Black university student harassed for speaking out about Obamacare

Eugene Craig on The Kelly File

As we recently reported, in our article “More proof Obama is bad for black people,” students at Bowie State University are losing their health care coverage because of Obamacare. Now it appears just speaking out about it is bad too.

According to his website, Eugene Craig III, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Bulldog Collegian. He is also a grassroots activist, a member of the Student Senate at Bowie State University, and the President of The Bowie State University Young Americans For Liberty Chapter.

This week, Craig appeared on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly to discuss a piece he wrote in the Bulldog Collegian entitled, “How Obamacare is hurting Bowie State Students.” And for simply presenting the truth, he has been harassed by administrators and alumni. I am starting to wonder what kind of country we are becoming?

Are we living in some fascist state where freedom of speech, to some, is just empty rhetoric and not a right enshrined in our Constitution? Young Mr. Craig, who is fortunate enough to be on his parents insurance coverage, simply articulated,

From $54/semester to a proposed $750/semester to a proposed $1900/year to CANCELLED, is the roller-coaster Bowie State University Students have been on for the last couple semesters in the University’s attempt to find a health care insurance plan that falls within the rules and regulations released by Department of Health and Human Services.

It’s bad enough that Obamacare has pushed private sector financial institutions out of providing college student loans, which is now solely a government monopoly. It was the Obama administration through Obamacare that raised interest rates on college student loans in the first place, and we now know the government is even making a profit on that.

The real impetus of course was to generate more revenue for the behemoth of 159 new agencies and bureaucracies part of Obamacare. Just the same, young people are needed for Obamacare as subsidy lab rats to keep this Titanic afloat.

As Craig states,

As the plan the University has provided for many semesters is considered to be out of compliance with the rules that HHS released for Colleges and Universities, Bowie State University is forced to send everyone to the Maryland Exchange. This is one sure way to make sure those “Invincible Millennials” are on the exchanges to make sure the cost of the ACA is balanced out.

And for speaking the truth and creating a legitimate debate on a college campus, Eugene Craig III is being vilified. Eugene, I am thankful we have young people, especially a young black man like you, willing to take a stand and not be silenced by the progressive socialists. Which begs the question, are those white liberal socialists attacking Eugene racists?


  1. His family should be proud of his convictions. More people should speak up because the only people Obama is helping are the ones who want to stay on the dole forever.

      • What was tongue in cheek? And you speak for Mr. West? “Bad for Black Americans” is “tongue in cheek”? Both sides use race. I’m saying leave that race baiting to the idiots who invented it, the “Liberals”. I realize that over 90 percent of racist, Black America votes for Obama because they see him as a “Black” man even though he’s more accurately “White” and Mr. West is trying to talk to these racist people to tell them Obama is not working for them, but if they’re dumb enough to think Obama is “Black” to begin with and racist enough to think that matters, they sure as hell aren’t smart enough to figure out Obama isn’t looking out for anyone, let alone Blacks.

      • I beg to differ, ask any black person and if they say someone is half white/half black they will tell you….White people say if you have 1% black in you then you are black. Blacks call obama black because we as white folks said so many years ago in respect to anyone with an oz of black is all black. I didn’t make the rules but I know what they are.

      • You mean, racist Democrats used to say that. Most people do not think that way, and nobody should. Obama calls himself black because it pays off for him.

      • Stephen is an example of the new Uncle Tom. “It’s White peoples fault that Blacks are racist”…lol. Just as most Blacks, 100 years ago, thought if those uppity field Negroes would just stop causing problems everything would be alright. I don’t know any Whites who think this Stephen but then I don’t hang out with crazy, racist “Liberals”.

    • Colonel West is tweaking the Left and pointing out their extreme hypocrisy by throwing the race card back in their collective face – and they deserve EVERY BIT of flak he gives them on this! Hopefully, young Mr. Craig and Colonel West and others will continue SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER and pointing out the racism and hypocrisy of Obama and all of his deluded and delusional liberal worshipers.

      • I prefer the direct approach, otherwise you are what you’re fighting against. Call Obama a racist and call all those who vote for him based on race, a racist. Go directly to the problem rather than playing the same racist game Liberals play.

      • Dividing us based on race is a racist blame game. I understand it and I know it’s in response to the endless racist crap laid down by “Liberals” but rational people should leave that alone. Obama is not bad for Blacks, he’s bad for Americans. If one wants to get through to a particular group such as Blacks, one should simply point out how racist Obama is and how racist any person is who sees himself as a “race” and who refers to “his people” whether one is White or Black. We all need to get away from race baiting.

  2. Repression of the self reliant, strong, independent minded American patriot. Shame on you for having the gumption to take care of yourself Mr. Craig.

  3. Soon more and more black, and minority groups will realize Obomber is out to get you all, trying to make you so dependent on the Government you soon will have to work the job, the Government tells you too, Go to the school they tell you too, see the Doctor they tell you too. live in the house they tell you too, live in the state they tell you too. Shut your mouth when they tell you too. Sounding familiar??? Yep folks get used to it. You voted the Socialist in to the office now you will have to deal with it unless you open your eyes. Vote out any who are trying to tear down our Constitution. The power is for the People…. NOT THE GOVERNMENT. The Constitution protects the PEOPLE not the GOVERNMENT. Stand for the Constitution.

    • “Obomber” and his puppet administration are out to destroy our country, period (no asterisk here). Black, White, Yellow, or Purple, we, The People, mean nothing to Obomber and his cronies. You are exactly right about the Socialist/Communist path he is knowingly leading us down. I am proud to say that I didn’t vote for him. I still believe in the old adage that “you can judge a person by the company he keeps.” Obomber surrounded himself with corrupt, America-hating, socialist/communist company. Even his so-called preacher, Wright, preached hate from the pulpit, of which I am sure you aware.

