Marine murders in Afghanistan underscore abhorrent ROE

LCPL Gregory Buckley Jr (Photo: WND)

As we prepare to draw down our forces in Afghanistan we continue to hear stories about the abhorrent ROE (Rules of Engagement). The following story will only serve to increase the angst and question the purpose of our current involvement in that country.

In August of 2012, according to the Marine Times, “Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson, 29, Cpl. Richard Rivera, 20, and Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley, 21, died Aug. 10, 2012, after an attacker opened fire on them with an assault rifle at a base gym. A fourth Marine, Staff Sgt. Cody Rhode, sustained five gunshot wounds, including one that shattered his elbow. They were all members of a police advisory team attached to 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, out of Camp Lejeune, N.C.”

But the story gets a bit more complicated — not to mention repulsive — when you scratch the surface.

The accused shooter is a 15-year-old Afghan teen who goes by the name of
Aynoddin. It seems Aynoddin was the “tea boy” of an Afghan police chief named Sanwar Jan. As Michael Maloof of WND reported,

“Tea boys” are part of a child-molesting cultural tradition in Afghanistan WND has reported on called bacha bazi, or “boy play.” In the practice of bacha bazi, boys ages 9-17 are dressed up as women to dance for leering Afghan men who then use the boys for sex and make them their property.”

Why would an unvetted teenage boy be allowed on this Forward Operating Base (FOB) Delhi in Helmand province, or any FOB, as it is clearly a breach of security? Of course the obvious other question is why would the United States turn a blind eye to this practice and seemingly condone it by allowing it on a combat outpost?

The father of Marine LCPL Buckley Jr. believes Jan set up his “tea boy” to do the shooting. The serial number of the AK-47 Aynoddin used to shoot the Marines matched Jan’s rifle. Jan has yet to be charged. But it gets worse.

According to CNN,

Maj. Jason Brezler, a Marine Corps reservist, was going to graduate school in Oklahoma “when he received an e-mail from Marine officers in Helmand province, where Brezler had been deployed in 2009-2010.”The subject line of the e-mail he received said in all capital letters with three exclamation marks “IMPORTANT: SARWAR JAN IS BACK.” Kevin Carroll, Brezler’s attorney, said, “When Jason was serving in Afghanistan in 2010, he caused Sarwar Jan to be fired from that position because he was raping children.” Carroll told CNN “within minutes” Brezler wrote his colleagues back at Forward Operating Base Delhi, warning about Jan. He attached to the e-mail a classified document that included allegations about Jan, claiming he had ties to the Taliban. Now the Marines are prosecuting Major Brezler for open sharing of classified information, albeit if his warning had been heeded, Sarwar Jan would not have been allowed back on the forward operating base.

LCPL Buckley Jr’s aunt, Mary Liz Grosseto, described the deadly absurdity of a situation in which, “Marines were not allowed to have loaded weapons on their base. The Afghans that they were training had loaded weapons. They all had AK-47s.” “This is why the boys in that gym were killed,” she insisted. “They didn’t have a weapon on them. They weren’t permitted because the Afghans found it offensive. And, God forbid we offend the Afghans.”

The night before her nephew was buried, the family found out a general ordered that all Marines from then on would carry loaded weapons with them at all times.

Fine, but too late for LCPL Buckley Jr. and the three other Marines who had been killed.


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  2. This reminds me of the same ROE when I was in Iraq in 2003. While in the FOB, unless we were preparing to go out on a patrol, we were not allowed to have loaded weapon anywhere on the grounds.

    • Same in 2007. Though, most of us had stock-mag holders, so we had a mag real close.
      It’s still absurd, but at least we had a mag on us.

    • When I was in Vietnam (69-71)we could not carry our weapons while on to the air force side of the base at DaNang while on the marine side we had to keep our weapons with us at all times though unloaded we had our magazines accessible. How stupid can that be

  3. I heard a provincial reconstruction team in the east even pulled security for a shura of “elders” and members of the city public works department at one of two public works buildings where it was basically a showcase and try out for chai boys in the stalls of the bathroom. This goes on throughout the entire country. This while we continue to fold to demands, lose gains, and capitulate at every turn for “peace with honor”.

