Obama’s disdain for Constitution threatens our Republic

Every now and then someone says it so well, it just needs to be read as is. So it is with this piece written by M. Northrup Buechner, Associate Professor of Economics at St. John’s University in New York, as featured in Forbes Magazine.

Finally, what we have all been witnessing and addressing is drawing the attention of the financial elites who read the pages of this prestigious magazine. It is my hope that Dr. Buechner retains his position at St. John’s University because the lawless Barack Obama will unleash his hounds to destroy him.

Let this be a message to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and all Republicans. Take heed, the future of our Constitutional Republic lies in your hands — and cowardice and failure are not an option.

Here’s a small excerpt:

The shocking fact is that our whole system of representative government depends on it being led by an individual who believes in it; who thinks it is valuable; who believes that a government dedicated to the protection of individual rights is a noble ideal. What if he does not?

Mr. Obama is moving our government away from its traditional system of checks and balances and toward the one-man-rule that dominates third world countries. He has said that he wants a fair country—implying that, as it stands, the United States is not a fair country—an unprecedented calumny committed against a country by its own leader.

What country does he think is more fair than the United States? He has three long years left in which to turn us into a fair country. Where does he intend to take us?

Please take a moment to read the full article here.


  1. That has been my statement now for a couple months. He did say the Country needs to move forward. He just didn’t say which way was forward did he. Or no one asked him which way the country needs to go. IMO

    • This Fascist Ruler just regurgitated the FORWARD catch word used by Lenin, and Mao. Even his Logo and fake Seal of Presidency he placed on the campaign podium were indicators of his madness. You look into his eyes-is that confidence or an imbecilic self-infatuation staring out?

    • go back to the sixty’s, as people migrated out of public schools to private. As unions took over schools and teachers. Liberals moved in and wanted everyone to be equal.What they have is equal chaos, non educated, socialist indoctrination. Fast forward and you have a third generation on food stamps and feel entitled to them. Can’t tell you who the V.P. is much less what those two initials stand for. Only concern is everyone graduates H.S. and receives a trophy so as not to be left out.You have a recipe for democratic voters willing to vote for anyone offering a free cell phone.

      • Notice he has not offered free medical alert systems to the elderly living alone that cannot afford it because he knows we are too smart to vote for him and he’d rather we were euthanized.

      • they are watching as we type. we conservatives will be singled out, and picked up in droves. and exactly that. we will not be seen again. in this life. anyone not a buddy, will be eliminated. after all the smoke clears, 99% of those, will be done away with. and the rest, will go to the new bunker in the ozarks. check it out on utube. there are several of them.

      • I’m hoping and praying that somewhere a Seal Team is staging to take out Obama….I promise you……..a Seal team will take down anyone in their path to get the target….it may have to come to that to get Obama OUT…na das stated above, the military has an oath to the Constitution…NOT the Fed Gov or Prez….but I agree, some thing has GOT to happen to restore this great Republic to PRE Obama times…because he is WORTHLESS

      • its not just ohbama. but toppling him, is a way to put the rest on the defensive. reid, and pelosi, are just real dumb lemmings. they will be cast aside by their “freinds” even before we get the chance to do it.

      • Reid is not dumb; he knows exactly what he is doing. He’s the one brought Obama into the race for the Presidency. When you criticize Obama, look behind him to see who is holding him in place.

    • Leah, don’t dispair. Our founders knew this day was coming and have given us the tools that we need to rid ourselves of tyrants.

      As the tread on the First Amendment wears through, it is the Second Amendment that follows; it is not an accident that they are in that order.

      Essentially, we are repeating the days of the 1770’s in which successive intolerable acts were perpetrated upon an elective that made it abundantly clear that they did not wnt them

      • i think we have waited too late to move or do anything . ] we have become lazy on keeping our country in the proper order so we have reaped the seeds’ we have sown.]


      • But, we have fought. We’ve held the fort that is now being overrun by the opposition – coming over the walls standing on the shoulders of liberal judges overturning the people’s vote. They’ve used our tax money to plot against us, deceiving us while we worked long hours to get by on today’s inflated prices. Our Congress has for years passed law to hinder not help the people; all the time more and more law, while not keeping the law we already have. Our purpose has been to survive; their purpose has been to feather their own nests while sinking the ship.

      • and political correctness, was like a bear trap put in place…..it just means, “america last”. it means to put all others ahead of ourselves. in this method of brain washing, we have our hands tied. and we are also being told, that “self defense, is not an option”. this is why, even tho we have been seeing this comming, the media, and our leader, have been drumbing into our heads, that we must not defend ourselves.