  4. He wasn’t the only one going there that spoke out but it looks like he’s the only one being singled out & targeted in a smear campaign. I hope he has lots of people from all walks of life by his side & they have his back. I’m sick & tired of people being vilified for speaking truth. He has a Constitutional right as an American Citizen to speak out against his government when he sees they’re wrong without fear if reprisal & punishment of any kind.

  5. Barack is the messiah … you aren’t worthy for him to soil on your face. You must worship him and love him, give him your soul, your flesh, your life, and your undying obedience – now and forever.

  6. Thank you Eugene Craig for your strength in standing against the tide. Speaking unpopular truth is the responsibility of all with integrity. Applaud you.

  7. Of course white liberals are racists. They were racists back when they were proponing and defending slavery and enacting Jim Crow laws, and they are racists today pushing the idea of black inferiority. They freely dump as much vitriol on anyone that doesn’t agree with them including calling people with legitimate concerns racists just to confuse and distort the issues.

    • Hate to tell you this, but it seems by your comments and the actions of your race, that blacks are as, if not more racist than white’s. this is a story about a Black man vilified by a government run by a Black man. What part of that do you not understand.

  8. “Are we living in a fascist state?”

    Duh… Of course we’re living in a fascist state.

    Please understand, that JUST BECAUSE the fascists call themselves something else and their political opposition fascists, doesn’t make them distinct from who and what they are: FASCISTS!

    They’re workin’ for evil and evil LOVES the idiots…

    • The University was “FORCED” to drop their AFFORDABLE insurance that students were happy with…..
      Because OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS wanted UNAFFORDABLE Healthcare for all.
      You have to BLAME the people who created the mess…not the Universities, not the Insurance companies !!
      Blame the DEMOCRATS and OBAMA who created this disaster.
      No REPUBLICAN voted for it! Remember that fact!

  9. Freedom and facism are both decided by the properties of peculiar inertia. Freedom can only be put in motion by the forces of inquiry and skepticism. Living can only come behind the velocity of freedom. The momentum of freedom is fed by constantly voicing principle that insistence can not impede nor power halt.
    Facism is set in motion by the weight of a population bearing witness to backside of it’s own eyelids.
    I congatulate the Mr. Craig for choosing dubiety, thus compelling the pace of his own freedom rather than acccepting governmental chloroform and the thought of his own inanimation.

  10. Keep up the good work, Eugene! Maybe you can be an example for other young black folks to question this man regardless of his color.

    • You have to realize that Eugene is only criticizing the Prez because he thought Obamacare wouldn’t adversely affect his life. He’s also stupid. All he has to do is enroll in Obamacare and because he has minimal income as a student, he will get his state’s version of Medi-Care coverage for free. Unless of course he is under the age of 26 and is supported by his parents, which is extremely unlikely since most (over 70% of black homes) are single black mother homes.

      • I’m not a bigot you fool. Stating FACTS is just stating facts. I’ve yet to post an un-truth. Time for your psych meds marylou. Group therapy must also be available in your area, look into it.

      • Rebel….pay not attention to Marylou. She is an expert at one liners.
        “Nasty Bigot”, “Racist”, “Biased” , and so on. You see, when you haven’t got a valid thought in that little head of yours you throw names out there. People without any real thought processes revert to the standard politically correct one liners to make their case. Which is, no case at all.

      • Keep trying, Floridastorm. His statements are blatantly racist and you’re desperately hoping for an argument you cannot possibly win.

      • I’m still waiting. What statements are blatantly racists in your politically correct mind? Again, which of his facts are you disputing? If you cannot offer anything more than your idea of what you consider racists, then your opinion is nice to know but is virtually worthless.

      • ” I avoid blacks like the plague. They tend to be stupid (average IQ of 85)”
        If you cannot possibly agree this is racist, then you need serious, immediate, help.

      • A person with an IQ of 85 is stupid. If the average black has an IQ of 85 then they are stupid. Disprove Rebel Yell’s assertion that the average black does not have an IQ of 85. He seems to have supported facts on this. Even if I was racist, which I am not, it is my right to be racist. So a person needs immediate help if they have different believes than you do? How arrogant of you.

      • I would so love to meet marylou or at least see her picture. My bet she is attractive, pampered, spoiled with perfect teeth, smooth skin, great eyes and feels emotions should trump reason–in short a perfect doll.

      • Iv’e got a dollar that says she doesn’t live any where near blacks as well. If she does, it’s up on the hill, looking down on them from a big window in a gated community that provides plenty of security.

  11. here one answer! 2 Timothy 3:1 In the last days perilous times shall come.
    2: For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy

    3. With out natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce,

    despisers of those that are good
    The list is longer and it is happening big time gets worst way worst!
    Quotes taken from KJV of the Bible. Even if a person is allowed out of hell to as
    a family member share their fate they will at some point never change !

  12. Good job young man! Don’t be a suck-up ever to these insecure harassers. This is just their best shot. When people don’t have substance they often resort to sensationalism.

  13. They’re just mad because he’s right. They’re bullies. It’s the KKK all over again, trying to bully people into doing the will of the Democrat Party. Only this time, the people wearing the cloaks and hoods aren’t all white people.

  14. Can someone explain exactly how Mr. Craig is being vilified and harassed? I’m not doubting that it may be happening, however, I’d like to know what Mr. West considers being vilified and harassed?

  15. Idi Amin wasn’t racist. Nor was Robert Mugabe. Neither, perhaps, is Barack Hussein Obama. So why am I not seeing black Americans succeed? This is a plea from a white brother. If you let this historical President allow eleven or so million illegal immigrants into this country to take your jobs, you will be forever enslaved because of YOUR racism.
    Turned 57 yesterday and since my earliest recollection have always thought that the President had the capacity to love my country more than i ever could. I believed that was their job. I’m afraid President Obama has dispelled that notion and I’m heart sorry.