  4. This is what is ludicrous with all of this we are seeing! I just finished an entry on FACEBOOK ( on what this time in our history is so reminiscent of so many horrors of the past and I truly hope it is not rejected! Why do these crazy assed things happen and what is so remarkable is the attitude of our “All Volunteer” military! ALL I can say is what do we have that makes our soldiers love our country “SOOOO” much to go on command to areas where or government is giving foreign aid and “hog tying” our men from the git-go! Soldiers walking around bare assed naked when it comes to their protection and something like this has to happen! When do we, the vets, the American people, stand up and tell Washington, the Defense Department, to get their heads out of their asses and stand up against the countries heads where our men and women in uniform are stationed! Why are we leaning over backwards to support such “animals” when we are giving the best of the best of America to help them! Why don’t we change the rules! Why! This is like what we are doing now when our government her in the states plays by the rules when Obama is using this weakness to further his murdering agenda! Why! He does not play by the rules; he uses, views this as a weakness and the then uses the “executive privilege” to prepare America for Armageddon! Why do we not clean clean house of these communist parasites so we can start letting the world that the “sleeping giant” has not come out of their slumber! (Sarah Palin said something similar)! Lives lost because of some “white shirt” politician wants to push his warped ignorance onto a life and death situation! Damn people – wake up! I pray to the Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that something or someone will stop all of the idiotic diplomacy!

  5. FUBAR!! From forbidding arms to our own to placating criminal enemies that we’re ordered to train and THEN prosecuting our officers protecting their own! INF’nSANE!

  6. Colonel West KNOWS of what he speaks. I am writing this FROM Afghanistan, and have served over here as an Army MP. The “chai boys” ARE often used/abused sexually, and it puts mentoring teams in a brutally difficult situation. Frankly, the changing ROE are demoralizing for US troops, and developed and forced upon the best that America has by those in Washington who have NEVER, (nor ever will) put themselves in harms’ way! Using our soldiers and Marines as pawns while they make life-threatening decisions (for US, certainly not the enemy!) is the epitome of hypocrisy! Our forefathers stood their ground at Lexington and Concord to combat treatment by a government that did FAR less than the current Government sitting in Washington! How in the world can this be allowed? Or….ignored? The media needs to get off their butts and MAKE this front and center news!

  7. I really have to compliment the warped, what seems to be happening, approach that Obama seems to be taking now! I don’t know what you call professionals that are hired to change important people’s images to make them more acceptable! Obama wishing people a “happy thanksgiving” or some other personable message with his oldest daughter standing beside him! And then I think of Reid who is truly next only to Obama with his quest to be with Obama when martial law is declared! Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein with their looks and constant comments literally bringing out the hate they have for the Conservatives! This is no longer “politics” but it is almost like a battle to the death! How sad! This attitude is in like to the in depth will of “evil versu good!” In fact I personally feel the sadist time in our history or maybe in the history of time is comparable to the constant moves of the head of the democrats that is truly frightening! Obama is compiling “animal” in his arsenal of death hoarding 1.4 billion rounds of “hollow point” ammunition with a private army and asking our Military personnel if they would “fire on Americans!! My Holy God! When I was at Dachau the concentration camp I was hit to the very core of my teaching from the church and Bible and this now, speaking of Obama and his closest minions who are stooges following the leader, and remembering such I see Obama and his crew going in the same direction! Hollow points to be used on Americans! These were outlawed by the Geneva convention because of the maiming and needless destruction of the human body! Terrible! In the civil war a round invented by the French was the “minie ball” I looked it up and I remembered the round from reading about the civil war and this is what is said from the civil war history; “When it hit the human body, destruction of tissues, cartilage, vein, and bone was massive. The soft lead flattened and broke apart as it hit flesh. If a man was hit in the arm or leg, the bullet shattered the bone from 6 to 10 inches and necessity for amputation was certain. If hit in the torso, a man was usually left to die. Doctors at the time of the Civil War knew little about mending a hole in the body that the slow moving Minie ball had made. The entrance wound was the size of a man’s thumb, but the exit wound was the size of a man’s fist.” These balls were .50 cal plus! And this is basically what a “hollow point” bullet would do! And these are being the rounds Obama has hoarded to be used on us! Americans! By a Muslim, sociopath, maniac, psychopath running wild! And furthermore what does this say of our elected President! And why wouldn’t Obama and Kerry stand up for an American pastor and other foreigners in the Iran prisons in their own hell! Why! And using both of these examples one has to ask is “lopping off Christians heads” any less of a warped mind working! In fact, going back to the concentration camps, Obama and the Muslims remind me of the Nazi doctors who performed terrible experiments on children! If you want to read of such you can go to ( and this to me is the character of Obama and his pimps! This atmosphere of the liberals looks to be close if not already active with the assaults on our way of life. Illegals going to a legislators home demanding citizenship! Or a newscaster verbally assaulting Sarah Palin, who had never represented anything outside of a highly, ethical manner even answering slurs and demeaning words fired filled with hate when she is pursuing her liberties, as all Americans love, with honor! And this morning on the “Morning Show” on CBS a lady telling how good Obamacare was! Now we know what the “BS” in CBS stands for! And now I wonder if “FACEBOOK” will disallow this page in that the truth really strikes at how the liberal side and media is attacking the GOP! And then just a few minutes ago, and this is what set me off, I see where the GOP is being attacked by one of their own? Is this one of the Liberals hiding under the cover of the GOP working for Obama buried in the ranks of the conservatives! Finally, one must ask, has the Muslim’s attitude coming out of the White House finally come out showing the “hate” that has evolved from the White House!
    Nazi human experimentation – Wikipedia, the free
    Nazi human experimentations were a series of medical experiments on large numbers of prisoners, mainly Jews (including Jewish children) from across Europe, but also in some cases Roma, Soviet POWs and disabled non-Jewish Germans, by Nazi Germany in its concentration camps mainly in the early 1940s,…