  2. This piece wasn’t “featured in Forbes magazine” — it was posted on forbes.com, as pretty much everything can be posted these days, under the company’s new strategy of giving Web pages to unpaid contributors.

    • Interesting how you make a differentiation about where this article was posted. I noted that it is an ‘op/ed’ which generally means it is in a newspaper or magazine. I give what I see there credibility.

  3. “A nation can survive its fools, even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner
    openly, but the traitor moves against those within the gate freely. The traitor speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their arguments. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” Marcus Tullius Cicero
    When the Traitor in Chief remarked in 2008 that he “wanted to spread the wealth around” I knew exactly what he was.

  4. What’s really sad is that there are only 6 comments about this article so far. So many people don’t care. All we can do is keep spreading the word and hope the useful idiots catch on.

    • You got that right dogday3 and that’s exactly what I just did a few minutes ago. I e-mailed this article to some friends of mine that I know are not on fb. I encourage them to get to Mr. West web site in that case. But there was such great and meaningful comments in these blogs, I wanted to share you folks comments also. Maybe together we can save this awesome country of ours.

  5. This article pretty much said what a lot of us have been saying. One thing we have to do is replace the dems in 2014 that are up for re-election. Everybody says impeach but to evict we need a 2/3 majority vote of the Senate. The Tea Party got a lot of crap in the beginning because they were saying the same thing about him breaking the constitution. Now more and more are seeing it. The problem I see is everybody in Congress are walking of egg shells. Get rid of Obama and would we have a race riot? Only one that would be led by Jesse Jackson. There are so many blacks that are fed up with him also. Mr. West also posted a article about two retired Generals who are now fighting back and warning the people against Obama. If he decides he is the only one to run the country,,,how many Americans are going to sit back and allow it? Do you honestly believe the military won’t remove him from office? Remember the military does not pledge their allegiance to the government but to the USA. There is a law set in place for this. We are the only country that our military pledges to the country. People were upset with the House when the government closed down and then they made the deal to reopen. Did anybody notice,,,if the government stayed closed down what effect it would have not only in our country but in the economy world wide? Did anybody notice that Obama didn’t care less if that happened? And he would have let that happen. So the Republicans got the bad rep for reopening the government just like they would have gotten the bad rep for the collapse of the economy. Just what Obama wanted and it worked. But it only worked for awhile. Then now we have that deal with Iran,,,of course they screwed him a little on that one,,,but do you hear about it from the far left media? He’s screwing Israel and they know it. There he is making a big mistake because any Christian knows they have the favor of God. And if your not up on it,,,read Ezekiel 38 in the Old Testament. Do any of you know who was the main creator of Obamacare Law? Check out Ezekial Emanuel in Wikipedia. Some of it makes him sound ok. BS…this guy is scary and Obama gave him the job of writing our Health Care Law??? Check out the sections on; “The end of human life” and “Death Panels”. Sarah Palin called him out on the Death Panels one. I trust her, I know some don’t, but I trust her with my life. So you have a choice,,,,sit back or get out there and make a change. I will not sit back and let my freedom, my families freedom or my fellow Americans freedom be taken away without a fight. Here’ a link to Ezekiel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezekiel_Emanuel

  6. The Democratic side has been assaulting the Constitution and our rights for the last two decades. They followers have been slowly convinced by the dogma that group rights and special interests rights are more important than the Constitution and individuals.

  7. I think the GOP is just Democrat Lite now. The Libertarians and Independents have been taken over by the Liberal Democrats already, and they are taking over the GOP, probably using the NSA and IRS, etc. I think it is too late for American now. The vision of a Free Republic is drifting into the distant past…. sadly…..

  8. Liberals have written their own dictionary. Words like “fair” and “affordable” are defined by them as the polar opposite from their original meaning.

  9. If our “Republicans” in Congress wanted to stop Obama, they would have.
    Anytime they want to, they could investigate just who the hell he really is.
    I’m surprised when Harry Reid pulled his latest, that Darrell Issa didn’t magically grow a set and open an investigation, but I must have been dreaming.

  10. Soros and Jarrett, along with Osatan, want the New World Order. That means destroying the USA. The end runs around the Constitution are just the tip of the iceberg. The plan is to load the nation up with muslims who will then tell us our debts are gone, no interest on them, and we get to start over . . . if . . . . we become muslims. Otherwise, all hell breaks lose. Barry is playing is out of both sides of his evil soul, if he has one. He’s playing everyone against everyone else and allowing him to do that just gives him something to laugh about. However, the real issue is not what he’s doing, but that he’s merely a puppet for Soros and Jarrett. Sheesh, the woman is chief of staff and has mega Secret Service protection? Why?