  16. well, since they can not call him racist no wonder they have to resort to these kind of attacks:/ sad! Let’s pray that once Obama leaves office, America will be back to being great AND UNITED!!!

    • By the time this make believe American is out of office he will have destroyed our once great nation and make no mistake that has been his agenda from the very beginning. We impeached Nixon and ran him out of office for less then this demagogue has done to us. The people who voted this waste of humanity into office had better wake up and get him and his cohorts OUT as fast as possible before he destroys all of us – if you thought he would favor you guess again. He loves no one but himself.

      • Those that voted for obama should be held responsible for not heeding our warnings about him. They need to pay for their reckless selfish voting.

      • They need to be educated that skin color has nothing to do with a man’s character, ability or love of country.
        Also, that the government that gives you everything (with tax payer money) can take it away and make you the slave of the government instead if its master!

  17. I am hearing that if you use Medicare and have expensive medical procedures paid for by Medicare the government is now placing liens against your property and even seizing trust funds to recoup some of Medicare’s expenses. Nazis in DC

  18. i said this earlier on another website but i will say it again; these college students overwhelmingly voted for this man obama. i kind of enjoy watching them lose their insurance and have nowhere to go but the exchanges. ha ha

    • “You reap what you sow” can be applied so many times in ones life. The “seeds of hope and change” aren’t faring well. It’s a lousy “harvest” this year, has been the four before that, and will be for the next 3 at least. The bad seeds sown by over half of this country will yield nothing but bad fruit. I truly hope that those that voted for the “Messiah” choke on their bad fruit, like these black students…

      • Nasty troll. Conservatives don’t wish bad things to happen to people …only that they think hard before they vote…and vote for competence!

      • Yes! You are right on the money! Unfortunately as they reap what they have sown they still blame the white man. I live a few miles from Bowie State and know what they turn out as educated alumni.

      • Marylou……..instead of responding with a bunch of drivel about racism, bias, etc., etc. Why don’t you try to refute what Rebel Yell is stating? You know why you don’t? You’re not intelligent or articulate enough to even know how to research the facts as Rebel Yell has. But, as Colonel Nathan R. Jessep said in “A Few Good Men”, “you can’t handle the truth”.

      • Hey Florida. I know what your intention was, there, but I honestly don’t think marylou was in true disagreement with rebel yell. She may not have understood what he was saying, but what she said was pro-conservative and what rebel yell said was also pro-conservative. Also, what she said about thinking hard before voting and voting for competence…that’s a very good and valid point.

      • Rebel is a an elitist liberal!
        He is an Obamabot troll!

        This is what I disagreed with from Marylou. Rebel is far from a Liberal or a supporter of Obama. Rebel made some valid points with his stats. Instead of denigrating him with statements like above, she should try to offer a rebuttal if possible. Most, if not all of what Rebel says, is true.

      • No education is wasted…why would anyone try to discredit those who are motivated to raise their lot/station in life by seeking higher education…rather than sitting, collecting an entitlement check and becoming the next welfare generation?

        Education is the key to success.
        All colleges can not be Ivy League, nor its students academic geniuses.

        Education… is the right direction for all those who want to be self supportive as opposed to wards of the federal government.

        Why not applaud those who try, rather than stomp on the fact that their college does not meet ‘rebel’s’ elitist standards?
        It beats cradle to grave handouts, and deserves respect, not ‘rebel’s’ condemnation! He is a master at doublespeak.

      • Blacks segregate themselves by attending black schools, receive “sub par” educations in those institutions of “sub par” learning and don’t learn how to “assimilate” in the real world. Shutting themselves out, they continue to feel “special” and carry this into the work environment. They just don’t fit in and I’ve personally seen it in my career(s) and so has everyone I’ve worked with and socialized with. Blacks “cluster”. From neighborhoods, to school choices, to the workplace, to parties they attend, to public celebrations, et al, Blacks “cluster”. It’s a recipe for failure, as anyone can see.

      • Rebel plays both sides against the middle….
        He makes racist statements …and then couches his hate in elitist drivel. Read his many previous comments and you’ll see patent racism used to spread hate.

        i don’t have the time or inclination to play his game….simply to ‘out’ his tactics!

  19. In California (my home state) over 300,000 have signed up on the states website (not Obama’s). 39% of those qualify for free “Medi-Cal”. It was stated by officials, “Hispanics are not enrolling yet, so we hope to get the word out to the Hispanic community”. Can you imagine how much higher that 39% figure will rise when they do sign up? I predict CA will have close to 60% (maybe even 70%, we have a huge illegal immigrant population second only to Texas) of it’s population on Medi-Cal and Medi-Care. Financial disaster is coming people.

  20. Why are there ”black colleges” in this day and age? Must be that they’re easy for low IQ, G.E.D. certificate holders to get accepted since they can’t get accepted to a real school.

    • Oh my gosh. Please don’t post anything else. IT’s a waste of cyber space. “Must be that they’re esy for low IQ”. Are you posting this to make it easy for liberals to say “See..conservatives are rednecks”?

      • You’re a liberal PLANT! Get off of here you Democrat toadie! The Republican Party is NO place for racism and bigotry!

