If Obama doesn’t have Israel’s back, why do American Jews have Obama’s?

Photo Credit: Marc Israel Sellem/POOL/Flash90 via The Times of Israel

During Hanukkah, the American Jewish community remembers the victory of the Maccabean army led by Judah Maccabee against the invading Hellenic army, the restoration of the Holy Temple and the miracle of the oil in the 2nd century BC.

I don’t think President Obama cares much for Jewish history but he probably should, especially before calling PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

During a phone call between Obama and Netanyahu last week, the president reportedly asked Netanyahu “to take a breather from his clamorous criticism” of the interim agreement reached with Iran, David Ignatius reported for the Washington Post Wednesday.

Obama called Netanyahu last Sunday to discuss the interim deal reached with Iran – a deal the prime minister called a “historic mistake.” After Netanyahu reportedly “rebuked” Obama over the interim deal, he told Obama that the permanent accord “must bring about one outcome: the dismantling of Iran’s military nuclear capability,” the article said.

First of all I would recommend our man-child president not take on someone with a warrior’s heart in the vein of the Maccabees, who is a former Airborne Commando in the Israeli Defense Force.

I find it astounding, if not humorous, that a skinny community organizer would try to intimidate a combat veteran and true leader who lives under constant threat in a country regularly rocketed and bombed — sorry but I just had a very funny vision of Obama as Mini-me trying to scare PM Netanyahu.

According to The Times of Israel, at a Hanukkah candle-lighting celebration at the Western Wall Thursday evening, Netanyahu reaffirmed Israel will act alone, if necessary, to ensure Iran never develops nuclear weapons. “We came to drive out the darkness, and the largest darkness that threatens the world today is a nuclear Iran,” Netanyahu said, “We are bound to do all we can to prevent this darkness. If possible we will do this diplomatically, if not we will act as ‘a light unto the nations.’”

If I were the Iranians, I would take heed of the words of PM Netanyahu. The Iranians certainly recall that Israel will indeed take matters into their own hands, as a sovereign state. Everyone in the Middle East remembers the Israeli airstrikes against Iraq and Syria. Imagine how different the Middle East would have been, especially in the case of Operation Desert Shield/Storm, if Israel had not taken that action.

However, here is my strategic assessment. Israel can clearly undertake a strike against Iran, but for the first time since the rebirth of the modern day Jewish State of Israel, the relationship and support from America is in question.

There can be no doubt that the progressive socialists are some of the most vocal anti-semites — if you question that, just visit a US college campus.

Israel would require some operational logistics and intelligence support from the United States, and I would not put it past the Islamist-centric President Obama to withhold such support. Furthermore, it is the “day after” which should mainly concern Israel. Will the United States back their play and have their backs?

This career soldier and former Paratrooper thinks not, and that is a major concern for PM Netanyahu — to a point. Since his rise to power, President Obama has effectively destabilized the neighborhood in which Israel resides, and not by incompetence, but by intention.

Yet the American Jewish community blindly followed this mastermind of disaster, not once but twice. And don’t forget, Hillary and Bill Clinton entertained Yasser Arafat in the White House. The question is, now that Obama doesn’t need the Jewish community for another election, will they awaken from their misguided politically-driven stupor?


    • They unfortunately will not listen, again. The Lord’s chosen people have always chosen to do the wrong thing. From before Moses. They know right in their hearts but they refuse to do the right thing. The American Jewish community will select the wrong people here in the US just as they have always done and never thought through the consequences of electing a president who is the antithesis of what God would want them to do. Soon they will be wondering what happened to the late state of Israel? How did so many people in Israel die is what they will be saying? The answer will be they voted for Obama who wanted to destroy them. Pretty sad.

      • That’s rather a wide brush – a very wide brush. Spending time in Deuteronomy and the prophets would tell us that there is always a faithful remnant preserved regardless what the majority wanted. Take the ten tribes (House of Israel) – oops, they were already taken by Sennacherib, not to be found until the end times. The remnant is who we are sworn to protect, whether they be in Israel or Monsey, those who never abandoned their faith.

  1. I agree that Obama is to Netanyahu what a gnat is to an elephant, and I also think Obama is truly a muslim and is trying to give the middle east every advantage to create their Califate. I actually hope Israel nukes Iran because it is my firm belief that the only solution to the Death Cult Islam is annihilation.

  2. It is, and always has been, a mystery to me. The American Jewish community seems to follow the Democrat Party like slaves. Not all but most of them are Democrats and put up big money for the party of choice. Unbleivable!

  3. What’s wrong with the American Jewish community? *That’s an easy one*

    The American Jewish community (unfortunately) is exactly like the generation of Jew’s who wandered the desert for 40 years after being freed from 400 years of slavery and never did get to see The Promise Land. They were set free, saw miracles in the midst of it all, yet almost immediately started complaining, even suggesting it would be better to go back to Egypt. The American Jewish community is pretty much the same as the generation who never tasted the promise land. They are very happy with their current {don’t bother me right now, I’m quite comfortable} lives. *Nuclear weapons in Iran? Those aren’t going to affect any Jewish person here in America, so Obama isn’t really doing anything that directly affects them ~ now start taxing people based on their heritage or making them uncomfortable *here* and you’ll have a different story

  4. Pam Curlis Kelly My opinion~I believe the American Jewish community has become like the majority of Americans. Greed and apathy have become a way of life and most know nothing of history, so they can’t see the extreme similarities between our country and Socialism. Unfortunately they aren’t interested so long as the government continues to take care of them and they are willing to give up their freedoms for those “things.” Greed and apathy. It is so depressing to know what America stood for once and how great we were, even with all our faults.

  5. Great article by a great man, Allen West!!! The problem is that the Jewish people are for the most part very liberal and thus at times incapable of drawing rational conclusions. Why this is the case with liberalism is that it is a “disease”, of the mind that is. I say this not in jest because how else can this totally misguided behavior that flat out conflicts with logic be explained. It is “liberalism” that unfortunately “blinds” the “true believer” to the extent that rational behavior is lost in their quest to prove themselves true to the cause of “liberalism”.

    • I have tried to reason with liberal supporters before. They do not reason with a logical thought process. As for the Jews in the US, I have no direct knowledge, but I pray for them and for Israel. Only God can sort this mess out now. Be very careful about supporting the GOP these days too. Many are hand-holding with the Democrats. I have been conservative for my whole life, but I will vote Independent in a heart-beat if the GOP candidate is too suspect.

  6. This American Jew and rabid Zionist understands that most of the Reform and Conservative (not political views) and Reconstructionist Jews vote based on social action crap. Israel is not the primary reason they vote for anything. In fact, many Jews don’t care about Israel. Many evangelical Christians and groups such as CUFI (Christians United for Israel) are more Zionistic than some Jews. Allen West gets it better than many of my liberal Jewish acquaintances. .

  7. Hollywood seems to have a lot of Jewish actors and actresses. They never experienced WW2 and most are democrats! I think that says a lot.

  8. It would be a crime if our government would not stand with Israel against any aggressions by those who attack them and I am Christian. Remember Christ was a Jew and a great figure to imitate! Ray

  9. I also have wondered why the Jewish people would turn their backs on the Republican Party and voters who have supported Israel and instead support the party which is anti-Semitic. Perhaps, they are confusing liberal with liberty. PM Netanyahu could explain the difference.

    • Liberal is greed, & liberty is a free will choice to share.. We all know greed is not love, but for selfish.. Liberty is a gift, on a two way street / safe passage.

    • In our synagogue I would guess we may be about 50% conservative. Those who are still trying to hold on to liberal beliefs these days are very quiet – they are out of reasonable arguments for their position.

  10. It is amazing, but I don’t think American Jews see themselves identified with the nation of Israel nor with the God of Israel…sad but prophetic.

    • The American Jews are likely Kenites–the chaff, not the wheat. God will do the separating. Check your Bible. Many came into the Temple to do the labor intensive work that the Jewish priests were too lazy to do anymore–all against God’s will. They are mentioned other places in the Bible but you have to track them from the begats in the beginning. Also, on U-tube, Pastor Arnold Murray can clear this up for you. He is a great teacher of the Bible, chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

    • No, actually almost all American Jews identify with Israel, many have family there and all of us have friends there. I think those that are democrats are old-school, foolish or…liberal. Of course many of us are conservatives and the Jewish turnout for Obama in 2012 was not as strong (if Israel voted they would have elected Romney for sure).
      One thing is common among almost all Jews – we appreciate evangelical Christians for their fervent support of Israel. Thank you for your prayers and your voice!

  11. As Jackie Mason, the famous Jewish comedian, likes to say: “American Jewish people are the most anti-semitic group of all”. The majority of them are secular liberals who are Jewish In Name Only. They dont even support Israel. As a voting block, they vote over 90% for Democrats and Obama.

  12. The Lord said in the last days they would believe a lie. No, that imposter in OUR White house will not back them. He is a muslim extremist, and hell bent on our and Israel’s destruction. But, until the Rapture takes place, this imposter is limited in what he can do.God is not finished with this nation yet. He knows how to jerk the slack out of this imposter, but always remember, when there was darkness in Egypt there was LIGHT in Goshen. And where sin doth abound, GRACE does MUCH MORE ABOUND!!! So until us Christians are out of here, the evil powers that be have to bow their knee

  13. Right on Colonel West. I am shocked and dismayed that so many American Jewish Liberals are ashamed of who they are to the point of supporting our Muslim sympathizing president. History has taught them nothing.

  14. All I can say is that false promises might be the cause. What kind of promises? I have no idea. Why one wouldn’t care about their homeland even if they reside in another nation is beyond me.

  15. For some reason, they blindly follow the party. anyone who does that is the problem and that is why we are where we are right now. i am not Jewish, but I feel for Israel. They are like David fighting Goliath. Obama will only do things to help his own

  16. As a Jew, I am embarrassed by Judaism’s staunch support of Democrats, and Obama in particular. Jews like to think of themselves (and generally are) as an extremely educated and intelligent group. Unfortunately, their blind support for a leader that has TOLD AND EXEMPLIFIED TO THEM THROUGH HIS ACTIONS that he favors not Israel, but their enemies, speaks volumes about the generation of Jews who have been born and raised in America. Wake up and pay attention! Fellow Jews, here’s a clue; Liberals always side with the underdog, even if that underdog acts in a deplorable way. Liberals no longer see Jews as the underdog and therefore do not support them. Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nadar, Al Sharpton, do these names give you the warm and fuzzies as a Jewish person? What do those names all have in common? They are all liberal supporters of President Obama.

    To conservatives I say this: I HOPE that my brother Jews will wake up and pay attention. If not, I apologize in their behalf.

    • I too have always been confused by this very thing. I can NOT for the life of me see the attraction to a party that snubs Israel at EVERY opportunity.

      • Nothing confusing here. Actions, speak louder than words. They are who they are. (from Popeye – I yam who I yam) I salute the Jewish nation, and the people. semper fi

      • I find my Aunts and Uncles are blind also I’ve talked to a couple of them and they vote democrat because that is how we were raised they lesson to the lies and can;t see past them there for my cousins are doing the same I expect I vote for the person who will be for the best interest of the people as a whole and thats what we should do with a deficet of Trillions stands to reason we should have a president who wouldn’t spend us into a oblivion. I didn’t vote for obama the first time because I couldn’t find anything in his favor to vote for I couldn’t even find where he was born so I’m not a stupid person I’m not voting for someone who has a not so good data even to a birth place I believe history will prove he was born in Africa are on ship but there is no proof of him being born in Hawaii..No citizen was my first red flag and it should have been a lot of others..

    • I share your plight. As a committed Roman Catholic, my fellow Catholics tend to vote/support democrats over and over again. Many of these people are not practicing Catholics however, but cultural/nominal Catholics. I suspect it is the same for American Jews…these people are not practicing their faith at all, they are secular and liberal because their parents and grandparents were liberal democrats.

      • Catholics went strong democrat with Kennedy’s election a half century ago.