  11. For those progressives here that say that Obama has the power to grant recess appointments and proudly post an excerpt from the Constitution to prove it, THREE courts have ruled that Congress was NOT in recess when he made those appointments. He made them DESPITE the fact that Congress came into session to NOT allow him to make recess appointments. In spite of this Obama made the appointments, in spite of Congress and in spite of the Constitution.

  12. Something is stopping me from directly tweeting this LTC West article out (Twitter interfering with speech it doesn’t like?)

    I keep getting the response “Connection was reset”

    I still was able to tweet the article tho by copy and pasting to my own page for launch – but I think this should be investigated .. I haven’t had any problems today direct tweeting anywhere else

    • History is not doing this to us. We are doing this to ourselves by not standing for our convictions, not voting at all elections, local, regional, state and national.

  13. “The time will come when Congress passes a law and the President ignores it.” Mr Buechner, do I really need to remind you this has already happened? Remember DOMA?

  14. None of you get it. America has become a corporation for big banks,wall st, un-controls all the congress dems and republicans research for your selves. The trans pacific agreement that the adminstration is trying to join check it out you think things are bad now YouTube this for yourselves everything is in the open. 911 was such a lie it goes on and on. I’m scared that armed confrontation is going to come to get Amercia back to where the people rule not the police state that has been set-up by the bush thugs that run this country now

    • No Richard, you don’t get it. The thugs you speak of are Obama’s thugs, he’s the one who has been on making the Banks rich so long as they keep him in the money and in power. Obama is bribing American Big business by keeping interest rates artificially low thus causing a false expansion of the Stock Market which is set to bust anytime. Obama will try to blackmail the Nation’s rich into keeping him in power by threatening to crash the market by raising rates. Obama is financed by Islam and is turning America into a Muslim dictatorship. Greed will be the downfall of America.

    • I take it you are one of the believers that a missile can be seen penetrating the Pentagon on 9/11? You also believe there was no Holocaust, perhaps?

      I would like you to explain your term ‘bush thugs’. That comment makes me think of someone hiding behind something waiting to do some nefarious wrong to someone else. And since you reference the current time frame, I’d have to agree with you. We seem to have a bunch of people in positions of power hiding their real intentions of destroying America as we’ve known it.

      As for big bank, Wall St, etc owning our country, depends on how you look at it. You local bank also controls you and they are your neighbors. The car dealership is owned by one of your neighbors. The local movie theater, your grocery store, the electrician, the plumber, everyone that does business controls us. It’s known as CAPITALISM, it’s what provides jobs which provides money for us to purchase that flat screen TV or $35 jeans. Even bartering is a form of capitalism, you give something to get something. Are the prices sometimes exorbitant…you bet because someone out there will pay it. You don’t really need those $35 jeans or that flat screen TV so stop buying them. Plumbing isn’t a real necessity so you learn to dig a large hole in the ground and put a small house over it. You’ll have to dig another hole in a couple of years but that’s ok, you won’t have to pay the plumber for indoor fixtures. And hauling water in from a very cold outside isn’t such a big deal.

      WE are the problem with big banks and little ones. Because we ‘have to have’ whatever it is regardless of the price. One of the very first lessons I was ever taught is that everything begins with ‘self’. So look to see what you have done, can do to keep things to your way of thinking.

    • You STILL blaming Bush??? Get a grip. And you believe that 911 was an inside job? If you do, you have no credibility. Whatsoever. If you have any intelligence at all check out the article in popular mechanics and popular science about it. They investigated it thoroughly, and found nothing. Even Clinton said it was done by 19 saudi arabs. Nobody else.

  15. Mr West speaks of cowardice….. yet remains tight lipped when discussing Obama’s forgeries…. the only elected Republican in this country that has a pair is Sheriff Joe Arpaio…….. The Republicans are complicit… their silence is in fact their consent

  16. Dr Buechner…Thank you for this article. More people of influence need to step out into the light and publish in these magazines that the power people read.

    The regular people are loudly crying this same message but no one in power seems to be listening. Indeed sir, a Banana Republic, that is what he has reduced us to. A Coup in America! Depending own our sons and daughters to decide its fate.

    I should hope that if it comes to that they will make the right choice despite the oath they took. For I do not think they realized that it was not and American President but a despot posing as one. They will not have forsaken their vow.

