Kim Jong Un sacks his uncle; 2 other officials publicly executed

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is apparently working on consolidating his power. This past week, news emerged that he was most likely behind the sacking of his powerful uncle, Jang Song Thaek, from his dual posts as vice chairman of the powerful National Defense Commission and as a department head of the ruling Workers’ Party.

According to Reuters reporters Jack Kim and Ju-Min Park

Those who watch the North’s power structure say Jang’s removal would not have been possible without the approval of the third Kim to rule in the family dynasty. The move is likely to tip the balance in favor of another close aide – the top political operative for the army, which could mean a symbolic victory for the 1.2-million-strong military. Choe Ryong Hae, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People’s Army, has been the most prominent figure to accompany Kim at public events and is a reminder of the state’s political roots in military power.

Reuters said there was no immediate news on Jang’s fate, but two close aides to Jang were publicly executed for corruption.

There’s no doubt Kim the youngest is leaning towards ensuring the military maintains its prominence in North Korean political structure. For Kim Jong Un to be a viable leader, he must keep the military in his support circle. What this means for the United States is yet to be seen, but you can be assured that as America presses North Korea on their nuclear program, this move makes the Stalinist regime an even greater wild card. You have to wonder how much of this has the blessing of China, North Korea’s best Asian ally.

At a time when Vice President Joe Biden is in the Pacific Rim visiting American allies to reassure them of support, this has to be of concern, especially as China extends its hegemonic dominance into claimed Japanese territory, the Senkaku Islands. We may have pivoted away from the Middle East, per Obama, to the Pacific, but both regions are being destabilized by rogue actors.

We are surrounded by a Machiavellian world of despotic strong men. Now is not the time or place for a naïve community organizer to be the President of these United States. But that’s unfortunately what we’re stuck with.


  1. And we’ve got Pelosi and Reid running around the legislative buildings…… me a warm fuzzy feeling all over…

  2. He kills a lot of people becasue of corruption he has a lot of room to talk This guy one day I hope he becomes a good Communist good and dead


    • Oh this idiot we have now knows how to run this, furthermore if a person doesn’t there are just to many people to turn to for help/advice. However thats not his intended purpose.

      I whole heartily think he is setting up our military for a slaughter with a new war and our generals will not be there to prevent it because they’ve all been or will be fired prior. Instead, there will be the newly hired to replace them, enemies running our soldiers into a trap of a war with every battle and of no return! That will be our militarys last stand and no one will be able to report what is truly happening to them! Its what this regime did to seal team Six as a trial run!

      Our soldiers would be smart to assimilate together and call it quits then side against this man and with the American people! This country is what matters before all others and like Ronald Reagan said “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.”

    • SOME of us lived during the days when World History was still being taught in
      classrooms. ALL of us will remember the days we had to live with obama (and will get the shudders over the memory)

    • He wants to destroy America. Why do you think he’s giving billions of our money to Iran and other terrorist countries? He’s laughing at us that Americans are so gullible to believe every lie coming out of his mouth. He despises everything America stands for. He has spit on the graves of our fallen heroes. He hates our military with a hate so deep that he downsized our military to the smallest since before WWII. His own wife hates America. Yes, this son of Satan, just like Hitler, Stalin and Mao, will stop at nothing to completely see the total destruction of the once greatest nation on earth, the United States of America.
      Our forefathers died so we would never live under tyranny. Don’t forget, Hitler wasn’t German. He was born in Austria, yet he took power and murdered not only millions of Jews, but 19 million Christians as well. I hate to say this, but I have to agree with the KGB Commie Putin, who said “Americans are stupid for voting for this idiot.” and “Obama is the leader of Sodom and Gomorrah.”
      Well, if Congress had been doing their job and upholding the Constitution, we wouldn’t be living under this vile evil lying son of Satan.

  4. Col West, Sir: Why is Congress and the top commanders allowing this Dictator BHO to give millions of our money, fighter jets, to terrorists? As an Amy Vet, I take offense that this traitor can continue to commit treason, sedition, murder, corruption, total disregard for the law or the Constitution upon which America was founded. Men fought and died so we would never be under tyranny, yet this is happening right under our noses. He laughs and spits on the graves of our fallen. He has trampled on Old Glory. He has destroyed our military and you and I both know, to make deals with the enemy is the worse crime any president can commit. This is a crime that cannot continue and he must be arrested, and face a Courts Martial. He cannot be impeached. He is an illegal, and by his own words he condemned himself and I quote, : “I wasn’t born in these United States, I was born in Kenya.” When he came into office the first time, illegally,by fraud, he said he was going to do away with terms limits. In other words, he will remain in power for as long as he lives and he knows no one will stop him. This is the most vile, evil lying SOB in the history of my country. He came here on a foreign passport and has never applied for US Citizenship, therefore he is in the country illegally and must be removed before he does anymore damage. A Usurper cannot be impeached. He must be removed and charged with crimes against humanity. This man is a murderer and must not be allowed to continue. Our lives and the lives of our children and grand-children.


