Obamacare truth depends on what “is” is

You may remember President Bill Clinton’s famous retort during the Monica Lewinsky episode regarding the definition of “is.” Now it seems President Obama faces the same issue of definition.

First Americans were told “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, period. If you like your doctor you can keep him, period.” We now know that “is” not the case.

President Obama and his minions assessed your plans as substandard according to he who knows what is, is, and we know he knows what is best. And of course we all did not understand what Obama meant what is, is, so he just misspoke and then told the insurance industry what is, is, and that they should just put everyone back on their plans — since Mr. Obama’s definition of is, is that he can simply command something to occur.

Apparently Secretary Sebelius has redefined functional to mean you do not get an error message but you are in the queue to be serviced — your information “is” being processed, albeit in a totally unsecure mode.

Progressive socialists are so good at changing language and redefining words so that getting on the website and having your information processed “is” counted as being signed up for Obamacare. The problem “is” as Fox News reported this morning, some 30% of those who applied on the website do not actually have policies.

So Americans are left asking what “is” the truth about Obamacare enrollment? I’m asking a simpler question, “is” there such a thing as a functional system called Obamacare?

What “is” the truth is that liberal socialists have made everything a mess at a time when many Americans should be preparing for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ — and Merry Christmas particularly to those who find that sentiment troubling.

Instead there are many Americans worried sick about their ability to have healthcare coverage for themselves and their families — yes, affordable healthcare, not the “sticker shock” prices of Obamacare. If the original problem was healthcare coverage for 30 million Americans, President Obama should have started there to provide coverage for those individuals.

The truth “is,” the American people are caught up in the biggest wealth redistribution scheme we’ve ever seen. And don’t be surprised when at some point President Obama takes the stage and conveys to the American people that Obamacare “is” not working, therefore he deems what “is” best for America “is” a single payer healthcare system. Principled leaders need not deceive. They know what the meaning of is, is.


  1. well, wouldnt we then have to back and “vote” on single-payer? people will be so pissed by then, they wont do anything this pres wants to do when it comes to health-care

    • He changed obamacare after the law was passed without running it back thru congress. He does as he damn well pleases like any dictator.

  2. I am so sick and tired of all of the multitude of lies from this President and all of his cronies. It is one after the other. This is not just an issue of lying but more that he is systematically destroying this country, Emotionally and financially. The thing I don’t understand is, Why are we not asking for his resignation or, why are we not impeaching him. The one this that is transparent is, He is not fit to hold this office any longer.

      • Susie, piss on obama and his minions. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “the tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    • Slight correction, Robert. obama was never “fit” to hold this office, not was he ever Constituionally qualified to do so as well.

    • An impeachment is an act initiated by Congress. Who is in charge of Congress? I think he should just be removed from the White House and told his services are no longer required. .

    • There will be no impeachment. This is a bipartisan conspiracy and that leaves no one to do it. He has taken over the power of the house and senate and repeatedly changed laws at will when he does not have the power to do so. He has no feeling for the people because he is an elitist that ignores the will of the people because he knows what is best for the unwashed masses.
      That puts him totally at odds with the constitution which he also does not believe in.

  3. This is what Communists do. They paint a rosy picture of something else to entice the public mind then when your not looking they bring on the real intent of their ruthless plan and hope that it is adopted much like Obmacare, till everyone finds it to be a greater heap of garbage than that in the landfills.

    • I have a question,why arent more ppl concerned ontop of all else with this bill,dealth panels! Ob picked panel to decide .org one lives or dies..Just like Hilters T-4 Euthanasia programs,that were used on elderly,mentally handicapped,etc..from 1939-1945; hunreds of thousands killed!! That in itself,says it all..about his intent for Americans!!

  4. Caught once again. It seems like he is secure with his failures. the more there the quicker we put the other messes on the back burner. What a schmuck!

  5. One concern I had is-is it true that you have to put in your information BEFORE you see what is on the page? If so, that’s totally unfair, they would have your info before you seen if it’s something you want to do. That would be just as stupid as “we have to pass it to see what’s in it”.

    • That is true, as Lisa said. What makes it a head shaker is that was a change made just before the start up of 1 Oct. It appears someone might have been aware of the sticker shock that would occur if people could shop before signing on the dotted line (inputting your personal data).

  6. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just boycott the “health care plan”. They couldn’t possibly arrest or expect all of us to pay what phony fines they would throw at us…

    • That is my question also. What happens if no one in their right mind, sgns up. The way the penalty is supposed to work, your income tax return will be reduced to pay the fine. The other side of that, of course, ‘isi’ what if someone does need health coverage during that period. They would be SOL.

      • Investigate ways to minimize your withholding tax. The IRS is locked up now investigating the thousands and thousands of tax refund checks that were incorrectly sent out to the scam artists that hacked and got tax payer information and filed for phony return checks and got our refunds. It happened to me two years in a row–that’s another issue regarding the IRS that has been kept silent.

      • Already thought of that. But there are all kinds of people that were shocked when they heard that. Of course some were the “takers” anyway. They have been handed so much for free that consequences are beyond their conception.

    • Unfortunately, there’s too many “takers” that need to live off the hard work of the rest of us. So, many will sign up. The beginning of the end.

