Sharia law coming to a swimming pool near you

Growing up down south we used to play a game called “boiled frog.” The key was understanding that you do not take a frog and dump it into a pot of hot water. You place the frog into a large pot of cold water and allow it to be comfortable and flop around. The you begin to slowly turn up the heat so the frog is unaware of the subtle change in temperature gradient, and is eventually boiled.

And so it shall be with the infiltration of sharia or Islamic law, into the United States. Thanks to the website, “Creeping Sharia” we have a another stealthy example. It seems that in Minnesota — St. Paul to be exact — the YMCA and St. Paul Police are accommodating the burgeoning Somali Muslim community.

There have been previous reports from the Minneapolis/ St Paul area regarding Muslim taxi drivers who refused fares to individuals with dogs or carrying alcoholic beverages from the airport. I also recall an instance where a Muslim cashier worker at a Target store refused to touch pork products for scanning and bagging.

Now, as written in the Star Tribune by Nicole Norfleet, the YMCA and police have started a swim group for young Somali girls ages 5-17. The issue is that special considerations are being made to address modesty concerns so that the Muslim girls can swim and not reveal too much of themselves.

According to the report, during the hourlong swim practice, all other swimmers are cleared out of the pool. The men’s locker room is locked and female life guards are brought in. “I think this is just a great opportunity for them to learn basic skills that we take for granted,” said Sgt. Jennifer O’Donnell, who has worked with the Somali community regularly during her time with the department.

I would have thought that teaching the basic skills of liberty and freedom for all people would be a better lesson. Should we not instead be teaching these young girls that America is a land of equality of opportunity and they need not be castigated as a second class citizen?

Why is it that America must accept this cultural norm and the Somali community not accept ours? “We have to have privacy,” said Ubah Ali, who is the mother of 12 year old Rayan Dhamuke. During the past summer, the little girl had to visit the pool at 5 a.m. so that she would have the privacy she needed to enjoy the water while still adhering to her family’s cultural and religious beliefs.

This is how it subtly begins, the emotional tug to allow the young girl “privacy” to swim. Hani Hussein, who volunteers at the Al-Ihsan Islamic Center in St. Paul, said she looked into reserving public pools for girls, but it was too expensive.

You can only imagine the outcry from the ACLU and atheist organizations if a Christian group were advocating for “private” swim time. I thought our country struck down the concept of “separate but equal?”

Why would Somalis come to America if they wanted to maintain their discriminatory cultural and religious beliefs? And where is Sandra Fluke to decry this as a “War on Women?”

I know, the usual detractors will call me and others “Islamophobic” but no label will deter our efforts to tell the truth.

And this isn’t just happening in Minnesota. Creeping Sharia has examples of other sharia-compliant swim classes. It’s creeping along in Nashville, Kansas City, San Diego and even Harvard, MIT and George Washington University.

Not sure about the temperature of the swimming pools, but it keeps feeling warmer and warmer in my pot.


  1. Am i mistaken, or does YMCA not stand stand for Young “MEN’S” “CHRISTIAN” Association … Why exactly are they making special accommodations for Muslim girls?

    • This past Summer, I worked for a division of the YMCA. Whatever Christian morals they once stood for has been replaced by “group think” and “community” and everyone winning. They basically are trying to push socialism on the kids and much of the time it was frustrating cause the staff would do last minute changes to their already plan schedule constantly. I was in charge of watching and teaching kids, yet felt stifled by the hire ups. If it wasn’t for the kids, I would has gone out of my mind working there.

      • What I mean by everyone winning, I mean we were encourage to play games where everyone wins or everyone loses. Competition was almost not allowed.

  2. Last winter, a mother from Dearborn MI called in to a Christian radio program in tears. Her children’s school closed due to snow. The automated telephone message came in Arabic, Spanish, then English…………in that order.

  3. Andrew Pease and CPS San Antonio are criminals. Obama is using CPS against iT consultants and finance top managers . Possible human traffic activities between DIF Mexico and CPS San Antonio, and relation with the catholic Pope.
    The pope start visiting and made business with them, The catholic church has to recuperate the money of the sues against them in …USA. He knew about the killing of millions of Chineses of a religious group, Chineses offered him the life of the Chinese children of this religious group (Genocide massacre in China). Good opportunity, he contacted Hillary Clinton, and Calderon, opus dei members, business done in high level.
    It seems that Joaquin Castro works for the China Imperium including India and their satellites countries like Mexico. Human Traffic between DIF Mexico to CPS San Antonio of Mexican, children from India and Chinese children. Allowing investment of American and Mexican mafias in San Antonio. Shame on Joaquin Castro. The true will come soon.
    Calderon and his wife controlled DIF Mexico, the only entity similar to Child Protective Services in USA and with legal authority to USCIS (Immigration), Calderon and his wife were the only taking decision of adoption in Mexico through the States, instead of help many children to legalize their situation in the States, they used them as a personal business, each child more than 15,000.00 USD, they were coming from China, India and also Mexican children to be given in adoption in the States, no body (Mexican, Mexican American families), even the personnel in DIF Mexico knows that DIF is the only legal entity recognized by USCIS to do that. Only my estimates annually with Chinese children are more 200 million dollars, but it was only a personal business of Calderon and Fox that no Mexican or Mexican American was beneficiated. Kidnnaping of my daughter in San Antonio, TX some year ago violating Haya Convention because of her dual citizenship, using NSA system, indian and mexican killers

  4. I live in mn and they are everywhere in the twin cities. Everything revolves around making them happy, which is why I hate living in mn.

  5. why is it ok for on religion, fake religion to get what they want from the govt and other religions can not? who are they to think they are any different then anyone else? they live in the united states and if they can not embrace the united states laws then they need to go back to their own country and do as they wish with their fake religion. after all the muslums are satans children

      • Freedom of religion is one thing, giving special treatment to one group of religious people over others is not in the same ballpark.

      • It is not just muslims who have modesty standards. I remember in high school that there was a girl in my gym class who had to wear a long skirt to cover her legs. My school accommodated this need, but they did not require all the girls to wear long skirts so this student would not feel embarrassed. No one gave her a hard time over wearing the skirt, not even the gym teacher. The point is that it was the one who belonged to a more strict religious organization was the one who had to make the necessary change of clothing. When my mom was a girl, girls did not wear bikinis or many did not even wear regular bathing suits. My mom said she and her sisters and friends went swimming in their dresses. These muslim girls could try this.

      • OR, we could tell them to conform to OUR ways, or get the He!! out of OUR country!
        Why should WE accomadate THEM, when they came HERE, looking for all our freedoms, then try turn them against us?!!??

      • Muslims are all filth and should be banned from America. At least until they learn to eat with forks and stop mutilating women.

      • You understand that this particular religion, in certain instances is being put above other religions, as detailed in the article right? Is that fair in your mind?

    • Fearful this is the norm today and as far as sending them home, probably will need to happen beginning with the impostor in the White House. As long as this nut case is in power, I feel, things will continue to spin out of control.

  6. It is a YMCA so it is a private not public pool. Also when I worked for the YMCA we did this for any group that had the money to pay to rent the pool. Private BD parties, for special needs groups, and even to hospitals for physical therapy. The YMCAs and YWCAs are Christian organizations.

    • The difference here is that they ARE NOT renting out the pool (did you read the article?). I have no issue with muslims renting out a pool so that they can have their “modesty” (an excuse to treat women like second-class citizens in America). What I DO have an issue with is when the pool is not rented, but the time is allotted to a special group of people based on religious affiliation, and not having that same time allotment for other religious groups.

      And while the YMCA may be Christian organizations (which I’m not sure of), it does not excuse this special treatment, nor does it being a private pool. It is a “private” organization in which you need a membership, but of the members, it is something they ALL pay for and is public to that extent.

      • Are they aware that the “C” in YWCA and YMCA stands for “Christian”? That’s kind of like all the people who want to celebrate Christmas with gift-giving and holiday time off, but don’t want it to be CALLED Christmas or put up with the Christian symbolism, which is what our holiday is supposed to be about. We don’t insist on celebrating various things during Ramadan, but insisting on them not praying or talking to Allah because it offends us.

    • The YMCA receives Federal Funds and is therefore prohibited from accommodating any special religious organization. I smell lawsuit, if there are any non Muslims left in Michigan

      • I sure as heck hope so!! I know there are many people there who hate what’s happening, but their voices aren’t heard because of so many muslim s. They’d better start making waves there soon, or all is lost. I pray for them

    • I have to politely disagree. United way donations go to fund the YMCA’s. These folks are not renting the space, they are being afforded specialized treatment and the Police are shuttling them. Try asking a Muslim bath house to have Christian only time….

  7. I have said this all along. The people that came to America from other countries came here to escape such restraints. But we have become so PC that it is us who are being changed and do not even realize it.
    People have so misunderstood the Christian attitude of tolerance. But it is tolerance for the wrong things. God stated he is the ” I am”, the one God. We do not tolerated other Gods before him. Also we are warned to be care that we do not “become what we behold”. Satan does not work in a obvious manner. It is a slow and careful seduction and under the guise of thinking we are doing right.
    By accepting these false religions we are going against the one true God, we are worshiping idols and do not even realize it. Satan is doing this under the guise of helping our fellow man. What we do not understand is this is evil. They have the knowledge of Christ and do not choose to believe. we there fore should turn away lest our souls be lost also.
    If you would study history of how the muslims over run and destroyed all that they came in contact with you would understand unless you are willfully blind. This is evil pure and simple and we are accepting it into our bosom.
    Yes they are human being , but that is what the cosmic war is being fought over . That is the fate of human beings. Satan is out to gather as many souls to his fate as possible and the weapon of choice are people.
    If we do not wake up and see and believe Gods word that not all will be saved than we too are lost.

    • Pam, the people that used to come here years ago came for the freedom, but the ones who come here now, only come to take us over. I agree with all you’ve said, but us Christians have to stand up and be heard LOUDLY and not stop until we get heard! Be aggresive like the muslims, protest, march, take over whatever they’ve done, and march and protest much more loudly than they!!!!!
      THIS is what I think will help us to reclaim what is ours, by God.

  8. From the Y’s Diversity & Inclusion page : “Recognizing that a diverse and inclusive organization is foundational to developing and engaging everyone across the entire Y spectrum. Our volunteers, members, program participants, families, leaders, staff, vendors, suppliers, donors, collaborators and the community at large all contribute to our efforts to make positive, lasting personal and social change.” ….I would think program participants and families would include the sharia law folks……call they Y and tell them you’ll no longer be a donor

  9. There was a key point there. Prior to this stupid set-up the young lady had to go to the pool at 5 am to have her privacy. And that is what America is about-doing what it takes to get the job done, not putting everyone else out for your convenience. And the YMCA, as a federally funded program, should be sued for discrimination, since this time is reserved for a specific racial and ethnic group. That is unless they want to have white Christian hour.

    • The YMCA is not federally funded. It is an independent Christian organization, and welcoming those of different faiths into one’s home for dialogue and friendship and peace is a very Christian act.

      • Sorry this is late, but here ya go.
        All I had to do was look up YMCA and federal funding in Google. Do some research before you make a comment. And the bottom line is America is about freedom for the masses, not tailored freedom at others expense. If to do it your way means getting up at 5am, then there is no reason to burden the rest of the people for your convenience.

  10. Sorry, but I’d show up to go swimming during that time. When I was refused the opportunity, I’d sue them for discrimination.

    • The Y is a private organization. You have to be a member to use their facilities. And when you join, you sign on to following their policies. You can’t use the pool when it’s reserved for another group– that could be swimming lessons, a birthday party, a local high school’s swim team, anything. Doesn’t matter what the group is, if they’ve already got the pool reserved, the Y doesn’t have to let you in, and it’s not discrimination, for the simple reason that, unlike a retail business or restaurant, the Y or any other fitness facility is not a public accommodation.

      • So, in your dream land, a restaurant can tell you that you can’t come in, if you’re Muslim, because it’s Christian night?

      • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I was too busy living my life.

        This has nothing to do with my “dream land.” It has to do with the well-established differences between private clubs and public accommodations. Restaurants, stores, movie theaters, cabs……these are all public accommodations. If they’re open to the public, it’s illegal for them to discriminate against any particular type of customer. A halal grocery store can’t forbid Christians from entering; a Chinese restaurant can’t keep white people out. Private clubs are and have always been different. They can allow in or forbid whoever they want, for whatever reason: alumni clubs let in only those who’ve graduated from the school; the PEOs are open only to women who believe in God and have been invited by an existing member; Orthodox Jewish synagogues restrict membership to halakhic Jews who pay the membership dues.

        Now, a private group can certainly book a ROOM in a restaurant that has the facilities to do so, and restrict entrance to its private function, but that’s not the same thing as being denied entrance to the entire PUBLIC accommodation.

        But nice try.

    • What if the time was reserved for Moms and their babies to splash around? I know they have such classes. Would you sue the moms and babies for their alone-time in the PRIVATELY FUNDED pool?

      • And you’d be ok with a PRIVATELY FUNDED business telling you that it’s KKK night, and you can’t come in if you’re not a member?

  11. If your politics/religion/culture prevents “assimilation” into a society, even one so “depraved” as ours(?), you may hit the road Jack! This is balkanization being marketed as “cultural diversity” pure and simple! I’ll go to Saudi Arabia if I want to partake of this “crap”!

  12. All I can say is this is BS that we’re allowing this crap in America. I dare you to try and do this in their former country. You’ll probably be jailed or worse. Adapt to our culture, or wait for it, get the hell out of here.

    • If they receive any taxpayer funding at all, this is a problem with separation of church and state and needs to be stopped immediately.

  13. america is the land of equality but not to muslims last time i checked equal means same so if everyone has to wear a tank top and swimming trunks to swim we are equal so all should american isnt the land of the equal muslims are getting there way last time i check equal means to treat everyone the same

  14. Isn’t just like Islam to insist on being accomodated while refsuing to accomodate other religions?
    There is either a lawsuit here, or a reasonable expectation they should pay for the time they use the pool exclusively, just like anyone else.
    Don’t look to local media to help you. They’re already cowed by anyone willing to protest, call them racists, Islamaphobes or whatever. Odd how they don’t stand up for western religions like Christianity or Judaism. In fact, the NY Times, and other “newspapers” are actively trying to downplay the “knockout game.” A little late now that even Al Sharpton has called for that insanity to stop.
    Folks, it’s even worse than you think. I’m a news manager in a top ten market. When I suggest a story that is even remotely non PC I get stares and nasty comments. Needless to say, those stories are never aired.
    When I suggested a theme show or special on Obamacare, I was chastised and told, we’ve done enough stories about that.
    Of course, let the First Lady so much as eat lunch and we’re all over it.
    I’m trying to decide if I can work in local TV any longer. So shallow and gutless it makes me sick. So biased it’s beyond what the audience knows or could imagine.

  15. “According to the report, during the hourlong swim practice, all other
    swimmers are cleared out of the pool. The men’s locker room is locked
    and female life guards are brought in.

    OK. So, the men’s locker room is locked because …

    a) Management is afraid that some of the men will hide in the locker room and attempt to peek out and see what the ladies actually look like … or

    b) Management is afraid that some of the girls will hide in the men’s room in hopes that they will be returned to their families … or

    c) The female life guards which are brought in are enrolled in the LGBT studies program in the local university and are violently opposed to gender-specific locker rooms … or

    d) Allah the above.

  16. I remember when Obama went to Ireland he criticized the catholics for having their own schools, he said it discouraged assimilation ,ASSIMILATE…..muslims.or go back home where you have your rules already in place, don’t come here and make demands , this country is not yours to change, how dare try to make our lives conform to your whims.Build your own swimming pool inside one of your moscks with your own money, not at Americas expense, build it your self and get out of ours.just quit complaining!!!!!

    • Assimilation has never (and most likely will never be) the strong suit of blacks. They prefer to hold onto their “culture” (as vile and criminal and slothful as it may be) and they and their handlers expect “us” to embrace and accept them, just the way they are, “us” be damned..

      • Agreed on that one!, just they way they are……because they have been dealt a raw deal………..unlike the rest of our ancestors.Whiners!

      • Oh, you mean that Jews weren’t dealt a “raw” deal during the Holocaust? The Irish and Italians and Polish weren’t dealt a “raw deal” when they came here in droves (and broke)? They don’t whine, they put their best feet forward and succeeded and assimilated. Same can be said for the Japanese that were forced into internment camps, had their land, homes and businesses confiscated during WWll. Gosh, it’s only the blacks that just can’t seem to get it right now can they? Maybe it’s their culture and playing the “owe me” game that’s responsible. That and blaming YT along with generous welfare programs and their propensity to commit violent crime. Well those things and the fact their mean IQ is 85. Yep, that’s it.

      • Yes that’s exactly what I mean! They cannot seem to get over it because that is what gets them, black tv stations , black colleges,black salons, black dating web sites and the list goes on! MY grandparents came here and never did I heard any hardship stories of complaints.

      • I’m glad most black males are offing each other left and right, glad when a white cop blows them away, glad that their women abort their babies and when the mexican gangs attack them in LA. Blacks attack us, drive us out of areas and want other nonwhites to unite with them against whites, yet it’s nice to see all of this backfire on blacks. The White God will NOT be mocked!

      • Those “black colleges” you speak of are a joke. Look at the #1 ranked black college in the US. Spelman College. Admin req’s? The average GPA of a freshman admit is 3.42, with and SAT score (they only look at critical reading and math though as blacks apparently can’t write) of 1605, with an average (mean) score in reading/math of 1075. These “top” black students couldn’t get into most decent state schools, much less any “real” Universities. This is an all female school, so check out their “brother” school, Morehouse College (for black males). It’s worse there, and they rank as the # 2 black college in the nation. Funny thing? They offer medical degrees (yep, full fledged MD degrees). Ahhh, the black race is so pathetic, it really isn’t funny.

      • LOL.colleges for the dimwitted………….its good they have segregated themselves from the white racists.That way our grade point averages wont be lowered to keep them in the “Loop” they haven’t earned by hard work! Michelle Obama spoke at the commencement ceremony here at a black college this past spring, one of the students spoke out about Obama care this month because the students were losing their insurance, because of this law, his friends, alumni and administration shut him down, for voicing his opinion against this law, and the reason?….Michelle Obama spoke here at commencement!!!……Yes…dumming down of the masses, they are their own worst enemy!

      • The funny part is that student and the faculty almost certainly voted for the ” Messiah”. Blacks voted for him at a rate of 93% this last election and even white college students voted for him by a majority. They are getting what they voted for as healthcare was the #1 concern for those that voted for Obama. What the idiot student doesn’t know (because he’s stupid) is that when he enrolls in Obamacare, he will qualify for his states version of CA’s medi-cal. Stupidity runs rampant in the black community, even in the “educated” black elite.

      • yes, and all the while we get pushed down the stream into the dam because the logs behind wont stop pilling up.And we pay for the Medicaid. only now there are more people to pay for then before this Obama atrocity went into effect, just when you think it cannot get worse,

      • In my state of CA it was reported last week that over 300,000 signed up for Obamacare on the states web site ( Of these “sign ups”, 39% were for Medi-Cal. Then they issued a statement, ” there haven’t been significant numbers of hispanics signing up yet, we hope to improve on that” (not a direct quote, but darn close). Can you imagine how high the number of Medi-Cal sign ups will go with the amount of hispanics we have in this state? It will EASILY reach the 60 to 70% mark. Then the system will go broke. It really is that simple.

      • Surprised if it does not go broke, so crazy..i mean actually asking the takers to sign up.i see a one payor system I the works…….and the European model coming in to play……..oh yes and obamas death panels…….the, ………… seniors, well life expectancy is going to be decided and acted upon, the seniors who made this great country what it is are not to be of any value, but we must take of the TAKERS, here in DC area it is the other kind of taker, the entitled kind.