      • Has anyone been paying attention? The first time he announced he was running for President, remember what happened to make darn sure he was elected. Bus loads of people were brought into Nevada to vote for Obama. These people weren’t even a resident yet they were allowed to vote anyway. The names these people wrote on their ballots: Popeye, goofy, the names of the Dallas Cowboys, etc; the names were made up, yet they were counted. Then the names of dead people were written on the ballots in Florida. Many whites who were going in to vote Republican were turned away by the New Black Panthers and threatened . When anyone protested to AG Eric Holder, in his own words, “I’m not going to prosecute my black brothers, etc.” Anyone can go back to that first election and see and hear everything for yourselves. The same thing happened this last election. The word was, “If Obama does not win, there will be rioting in the streets. Why is it everything about BHO has to be hidden from the American people?
        He came here as a foreign student on a foreign passport, enrolled in college with no money and never applied for US Citizenship. Therefore, BHO is not an American citizen. He and Michelle both admitted he wasn’t born in the US. He was born in Kenya.

        Even the SS number he has been using does not belong to him. It belonged to an elderly deceased gentleman in Connecticut, who had never applied for SS benefits. (there is more than one SS number he has been using).

      • I disagree with the assessment he needs illegal aliens to vote him in. Just look at the last two elections where he won handily. Maybe for future votes for his party, though. If we as a populace let this guy override the amendment on term limits, we are nailing the last nail in the coffin of this once great country. Get on your knees America. The only real answer to this and the other numerous problems we face is to allow God to rule our lives. Not this imposter.

    • There is also another point to add to your words ( all of which i totally agree ) . We now have an 85 year old Veteran that was forcibly removed from an airplane on his way home and is now being held prisoner in the country in which he fought against over 60 years ago. Why are we not doing something to get this American hero out of that stinking cesspool of a country? Where are those answers? Colonel West, please do something. Our POTUS has no balls, period. End of story……RKW, Collinwood TN United States Of America

    • I am amazed at the ability of the press and populace to so mysteriously forget how much they pound Republican presidents on the economy when it is slow at election time. But with Obama, we get the same old, tired excuse; ‘It’s Bush’s fault”. I fear as ’40Helen60’ says about him that he is really trying to eliminate term limits as he is silently attempting to be voted in again and again. Meanwhile, the people continue to suffer as he and his family take wonderful vacations. I am still in shock at the ease this guy was voted in twice.

  5. Obama is jealous of Kim Jong Un. He wishes he could get away with doing away with people that oppose him. The only difference between Obama and Kim Jong Un is….well….not much.

  6. Wait and see, Kim will be invited to live and work in the U.S. as a illegal and receive more money than he can currently as leader of Korea.

  7. i thought his ganddad and father were nuts lived there in osan for 5 years and damn they just need to kill this dumbass

    • Great idea as maybe it would keep this youngster occupied. Just hate to see innocent blood shed all for this guy’s entertainment.

  8. These things about North Korea just can’t be true. After all, the official name of the country is The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. And the ruling party is named The Workers’ Party. With names like that, the government must be made up of really good people like our Democrats.

    • you know it brother. we can count on the democrats to help other countries in need because we are without need here in america. that is what makes this country so great. North korea wants to follow suit, like the yellow pages, and reach out to touch someone. their Democrats own the republic. just like ours think they do. I am so proud of our democratic party, they mean well with good hearts. they would rather believe a lie, if it benefits them. they sometimes seem educated, but no common sense. they can not rap their heads around the truth. As Jack Nicholson put it you can’t handle the truth?

    • LOL- Good one! But…I fear that what you said contains more accurate statements than a lot of Americans want to even think about.

      • Yes. And that was my point. People here see the Democrats as the ones who are looking out for the small guy. But, what they don’t see is that the Democrats are taking over our lives and moving the federal government from one which serves us to one that rules us with an iron fist. That is exactly what has happened in countries like North Korea. As a matter of fact you can research just about any communist dictatorship and find out that they have these lovely official names that make them out to be for the small guy.

