If Obama were school principal, there’d only be C students

Yesterday, President Barack Obama showed once again his desperation regarding Obamacare. In a completely unnecessary speech, he attempted to shift the nation’s attention and re-stoke the fires of economic divisiveness which he defines as “inequality.”

Instead, all he managed to do was solidify his image as a Marxist/socialist whose only goal is wealth redistribution. It’s as if Obama sees himself as the school principal, angry with the kids who are excelling and making good grades.

He feels it’s his calling to punish those earning A grades, regardless of the long hours of studying, discipline, and hard work they’ve invested. Principal Obama wants to be popular with kids making D and F grades. Instead of promoting a new school policy of tutoring and mentoring, he just wants to redistribute the grades. In the end, he believes he’ll be able to create an entire school of average students all earning a C.

However, what Principal Obama fails to realize is that some of the A students will see his intent and simply leave the school because they possess the resources to do so. Eventually the school becomes an overall failure.

Such is the legacy and history of Marxist/socialist economic and social policy, accepted by “progressives” — it fails. Now to some, the ol’ “let’s stick it to the man” sounds good, but it’s never successful. Analyze Barack Obama’s economy and you’ll find wages for the middle income earners are depressed.

But there are no classes in America. We’re not locked into a certain state of economic existence or caste. Americans can transcend income levels when the right economic policies exist, but sir, your policies suck.

Obama has worsened the plight of hardworking middle-income families as the insidious monetary policy of quantitative easing — essentially printing massive quantities of money — devalues the dollar of their already depressed wages.

Obama has managed to expand not just the dependency society of the welfare nanny-state but also a gap in “wealth.” He seeks to sow the seeds of discord among us by saying the expanding wealth gap causes us to “trust each other less.” What kind of leader does that? Only a progressive socialist who cares nothing for the country or its citizens, but rather his own insatiable desire for absolute power.

Mr. President, we trust and believe in each other, but we do not trust you.

Stop with the divisive speeches, because we see through you and recognize your desperation. An honorable man would resign at a time when he could still be looked upon favorably – but that is not who you are. Your philosophy of governance is not in keeping with the principles of this constitutional republic. More and more Americans each day are seeing you as an incompetent, unethical, manipulative, lying tyrant. And that’s just not how we roll in the good ol’ US of A.


  1. “Americans can transcend income levels when the right economic policies exist, but sir, your policies suck.”

    LOL, best line from this whole piece. Obama – the king of “suckiness”. LOL

  2. Good leadership will remove the barriers and divisions between groups of people. Obama erects and exploits barriers to achieve his political agenda. Sadly it will divide us to the detriment of all.

  3. Amen Sir ! Instead of continual pushing us down the slope he has greased with unfair, unlawful, and unconstitutional practices, we need a leader who doesn’t tax and legislate small businesses to death while funneling money to those already rich. The common good is slavery cloaked in humanitarianism.By continuing to spend at an alarming rate with no budget in site, continuing to send billions over sea’s, and destabilizing the the dollar he will get his dream of redistribution of wealth, only it is not being distributed to the population at large only to those already wealth.

  4. Obama sounds like the Los Angeles Unified School District… Failure idea, failure system, failing our most precious resource.

  5. “Stop with the divisive speeches, because we see through you…” Now we have all learned, the hard way unfortunately, what Obama meant about “transparency”, that is, that we can easily see though all his schemes and lies.

  6. I realize that people in the service industry have a hard time making ends meet. But it is totally unrealistic to expect to get paid 15.00 and hr in these positions. One more thing that struck me, there were no upscale restaurant staff that joined in and they used to be paid 2 or 3 dollars and hr and depended on tips.
    15.00 dollars and hr is higher than some college grads start in and entry position,
    Obama has to incite discord by promising some pie in the sky scheme all the time. In a perfect world all should have a house,2 cars, swimming pool, and a boat plus 2.5 kids. Not reality unfortunately . Everything he proposes does not have the funds to support it. That is why fast food is so popular, affordable prices. If I have to pay to go to a sit down restaurant or micky ds it is a no brainer.(for the same price)
    I have never seen anyone that is such a childish trouble maker since high school. Too bad he has the national power to incite riots.
    He should have created more jobs so our teenagers could take the jobs in fast food industry and the adults could have a chance at a entry level job with a future.

    • And maybe, just maybe, if the price of everything (food, energy, healthcare. clothes, etc.) hadn’t increased as a result of Obama’s failed policies, lower wage jobs wouldn’t be as painful. For example, at the end of the Bush admin gas was $1.80/gal, now it’s DOUBLE that. Ripple that across everything else you buy, chicken and eggs up 51%, home energy up 43%, etc., while wages stay flat or fall, and you have the real reason for the pain we’re feeling.

