosi running against each other,,,,I’m voting for Boehner. It’s time to strip Obama of those people that are supporting him.

      • I don’t think just getting rid of the Democrats will change anything where Obama is concerned, we’ll have to get rid of the Rino’s like McCain, too

      • Getting rid of the Democrats is a start that would move us to a majority. The thing is McCain is not up for re-election until 2016. Then he needs to go. But for now McCain will blow with the wind to whoever has the majority just like a swinger door. He is such a turn coat and I noticed his nose has turned quite brown. I really would like to say something a lot stronger about him but not going to use that language out here out of respect for others and Mr. West. There are a lot of people I would like to see go but for now I would love to see an impeachment that will go through the House and be convicted by the Senate. Then Obama will have nothing to say about it except “goodbye”. It’s a start. We allowed this to go on for so many years and now have to start taking the steps piece by piece. It won’t happen over night.

      • Oh thank you for that lesson, 6 people understood what I said, or do you just feel you have to state the obvious? I could have as easily mentioned McConnell to make my point, He is up in 2014 and said those like him need to go. Actually, let me put it this way to be extra clear, there are less than a hand full that I consider worth keeping in the entire Senate, the rest, just about impress me as much as, um McCain! I’m not even going to start about the House.

    • Because you can’t impeach someone who is ineligible to begin with. He must be arrested and tried before a military tribunal or WE THE PEOPLE.

    • Then you need to read comments posted here. It is explained at least twice in detail, why it can’t be done with the Democratic Senate that now exists. And don’t expect Republicans to take back the Senate in 2014 because voter fraud is going to prevent that. O will never let go of his dea th-grip he has on our throats now.

  1. I admire you standing up for us Americans who do not want to lose this great Republic. I think you should run for president. I really think you would have a shot at the big seat in the white house. I think president Obama has is purposely trying to bring us to our knees, and America is beginning to wake up. I’m angry that the ACA law will not go into affect until 2 weeks after mid-election. We all know we cannot trust this president, and we’re all frustrated with him and his cronies. I actually think the democrats are afraid to stand up to him. Anyone who does gets audited by the IRS. Thank you Mr. West for fighting for us. I will continue to share your thoughts out on facebook for all of my family and friends to see. God bless you, and God bless the USA.

  2. I have expressed my concern on another posting about this. Years ago these type of jobs were entry levels that high school kids and college kids worked at. I feel for these people working there. They state they are trying to raise families and can’t afford anything because of the pay. The unemployment rate just drop so there are jobs are there. Why aren’t they advancing themselves to better paying jobs? Is it because they don’t have the education or the skills? If so, then why doesn’t the government help in getting them the education and skill training needed? They stick their nose in everything else. McDonald’s just stated that if they go to $15 they will be increasing their prices by 20%. They will also cut back on the number of employees so again people out of work. Our government needs to fix the problem and quit uses bandages as the solution. The Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25 an hour. Many states also have minimum wage law. When an employee is subject to both the state and federal minimum wage laws, then the employee is entitled to the higher of the two minimum wages.The government is not helping these people by raising the wage as high as Obama said. They are hindering them to continue working at these types of jobs. Now do some of them work there because they still get some type of government aid? Do they just not care? I can’t believe all of them just want to take the easy way out and still have their hand out for the government to give, give and give them more. What is it easier to hold these people back from bettering themselves? If the Obama would say we will help you in a job/skill training to advance you into a better career I would agree. As long as they are citizens of our country. How many are immigrants working at these places? I’m sorry but I’m not being prejudice here. I just feel our fellow Americans should be taken care of first. And again I know there are a few who just take a minimum job to work and still expect the Government handout because they just don’t want to work. But there are so many that can use the help to get out.

    • One of the values of those entry level jobs is that you realize it’s not what you want to do for the rest of your life and hopefully though self motivation (higher education, positive inner motivation, old fashioned “work-harder etc.) you want to grow. Currently @ the proposed $15.00/hour many will feel like they’ve hit the high end potential of their life, thus no reason to aspire for better. Socialism has always depended on keeping the worker down just to the level of minimum satisfaction.

      • People wouldn’t need to try to live on minimum wage jobs if the decent jobs hadn’t been shipped off to other countries. If O wants to help people he would work to create DECENT-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector, and cut the regulations that prevent other types of business from flourishing and expanding their payrolls. Oblameocare hurt workers when businesses cut their numbers of employees. In essence, he does not care if he hurts citizens -in fact that is his main goal!