        Overtime, they have been trending toward the GOP.

        Current statistics show Catholic votes about evenly split between the parties.

    • We have liberal Jewish friends in DC and I tried to reason with them in 2008 about obama being a muslim and supporting the muslims. I was told if I didn’t stop sending them articles that were anti-obama that we could not be friends anymore! I said ok then you weren’t friends at all if you choose a politician over our friendship!

    • I will catch hell for this – but let’s see what happens

      I hate to say this – but many, many Jews are on the Government Dole and are not working except to open their envelopes to get their entitlement checks

      I know because I have seen it in NYC – big time – They know how how to work the the system

      A visit to certain communities in NYC and Upstate NY will show this very clearly

      The ambitious Jew helps to pay for the “poor”, the poor who also often work “off the books”

      The “poor Jews” are the Obama supporters – They don’t care about Israel – Why should they – They brought Israel here!

      (I will take another chance and say RussO is Sepahardic He’ll know what I mean)

  17. the Jews in America think nothing will ever happen to Israel they take every thing for granted there to involved in there own little things they have gone and a lot of them to lazy to get involved but the day will come when they all know how they did not stick by the Jewish State and how there all for them selves what a bunch of libtards

  18. I know most people won’t believe this, but my brother in The Lord, Oral Roberts, prophesied back in 1988, that the Lord told him a spirit of IGNORANCE was being unleashed from hell, and that with each passing year it would multiply and get worse. Well, look around you….

    • That explains a lot, star828. I’ve been saing that the Lord has blinded the eyes of American liberals so as to punish our nation for 60,000,000 abortions and totally removing God from the public square. He used the Hebrews enemies to “correct” them time after time. Why should it be any different now? The other possiblity is that this is the end times and there won’t be another revival.

      • Chuck, this IS the end times…The Lord gave us ALL the signs in His Word….but there IS one last revival before the “taking away” which is more widely known as the Rapture

      • pre-middle-post, prepare for the worse, why should we soft belly American christians not suffer the fate that others have in times past, and are now being tortured in all Arab/Muslim controlled countries? There are already many Muslims in high power here in USA all the way up to the POTUS and Valerie Jarret!!

      • read Jonathan Cahn/ Jewish/Christian. His book “The Harbinger” therein lies answers to many questions of the fate of America!!

    • I have a simpler approach. I think, the American liberals never had the bad luck to experience all the stuff they are fighting for. They think, it is something good, while in reality it is something evil.
      That doesn’t mean, Oral Roberts was mistaken. It is just an other point of view (showing the same mess)

  19. Colonel, the problem is (and I’ve had this conversation with numerous Jewish friends both here and in Israel, and nearly all of them agree with my assessment) that a large percentage of the Jews in the U.S. are LIBERALS first and Jews second.

  20. The way I see it most American Jews/liberals are quislings working to bring about the extermination of the Jews in Israel and most of them are to foolish to know it. There shall be great wailing and gnashing of teeth in the midst of total consternation if these traitors to their faith succeed.

  21. Thank you, Col. West. Great column. To answer your question: Being a New Yorker who worked in city politics for almost ten years, and knew many Jewish Democrat political leaders and community activists, the answer to your question is both Yes and No. American Jews, for the most part, those in NY, are not stupid people. They are liberal in politics and spirit, and for decades have aligned themselves with the Democrat party because of FDR and the New Deal in the belief that the government is the engine that can help people and society and especially the downtrodden.
    Jewish Democrats have two visions: One is American, the other is Israel. They know how to play the power game and know where and to whom to contribute. Namely, to Democrats. And despite the recent manifestations of the Democrat party becoming more anti-Israel, instead of aligning themselves with Cantor and the GOP, they would rather work under the table with the GOP than to be open about it.
    I’ve spoken with a number of Jewish Democrats when I lived in NYC who were hesitant to publicly support the GOP’s pro-Israel platform, but were thankful nonetheless. But, in all, Jewish Democrats have made the Democrat party home for 80 years, and only a political earthquake of immense proportion would have them flee to the GOP in droves.

  22. Those who live in the States are so removed from the danger and death they have aligned themselves with those who would hand them over in a heart beat. Some people never learn from history!

    • BHO is moving more and more terrorists into this country. As jihad attacks become more and more then we are indeed in deep do-do.

  23. As a Jew, I can only say that Allen West has asked the $64,000 question. It was clear to me from the moment I first got a little knowledge about this Muslim Hussein Obama, that he would never side with Israel. What Muslim has ever sided with Israel? And only a fool or an idiot would believe that a man who idolized his Muslim father who abandoned him, a man who went to Muslim schools for his entire childhood, and who said the sweetist sound on earth is the Muslim call to prayer, would for some mysterious reason suddenly convert to Christianity,
    Perhaps the answer is a skewed Bell curve of Jewish intelligence with 75% on the low IQ side of the bell curve and the other 25% on the high IQ side of the bell curve.

    • Actually there was ONE muslim who sided with the Jews – the late Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi. He was the first muslim leader who recognised the the newly formed State of Israel & Iran was the first muslim country to do so.
      Israel & Iran were allies until 1979 when Carter had the Shah overthrown & had the “Gandhi-like figure” of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini installed.
      That worked well didn’t it?
      The Shah was pro-west & carter had him deposed.
      Now we have Iran on the verge of developing nuclear weapons which threatens the whole middle-east plus America – ‘the Great Satan’.
      Iran of course has exported terror world-wide.
      One deduces that Carter is the grandfather of modern day terrorism.

      • I stand corrected!! But of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. But in this case, very very few!

      • Exactly. Even Johnson was pro-Israel & Kennedy VERY pro-Israel. Truman was anti-Israel, so go figure.

      • Kennedy would not be thought of as a Democrat today; he must be rolling in his grave ‘seeing’ what has become of the country in large part due to the Democrats. How do you reconcile the man who said ‘ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY!’ with the party that nows says ‘ASK NOT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY, BUT HOW MUCH OF YOUR OBLIGATIONS YOUR FELLOW AMERICAN CAN PAY FOR YOU!

      • Not to forget that Kennedy eyeballed Kruschev over the Cuban Missile Crisis with threats of nuclear war.
        Kruschev backed down.
        He was a true patriot. He totally hated Communism.
        Can you imagine Hussein Obama doing that?
        Well we see how the craven coward took it in the arse for Iran.
        And of course Hussein is a Communist except in name only.

    • They say, he is not Muslim. I believe, he converted to the reverend Wright kind of religion, which is not Christianity, not even a bit. However he still has a strong affinity to the Muslim religion.
      I think, he shares his late father’s dislike for any country with a lot of power. Such as the United States. I truly believe, he is the enemy within. He doesn’t hate America per say, but he is not hesitant to bring America down with several notches.
      Everybody tells, he is stupid. I don’t think so. He knows exactly what he is doing. America will survive, but not as a very powerful country. Something more like Canada. Large, independent, but nobody really cares, what they are doing. It is just not significant for others, than the Canadians.

      • His so-called conversion appears to be nothing more than a deception to make him more electable. What led to his ‘epiphany’ to convert to this particular branch of ‘Christianity,’ – a branch that seems to be Christian in name only, but in actuality, from what i know, it’s guiding principles are very much like Islam. What true Christian church would EVER consider giving an award to LOUIS FARRAKHAN?

      • If you all would read “Islam and Terrorism” by Michael Gabriel you will find out the TRUTH – that the Koran AND Mohamed ENCOURAGES Muslims to lie as much as they need to and can to deceive those who do not convert – THAT is how they took over much of the countries that are Islamic today! READ IT – it IS an eye opener!

      • I am quite familiar with Islam and Taqiyyah. But I think it was the slaughter of those who refused to convert, more than Taqiyyah which is responsible for the large number of Muslim countries with ever-decreasing Infidel populations. Infidel countries should open their eyes and treat Muslims as Muslims treat infidels – ban them in all western countries. Islam is antithetical to Western values.

      • Really – like the secret of life is in the Talmud? Spending half your life davening (praying) instead of living life is for the high IQ? Sorry to disagree. To live in the United States, surrounded by the wonders of the modern world and a modern country and to live in an isolated little community as if you’re living in some shtetl in Poland in 1748, sounds utterly stupid.

      • Obviously you do not understand what it means to be frum. Those who learn Talmud go on to become scientists, lawyers …etc. Why do you think that Israel is the start up nation? I’m not talking about Lakewood, but people who have jobs. There is Jewish life outside of NY.

      • I very much understand what it means to be ‘frum.’ From what I understand, most Israelis are not orthodox, and they’re just as intelligent as the ‘frum.’ I see plenty of ‘frum’ reading and re-reading the Torah. While I understand that there are different ‘levels’ of understanding the torah, nevertheless, spending your life reading and re-reading the same book does nothing to advance civilization. It seems rather ‘cultish,’ and ‘sheltered,’ just like living in a monastery. And let’s be real – when the Arabs attack Israel with tanks and artillery and aircraft and machine guns, the ‘frum’ aren’t what saves Israel. It’s the Jews like Tuvia and Aron Bielski who save Israel and Jews. Not the ‘frum,’ with all their brilliant torah knowledge.

      • Much like the learned gentlemen of islam who learnt the koran off by heart plus the hadiths. And we know what a large contribution moslems have made to world knowledge base.
        Let’s see – since the inception of the Nobel Prize in 1901 there have been over 850 recipients.
        Jews have won over 190 & you can be absolutely sure they didn’t have their heads inside the Torah & Talmud 24/7.
        Moslems on the other hand have won a total of 10 – & only 1 for a science subject – & he had to flee Porkistan in 1979!
        Although the Good Lord did say that he would make the Jews “a light unto the nations” – didn’t say anything about having to have your head buried in religious books.
        Perhaps the Jews who vote for Obama forgot to pay their electricity bill & the Good Lord turned their lights off!

      • Well, not to imply that I’m an expert in the Koran, but my understanding is that the Koran is filled with contradictions, so interpreting these contradictions into some sort of comprehensible meaning is a fruitless task. And one who spends his life reading and re-reading the evil ramblings of a ‘prophet’ who is obviously a pedophilic homicidal maniac who justifies his actions by imputing them to some sort of god-given prophesy, is either a fool or too stupid to see outside whatever bullshit is fed to him by his equally stupid and evil parents.
        At least the Jews studying the Torah, are not reading importations to commit wholesale slaughter of non-believers from now till eternity, as the Koran clearly commands. And the study of the Torah is very similar to studying law, with a foundation in logic and morality and justice. Much UNLIKE islam.

      • Your reading of the koran is correct. But don’t know why the pedophile Mo is called a prophet, never foretold the future that I’m aware of.
        Of course the Torah is clear & logical & imports to the greater good & doesn’t seek world conquest.
        Whereas pisslam on the other hand is ALL about world domination.

      • Yes. Islam is all about world domination, and Imams (or whatever other fancy devout-sounding name these purveyors of evil call themselves) say this all the time and all over the world Muslims kill Infidels and declare these evil acts are in the name of Islam, and yet incredibly, we bring Muslims into the United States by the tens of thousands every year! WHAT ARE WE THINKING???!!!

      • This guy is outstanding! I agree with everything he said and it applies just as much here as there. He is right. This will not end well; like he said – civil war is INEVITABLE! Who are the traitors who opened our door to this enemy??!! These traitors must be brought to justice and their error corrected.

      • He has so openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood, and sent them millions of dollars, while cutting our military. He has muslims in high positions of our government! A FOOL could see what he is doing! All elected officials who are allowing this TREASON to go on should be imprisoned! Just what do they plan to do when the Muslims take over this country? What will happen to their own grandchildren. Will they watch them be raped and tortured like Senator Stevens was done? ANYONE who cares about being free, ever, needs to be shouting from the rooftops. The Emperor is naked! Who will sound the alarm?? Is our congress impotent, ignorant or traitorous? If We The People can see the truth, You know that they can too!!!

      • The traitors are the cabal of left-wingers. It doesn’t matter what country they’re in, they are NEVER loyal to that country but seek to bring it down from within.