      • Then the highly touted “silver plan” where deductibles are $4,000 for an individual and much more for a family. Physicians and hospitals are already making a statement that “until the annual deductible is met, we shall refuse treatment”. Not too many folks, (especially those getting this plan with government subsidized help) have that kind of cash laying around. So they’ll be forced to pay for a premium of a policy that they can’t use for any major medical situation. It’s something many will be forced to buy, yet unable to use. Maybe that’s been the plan all along? I can see it working if a good portion of policy payers can’t use it to subsidize all the leaches.

  17. If they need to kick EVERYONE out of the pool so THEY can swim in PRIVATE….then go build your own f*&king pools and then use them at your leisure…and don’t worry I couldn’t be bothered to step on the same soil as them!

  18. I find it funny when a group wants to enjoy the freedoms of our country but then want the freedom to restrict others freedoms for their benefit.

  19. They either become Americans and follow American traditions or carry their backside back to where they came from. We do NOT need them here. They are not special.

    • Oh, you can be certain those letters will be “corrected” as to not offend. How about; “Yo! Muslims Coming Around” or, ” Young Muslims Command America.” Just wait. The acronym will be changed to not offend them. They must not know what the letters stand for. I am surprised the ACLU has not ordered the name, Christian, from the title. Seems, “When in Rome…. does not count anymore, because we kowtow to every extremist. When is enough, enough?!!

  20. You lost me after the boiled frog “game”. How cruel!!!!! I don’t care if you were kids. Your parents allowed this? What pleasure could you possible receive torturing an innocent animal? Your “game” is as barbaric as the Muslims.

    • Read it again!! it was supposed to be an example of how people can be changed to fit anothers way of life with sneaky little changes that are not even noticed at first……..then before you even noticed the change became one that smacked you in the face.Its called a fable.

      • Mr. Know-it-all, No, killing the frogs is a FACT. It is not a fable, a parable or a metaphor. Look up the meaning of these words before you call me stupid or dopey. Now who’s the dumbass? Don’t feel bad. There are other commentators on this thread who are just like you.

    • You lost me after the boiled frog “game”. is not a game. It is an example of how people can be changed slowly without even knowing it. Drop a frog in hot water and they jump out. But put them in cold water and turn up the heat slowly and the frog won’t notice the temperature rise and die. The same thing is happening to our country.

      • It was a game to the writer; “Growing up down south we used to play a game called “boiled frog.” I understand the process. What I don’t understand is how anyone can knowingly torture an animal. Since it doesn’t seem to be a big deal to the commentators on this thread, that makes me question the sanity of many Americans. So torturing all animals is acceptable, like your pets, livestock, wildlife…..? Or in your great powers, do you decide which animals are worthy to live and which ones are to suffer and die? Americans are fighting Islam and Halal food preparation. Why? Because we don’t believe in the cruelty and barbaric methods used to slaughter their animals for meat. Oh, wait a minute. Correction. Some Americans don’t believe in this practice. Some of you think it’s perfectly fine to do it to a frog and God only knows what other animals. I get the article. It’s not new. I read about this over 2 years ago. I shared this article with conservative pages I created and admin on and over 25 sister pages – reaching out to over 600,000 fans. I was so outraged, I contacted the facility that allowed Muslims to swim alone. Since it was a community facility, I contacted the Mayor, the City Council and Parks & Recreation. Now, what have you done? It appears you are more interested in ridiculing me and thinking you need to educate me then addressing the real issue.

    • Hey how ironic…………ihatestupidppl..where did you get you education?.youe interpretation of this was do you hate yourself? that was STUPID. don’t call people stupid.!.looks like you got your KARMA

      • Guest, it’s obvious you have no education and have a crack pipe tapped to your mouth. My interpretation was never wrong. Did you see where I wrote “You lost me AFTER the boiled frog game”? Meaning the rest of the article lost it’s luster after the writer admitted to torturing animals.Why would I hate myself? Where did I call anyone stupid? Why does Karma have to do with anything? Get off FB sweetie, and go back to school and learn the basics of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. I could barely read your comment. The only one who looks stupid here is you. If I were you, I wouldn’t embarrass myself further by commenting ANYWHERE.

    • You miss the point. it is like a parable. It is never the things that hit you in the head that gets you. It is the slow and insidious seduction. Hence the water is comfortable when you are exposed and you don’t realize you are being boiled until it is too late.

      • You miss the point – animal cruelty. Look up the definition of “parable”. It is a short, FALSE story to illustrate a point. He boiled frogs. That is not a parable.

    • It’s like the story of the camel’s nose in the tent. Only by now I’m pretty sure the camel has his whole head inside, the rest to follow.

  21. We don’t need to understand their culture. They need to understand and abide by our culture. After all they are in our country and needs to go by our culture and laws. They don’t want to change then they need to go back where they came from!

  22. It absolutely amazes me that ALL these different immigrants come here to America after they have dreamed, hoped & in some cases risked their lives to be here, then want to change everything America & it’s people stand for! Our traditions are be changed & in some cases being done away with all together! Our schools have already changed & continue to on a regular basis where the school accomodates the immigrants or accommodates anyone who is offended by anything & everything! We already lost prayer in schools & now trying to take away the Pledge of Allegiance! Christmas songs that have anything to do with Christianity can’t be included in the Christmas program in some schools! The list goes on! …….What if everyone wanted private time in the pool? If immigrants from any country comes here & doesn’t like the way things are…..Why come here at all? I don’t have anything against any immigrants
    or what their religion is but I believe that we should all go by the
    same rules & laws! The rules shouldn’t be changed for one group of people! You want private time, then you pay to rent it out just like everyone else! You want to go to our schools, then learn the language & have your children taught by english speaking teachers! Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for spanish speaking
    teachers, which started several years ago! You want your kids to go to college here, then work, save & pay for it like us citizens do! Legal citizens shouldn’t have to pay for your kids to go college out of our taxes! Most of us can’t afford to send our own kids to college let alone paying for someone who is over illegally & breaking our laws that the rest of us are abiding by! 14million Illegal Aliens over here breaking our laws, getting free college, welfare, healthcare, housing, jobs & getting to vote! Even Mexico
    requires a valid I.d. for voting! Think what a difference 14million
    mexicans could make in their OWN country! Why don’t they try to
    make their own country better by voting & being part of the
    political process, protesting for their rights & getting their own
    laws & rules changed for the betterment of their own country &
    it’s people? Where is their patriotism for their own country? They
    come over here & want to change everything AND then people
    wonder why there is still racism, bigotry & hostility!! Our
    ancestors fought to make this country what it is today & we
    continue to strive to make it better! Why don’t you do that in your
    own country? I’ve been to Mexico several times, it is a very
    beautiful country! I’ve never understood why the citizens don’t
    fight for their own country! Live, work & respect the same rules
    as the rest of us! Come here legally, speak english, respect our traditions & our religions, get a valid I.d., work, pay taxes, follow the laws & rules like everyone else! You don’t sit down to play a game with your kids, then decide in the midst of playing that your going to change the rules! Even Children know that’s wrong! I am so sick of people coming here from other countries, of all colors, races & religions and wanting to change the way America is, what made America great & why they wanted to come to America in the first place! -peace truth liberty unity-

    • They come here to TAKE….and this admin. lets them take! they tell their friends in their homeland how to Take….and once the word gets out we are the ones who suffer…in our economy, that’s why they come here…………………all of them INGRATES! No wonder we are fed up and disgusted

  23. Does anyone else remember when the YMCA booted a group of Christian students out so they couldn’t shower? They had attended an anti-abortion rally in Texas, had permission to use the showers and then were told to leave because of “complaints.” It’s my understand there is a membership fee to attend the Y. The pool should be available at all regular times to paid members. Period.

  24. What if you told them that a Jew had been in that pool before them? Would you have to drain and disinfectant it every day? Screw them. I would have racing pigs in there every day.

  25. Its our America, if you do not like our rules then get the hell out.PLEASE..I am sick on how our government kisses their ass. Send them all back. Oh yeah MERRY CHRISTMAS…..

  26. It’s all part of “embracing/bowing to diversity”. It’s nothing new, and has continually been crammed down our collective throats for 5 decades. In the ghetto they play a similar game to “boiled frog”. It’s known as “ghetto lobster”. Unhappy caretakers (and I use the word “caretakers” lightly) or their current “boo o’ duh mumf”, will become unhappy with the black child (child may be bold and ask to be fed, have a dirty diaper or get in the way of mama’s sexual, drinking/drugging exploits) and as a form of ghetto punishment/parenting, will immerse the child in scalding water. Newer versions include baking (leaving in a hot vehicle, unattended), tenderizing (beating to a pulp) and throwin’ it out, it ain’t no good (dispensing into a trash bin, garbage can or giving birth on the toilet). It’s a good thing these kids are learning to swim as so many black children drown every year at rates that are embarrassing when compared to other races. FYI, these drownings are so common in the black community that summer is referenced as “african rockfish season” in so many parts of the country.

  27. I have witnessed women in full muslim dress enter the leisure pool at the Emma B. Howe YMCA pool in Coon Rapids, MN. Twice. I called the Y… they said it is in the job description of the lifeguards to enforce the dress regulations… excuse me??? 18- 20 year olds??? With people who ‘don’t speak English’ or at least say that? Their regulations allow light weight clothing over a swimming suit. Not what I saw. Heavy, black, long, totally immersed to shoulders. Appalling…not just offended! Just the health issues involved, not to mention the impact of the fabric on the filter system shows no common sense is in the board room.


  28. I’m sorry to say that we seem to be bending over backwards to accommodate Islam in America. What about doing away with the National Day of Prayer yet allowing Muslims to pray in D.C.? This is all double standard and I, for one, don’t understand why we are letting them set the rules in our country, which, by the way, was not built by Muslims. I am not anti-Muslim; they have every right to freedom of worship but when they are allowed certain rights, as in High Schools that set time aside for prayer yet discourage Christians from praying then something is seriously wrong. According to D.C. Christians are “bible toting rednecks”…Will we really be surprised when Christians are persecuted outright in this country??? Time to take back America folks!

    • we are already being persecuted in this country for being Christians. We are not allowed to pray at school, no longer allowed to use God or Jesus at public events in speeches as has been the norm since the founding of our great country..we are called names for not agreeing with homosexuals right to marry, even tho the law of the land (DOMA) spells out marriage as between on man and one woman and has been the tradition since the beginning of history. Colleges teach evolution and will not even admit the possibility of a Creator.. This administration would like to erase God and Christianity from this world… And it started with his speech informing the world that the USA is not a Christian country… Beg pardon Mr. President, but it certainly is…..

      • you know what every one that thinks we shouldn’t pray or say GOD or JESUS we should do it any way. can’t they put us all in jail? and the next time we vote see where our people that are running for office stand on these issues. if they are against GOD AND COUNTRY WE DO NOT NEED THEM IN OFFICE.

  29. I’m actually shocked they’d lower themselves to swim in the same water as non-Muslims have. That’ll be next, “Drain the pool please and refill. Thanks so much.”

    • My first thoughts exactly. And then when that can’t be accomidated, the pool will become theirs. Also, not sure which city but one where the same things is happening, their own Muslim center has a pool where they could enjoy the water. This is just another way of taking over and getting their way. Let them go to their own pool for all the privacy they want. Except then the pedophile elders couldn’t be near the pool and would probably have to leave the building.

  30. I MOVED out of MN due to a variety of reasons:
    1) Liberalism, 2) being “unpopular” as I owned rental property and had the audacity to try and make a profit. BTW… I had some of the same renters for 30 years so we weren’t “too bad”, 3) anti-veteran attitude…oops isn’t that the same and number 1? and 4) weather….

  31. Total bull. Lots of groups have private time for social events. They pay for the event to be exclusive. It does not force anyone of other religions/backgrounds to participate. My church group had done private events just for themselves. Stop using fear and hate to make it seems as if they (muslims) are trying to force their beliefs on others. Christians and Jewish people have their private functions. Sad attempt at being at spreading fear.

      • Kate, that’s my read too, and if that is the case then it does violate the SCOTUS ban on establishment for religions. Very simply, if they pay for the pool time outside of normal hours I am OK with it, but if they are making special arrangements during normal hours of operation, no.

    • So if a group of whites/Christians had a private function, you’d probably have an uproar about that, yet be completely silent when blacks, browns, yellows, jews and muslims did the same thing.


    • Naandi…your an idiot….read the post before you open your mouth…..the pool is closed to others……except them, female lifeguards are brought in especially for them… should really read and understand the post before you say something….because it makes you look dumber, which you probably are…

    • They aren’t PAYING you dolt. You might want to read up a bit junior. We don’t need to spread fear…if you aren’t afraid already, you are either low info or a Muslim. Islam is a religious IDEOLOGY. Go away.


  32. This is like the segregation of the 1960s etc. WTF! Where are the Freedom Riders? This absolutely against every single thing we stand for as a country! Another thing they do, they want a private room at saloons etc to get haircuts etc . Nobody would do it so they finally started their own shop with the windows blackened out. I can’t even imagine what they have in their heads!

    • Difference: Whites wanted to be away from blacks because large groups of blacks are loud, aggressive, violent and cause trouble. That’s why ‘racist Southerners’ had segregation. I don’t care if that’s not PC to say either.

      Now, Islam has a history of violence and oppression, especially when they have the numbers. At least white Christian Southerners had more class than blacks, mestizos and muslims.

  33. Sorry to spoil the fun, but the boiled frog legend is just that, a legend. Somebody took the trouble to check it out, and it just ain’t so. The frog jumps out when it gets too hot… showing he may be smarter than the average human? Anyway, here’s the link: – which doesn’t take away a bit from the general idea!

  34. people are really stupid to accommodate special requests, How lame can we get? I am so sick of this country kow towing to other peoples customs to the point of ridiculous you don’t want to touch pork? wear gloves or get a different job. you won’t pick up a person with an animal . who makes the rules here.? this is America not the middle east. the end!

    • In fact I would rather spend my time around a piggy then that human waste….they are much cuter those stinky people! Any animal is!

    • They will rue the day. Because now they will start getting special requests from every corner. When they try to turn them down they’ll be buried under lawsuits. Their choice will be rescind this policy ( and then watch the somalis riot) or be sued into bankruptcy.

  35. As a freedom country (which, let’s face it, is being robbed from us little by little) we have the freedom to do, go, buy, or have what ever we want… we just have to pay for it or abide by the rules of the establishment. If we can not afford it then we do not get it, get to do it nor get to buy it. So why should it be any different for any other group, religion or community. Let the Somali community build their own swimming pool, work in their own stores, have their own saloons, etc, thereby allowing their rules to be applied for them and anyone who wants to go to, buy from or do while on their premises. Why should anyone get any preferable treatment for anything by making laws (by the government – local, state or federal) forcing American establishments/people to abide by laws that are unconstitutional? All laws/rules/etc should be meant for everyone… any law/rule/culture/etc that takes away from anyone’s Constitutional rights is not to be adhered to simply because it is unconstitutional. All Somali laws that do not adhere to The Constitution of The United State should NEVER be made a law on any local, state nor federal government. Any public place should not be governed by any laws that are unconstitutional. Private sectors can make any rules they want for people to attend their establishment… this is commercialism… this is capitalism… this is FREEDOM …. they have these rights and can enforce them for their PRIVATE establishments. No government law should infringe on any private institution and No government law should force any public establishment to be unconstitutional just to appease a certain group of people. It is unjust.

    • if we are equal under the law, could you explain to me how people are getting exemptions from Obamacare…seems unfair to a lot of people don’t have to obey the law, but most of us do and have to pay thru the nose to do it????

    • Don’t you just love how the hypocritical left which has talked for decades about equality and freedom of expression and women’s rights is now turning it back on its head to gleefully join islamic puritanism? Total hypocrites.


  36. Would that not also be separate but equal? They want to take over the U.S. This is how it starts little by little. I don’t know about u but I don’t want to live under their laws in any way, shape, or form. I don’t want to be told I can’t shop somewhere just because my head isn’t covered. I don’t want my grandchildren to have to live that degrading life style. I want this to stop. Now! Tired of being afraid, yet it’s only going to get worse. Lord help us, cause I’m not sure if anyone else will.

  37. I agree with you Crimsonjane. It is going to get worse as long as we forget what freedom was built on… Christian beliefs and the freedom of religion from persecution. That is why our ancestors came to this country in first place. As people forget to understand our Constitutional rights… our God given rights and the rights of others, then there will be no hope for this country. But, I say to you, as long as WE THE PEOPLE adhere to our inalienable rights and give others the same inalienable rights and these that would try to force us to adhere to their ways, if we stand our ground and refuse to adhere to the injustice, then Lord will be on our side…. This is the Lord’s country and He will not let it fall into the wrong hands for His work is being done here and no man shall put His work asunder. Be strong and confident. The Lord knows what is happening and He will put His hand into play on His own time and in His own way. I testify of this.

  38. Do they not know the meaning of the acronym YMCA? For a culture that is so sensitive to the privacy and modesty of their young women, you would think they might not want to let them go swimming in the pool at the “Young Men’s Christian Association.” That they do, I find that quite ironic and humorous.

      • Not at all. It is weird, mentally ill paranoia. Like all the people that thought the Irish were coming to America to destroy it.

      • Again, a liberal response. Did the Irish come here beheading people? Did the Irish come here demanding their own laws be imposed on the people already here?

      • There are at least as many Irish people who beheaded people in the US as Muslim people. In other words a few at most. And there were Irish who demanded changes to the law to be more compatible with Catholic teaching. You clearly know little of history.

      • no but you are. and I am a conservative republican. go study for a few months and then come back and say the same thing.

      • I am also a conservative republican. And have lived overseas 18 years as an adult. I have spent a tremendous amount of time in Europe including 4 years living there. Nothing is going on. You are paranoid and mentally ill if you think so.

      • Because they don’t need to be here if they don’t like America they all need to go the hell home.

      • They do like America. Many were born here. Surveys consistently show American Muslims are extremely loyal and love being here.

      • Constance, your language banned your last comment. It is not true they are complaining any more than any other group does. Look at you complaining! They are less than 2 percent of our population. No way they are taking anything over and they don’t want to.

        You are sick. Clearly have emotional issues. Angry. Always angry about something. Suggest you see a doctor. You will be happier.

      • I reject your attempt to label me as sick. You are intellectually lazy and intellectually dishonest. Not my problem and not something my doctor can help.

      • and I noticed you deleted your last comment in addition to mine so I guess that makes you an islamic sympathizer and a liar. Have fun paying your jizya tax in the form of a 300% Obamacare increase. Jerk.

      • You have no idea what Jizya taxes are. All taxes suck but Jizya was an offset on Zakat. It may not have been great, but it was not crazy. And I have deleted nothing. I am assuming you were deleted by Alan West for your unladylike use of language.

      • I think you should go back to playing with your burka covered Barbie dolls and let the adults have a conversation.

      • I’m pissed your defending a group of people who are peaceful until the urge to kill someone strikes.

      • No. You are expressing your uncontrolled rage. You would be angry against something else if it wasn’t this. You need to be angry to feel normal.

      • Define Taqiyya. Provide a scholar in the Islamic world from a reputable university that supports your definition. The thing is you have no idea what the word means. You have no idea that it is also equally encouraged (and for the same reasons) in Christianity. Your only knowledge of it is what you read on a propaganda web site that made money off of fooling you and playing to your unreasonable fear and paranoia.

      • Taqiyya, Islam’s information war

        author unknown

        This is important to understand Islamic phraseology, save it, translate it, tell your friends and family, tell the what Taqiyya is. Every time you hear a Muslim say “I am not a terrorist,” “I am a moderate,” “terrorism is un-Islamic,” refer to this article.