  17. We Must Organize, the Republicans must hold the House and take the Senate. Then the first order of Business is the Impeachment of Obama, Eric Holder, full investigation of Benghazi, IRS, Eric Holder, AP & DOJ. Criminal trails for Obama, Holder, Clinton and all all others found to be involved. If you are not part of the solution, You are the problem.

    Offenses committed by Obama, like any other citizen either follow the law or pay the price. Being President does not make Obama above the Law, it is Congress role to see Obama obeys the Law. And let’s not forget Not being Available during a National Crisis, Benghazi. The WH, the Pentagon, the CIA & the State Department had real time video feed by Drone, Ms Clinton’s actions or lack thereof were Criminal.

  18. We need to get at obama’s inner circle and pinch of their boss. Make examples out of them and make obama see what we can do when we say we want justice.

  19. The only solution is not voting for either of the two political parties. When Republican politicians realize that they are losing their constituents in droves, then, and only then will they change their current trajectory.

    • Sounds good at first glance, but we must vote for one or the other – the third party libertarian vote only helps Democrats. And it’s a good plan too, if you don’t mind waking up in the pits of hell and trying to climb out. That doesn’t work to well for me, thus I believe in electing true conservatives to office and working through the still workable GOP, despite the oft impotence of its leaders. We did it in 2012, we can do it more in 2014…

      • We need doctors, farmers, etc. to run for office. No more professional politicians. And strict term limits that send these people back home to live with the burdens they just placed on the American population.

    • Joseph,
      Though what you have said may seem to be the right way to make these political parties listen to there constituents, it will do just the opposite if we as Americans do not vote them out during the up coming elections. They win by default. what the American people need to do is keep calling the Demarcates and reminding them that there actions at the American people will cost them their jobs come November 2014, by doing this it will send a clear message that that we will no longer stand for this, that is what we most do.

  20. What we need to do here, comes down to one thing. America needs to march on the White House by the millions and tell this president. That no longer will this behavior but tolerated by Americans, and if this administration dose not listen to the people. Then the people will have no other option but to have the current administration removed from office. By the hundreds they may be able to control us, but by the millions is another thing in it self. It might be said that this is upsetting. What it is ,is Americans taking back their country to where is should be in the world.

      • I don’t think ( and I remain a packer) that being armed in Washington will get the best results. I am willing to stand on the front line on Pennsylvania ave. for as long as it takes, and willing to die when my country tries to force me to leave. There arent enough jail cells for 2 million people demanding an end to this administration.

    • It worked in Cairo! And if you remember, Hillary Clinton couldnt believe they did it. She stated “Morsi is a close family friend” What do you suppose THAT meant?

    • I agree John. It’s time peaceful civil unrest. Some of the veterans were talking about a march on tax day April 15th. I know millions of veterans would attend.

  21. If we fail to recognize our enemy we lose, if Americans think that the current administration fails to realize the voice of the American people, think again. They know just what they are doing, starting with health insurance first, then with gun control next. then with social security and so on and so forth, until the American people have nothing. No rights , no freedom, no say in anything. So if you think they don’t realize this, ask yourself this question: What president in the last 224 years has written as many executive order taking away the rights of Americans as the one in office today. Question is what are you willing to do to get your rights, you freedom back Your children’s, and their children’s rights back. (ANSWER) come 2014, vote the Democrats out of office along with any Republican that stud by and did nothing to help the American people regain these rights back Remember this as well. these inalienable rights where granted by our creator when this country was founded, And let no man ,government take them from us.

  22. I don’t CALL for a REVOLUTION , But, I THINK that one is in our Future . This FRAUD ILLEGAL TREASONIST COMMIE MUZZY is doing Everything in his ill gotten Power to CALL for one. If it does NOT happen , You and Me WILL become SLAVES to the New DICTATOR . Forget about Elections , there will BE None. Better prepare yourselves for the Worst . It WILL and IS happening NOW . Can WE wait to see what happens ?? In the next THREE YEARS ?? Before WE as AMERICANS take Action ??? . As of Now we know Exactly how Voting works . IT DOESNT . It has been Hijacked by FRAUD . LOCK n LOAD America , I AM

  23. There is no birth certificate to examine. Could it be because he is of Islamic decent and has spent sleeper cell years getting into the position of taking down America? Unless we refuse to participate in his maniacle plots we will need a Moses to make the pharoah to let our people go. We allowed ourselves to become what we are, just as in Biblical history. We all know that history repeats itself, and all it takes is examining what happened last time, and tweeking the system to make things come out more favorably for the villan or bully.