      • Next to affirmative action, Obama is the biggest farce ever fed to this nation. Never held a real job, never owned a business, never served in the military, never released his college transcripts, SURRENDERED his license to practice law (why would ANYONE give that up?). Was a card carrying member to a gay bath house in Chicago. The dem’s looked at demographics and voter base and KNEW the time was right for their unknown political boy to run. It was IMPOSSIBLE for him to lose. The problem of overbreeding black’s and the fact the Hispanic voter base has exploded and their sympathy for the dem’s promises/programs for illegal aliens cinched it. Add to that white guilt voter’s (they’ve been brainwashed) and the small segment of lazy white welfare voters and you get a democrat for president. As intelligent white and Hispanic voters realize what has happened to this country as a direct result of Obama, they’ll have no other choice than to vote for a conservative. They don’t want to starve to death…

      • Dude, you need to stop. You aren’t helping ANYONE here. Even though I know some of these statistics to be true, other parts of what you say are strictly hateful, with no redeeming quality whatsoever. You can’t claim that black CULTURE is lazy. There’s no such thing as a singular defined black culture. There are many different cultures that are predominantly black, but black people in America do not all share the same culture. What you say about the reasons the DNC picked OBama to run are most likely true. The statistics about black crime and white crime and prison populations, abortions, disease and other things are probably true, too. I see no reason for even a forum troll to post false information on these topics, but the way you’re using this information as an excuse to hate people is wrong. I despise the things Obama and the liberal/progressives have done to our country, but I don’t hate them. I don’t consider them to be inferior to me. Misguided? Yes! Inferior? NO. What you’re doing here is wrong. If you’re truly a conservative then act like one. There’s no place in politics OR America for that kind of hatred.

      • I hate no one. I do avoid certain types of people/situations based on observation. Nowhere in any of my posts have I claimed that blacks are inferior. More prone to crime/violence/std’s/welfare recipients? Yes. Inferior? Nope.

      • Thank you. This comment is factual argument here!

        Unfortunately…some of your earlier comments played both sides against the middle…….as you know!

        I’ll give you kudos for this one.

      • No, rebel yell is remarkably accurate and his comments are exactly what free speech is about. Look up the word bigot. Then face yourself and decide what things in your life are simply bigotry, and rejoice you have enough sense to make positive, life sustaining choices.

      • No, I’m not. Just exposing the frauds of the liberal/progressive government, their voter base and the MSM. We’ve had PC crap shoved down our collective throats for decades. That most blacks are wonderful, diverse and their culture enriches ours. Those things are FALSE! Their murder rates are nearly 8 times that of whites. Over 51% of the prison population is taken up by blacks, yet they comprise only 12.6% of the population. 32% of black males will be incarcerated vs. 5% of male whites. (stats courtesy of FBI’s UCR and the DOJ). They are 5 times as likely to be on welfare vs. whites. Whites are 39 times as likely to be victimized by black crime than blacks would fall victim to white crimes. Blacks are 136 times more likely to commit robbery than whites. Face facts, their “culture” is a slothful, violent one that promotes and accepts irresponsibility. Their indiscriminate sexual practices result in the highest birthrate in spite of their “highest” abortion rates. They exhibit an AIDS/HIV rate that is 6 times that of whites while touting a gonorrhea rate that is 22 times that of whites (source CDC). These are easily researched facts. Don’t take my word for it, research for yourself.

      • I am well-aware of that fact, but you have to understand, that culture is reinforced at every opportunity by Democrats. They control the media that black are exposed to, and why do you think the Democrats are SO supportive of the Department of Education?
        Fact is, the Democrats are a party that was founded on racism, slavery, and control/suppression of blacks. They don’t want blacks to stand on their own two feet and prosper; rather, they WANT them to be miserable, impoverished, diseased, desperate, ignorant, and hateful, so that the Democrats can USE that to gain power.
        It’s like Hitler with post-WWI Germany; It’s doubtful the Germans would’ve listened to him had they not been desperately poor and miserable.
        Make no mistake, the Democrats have always been about slavery of blacks, except instead of whips and chains, they use propaganda, race baiting and welfare.
        They use music, TV and movies to glorify the “thug” lifestyle, about how it’s better to make a living through lazy and criminal means instead of through hard work. About how their ancestors were so badly treated “exclusively” by Whites, and how they are now “owed”; That they’re “owed” money form the rich, that they’re “owed” nice things, that they’re “owed” sex, ect. The Democrats even screw with the school system so that inner city black kids get a sub-standard education, and to ensure that they never learn who was REALLY behind slavery.
        It’s this combination that the Democrats foster and prey on like parasites. They cast the blame on Conservative Republicans, calling them racists, while totally ignoring, and sometimes even trying to cover up their own history of bigotry and white supremacy. They tell blacks to give power to the Democrat Party in return for welfare handouts, basically a slave wage.
        The LAST thing the Democrats want is the black community thinking for themselves, gaining racial equality, being responsible, and actually working to better themselves. Because they’d start voting Republican, the party that has spent nearly a century and a half trying to grant them equality.
        What needs to be done is to change the way a lot of young black people think. It’s like the old saying: “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” The Democrats are the first part of that saying, and desperately want to keep it that way; The Republicans need to step up and be the second part of it if they ever want to break the Democrat’s insidious control over the black community.

      • There are 178 colleges that accept students with SAT Critical Reading and Math scores at or lower than 450. Citing stats from one pathetic TBC does not prove that people of African descent are by and large not academically capable.

        I know many black and part-black people who were successful in college. Intelligence requires development, and many factors related to upbringing determine to what extent it is developed for people of all races. Speaking of rednecks, there are plenty of white people who can barely read or think through a complex problem because their parents didn’t know how and didn’t encourage it, and were possibly on drugs and probably on welfare (and planned to be for life).

        And as for IQ, I have a genius-level IQ and (possibly but not necessarily) depending on the type of IQ test administered, background knowledge absolutely aids IQ test-takers, though the test makers will likely swear up and down that it doesn’t. Life experience contributes to what is termed the intelligence quotient. Furthermore, the whole idea of measuring intelligence is flawed because only intelligence demonstrated can be measured. Potential intelligence can perhaps be predicted based on intelligence demonstrated, but it cannot be measured.

