The ghost of Obama past, present, and future

Image: Barracuda Brigade

As this is the holiday season, and I’m getting in the mood I have been struck by an interesting Christmas parallel. Remember the Charles Dickens story, “A Christmas Carol?” Truly a holiday classic in book and film versions. In the story, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three spirits: the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. I began thinking about what would happen if a spirit came and did the same over a night with President Obama?

What would it be like for President Obama to go back in time to 2009-2010 and revisit several major policy initiatives? In retrospect would it make any difference for him to see exactly what the effects would be?

If Obama could go back and reevaluate the stimulus package where nearly $1 trillion was spent, would he do it again? Would he see the failure of that massive spending endeavor? If the President was forced to sit back and see the debt clock and understand the ramifications of the first four years of out of control spending, would it allow him to see the folly? In those first two years when he had the House and Senate to run through anything he wanted, would he ponder why he did not include Republicans?

If President Obama could have the chance to look back at Dodd-Frank, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, would he have taken a different course? Hidden away in Dodd-Frank is something called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Its mission is to prevent certain financial institutions from committing or engaging in “unfair,” “deceptive” or “abusive” practices regarding a consumer financial product or service. The problem is the CFPB has been granted exclusive authority in prescribing rules, issuance of guidance, conduct of examinations, requests for reports, and the ability to issue exemptions. What’s scary is the fact that Congress does not possess any appropriating authority over the CFPB because the agency is funded by the Federal Reserve. And the director of the CFPB solely determines the amount of funding the CFPB receives from the Fed.

As I sit here listening to President Obama for the umpteenth time try to sell us on Obamacare, if he could go back would he still inflict this pain on the American people? Would he sign into law a 2700 page bill that no one read, including himself? This is a decree, not a law with all the machinations it has undergone from Obama, creating 159 new bureaucracies, agencies, boards, commissions, and programs. Would President Obama go back and not lie to the American people in order to have this onerous massive wealth redistribution scheme pass?

Is it possible that a new President Obama would go back to the past and not give the speech at the University of Cairo and blindly support the “Arab Spring” and force the removal of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak? Would President Obama see how he has increased the welfare nanny-state and maybe not use taxpayer dollars to advertise for electronic benefits cards i.e. food stamps? Would he not march towards expanding a program that came to be known as the “Obamaphone?”

I just wonder what would happen if Obama transported back to the past. If he got a chance to see the failures of his policies now — and if he could be taken forward to see the destruction, havoc, and desolation he would cause for future generations of Americans, would he change? Perhaps in the future if President Obama saw that he had no legacy of success, only failure, maybe he would change course.

I ask you, is it possible for President Barack Hussein Obama to have an Ebenezer Scrooge moment and a change of heart? Would he shed a tear and realize that his direction for America is totally wrong? Or do we have a Marxist/socialist President whose heart is forever hardened and doesn’t care about a Merry Christmas or a bright future for our children and grandchildren, our little Tiny Tims?


  1. I dont think he would change a thing
    , I believe this was his plan from the start. I think he is very happy with the way things are going. God help us all.

    • Merry Christmas, Vlad! May God bless you! I will pray for you! Hopefully Santa will bring you a hoodie that actually fits (because the one you’re wearing in your picture makes your head look enormous). Sorry!

      • Merry Christmas to you too and may god bless you. If we ever see each other in some dark street. Please don’t shoot, i’m unharmed.

    • Why is it that some weirdo grammar phobic spell checker whatever ? Has to show his or her ignorance by pointing out and nit picking on every subject, but has nothing to add to the one discussed!
      Do they think it makes them look intelligent? Just shows they are rude!

  2. Obama is a walking, talking GIF loop. Regardless of the futility and disastrous consequences of most of his ideology, he’ll go through the same motions over and over again…

  3. this article was written on the assumption that Obama somehow didn’t KNOW that all this would fail. HE PLANNED THE FAILURE of America. It is all working PERFECTLY ACCORDING TO PLAN!!

  4. Col West; I wouldn’t take to heart much that Vald99 had to say.
    He is so concerned with your ability to write when you are addressing
    such a large problem.
    Small, small mind.

  5. Nope, I think it would be more like Jurassic Park 2 – where they try to ‘fix’ the problems only to get gobbled up the dinosaurs anyway…

  6. I believe that the answer (or answers to so many questions) is no. I believe that things are going exactly as Obama has planned. The failure of Obamacare opens the door to a “single payer” system because people will have no choice but to get their health care from the government once all of the healthinsurance companies go broke trying to comply with the ever-changing law. When the national debt becomes so great that it becomes impossible to pay down, much less pay off, there will be no other alternative than to take from those who have. Pretty soon everyone will be a have-not. It would have been better to shut down the government for good than to allow this foregone conclusion to occur. I mean it when I say that no government is better than the one we have now.

  7. Those are rhetorical questions, right? We all know, as well as we can know anything, that Obama would do everything pretty much the same way. The only changes he would be likely to make would be the result of examining the past and finding ways that he could effectively cause MORE disruption in and diminishment of the United States. Clearly, his goal is remove the United States from its position of power and influence in the world. Social and financial upheaval is the path to that end that he has chosen.

    • Even George Soros expressed disappointment in obama. But what Soros meant by that, was that obama hasn’t been (Marxist) or ruthless enough.

  8. I think this entire article is very unfair to Ebeneezer Scrooge, even at his most evil. The current president is far less thoughtful, far less compassionate, and far less fiscally responsible. At least Scrooge was frugal. You owe Ebeneezer an apology.