  3. I wrote in another post by Mr. West about this. Why raise it to $15 an hour? There are people who are trying to feed families on what they make in these jobs. Years ago high school and college kids worked at these jobs. They are entry level jobs. Aren’t these people skilled to get out of them and better themselves? Since the government sticks there nose in everything else, why don’t they offer them job/skill training classes to move up? McDonald’s just stated that if it goes to $15 then their prices will go up by 20%. Also, people will be cut back on their hours or let go. Great, so what did the $15 help them with. The unemployment rate just dropped and in November jobs opened up. Why aren’t they getting out of this dead end and advancing themselves? Yes there are some with their hands out and staying in those jobs because the government will also give them money and benefits. Raising the wage, where is the incentive to move on? Help these people with job/skill training so they can get out. How many of them don’t even have an education? How many are immigrants? The federal minimum wage is $7.25. Many states have their minimum wage laws and where an employee is subject to both the state and federal minimum wage laws, the employee is entitled to the higher of the two minimum wages. Raising the wage to $15 is only hindering them from and incentive to more on.

    • The minimum wage scam depends on ignorance to advance its agenda. Never do minimum wage increases benefit workers on the bottom much less entry level applicants. This is a ruse perpetrated by union dupes to affect union jobs tied to the minimum wage. From the wisdom of Milton Freidman, “is a person better off unemployed at $15/HR than employed at $7.25/HR?” Unless the goal is to increase the welfare rolls/DNC voter base, the answer would be a resounding no.

      • I think you found the true intent. It’s not to far away to see the entry level position can be automated when the cost of automation (capital expansion) is less than the cost of having the employee which includes health care, unemployment taxes etc. When this happens then the unions realize they have been had and the worker is now been displaced by an automated process. We’ll see this in the next 2~5 years.

  4. Article II Section. 4.
    “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors
    Get The ROPE!!!!

    • Vote in 2014. Get the Democrats out of the Senate and we have a better chance for impeachment and conviction. If Obama gets impeached the VP and others will go with him.

  5. to say it’s the Republican that are at fault is to say, I have failed as a President.
    To lead is to negotiate, to reach-out, and to listen. We expect our President to run into others who represent States with Citizens with other views. Those views count and need to be heard and talked about. We all our Citizens we all count Mr. President. Where is your “STRATEGY TEAM” Why have you not built relationship across the aisle. You can not hold a hand out only when they agree.
    One of the key rolls as a President is to lead, not knock down the opposition. When you knock down or talk down to anybody or any party that is when you start building BRICK WALLS.

    • I get incensed when my ass-party acquaintances blame Republicans for all the problems when any rational person would understand that the liar-in-chief refused do his job.

    • That is the most accurate description of the role of a president I have heard. No one could ever argue these points you make and they perfectly describe the biggest reasons Mr. Obama is a complete failure as president. Thank you for providing me some excellent arguments.

  6. McDonald’s has a training program for all their employees and regular evaluations and pay raises according to employees’ progress and work ethics. They start out as entry level but they can advance to management level within a few years if they so desire. And if they have the ambition. In fact many businesses do this for their employees. Entry level employees who have families would need to apply themselves but they could do very well. Hard work. Dedication. Good attitude. Courtesy. Gratitude for having a job. I wonder how many have those qualities.

    • That’s great a store manager for McDonald’s does make around $40,000 a year for Corporate owned stores. You only have one store manager. Then you have the Assist. Manager who on average will make $10.36 (some stores low end is $8.00 and the high end is $13.00. There are several classifications on managers and the $13.00 is the highest of them all. The crew has a high end of $10.00 range. As far as their training programs for education,,,All Corporate owned McDonald’s does have an incentive program for working and going on to a higher education But not all franchise McDonald’s offer that. How many working there have a high school diploma? More to the case how many working there even care to advance? Those that have families can’t live on what these fast food places pay no matter what incentive they have. It doesn’t pay. BUT they should be taking advantage of incentive programs to further their education that is being offered, if it’s offered at the one they work for.They can have all the qualifications that you mentioned,,,yes they can eventually move up to $13.00 an hour and that takes a long time to get there. And like you I also wonder how many have those qualities to do that. At the same time if they have a family to take care of they need to get out and better themselves. No the government will raise it to $15 an hour. Like that is really going to help.

  7. You are right again, the Democrats with their leader, continue to hurt the low income folks, who they say are important to their party. I’m glad to see that even low information folks, can not miss the failure of Obama Care. Can any body give me a list of anything that they have done that helped poor people or single women? Let’s take it a step further, to have helped anybody? Is there anything good that this administration has done in 5 long years. Please don’t count thing’s like using my tax money, I’m far from wealthy, to pay for Medicaid, for someone who finally signed up for it, when they could have signed up for it without Obama Care. Also, can anyone tell me why we must complete the Immigration Bill, just because the loser and liar of a King, said so? Last time he gave such an order, look at the damage his little workers did, and will be doing to your taxes. All for another Obama failure. The Immigration Bill, is a future failure waiting to happen. There is no reason, with 18 Trillion Dollars of current debt, that this Bill cannot be delayed, at least untill, law makers can read, understand, explain the cost to us, and make needed changes to over 15,000 pages of lawyer crap. I think it would even be nice if these jerks in Washington, would make an efford to find out the real number of illegals. Don’t you think the cost to the public figure, might be alittle truer, if they found out the true number of illegals first, or should we do it Nancy’s way, after Obama lies to us, on Immigration too? I don’t trust Democrats, after they ALL lied about Obama Care.