  9. Obama likes to call himself a community organizer, and there are some naive enough to believe that’s all he is, a well-meaning stooge. However, he seems a lot more devious, cunning and problematic than just a simple community organizer.

    • I don’t think that naivete figures much into this either. Even if Bill Ayers wrote both of Obama’s books, they still were published with his full go-ahead, and they proclaim very articulately how The Hussein feels toward Western Civilization, and America in particular.

  10. I would not discount the possibility of obama slipping over he edge to remove those who have offended him and far too many powerful military leaders have been removed by him since the killing of our Ambassador and Navy Seals for which no one has yet been brought to justice.. There are many reports of his vengeful tendencies toward those who have displeased him.

    • I’m curious as to whether anyone in obama’s inner circle or those who have supported him in the media are at all nervous…history has shown that Communist/Marxist leaders usually order that it be one of them to get the first bullet.

  11. We’re not hearing much discussion about the current and potential dangers and challenges to our national security from ANY of the people in either party whom the media has designated as possible 2016 presidential candidates – Cruz, Paul, Christie, Rubio, Bush, Clinton, Biden, Warren etc. The only one who seems to be paying any attention to these important issues and raising them in a public forum is Colonel West.

    WEST 2016

    • We need someone with Allen West’s knowledge of military and the strength to PURGE the posers from every agency and position where Hussein has inserted them. Too bad he can’t remove these crafty judges once they are installed. . .

  12. North Korea’s Kim Jung Un is as crazy as a pet coon. obama thinks he can scare Un with ideal threats he’s wrong. We need a strong leader at times like this and obama is not that person. We let obama lead we are going to get our ass’s hand to us. obama need to be removed now before he really destroys this country.

    • Exactly, Rick. We need a George W. Bush in times like this. Not someone who seems to enjoy spending as much time of the golf course or campaign trail.

      • A George W. Bush?? lol. We’re talking about North Korea and China. Not an Iraq or Afghanistan who both had very weak military. George Bush was out of his league then and would certainly be in this situation as well…

  13. Quote from above “…We may have pivoted away from the Middle East, per Obama, to the Pacific, but both regions are being destabilized by rogue actors.

    We are surrounded by a Machiavellian world of despotic strong men. Now is not the time or place for a naïve community organizer to be the President of these United States. But that’s unfortunately what we’re stuck with…”

    “sigh” Think before voting. Research for yourself before voting.

    Or…just vote for the Rockstar Candidate…your professor, favorite media comedian likes.

    And ignore the realities of the increasingly scary world we live in…

  14. I agree 100% with your assessment of your assessment of Obama being way out of his league in this area. Probably more than any other previous time in his Presidency we Christians and others need to increase in strength and frequency our prayers for his wisdom and not only this country’s future, but the world’s as well.

  15. Evil in North Korea, and Evil in our White House. How did we get here. Look around you. The people who voted Barrack in are HAPPY< HAPPY< HAPPY.

  16. We have a President who is suppose to be the leader of our country who doesn’t know how to lead. Is his plans really to destroy our country and become a dictator or is he just one of the biggest dumb asses we ever have had? He is more concerned about his Obamacare which in itself is a disaster. He’s out campaigning for people to sign up but when they do the insurance companies aren’t even getting the information because the website isn’t sending it. I would laugh at this but can’t because so many at the end of the year may find out they don’t even have insurance or their premiums will have doubled / tripled and their deductibles will be over $12,000. He lies over and over,,,even when he knows we know he is lying. The scary thing about all this is the fact that the rest of the world see this and leaders from the other countries think he is a joke. They also see our country no longer strong but weak. Look what he has done to our military. We have to get him out of office and the only way that is going to happen is a change in the Senate in 2014. The House can call for impeachment but right now what good would that do? The Senate has to convict and the Democrats aren’t going to convict him. He needs to be convicted and his administration will go with him. He is putting our country in ruins and another three years,,,,possibly destroy it. And Christians,,,start praying and asking for God’s help because we really need him in order to succeed. If this keeps up we are going to be easy pickings. We need to unite and show the world that we may have a weak leader but our country is made up of STRONG Americans.

    • Sadly, I do not believe for one moment that he is a president of his own volition. The guy in the office at the white house is a puppet, we have not seen the puppet masters yet they are behind a veil. I thank God that he has opened the eyes of at least 50% of us from the see who that man really was.