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  8. Well a General finally stood up and gave his soldiers the tools they need to survive.
    Let’s see how long his career continues!
    I have noticed a trend in this modern ‘volunteer’ military to disarm their soldiers in a combat zone; all of Afghanistan/Iraq) is a combat zone. Troops SHOULD NEVER BE DISARMED.
    Yes, I’ve heard the lame excuses. ‘Well we don’t want to have a death due to an accidental discharge of a weapon”. BULL…training/discipline/procedures will limit these occurrences.
    These ‘volunteers’ are soldiers not cannon fodder. As an Army Officer (now retired), I am exhorting the current leaders to ‘push-back’ when you are given an order/directive that increases the danger to the soldiers you lead.
    Better to lose you job than lose another troop to this type of insanity!

      • Well now Winghunter, that’s our job. WE need to let our politicians (and the MSM) know that their implementation (reporting) is flat out wrong.

        Yes, I’m well aware that a lot of senior military officers have been fired.

        They need our protection too, write your congressman TODAY and stay on their backs until there’s a NOTICEABLE change in attitude.

        America was shut down by one man’s childlike temper tantrum. He should still be on a time-out for that one act alone.

        It won’t be an easy task but if you fill their in-boxes with your feelings; things will change.

        Write the MSM too and don’t forget to copy their sponsors (learn from the Progressives). This is OUR war….now let’s get to it!

      • Time out isn’t severe enough, he should be spanked on his bare bottom in public. By all the family members whose loved ones died because of idiotic policy.

      • we should be asking why he is doing so. we should be demanding that the Military follow their oaths of duty to the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and Domestic this is a great example of domestic enemies

      • Sorry Kermitken, ain’t gonna happen. They are, for the most part, obama’s political puppets… least it appears so by their actions, or lack thereof. Voluntary resignations, preferably en masse, is about their only option if they have if they disagree with their idiot boss. but then there’s the money, pensions, egos, etc. to deal with.

  9. Ive never been asked for or offered sex as much as i did when i was there.Too bad it was from all Afghani men . . . . “Chescka” which ive been told means “chi boy” not sure of the spelling but they called me that and by they I mean about every Afghan man i met.

  10. If only one senior officer would bring charges of aiding and abbeting in human trafficking against the base/post commander maybe some serious heads would roll.

    • A lot of the tech that would have enabled a missile campaign only was developed DURING and as a result of the iraq and afghanistan wars. when this stuff started the tech was not advanced enough for it

      • Nonsense. We could have turned the entire Middle East into a big glass bowl at any time we chose. We’ve just chosen NOT to do it.

  11. Isn’t there a legal way to disobey unlawful orders??? I can’t think of what it’s called. If the law has “CHANGED” …DISOBEY IT!!! SAVE OUR SOLDIERS!!!

  12. With a grandson in the army I am worried sick about these violent Muslims who infiltrate. They are despicable for the way they treat children and women and have no respect for humans or animals.

  13. There is no excuse for this mishap. There is no reason you could give me for this breach of security. Sorry wouldn’t cut it. Our soldiers are there, because you called them up to serve, and this is the thanks they get, total betrayal of our Commander in Chief, who never served, or respected our military. The Commander in charge over there, is just as guilty. This is total disregard for the safety of our military, regardless of how the other side feels, we do not ever allow our basis to be breached. If this is what you call peace with other nations, that not only defile their children, and abuse them, they use them to hide behind their dresses. They want to call us infidel’s, really!!! We put people like that in prison and call them what they are pedophiles. Sick people in the world , that need to use kids for sexual gratification.

  14. In Islam gay sex is forbidden, and those convicted of it are killed; so why do they allow the rape of boys? It amounts to hypocrisy on a scale only equaled in Washington DC.

    • Officially it is, but in reality, many people there in that part of the world are gay, just like anywhere else. In fact it’s very common in Afghanistan as women are not valued as human beings. When I was deployed there, myself and many others in my unit had afghan men make advances on us. And I was in an all-male unit.