        Tradecraft. Persona. Deception. Disinformation. Cover: Western operational terms and techniques. But, Islamic terrorists have their own terms: taqiyya (pronounced tark-e-ya) : precautionary dissimulation or deception and keeping one’s convictions secret and a synonymous term, kitman: mental reservation and dissimulation or concealment of malevolent intentions…

        Taqiyya and kitman or ‘holy hypocrisy’ has been diffused throughout Arabic culture for over fourteen hundred years since it was developed by Shiites as a means of defence and concealment of beliefs against Sunni unbelievers. As the Prophet said: ‘he who keeps secrets shall soon attain his objectives.’

        The skilful use of taqiyya and kitman was often a matter of life and death against enemies; it is also a matter of life and death to many contemporary Islamic terrorists. As so often in the history of Islam, a theological doctrine became operational.

        During the Spanish inquisition, Sunni Moriscos attended mass and returned home to wash their hands of the ‘holy water’. In operational terms, taqiyya and kitman allowed the ‘mujahadeen ’ to assume whatever identity was necessary to fulfil their mission; they had doctrinal and theological and later jurisprudential sanction to pretend to be Jews or Christians to gain access to Christian and Jewish targets: ‘the mujahadeen can take the shape of the enemy’.

        Taqiyya is common to both Shiite and Sunni Muslim discourse and has significant implications for understanding Islamic fundamentalism and terrorist operations. The theory and practice of counter terrorism would be counter productive, indeed pointless, and even harmful, without reference to taqiyya and kitman and the crucial role of deception ranging from Islamic jurisprudence to Al Qaeda training manuals, which carry detailed instructions on the use of deception by terrorists in Western target countries.

        According to Christian ethics lying is a sin; In Islamic jurisprudence and theology, the use of taqiyya against the unbelievers is regarded as a virtue and a religious duty.

      • This is not what I asked for. This is some anonymous author. Show me what a Muslim scholar says. The piece you just quoted is your Taqiyya as taught to you in the bible. Find a scholar from a reputable Islamic university who is teaching Taqiyya means the above.

        You are engaging in Taqiyya right now.

      • That means nothing to me. People go to college to learn how to smoke pot. I have a far more expensive education. Paid for with blood, sweat and tears.

      • I suppose that may be true, but none of that sweat taught you anything about the Muslim religion. I have studied it extensively. I recently have started writing a book on anti-muslim movements in the US and Europe. You are classic of the American version. Many have some form of mental illness they are struggling with and a religious background that falls outside of the mainstream Christian faiths.

      • and you suppose I have some form of mental illness without even meeting with me. What’s your master’s in? BS artistry? 🙂

      • a degree was meant to be used as a platform for enlightenment not as a blindfold for the truth but since you’ve already conceded the argument by waving around your degree I guess this debate is over…. because I can’t be arsed to have a battle of minds with somebody who wasted all that money on an education and can scarcely say he is any smarter.

      • I think I control my rage very well I have not beaten anyone lifeless. unlike the muslims who feel the need to stone rape victims. or am I mistaken? ANSWER ME NOW!!!!

      • You do realize you are proving my point by continuing to act highly emotional. In only a couple of countries have there ever been rape victims stoned. The death penalty is not applied accept in cases of treason or murder in every other country. You seem to know little of the Islamic world.

      • But they do like it. So they shouldn’t leave it right? Surveys consistently show American Muslims are loyal to the US and love being here. Moreover the majority were born here. They are citizens and deserve our protection and support.

        You sound like those people in the 19th century who wanted to kick the disloyal Irish out. Basically, you sound like a bigot.

      • And because you aren’t emotional, that makes you right???? Emotions are what make us HUMAN. Your logic is not only twisted it is contemptible. i really hope for your sake that the “moderates” don’t prove to be what we call “extremists”. I plan to fight against this great evil with everything in me… brain, emotions and all.

      • Then you will lose. To win you have to be calm, professional, and understand an enemy. You clearly have none of that in your personal characteristics and are just embarrassing yourself. My logic is sound and based on rational evaluation of all the data. Your sources of data are distorted and incomplete.

      • Sure. Don’t show my replies. I think more and more your a raghead posing as a ConservRepub. In which case, I refuse to converse with you anymore since your a braindead liar.

      • Your insanity becomes more clear. I have no control over what replies are shown or not. This is Alan West’s site. He is hiding your comments I guess because he doesn’t want your embarrassing thinking associated with him.

        Your use of the term Rag whatever is further proof you are a bigot. I bet you use the N word to refer to Mr. West. Sick.

      • Thank you! I will join in a few minutes. I have been dying to get back in the fight against climate alarmists!

  39. So the men’s locker room is locked so no one accidentally enters for an hour? Wait, if I was male and had a membership there I would be pis sed that I had my access to something I paid for limited because of a religious issue…more like a misogynist issue.

  40. If you come to this country to live assimilation comes with that opportunity. We who were born here and those who HAVE assimilated are not here to give up all that we have fought for over 200 years just so you can dictate to us. Go back to where you came from if that is how you want to live.

  41. They need to go to a “private pool,” for their “privacy issues. Perhaps in their own backyard or community pool. Public Pools are open to the public.

  42. I just hate that people that come to America feel the need to “change” our country to match the one they left. Why did they leave? I am so tired of having to “fit in” with all the current immigrants to be politically correct. Excuse me, but they need to fit in as best they can, not the other way around. And save the “we are all immigrants”… my family does not have an immigrant for about 3-4 generations. We are all born in America type people here.

      • If we matched Europe now, we’d be using the Euro instead of the dollar, driving on the left side of the road instead of the right, driving from the right side of the car instead of the left; counting everything in centimetere, meters and kilometers, and most of us would speak 4-5 languages at least, which is the norm there. And you can’t hold what happened over 300 years ago against anyone alive today anyhow. That’s a bad example. No one alive today had any say or influence in what happened then. And crying about it won’t change history either.

      • First of all most European Countries drive on the right. Clearly you haven’t been there much.


        My point is that people have always come here wanting to be both a part of it and to change us. We welcome their changes that are good to add to what we have that is good. The melting pot.

        Fran ignores that we can here and changed the life of the people that were here. Dramatically.

      • So you get to decide their life wasn’t good enough for you? Maybe the Chinese will decide your decadent lifestyle isn’t good and kill most Americans. For our own good of course.

      • What a liberal response. The Chinese do not care about our lifestyle, UNLESS we come to China and demand THEY accommodate US. That is what is happening here, a foreign population is being given preferential treatment, not in their country but in OURS.

      • What about all those Christians who go to Muslim countries and demand to preach Islam against the law there. Do you think that is wrong of them? I guess you think those Christian preachers should be given the full force of the law in those other countries. How dare they demand things change there?!

        Your a fool.

      • Conservative Republican, you are right, that is exactly what happened, but we made, what I think, was a better country. I would rather live here in America than most anywhere in the world. BUT, the people that are coming here are demanding that we change what we have to mirror their countries. Excuse me if I disagree with you, but I don’t really want to be like Mexico, I don’t really want to be like the Islamic countries, whatever the heck they are, I don’t want my granddaughters growing up to be 2nd class citizens, not being able to go to school and not having a voice in their future. Sorry if you disagree, but I think what we have is the best and I DO NOT like to see it changed. So I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

      • You may think it is for the better, but it is doubtful the people already here saw it as for the better. Our Ancestors were demanding they change their way of life. Sometimes violently.

      • Conservative Republican… I am not going to debate what I think is better. But I will say that I do want both of my granddaughters to be able to go to school, get an education and be whatever they aspire to be without the threat of being killed for that. If you disagree, so be it, but those are my views and I do think it is better than the countries that now kill girls for this. Being a “Conservative Republican” you can surely understand the idea of people having their own opinions… and before you make a comment, I am also a Conservative Republican… so I guess even we have different opinions of things.

      • If you want to use the state to exclude Muslims or force them to not follow their beliefs (as long as they do not harm others), then you are not a conservative. You are no different than a liberal trying to restrict Christians. Something I also oppose. We should restrict neither,

        And you have a distorted view of the Islamic world. I lived in it for 18 years as an adult. The ONLY place children have been killed like you say is in Afghanistan. And by one group – the Taliban. And even they disavow that is the reason. And they are not in control of the country, but rather a rebel group at this point.

        You take something that involves maybe an area that has 20 million people and apply it to 2 billion others, That means more than 99 percent of Muslims do not do that to girls or women. In around a quarter of the Muslim population women are higher educated than men and typically are the breadwinners. Some Muslim groups are matriarchal in nature with women in charge,

        But you didn’t know that. You assume the information you get from a biased media is true. You don’t travel to these lands or at least read their local newspapers or websites. And thus you see something that happens to 1 percent as ALL.

        Would it be fair for someone from outside the US to assume that all Americans are tattoo ridden gangsters who SHOOT UP schools and kill second graders?

        You are doing the same thing.

      • What are you talking about? England, France and Spain colonized North America but the resulting country was nothing like any of those.

      • America in 1776 was not tremendously different that England. It is a matter of degree. And certainly no immigrant group today wants to exactly match their old country.

      • “America” in 1776 wasn’t yet a “country” it was colonies of England, France and Spain therefore your point is moot.

      • Liberals all too often enjoy using the term “melting pot” to press immigration reform. Unfortunately, they either don’t understand the nature of that term or they purposefully care to maintain alienation among all immigrant groups for political control. It doesn’t mean: segregate each immigrant group with supracitizenary rights; it means assimilate by incorporating the best your culture has to offer, into a the best America has to offer!

  43. When THEY come to OUR country, you adopt OUR laws and ideals. Again for those of you who know nothing of Islam….it is a political ideology NOT a religion as it is touted. Either adapt to our laws and norms or LEAVE. We are not changing our country so it resembles Somalia or Afghanistan.

    • It’s simple. They would be refused. Told they would have to pay for the time and sadly that is the case here in America. We always move over to help another cultures beliefs and end up dropping ours in the process. They take our respect from America because it allows them to.

  44. well, let them build their own pool.. if they want to live in America, they should join in, not remain separate…we have way too much multi-culturism in America as it is…

  45. wonders if those folks know what the initials YWCA actually stand for….or do they think it should be YWMA or YWIA? Not that I think they should be banned from using one, but they should have to abide by the organizations existing rules….or get their own.

  46. Where are women feminist? How can you stand by and let this happen. You are all for women’s rights yet you let Muslims treat their women as second class citizens. This is the U.S. of America. All people are supposed to be equal here. No one group should be allowed to take over anything. Your silence is deafening. You yell for the right to equal pay, abortion, and everything else you feel a woman should have, yet you are silent on this issue. If a Christian group did this you would be screaming bloody murder. Yet you are still silent when it comes to Muslims. How will you operate when Muslims become the dominant force in the democratic party? Will you conform to their rules and become second class citizens again? No more abortion, no more equality for women anywhere in the U.S. Women raped and then put in prison for reporting the man. Your word will no longer be accepted as the truth in a court of law. You say you want equal rights for all women, why do you turn a blind eye to Muslims? They should conform to our laws, not us conform to theirs. You are all hypocrites.
    What about the homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual community? What will happen to you? They behead homosexuals in Islam. What party will you become a member of? Do you actually think the democratic party will back you when Muslims become the largest voting block? I believe the democratic party will be in for a major overhaul in a few years. It will be interesting to see how liberals react.

    • Better question. Where are the atheist organizations with their “we can’t have any displays of religion or faith in the public square” BS?

    • we need Allen West in that white house he will set things straight when it comes to these muslims. he has had to deal with them. he knows how they operate. so lets start a petition to get him to run for office.

  47. they did have young ladies in the picture…..but you are right about it being YMCA if you object to what I just said based on the anacronym I used…

  48. It really amazes me how many people like to immigrate and then want to change the country they escaped to…into the monstrosity they just left…………

  49. I already saw this too in Pittsburgh. I had my 11 year old son having swim lessons. The female Muslim class was right after my son’s lesson. The Muslims got upset that my son was present as they were entering the pool. Too freaking bad. He got out of the pool when his lesson was over and got dressed and left exactly like we were supposed to do. We did no more, no less. Don’t like it go build your own pool. By the way there was a male driver for them that sat there and watched them the whole time. What was that about if they had so much trouble with my 11 year old son.

  50. Good Grief! Islam is a peaceful religion, yeppers, you believe that, I have a couple of Platium Obama Policies I will sell you. We the People had better wake up, our Congressmen have sold us out!

    • If the YMCA wants to cater to the Somali Muslims, let the Muslims be the ONLY ones attending and supporting the YMCA. YMCA = Young Men’s Christian Association, not “Young Muslim’s” anything.

  51. This is America. In you don`t like our culture go back where you came from. I as many are getting very tired of being treated like secant class citizens to accommodate every
    immigrant and illegal and let them live off the hard working Americans tax money. I think this is about to the boiling point and steam will explode when put under the right heat.

    • I posted the following in an earlier post, but essentially it is a liberal political tactic to keep everyone alienated in order to cater to the needs of that “special” group.

      Liberals all too often enjoy using the term “melting pot” to press immigration reform. Unfortunately, they either don’t understand the nature of that term or they purposefully care to maintain alienation among all immigrant groups for political control. It doesn’t mean: segregate each immigrant group with supracitizenary rights; it means assimilate by incorporating the best your culture has to offer, into a the best America has to offer!

  52. When immigrants come to the United States…. they MUST assimilate…. and if they CAN’T then they go back where they came from . It’s as easy as that ! Swim in your own private pools in the privacy of your OWN country. That’s an easy fix ! We have freedom in this country…you can wear a bikini ! This is America !!! If you want to abide by your own rules then this Country Ain’t for YOU ! And MOST importantly That Christian Pool Ain’t for you folks either…..

    • Most of those people get money from us to live on and now want to use our pools as bath tubs and a lot of fools think they should !

  53. It’s high time the Amish, or conservative Christians tried this same tactic, and when they’re told no, they should sue immediately.

  54. Ithink the YMCA should have all contributions taken from them and the local police department should be sued and the female cop that is condoning this activity sued and fired. The friggen cop has all the rights in the world to get involved in her departments politics and American poplitics but has no authority to rule the populace in the American way of life.

  55. What about freedom of religion? Everyone is saying that this is America, but are we really America with out our freedoms? Are we really America without our abilities to change our community to better suit our needs? Sure maybe it doesn’t seem fair to the people who want to use the pool during that specific hour of the week, but what about the girls? They aren’t going to change what they believe just because everyone else can swim in the pool and they cant. And what’s the harm anyway? I’m not talking slippery slope effects here, where it starts out in pools and grows to every other public area in the nation, but honestly, what’s the harm? The article also mentions separate but equal, and that argument seems invalid to me since they are requesting themselves to be separated for their religious beliefs, not forced into it. I just don’t understand why this is a problem… it seems like a great program!

    • You obviously didn’t get the point. It’s one thing for them to pay as everyone else if the want some pool time. It’s another thing say we have to accept as a free program for their religious beliefs. If you have ever been overseas and in their country we have to follow their laws and their religious rules and culture which pretty much amount to both. I have been there and I know this. But it seems when it comes to America if we want something separate like this we must pay for it. They don’t have to. If taxi drivers can refuse services to us based on our social norms but we have a responsibility to cater to theirs? That shows America has no clue who it is. Other cultures demand respect when we enter their territory but it seems they can come to our territory and demand us respect them.

      • You raise a good point. I agree they should pay to use the pool like everyone else, in fact, i thought the article said they had to pay, maybe i misread that part. I understand your point about respect and I agree to a point. I never said what the taxi drivers did was right, I actually think if he doesnt want to drive those people, maybe he should re-think his chosen job. And you are right. They should respect us. But even if they dont, why should we stop doing the right thing and stop respecting them? I’m not saying we should be pushovers, I just think they are entitled to practice what they believe, as long as they let us practice ours.

      • I guess you also didn’t read the part written by a woman who reported that when Muslims enter a Catholic hospital in Minnesota, they immediately remove the Crucifix and place it in the trash can because it offends them? I understand your warm and fuzzy about respect–Islam is not a religion it is a sociopathic political ideology and their quest is to take back the earth from the infidels. You really need to read about this before you continue in your ignorance, for your own sake and the sake of our freedoms.

    • I guess ignorance is bliss as you hide your head in the sand. The aclu screams all the time that we cant do things like thus for the Christians or Jews but we can do it for muslims as well as accomodate any and all things they want. Soon they will be able to demand that you cant drive a car or uncover your head or show your ankles as it is evil and offensive to their religious beliefs. On the other hand it is not wrong for our tax money to pay for abortions and to pay for artists to put a cross in a jar of urine. GETTING THE PICTURE YET?????!!!!!

      • Spot on Brian. Methinks some people don’t understand what this article os really about. Again,it’s about the hypocrisy of some people allowing one religion of people to do something, while banning another religion

    • You do realize that if a fundamentalist christian group demands the same thing it will now have to be honored and you’ll be ok with it, right?

    • Obviously, you do not understand the Arabic saying about the camel’s nose in the tent. Figure out what that means and you will start to see that it is a bigger deal than you realize.

    • oh for heaven sakes get a life. but do not for get to bow to them in the process. they come here forcing them selves on us. taking our jobs and any thing else they can get. if you want to work your self to death for these leaches fine you do it. but don’t include all AMERICANS IN IT WE HAVE FAMILY’S TO CARE FOR AND WE DON’T NEED THEM COMING OVER HERE LIVING OFF OF US.

    • “The Case For Islamaphobia” by Walid Shoebat. An ex-Muslim who is now a born again Christian. He knows whereof he speaks when he says Islam MUST be stopped in this country! There is nothing right about Islam or Shariah law! If you are so blind and uneducated then you’d best educate yourself, because you are a hugh part of the problem! Islam is NOT a religion it is an ideology and you might start with actually reading the Qu’ran. You are a naive fool.

    • A Muslim CANNOT religiously be an American. Islam and the Constitution are diametrically opposed since the Constitution is rooted in Christian beliefs.
      In America you are free – free to leave and go to where Sharia Law is practiced.

      • Well don’t come here and try to change the way we live..Be gracious and enjoy the freedom we offer…I am told if I go to the middle east I need to act a certain way as to not offend ,so I do…get it

    • What you say is completely correct….but , that is not their intent. The laws of the land do not apply to them because they are man made laws. They believe the earth is theirs and it is their right to re-claim it for islam. Their intent for being here is to islamify america….period.

      • Minuteman3d, your words are golden, most Americans don’t get it. The Islamic community ascribes to the fact that their laws are the only laws they are to follow. Their’s is not a religion but a sociopathic/political system posing as a religion. And yest, they believe that the earth is theirs to reclaim country by country and the foolish are allowing it.

  56. these girls should instead be taught that running around like a lunatic on black Friday for cheap products is what living in the land of the uhuhm…”free” is really all about.

    • You too missed the point. With all of the problems we have here in the US….mostly due to the administration, this is still the greatest country in the world. We too have a choice …..if we don’t like it here we can move elsewhere. I personally want to take our country back….. I am tired of being politically correct

    • Why don’t you go back from where you came, if you say you are American I say you are a liar. You have no clue what Islamic girls and women suffer at the hands of their sociopathic/political leaders. The beauty of our country is that if you wish to run around like a lunatic on black Friday, that is your choice and so long as you don’t break the law, you are free to do so. You sound like a disgruntled egocentric husband/boy friend who resents freedom for women. Maybe you should consider Islam. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  57. we have done no good service to the women from the middle east, we just let the men take the oath & lie- and keep them imprisoned- we just changed the location of their prisons- muslims should NOT be allowed to become citizens here- period.

  58. These issues have become no brainers. These kind of issues have become to stupid to even warrant a comment. Ignorance has over taken our country. Our country has simply gone all to hell.

  59. If they can leave, that is one of the USA’s rights that have not been infringed. I admire Australia, they told everone, “IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO ABIDE BY OUR LAWS AND CUSTOMS, LEAVE!” I truly admire the Lady who who had the intestinal fortitude to govern that Great Country! I am sick and tired of Mr. “I will stand with the Muslims”
    ps: “Uncle Roy Great post!”