  8. People should be paid more because they EARN it or they provide greater value. No one truly advances if they are paid more because of government mandate.

  9. Saw an interesting note last night. It appears to be (at least according to what I read) a common practice for Dems to vote in Republican primaries, registering as Republicans. The purpose is to swing the votes to nominate the least likely candidate to present a viable opponent to any Democratic candidate in an upcoming election. When the actual election occurs, they then switch back to their Democratic registration and vote. Does anyone know about this? Is this legal (if true)? Is there a way to find out if true, and if so, stop it? Why do we need primaries anyway? One or two names usually rise to the top anyway, and a watered-down vote could not be any worse. Any ideas??

  10. Obama will destroy the USA before he quits or is impeached. There will be some kind of false flag event or he will create a race/civil war. He will continue to divide the country and let it go down in flames, never once taking responsibility for anything bad.

  11. Obama an his crew needs to be impeached. An sent to jail on crimes that has happened while these people are in office . Also the democrat party in both the house . Should be looked at.

  12. What does this POS president have to do to get impeached? Is an impeachment unwinnable? Is that why congress will not initiate it. He has broken the law repeatedly and divided this nation, as well as ruin an already sick economy! When will we learn that the democrats are either to uneducated, indoctrinated, and or socialized to be allowed to rule. He will destroy this nation if allowed to, and the democrats will turn this country into a giant version of Detroit. Because we can see what over 50 years of rule by democrats did to that city. Learn from that America!

      • Could the House be waiting for the Republicans to take the Senate in 2014? If conservatives can’t win in 2014 with what we’ve witnessed the last 5 years then it’s game over. Conservatives must explain to dumbed down Americans what is happening and how it is unsustainable for us to continue. If they get that message through to these dimwits then when they take back the Senate they can begin Impeachment proceedings and get rid of the Idiot.

  13. This situation is the last stand for American freedom. People need to be well informed of the consequences of this agenda. The ones who support it or either uninformed or socialist. We must act before it’s too late.

  14. May be I repeat myself but obama comes from kenya with leaning heavily on islamis mentality … So my point is : the man hates America (like that preacher he did listen to for years) and he is doing all he can to destroy it … Just see : everything he touches is a mega disaster and brungs america further down …. Jimmy carter was impeached for petty reasons. You American republicans shoud really start impeachment procedures ..

    • Impeachment requires two things that don’t exist right now. A Senate that would pick up whatever charges the House comes up with. Harry Reid is the Majority Leader of the Senate. So any article of impeachment will never get past his desk. The other thing that doesn’t exist is a clear majority of Americans wanting to see Impeachment. There are plenty of Americans who love Obama because he gives them a free ride. Their vote counts as much as yours. The imposition of socialism is not an Obama goal. It is the goal of the entire Democratic Party. I don’t know how many of you remember the early 70’s when it all came down on Nixon. The President had clearly done something wrong and then lied about it. This was not going to be tolerated. Times have changed. We’ve become accustomed to corrupt, lying politicians. Obama did the exact same thing that Nixon was impeached for which was using the IRS against political enemies. But no one seems to care.

      I can’t say I expect anything but more of the same from Republicans. The RNC likes John McCain and Chris Christie. they are RINOs and there is no point in electing them. When McCain ran far more of the lefts attacks were focused on Sarah Palin who actually was a threat to their agenda. Cruz or Paul, maybe Mike Lee, Alan West, or possibly even Dr. Ben Carson. But if we don’t get someone in charge of this country who has a basic concept of economics we’re done. Barack Obama isn’t Robin Hood who robs from the rich and gives to the poor and in so doing makes the world a better place. This is what he’d have you believe. In reality he’s an egocentric Marxist who believes the end justifies the means. So he feels no remorse and has no regrets about any actions he takes to further his cause. To me that is about the worst possible situation one can imagine.

  15. This is not a casual statement…I believe this mooz-lum is the most evil human being ever born. He makes Hitler look like Mary Poppins .

  16. We can’t wait until 2014 election. This imposter needs to resign now or be arrested for high crimes and treason. Freeze his assets. We could also exile him to Egypt to stand trial.

    • You don’t think the elections will be rigged again? They know how to win at everything because they are deceitful and lie to make sure they achieve their goals.