        A quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero: ”

        A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
        We have examples in history where tyranny was fought & won. The British Civil War where the Divine Right of kings was abolished & a new form of Government established, a Constitutional Monarchy, the first modern democracy from which all others stem from.
        Then of course the Revolutionary War of 1776, French Revolution 1789 etc
        In the end people will rise against tyranny. So yes civil war is inevitable – it will start in England first & spread to Europe.
        In the US it won’t be so much because of musloids, more to do with the tyranny of Obama’s government. However the Islamofascism that is being nurtured by Hussein Obama will certainly play an important part.
        There are those who have committed treason & sedition who deserve only one penalty – termination with extreme prejudice – & long term jail sentence for the enablers.

      • The subject is why American Jews still support Obama and the Democrats. I’m in a Red state, that did not elect him- you are in a Blue state that did. A technique of the liberals is to change topics, like you did. I never said anything about spending all your time studying Torah, but it not only trains the brain, but is what has kept us a people. For Rabbano Shel Olam to protect us, we need both soldier and scholar. Do you not recall the partnership of Zevualan and Issachar? And thank you very much, but my husband was in the tank corp of the IDF and fought in the first Lebanon war.

      • I don’t see the relevance of whether you’re in a Red State and I’m in a blue state.
        While ‘studying torah’ trains the mind, studying Einstein’s theories also ‘trains the mind,’ as well as studying aeronautical engineering and electronic countermeasures design, which produce far more useful products than ‘studying torah.’ And no, for god to protect us we don’t need 2 million frum Jews. Israel needs well-armed and trained soldiers. THAT’S WHAT PROTECTS ANY NATION. And no, I don’t recall the partnership of Zevualan and Isaachar. Did this terrific partnership save any Jews from Hitler’s death squads and concentration camps? Did any of the ‘frum jews’ prayers save the 6 million Jews slaughtered in the holocaust? Maybe if they’d only been just a little more ‘frum’ they would have survived, along with their families.

      • Again, you have wandered off the topic of Allen West’s post. Of all the posts, you decided to engage mine, so obviously, it hit home. You most be one of those kosher style Jews who voted for Obama and automatically votes Democrat. The discussion is not about the ways of Rabbono Shel Olam.

      • You were the one who brought up ‘frum Jews,’ not me “The high IQ are the “frum’ Jews. Learning Torah and Talmud is not for the fools.” I merely engaged in the topic which you raised. And no, I don’t keep kosher and no, I sure as hell didn’t vote for Obama. I don’t know what I said that might have given you that idea. I am consistent in my dislike of Obama, Muslims, liberals / socialists / communists, ObamaCare and any other redestributive ideas.

  24. Obama has made it so plain that he doesn’t like the Jews in Israel only the Jews that he can cort here in the US for votes . he will find a way to buy their votes to support his party

  25. I will never ever understand the left-wing Jews of US.
    Here in Oz, by far the majority of Jews vote Conservative & always have.
    I remember just before I reached voting age, an uncle asked me who I would vote for & I replied probably Labour (equivalent to Democrats).
    His reply was “We’d all go to hell” & then explained the differences.
    If Socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be Socialists.
    Obama/Democrats are Economic Armageddon, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti US Constitution & you have Jews giving them blow jobs!
    They must have smoked the same wacky tobaccy that Bill & Obozo did!

    • Don’t blame it on wacky tobaccy! Sometimes a duck is just a duck, and a stupid Jew is just a stupid Jew!! I know plenty of Jews that vote for Obama that don’t touch the ‘wacky tobaccy’ and many that would no more vote for Obama than they would vote for Ahmadinnejad who do enjoy the ‘wacky tobacy.’

      • Mmm, like I said, could never understand it. I guess you can’t fix stupid no matter where it occurs & to whom.
        Hitting them over the head with a lump of 4 x 2 won’t fix them – but it sure as hell would make ME feel good!

      • No, I’ve discovered that it’s very hard to ‘fix stupid.’ But sometimes life fixes stupid by itself. As the expression goes, a conservative is a liberal who got mugged . . . or something like that.

      • Or there’s this one “You can’t change people, but people can change”.
        Maybe this fraud of Obummercare will help a few people come in from the dark side.

      • I would be amazed if this fraud of ObummerCare doesn’t help A WHOLE LOTTA people see the light! My theory of liberalism is that many liberals are voting for the idea that makes them feel good, thinking that it’s THE OTHER PERSON whose going to pay, or if they’re the ones who are going to pay, it’s just a very small amount. But when a family’s health insurance is cancelled for non-ObamaCare compliance, and they see the real cost of the ObamaRedistributionCare policy as well as the ‘terms,’ they will come to understand that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FAIR LUNCH. Or as one woman said “I was all in favor of ObamaCare until I discovered that I was the one who had to pay for it!!”

  26. B INSANE O is doing what he wants to and it is plain to so what side he is on. Israel needs to do what it needs to do…and forget this organizer.

  27. To answer your last question, Allen, namely: will American Jewry awaken from their ‘stupor’ and bolt from the Democratic party, no, they will not. The answer lies in the history of American Jewry; most of them emigrated from socialist countries in Europe. They brought socialism with them, convinced it was by far the finest of dreams for humanity. Most American Jews grew up in homes where socialism was the only acceptable form of government, and nothing will convince them otherwise. I am a Jew, and proud of it; these facts sadden me, deeply, but they are facts.

    • I have to disagree. I don’t know where you grew up, but where I grew up, I know very few Jews who grew up in homes where socialism was an acceptable form of government. I think it has to do more with some sort of misguided belief that Jews must side with ‘the underdog.’ Perhaps there is an element of thinking (by these misguided Jews) that the minorities will thus become ‘friends’ of the Jews. Of course, liberalism, being a mental disease, never change their position when the facts prove to the contrary. For example, Jews playing prominent roles in the civil rights movement, yet blacks as, iMHO among the most anti-semitic groups in America.

    • I agree with Lori, I also wondered why they always supported the Democrats even when the Democrats appear to be working opposite Jewish interest. Thank you for that insight.

    • When America abandons Israel, we are forsaken. GOD built this nation and he will put us in our place of Disgrace if we desert Israel . In one day, one hour, the mighty USA can fall if GOD removes his hand of protection from us. Do not forget it. We need to demand that our leaders stand by Israel!! The beginning of knowledge is the fear of the LORD.

  28. I understand them, as a student of history, I observe that they act now as they did in Germany – don’t rock the boat, we’re a tiny minority, being outspoken will draw more attention by the masses. This does not however, apply to the more Orthodox, who are masters of history, and understand who and what Obama is. The “farleftists” have no real stake in the land of Israel, and accuse Israel of being occupiers. They can just as happily live in New York or Tel Aviv or Miami – wherever the conveniences are. Would that we had a president like Allen West..

    • YES – ALLEN WEST – unfortunately – the blacks and liberals who voted for BO JUST BECAUSE he is at least 1/2 black will NOT vote for AW – because he is a TRUE intellectual and LEADER

  29. It is the height of arrogance for a greenhorn wannabe to stand up to a seasoned military man. But is anyone surprised? O is determined to destroy Christianity in the world, and he knows Christian roots are in Israel. He knows that before the branches die, the roots have to die also. In other words, he is feeding both Israel and America to the Islamic jihadists. But if the American Jews don’t wake up and stop supporting Obama, they will learn to their sorrow that they will also be thrown to the wolves right along with the Israeli nationals. He is counting on becoming dictator under sharia law, and thinks he will be safe because of his position and ideologies. Head in the sand!!

  30. It is the non religious, “kosher-style” American Jews who still support Obama. He never fooled those of us who live our lives according to the Torah.

  31. Israel is there to stay. I am a Christian,not Israeli,and I believe the Holy Scriptures.Israel is love by God and most Christians . We Americans will feel the wrath of God for turning our backs on Israel,but the Israeli people will not need us anyway, The Lord God of Israel will defend His people just as He said He will. I hope I live to see it.

    • How true Martha… The Jews are God’s chosen people and he will defend them its so foolish for us not to align with them but Barack is not a man of God and he does Not know the scripture about Gods children the Jews.

      • I think he KNOWS all the scriptures very well, The demons in Hell know the scriptures. He is doing exactly as he has always planned to do. His purpose is to advance Islam and destroy Christianity. He is no fool.. He is right on the mark.

    • Just wondering who these ‘most Christians’ are. I’m aware of the evangelical set that loves Israel (but mostly wants to convert the Jews). What about the Presbyterians, the Methodists, the Episcopalians who are out front with the BDS movement,, and the Vatican who deals with terrorist organizations??

      • I was also was wondering. The Christian has gotten a little off message. Jesus gave the message to the Gentiles to spread since his chosen people refused to accept it. We are to present not to convert or bully people into Christianity. Free choice and reap the wind.

        Instead we have come around to thinking that we have failed if every one does not convert. Well if that is true than Jesus must have consider himself a gigantic failure.

      • Well spoken, but that leads me to my next question. What exactly were they rejecting (and I’m speaking only of those who have remained faithful up to the present time)? They certainly weren’t rejecting Genesis 4:7, or Micah 6:8, or Deuteronomy 30:10-20. Paul misquoted 30:14 in his dissertation, by leaving off the last few, very relevant words.

      • What action on the part of the Jewish leaders brought to an end the probationary period of he 490 years for the Jewish nation?

        Read Acts 7:54-60 The stoning of Stephen was the result of a formal rejection of the gospel by responsible leaders ( Acts 7:51-54). Because of persecution which scattered the Christians they then began to take the gospel to the Gentiles. Phillip preached to the Samaritans and the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:5, 27-29). Sometime later Saul was converted (Acts 9) and became the apostle to the Gentiles.

        The Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

      • The remnant that I refer to was rejecting the notion of a man as god, as they were commanded to do in numerous places in their own writings. However, at that point in time, the power was with the Hellenized priesthood, (most of whom weren’t even from the tribe of Levi) a carryover from the Greek invasion, and the consequence of the hellenizers calling on Rome to help get rid of the Greeks. The Sadducees were running things, and they had long before abandoned Torah, and bought their way into the priesthood. The High Priest was a Sadducee who hired Saul, not because of the message, but because it would interfere with their lucrative political ties with Rome. A careful reading of the times and what the Pharisees taught, in conjunction with your book would show that Jesus was a Pharisee, not a Sadducee. The Sadducees didn’t believe in life after death, or the commandments – the message simply threatened their status. Messiahs came and went, and others followed – there was no reason for the Ph

      • umm, my book is the King James. I am Seventh Day Adventist. As with all religion,I find that it is human nature for man to start getting Gods law confused with church law. So I have never found a “religion” that completely conforms to what I am able to read and study on my own. You are totally out of my league when it comes to knowledge and history of religion.

        I am just you average person who reads and seeks to understand. I shall be looking into the points that you have brought up.

        It is not my position to condemn anyone. I fear that I am a constant sinner. I so believe there will be a time of judgement for all. As to Israel, her fate rest with God. In this world I would pick them as and ally.

        I did read a passage that Israel would not have standing in this world again,but I have put my Bible up so cannot reference it.

        It has always been my experience that any knowledge is useful, you just have to pick and choose and pray for the light.

      • Pam, I expect you’re referring to Isaiah 50, but keep in mind the job of the prophets was to rally the people when they faltered. So, to identify who Isaiah is referring to, one must read from Isaiah 40. Also, keep in mind that the chapter breaks were added by the church and are not necessarily in the proper place as intended. A good example is Isaiah 53 which actually begins at 52:13, but we’ve always been directed only to mistranslated verses in chapter 53 thru the lens of the NT, thereby missing the message completely. Someone with no exposure to the NT, and reading instead from Genesis thru Malachi could not come away with the same conclusions. God’s promises to the faithful of Israel are eternal. “Shall a woman forget her sucking child, from having mercy on the child of her womb? These too shall forget, but I will not forget you.” Then look to Zechariah 8:23 “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.” Here, the translation is key, because in the Hebrew, it says “with you”, “im-achem” (plural), not “im-atah(singular)” . Many blessings on your journey – God is a just judge and looks with favor on all who strive to live righteously, regardless of religious labels. Genesis 4:7, Micah 6:8

      • Yes I realize that these text are mistranslated and a punctuation mark that is misplaced can change the meaning of the entire verse.