  60. If they, (anyone) does not wish to conform to our laws and freedoms, don’t come! You see this all the time (Californians moving to Oregon, et al), they want to get away from where they came from and then change the new place to be like it! What sense does that make? Stay and make your place of origin better, or more to your liking, and leave ours alone!

  61. It’s getting so every one that comes to the USA, legally or illegally, is demanding and receiving special rights and privileges. The illegals are demanding social services, drivers licenses, education and on & on. They have no rights! They are criminals, here illegally!!! Muslims are demanding Sharia Law, special Islamic privileges and impunity from our laws and customs to be granted theirs. They are here voluntarily and must assimilate into our laws, cultures and ways of life. They are free to practice theirs in their homes, but in public they accept ours or don’t participate…..period.

  62. If any peole do not like it here they can leave. Americans are a or were a Free people till 2008 and all this muslim crap showed up to destroy us one day at a time from within. If I were signed up as a member to use that pool it would not matter to me if humans of another religion used it at the same time. Further, since when is a pool membership just for certain hours. Most of those places are open 24 Hrs a day. One point to remember is it is a public place. Meaning the general public as in all people can use it at any time.

  63. This is a strange story indeed. First – they need privacy – well so does everyone else. I know some people are free and loose but most are conservative and cover. It is up to them how they want to dress – who cares. You want to swim in a burqua go for it! As for making special time arrangements so that some kid can swim – who said she has to swim in the first place. What about swimming meets do we have them swim alone and call it a win because dare anyone look at them swimming? It’s an individual decision to swim or not! Has it dawned on anyone that it’s up to the Somali community to build their own swimming facility for their culture and leave the rest of us alone. You are in our house so stop telling us what color our walls should be!!!!!!! I’m sick of this evil creeping up damn right the pot is getting HOT and most of us are starting to boil over!

    • AMEN! I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY AGREE! Who do they think they are to come into our country and start changing how things are done around here? What if we all started moving to their country and just did as we pleased and didn’t care about how they felt about it?!?! What would they be thinking then?!?! The Muslim / Somali community is HUGE in Central Minnesota….and they are about the most OBNOXIOUS people I know! They go to our Catholic hospital, and take down the crucifix’s off the wall and throw them in the trash~ (my friends who work there tell me about it). If you don’t like what they offer….find somewhere else to go! What would they think if we went into their homes and took their things off their walls and threw them on the ground and stomped on them? It is getting OUT OF CONTROL!

      • I’ve not heard about the crucifix being taken off of walls. That’s another incident that goes unreported. Why aren’t people speaking out loud LOUD and clear when that happens. Let them know that in no uncertain terms is that tolerated and that we are hear and we are holding our own. WE NEED TO SPEAK UP LOUD AND CLEAR PEOPLE.

    • Josie, swimming is not something Somali girls are allowed to do in their country. They have absolutely no need of swimming lessons since they will not enter the water unless it is a private swimming pool. And no, the Somali community will not build their own facility for females to swim in privacy. Males can swim anywhere or anytime they wish and Muslims don’t care to accommodate females, it is just the reverse. I have first hand experience and worked with Somali refugees. Introducing swimming into their lives is just another cause of misery for them because it is in opposition to their family and religious culture and a form of rebellious behavior. Why can’t these do-gooders just leave them alone, if they are interested in helping Somali refugee girls, address more serious issues, like female circumcision, forced marriages, physical abuse, etc. and help them assimilate into our culture. Glorifying Islamic religious practices by forcing Americans to accommodate their bizarre practices does nothing to help or change the suffering middle eastern women endure.

      • I realize about their culture not all of us have our heads in the sand. It states in the article that this girl/family/Somali community requested special privileges/time etc while putting others at a disadvantage. I don’t care what the hell they think or how they have been raised you are in our house now – either learn to act like a good guest or go back home where you can have just like you want it. Stop trying to ask us to bend over backwards so we can give them a good view and chance to shove it up our arses!

  64. I am about as concerned about someone boiling a frog to death slowly. That is a game? You were not going to eat the frogs? I do hope your parents caught you and whopped your tail.
    Also, Muslims who do not like our culture should hightail it back from whence they came. That is not to say people should be immodest. I personally think people should dress more modestly, but I am not going to put up with Muslims demanding it for special treatment. Parents need to raise their children to be modest, have some class and dress in a manner that is not too revealing. As I said, this is a personal choice and not a psuedo-religious thing for political agendas disguised as religion to have any business trying to creep in one demand at a time. They are hypocrits. These same people rape children or even animals from what videos are revealing. I do not know about all of them, but Ann Barnhardt has some videos that would shock you about their normal way of life in parts of the Mid East and the Islamist cultures. It strikes me at this point and time that they are playing “modest” games just to creep and takeover. It is hypocritical and mockery as they live must more base than the average American. Tell them to buy them a pool. We have give them enough money to outfit them with a pool and they can get enough money from their Mid Eastern friends to build each one of them one. Or find a mud hole. Just leave US the heck alone.

    • Blackyb I agree with you about the frog game. I do hope these children who engaged in such wickedness were corrected. What concerns me is that one of the signs that a child may grow up to be violent criminal is abuse of animals in their childhood. I can’t believe that Mr. West was involved in this type of behavior and I would love for him to explain why he used that frog analogy as a child’s game. It certainly is not something I wanted to read about someone for whom I have a lot of respect.

    • Wrong….they just wear clothes instead of bathing suits. I’ve seen plenty of muslims swimming. There should be No special rights or rules for them. This is America not Pakistan

  65. You are all idiots, the time is paid for by PRIVATE FOUNDATIONS in order that young Somali women can learn to swim–it is an issue of water safety and a legitimate one. You don’t want someone treading on YOUR rights, correct? You want YOUR religious freedom but you don’t think Muslims should have the freedom to practice theirs? Hypocrites the lot of you.

    • They have stepped into MY country and DEMANDED WE change to accept
      them. The pool is open to ALL. Enjoy the freedoms of our country or go
      home where you don’t have these freedoms.

    • Open up your ears pigdog, this would not be allowed if it were Christians. Maybe the pigdog “private foundations” should build private pools for muslims.

    • Evidently, you missed the whole point of the article.
      Muslins have the right to practice their religious freedom WITHOUT infringing on anyone else’s freedom. Nothing hypocritical about it.
      Want to live in America? Adhere to our customs; don’t expect us to adhere to yours.

    • Karin no need to name call, as you lose your position the second that one has to do so.The actual point of the article is that it’s unfair for one religion to trump another in regards to rights. For example when Christian groups want ‘private swim time’, almost immediately theres an opposing group screaming ‘inequality and discrimination’. Then the ACLU jumps on the wagon with lawsuits. Also it’s culturally acceptable to bash Christians, yet at the same times its not culturally acceptable to bash other religionor ways of life like Islam. That’s hypocritism and a double standard at best. So where’s the ACLU In cases like this? If you don’t see the inconsistency now, then perhaps you may not have seen a discrepancy when whites were preferred over colored. In that case, your type of blindness is chosen

    • Karin, you really did miss the point. Why should we have to change our ways in order to accommodate the Muslim girls. Why should our children have to get out of the pool because they don’t like the way our children are dressed…..

    • You are the idiot.If I go to another country can I expect to do whatever I feel is appropriate? NO…I would live by the law of the land and expect no special consideration.You know why? Because they wouldn’t give me any special consideration.If I was in a Muslim nation and I sat there and read a Christian Bible they would just throw me in some God forsaken jail and leave me there to rot.You and others like you is what is wrong with this country.So stick your self righteousness where the sun don’t shine.

    • Mooslums don’t just want religious freedom they want other religions to be subservient to Islam. They want special rights not equal rights. If you come to this country live by our laws and rules or get to hell back to Somalia. BTW, why did you come to America in the first place, to remake it into Somalia?

    • Why would they need water safety, they are not permitted under the laws of their religion to swim in public. No mention was made that the YMCA was reimbursed by a PRIVATE FOUNDATION, because none was made. I am very familiar with the way these private foundations operate. The do gooder types, mostly social workers who are regressive liberals, don’t give a hoot about inner city American kids but love the drama with foreign, middle easterners. Been there, seen it with my own eyes and you are the idiot if you think “it is an issue of water safety and a legitimate one.” story will fly with many of us. This is all about coercing Somali girls who are not allowed to swim in public (among other things), to have a taste of what American girls their age can do. This causes more suffering in their lives because they return to a culture that treats females like they are cattle. Are you that passionate about preventing female circumcision which is part of practicing their religion? Swimming in public is child’s play compared to the misery these girls are subjected to in their culture. Work on those things if you are such a bleeding heart. BTW Islam is a sociopathic/political system not a religion. It was founded on the worship of a pedophile, sociopath and the fruit of that religion is evident to most sane thinking people. I believe you own the title of Hypocrite.

  66. When I was a teenager and I went to the YMCA to swim, most of us swam without swimming trunks because it was optional. My first time of diving without trunks on painfully taught me it was not something that a male really wanted to do. At least, not ever again.
    If I belonged to that YMCA and they pulled this crap, I wouldn’t darken their doorstep again. If an American institution wants to be an Islam institution, they don’t need my attendance or my money.

    • The problem with that is you would turn the YMCA over the the Muslims and the American kids would have nothing…. That’s the way it’s heading anyway. We need to fight to back in order to keep our way of life….. If they don’t like it go back where their ways are acceptable to them

      • It is interesting how, when these incidents keep popping up, certain Americans wave the white flag instead of standing up for themselves.
        I sure would not want any of them in a foxhole with me. Too unreliable and cowardly.

  67. Kind of reminds me of how people used to treat people of color before the 1960’s. Separate drinking fountains, separate swim times, separate everything. So now these Muslim girl’s are advocating for the separating MLK fought so hard to get rid of.

    If you want privacy then maybe a public pool isn’t for you.

  68. A lot of people on this thread get the idea that assimilation is necessary and proper to have a well functioning society.

    Unfortunately, liberals condone the behavior cited in the article, via political correctness, as a political tactic to maintain control. Liberals divide and segregate groups based on protected classifications, then cater to the needs of the “special” groups in return for votes – the carrot and stick psychology. Liberals all too often enjoy using the term “melting pot” to press immigration reform. Unfortunately, the rank and file don’t understand the nature of that term to the benefit of the political elites who purposefully maintain alienation among their politically correct groups for political control.

    “Melting pot” doesn’t mean: segregate immigrant groups and bestow supracitizenary rights; it means assimilate by incorporating the best your culture has to offer, into a the best American culture has to offer!

    • “Melting pot” doesn’t mean: segregate immigrant groups and bestow supracitizenary rights; it means assimilate by incorporating the best your culture has to offer, into a the best American culture has to offer! The problem with your statement is that “best” is a relative term. Muslims believe that Sharia law is the “best” that they have to offer. They look down their noses as anything western (traditions, culture, religious observances, etc.) I spend a lot of time with muslim refugee children and had my eyes opened…their goal is to change our country into a comfortable place for them to practice their religious beliefs. Muslim parents blame American customs and culture for causing their children to be disobedient and rebellious. Many told me that their children would not act rebelliously if they were in their own country. My next comment was usually one that silenced the discussion–why don’t you go back to your own country if life here is so difficult for you and your family? I pose the same question to anyone who cannot accept our culture. America is not a salad it is a melting pot. We are not a country of everyone practicing the culture and laws of the country from which they came, expecting special treatment and still saying they want to live in America. Follow our laws, and rules or go back to the country from which you came!

  69. Young Men’s Christian Association = YMCA.
    I am reaching here, but I’ll bet the truth is somehow related to mandatory swimming classes for school children in the USA, and including the Muslim kids living here. When I was young we had to pass a swim test as part of our school physical fitness. Otherwise why would a “Christian Association” be bending the rules for the Muslim girls’ modesty? The YMCA sells memberships and also contracts to the community. I could be wrong though, because certainly we are being expected to conform to a society within America that has little regard for what it means (or has meant) to be American.

  70. Isn’t the YMCA a private organization? And shouldn’t the cab drivers who are picking up passengers have the right to decide who they pick up?

    If the YMCA feels it is in their best interest to do this, and the cab drivers think it is in their best interest to not let certain passengers in, shouldn’t they have the right to?

    (Not being sarcastic at all.)

    • The courts are forcing business owners to accommodate gay marriage ceremonies even if it goes against their religious beliefs.. so I don’t think cab drivers should be able to REFUSE to drive someone who might carry something they don’t believe in. Can’t have it both ways!

      • Of course you shouldn’t be able to have it both ways. That’s why I, personally think that those that oppose gay marriage should not be forced by the government to engage in business with them, just as those Muslim cab drivers should be able to choose who they pick up, and just as the YMCA, as a private entity, should be able to decide who is able to use their facilities at certain time.

      • I too disagree with the gov’t forcing people to take your photos or make your cake or rent you their venue – and really at the end of the day, Why would someone want to FORCE someone to take their special pictures when they know the photographer’s heart would not be in it to do a good job?? You cannot legislate how people Feel and forcing people to work with you thru the courts will never get the results gay people desire.. acceptance has to come organically, in time.
        That being said – we did legislate better treatment of African Americans – and rightly so.
        Are you saying it should have been the choice of business owners to refuse service to blacks?
        I didn’t live in those times so I just don’t know how that all happened but the gov’t is equating Race with Religion (Islam/Sharia) with Sexual Orientation – but as best as I can understand, the last two are Choices in lifestyle. And before people start bashing me for saying Sexual Orientation ISNT a choice – let me say I cannot count how many women I have had, approach me and tell me that If I would spend a night with them, They guaranteed to me that I would ‘never wanna go back..’

    • Actually the YMCA is a nonprofit, charity and is considered to be a “Christian” association. This is from the YMCA page:

      For Community

      ” Welcome to the Y. We’re an inclusive organization of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility.”

      Our Strength is in Community

      The Y is a nonprofit like no other. That’s because in 10,000 neighborhoods across the nation, we have the presence and partnerships to not just promise, but deliver, positive change.

      The Y is community centered. For nearly 160 years, we’ve been listening and responding to our communities.

      The Y brings people together. We connect people of all ages and backgrounds to bridge the gaps in community needs.

      The Y nurtures potential. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

      The Y has local presence and global reach. We mobilize local communities to effect lasting, meaningful change.

      Our Impact is Felt Every Day

      With a mission to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all, our impact is felt when an individual makes a healthy choice, when a mentor inspires a child and when a community comes together for the common good.

      My question is how is this considered to be an “inclusive community building” event? How is this “mobilizing a local community?” It appears that it is it is exclusionary, favoring one group and shows that non-americans are being shown special treatment.

      • “My question is how is this considered to be an “inclusive community building” event? How is this “mobilizing a local community?” ”

        I am not saying what the YMCA is doing is right or wrong, just that they should have the right to do it, just as opponents of homosexual marriage should have the choice to not conduct business with gay couples getting married.

        ” shows that non-americans are being shown special treatment.”
        And not to nit-pick, but there is nothing in this article about the Muslims not being American citizens. Now, I completely understand why you would say that, but I just bring it up because to assume that they are non-citizens, and to treat them like non-citizens, hurts the limited-government movement by alienating that segment.

      • Kozz,.. on the one hand your are right, there is still (for a while) freedom to choose who your serve,.. somewhat. On the other hand, America is going through a very ‘confused’ period concerning that freedom. Mostly, because of something called POLITICAL-CORRECTNESS,,.. which is born out of MORAL RELATIVISM. The problem with Relativism is it posits that ALL moral views are equivalent — equal in value?
        But that directly contradicts our Constitution which is based on Biblical principles of Freedom, derived from Judeo-Christian principles of truth. Compare our Constitution with the French Constitution of about the same time period. Both spoke of human ‘rights’, only America’s rights were deemed ‘inalienable’, and given by our Creator, .. not the government, or the community! This is a Biblical principle of truth, which is absent from both secular Socialism, as well as Political Islam. You’ll find the main difference is the source of rights and freedom. And Sharia is ‘at war’ with the idea of freedom,.. especially GOD-GIVEN FREEDOM!
        In regards to what the YMCA wishes to do, you are correct. The government does not need to tell them what they can and can’t do (within limits). But the people who are concerned about ‘Sharia-creep’ definitely need to make their concerns known. Because it will not stop there, and it IS creeping into various cties, as Allen West has sited. As far as the taxi-drivers they should be boycotted,.. or not hired in the first place. If they have their own company which practices Sharia,.. fine. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! Economic pressures are better than government coercion.
        If Sharia is allowed to be ‘accepted’ in America,… where will there be a ‘light of freedom’ left in the world?? Besides Israel,. (and possibly Angola, of all places, :)…),……..I think you know the answer to that?


        [email protected]

      • For the most part, we agree. Especially with this “Economic pressures are better than government coercion.”
        My main problem I guess with this article and with the comments was the lack of distinction between when a private organization favors a religious group and when a government entity uses the power of coercion to favor a group.

    • A little enlightenment…cab drivers, if they don’t own their own private cab service, work for an employer. The employer dictates who should be picked up and who should be denied a ride. The cabdriver does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to pick and choose who he/she picks up unless they pose an obvious threat to the safety of the driver. Also, the YMCA is a non profit Christian organization and they don’t have the right to pick and choose which group they favor over another. It is a community venture and ALL members of the community have the right to use the facilities, not exclusively but inclusively, eg. no one group should be given special treatment that excludes other groups. If Somali females or other muslim groups have issues with group swimming with males or other females they should seek a facility that caters to their religious beliefs and not expect an American non-profit to accommodate them. What I find so ludicrous is that Muslim’s hate Christians (we are the infidels) and yet they choose a Christian organization to accommodate their desire to learn how to swim. FYI these females would be punished in their own country, under Sharia law, for engaging in public swimming (yes there are cameras even if everyone else is not present in the pool area).

      • Your words ” the YMCA is a non profit Christian organization and they don’t have the right to pick and choose which group they favor over another. It is a community venture and ALL members of the community have the right to use the facilities, not exclusively but inclusively, eg. no one group should be given special treatment that excludes other groups”
        Only PAYING members of the community may use the facilities. I am not a member of YMCA so I cannot use their facilities. So YMCA has the right to let paying member reserve the pool.
        And I hope that when the new World Trade Center opens, which is really a monument to Islamic Victory as per their religious laws, that every anti muslim will go to the site with a balloon full of pork blood and throw it at the building and on the grounds. Totally non violent protest.

      • “The cabdriver does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to pick and choose who he/she picks up unless they pose an obvious threat to the safety of the driver”

        You are right about this. I should have made the distinctintion between the employees and employeers. Cab companies, in my view, should have the right to decide who they allow service too.

        Again , I am not saying that what the Y is doing is right. Just that private organizations should be allowed to choose who they let into their buildings and when. I have an extremely limited-govt philosophy, and I think the govt should not be involved with this Y decision at all, which many here are advocating for.

  71. It’s a public facility. If they are uncomfortable being part of the American public, maybe they should seek out a private facility to hire. I have my religious beliefs, and they are part of my private life. Have never and will never force anyone to conform to my beliefs and expect the same respect.

  72. Let Congress pass a law that all males and females be segregated from each other in such public areas so as to accommodate gender modesty concerns. Anyone got the over and under on how long that would last as a bill before it is vehemently rejected and it’s progenitor and family subject to Liberal scorn and humiliation ?

  73. they come to america and should abide by our laws.. they should never be allowed to bring their way of life over to the U.S. They wouldn’t want us to bring our laws over to thier country, so why are they doing it here!! If they want to live like that, then they need to go back to their country! SO WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THESE INFIDELS TO DO THIS???

    • Exactly what I said for them to do when I posted this on my site! Either make the change in your life you came to this country to do, or go back where you came from.