      • Anything is possible with this mess. I think it is time for convention of states. Heard it is started today at mt Vernon. Pray, pray, pray

      • yes, everyone dead or alive, vote early and often and in different election sites. Maybe we need more observers who can catch some of these creeps.

  17. Minimum wage jobs are not “entry level” jobs… I our town just about every business pays min. Wage and if they happen to pay more then you are working half the hours. Companies are hireing at 7.25 an hour and only giving 20-27 hour work weeks. So that they don’t have to offer benefits. Those “entry” jobs may start as such but with the lack of jobs these “entry” jobs become permenant. Like the fast food industry. So lets add this up.. 7.25 an hour at 27 hours a week = 195.75 x 2 = 391.50 every 2 weeks and 783 a month. Now lets take out uncle sams cut.. leaves us with 725. Now lets add bills for the month….
    Rent… $800, utilities $225, food $125, gas $95, car insurance $72, medical insurance $348 …. I left out clothing and other things like toiletries. If you have animals or not. This list is from a single male living in rual western kansas. Lets see how much of his check is left over shall we… after all is said and done he still ows $940 in bills… he says how he makes the difference is by scrapping metal and buying and selling different goods. A lot of the months he is behind on bills …. now this story is the same across the board in my area and I suffer just as bad… lets add a family with 2 kids to the mix now you have 425 for daycare, my wife worked to pay daycare. you would think that in rual america that rent on a 1 bedroom apartment would be way less but it isn’t. that price on the cheep side most are 800 and up.

    • You are working 27 hours a week and trying to survive. Never going to happen. As a very smart man I used to listen to, Neal Boortz, said many times if you are working 40 hours or less you will not be successful. Get another job, 2 more jobs. Quit complaining and realize that if $15 is the minimum wage you won’t have a job. If there are no better jobs where you live then move to where the jobs are, I hear Texas has lots of jobs.

    • I was going to say the same as Daryl… get a second job, take care of your self man! Scrap that iron, sell things on eBay… My husband and I are disabled. IWork 40+ hours a week at a job I don’t really like, because I can physically do it… And my husband is self employed as a handyman, because he can do what he physically can. So, get off your buttocks and take care of yourselves!

    • Why in the world would anyone work to only pay daycare, when home care by the lowest wages family member would be better child care than working for someone and only pay daycare?

  18. I agree with you in every paragraph Mr. West……I believe that if we had elected someone like you or Romney that we would not be in this mess. The Administration hides the fact that in January there might be a slew of people on Medicaid policies not being able to see a Doctor because the few we’ll have left will opt not to accept it and I don’t blame them because no pencil pusher should be able to tell a Doctor what treatment is best for his patients!……I’m upset with the whole Washington bunch!

  19. Here is information you can read that will guide you on what needs to be done in this country to take back your country. I will post Part one, the part two and on Sunday part three for you to read. You can also reach me on face book.

    Preventing Martial Law

    by the TippingPoint Team

    December 5, 2013

    Winning a solid majority in
    the House of Representatives and

    In the Senate in 2014 is our
    overriding objective.

    President Obama Plans to
    Declare Martial Law

    How do we know this?

    As shown below, President Obama’s actions are consistent
    with his objective of creating a crisis that would permit him to declare
    Martial Law.

    Executive Order of March 16, 2012: National Defense Resources Preparedness

    In the event of a potential threat to the security of
    the United States, the President could impose Martial Law and grant
    himself full dictatorial powers.

    President Obama knows that Americans would never give up
    their Constitution and and their freedom, unless they are beaten into submission
    through a major crisis. That’s why
    President Obama attempts to manufacture the crisis that he needs to declare
    Martial Law.

    Bankruptcy of the United States

    President Obama is fanatic about spending. By continuing to raise the debt ceiling and
    unopposed spending, the eventual bankruptcy of the United States would be
    ensured. The dollar collapses, we have
    hyperinflation and total chaos. This
    would be a perfect excuse for Martial Law.

    Major Terrorist Attacks

    The agreement signed by the President’s administration with
    Iran permits that country to pursue its nuclear ambitions. When Iran has nuclear weapons, they will be
    given to Islamic Jihadists. Multiple
    simultaneous nuclear attacks on our major cities would be an excuse for Martial

    By not protecting the borders, the President permits
    unlimited entry by Islamic terrorists, that could lead to multiple simultaneous
    mass shootings in dozens of cities, again a perfect excuse for declaring
    Martial Law and confiscating guns.

    Civil Disobedience

    This could be an instant excuse for Martial Law.

    Purging the Military

    Adolf Hitler purged the German Military, before he declared
    himself Dictator. President Obama has
    just done the same with our Generals.