      • Some of what you say is true, but just a fraction. Take a look at the admin req’s of the top 25 black colleges/universities and get back to me. Morehouse, the #2 college on the list has a very low student/faculty ratio of 12:1 yet boasts a 4 year graduation rate of 39%. Pathetic. Look at the admin requirements for Spelman (woman’s college). They rank #1 but their admin req’s are low. 3.42 weighted GPA and 1605 SAT is the mean freshman admit’s credentials. Heck, a majority of them couldn’t get into a run of the mill state school in CA. The really scary thing? They have a medical school at Morehouse. Yep, affirmative action, low IQ, low achieving, low scoring blacks can become MD’s at this school. Frightening is what it is.

      • You should not consider IQ as being indicative of innate intellectual ability, which cannot be measured – only demonstrated intelligence can. IQ tests, therefore, do not and cannot measure innate intellectual ability – instead, they measure demonstrated intelligence. Also, you should consider the levels of education those students have upon graduating high school. If they went to crappy inner city schools, they won’t be ready for most colleges – they won’t have pushed to use as much of their innate intelligence as students in better schools are. After years of low expectations and under-developed skills, what could you expect of students of any race?

        Affirmative action certainly doesn’t help – neither did the “War on Poverty.” When a group of people is coddled and given benefits for poor choices for decades, what do you expect to happen? Are people going to develop their minds? Why would they need to? To survive? No – they’ll be handed enough to get by. Anything more must be gotten outside the system, lest the benefits stop flowing. You see very similar outcomes among white people who are similarly dependent, and who come from families that have been dependent on government handouts. Thomas Sowell (a brilliant African-American economist and conservative) has explained it much better than I can. His The Vision of the Anointed covers the War on Poverty and many other topics; it’s a good text to start with.

      • I understand what you’re saying, however IQ is an effective indicator of ones ability to succeed in learning environments. Demonstrated intelligence is relevant too, as most blacks fail miserably in their lack of ability to equate action with consequence and their low graduation rates (not only from high school, but from college). Let’s look at Morehouse college’s 39% 4 year graduation rate. It’s extremely low when compared to any non (exclusively) black college. Let’s compare it to a mid level University in CA with a low (2.9%) black enrollment. Average GPA of entering freshman? 4.2. Average SAT? 1844. 43% of UCI’s enrolling freshmen are 1st generation college students from low income families or both. They just aren’t black. 4 year graduation rate? 66%. My points hold water, yours don’t and it’s perfectly demonstrated here.

        As to your second paragraph, I’m well aware of the condition you are describing. Psychologists refer to it as “learned dependence”. You can research it if you’d like. The only way to break them of this “condition” is to let them fend for themselves. Problem? They have a demonstrated history of violent criminal behavior and when they “perceive” they are losing “rights/benefits”, the already high rates of violence/criminal behavior they demonstrate will RISE SHARPLY. They won’t apply themselves to socially accepted “norms” such as education and employment, but instead will just rob, steal from, rape, kill and assault the perceived villain, the WHITE.

      • He is NOT a CONSERVATIVE..they believe in the CONSTITUTION and free speech…and would NEVER denigrate any person who was motivated to further the education that he ridicules..and claims is needed!
        Rebel is a an elitist liberal!
        He is an Obamabot troll!

      • You poor misguided fool. I am conservative in my beliefs but I REFUSE to coddle liberals, progressives and the like. You need to see the truth. I tell the truth but because I don’t coddle you with shades of the truth, covering up who perpetrates violence, stupidity and welcomes sloth. Instead I serve it right up and hit you directly between the eyes with facts/truth,and you just can’t stand it. Does it hurt too much? You have yet to refute ANY of the facts I’ve posted (because you can’t, they are facts from OBAMA’s sources, the FBI, Dept. of Justice, Center for Disease Control and the 2010 Census. Oh and Bowie State University. So all you can do is make up a lie and call me a slur on top of it. But this is how Blacks, liberal’s and progressive’s operate. Cry racism (whenever presented with facts that show blacks to be lazy/slothful/irresponsible/criminal) and then name call. You have no leg to stand on when it comes to refuting what I’ve posted. Keep screaming “racist”. People are waking up to the fact that a Black, liberal or progressive crying “racist” is akin to the little boy in the story crying “wolf”…

      • It’s not the facts that are the problem. It’s the hatred you mix in with it. You need to look up Alfonzo Rachel on youtube. This guy makes your facts look like lies. I know they’re NOT lies, but the way you present them makes you look like a monster, and by inclusion, it makes conservatives look like monsters. I don’t hate people because of their color. I get to know a person, at least a little, before I decide if I like them. I don’t shy away because of their skin color. Only character can define a person. You’re not being called a racist because of the facts you present. You’re being called a racist because you present yourself as a racist. It is possible to put these facts out there without appearing racist. Liberals might still call you a racist, but at least you would know the truth. The way things stand, when they call you racist, all you can do is agree that you are.

      • Most of them ARE racist. I’m not a liberal, however. I’m just pissed that this rebel yell guy is making all these sick racist comments in the name of conservatism. Conservatives are not inherently racist and I’m tired of the obvious liberal tendency to assume we are or portray us as such. When people like rebel yell make stupid, thoughtless, racist comments it makes us all look bad.

      • I’m not a politician, so I see no need to pull punches, dance around issues nor sugar coat them. I call a spade a spade (no pun intended) and hate no one. When I begin seeing spokes holes for the “black community” and members of that community addressing the issues I write about (probably won’t happen in my lifetime or that of my children), I’ll give credit where credit is due. Until then? I’ll call it as I see it. Maybe if Obama, Holder, Rangel and the like called a “horse a horse”, things could change, but they won’t. They think everything is okie doky with “their people”. Just ask em.