  74. I waited tables for a popular chain breakfast restaurant and I made sure that every Somali got a little bcon grease in EVERYTHING they ordered 🙂

    • We do well to respect other people and their beliefs even if we feel the belef is wrong. We do NOT do well to deliberately offend others. Jesus calls for us to love even our enemies. Is PorkSpreader seeking to please Jesus or is he/she ignoring the call of Jesus for people to learn to love. No Christian should applaud such offense as bragged about by this person.

  75. Christians, of which I am one, keep complaining about how we just bend over and keep taking the crap that is being dished out! So QUIT taking the crap! Fight back, complain, loudly! I personally don’t want to be around a bunch of stinkin’ muslims who look thru their habibs at me as if I am unclean while I am swimming! Screw them and the camels they rode in on! I will not be politically correct for any of these infidels! So quit complaining and start doing something about it! Let them call you a racist!

  76. This is an unbelievable story of how a nation (USA) is gradually losing it’s FREEDOM! Allen West is absolutely right,.. these apparently innocuous step-by-step ‘for-their-good ‘ policies is how we shockingly discover we’ve become slaves to TYRANNY,… in this case Isamic Tyranny – Sharia! We see how this Islamic-tyranny-creep has practically paralyzed Britain and Western Europe because of Muslim refusal to ‘assimilate’ into the established culture. Are we going to follow suit, just like we’re following them with Socialist-Big-Government-tyranny?? God Forbid!!! Down with glorifying Allah (Satan)! We must see them as ‘the enemy within’. It’s their IDEAS which will destroy our freedom…. IDEAS MATTER! — [email protected]

  77. can you imagine this situation in California, where they passed a law that lets boys go into girls restrooms and locker rooms if on that day they deem that they are really a girl.

  78. How, precisely, does allowing people to exercise their beliefs in this manner constitute a threat to America? And how do you know that the YMCA won’t allow a Christian group to reserve the pool on a regular basis? As a Torah observant Jew, I find this attitude disturbing. Does stores giving kosher and halal products shelf space constitute a similar danger? (And don’t try claiming that there is a significant difference between kosher and halal, because that is a myth.) I usually am right there with you, Col. West, but I think you are over-reacting on this one.

    • The difference being is that while the shelf space is provided you aren’t demanding or receiving a special Hebrew Only hour while all other people sit outside the store. Wear a sari in the pool, if that is your belief, great. Others shouldn’t be deprived of the pool because of it. The disturbing part is the fact that your first response wasn’t too notice the infraction against the freedoms of other creeds, but rather accepting the packaged unconstitutional demands ofa minority.

    • Islam demands that they obey sharia law over civil laws in this country. They abhor the constitution and personal freedoms. I think beheadings are a little much too extreme for this country.

    • I’m ok with Jewish ppl, Hispanics, Asians, Europeans…. etc…. BECAUSE, they do not come here and 1. KILL US – 2. Push their religion, beliefs, rules, laws etc. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!

  79. A major failure of American society in the late 20th century was the rise of a “need” to be politically correct in dealing with immigrants (legal or illegal). Time was when other nation’s people came to America, they learned English and assimilated into AMERICAN culture. While the “Old World” customs and traditions may have been preserved, there was no mass movement to change America to accommodate the foreigners. It was pretty much the old “When in Rome…” policy. We grew to greatness by assimilation, not by appeasement.

    • Edgar Cayce often said that “Like attracts like.” The Muslims are coming here because the country is being led by one of their own.

    • Yep. Drag your sorry, worthless, subjugated to a pagan, 8th-century god of savage, family-killing desert bandits, butts back to Somaliland, or better yet, Lesser Lower Darkest Arsecrackistan and try to have your female whelps try to swim in a pool at all. Real fast way find out how long your tribe keeps itself alive after encountering real ‘Masters of Islam,’ the Taliban. (And afterward, they’ll stone you, too, for daring to have yours in a swimming pool, at all . . .)

  80. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’m DAMNED tired of bowing down to all this islam CRAP!!!!

    I WILL NOT COMPLY!! Go back to your sand dunes and sand fleas and LEAVE US ALONE!!!!

    • I am tired of all their welfare grabbing, grasping and ignorant lifestyle. These people refuse to accept the laws of this country. Make them all leave here. Islam is not only a religion it is a lifestyle that cannot tolerate differences of other people .

      • I agree, Margaret, but that will never happen without obama and all his cronies being removed. I have a small hope of that happening, since a few military generals are trying to fight back, but time will tell.
        God Bless you, keep safe. Linda

      • But a couple of those officers who were forced out have begun a political organization aimed at ridding the nation of Obamaites. Many will approve. Many should support the organization.

      • The Generals I’m talking about are all either retired, or were forced out of the military. General Vallely is one of them.

      • Another point worth mentioning is that most of the Somalis are on public assistance. I worked in a small community where they were settled (evidently each state has to take some of the refugees) and they received a monthly stipend, free health care, food stamps, benefits from grants, etc. You name it. The schools were infiltrated with them and they were given special privileges not afforded other students. What is such a dichotomy–the school was a predominantly black student population –these are the American kids who are being stolen from by having their instruction time interrupted so these Muslim students can take time to pray, get special language instruction, etc. Where is the black community’s outrage? Parents of students who objected to this were left to go it alone. Not a peep was uttered by your so called community leaders who supposedly operate to assist fellow black Americans in their plight. It is a disgrace, American children have to be sacrificed so the govt. can operate outside of the rule of law and the Constitution.

  81. First of all, Isn’t there a YWCA (young WOMENS Christian association)? ( Note the word Christian) OH I get it! Y M C A Y oung M uslims C orrupting A merica !

  82. If the people coming from other countries don’t want to assimilate to our societal norms and ways of living, then they need to go to a country that represents their values. We are equally guilty of forgetting that we are ALL Americans. Not African-Americans, or Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, whatever you identify with. We are Americans, a country of immigrants looking for the right to live our lives as we individually wish. As Theodore Roosevelt stated: “We can have no ’50-50′ allegiance in this country. Either a man is an American and nothing else, or he not an American at all”.

  83. There must be cameras in the pool area.Are they also shutting them down so no one watches them. This is totally and utterly bullshit that Americans have to bow down to these low life people. Go back to the shithole that you came from. If that pool was built with public money, then every American can use it during operating hours. Minnesota, your gov’t sucks.

  84. Let them build a pool for these people in their mosques. Same for prayer rooms in public schools, your kids have to pray 5 times a day, pick them up and take them home then bring them back and let them take a 0 for time out of classes. West is right, it is insipid and will continue until more of us realize that Islam is a political cult. Minnesota and Michigan are being invaded by Muslims. Why are the atheists not protesting them?

  85. Our Country is “Land Of The Free” Any Nationality that can’t accept who we are, and what we stand for, needs to go back to their own Country..where they can practice their own beliefs. In fact I believe Instead of supporting Immigration with our tax dollars, we need to support financing deportation for them to go back home!

    • I will volunteer to pay for sending one back to their home country, provided I can choose the home country (Kenya) and the Muslim (Obama).

  86. Why are they swimming at the YMCA in the first place? Shouldn’t they be at the YMMA? Last time I checked, YMCA=Young Men’s Christian Association. Oh, that’s right, because they don’t have a YMMA. While the first amendment does guarantee they have the right to practice their religion without government interference, nowhere does it say that private organizations have to. So many people get the government confused with private organizations and start screaming about their rights being infringed upon. The Constitution DOES NOT AND SHOULD NOT apply to private business nor to private organizations. It protects them, however, was never intended to apply to them.

  87. Start a rumor that there is a certain percentage of pork byproducts used in sanitizing the water, or something along those lines. More seriously though… If they want privacy, they can use their immense community to build their own private pool. Public facilities are just that. If they want to swim there, fine, but they shouldn’t get special treatment.

  88. These people have a land in which accommodates their belief. This is where they should be relocated, not in a country with so drastic differences. We are a Country who is a melting pot for people who are looking for a change in what they have been forced to live under in the past. They should be offered a chance to relocate to a country who will accommodate their beliefs and cultures and no further financial support. If the Government is not supporting you change become easier.

  89. I don’t know. Have any of you ever lived in a Muslim country. I have for two years. No, I don’t agree with everything Muslim. Just like any other religion, there are holes in the faith. But isn’t America the land of the free? Free to worship how you choose, live where you choose, eat what you choose, etc. Maybe America should quit being a melting pot and start allowing people to be who they are. People come to America to get away from religious and political strife and judgement and end up having more judgement put on them. Muslim females are taught to be modest in everything. Maybe a few females from other religions and cultures could be willing to listen and learn instead of judge and pint fingers.

    • The problem here is your so blind that you don’t see the whole picture. We Americans don’t have a problem with these people believing their faith but don’t shove it down our throats and force us to comply or live their religious laws. Just maybe you should do more research on what is really happening in this country. I don’t care if you lived there for 20 years as this is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and we have a Christian founding and believing country. If you can’t comply by our laws and rights then go somewhere else. Leave or founding alone and we Christians have the same rights and we allowed some to come here but under American way of life and they all knew it before they came.

      • Many of the founding fathers were atheists, so to say we have a “christian founding and believing country” is not totally accurate. There are many Americans (born here) who are not “believing” in Christianity, some because they are of a different faith, or because some think it’s mythology. However, I agree that a Christian based organization should not make special exceptions to ANY religious group.

      • “you’re entitled to your own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own facts” Many … were atheists?! None were. 98% were Christian, 2% were Unitarian deists.

        Imagine, if you will, your reaction if Westboro “Baptist” wanted a guaranteed “gay free” swim session — your reaction would quite correctly be unsupportive.

      • One thing your not seeing is as a vast majority this country has always been a Christian based country and the few have no right to change it for the majority. I can care less if your an atheist or a jew or anything else but don’t try to change my God in Heaven believing country. I took an oath many years ago to protect those rights and still do until I die.

      • It is not true that “many of the founding fathers (of the U.S.A.) were atheists.” It just isn’t true. But stated often enough some people will believe the lie. Our founding fathers were god-fearers who loved liberty. The Y.M.C.A. was founded by Christians. It is now led by ones who are NOT Christians.

    • YES, I have LIVED in a MUSLIM country and was REQUIRED to follow ALL their laws, religious and civil.
      I was NOT permitted to have a Bible, display Christmas decorations or celebrate Christmas! Decorations were confiscated. Christian churches do not exist and were prohibited, as well as Sunday School!
      Because I was ‘female’ I was not ALLOWED to drive an automobile!
      I was not ALLOWED to eat PORK products or drink alcohol..even in the privacy of my OWN home!!

      The ISLAMISTS did not come here for FREEDOM or assimilation, as you suggest, but to CHANGE AMERICA to suit ISLAMIC precepts at the EXPENSE of ALL others, and that includes their abominable Sharia Law!
      Why would you suggest America change its freedoms to accommodate ANY
      religion or cult?

      Muslim girls can “dress modestly” and swim with others!
      Next we will close the pool so nudists can have their time….why not pander to their needs? Or have special time for gays, trans. and lesbians who are uncomfortable swimming with the straight community?
      Or any group that has, what they consider, the right to exclude others to accommodate their narrow needs.
      America allowed Muslim immigrants….. to emigrate and assimilate.. that does not afford them special privileges to change American freedoms to accommodate the Islamic religion. Muslims have millions to build mosques in America…save some for private pools..if that is so important!


    • In Saudi Arabia, females are not allowed to drive cars. What if females were not allowed to drive cars in the U.S., in order to conform to Sharia law?

      This is where we are headed if this political correctness mania continues.

    • Like someone else said, “let them build their own swimming pools”. If your religion is that different from the normal society, why does normal society have to change or adapt to your religion? Answer: It does not have to adapt to your religion.

  90. First , what do the letters Y.M.C.A. stand for ? For the uninformed it means Young Men CHRISTIAN Association , NOT young muslim girls .

  91. The YMCA is a private membership-based organization and can conduct themselves however they damn well please. No one has forced them to make this accomodation. While it is certainly true that Islam is oppressive of Women, Christianity can also be oppressive. Even in the bible, Paul says that women should remain silent in church and must be submissive. He says it is disgraceful. Christianity is also oppressive towards gay men and and women, as evidenced by the fact that the house of representatives refuses to pass any national bill that would make it illegal to fire an employee for being gay. In a vast majority of states, it is possible to fire someone for their sexual orientation, and this is solely based on religious principle. And finally, I find it terribly ironic that the same people that complain about the “creep of Sharia” are the same ones who advocate to keep the Ten Commandments in front of courthouses.

    • it is about islam ruling the world. It is a leagl system not a religious one. All the world under the Caliphate is the goal. The Caliph runs the show.

      • read a little too much Dan Simmons?

        if not, check out his 2011 book Flashback.

        I’m not insulting or prodding you, that book would seem to have a lot of food for thought for someone with the type of response you posted.

    • According to the YMCA’s audited 2012 financial statements, they received $24.8 million in government grants in 2012, which comprises more than 1/4 of their $97.2 million in revenues. The YMCA is open to any member of the public–the government doesn’t really recognize a government-funded, publicly accessible club as the definition of a “private club” that can conduct itself however it wants. The more selective club is the more likely it is considered “private” based on many different court rulings. Since the YMCA has virtually no selection criteria it isn’t allowed to do whatever it damn well pleases. The ACLU absolutely would explode if an organization that got 1/4 of its budget from the government had a Christian-only swim time.

      • Anything that would make the ACLU explode is something that surely should be done! Has the ACLU ever done anything that was good for the nation?

      • How about Whites only swimming sessions and Blacks only Swimming sessions and Jewish Swimming sessions> Now thats a step forward!

    • It is a not for profit organization, not member-ship based! What makes any debate with a progressive difficult if not impossible is that they live in a all or absolute world based soley on emotional banter. The point is that OTHERS are the ones being discriminating against because of the time used to accommodate those that refuse to assimilate. Why is that equality and equity are always bedrocks of liberals except when it comes to making special accommodations for certain classes of people while burdening the majority? Now to your really stupid point of thinking that passing a law to prevent the firing of someone for being gay; guess what numnuts pass the law then will see lawsuits out the wazoo for claims of sexual discrimination but not a single one, unless the employer is severely incompetent, will show any cause that sexual orientation played a role in their firing! What employer in their right mind is going to say hey you’re fired for being gay? No one! the employer will ensure that HR has all necessary paperwork to defend against such allegation. The only reason to pass such a law to make an ideological point, Because in reality it will not protect squat! One last point…really did you just compare Sharia to the Ten Commandments? Quick question dippy. Was the US founded on Sharia or the teachings and morality exhibited through the Judeo-Christian faith? (oh, I forgot you progressive slobber bags deny that bedrock of solid historical facts!!!!!)

      • How is this any different from them renting out pool time to another organization, such as a school swim team, or a christian church that wishes to use the facilities for a private function?

    • Jeremy, learn your history, because you know nothing. Islam’s goal since it’s inception has been to take over the world. When it get’s a foothold it’s like a weed that destroys. People who did not convert to Islam after their areas were taken over by the Muslims were either killed or taxed at about 90% of their income. So they converted to not to have to pay the tax. Now let’s look at Islam in the world today. The countries that are Muslim countries are sure the highest developed and most desired places in the world to live! Oh wait, no their not!! I lived for almost 10 years in the Middle East in two of the most lovely countries, Kuwait and Iraq. Islamic countries are THE most backward countries in the world. Do you know why they are emigrating? Because their countries are horrible! If it weren’t for cars and cell phones you would swear it was the 12th century there. If you think it matters that you are not Muslim I dare you to walk down the street in ANY Muslim country chewing gum during Ramadan. You will be thrown into jail on the spot.

      You mentioned that Christianity is oppressive to homosexuals. Try being a homosexual in a Muslim country. They will stone you to death. Just to show you a little more history about homosexuality, there were a couple of cities that were almost entirely populated by homosexuals. They were Sodam and Gomorrah. Those people came to a quick end. Oh, and if you say it was just a legend, they have actually found both cities. They were only a few kilometers apart from each other.

      Please do not insult the Apostle Paul by quoting a part of one verse. If you wish to look like you have a partial brain cell you need to give the background and context of the scripture. You can make any point you want if you only take a few words from the Bible without context and historical information. My recommendation to you is to learn something before opening your mouth.

      • I do not dispute the largely barbaric treatment of women, gays, and non-muslims in islamic dominated countries. These are atrocious human rights violations. However, I do not have a problem with a private organization accommodating the wishes of a religious demographic. This isn’t much different from them renting pool time to any other group. I also went back to that verse just to double check.

        I Corinthians 14: 34-35″Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.”

        There isn’t much of a larger context. Paul is discussing keeping good order in worship. The rest of the chapter talks about prophecy and speakign in tongues. If you have a context in which it does not sound bad, I am open to hear it.

    • Jeremy, You’ve shown your colors….such a sweety! Go do your nails, its Saturday night! The Word of God, is already judging you…from your witness!

    • Lets tell the YMCA to have Whites only sessions and Blacks only sessions and Whites only schools and blacks Universities and start racism wars all over again!

      • Exactly. They are a Christian organization. Therefore, it is very charitable of them to extend such a hand of friendship to those of a different faith to accommodate the specific needs of these young girls. Don’t get me wrong. I do not at all agree with the way Muslim women are treated, but I think this is a nice gesture by the YMCA. Nothing has been forced here.

    • The YMCA is not a government organization. It receives aid from the government but it is funded primarily by membership fees and donations. I am certain that the Young Men’s CHRISTIAN does indeed have at least some scheduled times when it allows other organizations such as churches to use its facilities.

  92. Are they renting the pool for the hour? As long as they pay for rental of the pool for that hour who cares. YMCA is not a govt organization so I don’t see the reason for outcry. Last I checked people are allowed practice their religion in this great country. Telling Islamists they are wrong is no different than persecution of Christians by the left

    • Tom, they are not renting the pool. They looked into renting, but it was too expensive. The reason for the outcry is that they are getting special treatment. Also the YMCA takes government money, and by so doing has a responsibility to treat everyone equally, which at this point they are not. I doubt very highly they would do something like this for my little sister and the rest of her friends from Special Olympics. This is called being overly politically correct, to the point of giving one group more rights than others. Political correctness is the opposite of the Freedom of Speech.

      • How is allowing 1 hour (presumably per week) to accommodate the wishes of a specific religious demographic considered discrimination? I think it would be very likely that they would do exactly the same thing for a Special Olympics group.

    • Muslims living in their homelands frequently extract money from other religions for being non Muslim ! Also to get more money from non Muslims they kill those whom they want to extract more money !

    • The problem is how everyone is bending over backwards to not offend muslims…but the same groups or people are doing everything they can to hurt Christians. Our country is one of equality…If it were a group of white people that made this same claim there would be outcries of racism. If they want to have privacy maybe they should not choose to go to a place where the public goes. They have every right to build there own damn swimming pool….or better yet go back to a country that embraces their laws and allows for this. The people come to America looking for something better, but what they are doing is turning it into the sewage holes they came from. Go Home if you don’t like it or change to fit the culture that is here. They expect us to do that in any of their countries, they would not bend for a Christian group in iran.

    • They are not paying like everyone else does when they want the pool to themselves! That is the issue! Uh, did you read the article?

      • From the original article : “Funding for the group comes from two metrowide water safety grants from Hawkins Inc. and Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation.”

      • Sorry, but I didn’t see that mentioned in the article that anyone was paying for their private time. That was one of the issues of the article to begin with. If anyone else wants private time they have to pay for it, so why don’t they? If some group is paying for the time they want to themselves then, of course, that is fine & nobody should complain about it. ???? I would love to see Americans going to other countries & wanting to change the way things are done & wanting special treatment…Yeah, I would love to see how that would fly! Not! ……peace…….