    Arming the Department of Homeland Security

    The President’s administration has purchased armored
    vehicles and ammunition sufficient for a long war against U.S. citizens. Generals have been retired when they were
    unwilling to shoot at Americans.

    Changing Senate Voting Rules

    This will permit him to install judges who will support his
    illegal Executive Orders.

    Why we cannot afford an Obama Dictatorship

    Around 1930, when it was still possible to vote
    democratically in Germany, the Germans could have prevented Adolf Hitler from
    appointing himself as Dictator in 1934.
    It was the complacency of the Germans that led to World War II, in which
    more than 50 million people were killed.
    You could say that the Germans could afford to be complacent. There was the U.S.A. to free Germany and
    Europe from Hitler’s dictatorship. But,
    if the U.S.A. falls under a dictatorship, there is no one left to free us. Therefore, complacency is not an option for

    How we prevent an Obama Dictatorship

    Ensure that everyone knows the President’s True Agenda so

    Conservatives win a solid majority next November.

    The Role of Tea Parties

    If 500 Tea Parties each get 50 Members to participate, we
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    Likewise, when enough people talk about President Obama’s
    true Agenda, the Mainstream media will have to pick it up and report
    factually. President Obama will have
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    With massive action by the public, Representatives in the
    Congress will be forced to pay attention to their Constituents and will hold
    Hearings on the President’s actions. The
    Mainstream News Media will report on these Hearings.

    The Republican Party

    President Obama needs to draw attention away from his
    Obamacare Problem. He hopes to
    accomplish this with another Government shutdown in January in connection with
    the budget and debt ceiling negotiations, for which he expects to again blame

    With massive exposure of the President’s true agenda,
    starting in early January, the News Media will be forced to report that
    President Obama alone is to blame for the shutdown, or be caught in a blatant

    Time is of the Essence

    Because the President said that the Republicans are
    responsible for the Government shutdown and most of the News Media repeated
    that lie, about half of our Citizens believed that it was the fault of the
    Republicans. It has been speculated that
    this is responsible for the election of a Democrat as Governor of Virginia.

    President Obama expects to repeat this in January, and then
    perhaps one more time before the elections.

    It will make sense for the Republican Party to vigorously
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    Know that you can make a major contribution to a win next

    • Chuck Hagel owned the Company that made the voting machines in every state that Obama won, the Democrats implementing the Nuclear Option makes me think that they are somehow sure of not losing the Senate in the upcoming elections and I believe there was major voting fraud in the last election…..perhaps they have perfected or inproved the deception to the point that they are willing to take the chance…..which leads me to fear that even in states with required voting ID there will be immence problems with having anything close to a fair Election….I bring this up because this is something that I have not seen more people realize or even discuss!!

      • Why these career criminals and the imposter need to be arrested for high crimes and treason. We have enough evidence the list is long. Just the fact that Harry Reid has refused to hear bills from republicans or balance the budget is cause for his failure to do his job. He has been taking a salary under false pretenses and with this lot I would consider it a form of criminal embezzlement. This is the most corrupt leadership in this nations history. Are we going to allow it to continue. They work for us. This is our nation. These men and women in congress belong behind bars. Come on. $17 trillion dollars, borrowing illegally from other nations. We never have them authority to do any if this. Illegal agencies, illegal UN. What the hell is going on?

  20. Here is the continuation of part One, part Two. Sunday will bring part Three. Visit this web site for more information and call the person on this document and there you will get guidance and what needs to be done. Please call during normal hours 8am-8Pm:


    President Obama’s True Agenda

    Bilderberg Group Appointed Barack Obama to be President of the United States

    How do we know this?

    It is a well-known fact that Barack Obama would not have
    become President of the United States without active promotion by the
    Mainstream News Media. Barack Obama
    does not control the News Media, the Bilderberg Group does.

    Who are the Bilderbergers?

    The Bilderberg Group consists of about 120 of the
    wealthiest and most powerful people of Europe and the United States. They held top secret meetings every year
    since 1954 to accomplish these objectives:

    One World Dictatorship – no elections

    One World Company – no competition

    One World Military and Police – to enforce
    their rules and suppress all dissent

    For more information on the Bilderberg Group, please google
    Bilderberg: The True Story of the Bilderberg Group or read Daniel
    Estulin’s book with the same title.

    David Rockefeller participated in the first Bilderberg
    meeting in 1954 and has been a life-long Bilderberg leader. He confirms this in his memoirs:

    Page 405: “Some even believe we are part of a secret
    cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing
    my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the
    world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure –
    one world, if you will. If that’s the
    charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

    Page 412: “….individual participants are free to
    report on what they have heard to those who wield power in their respective
    countries.” Translation: Tell your leaders what we have decided, but
    keep it secret from the public.

    This confirms that Bilderberg is not a conspiracy theory,

    as the
    Bilderberg-controlled News Media want us to believe,

    it is
    an actual conspiracy.