  15. The truth that is coming out of these hell-holes is so sickening. We are them to protect the poppy trade and everyone knows it. Our leaders are getting richer by the day. Few of them have loyalty to the United States of America and the citizens. They worship power and money. Our beautiful young men and women are just pawns in a power struggle that originates in Washington, D.C. Wake up Americans. The leaders are destroying this nation. They are importing people from all over the world in order to destroy any shred of patriotism.

    • You too – we all know that the enemy is as much in Washington D.C. as it is in the countries where we are ham strung! But it is going to change……it has too!

  16. Right now, President Obama is pushing “immigration reform” that amounts to amnesty for TENS OF MILLIONS of illegal immigrants. and who is supporting this – McCain of course! A RINO riding with the conservatives but really seems to be an Obama supporter!

  17. What is America going to do ! Are we continue to play the idiots LETS ALL PRAY FOR GOD’S HELP. IF EVERYONE PRAYS , GOD WILL HEAR. PRAYER WORKS.

  18. War is insane, started by politicians and high ranking officers and fought by Junior Officers/NCO’s and young privates.
    It had it’s roots in Truman firing MacArthur (admittedly a Prima Donna) but a General who knew how to win and if he had been allowed to fight today there would be ONE FREE KOREA!!
    Then LBJ and McNamara continued the fiasco trying to run a war in Vietnam from a country club! Finally Nixon ended it and was forced out of office for trying to protect this country from a Communist takeover!
    Now, it seems our guys and gals have to keep their weapons unloaded until they are shot at or some idiot with stars on their shoulder wanting another promotion gives the go ahead to ‘lock and load”!

      • I entered the Army in 1960 and served until late in 1968. I was NEVER on a military base anywhere in the world (except Vietnam) where I was PERMITTED to carry a loaded weapon while on base. Even in Vietnam, we were required to “clear” our weapons upon entering a cantonment area. On U.S. bases, we weren’t allowed to carry a weapon at all–loaded OR unloaded unless on a field march or on our way to or back from the firing range and we were given ammunition ONLY when we were on the practice firing line, ready to shoot.

      • Thanks for clarifying and thank you for your service! Doesn’t make sense to me these days to not allow weapons with the number of our soldiers that have been killed by supposedly friendlies we are training… IMO!

      • It CERTAINLY doesn’t make any sense to require our troops in a war zone to go unarmed. That’s idiotic in the extreme. Particularly since there–as in Vietnam–the guy doing your laundry just MIGHT be one of the enemy just waiting on an opportunity to kill as many as he can.

        I can ALMOST understand why, on a US military installation it might be prudent to control access to weaponry, but even during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, some troops had to BREAK INTO their arms rooms to get the ability to shoot BACK at the Japanese planes.

  19. It is great to see the tone of all of the comments coming to the point and showing the support we have to start getting this mess straight! If I may a ticket of West and Palin would do wonders in cleaning our foreign policy up! And I read this morning that the Generals and Admirals are coming up to speak! Our military officers are the best and they care for the troops under their commands! Obama – be posted! AMERICA HAS HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF YOUR UNADULTERATED BS!

  20. This incident is only one of many absurdities of this war. A war led by “yes men” Generals with no real combat experience with either political ambitions or afraid to buck the system in fear of jeopardizing their careers. These Generals confer with their staff lawyers before making any sort of decision to avoid any of the risks associated with fighting a war regardless if avoiding the risks puts the troops in even more jeopardy. The sad fact is that the US Military is unable to fight and win any kind of a conflict other than an all out war fought against a peer military foe. That we could win. An Asymmetrical war, OOTW, or COIN? Forget about it.

  21. ROE’s are only one tool of the liberal, the progressive, the democrat, the socialist, the republicans some of which hold office through this land, to ensure their cowardice is covered by the sacrifice of American Airmen, Soldiers, Coastguard, Marines and Sailors to sustain casualties, and to be held up as barbarians with ROE’s.

    • Scott,
      It’s not like our military men and women all decided, “Hey, let’s go to Afghanistan!” They were ordered there by our government, they remain there under orders, again, from our government and they are put under ridiculous restrictions by that same government.
      Military intervention comes with the failure of politics. So why do the politicians intervene in military matters when they aren’t trained to do so and they’ve already failed in their task?
      By the way, not to nit-pik, but your grammar and spelling are pretty bad. Let me guess: Public School?

      • The point in question is the fact you are saying they are ordered to go by your awesome Gov’t, I do believe that they signed up for the military. They know what they are getting into, so if they get killed good for them.

      • looks like your head is still up deep in yours own arse. drag it out and rinse your brain with acid thoroughly so you can see the light of day piece of stale d.b.

