Insane Paul Krugman says Obamacare is like phony Benghazi scandal

Fox and Friends has a weekly segment with Boston forensic psychologist Dr. Keith Ablow called “Normal or Nuts.” I’m hoping this coming week Dr. Ablow will do an analysis of delusional New York Times writer Paul Krugman — what group of chuckleheads gave him a Nobel Prize?

Anyway, in Krugman’s latest venture into Bizarro World he writes that “Obamacare is becoming a Benghazi-type affair that no one cares about save the GOP.” Really, Paul? REALLY?

In other words, Krugman, a serious progressive lapdog for President Obama believes Obamacare is just another phony scandal. Now is that normal or nuts? Yep, certifiably nuts.

Krugman writes,

“Obamacare will turn into a Benghazi-type affair where Republicans are screaming about a scandal nobody else cares about. White House officials are sounding increasingly upbeat,” Krugman wrote on Tuesday, linking to a Washington Post summary of Tuesday’s update from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. “They could be deluded or spinning; but after what happened two months ago one suspects that the last thing they want is to inflate expectations unduly.”

It seems Krugman believes that an American Ambassador, a State Department IT specialist, and two former US Navy SEALs losing their lives and being abandoned by President Obama during a terrorist attack is phony.

Well, it’s quite easy for the living to demean the memory of the dead. However, for this apparently confused fella Krugman to state that millions of Americans losing their healthcare coverage is a scandal that no one cares about is disrespectful to the living and breathing Americans who were lied to by the person for whom he seeks to protect.

Krugman is part of the Orwellian lies and deception of a propaganda-oriented progressive socialist media. Not only has President Obama lost all credibility, Krugman and the “useful idiots” of a fawning media have as well. These liberal progressive elites have such disdain for the average everyday American.

First they tell us we don’t know what’s best for us and don’t possess the requisite competence to select a health insurance plan. Now they’re telling us we’re so, so ignorant in not realizing this is all good and there’s nothing adverse happening.

Premiums are increasing on average by 41 percent. The target was to have seven million Americans signed up in the Obamacare healthcare exchanges by March 2014, requiring 55,000 per day from 1 October to that deadline. There have been only 106,000 actual sign-ups — how many have paid is another story, and many more have signed up for MEDICAID — but I suppose to Krugman facts are irrelevant.

Have you all noticed how truth is a very serious obstacle and impediment for progressives? Mr. Paul Krugman and the rest of Obama’s true believers think many of us are like the mindless lemmings who follow the lies and empty rhetoric they are promulgating.

We should all be offended that they see us so dumb, as to delay Obamacare mandates until after the November 2014 elections or granting exemptions to their cronies, like the unions.

What angers me most is their complete sense of superiority and disdain for the everyday hard working American. The day of reckoning is coming and the inane diatribe such as that written by Krugman along with the arrogance of Obama hastens that day’s arrival.


    • Don’t insult bums they are sad unfortunate people!
      Obama is a coniving excuse for a leader of this great country! He is sly as a fox and will stab anyone in back to get his way! He is ruining this country!! Sad we let him!


  1. There’s only one question that needs to be answered about Benghazi… where was Obama during the missing 8 hours?
    I want to see the White House Visitor Logs… you can bet he was “playing spades” with Reggie.

    • He was in Florida Golfing probably with a DND hanging around his neck!
      I feel sorry for his security team!

      Clinton witch lost her Chance with her disgusting comments! They will tear her to pieces next election!!
      To think there were teams of soldiers able and ready just an hour away! But nobody gave the okay!

      • I’m no real expert but a retired air force MSgt who has been in that part of the world many times. Also was part of Joint Special Operations Command. Things have really advanced since my retirement. But I’ve sat on alert in that of the world. Something could have been done. 8 hours of fighting , you could have gotten almost any jet or Gunship in there. From what I’ve read , President Obama fired the General that was trying to send a C-130 with some bad folks onboard to help. He told the General to stand down and the General still tried to scramble the C-130 that when the President fired him and put his duty commander in charge. They also fired a Admiral who tried to do the same. This president does not know what he’s doing, he’s not ever been around the military, he don’t like the military. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs seems to be a yes man. I don’t trust him.He may have political ambitions once he retires, not sure. This president is purging the military of its Generals and Admirals that’s what has been written almost 100 this year and almost 200 since he’s been in office. Something is up with this. They seem to think that Hillary Clinton is already in office. She does not deserve this high office , she only wants power and to be the first female and the first husband and wife to this office.

      • Why is this not known? I fear for our country. This President has an agenda, and its not to make a better America. We must speak out and never stop.