    Understanding the Problem

    The Bilderberg

    almost 60 years, beginning in 1954, the Bilderberg Group has worked on
    implementing the One World dictatorship. This would lead to the total loss of
    our freedom, to massive relocation of the Third World population into Western
    Europe and the U.S.A, and to our standard of living dropping to that of Third
    World Countries.

    Republicans in Bilderberg

    Republicans, like the Rockefellers, have teamed with the Democrats to achieve
    the Bilderberg goal. Their reason is the
    selfish objective to develop and then permanently maintain a monopoly.

    of the News Media

    order to accomplish their objective, the Bilderbergers must keep it
    secret. They also need mind control of
    the population. For this purpose, they
    have acquired control of the News Media.

    Rockefeller confirms the Bilderberg Objective

    In his memoirs David Rockefeller, a lifelong leading
    participant in Bilderberg, totally confirms the One World objective of the
    Bilderberg Group. Thank you, Mr.

    needs a major Crisis in the United States

    is obvious that we Americans would never voluntarily give up our Constitution
    and freedom. Therefore, the
    Bilderbergers know that a major crisis must be manufactured to beat us into

    Bilderberg appoints Obama

    control of the News Media, Bilderberg appointed Barack Obama as President of
    the United States. If we had an honest
    News Media, Barack Obama would never have been elected as President.

    Obama works the Bilderberg Agenda

    accomplish the Bilderberg objective, President Obama’s objective is to
    manufacture a major crisis in order to be able to declare Martial Law: Bankruptcy of the United States and Islamic
    Jihadists terrorist attacks to cause total chaos that would permit the
    President to declare Martial Law.

    Law by Executive Order

    fact that President Obama plans on implementing Martial Law is confirmed by his
    Executive Order – National Defense Resources Preparedness of March 16, 2012.
    “In the event of a potential threat to the security of the United States”
    the President could impose Martial Law and grant himself full dictatorial
    powers. (Google March 16, 2012
    Executive Order)

    The Germans could have avoided World War II.

    If the Germans had paid attention and had taken action
    while it was still possible to vote democratically, they could have
    prevented Hitler’s dictatorship and could have avoided World War II with its
    enormous cost, in which more than 50 million people, including six million
    Jews, were killed. The Germans had
    not listened to warnings about Hitler until it was too late. Fortunately, there was the U.S.A. to free
    Germany and Europe from Hitler’s dictatorship.

    Will you
    be a modern-day Paul Revere and warn everyone you can?

    we permit President Obama to declare Martial Law and assume dictatorial powers,
    there would be no one left to free us from this Dictatorship. That would be irreversible and would lead
    to the total destruction of the United States. Therefore, what we do from now to November
    2014, while it is still possible to vote democratically, will determine the
    future of the United States, and also that of the rest the world. Let’s learn from history and not repeat what
    Germany has done!

    the Bilderberg – Obama Agenda

    Bilderberg Secrecy

    After 60 years of secret meetings and successes such as the
    European Union, left-wing orientation of our educational system, control of the
    News Media and having influenced the outcome of our elections, fewer than 10%
    of our citizens ever head the name Bilderberg.
    This demonstrates how effective they are!

    Bilderberg-Obama can accomplish their objectives
    only by deceit

    A David Rockefeller Quote:
    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time
    Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our
    meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years…It
    would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had
    been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and
    prepared to march toward a world government.
    The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world
    bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in
    past centuries. (Source:

    Adolf Hitler concealed his objective

    Adolf Hitler’s objective was to kill every Jew: man, woman
    and child. To accomplish this objective,
    he had to conceal it, which he could do successfully, since he had total
    control of the communications media.
    When the six million Jews went on the trains that took them to the gas
    chambers, they believed that they were merely being resettled. No one had warned the Jews; and when they
    found out, it was too late.

    The Bilderbergers conceal their objective

    The objective of the Bilderbergers is the One World
    dictatorship without elections, the One World company without competition and
    the One World army/police to enforce their rules. They have already succeeded with step 1, the
    European Union under unelected rulers.
    Through President Obama, they are working on step 2, the North American
    Union: combining the U.S.A with Mexico and Canada under the Obama

    Since this requires the total destruction of the United
    States, the Bilderbergers have to conceal their existence and their
    objective, which they have been able to do successfully, since they have total
    control of the communications media.

    What is the

    As long as we can still vote
    democratically, every citizen must learn

    about the Bilderbergers and must understand
    their true Agenda.

    This will defeat the
    Bilderberg-Obama Program. Please read Section III.

    Section III

    How We Take Our Country Back

    For background
    information, please visit the TippingPoint website

    and make sure to
    download and read the 32-page TippingPoint booklet.