      • As far as im concerned the only reason Americans are there is because they seem to think they are the world police. War for Profit.

      • let me guess your a military man. that believes everything on the mainstream media. Can you explain how the BBC was broadcasting about WTC 7 collapsing 20 minutes b4 it actually happened then…
        911 was an inside job, War for Profit. Your military is only over there to make money for the corporate elite, nothing more,, nothing less.

      • Yeah. They’re making SO much money. You’re an idiot. Your claim is as phony as “If you like your insurance you can keep it!”

    • Scott….your comments in this thread are asinine; so let me keep my responses as simple as possible:
      1. These soldiers are in Afghanistan because YOU (I assume you are an American) sent them there.
      2. I presume you sent them there so that you could focus on taking home your $120K without having to worry about an airplane crashing into your place of work.
      3. Yes, these soldiers are ‘volunteers’ but there’s nothing in their contracts that say that they agree to go into a combat zone dis-armed.

      • If you are not American we are not interested in your opinion on what we should be doing 🙂 Just like Russell Brand spouting how we should elect Obama, now I ask you why would someone who doesn’t live in our country give a damn who our President is or think we care about his opinion?

      • Well WHEN it happens to YOU and your soldiers are committed for your protection, support them. Don’t get on a forum and say that they deserve it.
        You are almost right with your second comment…it was 2 airplanes each hitting one building and it is strange that 3 buildings were destroyed. In time, I suspect this issue will be revisited.

      • Your words are simply amazing….you talk about profit as if it’s something evil….it’s supporting YOU in your life-style or was that $120K comment in this thread simply a lie.
        Certainly evil is sometimes used to amass profit but you would be starving without your share of profit. So try to focus your arguments on EVIL and not on PROFIT; otherwise, you’ll starve.

      • Then you must be one of those idiotic Canadian “9/11 truthers” who don’t have the least understanding of simple physics.

      • LOL. Really? They don’t involve “physics?” Alfred Nobel would be very amused to read that comment. There was no “thermite” involved in the WTC destruction…nor “explosives” unless you consider thousands of pounds of JP4 jet fuel to be an “explosive.”

  22. As I understand the report. More than a year ago, our general trusted the Afghans; they breached that trust resulting in the reported killings, and the general immediately rescinded the ROE and returned our marines to the position of being ready, willing and able to defend themselves, especially against those given access to our camps. Sad as it is, the matter is a year behind us, isn’t it?

    • This isn’t uncommon and makes one wonder why the current administration is fighting to keep a US presence there after running on a platform vowing to “end the wars.” Just google soldier’s killed by ana. In September 3 ISAF Special operation’s forces members were killed.

      • The fact is, there have been more American deaths in Afghanistan since Obama was elected than during Bush’s entire tenure. Guess why.

  23. Why do these incidents keep occurring? Arm everybody on base to the teeth, including kitchen help!!! Bizzare they would allow Afghans to carry loaded weapons & Not Marines!!

  24. I served in iraq we for the most part had excellent leadership but it was also before obama. the ROE have gotten retarded in my evalulation. The general in afghanistan should have known to not let afghans infiltrate the base unless they were throughly searched. I want to say that this is commen sense but under the current leadership of our country i dont think that it applys. Politics and the military do not go hand and hand, this is what happens when politicians that have never served overseas or in our military make decisions. i personally think the general and up the chain of command should be charged with accesorary to murder in the case of these marines.

    • I agree with you 100%! I am a Viet Nam vet and the ROE were screwed up then (’68-’69) and got worse with time. But, compared with the current Administrations practices, we had free will! Thank you for your service and good luck in your endeavors. May God bless you!

      • I’m a Navy vet, ’73-’78 (no combat) and my husband was “Black Lions”, ’66-’67. ROE was his biggest frustration! Everything changed when Washington tried to run things from behind their desks! ABSURD!! Thank you both for your sacrifices!

  25. ROE abhorrence perfectly describes this silliness, Allen. I wish men of common sense and intelligence like yourself were in positions to veto this crap, even if on a case by case basis. Military exists to break things, including arms and legs. They do not exist to win the hearts and minds of the heartless and mindless.

    • We had ROE in Vietnam that were nearly as stupid. Flying a helicopter along the Cambodian border, if we took fire from the Cambodian side, we were PROHIBITED from firing back because we weren’t allowed to “violate” the sovereignty of Cambodia!!! Of course, most of us IGNORED that stupidity, but it just goes to show how idiotic civilians making ROE for the military can get.