      • Glenn Beck revealed the puppet masters several years ago. It’s not a quiet conspiracy! They include The Apollo Group of former SDS members like Holder, the muslim manipulators like Valerie Jarrett and big money like Soros. Don’t you believe they encouraged voter fraud in unprecedented numbers for these past 2 elections? Won’t they do it again in 2014? Aided by congressional communists/socialists, they are all twisted minds (read what they publish!) with a platform of destructive agenda using LGBT, race, health care & climate change for excuses to make America a third world country . . .

      • Yes he did, but there are others. Glenn ,several months before he left, came REAL close to getting to the bottom of what is being made ready that will be ushered in. There is more than just the ones he named..
        The real push to to bring down America economically, which will also ruin the worlds economy. very dark days are on there way, the push is A One World Government, currency and religion..

    • I am afraid (if of anything) that the worst may come to bear! That we may have to fight to regain what took years and years to build!!!

    • Sherill you hit the nail on the head with this our country needs a lot more people like you and maybe we can get it put back together the way it was.. Thank you..

    • Phil, Ben & Nanette….I usually go out to as many postings of Allen West as I can. I’ve also started talking to people around me about Obamacare, Common Core, etc. You can spread the word, not just by internet, but face to face. A lot of people are living in their own little world with trying to make ends meet along with raising children and you can help them see what is going on around them. Elections are going to be an important issue in 2014. If the Democrats don’t get their seats and the Republicans get into the Senate,,,that is a start to Obama losing his hold. Watch him when he gives a speech. He seems to be losing a lot of confidence when he speaks. Democrats are not going to totally disagree with him. I don’t trust Harry Reid because he seems to have too much power over Obama. Also I would recommend you read up on Ezekiel Emanuel who happens to be the main creator of Obamacare. This guy scares me. I attached a link to Wikipedia and would suggest you read the topics….”The ends of human life” and “Death Panels”. Some of the things they say about him seem like he’s an ok guy. BS There is a comment in “Death Panels” from Sarah Palin. I trust her. In fact I would trust her with my life. Some people don’t like the things she says but she is 100% for America.

    • I have never understood, if he wasn’t only voted into office because of the color of his skin, how in the hell was he elected ? He has absolutely no qualifications to be a dog catcher, much less President Of the Untied States.

      • I believe they selected him because of the color of his skin and knew they would get a guaranteed win. People were upset with Bush and the chances of the Democrats winning the election were high but if they added Obama to the mix the chances of a win went high off the chart. “First Black President”. The first win was pretty much a land slide. The 2nd win I’m not so sure of. Lot of dead voters voted in Chicago, missing write in votes and was it in Philadelphia where the Black Panthers hung out at some of the polling places to scare off the white voters? He came from Chicago and of course we are now considered the most corrupt city. He’s not running the office, somebody is running it for him. He keeps pointing the finger at the Republicans for any problems that go on. Look at when the Government closed down,,,the Republicans were in a no win situation. If they didn’t sign the deal to open the government then our economy and Europe’s economy would suffer. If they signed the deal then the Americans would blame the Republicans. Obama knew they would get the blame either way. I look at it this way,,,the Republicans had no choice but to sign the deal to open the Government because they knew Obama would let the economy collapse because he wouldn’t get the blame and at the same time get rid of the Republicans. Obama didn’t even care if it caused a collapse in the economy. Probably what he wants anyway. Dog Catcher,,he probably would create an Obamacare insurance for dogs and mess them up. And I really believe God had something to do with the crash of the Obamacare Website and the problems it still has. No human could screw it up as bad as it is.

  17. This twerp is the hand pupped of evil men….just like some of our leaders. Li’l Kim needs a good asswhoopin’ and sent to bed without his supper, just like the millions of North Koreans who go to bed hungry every night.

  18. Why do we continually elect presidents that are out of their league? Not since George Bush Sr. have we had a president that had prior experience in foreign policy. We seem to like our governors, but leading at the national level is nothing like leading at the state level.

  19. His face is proof that communism failed. I’ve seen dead people with more life in their eyes. These people wouldn’t know joy if it popped up in their breakfast cereal and said “good mornin'”.

  20. It should be mandatory that anyone seeking the Office U.S. president had to have served his country in some branch of the military, and at least held rank as an officer, along with “being born in this country !!!!”

  21. Well we would not be stuck w Obama if senate an other upper party officials woke up an realized that it is apparent that they have more than enough reason to impeach him! Nixon did way less than this president has done! I don’t see his color I see his deads! He is wrong! He has detached him self from Israel , gods chosen people, Bengazi etc…..blah blah blah, I can’t even go on about him any more, Leaders grow a pare an impeach him an his crones! Before it’s to late for us all! He is not for America or American people!


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