      • The blacks are just as much victims of the liberals as anyone, perhaps even more so. The Democrats keep them as voter stock, providing false and often damaging charity in order to appear like saints, while using their “help” toward blacks as a way to slander anyone who dares oppose them.
        They also use the rhetoric of people like you to “justify” that position. The vast majority of conservative Republicans are not racists, yet the liberals ALWAYS zero in on people like you, use your writing and your words, and display them in big red letters on the evening news claiming “THIS IS HOW ALL CONSERVATIVES THINK! THEY’RE MONSTEROUS RACISTS!”
        What you say and how you say it hurts our cause in a big way.
        With how powerful our enemies have gotten, we can’t afford to give them ANY ammunition to use against us.

      • I’m not going to lie to save the party. Blacks have low IQ’s (mean black IQ 85 in the US and only 16% of all blacks have an IQ equal to or higher than the mean white IQ), live off welfare at a rate of 5 times that of whites, breed without a father in the home and segregate themselves to preserve their “culcha”. It’s true and that’s just tough. One cannot “reason” with an individual with an IQ of 90 or less and that is well over 70% of the blacks in the country. (funny how that directly correlates to the number of single mother black homes…)

      • And one other thing. I believe in the Constitution and free speech. You wish to silence my free speech (see your other posts). YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, not me. Obama has already used his power of executive order 900 times in less than 5 years. Bush used his 300 times in two terms (and that was considered excessive). Obama still has over 3 years to go. At his current rate he should break 1600. He’ll probably pardon Chris Brown right before he leaves office…

      • He won’t have to worry about me, I avoid blacks like the plague. They tend to be stupid (average IQ of 85), non productive (high jobless rate and high welfare rate which is 5 times that of white’s) and criminal. Your precious little black pets are always safe from me. I would like to meet Mr. West someday, as well a Condi Rice, they seem like my kinda people. I used to want to meet Colin Powell too, but he showed his “true colors” when he voted against his long standing conservative principles and voted for Obama.

  21. In answer to your question, Yes they are racist and so are the black socialists who call everyone racist for dissing their fearful leader. Anyone basing their decisions on race, positively or negatively, are racist and bigots. Obama and family are at the top of the list.

    • Kinda, but not really. If there were a rash of murders and armed robbery’s in your area by local high school boys over the last 5 decades, and for every murder committed by a man over the age of 18, there were 8 committed by the high school boys and for every armed robbery committed by a man over 18 there were 136 committed by a high school boy, you would remain wary/cautious when confronted by a high school boy wouldn’t you? You would (as a responsible citizen and parent) do your best to address the issue and work on solutions, wouldn’t you? You might be inclined to speak out against the high school boys and tell your family to steer clear of them and instead befriend high school boys from another school? Well of course you would. These per capita statistics (from the FBI and DOJ) are from the year 2010. The high school boys are in fact representing BLACKS and the men over 18 years of age represent WHITES. It simply is not racist to point out the deplorable failings of any group. We do it in politics, sports programs, schools and school districts, health (think diabetes, smoking, drinking, drugs, people that don’t use condoms, eat fatty diets), so why is race taboo? Because you’ve been brainwashed with PC your entire life.

      • No Rebel Yell, I am not the least PC and never have been. You are basing your fears and anger on statistics and facts. I said anyone who based their opinions on RACE is prejudiced and a bigot. But I know a lot of good people who are black and would never think of robbing or attacking you and know of white thugs who will beat old folks for their pocket change. You cannot base your opinions on the color of a persons skin without hurting innocent people.

      • You do not know people “like that” as you stated. You made it up to fit your agenda. People that don’t fit in with the black thug culture know I’m not refering to them and don’t care, they know they aren’t that way and actually resent them, just as Mr. West does. Strong, hardworking, self sufficient people with strong character don’t get their feelings hurt. Government dependent, welfare grubbing thieves that breed randomly with low morals and violent tendencies do, and those people I couldn’t care less about.

      • “majority rules.” That’s one of the problems we’ve faced since day one. Too often, the majority will use its power to silence the minority. The majority is often looked on as right and the minority wrong. What about when the exact opposite is true?

      • The United States of America is not a Democracy. It’s a Federal Republic also known as a Constitutional Republic. You mentioned “government dependent, welfare grubbing thieves that breed randomly with low morals and violent tendencies”, that sounds like white neighborhoods in Philly that I’ve been to. It sounds like white neighborhoods in Chicago that I’ve been to. You can’t hate people because of their race and consider yourself “not a racist”. You’re behaving as though you think we should all share your opinions, but we don’t, and we shouldn’t. Hate sowed = hate reaped. I’m all about trying to find a way for us all to fix these problems. Yes, there are serious problems in black communities. Yes, those problems are self propagating. But the enemy is not black people. They have been victimized by the liberal/progressive philosophy ever since their ancestors were emancipated from slavery. We need to stop welfare. Put people to work. (White and black.) If they don’t WANT to work, then they don’t eat. Hunger will cure them of any vestiges of laziness. I’m not talking about people who are disabled. I’m talking about those thugs you mentioned, but they aren’t all black. There are plenty enough of those little white thugs around that also need to be put to work or go hungry. Work or starve would help those thug infested communities, white and black, immensely. I have more potential solutions I could suggest, but I’m exhausted and sick of reading the bile you’re slinging. I think I’ll watch It’s a Wonderful Life and relax in my post Thanksgiving Dinner lethargy…

      • You make a lot of good points, but you do not point out is that the African’s are the ones that sold their own kind into slavery! They also emptied their prisons of the “UNDESIRABLES” to get them out of there country! The wonderful African’s sold all of them into slavery! The emancipation proclamation was not quite finished yet when Lincoln was assassinated! Lincoln’s plan for the Freed Slaves was to send them back to their homeland! He did not feel it was right to keep the freed slaves away from their homeland & their kin!