        I have very much enjoyed your post. What is you opinion of the Geneva Bible?

      • I realize that they are many mistakes in translation. Punctuation also can change the meaning of an entire verse.

        I have enjoyed your posts. What is your opinion of the Geneva Bible vs the King James.

      • Thanks, Pam. I’m
        enjoying the discussion also. I’m no expert on translations, but my feeling
        would be that any bible translation which includes the New Testament cannot be
        reliable as it pertains to the Hebrew scriptures, for the NT writers and
        editors found it necessary to change things in the OT to fit. I had to look up a few key verses in the
        Geneva Bible to see how they were handled, and found the same issues. Isaiah 7:14’s “the young maiden” is
        mistranslated to the virgin, and doesn’t represent her current condition
        correctly. She is ‘horah’ which is the present
        participle meaning she is already pregnant (feminine). HRH (masculine) is the root which comprises
        parenthood, so hor-im would be ‘parents’. The
        issue with Isaiah 7 is that the sign is really verses 15,16 as it is given in
        the context of the king’s worries. Verse
        14 is not the sign, as there would be no value in presenting a sign that no one
        can confirm, then, or in Mary’s days. Also,
        note the child mentioned in verse 7:3, and another child in 8:3, then Isaiah’s statement
        in 8:18. There are no coincidences, and
        these other two children are there for a reason, perhaps to keep us from going
        off on tangents. Lastly, if Isaiah
        wanted to proclaim ‘The virgin’, he definitely knows the word for virgin is ‘betulah’;
        he uses it in chapters 37 and 62. Send
        me a friend request on fb if you’d like to discuss further, i.e. Isaiah 9 and

      • My reply regarding the Geneva Bible didn’t make it through the moderator. There was nothing objectionable about it. Perhaps they’re getting bored with religion talk. Sorry.

  32. go to CNN comments or any Liberal University and you’ll hear the same rhetoric that’s heard in Iran…. “Death to Israel”!!!

    When will the American Jewish community wake up and realize that Liberals only care about their vote,,, then the Liberal will throw the American Jew under the bus….

    I really don’t understand with all the hate of Jews by Liberals why they don’t vote with the party that has their backs… The Republican Party

    • Agree! Just as I don’t understand WHY most “African-Americans” back Planned Parenthood – which was established solely to eliminate the black population…additional evidence is that almost all PP “clinics” are in the AA communities – to be close to those they want to murder in the womb!

  33. As far as I am concerned Obama is a member in good standing with the Muslim Brotherhood, he is a closet Socialist/Communist who has tried to take control of the US but those darn Patriots keep stopping his attempts, NSA, IRS, DOJ, Bengazi, attacks on reporters, Arming a personnel Army (Homeland Security) with millions of rounds of ammo and armored vehicles to deal with US Citizens, (what does the nation need with a Civilian controlled security force equal to the Military if not for taking control) Hitler did that with the SS/Gestapo while the German Regular Army (Brown Shirts) were forced into complying with the Nazi’s. Obama wants to be a king, he deserves to be a cadaver, but I would settle for seeing his vision being squashed and Republicans take over both houses and the White House, pass laws to repeal all his fouled up rules and laws, Watch our Nation prosper doing everything that Republicans have been preaching for decades and watch Democrats decline into nothing.

  34. I agree and support Netanyahu, I am embarrassed by our current President, though I am sure Jimmy Carter is pretty happy, since Obama has taken his place in history as the worst President this nation has ever seen. Just a thought. Keep up the good work LTC West

  35. No I think the liberal/progressive Jewish people will stick with obama come hell or high water! They aren’t supportive of Netanyahu because he’s a conservative! (We have liberal Jewish friends that we don’t discuss politics with just for the sake of friendship)

      • They told me in 2008 to stop sending anti-obama articles or we couldn’t be friends anymore! I told them that if you were a real friend you wouldn’t choose a politician over a friend and that the choice was theirs. That’s why we don’t discuss politics!

  36. It is my understanding that American Jews are the posterity of communist Jews who fled to the United States to escape German nationalism. As with most commie “liberals”, ideology trumps loyalty to country.

  37. The whole support for Obama is perplexing and often seems quite at odds against peoples common sense? The first election was a difficult one to even concede to but the second time there was absolutely no reason on Earth to re-elect the failure in Chief, let alone defend his first term!!! For any Jew to do so seems to me to be like supporting Hitler just before crystal night??

    • You’re right –there is NO COMMON SENSE among the American Jews.
      They also along with the islamist in the WH and all his appointed Muslim Brotherhood are not to be trusted. BHO is deliberately putting our troops at
      great risk with the STUPID-RULES- OF- ENGAGEMENT. He may be president-but I do not respect an ISLAMIST- WHO is taking away our FREEDOMS.

      • I am a young conservative jew (as is most of the Jewish community that I live in), and I find it very offensive that you lump all “American Jews” together instead of lashing out on the liberal Jews! There are MANY influential Jews in the conservative movement!
        to name a few-
        Sheldon Adelson (a conservative zionist Jewish Billionaire) gave $100,000,000 toward Romneys campaign.
        Radio host Mark Levin is also Jewish as well as Michael Savage and Aaron Klein of “Investigative Radio show” among others.
        and I can go on and on.
        How about all the christian blacks who voted for obama?
        Its not about religions – its about being a brainless lib!
        There are Jews and Christians on BOTH sides!
        In short those who work hard and are in business or other fields where common sense is required are often conservatives, whereas those who either vote for a living or are in the liberal arts fields where common sense is not necessary (they like to be “open minded”) and that is where u will find liberals.

      • LOL ~ Abraham, .. God Bless you for your enthusiasm ~ but ~ 69% i.e. 7 out of 10 “American Jews” voted for Romney, *so are there a few Conservative ones? sure, of course. Do the VAST MAJORITY of “American Jew’s ACT LIKE (by voting) that they could give two craps about their brothers and sisters in Israel ~ ummmm, drum roll here ,,,,,,,,, Yes

      • True, there ARE a large % of Jews who are liberal. But that probably has a lot to do with the fact that many of them are from NY (as I am), or california where liberalism is rampant and those kind of numbers are not unusual in those places. But, lets not take things out of proportion here – Jews are a very small minority when you consider how many people in this country (they are even a minority within the lib circles). The Jews do not impact the elections through voting, but rather through funding and endorsing. So, you need to look at all the Jews that have a HUGE impact on promoting conservative values (like Aaron Klein, Mark Levin, Micheal savage) and not get hung up on the percent of Jews who are liberal bec Jews are a small minority.

      • True, there ARE a large % of Jews who are liberal. But that probably has a lot to do with the fact that many of them are from NY (as I am), or california where liberalism is rampant and those kind of numbers are not unusual in those places. But, lets not take things out of proportion here – Jews are a very small minority when you consider how many people in this country (they are even a minority within the lib circles). The Jews do not impact the elections through voting, but rather through funding and endorsing. So, you need to look at all the Jews that have a HUGE impact on promoting conservative values (like Aaron Klein, Mark Levin, Micheal savage) and not get hung up on the percent of Jews who are liberal bec Jews are a small minority.

      • Abraham, you are right that lumping all American Jews is wrong. In conversation I have been guilty too. I need to be more conscientious of my description of categories in whom I am speaking. One thing is certain, I am thankful to God for you and will pray for many blessings and God’s guidance and protection over you. – Cynthia

      • It is also important to note that Jews are held to a different standard than the rest of the world. If there is a bad person whos great great grandfather was Jewish, people consider him to be “Jewish” communist, a “Jewish” anti-zionist, and even (get this) JEWISH ATHEISTS! Whereas if a bad person had a Christian parent, but renounces their belief in Christ, they are not considered to be “Christian”. So, that being said, most Liberal Jews are completely assimilated and many dont even have any religious relatives for GENERATIONS! Not only dont they observe, many even mock religion. They feel a void bec they have no purpose in life, so they fall for the “greater good” socialist agendas where they feel like they are somehow “kind people” for sharing the wealth of OTHERS (aka theft). As a matter of fact, (as crazy as this sounds) the head of “Atheists of America” (a political group that mocks religion and runs ad campaigns such as the one on Christmas that says, “Keep Christmas, throw out the myth” -referring to Jesus) and their leader is Jewish. As a matter of fact a very large percent of the atheists in America are Jewish. This is a double standard! You rarely hear the terms “Christian Atheist”, “Muslim Atheist”, or “Buddhist Atheist”, but we DO hear the term “Jewish Atheist” very often. I do not consider these people (“Jewish” atheists/communists/socialists/anti-zionists/pro-abortion-on-demand/anti-gunners/anti-religion/pro-gay marriage) to be Jewish! They are the opposite of everything it means to be Jewish!
        Here are just a few of MANY Verses from the Bible that support Conservative/Capitalist values:


        Genesis 3:19
        In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.


        Deuteronomy 10:12
        And now, Israel, what doth the LORD thy God require of thee, but to fear the LORD thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul,
        Revelation 2:9
        “…and the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


        Exodus Chapter 21

        verse 22: (refers to the fine for harming a women causing her to give birth prematurely)
        “If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.”

        verse 23: (refers to the penalty of death given if the baby that he caused to be born prematurely dies)
        “And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,”
        (implying that life begins at conception)

        Leviticus 18:22

        Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

        Exodus 22:2
        If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for him.


  38. col west, are the democratic Jews loyal to the USA,yes, so what gives with their support of Obama,he still their president are they crowd following,so as not to stand out possibly or they don’t yet feel comfortable with any alternative,,one which can tackle the economy,which is a huge concern,are they thinking,obama is securing Israel,,maybe maybe not ,,maybe ya need to woo em over, maybe make em shamed of what they doing,,-

  39. I will never understand the American Jewish community’s support of Barack Obama or the Democratic party. Because they will sell Israel down the river whenever it suits their agenda of appeasement with Muslim terrorists. I just don’t get it.

  40. I used to donate to IFCJ (international Fellowship of Christians & Jews) for many years and stopped it after the Jews overwhelmingly voted for obama the second time.

  41. In my humble opinion, it’s just a repeat of WWII. Here’s why:

    Useful Jew
    The term useful Jew was used in various historical contexts, typically describing a Jewish person useful in implementing an official authority’s policy, sometimes by oppressing other Jews. Nowadays, the use of this term is considered inappropriate.

    In 1744, Frederick II of Prussia introduced the practice of limiting Jewish population to a small number of the most wealthy families, known as protected Jews.[1] The first-born son in such families inherited this privilege; other children were considered useless by the authorities and had an alternative to “either abstain from marriage or leave.”[2]
    Following the establishment of the Pale of Settlement by Imperial Russia, only useful Jews (Russian: полезные евреи) were allowed to live outside the Pale; these included Jews such as wealthy first-guild merchants (Russian: купцы первой гильдии), persons who received higher education, cantonists, after serving their full term in the army, and some other categories.[3][4]
    During the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Europe, the Jews who helped implement the Final Solution, such as members of Judenrat or the Jewish Police, were considered “valuable Jews” (German: Wertvolle Juden). They, and sometimes members of their families as well, were immune from deportation for extermination so long as they served the Nazis’ purposes. Also, Jews who had helped plan the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin were considered “useful” and were spared deportation.[citation needed]
    In the Soviet Union, Jewish members of the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public were colloquially known as useful Jews or pocket Jews (Russian: карманные евреи), implying their corruption by high positions in the state hierarchy.[5]
    See also

    • I am Jewish too, although I was adopted thru Jesus…but it is His DNA that now resides in me 🙂 God bless my Jewish brothers and sisters 😀

      • I too am Jewish by Heart! Adopted by Jesus. I fear that Obama will do the same as he did in Benghazi, and order our forces to Stand Down. I know that God can change this if we pray enough. I pray daily.