    The Program of the TippingPoint Team

    Task No. 1:

    Expose the True Bilderberg – Obama Agenda

    We accomplish this by publishing the Taking Back Our
    Country document, using multiple Internet media until it goes viral
    and every citizen in the United States knows the true Bilderberg – Obama Agenda. The Mainstream News Media will no longer be
    able to deny it and we will have deprived the Bilderbergers and President Obama
    of their greatest weapon: secrecy!

    The next time President Obama shuts down the Government and
    blames the Republicans and the Tea Party, the News Media will no longer be able
    to repeat his lie. Everyone in the
    Country will know that the full blame falls on President Obama.

    Congress will investigate the participation of U.S.
    Government officials in Bilderberg meetings and will determine who has violated
    the Logan Act, has conspired to work against the best interests of the United States
    and has already committed treason – an impeachable offense.

    Task No. 2:

    Develop the Alternative Communications Channel Through

    Since we cannot yet rely on the News Media for factual
    reporting, the TippingPoint Team will build a two-way communications network through
    person-to-person networking that expands until it includes 100 Million
    Citizens. Knowing the President’s
    true Agenda, they will vote for Conservative Candidates.

    In three two-year voting cycles we will have rejuvenated Congress
    with Conservative Candidates who vote for term limits.

    We do not need
    donations. Our Program creates its own
    cash flow,

    with which we
    will pay an army of volunteers.

    Task No. 3:

    Develop a Sub-Network of Business Owners

    With almost 50 million people on food stamps, our Country is
    on a trend toward entitlement mentality.
    People vote for Government handouts.
    This trend endangers our Country, since it paves the way toward a
    socialistic welfare state with declining productivity and loss of freedom.

    We will develop a sub-network of Business Owners who will be
    shown the opportunity to improve productivity when they empower their Employees
    to become Partners. This will create
    more Entrepreneurs who will vote for Conservative Candidates.

    This will reverse the trend
    of entitlement mentality and servitude

    toward a trend of
    self-reliance and freedom.

    Employees as Partners will vote with the Business Owner for
    Candidates who will work to repeal unnecessary laws and regulations that
    currently strangle productivity. They
    will also eliminate taxes on Corporations, and this will help to bring
    manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

    Business Owners will again be in control of their destiny

    the United States will again be the most
    productive country in the world.

    The services that will be furnished to Business Owners
    create commission income, which is available to those who work on building the
    Network. This is described in more
    detail on the TippingPoint website: http://www.TippingPoint2014.org.

    Winning Strategy

    From now to the Mid-Term Elections

    Every U.S. citizen will understand the Bilderberg – Obama
    goal of a North American Union on the way to the One World Dictatorship without

    This would lead to a massive relocation of the
    Third World population into the United States.

    Our standard of living would drop to the world

    We would lose our citizenship, our Constitution,
    and our freedom

    In this new World Order, there would be only
    rulers and servants.

    Very few people
    will want to vote for this.

    Conservative Candidates will enjoy a massive
    win next November.

    will be a time for the House of Representatives to hold Hearings to examine who
    in our Government has already committed treason by working against the best
    interests of the United States, which is an impeachable offense.

    After the Mid-Term Elections

    With a large Conservative majority in the Senate and the
    House of Representatives, and working with those Democrats who intend to
    protect their political future, it will be practical to impeach those in the
    Government who have committed treason.

    Congress will
    pass laws that force those that remain in the Government

    to adhere to the Constitution.

    What we will accomplish

    Through the TippingPoint Communications Network, citizens,
    including Business Owners, will make their wishes known to Candidates and will
    support those Candidates who commit to work for We The People. Here are examples:

    Fiscal Responsibility

    Limited, Constitution – based Government

    Free market enterprise

    Strong national defense

    Solid immigration control

    Term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court

    Repeal Obamacare

    Repeal other unnecessary rules and regulations

    A simple income tax code

    Elimination of Corporate taxation

    Developing our huge Energy Resources

    Already in 2015, the United States will start the
    development of its enormous energy resources: Oil, natural gas, coal and
    nuclear. The U.S.A. will become a net
    exporter of energy.

    We will repay our National Debt and establish a positive
    trade balance. The ripple effect from
    our massive energy program will rapidly lead to full employment with rising
    income for every productive citizen.

    Elimination of corporate taxation will bring manufacturing
    jobs back to the United States.

    The United States will again
    be the Shining Beacon to the World.

    Other countries can raise their own standard of living by
    copying what we do.

    Exposing the Bilderberg

    Mind Programming

    To successfully conceal their existence and their objectives
    for decades, the Bilderbergers were able to achieve mind programming of a
    segment of the population. You will
    notice these results, when the subject of Bilderberg is introduced to those
    who were susceptible to mind programming:

    People are uncomfortable and don’t want to hear
    about Bilderberg.

