Jameis Winston and college conference championships

Jameis Winston

After last week’s college football rivalry week, I don’t know if it gets any better.

This week we have the conference championship games that shall lay the stage for the last year of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). Just as a bit of history, my alma mater, the University of Tennessee, won the first BCS Championship game, 23-16, against Florida State University out in Tempe Arizona at Sun Devil Stadium capping off a perfect season that had a few miracles.

That being said, I truly believe Auburn has a blessing bestowed upon them. Who can forget the ending of their last two games with Georgia and Alabama?

So now Auburn is squaring off against Missouri in the SEC championship in Atlanta — two teams which had horrific seasons last year in the SEC — maybe there’s hope for the Vols? Sorry Mizzou, gotta go with Auburn.

I’m in Charlotte tonight (Friday) and tomorrow the ACC Championship will pit undefeated Florida State against Duke, and FSU certainly gave a sigh of relief with the Jameis Winston case. I love the underdog story and David Cutcliffe is former Offensive Coordinator at Tennessee — love the guy. But FSU looks unstoppable, and so I gotta go with Chief Oseola.

Up north there’s a pretty important game in the Big 10 championship between Ohio State and Michigan State. OSU somewhat showed defensive weakness last week against Michigan. But I believe the Buckeyes will struggle against the Spartans, and lose — Go Spartans.

Lastly, there are a couple of games out of the Big 12 that have national implications. First Texas and Baylor, where I believe Baylor recovers from their lapse last week against TCU, and Bears defeat the ‘Horns. And then there’s “Bedlam” — the annual game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The Cowboys of OSU made a believer out of me with that “woodshed” they put on the Baylor Bears. I believe the game is in Stillwater, Oklahoma, if it’s not, who cares? Oklahoma State will beat their in state rivals the Sooners.

As far as the NFL, I’ll be tuning in to see if Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers can put another whuppin’ on the New Orleans Saints. The Seattle Seahawks showed everyone why they are the best team in the NFL against the Saints last Monday night. But can Drew Brees and the “Who Dats” rebound? T
Tough one to call, but I’ll give the edge to New Orleans.

So what are your big games to watch this Saturday and Sunday? Do you agree with my picks? Regardless, it is gonna be a great day for college football on Saturday.

Last question, does the controversy surrounding Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston affect his winning the Heisman Trophy next week?


  1. With the recent release of details regarding the case and how the case will no longer be pursued, I feel this will embolden him as a leader of this FSU offense even more than ever. I also feel that this has become strong point of publicity that, under the heavy media pressure of what appears to only have been false accusations, he has not buckled in the slightest. THIS is even more to his credit as an unbreakable, dominant player in the current realm of college football, overshadowing this competition.

  2. I’m not sure what the circumstances were; if it was laughter from relief, celebratory because he wouldn’t be facing charges and could continue to play, or something else. I think the fact no chharges have been filed against him is enough to say he shouldn’t be penalized if they wish to give him the trophy, he should be allowed to receive it.

  3. Integrity is what is lacking with the FSU situation. A girl made a claim against Winston and he was not charged. That does not mean he is innocent. The fact that he was involved in questionable situations placing himself and his team in jeopardy. He is not a leader and his age and immaturity showed when he made these stupid decisions.

  4. After having consensual sex on a bathroom floor with a drunk coed he dressed her, some how loaded her on his scooter and dropped her off at an intersection near her dorm. A true gentleman and leader of men. Yes, give him a trophy.

  5. Hmmm spartans may have a good defense or as the 4th best but they have not faced a high powered offense, so its gonna be a game but OHIO STATE U will win. As for FSU please they gonna rollover Duke., The SEC needs to stop whining about everything .

  6. The fact that he was involved in questionable situations placing himself and his team in jeopardy. He is not a leader Shows lack of character.

  7. Jameis Winston is guilty as sin. He & his team mates knew exactly what they were doing & this was a planned event to Rape this victim. Three against one is not acceptable. Plus taking advantage of a women who was intoxicated. The facts speak for themselves. And for the record a women has a right to say no at any time. No matter how many other things took place prior to the Rape. He will be convicted in civil court for sure. The victims & losers will include the FSU Team & any possible championship & the lost of the Heisman Trophy by this aggressive unscrupulousness schizo predator. .


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