  9. Of course he wouldn’t change anything he did if he had the ability to go back in time or to see forward in time. He meant for things to get worse. I used to think people who mentioned Cloward/Piven were a beer short of a six-pack, but it’s painfully obvious now that this man has studied their playbook and committed it to heart.

  10. This evil man was sent upon us for one purpose to destroy our country which is not his.he belongs in a few places and God willing that will happen soon.One being impeached and in prison the other one day forever in hell.Those that blindly follow his policies because you’re just stupid God have mercy on your soul those that follow his agenda because they themselves are Marxist communist you also belong in prison and also in hell with him one day hopefully very soon.I sound cold hearted, No I’m just someone that wants something left for those I love my kids my grandkids my nieces my nephews those around me that deserve better those that fought for this country and now its being ripped apart before their eyes this man will never change. his heart the day he said he wanted to run for President was to destroy.

  11. Obama said he wanted the Republicans to give alternatives to ObamaCare than said he would defend ObamaCare, so you can talk until your blue in the face but he’s not going to listen.

  12. Some CHRISTian from Africa stated he had a dream osama obama would “change” his ways soon and turn from his communism. ME, I don’t think the HEAD terrorrist islamo communist moslim USURPER will ever leave HIS daddy SATAN.

  13. unless God changes him, he will not change… however God can orchestrate conditions so that His will is accomplished NO MATTER what the humans involved want

  14. These things are all part of his plan, he doesn’t care how it’s affecting us as long as he is on track with the transformation of America.

  15. The Ghost of Chiselers Past, and the Present, and the Future – that’s only two Ghosts, since there’s no future under Obama – stand on either side, and beat the Dickens out of him for – oh, about five hundred years. Maybe more. And glue his butt to a chair glued to the floor in front of a 1960s color TV – playing an eternal loop of every episode of Batman aired back then. Once every day, he’s allowed to beg the Ghosts to take him into the other room and beat him again, just so he can’t hear: Biff! Pow! Wham! – Nahnahnahnahnahnah . . .

    • He has no heart and his eyes have that typical psychopathic 2 round holes appearance to them. Dark soul, dark mind, dark ideas and dark ways.

  16. obama was raised by Communists and so believes in the Marxist Way. This explains why he is anti-American. This also explains why he should not be in the White House.

  17. Grreat. That picture of obama’s face imposed over Scrooge’s gives me the willies. It’s going to be a while before I can get it out of my mind, too. Kind of like an annoying song that gets stuck in your mind all day. Between this and that picture of Kim Jong Un, it really creeps me out.

  18. Rather than being transformed into a better man as the fictional Scrooge was, the Egotist-In-Chief would probably merely say “Bah, humbug.”

  19. The flaw of this metaphor is that Obama does not believe his policies have failed. Anything less than smashing success was just interference by those evil Republicans and other non supporters, who are of course all racists.

    And the liberal media will back this lie up of course.

  20. NO….he would just go back in time and figure out how he could blame Bush for all of it. (Sorry I couldn’t resist throwing that comment in.) I believe if he went back in time he would learn from the mistakes he made and do a better job of covering up his actions on Obamacare. Scrooge learned from his mistakes and had a change of heart in a good way. Obama would learn from his mistakes and have NO change of heart in a bad way. Now it’s “We The People” who need to learn from the mistakes of those that voted him in (which we have learned) and clean up their mistakes by getting him out of office. A lot of those that did vote in him also have learned from their own mistakes. Now let’s start. Election 2014 is one place to start. I’ve said it over and over and several postings,,,get the Democrats out of the Senate. The House would like to impeach him but with the Democrats owning the Senate,,,they wouldn’t get a conviction. Get the Republicans in the Senate and as we all know they will fight him every which way and Harry Reid would no longer be Majority Leader. I know a lot of people would like John Boehner out but keep in mind,,,Pelosi maybe running against him. Which is the lesser of the two evils at this time? You want to start by cutting the power the Reid and Pelosi have had. And this is only a start. There are people out there fighting for us. There are a lot of military out there that is on our sides. Here’s a link that will show you some of what is going on.

  21. Obama is to me a Muslim Traitor he is setting up our government with liberals help to take control of our government proclaim USA a Muslim State of Islam. After that all sick and elderly will be lift to die letting Obama care with there death committee. He will with gun control take our guns there will be a fight. He has fired hundreds of top level Generals to weaken our defense cause they answer no to the question *I understand* would you fire on citizens. Muslims will start attacking Christians and Jewish people which mean a bloody fight they will attack the old and helpless, children for slaves, young males for slaves, young women for sex slaves, rape, torture like what happening in Europe, Norway, United Kingdom, etc. I believe this is true he supplied arms, weapons, cash to our enemies, disgraced America in the world with his lies and in ability to make common sense decisions that in the best interest of America, has used race to help his treason against the American People with the help of the democratic party of liberals who have made blind support of Obama’s lies and say just enough to leave a fancy thought in the liberal minds with perfect America there’s no such thing the world isn’t perfect and most likely not in our life time. I believe this to be true and very much concerns me having children, grandchildren my family will not give up our Constitutional Republic and Constitutional Rights All Of Them Not One, the fight must go one. “So Help Me God”

  22. Allen – Somewhat like the Pharoh of the Exodus,his heart has been hardened. While the Exodus story had a happy ending, l am much less certain that what we’re seeing play out will have a happy ending.

  23. The war mongering religious fanatic racist calling out the wasteful misleading banking puppet. No doubt Barack Obama stinks, but he’s no scrooge. Obama’s managed to waste plenty for his banking masters. But Allen West has no room to criticize.


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