  93. “YMCA” = Young Man’s Christian Association”. DUH! Let them start a “YMMA”. There is plenty of money available from their homeland. You are so correct, Colonel. We have creeping everything – creeping Islam, creeping Leninism/Marxism, creeping dictatorship, creeping elimination of all that made this country great, such as, but not limited to, end of the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments.

    • P.S. If the male locker room is locked with men in it so they may not be able to “sneak a peek” (something I can not imagine anyone wanting to do), this would be a fire code violation.

      • The only we should lock the men’s locker room should be when Muslim are present in the locker room !

  94. People who say “Christianity is also a problem” just don’t understand what Islam teaches. I advise you to get a clue. Islamic atrocities perpetrated against Christians, Jews and all non Muslims are supported by the Quran.
    I don’t know any Christians or Jews who think that it’s acceptable to kill those outside of their faith, much less that it would please God.

  95. The real issue has nothing to do with religious rights. My husband works in a housing community where there are many Muslim’s, they do not use soap to clean nor do they use washers and driers, most do not use toilet paper ( they use rags to clean themselves.) This is totally GROSE!! They live like they did in their country, they HATE us yet expect us to understand and allow them to infiltrate our society with their ways. I say like most Americans GO HOME!! They can fight for their rights in their own country.

    • In Houston, Texas, there is a high rise building downtown that had many floors of buildings used by people in the oil industry–many from the Middle East. As a result of their GROSS and disgusting toileting habits (they wipe with one hand and eat with the other–an entire floor was off limits and designated for their use only.

  96. This on the heels of the Christian family orderd to shut down thier B & B for refusing to serve an UNMARRIED gay couple.The family PROVED that they, as a policy, never served UNMARRIED couples. Period. Christian persecution at its finest. Why are the Muslims protected and we not? It has gone beyond persecution to outright BIGGOTRY against us.

    Creeping sharia law will dominate the US if we don’t stop it. All one must do is look at World History. How long did it take them to take over Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan? Europe? Ignorance is truly bliss!

  97. since when is separate but equal allowed in the USA? I thought we already got rid of that every one is equal and treated the same for a reason such “Special” rules are counter to freedom and the ideas of the Republic all people are created equal and religion is not considered in the rule of laws yet suddenly if it applies to Muslims the laws have changed?

  98. PLease, let me inform the general public, there are Christian Pentecostal Holiness groups that don’t believe in public swimming pools or displaying themselves in public, in swimming apparel. But have they ever demanded their own swimming pool or drawn attention to them selves in this manner? I think not, (I grew up in such a religious surrounding), we would of never thought to draw attention to our selves. So ask your self this, what is the purpose, and are “we the people” being force-fed another raghead doctrine…sharia??????????????????

  99. everyone seems to be granted special staus under obullshit. what happened to the idea of “equality”? Sexual deviants and muslims seem to be the preferred groups right now. When will male Christians and Jews get equal status?

    • Both sides, all sides & anything in between are afraid to stand up to these continual demands to change our rules, laws & what America use to be! None of them have a backbone not just the left!

  100. Go to Saudi Arabia as an American woman. You have to wear an abaya and cover your hair with a hijab. You can’t drive. You can’t fraternize with males, especially in public unless you are married. You can’t enter Saudi without your husband or a male sponsoring you in writing. You can’t leave without their permission which also must be in writing. You show up at the airport without permission, shame on you because now you have a HUGE problem. Single American guy, plan your shopping and visiting attractions accordingly. You have to make sure it is “Bachelor time” because you can’t go when it’s “family time.” This include the malls and zoos. Get caught with a female you aren’t married to! Shame on both of you… Big problem for you both. Is it wrong that life is like that there? No, these are their rules; it’s their country and you have to respect that. It’s the way it is and they don’t and won’t change them for anyone… You accept that is the way it is, or you don’t go there. Get my drift????

    • Yet, muslims escape from places that have these type of restrictions laid upon them and then come to the shores of America where freedom and liberty abound will a trail of baggage of islamic cult tradition in tow demanding that the people that opened their shores to them with open arms change their ways.

      We have been invaded by a group of parasites. 0.6% of the population and Obama has granted them high positions in the Federal government. That’s 1.8 million foreign islamic cultist to rule over the other 300 million American Christians, Catholics, Buddhist, agnostics, and atheist. Slavery? I thought it was abolished. Under islam slavery raises its ugly head.

      That fundamental transformation Barack Obama promised is the change to islam enforced by sharia law.

      • I had a female friend who came to London frequently who was some relative of the Aga Khan. In Kenya she could not do all the things mentioned in the previous posts. In London she became a nyphomaniac and drank alcahol (bailey Irish cream was her passion, a bottle a day!)
        like it was going out of fashion. I asked her why she behaved like that in England and her reply was “Allah does not go in Airplanes so never gets to England.

  101. in Germany swim-lessons in schools are mandotory, a fairly large muslim population tried to change the rules, not have the children participate, blah-blah-blah…the court said: sorry everybody takes swimmimg, you may wear full body covering suits…to the complaint that the other children didn’t cover all and in the locker-rooms they were in total undress, the rply was, so be it…I believe this mostly played in Berlin, read the report earlier this year in The Morgenpost…

    • It’s too bad this country doesn’t have a backbone anymore! Other countries don’t allow half the insane crap that we do! We just keep changing the rules to appease everyone! Where does it end?

  102. If you come to this country you should plan on blending in. If you want to maintain your separate lifestyle, then do what our immigrant parents did. They formed Germania clubs, Italian-American clubs, Polish-American clubs etc, to keep and maintain their heritage. Build those clubs and put swimming pools in them. Teach your girls to swim there. But don’t come here and try to change our society to your ways.

  103. We have been invaded by a group of parasites that total 0.6% of the population and Obama has granted them high positions in the Federal government. That’s 1.8 million foreign islamic cultist to rule over the other 300 million American Christians, Catholics, Buddhist, agnostics, and atheist. Slavery? I thought it was abolished. Under islam slavery raises its ugly head.

    That fundamental transformation Barack Obama promised is the change to islam enforced by sharia law.


    • Go back to the sandbox nation you came came from. Build your own pools and you can swim in peace and enjoy peeing in your own pool. Maybe fill the pool with lots of black crude oil and not have to wear all those clothes ?

  105. If they are not careful or do not repent they will become:
    Y oung
    M uslims
    C ontrolling
    A ssociation.

    P.S. The M can at some locations stand for Migrants & the C for communists.

    • That;s funny coming from people, considering many are born here and some have for many many years. Your family came here from somewhere else, killed all the Indians and took their land and your worried about this?

      • Part of my family was all ready here (nobody killed me) and the rest of the family came here later from the part of Europe to get away from the muslims

      • When you have a war on Christianity in a Christian/Judo founded country and we have atheists destroying or having Christian Holidays and landmarks removed, what gives the Muslims the right to do as they please. They hate us and we hate them. This is America not a Muslim nation. You go to any of their lands and you get your hand , head cut off or flogged for drinking alcohol. A double standard is BS and we should not bow to their attempts to change our customs or way of life.

      • they never hated you, all this started when the Gov. decided to go steal their oil, for the oil companies, before that they were a friend of the USA, I spoke to may Arab christians when I was over there,

      • You libs need to be put in holes buried up to your waists and then stoned to death by the very people you are defending. It is after all a Muslim custom!!

      • I don’t see any unfairness here, just explaining the facts of life. I’m not sure you were referring to me s a Muslim
        defender, and I’m NO LIBERAL. I do
        believe we are all children of God and
        I believe in treating all people fairly and equally as much as it is in my power to
        do so. Politeness used to be a way of
        life here, at least in the Midwest, and
        one finds life easier without so much
        anger and strife. We all have our own private thoughts, but to get so exercised over ONE PLACE where special privilege is being given is but one place. Laws have not been changed and it is better for the
        blood pressure to stay calm, I know!

      • I’m not defending anyone, my point is we are all flesh and blood and hating people because they have a certain religion is wrong. The government wants you to hate them because it makes it easy to get you to let them go kill them. But now, the tables are shifting to christians, and that they are terrorist, but it will be different when it’s them. AND I’M NOT A LIB!!!!!! I have been over there so I have a different view.

      • maybe you need to fix your hateful attitude, Because you know nothing about them other than the propaganda you hear

      • What does this have to do with the Native Americans? This is now the United States, it is no longer an Indian nation. The Christians should demand the same treatment at this YMCA. What would you have to say about that Cathy?

      • Those people are filthy they clean themselves with rags and don’t use washers or dryers they don’t use soap and they have brought us Bed bugs. If we don’t get a handle on these people we will all be sick! And this is not a problem for them as they hate us. How I know this is that my Husband works in an apt. complex where they live and he has to go in there units and clean the crap out of the bath tub drains so water will drain. When he tries to explain how they should do things they tell him to get out and mind his own business. They tell him right out that they HATE us. My husband is the nicest guy and is kind to all and does not understand why they even came here, cause they do not want to conform at all. THEY SHOULD GO HOME.

      • I don’t believe we should tar all Muslims
        with the same brush. Some still have “old
        country” manners and personal hygiene,
        I’m sure, after all, some Muslim nations
        are land locked deserts. Actually two
        of the three physicians who handle my
        physical care are Muslim who couldn’t
        be any cleaner! And I have seen many
        Muslim women who care for the public
        restrooms at Mall of America in MN, &
        they are very clean. One should really
        acquaint oneself with many individuals
        of a group before. Perhaps the real
        problem is a lack of knowledge of the
        type of house-care needed in our homes,
        versus their previous homes.

      • Mercurydeb and Cathy McMahan, being naive is bliss. If I were as naive as the two of you I would also be in total agreement with you. What you don’t know is what’s causing you to think that this is a religion of peace. You need to do your homework and learn what is in the Koran!!!!

        In the last days there will be a war. Guess what? It’s not going to be Christians against Christians or Jews against Christians or any other religion of peace against another religion of peace. Once you do some homework on what is in the Koran you might be able to draw your own conclusions.

        I’ll tell you who has done a lot of homework for you on this subject, it’s Jan Morgan. Here is an article from her website that might share enough light on the subject to pull the two of you out from under the rock you are under. PLEASE READ IT!!!

      • Historically, it was the Irish, then Italians, and then every immigrant group has been
        accused of similar poor habits of
        uncleanness, poor hygiene, etc. It seems
        to be the American way. Hate the
        Puerto Ricans, hate the Jews. We as a
        people cannot continue as Americans
        together until we all understand how to tolerate others, even to tolerate YOU, so
        we can all understand one another and live in what is becoming a small country!

      • Of course , and many naturalized citizens from other countries have special clubs and recreation centers for people to get together and talk about the good ole country, but the point here is the “special treat” by closing the pools to keep other people out while they do their swim. If another group wanted special privileges then they would be denied. This is America and they should be expected to adjust to American life without demanding special treatment. If they had wanted to their sharia law (which is very limiting to women-females) then they should have stayed in their native country or expect their Mosque to build facilities for their needs. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Can you imagine going to another country and making demands of any kind being met?

      • why do you not feel the same about laws that christians want that takes away the rights of others. this is not sharia law, it is in their scriptures. Many muslims are not from over there, some are white, black americans.

      • The last time I looked the Constitution applied to everyone. Atheist and Christian, muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist. Shiria Law is about honor killings, mutilating their women, and pedophilia. They also kill homosexuals by stoning and other means.I don’t know why you would care to support sharia but it just seems like you want to argue. I’m not interested. Go troll elsewhere.

      • There are no Sharia laws in the US. Our
        country was founded by God-fearing men, but they were not necessarily Christians. Nor do I believe we have any
        ‘Christian’ laws, per se. However, Jesus
        taught us to ‘LOVE ONE ANOTHER” as
        we love our selves. We should certainly
        learn to tolerate one another, or we can
        never love one another, as Jesus commands us to do. I am not thrilled that
        Muslims are here, but as a Christian I must love them as I love myself, if not,
        then my immortal soul is in great danger!

  106. As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they
    will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. These numbers are from 2007. I would say we are no longer at 1%. Or perhaps we are so compliant to their demands they don’t need to bother to ratchet up their agenda.

    United States — Muslim 1.0%
    Australia — Muslim 1.5%
    Canada — Muslim
    China — Muslim 1%-2%
    Italy — Muslim 1.5%
    Norway — Muslim

    At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and
    disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street

    Denmark — Mslim 2%
    Germany — Muslim 3.7%
    United Kingdom — Muslim
    Spain — Muslim 4%
    Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

    From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their
    percentage of the population.

    They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards)
    food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase
    pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with
    threats for failure to comply. ( United States ).

    France — Muslim 8%
    Philippines — Muslim 5%
    Sweden — Muslim
    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
    &Tobago — Muslim 5.8%
    It only gets worse, from car bombings to beheadings as their percentages climb. Don’t think it won’t happen here, it is on it’s way.

  107. This modesty has nothing to do with sharia, it is in the Bible as well, that they are to dress modestly. It’s kind of scary that those who don’t like these things should go read the Old Testament.

    • Actually, Muslim modesty in dress and eyes is so that young Muslim men don’t get sexually excited when they see women of their own faith, uncovered, as it were.
      This is a problem for them, as Muslim men must marry
      virgins, according to their beliefs. I believe modesty is
      important to all people, and bathing attire has grown
      increasingly immodest for both women and men.

      • never said it did, 1Ti 2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

      • when I was over there I respected the customs, men are not to see skin, so they brought in female life guards, and allowed no men. big deal. The pool people can do as they please

  108. Why do they have to have privacy! No one closes the pool for me! I have religious beliefs. Why can’t they just swim with their clothes on. If you don’t like the way of life here, go home. This is the land of the FREE, not the land of the Muslums. I welcome them, dress the way you feel comfortable, but don’t make me change my ways to accommodate you! God Bless you ALL!

  109. Many fundamentalist Christian women & girls manage to swim wearing modest, home
    made swim suits with legging, skirts & tops that are long to the elbow and high to the throat. This nation is a nation because of it’s differences between ideals. It’s what makes us interesting, and equal. A public pool should be just that public! Not that young women of any faith have to have classes with boys, but
    I did, a fat young girl, forced to give up her modesty to attend swimming lessons. Any change from our normal way of living is
    wrong, if it is done for a special anointed group of people! The
    YMCA offers swimming lessons for classes of girls alone, as well
    as boys alone. No faith group has claimed special needs before
    now, and we should allow no group to insist on special needs
    now. This country is for ALL of it’s people, and we need NOT
    treat anyone specially. Modesty is a virtue that should be for all of our people. I understand the Muslims of MN live in gated communities, it they can afford that, they can afford to own their own pools. Years ago in this country we had
    YMCAs and YMHebrewAs, & there were even a few of the YWCAs (young womens Christian Associatians). We all
    swam together at free swim times! NO need to change things
    Christian associasians (pardon my sps)

  110. If they are so concerned about modesty they should not go swimming. America is on slippery slope if we keep giving in to these bigots and buffoons.

  111. quit catering to the immigrants and start taking care of americans, close the gate……we have enough, cant even take care of our own why bring more in??????

  112. It probably a good thing that they go to those lengths to cover themselves up; for those that might be offended by having to look at them.

  113. What I see is not the frog in the pot which is a good analogy. what I see is the insertion of animal farm morality into the local laws and these will be the basis for declaring the same for all state and federal laws. sharia is a mockery for anyone who reads the Koran since sharia is not derived from the Koran but from the “oral traditions” that mohammed supposedly shared with leaders during the rest of his life. however there are other stories to indicate that at least in some cases mohammed never really shared the stories, they were made up by people claiming he did. If you want to see how the Islamic leaders react simply mention that mohammed should not be believed because of the satanic verses and the lies he incorporated into the Koran.

  114. Folks…when you wake up and realize your daughter at age six is now of marrying age I want you to remember your wanting to be tolerant. YOU DID not standing up for your rights. I for one am fighting this nonsense.

  115. It time our leaders wake up and realize this is our country. If people want to come here they need to accept this is America and our culture will not change to accommodate them. If they want to live here, adhere to our laws and customs. If they don’t like it, they are free to go back where they came from. Assimilate or leave!!!

  116. I worry more for creeping atheism than creeping islamism
    but this’s all part of our Godless socialist friends attempts to make this country a European socialist country in every form and way

    • i have no respect for atheism but i haven’t heard anyone from this group say they want to kill all believers and anyone who does not believe in God. islam is a sect that says all non believers of islam should convert or be killed. you may want to ask our veterans who fought these islam savages who they fear more.

      • I have actually heard numerous atheists make statements to the tune of people who believe in God must die or religious people are a plague that needs to be wiped out. I have numerous Muslim friends and not a one talk to me in such a way and I am outwardly Christian.

      • The quran teaches muslims to lie in order to advance islam . It gives muslims permission to cheat, lie, steal murder, rape etc all in the name of th eir religion.

      • I have actually read the Quran, can you say the same? What the Quran does say about lying is that Allah will grab you by your brain for lying. Allah tells Muslims not to befriend infidels unless it is to protect themselves. My Muslim friends have no need to protect themselves from me or withhold truth from me as I am no threat to them so their telling a lie to me or withholding information from me would be a sin in Allah’s eyes as per their Quran. It allows a Muslim to lie and tell an infidel that they are not a Muslim so as to protect them from slaughter. There is considerably more but it is becoming clear that a witch hunt is brewing. One day Christians will be the witches. Just something to ponder.

      • I guess there’s some Truth in that
        however I do notice that the unbelievers get more and more extreme in their means and methods every day, there is but few muslims amongst us today
        and there is many an unbeliever, they do everything they can do abjure, and desecrate our law and justice in this country, our memorials, our memories, they push and push and push
        I feel much more push from them than from the far away blood-soaked crescent,
        I guess I’m sayin’ the enemy within is more to be feared than the fool from without

  117. Instead of trying to change how the YMCA handles its swimming programs, the mosques should accommodate their members and offer an indoor pool that complies with their doctrine. Makes more sense if that is truly the end game!

    • I thought YMCA meant Young MEN’S Christian Association. How dare they let WOMEN reserve one hour a week of pool time there! It’s outrageous!

  118. It’s abundantly obvious that most of the people posting don’t know much about Islam, the way most Muslims in the U.S. think, etc. Yes, there are a lot of Muslims that want to kill us and destroy our way of life, but the vast, vast majority of them aren’t HERE, and the vast, vast majority of the ones HERE, love America and they don’t want to change it. They just want to be free to practice their religion just as everyone else is. As for the Muslim time at the Y pool, I am sure that any group that wanted to reserve separate time for whatever reason, they would be allowed. I think that there is a whole lot of paranoia and suspicion that is over the top going on. And it’s unworthy of good people like Col. West.

    • I think if you come to this country then you assimilate into it or leave. There is no other option. If you want to swim at a public pool then you do so as everyone else does. Publicly. If you want a private swim then you buy a damn private pool. If a group of Muslims want a private pool then I suggest they pass the plate around the mosque and build/buy a pool.

      • Yes as in Young Men’s “Christian” Association where they provide a public swimming facility rather than a private Christian Swim at 1PM and Muslim swim at 5PM or whatever times. People in this country fought so hard to gain equal rights and yet we continue to allow segregation like it’s no big deal.

      • Segregation that is voluntary is not a violation of rights. If it were, you could not have a religious congregation that only allowed adherents of your faith as members or leadership. Heard about the Christian bakers in Washington State and the Christian photographers in New Mexico who are fighting for their rights NOT to have to service homosexual weddings? That right to private religious practice and being able to choose who you’re going to do business with as a private entity are what is at stake here… except, in this case, the people supporting religious freedom for the Christians are largely the same people demanding that the private organization YMCA not be allowed to choose to support the Muslims’ freedom of religion. That seems pretty hypocritical to me. I support the Christian businesses in the WA and NM cases, and I support the private (Christian) organization and the Muslims in this case.

    • If u read the koran u will see . that in time of war muslims with no exception have to unite against the enemy or be kiled as traitors. Whereever they live. World wide sharia lawis their goal.