  42. Sir, your words come to me like ships horn in a foggy night, (Washington DC being that fog and America that clear and wonderful night). Thanks

  43. No; because they have a large presence in the legal community and the last thing they wish to see is TORT Reform minded Conservatives in the White House.

    • So you are saying most Jews are tort/ injury lawyers? I don’t think that is the case.. They’re are many types of law out there so your argument holds no validity. For example, many of Jewish friends real estate lawyers, defense lawyers, etc. they’re not all ambulance chasers, LOL

    • Most Jewish lawyers are actually business lawyers not “civil rights” lawyers!
      I know (personally) MANY Jewish lawyers (divorce, taxes, constitutional, prosecutors…) and they are all conservatives (like everyone else in the business world)

  44. Thank you for your words, Col. West. You echo my thoughts and concerns but have stated them better than I could myself. “misguided politically-driven stupor” sums it up pretty well.

  45. Unfortunately Prime Minister Netanyahu is smarter than our own President and is more caring about his people of his country than our President. Several people in the Jewish Community are still blinded by a personality and silver tongued words of a man who doesn’t care at all about them. Hopefully their eyes will be opened soon

    • Netanyahu is an MIT graduate, a spec ops commando paratrooper in the IDF (his brother is a national hero – he led the mission in Entebi and was the only soldier who died in the mission), he stands for his country! Obama never practiced law (bec he probably doent even have a law degree), he never served in the armed forces (maybe in aq-quada) and not only does he not defend us he supports our enemies!!
      I wish Netanyahu was our pres! – He is an American born to American parents, he is very smart and educated, and he is conservative!

      • I’m very pleased to see young folks who have a clue about life. I think the IDF will be fortunate to have you on their side. Just one comment, please encourage your conservative friends to join the US forces as we definitely need a strong moral presence in our military to protect our constitution. Thanks again and God Bless.

      • Thanks! But I disagree with you on the part where you said we need conservatives in the military to defend the constitution. Dictators kill those who do not follow orders and force the rest to do their biding. We dont rely on the military to protect our rights, liberties and the constitution. In fact the constitutions puts limits on the military and protects our right to bear arms. The military is not allowed in the US and the military is controlled by congress not the pres for the same reason. Just because many soldiers today are patriotic and moral… doesnt meant that they will always defend us and we certainly cannot rely on them for it. The military is to protect us from foreign threats, and we the people need to protect ourselves (by staying armed and trained) from the military. All the countries that have dictatorships that are backed by the military were also ONCE patriotic. Obama is shrinking the military and growing his domestic army through the DHS, DOJ, TSA, FBI, CIA and a whole list of other agencies that are now buying military grade weaponry! The way that we secure our freedom is through ARMED CITIZENRY!!

      • You said it so right and I agree with you but so many so called Americans are cowards and brainwashed and if they weren’t then they would be real Americans. Your a very smart man and my Gods Grace and Blessings be with you. I wish so much that more young Americans were like you and your way of thinking. Actually, I wish more Americans had you thinking as we would be a Constitutional, God loving country again.

      • Our CONSTITUTION’s 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms. . .) is to protect US from THEM, the morons in Washington, DC.

      • Young man, you are wise beyond your years. You are giving me hope for the future. Wish we had more like you.

      • Everyone who joins the US military takes an oath that includes “protecting and defending the Constitution”
        …as well as “protect the United States from all enemies; Foreign AND Domestic”…..
        This is a great organization to know about: http://oathkeepers.org/oath/

      • Abraham, how refreshing to read elequent words expressing what our forefathers set in motion for this great country. Again, citizens are not taught in our schools how and why our Constitution works for us. Living in the south owning and knowing how to use a gun is normal and southerners would fight back rather than be told to lay down their weapons (not meaning lawbreakers). But not all of them truly understand the reason in its entirety for that freedom. Most just know it’s their right. Thank you for sharing your explanation.

      • I agree with you concerning what the Constitution says about who controls the military, and the Bill of Rights guaranteeing our God Given Rights with the 2nd amendment, specifically. However, it doesn’t bear well given the past, evidence exists units are Training for Civil Disturbances (I ask who do they expect to encounter, where & why-seems pretty obvious), and now with a Communist born and raised sitting in the Oval Office, raising his own private army (DHS) leading with PEO’s, with 70 known Communists in both houses of Congress that support, and a majority of other members that either don’t care, as long as they collect their benefits, to lazy or scared to do their jobs upholding their Oaths they took for office. And to remind and ask how legal is it Constitutionally, to engage in an undeclared war? IE: All of the wars (police actions) we’ve been involved in since WWII, not even mentioning entering some by order of the President for putting our troops on foreign ground before Congressional approval. Who is to say they will abide by the Constitution concerning against her own people, especially after the Purging going on? It will be up to the consciousness by the troops themselves to disobey unconstitutional orders.

      • Too bad there is an age limitation on being President, you sure seem to be a heaven lot better than the unqualified Anti-CHRISTian in office now, maybe by the time you have a few years behind you and some real life experiences, we can vote for you.
        GOD BLESS Abraham and by the way, it is my belief that it all started with Abraham and could end with another Abraham.

      • Abraham, it has been a pleasure reading of your conservative beliefs. I would like to recommend that you look up PM Netanyahu’s father, Benzion Netanyahu at wikipedia.org. I don’t think he became a US citizen but did live in the states for awhile He was born in Poland. PM Netanyahu was born in Tel Aviv. Interestingly he has a degree in Architecture from MIT….and has other degrees as well. Here is Pm Netanyahu’s wikipedia link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Netanyahu
        I’m sorry the US military has been perverted by the leftards and the Domestic Enemy that obama is. I hope we can stop the poisoning that is happening to it and get our military back to where it was.
        Best of luck to you in wherever your plans take you !

      • Wow! i knew that he was an MIT and Harvard graduate, but I never knew he wasnt American. He has an amazing English. He is really an accomplished guy!

  46. That has always been one of the biggest mysteries to me. Why does the American Jewish community overwhelmingly support the fraud Obama, when he clearly hates them, and hates Israel? Amazing!

    • I am a conservative Jew and I hated obama from the beginning, and I cannot for the life of mine understand how the liberal Jews supported and CONTINUE to support obama. But truth be told – I have never understood ANY liberal. Liberalism is a mental illness. It is the politically correct word for someone who is delusional and lacks the ability to reason! So, the fact that liberals Jews are jewish doesnt change much, bec since when do libs care about the facts!?

  47. Nope!! I read several years ago a Conservative Jewish author who was writing about the Secular Jews in America. This what he said paraphrasing him. These are the same people that got over six million of my people killed in Europe. These people are Jewish in name only. Etc! George Soros

    • Now I’m beginning to understand. I assumed that Jews were far more united. I suppose it’s a lot like (most) U.S. Christians not giving a damn about Middle Eastern and African Christians being slaughtered by Muslims today.

      • We are by no means one group of sheeple… Many of us our conservatives. Us American Jews who back isreal are the real Jews. These limousine liberal Jews don’t represent us all by any means. They are garbage.

    • That would be the same George Soros that financed OBAMA?


      George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.


      So maybe Soros is trying to make that money like Bush did by supporting Tyranny?

    • Interesting. Thanks for the info. Explains a lot to a goy like me. We Christians who read the Old Testament as well as the New just assume all Jews are passionate about their beliefs. I find strength in following the teachings of a man called Jesus and assumed Jews were the same about their religious beliefs, anomalies like Soros and Lenin notwithstanding.

      Being reminded that many atheists have Jewish names could explain many of Israel’s troubles. God has taken retribution on Jews who forgot Him, and could do so again.

      • You do know that some of the greatest socialist have come from Jewish roots namely Karl Marx . But that’s not painting the whole race with this brush but most of the big bankers and Merchants in Europe pre WW11 were Jewish. And a whole lot of them moved out of Europe before the Nazis were able to get them and their families. Hence the statement that they left the mostly Religious Jews to face the wrath that the secular Jews had fomented. I’m in no way anti-Semitic but I’m not going to give them a pass either.

      • Yeah, Ken, I forgot about Marx. Should have included him. The problem many (including me) seem to be having is the unfounded assumption that everyone with a traditional Jewish name is a practicing Jew, which obviously isn’t the case. That would be like saying all gentiles with an Irish name will be Catholic.

        On the more pragmatic side, though I disagree with some of Israel’s laws and social attitudes, I back the Israelis because they are standing up against the fanatical Iranians who want a world caliphate after they destroy a weakened US.

        The IDF understands their (our) Muslim enemies far better than we do, living next to them. I’d rather send money to the IDF than send more American troops to the middle east. Either way, Israel will do what is necessary for their survival, with or without our help. Russia and North Vietnam are the wild cards.

  48. I hope that one day the American public will wake up and recognize the scam that has been clouding their senses and take back this nation. Then Israel will have some real backing.

    • Thank you for your service!
      I am an American Jew, and I just graduated high school. I was going to join the Marines, but the way things are going with the “establishment” I didnt want to have to fight a war that the American People dont support, of even worse – I am afraid that they might be ordered to violate the constitution and the rights of Americans (like gun confiscations). I am really disappointed bec i always wanted to join the military (especially the USMC) but, the govt is out of control so I cannot. But, I do plan to enlist in the IDF in the next few months:)
      I am very fit, and determined! (I’m just brushing up on my Hebrew and getting ready). The minimum enlistment for foreigners is 14 months, but if I get into an elite unit they will probably make me stay longer (as they do in the spec ops units in the US military). Anyhow, thank you for your service in defending our liberties and our sovereignty. God bless you, and God bless America!

      • Abraham, don’t join any branch of the service until and unless you realize that soldiers don’t decide which wars they fight. You were right to stay a civilian.

      • Not so with the Israeli army. They have NEVER initiated ANY of the wars and they were overwhelmingly victorious EVERY time! God is with them and so will I !

      • thank you my friend, good luck on your enlistment and stay safe. write and let me know how things are going. Your friend,Ed

      • Thank you!
        Btw it is far safer as they are not in enemy territory and there is little threat of IEDs.(which are responsible for 3/4 of US deaths). They also have a lot more experience in counter terrorism that the US (in fact many departments of the US govt and even the military got CT training from israel after the attacks of 911). They also have great intel. You can literally count Israeli deaths on our fingers. Unfortunately it is not the case with our brave men and women in the armed forces 🙁
        And as far is Iran is concerned, Israel will attack from the sky and cyber not invasion. In short it is not nearly as dangerous as the US military, but never the less they have many enemies and are in constant danger. We need your prayers!

      • Bless you young man for your heart of bravery to serve for a noble cause. And I can easily remember your name in my prayers to be kept save where ever you might be. God is surely in control of this situation. It’s my belief that Israel will look like there is no way they can survive. This is when God will step in an it won’t be any question it’s God upholding His promise to Israel. Those who side with Israel are also promised the blessings of God. And if anyone keeps his promises, it’s God. Nuff said.

      • Thank you for your kind words, prayers, and blessings. I am from NY and Im not really used to hearing that kind of talk around me. It so nice to hear from real Americans who are not afraid to stand up for their values (God, Guns, constitution) . And you are most definitely correct for saying
        “This is when God will step in an it won’t be any question it’s God upholding His promise to Israel. Those who side with Israel are also promised the blessings of God.”
        To put it in Pastor /Gov. Mike Huckabee’s words – “God has never forsaken Israel, and He is not about to now either!” God bless you and God bless America!

      • Abraham, you brought a problem that I too share. I’m a retired 23 year U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer that truly loves my county. However, what I’ve witnessed taking place in our military makes me very reluctant to recommend service to our young people. This political correctness is destroying my nation. I’m a firm believer in supporting Israel because God always blesses those who bless Israel. I strongly support your desire to join the IDF my young friend. May God’s Blessings go with you wherever you walk and know you have a lot of support here in the States even if the Federal Government continues to make major mistakes.