      • Two overlooked statements he made in his first election campaign. (1) ” I DON’T CARE HOW POOR you are, everyone can pony up $5.” Emphasis on the “I DON’T CARE HOW POOR YOU ARE!” (2) “Under my administration ENERGY PRICES WILL NECESSARILY SKY ROCKET.” That’s as about as close as he’s been to the truth In the past 5 years.

  7. EXACTLY! You tell them Col. West. Instead of having a man like you for the first black president we get Obama. What a let down for the black community and everyone else. COMPLETE FAILURE.

    • Obama is our first “Half White” president. Please don’t insult Black people by saying he’s fully Black. He’s just a darker skinned racist who hates Blacks, Whites and rich people equally. However, if you are illegal he LOVES YOU!!!

  8. Please tell me Mr West how can we as individuals make any difference. We don’t have the platform you have and our representatives are deaf to us. I write my senators and congressmen all the time and I feel as if I waste my time. Everyone seems to be able to blog and speak about how bad things are but I rarely hear any solutions or see any action being taken other than joining a group to complain in mass about our problems. We need a leader and none are stepping up, those few who have tried have been too weak to survive the onslaught of the establishment.

    • Dennis, you do have a platform. Don’t write letters, it takes weeks or longer to reach your representative; it has to go through tight security in the house mailroom. Don’t email them, you will be one of millions, and who knows which staffer will read them or scan them or delete them. CALL them on their phones. Make sure you take down the name of the staffer you speak with for accountability later. If you ask for their name, they know you will hold them to task later if your message isn’t delivered. And finally, attend their town hall meetings.

    • Dennis listen to CemOps and at the same time start checking into who is going to be running for election in 2014. Right now their is a commercial where Democrat Senator Mark Pryor from Arkansas is up for re-election and is using the Bible in it and saying that’s what he believes in. If I lived in Arkansas I wouldn’t fall for that. All he is doing is using the Bible to get the Christians to vote for him. To me it’s just a trick to save his seat. The Dems are running scared. Obama needs to be out of office and the only way is getting the Dems out of the Senate so the House can bring impeachment charges against him and then the Senate can convict him and out the door he goes with his administration.

    • Spend your time wisely…use your TELEPHONE…be polite..state your case clearly and why! You can also ask what the reaction is from the public ie, if they are pro or con a particular bill. They keep lists of pro and con on every subject!! Be sure you identify yourself..if you’re a constituent, tell them if you voted for them. Always take the name of the person you speak with and politely ask them if the messages are delivered or just a tally taken? Ask if there is a time when it would be convenient to talk to your Congressman..or would he return your call!

    • I use Twitter to send “tweet” messages to all Senators and Representatives I want to contact. Short and sweet, gets the message across! Also, don’t be discouraged. There is a way the states can impeach Obama, and our truly conservative leaders, such as Jim Bridenstine, Herman Cain, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Darrell Issa, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Allen West, and Steve Stockman are people who post this info on their FB pages. I also read “Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened” as well as “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” — these sites always have the latest news on what’s happening.

  9. I still say the guy is an idiot. If he is trying to destroy out country I don’t believe he thought about the fact that the American people are not just going to sit back and let him. With the speeches he is now making,,,,I see him as running scared because whatever his plans are we are seeing through them. As far as our school systems with this Common Core, more people are going to be pulling their kids out of school and either home school them or send them to a Christian School. I read somewhere where some families got together and hired a teacher that quit because of this Common Core to teach their kids. He will never become dictator because he has weakened this country as far as military which will allow another country to come in and take it over. And if that should happen,,,his butt will be out of office anyway. But it also won’t be good for the rest of us. He needs to get out of office and the only way is the elections in 2014. The Democrats need to go so that the House can bring Impeachment charges against him and then the Senate can convict him and out the door he goes. Right now the Democrats won’t convict him. With them out of office we stand a better chance of getting Obama out of office. He has screwed up our Health Care System and now he is trying to screw up our schools. What I don’t think he ever counted on was the fact that the American people will not stand for it and will fight back.

    • I appreciate and agree with your comments. however, as far as removing this man, and I use that term loosely, from office, it is going to have to be done by We The People. The entrenched Republicans would never do it. John Bonehead is now getting ready to sell us out on amnesty just to appease his big corporate donors. Sucks.

      • Don’t give up. The House wants to bring impeachment charges against him. They still are trying to build the case with Benghazi and there is talk of another hearing coming up on that. They can impeach him all they want but with the Democrats owning the Senate,,,,that just won’t happen. John needs to go BUT we have to be careful who is running against him. If Pelosi is,,,,I’m voting for John. And just think Obama sold us out to his big donors the Unions. And Harry Reid gave his people an exemption from Obamacare. I would like to see the Republicans in,,,Harry Reid no longer the majority leader and his nuclear kicked back into his face. This is just a start and “We The People” need to stand together and make our voices heard loud and clear in Washington. And this will be just the beginning. We all need to stand united and strong.