      • Look, I don’t really know what your angle is in this conversation. You’ve also made some interesting points, but are you trying to say I’m wrong, or are you simply trying to broaden the scope of the conversation? Is there some other point you want to make?

        Yes, blacks in Africa sold other blacks in Africa to slavers, who in turn brought them to the New World. But are you bringing that point up to counter something I said or to support what I said? With the further mention of Lincoln’s sympathy for resettlement plans, (which was based on his sympathy for the plight of freed blacks in the United States due to racism among whites), I am almost certain that you are trying to argue against my points and possibly support rebel yell in his arguments. I have to make that assumption without express indication on your part. So if that was not your intention, please clarify.

        Now, I acknowledge the points you are making, but I do not accept them as validly countering anything I have stated. I will answer the two main statements you have made in turn.

        First, you stated that blacks in Africa sold other blacks in Africa to slavers. This doesn’t justify the continual mistreatment of human beings, the continued hatred towards them or the fact that some consider them to be inferior. I will admit that there is more crime, more illegitimate pregnancy, more abortion and more sexually transmitted disease in the black population of America, per capita, than there is in the white population, but I must also point out that there are more blacks in third or fourth generation welfare dependent families than there are white people. What the welfare system has done to the black population AND to the white population that has been subjected to it is criminal. It has destroyed any vestiges of the nuclear family and with it the ideals of personal responsibility, honor and work ethics. The American government has waged war on the blacks from the day they were emancipated, via handouts and free lunches. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well, a lot of people do, and they’re correct, because those ‘free’ lunches had a high cost, as we’re seeing now. The reason we find more crime, more illegitimate pregnancy, more abortion and more sexually transmitted disease in the black population of America, per capita is because of the loss of their family values since the time they were relegated to welfare.
        Secondly, you mentioned the resettlement plans with which President Lincoln expressed agreement. He may have been correct at the time. It may have been the best thing for those newly freed lacks, but it never happened on a large scale and certainly isn’t an option now. Our constitution is very clear on this subject. All citizens of the United States have the same rights. They are all accepted to be equals and must be treated as such. There is no room for racism or reverse racism in our country. There is no room for sexism or reverse sexism in our country. There is no room for hatred against gays by heterosexuals, (I refuse to use the word homophobia to indicate hatred against gays, because the suffix ‘phobia’ actually indicates ‘fear of’ instead of ‘hatred of’). and there is no room for homosexuals to hate heterosexuals, either. We have got to stop hating each other for our differences. A good start would be to stop instigating by parading our differences so flagrantly in public, such as gay people do by public displays and heterosexuals do by making slurs against gays. Whites should stop using the ‘N’ word and blacks should stop calling whites ‘cracker’ or ‘white boy’.

        Before you say you’re not guilty of hate, let me explain to you what exactly the word hate means. Webster’s Dictionary defines hate as intense or passionate dislike. That’s not what I mean when I use the word hate. It might apply to the way you feel about someone, but I learned that love is an action verb. It’s the way you treat someone; specifically it means treating people with kindness and not preferring your own needs to theirs, always listening, always forgiving, always giving the benefit of the doubt, etc… It’s not the way you feel about someone. That’s affection, or lust or some other emotional response. Love is how we treat people.
        I also learned that hate is simply loving someone less than we love others. Now, if you tell me you don’t love some people more than you do others, I’ll call you a liar. I doubt there’s a person on the planet capable of that. So don’t say you don’t hate anyone. What we need to do is stop hating. The only way to do that is if we can somehow learn to let Christ live THROUGH us instead of just having Him in our hearts, or not knowing Him at all.
        There, I said it. Now, if you want to know more about what I’m saying, just reply to this. Otherwise, the conversation’s over for me. Have a nice day.

      • I am agreeing with you on all of your points of the conversation! I just feel that it should be clarified as to how the

        African’s became slaves to begin with! I think ObamaCare is wrong for the entire nation! The ACA was formed so that people with $$$$$ get to support those without! I don’t know about anyone else, but I refuse to pay for anyone else’s health care! Look at students that had their health care for $50.00 per semester raised to $2,000.00 per semester! How dare Obama do this to ANYONE? The way to cut down cost is to deport the illegals here that get “free” assistance! They are here illegally they shouldn’t get anything! I am from the North of the Mason Dixon line! I know many black student’s supported Obama, but was it worth it?

      • Getting rid of the illegals would probably bring the government’s healthcare spending down, but they can’t do that because they’re banking on those illegals either becoming citizens or pretending to be citizens and keeping them all in office for as long as possible. Furthermore, the only healthcare the government should be paying for is that of our military and public servants.

      • Well, I’m not familiar with Philly but am with Chicago. Demographics of Chicago are roughly 30% white, 30% hispanic and 30% black. Yet , blacks commit 85% of the murders. Now we also know that there are roughly equal amounts of “poor” folk from each demographic. The difference? It’s quite obvious really… You claim to meet nothing but wonderful black people and scum from the white side of things. Hmmm…I will yet again, call you what you are, a liar.

      • Not really sure what your problem is, as I said, you are basing your fears and anger on fact and statistics. But you seem to be defending your stance of basing it on race. Sorry I got you riled up and you have a nice life.

      • I am not qualified to identify race as a primary determinant of behavior. I can avow with confidence one is the product of his environment. Race does structure one’s environment. Take the Bowie State Affordable Care Act example. The students and faculty should be debating the consequences of the ACA. Instead they are turning on a “brother.” Is that a remark about race by the faculty and student body? Sure it is. Black people are their own worse enemy. Is that racist on my part for making that observation? Well, yes; but no more than my observation that Japanese families are supportive of their own children. That’s the problem! We are prevented from telling the truth because it does have something to do with race.