  26. this crap happen because we’ve changed how we wage war since WW2 from kill ’em all, dominate and occupy until they become passive. to this ridiculous lets never fight to win BS, win their hearts and minds crap!! lets look at this another way…you and your neighbor have problems so one night he breaks down your door, sticks a gun in your face and says he’s there to win your heart and mind! how’s that gonna work for ya? besties!!?? now that was just to explain the heart and mind aspect and not war, because we’re the ones who generally kick the door in and we’d hope for good reason, but as of late are they? and if they are, fighting a passive war makes no sense because the enemy isn’t playing by those rules. it didn’t work in Korea or Vietnam and again its not proving to work all over the middle east. i hate to sound this way, but we may be in the 21st century and you’d think we’d be further along then still warring like this…i would think so anyway. the thing is is islam/muslims want to live as though its the 1st century and wants to drag the rest of the world down/back with them!! this will never end unless one of three things happens…they become completely tolerant and lets everybody live to let live as they choose including their own…lmao, the entire world converts to islam…yeah right! or the most probable of the three, eliminate all muslims. if you had cancer, you’d have a hard decision to make as to what needed to be done, but to save your life you’d remove whatever from your body you could survive without in order to live. same premise, the world has cancer…

  27. Why the freaking hell in the first place we go and stay in war with a plan to disarm our warriors in a foreign land in the front line ? never have there ever been a plan or training for a soldier to lay down his gun during war time around the midst of the enemy while taking a break. This lunacy of implementing idiotic policy of not offending these smelly donkeys that are only good at sexually abusing little boys should put these high up ranks in g.m. and fined.A soldier at war is absolutely become one with with his gun, unless the soldier has a death wish.

    Our boys and girls in the military should be all brought back home while they are still in one piece, and send the politicians to Afghanistan to help this piece of grab Karshai, who ever is his freaking name. America has exhausted enough finance, man power in this hell hole part of the world, enough is enough !

  28. The ROEs are just Treason, that’s all.

    You’ve all witnessed it, by reading this article.

    USC Article 3

    SECTION 3.

    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

    By prohibiting US Troops from being armed in a forward operation base, in a combat (war) zone, the CinC and the commanders in the field have overtly adhered to, aided and comforted the enemy of the United States.

    There’s nothing particularly complex about this… yet it continues.

  29. Lets send our Gay Wimp President over there and let him live by his own idiotic and childish ROE’s and see how long his Homo butt will last! Obama would probably end up being a Tea Boy, or Bacha Bazi, that is more his style!

  30. This is not the first time politically correct commanders have disarmed Marines. Unfortunately Marines have liberals in their ranks and when they reach command status Marines die from their arrogance and lack of common sense. General Al Gray said it best, “If it’s important enough to put a Marine on, it’s important enough to arm him”. Then he ordered commanders Corps wide to issue ammo to all armed Marines. The General and Marines like him have all been replaced with panty waists. RIP Marines a better day is coming.

  31. Maj Brezler knew better to pass classified information over a open line or through commercial mail. Even though he thought he was doing the right thing he wasn’t. He should gone to his command and see if he can send information back to them vi secure means. I hope that the Judge will look at his record and go easy on him. His heart was in the right place, but his mind wasn’t.

    • Political correctness killed AMERICAN servicemen and you spew platitudes?

      Brezler’s MIND was absolutely in the RIGHT place.. geared to saving AMERICANS SOLDIERS!
      It’s apologists like you that put more American Servicemen in harm’s way!

    • Are you REALLY this stupid? Major Brezler passed on information about this pedophile freak to those who would be coming into contact with him. Who the Hell “classified” that information in the first place??? It shouldn’t be “classified”. It should be shouted from the rooftops!

  32. Potus is politicizing the armed forces, something that is really hurting us over there, & elsewhere, & as a country we are not only looking weak, but being weak – even worse. This is part of the gov’t’s move to disarm, not only the military, but the rest of us.
    The only country that I’ve seen put a stop to the extremist muslims (& yeah, I have muslim friends) is Angola, not exactly known for good things. Folks, we have to draw the line or it WILL be drawn right through our dismembered & desecrated bodies. Think about it & study upon it – while you still can.
    Did you know that many cities/areas in the US are allowing & instituting Sharia law? Detroit is one of the biggies. That does allow for “honor” killings, etc.
    Be aware!

  33. The general who gave the order to arm our marines will no doubt join the ranks of the unemployed soon, or worse case, become one more “casualty” by design, like seal team 6.

  34. Our stupid ROEs are killing our boys when the ROEs should be killing the enemy!! When will the political pandering at the cost of our military lives ever STOP!!!!

    If the feminists with BO’s help, ever fully enact women in military combat roles which I hope and pray will NEVER HAPPEN, but if it does then the daughters of the Usurper of the White House will be eligible to military service. The they’ll be able to tell Daddy Big Ears how stupid the ROEs are. However I highly doubt if Oblowhard would ever allow his precious daughters to tarnish themselves with military service.