  10. We should stop calling Obama a Marxist. He’s definitely a Socialist/Statist, but given his policies and Union and Big business allies, his track record of “Crony Capitalism,” he’s a Socialist of a different sort. When you marry Big Government+Big Labor+Big Business it’s called Corporatism, and Corporatism underlays a form of Socialism created by an Italian chap in the 1920s…

    • Why don’t we just call him what he is, an evil man , whose intent is to destroy America, our Freedom, and our Constitution because he hates our country.
      Anyone who doesn’t get it yet is surely not capable of rational thought!

      • Cut off one head, another reappears. Obama is simply one of the heads of the true beast behind it. The beast must be destroyed or the heads will simply be replaced. And by beast, I’m not talking about Americans who have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution; I am, however, speaking about the elitists (not to be confused with the wealthy) who have sent their maggots out to infect and destroy our economy, our freedoms, and our chances at a truly better life.

    • Yes, it’s those BIG three that equals the big bucks for those who worship money. It’s those BIG three that will kill America and that the population should be concerned about. It’s those BIG three that deceive the public to turn on one or two of the tenticles while ignoring the other. ALL three is the problem and ALL three are the ones that choose the politicians. We all have lost in some way in elections when we choose the candidate who loses…never so with any of the big three.

  11. Common Core is ruining our children~!! Any state that took money from the govt , in exchange for our kids educational future, should rot in hell. Our childrens futures are NOT for sale Mr. President, you sir are the devil in disguise. Your plan to ruin America, start with the kids~!! Shame on you!!

  12. Meno MALE che il PAPA PARLA SU LA STESSA FREQUENZA,PERTANTO GESU’ PARLAVA SOCIALE è per questo che fu condannato
    dai ricchi di 2000 anni fa. i ROMANI NON CENTRANO .

    • Translation from Italian to English: ” Less EVIL POPE SPEAKS ON the SAME FREQUENCY, SO JESUS ​​’SOCIAL TALKED that’s why he was sentenced from the rich 2000 years ago. the ROMANS are missing.” What it actually means? I have no idea.

  13. Instead of talking about social gaps how about talking about social mobility? Socialism doesn’t guarantee social mobility whereas a healthy economy and free market does.

    How about discussing making the public education system better instead of talking about keeping teachers with poor skills due to union pressure?

    How about discussing creating opportunities for those who work hard and have talent instead of discussing handouts for those who do nothing?


  15. Thank you, Mr. West. Insightful and clear as always, you put a fine point to the subject. Please remember that Obama is not able to do these things without consent or silence on the part of our elected officials. We must also address the appointed officials who manipulate the elected ones with their vast resources of information-gathering, and their ability to blackmail and coerce the freshly-chosen, regardless of their stated intentions. The evil must be rooted out, lest our country utterly die and leave its rotting corpse for the vultures to gather upon and pick clean.

  16. One thing we need to do no matter where you stand politically is to get out of all of those rotten “free trade” deals that the American People never asked for!
    Look at “NAFTA!” It is an absolute failure!
    Remember when Bill Clinton signed it? He said; “NAFTA will create millions of high-paying manufacturing jobs and stem illegal immigration from Mexico.”
    It’s don’t neither! And it’s been about 20 years now and we’re *still* in it?
    Where are all those “millions of high-paying manufacturing jobs?”
    “Free trade” is what’s keeping working class and now middle class wages down.

    • Yes and while every one was worried about some thing else in Oct he passed a bill in for his mandate. It is a free trade bill that covers all the Pacific countries. The bill was suppose to go under another name but he changed it to ” Trans Pacific Partnership.” I warned people a couple of months before it came to pass and no one even question what it was. Also no one has aske what it is since it was signed and sealed. Most people are conserned with one little item and don’t see the over all picture the he is doing. In the first draft of obummacare (1000* plus pages) he out line most everything he is doing now.Answer from all who cares?

      • The last I read on the Pacific Agreement, it was still under investigation. America had not yet signed it. That was only a few weeks ago.

  17. I’m going to be donating money to the opponents of three senators who voted for amnesty. If we could get people from across the country we could get rid of all those traitors in the next three elections.

  18. Obama policies are no different than those of the Clinton administration. Same people/money behind the scenes. Times, however, have changed, and so out with the old. But who is on the horizon bringing in the new?

    • If it isn’t already, it soon will be. Witness the dumbing down of educational standards – just watch Watters World on FOX, where Jesse Watters interviews people on the street. It makes me squirm how ignorant they are …..much like Nancy Pelosi. Have I made my point?