  24. “I figure if they can burn the flag, if they can spit on it, if they can put it down as a doormat, why can’t, I FLY IT UPSIDE DOWN? Under the conditions normally set for the military at sea if you fly your flag upside down on a ship, it means you’re in distress… I THINK THIS COUNTRY IS IN DISTRESS.”


    I believe Obama’s Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic

    • Hi. While I agree with the distress of our country I draw that line at something so important as our flag. Can’t “play around” with traditions of our flag. I feel like that would be mocking it. Protest is good, but that actin would be just as disrespectful to the flag. But that’s me 🙂

      • RMP is correct the proper way to fly the flag in distress is for the stars to be at the bottom, its to show others that help is needed ASAP when no other means of communication is available. It is not a sign of disrespect.

  25. IMHO: By his actions, he is attempting to implement the UN Agenda 21, thus taking the country into chaos and poverty, disarming our citizens, placing us under Muslim Sharia law and fascist dictatorship, and moving us into a Huxleyan Utopia by depopulating the country and later the world with a program that will make the Holocaust look like a Sunday afternoon picnic.

    Of course, under the Huxleyan philosophy, he will keep us entertained with commercial sports, stupid TV sitcoms that degrade male parenting, party agitprop in our public educational system, and other petty distractions so we will still be smiling, with our hands out for the goodies, as we go dancing into the slaughterhouse!

    Who will enforce this coup? He has fired almost all of our top Military commanders for trumped up reasons because they wouldn’t go along with his BS idiotocracy. Note the Russian and Chinese mercenary troops he is training, on our soil, with our high-tech weaponry; also note the heavy armament being purchased for the various government departments (his new civilian army), the massive purchases of hollow point ammunition, the shutting down of the only primary lead smelter we have the USA to drive ammunition production overseas, and the FEMA containment centers being built to contain civilians who don’t agree with his policies; those who can’t be brainwashed into compliance will simply be terminated or turned into mindless zombies to perform farm labor to feed the “elite financial powers that be” (worker bees, or slaves).

    The government dependent illegals, freeloaders, and a mis-educated public, are loyal to the party that hands out the goodies, and he and his Democrats hand goodies out wholesale using taxpayer money. His loyal freeloaders know who butters their bread and wipes their butts; Obama and the Democrats! The GOP has no spine to argue with him or his Democrats with their corpse of RINO plants in the GOP, so they are more of a help to his cause than a hindrance! Ignorance can be overcome but stupidity has no cure!

    A general House cleaning, and a clean sweep of the Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court are sorely needed. All the conservative political groups that keep asking me for money every day are good people who I would like to support, but I can’t since I’m not that wealthy. These groups are actually too small to do much damage to the much larger organizations, the DNC and the GOP; if they ever wish to be effective enough to make a real difference they should form a union, or third party, and come together in solidarity, learn to street fight dirty like the Democrats, and pool their money to have enough to promote their conservative cause. Together we could succeed but all divided up we will fail. I hope this can be achieved in the next few elections!

  26. Why does this all continue, day after day? Can’t we do something about him? It’s only getting worse as each day passes. We need someone to lead us, to tell us what to do instead of like it is now. Is anyone planning on doing anything? I’m elated that so many Democrats are leaving the ranks and I hope they all get voted out at the next election. But 3 more years is a hell of a long time for this man to continue on his way and destroy the free country that once was known as the United States. People wanted to come here because we were free. But now we are being shackled by his rules. No one has any backbone to do something about this. He is destroying families and our way of life. Something needs to be done, and soon!!!

  27. Wake up!!!! Someone high in government power needs to step up and lead the American Citizens who truly love our Country….the way it was before Obama ever made any type of stamp on our “US” Constitution and Bill of Rights!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Those in DC have forgotten thier oath … I have not!! I have served over 20 plus years in our country’s service…lost friends and a son !! They belived in what they were fighting for and they to took that oath!! I will not let them die in vain…
    I will keep my powder dry and my hawk shape!!! And will be ready to march when the time comes.

    RNS, U.S Army Ret
    Gold star dad

  29. Why do ‘The People” feel compelled to have to follow this miscreant? What happens if we band together? Of course I can’t go further in my thoughts for protection of our great republic or they will think I am plotting something illegal (I’m NOT) and they will knock on my door. Maybe the blue helmet UN Peacekeepers. But hey, we all may have to do what we all have to do if pushed. I for one will not submit to a Nazi America. Vote out the animals, spread the word to those you know in the states that have the 2014 elections. They have to go. Like that would actually matter.


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