  35. if i happen to be the US i would have wiped Afghan off the map for killing not just my citizens but other innocent people from around the world on 9/11…

  36. Under this CIC the military doesn’t know whether to wind its @ss or scratch its watch. It is time to tell Afghanistan and Karzai to go straight to hell, we want our troops home once and for all, and that means all of our troops.

  37. Is there any part of that story no matter the angle, that paints the people living under Islam as gentle kind people. The lives they lead are uneducated and poor, run by fearful men, who believe whatever they want is the rule of the land. Thank God they are not prosperous. Our men need to come home from there. I wish I could rescue every woman and child from that place.

  38. the more I hear about Afghanistan n Karzai. the crazy rules of engagement . the more I feel that non military people are running the” show “. what the hell is going on ? the first thing I was told as a young newly promoted nco in viet nam was “I” was responsible for the well being of the troops I was in charge of. sounds like “we” forgot that over their. John Butler sgt us army viet nam 1968-1969

    • While many in my family past and present have served in the military I can tell you that serving in the military is not required to make good decisions. If it was me running this country I would rely heavily on experienced military advisers regardless of my experience – which is 0. History teaches us most of the lessons we need. We just need to be smart enough to listen to the past and to the experienced people in the present.

  39. Obama has all his Military leadership in place! Remember when the leadership was fired for burning Qur’an’s with messages written in them? I couldn’t believe then that our POS President wouldn’t stand with the troops! Imagine just once being deployed to a war zone and not being allowed to carry weapons? How absurd is that? That General and the Generals that followed that lawful but disgraceful order which left our troops vulnerable should be removed and disciplined for thier actions. Letting a known child molestor back on base? This is Obama’s Military!!

    • I care and we all need to learn from past mistakes. Yes it was a year ago, and in that time US as well as British soldiers are being repeatedly slaughtered by their Afghan “allies” who are really the enemy.

    • Every one of us who still have people we love there care and ignorant, apathetic citizens like you, for whose freedom these soldiers put their lives on the line every single day, don’t deserve to wipe the sweat of their helmets let alone the privileges you enjoy thanks to their sacrifices.

  40. That does it!! Get all our soldiers out of there NOW….With these ridiculous Rules of
    Engagement they are fish in a barrell….Get them all home NOW,,,And why are we
    saving PERVERTS ANYWAY!!!

  41. And now Obummer made a deal to keep our troops there until 2024???? WTH??? What happened to that promise of having our troops home one year after election (2009)? Bring our troops home and let the enemy kill each other off. Good riddance, less Muslims to come here and try to take over the USA!


  43. I am “old corps” and as far as I am concerned ROE is a bunch of Bullshit. They’re in a war zone. They should always have their weapons with them and within reach.

  44. My question is why aren’t the commanders taking care of their people and ignoring the stupid ROE’s? There must always be some ROE’s, but not ones that make your people targets. They should have killed that kid, and that Jan. So disgusted with political correctness. WWII soldiers would have completed the mission about 6 months after going to Afghanistan, because they did what they had to. Today our Military’s motto is “I went to war and garrison broke out.”

    • One idiotic ROE in Afganistan that has been instituted since Obama moved into the White House was, if you take fire from a specific building, you have to obtain PERMISSION to fire back, and then give the “civilians” in that building time to “evacuate.” Huh? How do you know who’s a “civilian” and who isn’t?

    • You ask why the commanders are not ignoring the ROEs? Have you ever been in the modern day military? What it is all about for said commanders is getting to a higher rank. If they “embarrass” their commanders by doing what is “right” versus what they are told to do, as is stated in the vernacular, “It ain’t happenin” or in other words, they won’t get promoted. Even in Patton’s day, when he achieved success by breaking the rules, look what happened to him. You have to go along to get along. If you have the cajones to do what is just and right, said cajones will get cut off and handed to you. It happened to me.

  45. People what we have here is an alleged Commander in Chief that

    has one goal to destroy the moral of every person in the Military.
    He doesn’t give a rats ass that these Men were murdered by his

    muslim scumbag devil worshiping brothers. Rules of engagement

    should be this ” in the immortal words of Gen. George Patton I Do
    not believe in dying for My Country I Believe in making the other
    Bastard Die for his”. Just this old school Jar Heads opinion.

    • The moral of the military HELL, he’s depressed the entire nation
      and we sit and helplessly watch as he fundamentally
      spends us into oblivion. Wasting every resource possible.
      crushing the constitution that all service members are sworn
      to uphold. If treason is not enough of a reason to defend our
      constitution then we are DONE being the USA.