      • You can read the article in the Forbes mag. 2012.Just google . General relieved of duty in Benghazi. There is several articles written.

    • Like Obama, he just got into office and they gave him the Nobile Peace Prize and for WHAT. Krugman at least he wrote something but WHAT. It seems if they are looked at in that light, it goes to their head as if they are GODS. What they say has to be right. They can do no wrong. They may be better off than me but they are not better than me. I can do my own thinking, I don’t need them to think for me. I know what’s good for me and my family, they don’t. They don’t even know I exist. They see themselves as GODS, and they know what’s best for us. TRUST THEM

      • I really never got the Noble Prize!! When they started giving it to rablerousers and condescending idiots ! It was a definite turn off for me!

  2. Unfortunately liberalism is a fundamentally immoral political philosophy. Ironically, given all their talk about “shades of gray,” liberals have a very Manichean view of the world. They consider their fellow travelers to be on the side of the angels, while the people who disagree with them are treated as evil. This leads to an “anything goes” mentality when dealing with their foes: ignoring the law via a “living constitution,” politically based prosecutions, shouting down opposing speakers, and treating lying about their agenda or opponents to be moral. On the other hand, liberals will support other libs, no matter how corrupt, sleazy, or vile they are as long as they’re politically useful to the left. Remember a quote from Margaret Thatcher said of the Left, “For them, the end always seems to justify the means.”

    The situations and topics change, the philosophy does not. As an example of the end justify the means this happen for President Obama West Coast Swing over immigration problems. This entire situation was a set up of something out of a snake oil sideshow. A protester was allowed to be heard from the audience. He was South Korean and wanted his family who where still in South Korea.

    I’d say that this man was truly upset. I’d say that he had complained to his local rep. I’d say that this was a chosen individual someone other than Hispanic. The president knew this was coming. So the great Liberator was waving his magic wand and reassured the man. Then he blamed Congress for not doing anything to help with immigration.

  3. Whoa! Easy Col. West. You used way too many big words for the small minded libs. Are you purposely trying to confuse them with facts and intelligent language? LOL!!

  4. Well, I for one do care about Benghazi and the men who died there. It seems that Democrats always say that they care so much about “the people” but when something major happens, the sweep the people under the rug. We never dealt with Benghazi, now, who hears about the Boston bombing lately? The IRS thing was also swept away and so will the insurance deal. This government doesn’t care a bit about the people. They should have just instituted an open state borders plan for insurance which would have lowed costs and done something about the law suite threshold so that doctors and hospitals can lower their prices. When I grew up, it cost $5.00 for a doctor visit and they would come to the house! We carried hospitalization for surgeries or emergencies and lived our lives. How did we get to $150.00 Dr. visits and $8,000.00 to go to an emergency room? We seem to be concentrating on the wrong things, making life so much harder to live.

  5. Well, Col. West, you’ve helped him get 15 minutes of fame. Let’s not legitimize his ridiculous rant any further. Just line the birdcage with it.

    • I would like to see this on the bottom of a birdcage but, we have to point out these jackwagons and expose them every chance we get. Least we just ignore them and let them go unchallenged. That’s why we are in the mess we are in, we have been the SILENT MAJORITY for far too long. Time we are heard, get in their faces and refuse to go away or be silenced….

      • John – Much as I hate to admit it, you have a point. We have to stop being silent, because then they have to acknowledge that there are so many of us. I just didn’t want to legitimize this radical by recognizing him, but he needs to be brought out into the light. Thank you. And thank you for your service.

  6. I have to say the one thing I am thankful for is social media and the internet, so that these people have no where to hide. How arrogant, I imagine when the great bankers got their pointed heads together they never imagined the advancement of technology would be so aggressive, to the point that their movements would no longer be lurking in the shadows, but brightly lit by social media. We have foiled their plans. If it weren’t for social media it would be status quo. No one would be called out or advanced upon. They will not win because they are not smart enough to cover their tracks electronically they may be able to count money or give orders but are not smart or tech savvy enough to hide. It’s over, your agenda is null and void we win because of the net. it’s too fast and you’re too slow.

  7. “What angers me most is their complete sense of superiority and disdain for the everyday hard working American.” — Sir, they feel themselves to be “wise, mighty and elite” and so have the “duty” to control the lives of the “peasant rabble” who do not know what is “good for them”. The level to which I despise this man, and his cronies and masters, knows no limits.

  8. Krugman is a childish fool… He says what he needs to believe.

    It can’t be forgotten that Klugman, as a Progressive (Socialist lacking the courage to commit) draws his ‘ideas’ from a fraudulent species of reasoning known as “Relativism’, which holds that knowledge, truth, and morality exist only in relation to culture, society, or historical context, and are never absolute. Meaning that Krugman doesn’t believe THAT TRUTH EXIST! So whatever he ‘says’ is truth, is true.