  49. Colonel West as one who knows first hand of the atrocities purported upon Israel by their neighbors, I salute you for your candor. Simply put the Jews in the US are Jews by name only, they never lost anyone in the war nor they served in the IDF. They are under the misguided illusion that if they donate money to Israel they have the moral right to tell Israel how to behave. I say the hell with them. Thank God for people like you who are willing to help the real Jews, and who speaks up for them. I consider you a true friend, God Bless!!!

    • Stefan, you keep on speaking up. And don’t be afraid to make folks angry. When you touch a nerve, that can be the turning point in someone else’s thinking.

  50. As an American Jew, I am very thankful to all you conservatives out there who realize that Israel is our greatest ally in the region. They are the only country in the middle east that has never turned their backs on America (and if america ever needs an airbase or port to use as an outpost for an attack in the region they can always count on Israels support.) I am a conservative because I know history and am not naive. But, I cannot understand how so many jews are liberal. They all say things like “never again” or “kill hate”, but they forget that the Holocaust was perpetrated by a “big government” and that the govt abused their monopoly on force (guns) to do what they did! I don’t just say “never again” I LEARN from history! My ancestors trusted big govt and they also thought that such a thing would never happen in the “modern era” – and that is why they are ashes in Europe!!! I am a proud American, and I believe God, guns, and liberty!!!
    Ps: The Zionist Jews that are pro-Israel are conservatives. The Liberals (brain dead) are pro-palestinian.

    • I agree with Abraham in that he hits the nail on the head that we all (and not just the Jews in America…but all of us) have to show Israel that we do have their back and Netanyahu speaks for us too

      when he says Obama & the rest did a “cave” deal instead of a negotiation that would put a brake on Iran’s nuclear threat……………Instead we give more money to those who wish us dead and pat them on the wrist…………..Shameful!

    • Thank you, Abraham. We all should continue to pray for Peace for Israel. It is truly refreshing to read your comment. History is being rewritten in public schools, sadly. There is becoming a wide gap from conservatism. The educational system is letting us down. If our children aren’t interested in history they don’t dig deep to discover what you just said. Our government is creating a larger group of dependants who might never know the truth therefore creating a larger group of dependants to continue to vote them in office.

  51. Hi Allen. I’m Rahel one of the co-hosts of Israel is Real radio (we interviewed you then!). I very much appreciate all you do and say. As to your question regarding American Jews… it’s simple. Just as in the days of the Maccabees when too many Jews desired to be like the Greeks, American Jews have lost their identities to assimilation. They’ve spent a few generations trying to be American and now have forgotten who they are completely. Sadly, to them, Israel is an obstacle – a unwanted reminder that hopes to jiggle them back to reality. But they are so buried and blind they just can’t see.

    • All great points, but how does this “lost their identities to
      assimilation…. trying to be American” scenario account for the large
      number of “liberals” that exist in Israel? Right or wrong, I think
      their affinity to “liberalism” has more to do with an opposition and
      understandable fear by many Jews to “fascism” that is mistakenly attributed to levels of “conservatism” unfortunately though in some manner explicable because of historical experiences.

    • Hi Rahel. IMHO most people lump people with Jewish names into one group and and assume they will think the same way because they are “JEWS.” Having a Jewish name doesn’t make someone a Jew. Faith is what determines if they are Jewish or not. My name is British Celtic but I don’t believe in Lugg or Epona. And I don’t think most of today’s Americans with Jewish names feel connected with the holocaust or Israel any more than I feel connected with slavery or British colonial oppression. If nothing else we should support Israel for other very practical self-serving national reasons.

      Israel is our friend and a buffer against the islamic fanatics. Today’s so-called Palestinians are an ignorant collection of mongrel scum from various Arabic (now Islamic) tribes just like they were when the Romans coined the term “Palestinian” to denote the troublesome Philistines who occupied the same general district. There is no “nation” of Palestine and never has been. But there WAS an Israel long before Roman occupation.

  52. I for the life of me can’t understand why the Jewish community in the US has supported this President so soundly despite the fact that he’s done everything he can to side with the enemy of Israel and isolate us from one of our most trusted Ally in the world. I don’t know if you are caught up on the notion of the free “entitlements” or a dream where everything is fine if you let the Government run everything about us. Either way we should all know by now that anything the Government touches is quickly destroyed, they don’t have the people’s backs, and that nothing in this world is free. You may get it free, but someone somewhere had to pay for it. I think its time we realize that, open our eyes, and follow the Constitution. Sure it was flawed but when we stuck to the guide, it limited power – made us responsible for our own wellbeing and we flourished much more.

  53. Today I saw the most awesome sight! A Jewish young man (beard and yamachka gave him away!) driving around with a big Manorrah on his roof with 5 light bulbs lit! I felt so proud of him to honor his faiths celebration of channuchka and chabatz that I let him know how cool it was to see that! His eyes smiled and teared at the same time! Netanyahu is a force to recon with and he will do what is right for Israel and its inhabitants; no matter what their faith is! Obama will need to stick up on depends, he’s gonna need them ! : )

    • I have heard that they are bitter at the Americans who waited so long to rescue them from Hitler. They thought that we approved of what Hitler was doing to them. They said that we could have saved millions, had we listened and responded quicker.

      • That doesn’t explain the support of obama when he may help to incur damage to their homeland through middle east countries.

  54. If memory serves me, Pres Obama DID NOT have the American Jewish support in 2012 as he had in 2008. While some did still vote for him, the numbers were significantly lower the second time around because of his actions against Israel. So the tide has changed and hopefully, will continue to change against any further political anti-Israel situations.

    • you should have heard how the ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) spoke about this admin. They HATE obama! There are plenty of tea party/ libertarians in the Jewish circles. I am 18 and Jewish, and I am a die hard tea party/ libertarian! I also have convinced MANY people that big govt is corrupt and a danger to our freedom, how taxes destroy the economy, how guns make us safer and freer, how freedom of religion is not the same as free of religion……
      There are MANY Jews who support the Tea Party, and I am proud to be one of them.

      • May G*D richly bless you, Abraham Pinto! You are wise beyond your years, and you give me hope that our nation and its Constitution may be restored. Please know that you are welcome in my home any time. “As for me and my house, we will serve the L*RD.” To me, that commitment includes my covenant to protect and defend the Constitution of United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to always stand with Israel.

  55. Because Allen I don’t think the Jewish people in our country care about Israel. They are basically liberals here.

  56. I would urge ALL Jewish Americans to withhold ALL finances that would facilitate this American Administration. Instead I would urge ALL Jewish Americans to pour as much capital as you can into the Republicans (Tea Party Candidates ) up for election and assist in removing those that have proven to be enemies to Israel and our U.S. Constitution. Otherwise the Democrats will continue to disregard both Israel and our U.S. Constitution. It is shameful and disgraceful to me that Iran is allowed to be more important than our most loyal and beloved ally Israel.

    • Israel is our first line of defense, we are their reserves, without Israel whom is GOD’s Chosen, that we Christians have been grafted to, then we would fall also as the rose bush (jews) is grafted for the flowers (Christians) if the root stock (Jews) dies, so does the graft (Christians).

      If I used our Florida Oranges for an example, the graft trees are sweet fruit with weak roots, grafted to tough roots, but when the freeze comes, and the graft dies, what is left is a very strong root that only produces Bitter fruit.

      Jews and Christians both need to learn what GOD did with this graft and why HE did it.

      • It comes to mind a factual truthful statement that is quite haunting…

        “Israel is the canary in the mine.What happens to Israel will eventually happen to America itself.” – David Horowitz

    • Too late now to withhold Jewish money. Obama now has control of the printing presses and can print as much as he likes to reward his supporters.

  57. Rush Limbaugh is right that American Jews are Liberals first before Jewish! It’s appalling that while Obama’s policy on Israel is nothing but hostility and intimidation, American Jews never waiver from their support for Obama. Wonder what it will take to open their bloody heads!

    • God blinded the Jews from the truth until his return. They were stiff-necked. It’s the same race of people God rescued from Egypt where the Egyptians were giving the gold as going away gifts to get rid of them after having endured 10 plagues. Then, after only a few days or weeks in the wilderness, they don’t believe God can help them again. They will have to wait now until Jesus returns to see the light. Until then (when God used the Jewish race to be his messengers) God now uses Christians. Israel is still protected by God but they are easily misled. Sadly, they’ll struggle until they acknowledge the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. That’s what it will take to open their heads. Thanks for your comment. Enjoyed your input. – Cynthia

    • In the same manner that a lot of African-Americans tend to support the Democrat party even after learning the truth of all the anti civil rights votes against them by the very same party.

  58. Hard as it may be to accept, it IS possible that, as many white liberals (and some conservatives) here feel intense guilt and personal responsibility for slavery, many Jews may suffer similarly when confronting the Palestinian issue? Just a thought…

    • It certainly is possible. Highly misguided, but possible. Most Americans are descendants of immigrants who arrived long after slavery ended, so why should they feel quillty? And half a million white Union Army soldiers were killed or injured fighting to end slavery, which should pretty much eliminate the guilt. As far as Jews feeling guilty for ‘confronting the Palestinian state, it’s time this foolish liberal logic is banished. Is there some shortage of places where Muslims can live? Do the Muslims feel guilt for slaughtering, raping and forcibly converting millions and millions of Jews and Christians who populated all these now Muslim only countries? Israel owes it to its Jewish and Christian inhabitants to survive. And it is not possible to survive with Muslims. In case you haven’t noticed, MUSLIMS DON’T PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS. Everywhere there are Muslims, there are problems!!

      • Just a little history lesson!

        Many people think the Civil War of 1860-1865 was fought over one issue
        alone, slavery. Nothing could actually be further from the truth. The
        War Between the States began because the South demanded States’ rights
        and were not getting them.

        The Congress at that time heavily favored the industrialized northern
        states to the point of demanding that the South sell is cotton and other
        raw materials only to the factories in the north, rather than to other
        countries. The Congress also taxed the finished materials that the
        northern industries produced heavily, making finished products that the
        South wanted, unaffordable. The Civil War should not have occurred. If
        the Northern States and their representatives in Congress had only
        listened to the problems of the South, and stopped these practices that
        were almost like the taxation without representation of Great Britain,
        then the Southern states would not have seceded and the war would not
        have occurred.

      • Amen: If it was over the one issue of slavery, why would Lincoln offer the border states to be allowed to keep slavery for siding with the North? Civil War had little to do with slavery and more to do with who was in charge of writing the History books.

      • Liberal teachers and professors have been spinning the truth about the War of Northern Aggression for decades. It wasn’t about slavery because slavery was already in the process of dying out due to upkeep expenses. Lincoln freed the Southern slaves as a war production measure against the South, while retaining Northern slavery. Intense political pressure forced him to later free the northern slaves. He was a hypocrite and a sorry excuse for a leader. Look how many American deaths he caused when all the south wanted was States Rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution.

      • Thank you akahallen, for sharing this info. I am so tired of everyone accusing Southerner’s, to this day, of hating the blacks!! That is so far from the truth!!!!!!!! And they still, continually, shove it down our throats to the point of me becoming bitter about it!!! There were slave owners, WAY BACK, but not now. And they STILL want us to pay for the mistakes of those people. Why can’t we just be ONE NATION UNDER GOD???!!!!!!!!!

      • Any discrimination against ISLAM is the fault of the Believers of Muhammad, before he took over, there was a peaceful ISLAM. Muslims Hijacked ISLAM and then took over Mecca. Muhammad wrote those terrible hateful laws and any followers of his want to kill, that is MURDER anyone that does anything against the word of Muhammad, that is why the MUSLIMS even kill their own.
        Ruling by murder is totally against GOD.

        SHADDAP Atheist, I’m talking here.

        Put GOD back in the USA, or fall with the MUSLIMS.