    • You do know what their quran teaches them right? You are aware of what their ‘religion’ teaches them right? It doesn’t look like you do from your post. Their religion teaches them to hate, to be selective in their associations with other ethnicities; i.e., racism. Their religion goes against everything freedom loving peoples enjoy. Their religion teaches hate and intolerance of anything not islamic. Read a little bit besides crap from huffblow n you might learn who your natural enemies are. Yes, the ones ‘HERE’ also buy into the same quran as the ones over ‘THERE’ do.

      • Fritz, first off, I ***RARELY*** read HuffPo. Mostly I read (and agree with) sites like this one. But you’re wrong on Islam. It’s obvious that YOU get all of YOUR information about Islam from anti-Islam hate sites, or from people who get THEIR information from them. As a Messianic Rabbi, I have actually READ much of the Koran, to better understand the Muslims, and it’s not true that it teaches them to hate all others. There ARE radical sects that do, but MOST Muslims in the U.S. are NOT like that. Have you ever associated with any Muslims? I’m guessing not. I had a Muslim doctor for a decade, a Pakistani educated in Britain. He is a caring, compassionate individual who LOVES America and our way of life, at least as much as ANY deeply religious person of a traditional religious faith (like conservative branches of Christianity and Judaism that have some question about the degeneration of morality in modern society). If you were to allow yourself to get to know him, or the many Muslims like him, you would know that what I say is true. And BTW, he very much condemns terrorism, anti-Semitis, anti-Christianity, anti-Americanism, and all of that. And I have met others like him.

      • So, the Y shouldn’t be allowed to allow groups to reserve pool time? Or are you demanding that this private organization discriminate against Muslims on the basis of religion?

  119. Public pools that should accommodate everyone are in a paradox of how to please conflicting interests. Public institutions especially those with governmental connections that imply that all citizens are involved have these problems. Privately owned institutions are not in that position. And there those who are not accommodated do not pay in and are not out their investment. (Today taxes are so badly used, it is hard to tell what is or is not taken from them.)
    It would also be possible for a given group to form their own institutions. Why would Muslim girls want to be part of the YMCA? Why not have an Islamic center?
    I recall similar problems when public schools were integrated. If everyone paid, of course, everyone should be in their neighborhood schools. But add that to the arguments (still on going) on how religion should be treated and neighborhood differences (bussing); and a case for private schools becomes more obvious. Most of the problems could have been dealt with by an end to taxed public schools and allowing the market to adjust to a private system. (We might now have a better, less expensive system that is largely computer driven with more personal tutoring and choices.)
    Parents could choose what, how and with whom their kids were taught and the overall cost would be cheaper as the market learned better techniques and government red tape was eliminated. Also those without kids would not have their funds redistributed to pay for it.
    A free market could provide Muslims with their needs without interfering or costing others. Those who did not care about the issues could still go to public or other facilities or the Islamic ones. There should be no conflict between girls wanting modesty and others use of less exclusive use of the pool. It is group think and public funding that causes all these apparent problems of commonly owned facilities.
    A proper respect for individuals and their property that examined public facilities from the standpoint of who pays for them and let the market (freely chosen exchanges and associations) provide for the needs of people would make these arguments as obviously silly as they are unnecessary and paradoxical.
    You do see the connection to Obama care and its more massive intrusion and control over our funds, choices and lives. It is only when people are forced to associate and pay for commonly owned or governmentally controlled property that we learn class hatred and intolerance.

    • Get used to this, the concept of private property is drawing to a close. The NWO is installing collectivism to over ride individualism. These animals of Islam do not respect any thing or any one, just like Indias caste system the muzzies think they are better than everyone else and their history is filled with religious persecution of anyone that is not a MUZZIE. They are ignorant due to centuries of inbreeding and even hate each other islam, just like obombya, is PURE EVIL!

  120. Jesus Allen, are you a fool that believes what the big boys told you about frogs or just a liar? Oh right, the laws of physics and biology were different back then…too Science-y?

  121. sharia law Is unjust,discriminatory and in my opinion evil its what we stand against when we fight in places llke Afghanistan . you want to live in another country then adapt to their way of life or go back to where you come from.

  122. this is very interesting article to save the least, this nation is turning to a Muslim nation in a heart beat, and the thing I don’t get is this, the Christian voted for a Muslim that part I don’t understand please help me with that thanks

  123. Bible prophecy states for disobeying Gods commandments he will apoint terror over us our enemues will eat our crops, leviticus 26. Much of our future crops are sold already to other countries. Yet drought and pestilience are reducing our yield. As every one has ignored God warnings by observibg halloween and Christs mass and eastet and defiled His weekly and annual Sabbaths we have ourselves to blame. Soon because of our debt we will be overtaken. Unless we reject all false god worship and get back to Gods commandments. Isaiah 56:3,6

  124. If you are Christian “Fear Not”… Our Enemies have always been and will always be.. Just Place Your Trust where it belongs.. to God and Jesus Christ.. Do not over worry that will take away from the lessons God would have us Learn.. Peace be with us.. look forward to Christmas with all the Joy worthy of that day…

  125. The Islamic people have figured something out. They have waged a spiritual jihad on America. They know that we are ones who obey the law and quite frankly, because we are Christians, our war is waged with spiritual weapons. The sword is our offensive weapon to battle with. One said that the “pen is mightier than the sword”. And so, they have steadily infilterated our legal, judicial court system USING the inroads of the left to inflict the greatest casualties. It is time America to shut off your TV s, and head to your local govt meetings and educate yourselves on how to use this sword! Demand your elected representatives to abide by our Constitution and stand your ground!

  126. Looks like one hate / fear article after another. Time to look into this guy to see who’s funding his far right agenda. Think people! Think!

    • Fact: there IS a Muslim population that is growing in America.
      Fact: there is evidence of Muslims pushing for Sharia law. They want to have their own neighborhoods and their own courts.
      Fact: obama wants 40,-50,000 Muslim refugees to come here.
      Just google and find out for yourself. The thing about liberals is that they don’t read books or literature or the facts at all. They think all that stuff is lies and only people like Rachael Maddow or Chris Matthews can tell the truth.

    • No hate nor fear involved… Just STUPID people who think that allowing a particular religion to use a TAXPAYER-FUNDED facility, with the ASSISTANCE of a taxpayer-funded police department IS OK, as long as it is not a Christian entity requesting it…

  127. Screw islam and their stone age sharia law. America is all about ASSIMILATION! If they don’t want to be AMERICANS they can go back to where ever the hell they came from! But as long as we have so many BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL TRAITORS here, that will never happen. I am sick of seeing obombyas face on the internet, Mexicans, and the stinkin Ilamic jihadists. The traitor has to go.

  128. This is backwards. The Somalis can adjust to our culture, not us to Islam. No way. Fight Islam with all your might. Raise hell. It is an evil we cannot afford.

  129. Anyone coming to our country needs to asimilate our laws and morality. We should not have to change for them. If they don’t want to follow the law then go back home and that goes for everyone who comes to our country and expects special considerations.

  130. They need to build their own dam pool. What does YMCA stand for. You got it. Young Mans Christian Association. That is beside the point. The YMCA welcomes all that behave well. In America we all get along or are supposed too. So I have an idea. Lets all swim together and share our cultures. If you don’t like the American culture then you are free to leave. Lets not be so thin skinned. After all. Your going swimming. Not to church or prayer.

  131. Somalis need to return to their country, if they want to swim, they can do it in the ocean, off the Somali coast along with their pirates. If they don’t want to joint American culture, they don’t deserve to be here. The liberal excrement in the country are responsible for this kind of destruction in this country, they need to go also.

  132. Absolutely insane to accommodate Somali Islamists. If they did not need to swim in Somali, why do they have to come here to learn? Because we take something for granted, does not mean their culture need to learn – they take piracy on the high seas for granted (unless it’s a past time) but we don’t need to learn. Keep the damn bleeding heart liberals out of any dealings. Will these people be swimming at lakes, oceans, parks – other public pools? NO. It’s just a grab for one more thing that gives them the upper hand over Americans and our laws and it won’t stop. O’Donnell needs to keep her stupid mouth shut if she is that unaware of those with whom she is dealing.
    This is infuriating.

  133. What a silly argument. We want the government to respect Hobby Lobby’s right to not provide abortive drugs, but we cant allow a public pool an hour a week to respect the religious (not cultural, religious) beliefs of a group of children? Its not like the whole pool is going sharia, and cutting off heads of infidel swimmers. We want our beliefs tolerated. We arent being forced to do anything, just let them be.

      • As for you, I’ve written you off as an ignorant idiot who can’t articulate, so she just says bad words. Good luck with that.




      • No crap. I understand the difference. My point, which is apparently over your pointed head, is that conservatives want Hobby Lobby’s religious beliefs respected by not forcing them to go against their beliefs and provide abortion insurance. Which i support. But we cant respect the religious beliefs of a group asking for a time out of a pool schedule to simply let them be modest?

  134. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! This is all around us and WE are NOT standing up for our principals or values. Respect is one thing but subliminal surrender is the results! Our biggest concern isn’t the illegal immigrants – it is the open demands of different people demanding we change to conform to their lifestyle. They chose to come here…if they don’t like our way….please go somewhere else and see how good it is there

    • How are they asking anyone to conform to anything? How does this request make *you* do anything at all? They have a closed hour for swim, weekly. Just like any swimming class. It doesn’t force anything on anyone. Thats a false argument.

      • Give an inch they’ll take a mile. It’s part of their directive. Again, know your enemy. It’s not against the individuals but it is against their “religion”. It is evil and I will always stand by that!! Become informed!!
        I do not like all the name calling, but I do know from an ex-Muslim the names of Allah and the “truth” of that religion. It is everything we abhor!!

  135. I am both saddened and ashamed of all the haters here!! I think it is wonderful that these girls have the opportunity to learn, back home they are not inspired or encouraged to have much education at all.
    ???Should we not be teaching equality??? ONE step at a time, Rome nor Earth was not made in a day!

    we not instead be teaching these young girls that America is a land of
    equality of opportunity and they need not be castigated as a second
    class citizen?
    we not instead be teaching these young girls that America is a land of
    equality of opportunity and they need not be castigated as a second
    class citizen?
    we not instead be teaching these young girls that America is a land of
    equality of opportunity and they need not be castigated as a second
    class citizen?

    • You do not infringe on the rights of others in order to give rights to a certain group. If they wish to learn how to swim, then do it like all the other children their age or the Muslims can build, maintain and operate a private pool only for them! When you decide to give preferences to one group, where does it end? Will you do it for any group that makes a demand? Plus, it is because of religion that they ask for certain favors, what if a Christian group did the same? Would the response be the same? I think not!

      • …all this, over an hour a week swim time? Then I want all children welcome at any closed 55+ swim lesson. Or any man to be welcome at an elderly women’s class. Or, for that matter, any man to be able to lead a Boy Scout troop, regardless of sexual orientation. We allow provisions for all sorts of groups to have preferential treatment in certain situations. They aren’t taking over a pool and kicking everyone else out. They want an hour a week to observe their religious standard of modesty. They arent forcing you to wear a burquini when you go swimming.

      • Nice. This is why people dont take us conservatives seriously. Because you sound like angry, ignorant rednecks with your ad hominem attacks and inability to articulate your argument. Just like a bunch of liberals.

      • Correct… No burkha…
        Instead, they are saying “…just stay OUT while we get preferential treatment AT YOUR EXPENSE….”
        Dumbshlts like you and your “diversity / feel good at ANY CONSTITUTIONAL COST…” are why we have that dumb-aas in the whitehouse, who is eroding citizens’ rights…

      • The swim lessons for 55+ don’t put the whole place on lock down nor does the old ladies only class. I do think there should be a way to still have the pool open for everyone during those class’s though. the boy scouts are allowing openly gay members I am sure it will only be a short time before the scout masters are to. next they will all be wearing rainbows and change the name to Boy Sc-outs. !

      • Perhaps if it was not for haters like YOU the parents of these little girls might feel SAFE to allow their children to be among you and yours!

      • Go stick your head in the toilet and flush it you muslime lover!!!! If you love them so much, go live in their crappy country! LOSER!!!

      • You’re the consummate IDIOT… YOU can’t even stick with your own train of thought…
        This is NOT about hate, moron…
        THEIR BELIEFS are the element which is preventing them from swimming with others… SO, THEY PREY on YOUR inability to comprehend, and USE YOU and your gullible aas to advance their “separate” rights, which you would NOT extend to anyone else…

      • Why do you assume that we wouldn’t extend the same arrangement to other groups? I guarantee you that there are other groups that get private pool for specified times during the week. Would you consider it discrimination or a violation of rights if a christian group were given private access for an hour each week? As long as the YMCA agrees to it and gives sufficient notification of hours that the pool is not available for free swim, I have no problem with them accommodating the needs of a diverse community. If people do not like the way the YMCA is running things, I’m sure there are other pools available to go to in the area. Isn’t that the American way? If you don’t like the way one organization runs things, you can find another one that does things your way. The YMCA has made an arrangement with this group to meet their needs, and no one is going to force you to go to that YMCA if you don’t like that fact.

      • You don’t have a “right” to swim in the YMCA pool whenever you please. You are not allowed to swim in it outside of their regular hours of operation. Is that also discrimination? Would it be discrimination if a Christian group requested and received a private pool session for an hour each week?

    • Do it with YOUR MONEY then, moron…
      When muslims become a majority in your community, and require you to cover your head or your face, you will be the first to complain…
      No… that is wrong.
      YOU, with your “…make nice…” so that you can be “diverse” at the cost of others, will SHUT YOUR TRAP & live with the BULLSHlT YOU created…
      Are you that Stupid ??

      • Yeah, then you’ll be hollering that they’re being exclusive and un-American by creating their own Muslim space and not allowing real ‘Muricans in. They couldn’t win anyway. I don’t love Muslims, but this is a silly argument.

    • If this is about equality that you are so concerned about, then you tell those of us who are having a hard time with this, how would this fly if us Christians decided we wanted to lock out muslims for an hour?

      • As long as the YMCA were to agree to it and give sufficient notice of the hours that the pool would be unavailable, I have absolutely no problem with that.

    • In this world “Equality” means the favoritism of one group who is preserved as being disadvantaged over another. i.e. black over white, Muslim over Christian and women over men

    • Jesus said know your enemy. Islam is our enemy. Allah is the slayer, conniver, schemer, most proud one, and greatest deceiver. Don’t be taken in. It may be a religion but it is much more.

  136. I am well aware that this country, for the most part, was
    created by immigration. But those who came and settled this country did so to gain freedom from oppression, and religious freedom. But those who came here also swore allegiance to this their new home. And we grew to a country that was
    looked up to by the world.

    Now those who have come here and don’t want to be assimilated in to this country by obeying our laws and our culture, they only wish to have us respect their customs and laws. To this I say no, did you come here to enjoy our freedom or have you came here only to make us like the country you were fleeing from?
    That’s not going to happen. Maybe it would be in your best
    interests to return to your country of origin and make the changes necessary to make it a country you can be proud to live in, rather then trying to make my country into the same country you just left.

    Many American gave more then the had to make this, in my opinion, country the best in the world.

    If you can’t assimilate and become an American, then go home, you were free to come here, and you are free to leave, but don’t try to change the basics of this, my country, into something that it is not.

    • Again, i ask…what are they forcing on you? Are non-Muslims not allowed to go to this pool anymore? Are they taking over the pool, and the Y? Or, are they requesting an hour a week to respect their religious beliefs of modesty? We allow a religious group like the Amish create entire towns outside of “English” jurisdiction and most American laws, and no one bats an eye. How is this different? I’m by no means liberal. I’ve been called a rabid conservative more than once. But this argument is illogical.

      • Stay up with current events. This is how they infiltrate and try and force countries to adhere to their laws. This is all part of the Koran on taking over countries and ultimately the world. That’s why.

      • The YMCA gets PUBLIC FUNDS, you dumbshlt…
        The POLICE DEPARTMENT involved in this program is catering ONLY to muslims in this case, dumbshlt…
        Where’s that beloved “church & state” BULLSHlT ???
        Doesn’t apply when “young, underprvileged women” are in need ???
        What are they FORCING on us ??
        EXPENSE, OUTLAY OF PUBLIC FUNDS directed to FURTHER a religion or faith…

      • Ooh, more class and witty repartee…I’m intellectually overwhelmed. It is a swimming slot. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. How do you know theyre catering ONLY to Muslims? Have other groups ever tried this kind of thing?

      • Amanda, obviously the name calling by Cancel_NPR is not needed but I definitely understand his anger. Being that the YMCA gets my tax money, your tax money and Cancel_NPR’s tax money, would I as a Christian, be getting the same consideration? If you say yes, you are naive. It starts with this and will become more and more ,mainstream. Have you been to the twin cities? If you have or if you live there, you know this is just the beginning there.

      • No, i haven’t been there, so i don’t know. I have been to Columbia, MD, another story linked to this story where the same thing is happening , and it isn’t like Mecca. I don’t argue for Islam. I would argue for the same treatment for a Christian group, if they sought it. But we have to be willing to fight for respect of all religious beliefs if we expect to be respected as Christians, or conservatives. Choose our battles and articulate them well.

      • Well Amanda I grew up and lived in the twin cities for several years and continue to visit friends there. I have friends who moved to another state because of what is happening to the value of their homes because of this. You and I would not be welcome there and I know this as a fact. Yes we need to respect others’ religious beliefs. I am all for that but do not be mistaken that there are those who do not feel the same way; If I were to ask the YMCA that I want only my Christian friends to have an hour and a Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, not be allowed in because they are not Christian, there will be hell to pay. That is a fact. So this is why I have a problem with what this article is telling us.

      • It amazes me the leaps of logic and assumption that goes on here. The only taxpayer money that the Y gets, to my knowledge, is that they are tax-exempt. That doesn’t make them taxpayer funded any more than churches are. And you are making a pretty big assumption that Christians wouldn’t be allowed to reserve time in the pool. And assumptions are not logical arguments. How about a Christian organization tries to reserve time and see what happens? Or are you happy with your assumptions, because they feed into your paranoia?

      • For future reference Mr. Bernay, I thought you might want to know that the YMCA does indeed receive federal funding. I listed only a few because I didn’t want to bore you with all of them.

        Syracuse, N.Y. — The YMCA of Greater Syracuse has received a federal grant to help improve the health of Onondaga County residents.

        The Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH) awarded Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) funds to eleven YMCAs to implement physical activity and nutrition programming in partnership with one or more schools.

        On behalf of the community collaborative, the Healthy Living Alliance, The Ozarks Regional YMCA received a grant of more than $1.3 million to help make the healthy choice the easy choice in Springfield.
        The grant is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS’s) Community Transformation Grants (CTG). The CTGs are an effort by the Obama Administration to address health and well-being of U.S. communities through initiatives.

      • Specific YMCAs receive specific funding to run specific programs. That is a far cry from being a taxpayer funded operation. And even if it is, I don’t see why this should be a huge deal. Only if you assume it’s part of some dastardly plot… and what could possibly come from this? I see a lot of claims that it’s the first step towards Sharia supplanting American law, but no suggestions as to how you get from the Y allowing a group to reserve time in their pool to an Islamic theocracy. You’re making just about as much sense as when liberals claim that cutting welfare is genocide or voter ID is voter suppression. Maybe you, like they, see how we’re getting from Point A to Point B, but I honestly don’t.

      • First you argued with me that the YMCA to your knowledge, does not receive federal funding. Now you argue with me that only “specific YMCAs” receive specific funding. Federal funding is federal funding. Either you are young Mr. Bernay or you are being very naive when you say that those of us who are making a jump to Sharia law becoming mainstream because of this one little thing happening at the YMCA. It all starts with just this one little thing.