  19. Like Philiip says the world is run by C student… Shame on both Houses! What are our Representatives doing, talking, reporting about such a disastrous, criminal governance instead of impeaching, incarcerating and deporting???

  20. I think Obama will do anything to switch the publics attention off the failure of Obamacare so now we are back to raising the minimum wage to a rediculous amount which will do nothing as employers will just fire people so they are paying what they were before. Thus the remaining people will have to pick up the slack the fired employees left. President Obama will do anything to get people think about something else. I hope people are smarter and not fall for another one of his pep talks that actually only helps him.

  21. As a friend observed, he has no idea what to do to save himself, so he just keeps campaigning. And what purpose do the robot people standing behind him at every news conference serve? Seemingly, their role is to applaud on cue. Wow….what leadership.

    • Of course the robot people behind him are props to facilitate his maniacal egotistical addiction and need for elevation on his delusion of occupying a throne or pedestal. The robot people are remunerated for their time with the taxpayer funds and obligations added to the national debt. Good sound policy by a leader that is a legend and leader only in his own mind.

  22. Evil wears many cloaks. To identify deceit one must look very closely to see the threads of those cloaks that are loosely sown in the hast of deception. When you have been waiting for a hero for many decades you may only hear the words you want to hear and your reaction may be like that of a starving animal. Hence this is the way the politician often survives. Look closely at the threads my friends. Do not be deceived.

  23. Before we were poisoned by liberalism in this country this president would have been run out of office by now. Tired of the lies and blatant disregard for the hardworking tax paying American citizens what is it going to take to get these tyrants out of the oval office and senate?

      • He has the codes? Tell me, ’cause I wanna know those secret codes to get this product that’s officially from the NFL.

    • Study up on French history, circa 1789 to 1799. That’s what needs to happen here, but the “king” and his “aristocracy” are in Washington D.C. and in numerous corporations throughout the United States.

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Antoinette

        “The royal family’s flight to Varennes had disastrous effects on French popular opinion, Louis XVI was deposed and the monarchy abolished on 21 September 1792; the royal family was subsequently imprisoned at the Temple Prison. Eight months after her husband’s execution, Marie Antoinette was herself tried, convicted by the Convention of treason to the principles of the revolution, and executed by guillotine on 16 October 1793.”

        Marie Antoinette and her husband were both executed by guillotine on charges of repeated acts of treason against Americans (er, I mean the French.) I keep thinking of Michelle Obama’s repeated extravagent lifestyle via American tax payer dollars. The Obama’s have an upcoming two week vacation with an extimate it will cost taxpayers over $4 Million dollars while tens of millions of Americans can’t find work, with nearly 40% of the American public not actively employed.

    • Because we no longer have a journalists with integrity in the mainstream media, but mainly a bunch of liberal journalists who are white washers and mud slingers depending on if you are another liberal or not, we basically no longer get the truth in the news. That is the main reason Obama is president – the media did not do their job and so did not expose him but helped him build a false facade about what he really is all about.

  24. I would ask you why is it that Obama has not been fired? I really want to know, it is confusing when he is accused of treason and so much more, why is he here?

    • Because it takes an act of Congress to make that happen, and his party controls the Senate. You think Mr Reid will bring forward an impeachment action for his fair haired boy? The US citizenry can take the President to court and sue him but who has the knowledge or the money? And by the time it made it to the courts, he’d probably have run his term out. America is in a hell of a pickle. And he knows it.

  25. Wish he’d been more like Nelson Mandela. Nelson could have wallowed in his bitterness after he got out of jail but he left his anger there and became President of his country and was a wonderful President. He pulled his country together and did a wonderful job. It’s a shame that Obama when he had the chance to be the 1st a/a president and do a wonderful job at it decided to tear this country apart instead. What a wasted opportunity.

  26. Really enjoyed your analogy. Good one. Didn’t a college professor use that to demonstrate to his students how effective this kind of system is? In a class where no one ever failed, a whole class failed because the best quit working.

  27. What a great man you are Mr. West, you have seen thru all the wickness of Obama and warned us of what is to come if we continue with this Obama. If the American ;people do no wake up soon and elect you or some one as good as, tho I do not believe there is anyone but you this good we are headed for real trouble.

  28. I agree that Obama Bin Ladin should be impeached or resign, but I really don’t think we want crazy Joe Biden running the country.

    • I disagree about Joe Biden being President. If we can force Obama out of office, while Joe Biden will replace him as president, the current Speaker of the House (John Boehner, a Republican) becomes the new Vice President. With a Republican as V.P., there’s nothing Democrats can do to hide their agenda. Such a combination would effectively destroy the Democratic Party’s ability to force their agenda upon Americans.

  29. I understand why those in the Democrat Party stands with Soetoro. Why, pray tell, are the Republicans mute? Are they on the payroll? What logic can explain their complete lack of action for all these years?


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