  59. I think a lot of America’s Jews are very secular and I would compare to Christian’s in name only that show up on Sunday to warm the pew and then don’t think about God at all until the next service. That doesn’t mean they aren’t caring though, the reason American Jews are liberal is because they tend to sympathize with the less fortunate and with minorities which lead to disastrous policies that create dependence instead of self reliance.

    70% of Jews self-identify as leaning to or members of the Democratic party. That compares with just 49% of the American public overall who at least lean Democratic. 82% of Jews think that homosexuality should be accepted by society, while just 57% of the general public believes so. Only 43% of Jews believe that caring about Israel is an essential part of being Jewish, only 40% of Jews believe God “gave them Israel”. This percentage is lower than the general public’s belief (at 44%) and far below white Evangelicals’ 82% conviction. 49% of Jewish adults identify as liberal, compared with just 19% who say they are conservative. That’s nearly a mirror-opposite of the general public, of whom 38% say they are conservative and 21% say they are liberal. 64% of Jews say there is discrimination against Blacks, only 47% of all Americans do. This gap extends to attitudes towards Latino Americans, as well. 72% of Jews say Muslims in America are discriminated against, versus just 47% of the public at large who say that. Fact Source:http://www.pewforum.org/2013/10/01/jewish-american-beliefs-attitudes-culture-survey/

    • Ok nothing new. We all know that most Jews are libs, but is the percentage of Liberals among the Jewish population going up or down?

      • That report doesn’t state that, but if you consider and look at our nation as a whole and the direction we have been going it’s clear that liberals have grown, so it’s safe to say liberalism among Jews has gone up.

      • Jews historically have been bright and notoriously successful in business. They (as a “culture”) have had to be clannish to survive throughout history. They haven’t received enough credit for the good things they’ve brought to the world in science and international banking, things that have also helped Gentiles. Being smart (Jew genes?) they have also produced notorious crooks, politicians, and banking criminals. (as have gentiles)

        Something that hits their pocketbook tends to get their attention. IMHO, Obamacare is waking them up in America and things might be about to change re Jewish liberalism. I’m hopefully and cautiously optimistic that the financial bottom line will cause a swing to conservatism among liberal (Marxist) Americans with Jewish names,

      • It is true that that OBAMA[don’t]CARE will destroy the dems for the next few election cycles, but the GOP is also at record lows. I am a libertarian, so this is really good for my party bec it will grow tremendously (from both sides). It is also good for the Tea Party (NSA alarms going off now lol) bec they will also be taking a lot of power from the reps – if they form a new “3rd Party” / fourth party (which I really hope they do). Although we as a society need to be more united, our parties should be diverse and many! It is like the “free market” – the more competition, the more they need to fight for your business (or in this case your vote). Bec right now THERE IS NO CONGRESS!!! – Both sides pretend that they have their values, platforms…. but at the end of the day BHO does what ever he wants! The reps have not been able to preserve economic liberty, and social morality, and the dems have not stopped Ocare which they knew would hurt their constituents more that anyone else, and they have not fought BHO for all his war crimes in the middle east! So now we (the whole country) has been “unilaterally” skrewed, and it is no longer about dems vs reps, but rather 99.999% (good people) vs the 0.001% (elitists), its about authoritarian vs libertarian! Its about liberty vs slavery! and now it is time to “shrink the fed” as Dr/Sen. Ron Paul says.
        The Tea Party as well as the Libertarian Party are our only hope for a limited, responsible and a just Govt! As far the liberal Jews that you call “Marxist” I am not too worried about them. First of all the generation that fled Europe’s nationalist Nazis and those that helped create the USSR (Carl Marx was himself a jew) are now dead. The Liberal Jews of today have nothing to do with that kind of ideology they support liberalism for the same reason as the non Jewish liberals (young and rebellious/hate religion/have a need for a cause……) but the point is that the liberal jews are (like their non-Jewish liberal counterparts) not grounded in reality and when things start to get real (or hit “their pocketbooks” as you put it :)) they will wake up! The GOP is falling, but so are/will the dems, and it is my hope that they both crash and that the Tea Party and the Libertarians and Independents will arise stronger than everyone else, shrink the fed, and restore our liberty and set us on the path of restoration, growth, prosperity, peace, and liberty! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

      • Liberalism (Progressive, etc.) is just Marxism (Communism) in first gear. Our nation has been successfully usurped by a foreign born agent, probably groomed in early life by funding from the old KGB, to do exactly what he’s been doing. The USSR is no more and now Putin is having to deal with the political missile they prepped and launched decades ago. Poetic justice.

        I view the Tea Party and Libertarians as near clones of each other. I stopped claiming affiliation with the GOP when they anointed lame “reach-across-the-aisle” McCain, a pure namby-pamby RINO.

        You’re right, we have no Congress. For not one but two reasons. (1) They refuse to bite the bullet and ACT and, (2) Obama has assumed dictatorial power and simply ignores them, ruling by Presidential decree. We are not losing our Democratic republic; we have already lost it and people just can’t see it yet. It took 50 years for Romans to realize what they had lost.

        IMHO, our only hope for recovery is for the military to set the cart back on its wheels, a-la Egypt. West Pointers swear to uphold the Constitution FIRST, and the president second..

        I am a strong conservative independent and belong neither to the GOP nor Libertarian party. I will vote with the loose knit conservative tea partiers because I’ve had enough of power politics. My fervent hope is that Texas will resume life as an independent Republic one day.

  60. American Jews are Marxists. The end justifies the means in the pursuit of the destruction of the Constitution and friends are found in that goal among terrorist states. They wrongly assume that that friendship will be enduring once this republic falls. It won’t. It never has with any infidels, ever.

    • Many Jews are liberal bec liberals used to be anti-discrimination and pro civil rights. Now the young generation is STILL liberal bec they are mostly secular and feel guilty about it in their hearts, so they try to appease their conscious by “caring” for others. Thats why they create racism and victims where there is not (like affirmative action, or Trayvon Martin..).
      I know this bec I am a conservative jew (18yo) and I am just as dumbfounded how so many Jews are libs. I engage in political and religious debates very regularly, and have made a lot of my jewish friends die hard tea partyists!

      • Good job ! You noticed the generational gap where the older generations were strong Marxists or communists that escaped Hitler and Stalin. Being a “lib” is normal youthful rebellion that is easily led astray into the socialists camp. We call them dupes. Again, good job opening their eyes.

      • I am in my final time and am astounded that you have so much wisdom at only 18 years. Watch your step, watch your back, continue thinking on your own, and you will be exceptionally successful in your life.

  61. Certainly 95% of American Jews don’t yet realize that Obama is Islam/Muslim in his intentions by word of his own mouth! Yes –much comes from his mouth like saying he is a Christian? But then blaspheming the bible openly on his teleprompter! The Koran teaches lies are permissible with no accountability, to win over their enemies–“US”! Obama has weakened America to where they wouldn’t be much help in a middle east war, when Obama would be on the Arab side as he is today!! Don’t worry about Bibi since he has been sharing in bible studies with his Parliament of those that are interested and God will intervene if Gods chosen people [Jews] need His aid. Obama doesn’t realize that God and one Jew is a majority! Americans best return to the bible and repent–asking forgiveness to Jesus while there is time! Its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God……. [not ‘Allah’ the Arab moon god of the desert]

  62. No, many will continue to support the Democrats. For some reason, many American Jews identify with the Democrats. Maybe it was through early unions that gained the Jewish support. I do not think American Jews really relate to the people in Israel.

  63. Israel has God Almighty on their side….and the pledge He made….”Those that hate Israel I will curse….those that love Israel….I will bless”…..What I am seeing in America…is NOT God’s blessing…..It is as if…God has already pulled His protection away from us….God Help Us…

    • JOB !

      America took GOD out of our Schools, and is removing “In GOD we trust” from our money and public buildings, Removing GOD from our Government and our Laws.

      So we are called the CHRISTIAN Nation by ISLAM and then by a big CON we now have the Anti-CHRISTian in the White House and still so many are fooled.

      GOD sits back allowing Him (Satan) to attack and do all kinds of terrible things to try to get JOB to curse GOD and die.

      Now so many are asking, “How can GOD allow these things to happen?”

      In any Communist Government takeover, they must Kill the Church’s and the Priests, because GOD is the only way to deal with it.

      I Pray to Open our (Spiritual) eyes, our (Spiritual) ears and take the Hardness (Denial) from our hearts, and turn back to GOD to be healed.

      GOD gave us The Holy Spirit, (see Proverbs 8:1 – 8:36) When Jesus departed he said I will send you a new comforter and that is the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom.


      He (our Pres.) is only the Button, the key button to start the Engine of Civil War in America.

      His antics are to anger Americans enough to push that button.

      Before the elections, the Democrats running for offices, used his Race to ride the Straight party ticket voters ballots. His only purpose left is to be their blind and take the heat of attention off of what they are pulling behind the scenes. If he goes, VP Joe will be the new President and then the real poopie starts, with Martial Law.

      The con game is running, waiting for the American People to make that one stupid move and push that terminal button.

      Would you do a Devilish act and give them power, or turn to GOD with HIS real POWER?

      GOD BLESS Allen West, GOD Bless us all, GOD Bless America.

      I say these words in Jesus name, Praise GOD Amen.

      OK Atheist turn to talk, your turn.

  64. I am aware. I sent off an email to Kerry the other day regarding this particular issue. He got scolded. But, the long and short of it is this – we better have a long term solution for dealing with a nuclear attack. Resources need to made available for research, both militarily and scientifically, for preventing a device from entering into our air space. It is not a matter of “who” or “if” a nuclear attack will occur, it is a matter of when. Knowledge, like Nature, cannot be contained. No amount of “can and mouse” games will prevent the wrong people from acquiring nuclear weapons. It cannot be stopped and we cannot buy our way out of it – so we better prepare or prevent it. No doubt in my mind that there is somebody on this planet that knows exactly how to prevent it without creating a One World Government. That is not an option. One thing is for certain regarding our foreign policy – If any Country makes a nuclear strike against us, Israel or our allies (NATO), they will cease to exist. This is the position of strength. This policy should be shared with our allies as well as our enemies. The people in all countries need to monitor, suppress or change their governments if that government is intent upon using a weapon of mass destruction against another country or against the inhabitants or their own country. I believe in the general goodness of all peoples, I do not believe in goodness of governments. We had to hold Afghanistan responsible when they would not turn over Bin Laden. We must do the same in any future. But, how about we develop a method of interfering with the delivery of a weapon of mass destruction? It can be done and we can do it. We need a shield and a shield will be developed. One day weapons of mass destruction will no longer be necessary as we will be protected against them – bubble technology maybe.

    • kansascase, sadly, that was before we had the curious ideological mess of a human being in the white house, by the name of obama, the Communist Muslim. How the bloody hell this person became the president, I do not know! It’s more than just the mental defect of Liberalism, or fear of being called a racist…I cannot figure it out. Have we sunk so morally low, become so immune to evil, grown to hate any&every one who doesn’t think like a Liberal….when did we start thinking that it’s ok to kill old people, babies, to encourage lazy, selfish, greedy people NOT to work, to not support our allies, to pamper criminals while kicking their victims to the curb, to dishonor the military that has protected this country for 237 by making pacts with the devil. We’ve been destroyed from the inside, and, for the most part, we never saw it coming….yeah, there were some of us who saw it, but we were marginalized viciously. It was like swimming against a tidal wave. Unbelievable, what 5 years can do!!

      Don’t count on obama bombing any Muslim country, especially, one that wants to destroy Israel. He’s fast friends with dictators, and hates America passionately. HOW DID HE GET ELECTED?!?!?

  65. There seems to be so much discussion about American Jew assimilating into American values and loosing their identities. Ablolute hypocrisy. The Israelis consider Israel to be the GAY CAPITAL of Europe. You in Israel have also lost touch with the Torah and following Gods rules.having. GAY. sex is forbidden. Don’t be pointing fingers if you are. not perfect. God
    sees everything.