    People don’t believe it, in spite of clear

    In some cases, you will find violent opposition.

    However, when they find out that everything is at risk:
    Their Families, Their Freedom, Their Assets, Their Income, and their Business,
    they will overcome their programming.

    Opportunities for Team Leaders

    There are opportunities for part-time and full-time
    TippingPoint Team Leaders. While
    politicians always ask for donations, our Program generates its own
    income. Donations are not

    Team Leaders can expect to
    develop long-term passive cash flow,

    ramping up to $10,000 per month during 2014.

    Team Leader Responsibilities

    Through Social Media Networking, build a large Team
    of paid Volunteers.

    As Members of the Master Mind Team, participate
    in Program Development Decisions and in Management of the Network.

    For information on
    the Team Leader Positions, please contact

    Stamminger, President

    Executive Business
    Net, Inc.

    [email protected]

    386-437-7862 Cell: 801-580-5952

    Executive Business Net Inc. arranges for the funding of

    TippingPoint Team Leaders
    and their Volunteers.

    For more information
    on this Program, please visit http://www.TippingPoint2014.com
    and read the 32-page TippingPoint booklet.

    Executive Business Net, Inc.

    Employees Become Partners
    and Improve Productivity

    PO Box 350555, Palm Coast,
    FL 32135

    Tel: 386-437-7862 Cell: 801-580-5952


    [email protected]



    The TippingPoint Team has arranged for Executive Business
    Net to organize funding for TippingPoint Team Leaders and for their Volunteers.

    The TippingPoint Team develops the TippingPoint Network that
    grows to 100 million Citizens and will include one million Business Owners who
    empower their Employees to become Partners.

    Executive Business Net, Inc. provides guidance to those
    Business Owners so that they can improve productivity when their Employees
    become Partners.

    This Program generates commission income for Sales
    Professionals on the Team of Executive Business Net, who enroll Employees in
    the LegalShield employee benefit.

    Executive Business Net arranges for those commissions to be
    shared with Members of the TippingPoint Team who have developed the

    This system permits the
    funding of an Army of Paid Volunteers

    for the TippingPoint

    Obviously, an Army of Paid Volunteers for the Conservative
    Cause is a threat to left-wing Liberals.
    Expect them to use Saul Alinsky tactics to try to defeat this

    They will want to distract attention from the real objective
    – saving our country. They will raise
    irrelevant objections and hope to force their opposition to defend the
    accusation. Fortunately, Conservatives
    have read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and are immune to
    those accusations.

    Executive Business Net is not a political organization.

    Our sole objective is to help Business Owners
    empower their Employees

    to become Partners and thereby improve

    and create more

    • People also need to know about the Communist group called “The Apollo Alliance” and how players in the Senate (like Harry Reid, Maria Cantwell) are connected to them.

    • Thank you, great info!

      It’s not just the Bilderbergers tho.


      Club of Rome



      Counsel of Foreign Relations

      Trilateral Commission

      New Age Movement

      All are trying to usher in the New World Order.

      WND 1/7.08

      Kissinger: Obama primed to create New World Order.

      Fox 5/22/10

      At West Pt. Obama presses for New World Order to defeat Al Qaeda

  21. This is so sad to watch this wonderful country fall apart. It is more than time to start acting and November 2014 cannot come quick enough. In the meantime, isn’t there something that can be done??? On how about to remove him and his team from the WH and at the head of this government. President Kennedy (a democrat as well) must have flipped a few turns!!! Sick and tired of this huge and expensive government that does not do anything except making his friends richer. How about his Christmas vacation in Hawaii? Another 10+M $$ spending?? No wonder why he wants to close the Catholic Embassy at the Holy See. He is racking the bottom of the drawers for his vacation, what? Anyway, it is more than time to end the talk and start to walk the walk.

  22. My dog some times gets the same look on his face when he is smelling something, usually his dinner or a dog biscuit… Yep, his nose in the air and his eyes kinda closed, just like that idiot obama…

    • Dogs have more sense than some people and if your dog is anything like mine, he is protective. He’d probably take a pretty good chunk out of obama.

      It’s time we unleash the hounds on DC!

  23. I honestly believe Obama has progressive dementia! Every time he speaks it seems like he has lost a few more marbles than the previous times! Next year we must vote in enough conservatives to over ride his notions with a two thirds vote. At least THAT is a
    Constitutional procedure!! Not that he is concerned with Constitutional Law!

  24. Minimum wage – my hubby worked in the steel mill for 40 years and usually only had COL increases. Higher, yes, but not to $15 by any means. Yes, it is an entry level wage, but people also need to be able to work their way up to a better wage, be rewarded for being at their job for years, for learning more and proving that they know the job after some months.


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