    Now all that means is that Krugman possesses the reasoning of a child… which is fine, is one’s experience sums no farther than 12 years, but when the intellect is many times that tenure, the net result is a fool.

    See how that works?

  9. Krugman is a serious jackass, if people don’t care about Obamacare then they should be put on a frucking bus, boat, plane or any other transportation vehicle and shipped the hell out of the country. LIBERALS always support something that DOES NOT AFFECT them, this will affect them and I damn sure believe that the country as a whole will reject this BS government takeover of your healthcare and mine. TO OBAMA, REID, PELOSI AND THE REST, KEEP YOUR F$%^ING HANDS OFF MY HEALTHCARE!!!

  10. We have to point out these jackwagons and expose them every chance we get. Least we just ignore them and let them go unchallenged. That’s why we are in the mess we are in, we have been the SILENT MAJORITY for far too long. Time we are heard, get in their faces and refuse to go away or be silenced….stand up people and stop being silent. Worried about what your neighbors may think? Seriously? Heck you may be surprised, they and many others who live on your block may feel the same way but keep quiet just like you. Imagine if your whole block felt the same way and you networked with them, with others in your community. Got out and knocked on a few doors, what’s the harm? We can’t keep silent until the train cars show up to take us away people!

  11. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. Way to many people don’t give a fart until they personally feel the pain.

  12. This piece of inhumanity really doesnt care about these 4 BRAVE MEN who died in Benghazi. If you dont care about other Americans who are defending America, then u dont belong here. I want them all out of my country. Hillary, Obama, Soros, this IDIOT ALL OF THEM GET OUT, LEAVE. GO TO THE MIDDLE EAST where you will be welcomed for a little while until they tire of u . Leave us and our precious MILITARY. All u progressives leave, change our enemies (your friends) see how that works out. Remember one thing only U CANT COME BACK.

    • Can’t you just imagine a patriotic force that seizes all these prominent liberal Thugs from the top on down , herds them into a military cargo plane and pushes them out the door over the middle east desert with nothing but a parachute?! Good dreams….

  13. This crowd of liars are out to destroy our country. They are destroying the middle class as they try to separate us against one another. They are growing the dependent class and the greedy crony capitalists. This is Marxism 101.

  14. Krugman follows Saul Aulinsky Rules For Radicals. We must never stop posting and tweeting the scandals and asking the tough questions demanding answers. Never stop!

  15. Mr West, do you know anything about the Conventions at Mt Vernon. next week?
    I hope it will be well attended. I believe they have looked at the ideas that Mark Levin wrote about.

  16. There will be a reckoning, the good news is they won’t have any guns, as they don’t believe in them.

    Krugman feigns righteousness, in reality these folks are all about self, while towing the party line.

  17. The liberal drive-by media has stopped people from caring because they don’t report on the very important issues such as Benghazi that should have gotten Obama and Clinton removed from office. That level of incompetence would never have been tolerated in the real world, nor would the media have let the world forget if a Republican had allowed such an atrocity.

  18. No one will care about the people dying because they suddenly find themselves without insurance thanks to Obamacare. Their cancer treatments, surgeries and medications beyond their ability to pay. It won’t be any worse than abandoning Americans under fire in the face of the enemy. People are dying because of his leadership in both cases. But it won’t matter because just look at all the benefits the illegals are getting and how about the way he took a stand with the fanatics in Iran. A true statesman that Obama fella.

    • Obama is counting on people being more concerned about their present healthcare insurance then “forgetting(?)” about his many lies and omissions of truth on the issues he is skirting. Might work for those who end up not having to pay but, hopefully, those who will pay etc. will remember.

  19. Krugman is just another jerk, in line with many, who make such statements. I am so underwhelmed with the commentary of “professionals” who think they are so perceptive and smarter than anyone else. Sick of those that assume “everyone” is stupid or uninformed or not caring and of short memory.

  20. Yes, their day is coming – each and every day it comes closer to them. Apparently, they are so out-of-touch with not only the people in this country, but the people and governments around the globe. Obama’s arrogance is not winning him any friends in the global world. Did you know that Christianity is increasing at an amazing rate in China? It is also increasing world-wide. The very thing Obama fights so hard against will be the thing that takes him down. The Day of Judgment is Coming – no doubt about it.

  21. Liberal’s all have a mental disease. To believe an unending supply of tax dollars, (from mostly conservatives) will support their “give away’s” to bolster their growing, dependent constituency, (a great portion of which breed like lab rats) is rather “nuts” don’t you think?


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