      • It will collapse the system. Most of the people that have signed up are on Medicaid. It had to be a “law” which is also a tax, to pay for the freebies. The premiums are higher and deductions are so high you will never be able to meet them. It didn’t get me this year but it will next year and I won’t be able to afford it. But I will be 63 and ACA is genocide on seniors.

      • Yes, Pam. We are 74, soon to be 75, and still work full time, paying thousands of dollars a year into the IRS and Social Security. Money we’ll never see, but the ACA actually IS genocide for people like us. I went in to have an eye operation scheduled for a year, and found a strange “Doctor”, (I hope he was a Doctor), woefully ignorant of my condition. I felt fortunate to get out of there in one piece! Know how government is coping with the Dr. shortage? They’re putting under-educated people in white coats out there, and we are going to see some pretty horrendous medical mistakes. The bright side is that gov.org will get to keep all the money we’ve paid in to IRS and Social Security, that we had planned to live on for the next 20 years. (Around here people usually live into their 90’s.)

      • Doc Thomas, I would say it is more like the “end of the beginning”. We have not seen anything like the “Single Payer” plan will be. If O.Care lasts a year, it will surprise me.

  7. Obama received a private Army that we implemented along with the implementation of the ACA. I have to wonder what he is really doing. Anyone can see that ACA is going to crash. . .so why is Obama pushing it with the a big phoney bluster? Perhaps his plan is that no one will have any use for healthcare if he succeeds with his Army! Well . . .? And if the Obamacare ACA is repealed or delayed so is the “civilian” Army of Obama!

  8. Everyone needs to quit focusing on the the Obamacare website. That is not the problem!! The problem is the one year delay on employer mandate that will cause the cancellation of 100,000,000 that is one hundred million policies for workers in America, who have always been able to rely on having insurance through their company but now because of the changes Obama has written into his law to make sure he has enough people to support his insurance plan. There folks will have to go into plans that have higher premiums and larger deductibles. Obamacare needs to be stopped now. We do not need to become complacent because only 5 million just lost their insurance. Next year 100 million will be catastrophic.

    • Agreed. There needs to be a acceptable plan “B” ready to go as soon as Obamacare folds under itself. What we have in congress today is a bunch of self focused political elites who play their game whose preconceived losers are the American people. Establish a healthcare system for the truly needy which minimizes or better eliminates the influence of the federal government, i.e. state focused and through the free market. Let the buyers pick what they need, not what the feds tell us we have to have, establish some protection for pre-existing conditions and let American industry offer competitive plans for their employees. Educate the citizens to what ACA will do to them vs. for them. Pull the race card away from the progressives so decisions can be made with intelligence not the issue of black vs. white. Get back to strong state governance and minimize federal governance as was intended when this country was founded.

      • Ungerm: “Plan B” is the “Single Payer” plan. May God have mercy on us. It is WAY more controlling, intrusive, and costly than O.Care. When I say “costly”, I’m talking in terms of the American way of life, our ideals, our America.

  9. it is not working it is not going to work and the dollar is worthless without something to back it besides what is left of our “good name.”

  10. We have now reached the end of the myth, the fantasy and the con of “hope and change”. The demon is released and the Medusa is Obama. Let’s stop the bewilderment, the seeking of the “Meaning of Obama” and accept the fact that a majority of the voters installed a miserable con man whose oratory was much more influencial than his actual ability, knowledge and purpose. Next , we now can surely believe the motives, philosophy and dogma of Obama is not to improve this nation, not to grow the economy, jobs, energy independence, control borders and the flow of illegals. He is definitely not there to honor the American culture, ethic, charity or the constitution, and the founders and all the defenders of the flag for the last 225+ years. He is a demolition CEO. Nothing this poser has done is to improve any aspect of our lives, not health care (hell he has only had one actual meeting with Sebelius in the last 3 1/2 yrs). He is not interested in protecting the nation from terrorists or islamic killers, in fact he tries to defend them. Domestic issues, foreign affairs are all in terrible condition because of a combination of neglect, bad ideas and “fundamental” marxist policy practices. We now need to use all means to derail his plans, to remove his operatives for any infraction and to revamp the Senate in the next election, and improve the House with more vital conservatives. Since we are stuck with Obama for 3 more years, he must be “contained” from doing further damage. He must be seen as the “American Nero” and a disaster for our futures.

  11. I don’t understand why people are upset! I just can’t wait to go to a GROUP doctor’s appointment with a bunch of other people and talk about my personal problems that are nobody’s business (it will all be kept secret, don’t ya know?). I am sure MEN will love this, all having their prostates checked at the same time. Maybe they can do it to each other? And women all having their pelvic exams together like good girlies, maybe we can do it to each other? How fun will that be? Then there is the INTERNET diagnoses. Dang, that will be so accurate! A lot of time my doctor in person has a hard time making a diagnosis, but I sure Obama’s website can do it for me. SO much to look forward to.

  12. Mr.West we could use you in the White House. Any chance of you running for President. We really respect you and believe you want what is Best for us and our Country!

  13. I’ve been saying it for months now, and I’ll say it again: “Obamacare’ was meant to fail. It was designed to fail. What the powers-that-be really want is the “Single Payer” plan, and it is WAY more horrendous than O.Care, and the “Single Payer” plan will soon become a “necessity”. At least that is the way it will be spun. My only question is, how is America ever going to be America again? We have become Amerika, and the only hope I can see is if we will humble ourselves before God.


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