    • Please dont interfere in our maters we would be really helpful for the US ! and hah so u being a non muslim deserve to live ! go enjoy your life stop interfering in ours !

      • This country is bending over backwards to “accommodate” your way of life–if you can call having to get on your knees to Mecca five times a day, lying to any non-Muslim on a whim, buggering little boys and treating women like cattle…a “life.”

      • Please don’t accommodate our way of life ! , please leave us alone ! , and please read about our religion first before commenting anything against it , you live in a delusional world where you only know muslims thoes are in war with you , go on do some research ! , also this action of bachabazi is punishable by death in our religion and i strongly condem it ! . and why cant you people just stay a million miles away in your homes with your family then interfering in others lives , let us resolve our issues with our ways ! dont need your help !

      • I might suggest the same thing. Stay thousands of miles away from US. Don’t come here and try to change our laws so they’ll comport with your gutter religion. Don’t come here to study nuclear physics so you can go back home and build a bomb to murder us or our friends. Don’t want your wives and daughters to drive, become educated, own property? Fine. Keep them in your own country, because we don’t need a bunch of uneducated, pedestrian baby-factories around here. If you choose to live in the 9th Century, be our guests, but don’t expect American taxpayers to bail you out when your mud huts collapse at the first earthquake or tsunami.

      • What laws have we changed ? , well as far as i know you guys were the first to invent and use bombs and guns ! , well you have a lot of confusion about us , only in KSA which is your straight ally who you protect with your army has this driving ban/property ownership etc please dont think all muslims are in KSA ! , and you got our immigrants because you guys didnt wanted to work and wanted cheap labor ! , and soory to bust your bubble we are not in the 9th century ! , and please ask your govts not to use your precious tax ammount which is really huge in wars ! , please they need to pay you back your tax ammounts ! , only your govts are benifiting from all this no normal american is benifiting from these wars and invasions ! and just to correct your views about my country , please check the b/m link. i hope i am able to change some of your thought ! as you only know what your meadia tells you !

      • I have nothing against Pakistanis, per se. My cardiologist, who’s been taking care of my own heart for over 10 years is Pakistani and I trust him with my life. What I object to are those Islamics who come here and insist that we accommodate OUR laws to them and their wants. If you don’t like our laws and our culture–stay at home. Otherwise, assimilate and become AMERICANS…just like former generations of American immigrants have done. I also feel the same way about all the illegals coming here and flying the Mexican flag from their front porches. BTW, much of Pakistan’s “advances” have come at OUR expense…the American taxpayers. We will never sanction and approve of “honor killings” because some Islamic daughter goes to the movies with an “infidel.”

      • I agree that all immigrants that are coming to US should become complete US citizens and not try to change the US laws, if they have a problem they should not immigrate in the first place ! , i would not agree that your tax payer ammount have been used in any of our developments , these developments are due to our own efforts and many of our leaders who knew how to lead and knew how to go with the future, but what you tax ammounts are being used is bombing innocents by drones where even our government are not releasing the correct figures of innocents killed , and the families of thoes innocents children and women killed are raking havoc in our rest of the country . All the terrorism that is being seen in our country is due to those innocent death where people get out rage , just imagine if without any trial or any reason your daughter/son/grand son etc are killed by a drone strike , just imagine what frame of mind would you be in ! . thats why i say you guys should also enforce your govt to stop using your precious tax ammounts to kill other in a method to prevent something that has not even happened, just check the counts how many of innocent IRAQIs , PAKISTANIs , AFGHANIs have died by your tax payers 🙁 , no doubt many terorists were also killed but check the ratio to innocents killed 🙁

  46. We had nothing that ridiculous in Vietnam, but we did have a saying to the effect that we’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6. All of us JO’s took the stand that a GCM would be far, far better than explaining to someone’s parents how their son died needlessly. Where’s the squawks from the senior officer corps? Have they all forgotten that their most important job is take care of their men?

  47. In a combat area there should be no set ROE , it should CYA.
    Why would GI’s With loaded guns offend them? There over there for
    the Afghans benefit, it sure a hell isn’t for ours.

  48. You don’t understand the point here apparently. The point is definitely NOT to prevent American deaths. It is to prevent MUSLIM deaths. Our President is Muslim and, as such, is dedicated to preventing his fellow Muslims from dying, particularly at the hands of the infidel CHRISTIAN Americans. So, the ROEs are created for that effect. The real irony of this is that I will likely be called racist for saying this and who is really being racist? As usual, I will sign off with my standard admonition, WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    • America is awake! But we have been silenced, unarmed, and out numbered by those that want to fundamentally change…. Other suggestions????


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