        Whether you are for same sex marriages or not, my point being is how many people here in America 30 years ago would say it would be now the “new normal” for same sex marriages? Whether you believe in abortion or not, 30 years ago would it be acceptable to have late term abortions and being paid by taxpayers’ money? It starts with just this one little thing.

        To me this country has taken being “politically correct” to a whole new level. Dr. Phi McGraw uses the phrase, “The best predictor of future behavior is … past behavior”

        I could go on and on Mr. Bernay about “just this one little thing” but I believe you and I will never agree because you believe I am being paranoid. I also know that others will be quite bored with our back and forth on this issue.

      • It’s IMMATERIAL whether or not Christians would be allowed. What is FACT & REALITY is that FOR RELIGIOUS PURPOSES, a RELIGIOUS-BASED group caused & advanced an instance whereby ALL OTHERS WERE EXCLUDED.
        YOU support this exclusion, BASED ON RELIGIOUS preference.
        Live with it, Adam…
        Are you selective with regard to race as well…??

      • For one hour a week, SO WHAT? I couldn’t care less. And it wouldn’t matter what the group was. Muslims, Amish, Trekkies, left-handed restaurant employees… it’s called FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, and it’s considered to be a part of the First Amendment. Did you support the Boy Scouts when they wanted to exclude atheists and gays ALL THE TIME? If so, how can you object to this private organization carving out a small niche of time when requested? Sheer hypocrisy.

      • Rebecca: The name-calling is INDEED despicable, but name-calling doesn’t negate the factual content…
        Moronic, socialist leftists advance the notion that a CLEARLY religious observance IS NOT an act of religious preference while BEATING CHRISTIANS OVER THE HEAD for insisting that “In God we trust” remain in place as was meant by the Founding Fathers.

        Without being confrontational to you, let me ask what you think would be the presentation of a situation wherein Christians went to that SEWER, Detroit & arranged that muslims be locked out of the YMCA while Christian religious-based preferences were observed being those locked doors ?? ( Albeit, I can’t imagine YMCA remaining in Detroit, being the SEWER it is… )

      • Absolutely am I in agreement with you Cancel_NPR on your arguments! I know first hand what is happening in the areas of St. Paul and know that I as a Christian, am not welcome. Minnesota is doing everything possible to land the title of the most political state in America at a huge cost. Being born and raised there, I have seen it first hand. My point to you was that by name calling it makes those who are arguing our point, point their fingers at us and say, “See!”

      • You said: ” No one is forcing anyone to do anything. ”
        You’re either a LIAR or you’re just kcuf-ing STUPID…
        They are FORCING NON-MUSLIMS OUT of the specific area and LOCKING THE DOORS BEHIND THEM, so that RELIGIOUS preferences may be observed by muslims.

      • I don’t have to exhibit “class” when addressing “willing naivety”.

        You DO realize, don’t you, that those same religious basics which compelled them to seek the locking of the doors so that their religious preferences could be practiced without observance of non-believers, is / are the SAME religious tenets which would cause an outspoken female such as yourself, to be STONED IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE, if you lived in that wonderful land of islam from whence those beliefs arose…??

        You DO realize that, don’t you ??

        This is NOT a rhetorical question… I want an answer…

        Would a WOMAN who spoke out such as you have, be revered & respected in a country where the prevailing religious observances are such, or would she be STONED for her ” blasphemy ” ??

        Answer the question AT LEAST to yourself. THEN, continue to provide solace & support to that cause / religion / murderous ridiculousness where women are MURDERED for the mere UTTERANCE OF WORDS…

      • Your question was “…Are non-muslims not allowed to go to this pool anymore ? ”
        Are you THAT stupid ??
        For THAT SPECIFIC TIME where those muslims get to do their swimming BY THEMSELVES, Non-muslims ARE NOT ALLOWED…

        “…an hour a week to respect THEIR religious beliefs ?…”
        I have NO DUTY to make sure that they can do things with MY money, on THEIR TERMS…

      • For the assigned hour a week, only little old ladies get to wear their skirted swimsuits and do their jazzercise, too. No one complains. Everyone abides by a schedule and certain classes. Why not allow this class? Because they are Muslim? Doesn’t work that way. Keep it classy, with your name calling and lack of logic.

      • It would do you a lot of good to read and understand this term: Taqiyya. Also that “sharia law” is completely against our own laws, yet has preferential treatment. I ask you this question: What does Santa, the Easter Bunny, and a moderate muslim have in common? None of them exist.

      • proof is a strong word, and I didn’t say Jesus. I said Jehovah. Even if there is a historical Jesus, that says nothing about his supposed divinity.

      • Oh, for crying out loud, not the taqiyya thing again. Let me guess: you think that taqiyya means they are allowed to lie to advance Islam. Well, THAT’S the lie. Taqiyya ONLY allows lying TO SAVE LIVES. When there is no direct threat to life where lying would save those lives, taqiyya is not involved, and a Muslim is PROHIBITED from lying in ALL other cases. This is the problem with paranoia; it fosters belief in anything bad said about the people you’re paranoid about.

      • It might do you some good and actually read both the Quran and the Haddith. There are various sections in both that debunk your paranoia accusation. It is not paranoia to be aprehensive to a subject of a faith that tells them to lie in order to protect their faith. I could give you the passages if you like; but you might want to grab a coffee, because there are a lot to read. Like I said, a true believer and follower of the Islam faith, can NOT be moderate.

      • First off, there is no such thing as THE Hadith. Different branches of Islam have different Hadiths. Also, different branches view outsiders differently. They are not all the same. Even within branches there are different schools of thought. They are no more all the same than all Christians are the same. We’ve both studied about Islam and come to different conclusions. You say you can cite specific passages. Tell me, did you read these books yourself and find these passages, or did someone refer you to them out of context? I ask because the last time someone gave me such information, it turned out they were taking things way, way, WAY out of context. I am a Messianic Jew. I firmly believe in the goodness of the Bible. But I could point you to passages that, taken out of context, make Christians and Jews look REALLY bad.

      • Arguing with idiocy is where I draw the line. It has no use in the world. As a follower of the Jewish faith, you of all people should know the end game of the Islamic believer; but just like the homosexuals that fight for “coexistence”, you are signing your own death warrants. I’ll see you in the lines, headed straight to a head chopping.

      • Ryan, I know good and well that many Muslims are out to kill us and destroy our civilization. But the vast majority of Muslims HERE IN THE U.S. are NOT that way. I have no illusions about the Muslims. But just like many of my fellow Jews are wrong when they think all or even most Germans want to kill Jews, so to you are wrong to think all or even most Muslims — at least here in the U.S. — want to kill or subjugate us.

      • What is funny about that is, the same people said the same thing before the third riech did the atrocities they did starting in the late 1930’s. Silence is complicency to the crime of genocide. History repeats itself, unless we learn to not tolerate the signs of these up and coming crimes. Be prepared, and that doesn’t mean be bigotted; but just be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

      • Ryan, think about the comparison you’re making. In the Third Reich, there was a small socio-religious minority being blamed for all the problems going on, and simply being identified as a part of that minority meant you were guilty, viewed with suspicion, and persecuted. THIS IS PRECISELY THE WAY YOU’RE TREATING THE MUSLIMS. Your rhetoric is exactly the same as the rhetoric the Nazis used against the Jews. Any move for Jews to become more established in society was met with hostility. If you have ever wondered how the Left gets away with painting the Right as Nazis, it’s stuff like this. Now, I happen to know that is usually an unfair and inaccurate comparison… EXCEPT on issues like this.

        Dietrich Boehnhoffer detailed what happened when the Nazis came for those who he was not affiliated with and so said nothing. When they came for him, there was no one left to speak up.

      • The whole place is not on lock down when the old ladies are doing Jazzercise. they lock the men’s locker room. that means no men can use the facility’s for that time.

      • It starts with an hour, but it wont be long before they do take it over completely. they will say that because the non Muslims eat pork it has tainted the pool. this is the way progressives work, they change little things that seem small but they are never satisfied.

      • Wait… how do you know that this will happen? And unless and until they try to make such a claim, maybe you’re just being a WEE bit reactionary. And if they make such a claim — which they won’t, because it’s obvious that there is no problem because they are currently using it — but IF they make such a claim, then the same right of private property that allows the Y to give the hour a week to them also allows them to say they won’t meet further demands. Your argument makes ZERO sense.

  137. That which is gained without effort rarely can compete with the value one assigns to that which is earned. A majority in this country have never paid.

  138. Soo…. can young Christian girls who would enjoy the same privacy come join in the private swim? Silly question… after all it is only the YMCA (“Young Men’s CHRISTIAN Association.”) How far they have fallen. :/ I’m surprised the Muslims are okay even swimming in a place that has ‘Christian’ in the name to be honest. o.O

    • Exactly, it’s so ridiculous. Why would the Young MEN’S Christian association ever allow WOMEN to swim in their pool. How far they have fallen. And How unchristian of them to allow non-christians to use their facilities. The bible is very clear on how Christians should keep to themselves and not worry about loving those around them. It’s not like Jesus is supposed to be the light of the world or anything.

      • Jeremy, WHERE in the Bible does it state that Christians should keep to ourselves and NOT worry about loving those around them? I am truly curious about your statement. Perhaps you know more about the subject than this Christian? Please enlighten me. Thank you.

      • I never said they shouldn’t be available for non-Christians. Wow. Way to take it to a weird place. I was saying the Muslims are usually not okay with the Christians and to swim in a location that has Christian as part of the name is a bit off. Don’t turn my statement around. I’m all about living as Christ would. Call me crazy but I also am a bit leery about the intentions of those that would call Christians and Jews infidels. Your satire is lost when you completely turn someone’s statement around. Then it’s just condescending and rude.

    • Maybe not… but maybe so. ASK! And if not, maybe they could get their own time. Since the YMCA allows groups to reserve the pool, I’m sure that they could.

  139. Well my religious beliefs require me to swim nude. so is the YMCA going to make a special swim session for nude swimmers or can we just dive in any time?

  140. It’s simple. Muslims with grievances, real or imagined, will chop your head off or blow you up. Christians and nudists don’t.

    • Great way to paint with a broad brush there. And Christians will kill you over grievances too, if the grievance is perceived strong enough. For proof, look at EVERY WAR AMERICA HAS FOUGHT. I’m not condemning America or Christians, or to make a moral equivalence between our wars and terrorism or to excuse terrorism. My point is that a) Christians will use violence when it’s deemed necessary and b ) to point out that a willingness to use violence (rightly or wrongly) by some members of a religious group doesn’t mean that the other members of that religious group are at fault or culpable or would use violence themselves. There ARE peace-loving Muslims, they live right here in the U.S.A., and they deserve to be treated with respect. Should we suspect, persecute, and discriminate against all Catholics (or all Irish, or at least all Irish Catholics) because of the activities of Irish Catholic terrorists like the IRA?

      • However, as one of the fully assimilated Peaceful Muslims wrote “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims.” So it makes sense to keep an eye on Peaceful Muslims since you ever know when they are suddenly taken with religious fever requiring them to kill some infidels.

  141. If it is a public pool they have no right to a private session unless if they pay rent for the allotted time, as if someone rented the pool for the day for a party of some kind. If they want their privacy for swim time, then they should buy a piece of property make it private with a privacy fence, then buy and have an in or above ground pool installed, it could also be indoor or outdoor. Then they can have their privacy all they want. For them to cry and demand to the city for special privileges to something that is in the public domain does not qualify in the use of freedom of religion. In your own back yard or private property then you have every right to your freedom of religion and culture. If you do not like it, there are plenty of airports and shipyards to go back where you came from, I’m sure they will give you your private time.

    • This article said nothing about them “demanding” anything from the YMCA. All it says is that the YMCA is working with them to meet their needs. They are not being forced to provide this service. They are working with this part of the community of their own will.

  142. Big problem here is the Somalis immigrants are the most dangerous wherever they settle. They are here to take over and nothing less!

  143. After reading this and the comments. Though I agree and believe in modesty and wish we had more in our country, but I know it’s not feasible any more, watch one commercial and you can tell this is not a modest country by any means. This is a sex driven country that is constantly glorified in Hollywood, magazines, etc. I am a very modest person and I wear skirts and cover my body, but I know that I have made a sacrifice and given up public swimming from here on out because of my own personal choice and belief. I will not stop someone else from doing what they chose to do because of my belief, and I will find ways to accommodate my own faith and modesty. I truly understand why they are asking this. My brother’s wife took her children to the YMCA recently to swim at the public pool and a place that is supposedly Christian, had a mother walking around with “thong” bikini on in front of all the children. As far as I’m concerned I’d rather find a private swimming hole somewhere away from everyone, than go into a place like that, where you can just about be nude and nothing is said. The difference is really in all honesty. The Muslims stand for what they believe and fight for them. It’s actually more than what most Christians do for their own faith. Most Christians are so desensitized that they just “accept” anything anymore. It’s sad. I don’t believe in the Muslim religion by any means. I am a Christian and we as Christians need to stand up against the ungodly but we are failing to do so because we have fallen victims to the trance that Hollywood and sin has over us. I’d rather swim with a bunch of modest girls, than with a bunch of half naked-see through bathing suits women any day and that is just my truth!

    • Oh, I had one more thing to say… As far as them going back to where they came from. If everyone did that, only the Native Americans would be left. I’m a Native American and the history to our people was terrible and then you get settlers complaining about other settlers going back home? Kind of strange, isn’t it?

      • And the supposed “Native” Americans came here from the Orient either via the Bering Strait land bridge or via Kon-Tiki style rafts.

        Restrict immigration, send all foreigners home, and give this mighty nation back to… the squirrels!

      • I’m talking the first people that were here. When the Europeans settled over here, it was already discovered so in fact it was a Native American country. Then as time went on it became African Americans, Asians etc who suffered at the hands of becoming slaves to the new Europeans that wanted to civilize a Nation by the hands of slaves and dictatorship over other races. No, they didn’t just come from the ground, but they were in fact here first. Their language was destroyed, their culture was destroyed, they died from diseases. So what it boils down to, a Nation will reap what it sows.

      • This post is clearly a desire to do nothing but attack America.

        There is hardly a country in the world that does not have some period of harsh, evil slavery in it. From Rome to France to Italy to Ethiopia to India to Egypt to Saudi Arabia – all these countries have had long periods of slavery in them – as anyone who has studied non-politically correct (aka as truth)
        history well knows.

        Africans, supposedly the only victims of whites who were made into slaves, were originally captured and sold into slavery by their own people. Wars between different tribes
        of Africa were funded by the sale of the conquered villagers.
        Of course, today’s politically correct sanitized history books will
        never tell this level of truth. The word “slave” comes from the
        word ‘Slav’ an Eastern European term which has come to be integrated into western English with the highly negative connotation of ‘slave’ which is what it meant at the time, too.

        Think about it, if the term “slave” derives from an *Eastern European* expression to denote slavery, does this not also prove that slavery was not at all exclusive to blacks in Africa, and certainly not specific to those who ultimately became residents of the United States.

        But, if we speak of these things, the ones who make a (pretty darn good) living from keeping “slavery” and “discrimination” alive will surely be pretty upset!

        Better to keep the falsehoods alive to provide more fodder for the creation of more victims to help them make it through the day.


    • What you refer to is “fashion” which has changed throughout the ages in most western countries.

      Some “fashion” is classy and lovely, some of it would probably be rejected by streetwalkers as too disgusting to purchase, much less wear. It’s merely a matter of individual taste and choice. Individual choice is a highly regarded commodity in the west . . . at least it used to be in previous long lost eras.

      I share your disgust at a child’s mother prancing about in a thong bikini at such a locale — but she has that right in this country. You have the right to move to a different area of the pool if she is too near and difficult to
      ignore. (My husband and I have moved to another area of a restaurant
      to get away from obnoxious people. It’s called freedom.)

      We are not talking about fashion here. It appears you understand that as well; I see you do recognize the extent to which many Muslims wish to go to impose their methods and lifestyles on other countries.

      This is not a matter of paranoia, as others have suggested, it is a matter of history. Inform yourselves of the worldwide Caliphate and the 7th Imam.

      No other group of foreigners has EVER desired to change America to replicate the country they left. Italians, French, Spaniards, Germans, Poles, and so many more all came to this country, brought their customs with them, retained their own languages — and did not expect this country to kowtow to their desires and requirements.

      Strange how it is suddenly “discriminatory” to expect this group of foreigners to behave the same way as millions of others have: in INTEGRATE INTO
      this country — NOT turn this country into what one’s home country was.

      I came to this country as a young girl. My family ASSIMILATED INTO this country while at the same time retaining our native language, customs, beliefs, behaviors, foods, style of dress — all without imposing any of these items on those around us.

      Why is this so hard for Muslims, I wonder . . . do they really, really think their customs are better than those of millions of other immigrants?
      Well, they are not.

  144. children uncomfortable with undressing in front of their classmates. I think that problem is as old as dirt. Why don’t they handle it the same way they did when I was in school? Tell them to shutup and get to class.

  145. Ms. Amanda Huneke

    In reality, they are forcing nothing on “me.”
    But I feel your use of the Amish and there communities are not even close. I
    have lived in Pennsylvania, and went to school there. And at no time did they try to take over a public facility like the YMCA, or the YWCA, for there own use, and not permit others to use them while they were there.

    For the most part, but not all, Muslims want to convert our country into the largest
    Muslim country in the world. Inch by inch they are pushing there beliefs on us
    and our children. The Amish were, and are a peace loving people and built
    communities outside the main stream and earned the right to do so. But they
    followed the law of the land, and there God, and lived in peace with those
    around them and many still do.

    With the monies they have, Muslims can and should build swimming pools for there use and set limits on what ever modesty they require to swim. End of problem. They are the ones who came here to live a better life, but they are not willing assimilate
    into our way of life, to live and let live, unless it is there way.

    I would ask you to open your eyes and see what is happening around you. That is all I will ask of you. I spent many years in our military, and I will protect you right to
    speak, even if we disagree, because it is your right.

    • The YMCA, first off, is a PRIVATE, not PUBLIC facility. They can choose to accommodate anyone that they want. Many such facilities have various restricted times for: women, children, lap swimmers, etc. They also allow groups to reserve time, which is what is going on here. Why should the YMCA discriminate against the Muslims in their policy of allowing groups to reserve pool time?

  146. The only way to stop this muzzie pestilence is to start wholesale eradication of these vermin. That closet muzzie obama has done everything he can to hand the fox the keys to the henhouse. It is time we remove him and eradicate these muzzie vermin from our country.

    • You are engaging in a crime with such statements. Calls for Genocide are against the law in the US and not protected by the first amendment. You are not allowed to encourage murder. I have reported this comment to the FBI. Unlikely they will follow up, but insane people like you cannot hide behind anonymity to call for violence against innocent children.

      • Well I have news for you, when the day comes that these fuckers start making you stick your ass in the air 5 times a day to “pray” to their fake god and false pedophilic prophet, perhaps you will change your mind. After 4 combat tours in the middle east I have come to the inescapable conclusion that this “religion” of peace is nothing but a death cult bent on ruling not only our country but our entire planet. They should have been eradicated completely during the Crusades. As for your username “conservative republican”, I think you are ANYTHING BUT.

      • Steve,

        I am sorry to hear you say that. You clearly got a distorted experience from war, much as the soldiers in Vietnam had a distorted view of the Vietnamese.

        You clearly don’t know who I am, so let me explain. I am both Conservative and Republican. And proud to be so. I am a lifelong practicing Catholic and a proud American.

        I also was in the military (now retired and working as a consultant). I was an officer in MI. My expertise was in Islam and Islamic cultures and languages. I began in the Gulf War and served in combat there and in our more recent engagements.

        As part of my work I lived in the middle east full time for almost 5 years and in the far east for almost 14. I studied Islam as a religion to the Master’s level. I learned proficient Arabic and fluent Bahasa.

        Your view of Islam is entirely incorrect and it is cl