    • Its very similar to the US where the cities are controlled by Godless immoral liberals and the rest of the country is conservative. We have San Francisco, and they have Tel Aviv!

  66. To understand the difference between the Jewish Communities you must understand the Church of Smyrna and the Church of Philadelphia.

  67. I am Jewish, I never voted for Obama. I don’t know why any Jew would vote for him. I wish you would run for president Mr.West, I would vote for you in a heartbeat.

  68. We’re commanded to pray for the Peach of Jerusalem. I contend that ABC, NBC, CBS, and many of the national and international media outlets will witness a modern day miracle caught on tape. Maybe a preview of Gog and Magog where God himself fight against the enemies (Iran) of the Jewish people. A reminder to all who think Iran will be able to destroy Israel. Ain’t going to happen saith God.

  69. Obama is a liar and expert con-artist. People who voted for him were blinded by either spiritual darkness or just plain ignorance. The worthless press and lamestream media in our country love the liar; they lie to protect him.

    • So you know what my prayer is about, to open their eyes, ears and heart of the Spirit. Do you know that Spirit of Truth and Wisdom?
      Proverbs 8:1 – 8:36 That same Comforter that Jesus said he would send.
      Unfortunately, the Church’s deny this is the Comforter, The Same Holy Spirit the name is Truth and Wisdom. If we all knew the Spirit, The evil ones, Lies and Error, would be known to us.
      The Bible is all plain to see to those that have eyes and ears, of the Spirit.
      When we are warned of the Antichrist, can we not see how easy that is, “ANTI-CHRIST ian”, Now see that every time Communism takes over a country, they must Murder the Priests and Burn the Church’s to keep GOD from fighting them.
      When I am challenged by unbelievers, I just remember JOB, and I have strength.

  70. Unfortunately four score and two of my years have now past and I’m not physically able to fight anymore, but if I were It would be with the IDF or the newly forming Texas military forces (HQ at Camp Mabrey, Austin). There’s no better outfit than the USMC, but I no longer trust our POTUS as supreme commander to defend the Constitution.

    I first read the bloody Koran 30 years ago and have read it twice since. An earlier poster on this forum was correct in saying Muslims are told in the Koran never lie to each other, but are permitted, even encouraged, to lie to a non-believer if it will further the cause of Islam. Nn-believers are to be either killed (preferably by “striking at the neck”) or enslaved. The Koran also says in it’s disjointed Suras that Muslims can’t pick and choose from the Koran. It’s an all-or-nothing deal. So there’s no such thing as a “moderate Muslim.” If you don’t buy it all, then you’re not a true Muslim. It’s a yes-no thing.

    The Koran tells Muslims to slowly infiltrate non-Muslim territories and keep a friendly non-threatening profile until strong enough to make their move. Then, STRIKE for total control.

    Our POTUS spent his school years in Indonesia (only citizens are permitted to attend school in Indonesia), and the kids had to read and recite the Koran every day in Arabic. His parents and grandparents were Marxists. He’s following the Marxist playbook in destroying our nation, and Israel with it if he can, but Christian Capitalist US is his main target.

    Many American “Jews” aren’t real Jews or they would be backing their homeland as America’s Gentiles are doing. Abriham Pinto I salute you. When you get to Israel tell the IDF their Gentile brothers are with them 100%. Unfortunately we first have our own mess to clean up.

    Islam isn’t a religion. It’s a ruthless, disjointed, blood cult created by a hallucinating, pedophilic, lunatic in the 8th century and should have been stamped out centuries ago.

    A Jewish name does not a Jew make.

    • “Many American ‘Jews’ aren’t real Jews or they would be backing their homeland”.

      If they’re American, doesn’t that make America their home? This dual loyalty crap is bad for the country.

      • I suppose you’re right. Being American Jews and living here they should have loyalty only to America and not care about Israel. It was probably misguided loyalty for Americans to care about what happened to our British cousins in WW2, especially remembering that the Brits once burned Washington. We should have let Hitler have Britain.

        Silly me.

      • Sarcasm aside, didn’t you say that Jews aren’t real Jews unless they support Israel, “their” homeland?

        Isn’t that like saying African Americans aren’t real Africans unless they support their homeland Africa? Or that Italian Americans aren’t real Italians unless they support Italy? Etc…

        Also, you claim to have read the Koran. How about the Talmud?

      • Which of the two versions of the Talmud are you referring to? … not that it really matters. Neither version advocates Jihad and the killing innocent men, women, and children worldwide.

        All I know is that the 9/11 pilots weren’t Jews screaming “Allah Akhbar!” “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is an old Jewish saying, as is, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Feel free to let your guard down. I’ll back the IDF because I don’t want thousands of bloody moon worshippers infiltrating my homeland, or worse yet, in possession of nukes that can destroy my homeland. Muzzies don’t play well with others.

      • “It’s pretty obvious you haven’t read the Koran, though, (available in libraries and bookstores) or we wouldn’t even be having this discourse.”

        How’d you come to that conclusion? Wrong. I just haven’t gone into quite the detail you have…although, I do know much about this warrior religion from other sources.

        I asked you if you’ve read the Talmud to determine whether or not you are interested in religion or if you’re singling out Islam.

        If you’ve read the Old Testament, you know that the Jews are also warrior like which might help to explain why they’re ready to preempt war, world war 3. The God Yahweh, like Allah, is fire and brimstone and does not suffer fools.

        I refuse to live in fear because of what happened on 9-11. What’s the point in making myself sick worrying or obsessing over it?

      • You asked if I had read “the Talmud” and I responded, “which one?” You later again reminded me of your question about reading “the Talmud” without answering my retort question. Jews reading this discussion must be laughing because they understand why I asked “which one?”

        There are two Talmuds:
        (1) the Talmud Yerushalmi (“Jerusalem Talmud”) or the “Talmud of the Land of Israel” and,
        (2) the Talmud Bavli (the “Babylonian Talmud”)

        The Talmud Yerushalmi is the older of the two and dates to the time before Christ. Talmud Bavli dates to the centuries just after Christ. Although there is some overlap they are significantly different, not only in content but in original languages. I have neither the time nor inclination to get into further discussion of “the Talmud” you asked about. You never answered my question but hopefully I’ve answered yours.

        Yes the old testament has its bloody aspects, and has resulted in bloodshed historically. But nothing like the Koran. Women and children were killed in New York. Innocent people were killed at Fort Hood by a Muslim Jihad maniac.

        I stand by my original contention that Islam is a moon god blood cult, not a religion, and should be stamped out by force and by any means necessary. I stand with the IDF even if the thug in the White House doesn’t. Israel might be our best hope of preventing a nuclear Iran that vows to wipe out “the Great Satan.’ (That’s us, in case you didn’t know.)

      • How was your question relevant to the discussion?

        And if someone wants to laugh because I chose not to answer that question, be my guest.

      • I said Talmud and obviously you knew what I meant. I’m not quite sure why you’ve acted so petty. Where you looking to show off at my expense?

        If someone says “The Talmud” without specifying which one, it’s common knowledge that the person means The Babylonian Talmud since it is more widely studied and considered more authoritative than the Jerusalem Talmud.

      • How about supporting Switzerland and America is that also a “duel loyalty”? Israel is the ONLY true democracy in the region and is also the only country that has never and WILL never turn their backs on Israel. Even if you are an atheist, you should still support Israel because they are the best ally that we ever had. They are very similar to us:
        We both sent the Brits packing and declared independence,
        We both are victims of terror and are the biggest defenders of liberty,
        We both send disaster relief to countries that are far and that we do not need or expect any favors from,
        Additionally, the muslims in Israel have more rights and wealth than those in arab lands.
        We also train their pilots and navy, and their military in mid and long range rural fighting tactics, and in turn they train our military in CT (counter terrorism), urban warfare, and CQB, as well as the use of robotics for disarming explosives.
        Israel has also done many joint-research (US-Israel) projects and have made the worlds best missile defense systems.
        Additionally if America ever needs an airbase, port, or armory to launch an attack on Iran or any other potential threat in the middle east – ISRAEL IS THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT THEY CAN RELY ON!!!!!
        There is also a LOT of commerce that is done between our countries!
        This is just a short list, but my point is that we both love freedom and prosperity and are willing to die to defend it, so Israel is the BEST ally that we ever had or WILL have. (if you disagree please name the country that is a better ally – I challenge you:)

      • American identity is fluid and not based on an universally shared heritage but rather shared ideals–the ideals proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.

        There are no American Jews. Rather, there are Jews living in America.

      • Bernard Goldberg said it perfectly: “Liberal Jews are liberal first and Jewish second.” And therein lies the problem.

  71. Israel has the weapon to end all weapons against the Muslims and that weapon has been with them for aprox. 4000 years. There is nothing on this Earth that can hold them down for long. I would never bet on us or the Iranians in trying to stop Israel from defending itself.

    • what is sad here is that we even have to question our loyalty to israel. when i read your post you put us on the iranian side. so many people in the nation have our hearts and prayers for israel. obama treating israel the way they do infuriates and saddens our hearts. this is indeed a split country. the socialists and the conservatives are in a battle. i pray God will make us united again….

  72. No, they won’t because the Jewish community are true believers in Socialism despite having backed it in Germany and Russia then having it turned upon them. They love socialism and embrace Obama for it.

  73. Liberals using the Bush defense. Of course bush was crazy but is he president RIGHT NOW? Nope and Bush did not trade 5 terrorists for one Terrorist Defector. Feel free to correct my grammar, we know how you Liberals are. Also Bush didn’t have an inauguration speech that blatantly plagiarized Hitlers. Oh here is another one. Bush didn’t create the exact same insurance that the Nazi’s gave Germany. I could go on for hours. As Evil as Bush was he is Gandhi compared to Obama. Why don’t you study Holocaust history, compare it to Obama’s ideology before you open your liberal Trap. Just an FYI Im not even Republican, I’m an independent before you even think about tossing a Pub comment my way. Pretty bad when even I see how completely ignorant you Libs have been for the past 40 years… At least the Republicans make some sort of sense. Doesn’t take any more than a high school history level and watching Schindler’s list just once to come to this conclusion boys. Not to mention having a family history on my moms side of persecution from the Nazi’s for helping Jews hide in Prague… I have good reason to not only fear but HATE anything having to do with Hitlers Ideology and this includes Obama!

  74. American Jews are the most screwed up people.
    They fear and hate Christians, even though Christians are the ones supporting Israel, financially too.
    What else would you call people that vote leftist over and over. And after a while the left turns on them. 0bama is openly on the other side of Israel, but still they voted overwhelmingly, 88% for him twice.
    Screwed up!

    • This American Jew is not screwed up; at least not politically. I didn’t vote this bastard in a second time. I’m sorry I voted him in the first time. I learned my lesson: never again will I vote Democratic. #ImpeachObama #CrookPrez

  75. I have never understood why the Jews continue to back Obama when he clearly has deserted Israel? Jews and Christians share the most similar beliefs but the American Jews seem to constantly push the anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American agenda. Will this ever change?

    • Ppl born to Christian families but are not baptized and don’t practice faith are not called Christians. But by jews, if your mother is Jewish then you are Jewish. So there are many ppl that are completely secular (even atheists) and are considered Jewish. I’m sure you heard the term Jewish atheist, but did you hear of a Christian atheist?I didn’t think so.
      Ps I am a born jew and I an also a religious jew as well as a tea party type of conservative:)

  76. netanyahu has made the mistake that will be marked as the beginning of the end of the power of us jewish lobbies over us politicians and the en of israel, jews should never underestimae the political stupidity of their leaders throughout history from the pharaoh, to the loss of the temple, to moving to the west, where all countries have solid antisemitic records and are antimitic, including the united states whose tolerance of jewws and support of israel is less solid than spring ice.

    one smart jew, irving kristol, gave a speech in israel and wrote a paper “on the political stupidity of jews”. no nedeto read the paper, the title is self explanatory.

    bibi, lieberman, adelson and other prominent jews are right now giving a good demonstration of what kristol said


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