      • Observing a common race based behavior is not racist, that’s observant. I was talking about basing your fears and anger on race alone.

  22. The Obama regime and the current liberal acting congress has set America’s Civil Rights back by at least 150 years. By purging the courts of honest and fair judges and replacing them with socialistic minded judges they are changing Constitutional Law to allow almost anything as acceptable, as long as it chips away at America’s foundation and diminishes the way of life for hard working, tax paying citizens. This is destroying our will to work and our democratic way of life. We must impeach Obama and a whole lot of other politicians to gain back our freedom.

    • You may not understand the fact Barack Obama was elected by “the people.” When “the people” decide he is unacceptable the problem of removing him simply begins. What we should do is identify those who support Barack Obama and eliminate them through embarrassment and making them live with the consequences of their choice. Without support he will be forced to resign–much like Richard Nixon resigned. Are you ready for the real revolution? The battle will be neighbor against neighbor. I am ready to do my part but are you? Will you actually identify the Barack Obama supporters, the first step. They are dominantly blacks, women and Jews. They won’t go quietly into the night. Would you prefer to wait until the next election, put up a weak but popular candidate and lose again? Ron Paul was the answer and he didn’t even get nominated by “the people.” Focus on “we the people” and quit blaming Barack Obama. He is doing everything he can to fulfill the aims of those who elected him. They are the problem.

  23. How many students at Bowie State understand that not only health care has been scammed but also the formal education they are getting is a scam? How many Bowie State students can say what the comics character Pogo Possum said, “We have met the enemy and he is us!” How many Bowie State students can say, “The black man’s problem is the black man, and his salvation is to simply quit being black.” Obama has given a “wake up call” and most Bowie Students and faculty think the message is about cheaper health insurance. Those few who see the light, might be getting a formal education. The rest are earning a diploma not worth the paper on which it is being printed, and they probably resent me for telling them the truth.

    • Unfortunately, the liberal black brainwashing the students at Bowie receive trumps any benefit of their ”marginal to poor at best” higher education…

      • Knowing what you know, what is the solution? Life will give one messages, but we have to heed those messages. The Affordable Care Act is simply an indelible message and the student(s) at Bowie State who drew objections to those messages acted before he(they) considered the consequences. Study the real meaning of bigotry. A person should be happy to be a bigot, convinced by experience his way is best, intolerant of alternatives. The real challenge is to be secure in one’s choices when all around you are demanding you be nonjudgmental, and also be ready to admit when one is wrong.

      • One could also conclude that because these students at Bowie chose to attend there as opposed to a non-all black school, a) they choose to segregate themselve
        b) their grades and sat scores weren’t competitive enough to meet admin req’s from integrated schools in the area
        c)want to “compete” in a setting of similar low achievers and take a curriculum that includes easy/black only courses such as African American Studies, African American History (2 courses-Pre 1865/Post 1865), Geography of Africa, Black Political Thought, Africa in World Politics, Black politics in the United States, Black Women’s History, Black History thru Film, Antebellum History of the South, Survey of African Cultures (3 courses), Rhetoric of Black Americans (a course in ebonics) and Philosophy and Theory of Black Religion, where there minds may be brainwashed to a higher degree. Think about it. I’ll give you a dollar if every single student and faculty member of Bowie State that voted, did so for Obama. I’ll give you another if there is one Bowie student or faculty member that doesn’t believe Mr. West is an “Uncle Tom”.

      • You are hitting on all eight cylinders. So higher education, in the case of Bowie State, is higher mis-education. Now, apply your learning to the subject of black slavery. Start from the walk in the jungles of Africa and step wise point fingers until you get to today. If you can do that in a logical, sensible fashion, you will impart more knowledge therein than all the courses at Bowie State offer. Try it. I will be watching–and so will those who have commented on this page.

      • There is no such thing as “nonjudgemental”. Not to long ago, it was popular to accuse Christians of violating Christ comment “Judge not lest ye be judged” and they always left off the rest of it “For with what measure you mete it, it shall be measured to you”. Many people who take that stand are completely oblivious to 3 facts: 1) Also in the Bible is the statement “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement”. Liberals are really good at presenting an appearance for the purpose of creating false judgment in order to shape the thinking of those who do not do their own homework. 2) Righteous judgement does not, not ever, come from men. If there is any such thing as moral law, then there is by implication a source of that law. That source is not men, or women, or government. It is God. 3) Experience demands judgement. The individual who has no ability to judge is a perpetual fool and the individual who judges on the basis of false impressions created for them from the judgements of others are even more foolish. Every body judges. The problem is, not ever body really thinks before they do.

      • Good response–I think! Was my choice of words poor? Did I misuse the definition of bigotry? My heart is right and I try to use the correct words to convey a useful message. Did I fail to do that in your opinion? My position on same sex marriage, for example, is quite clear and by many would be labeled bigotry. My commitment to my wife and children and grandchildren is quite bigoted and I offer no apology. My objections to Marxist positions is also bigoted. In fact, the last time I looked I am a bigot–and so is everyone else who takes his or her decisions seriously. Being bigoted should be a good thing if I understand the conventional meaning. Although I appreciate your response and trust you are correct, I don’t exactly know how to relate it to my comment. My fault. Sorry.

  24. ,Pres Obullshit demands all American Blacks support him blindly and stupidly. If they use their intelligence and disagree or question his edicts and authority, they become just like American whites…..just crap in Obullshit’s eyes to be ignored or scorned.

  25. Are they racist? Fair question. Sure makes you wonder what motivates those faculty & alumni to be so negative towards this young man.

  26. Nah, they’re not racists. They’re a bunch of political butt kissers and he’s just getting in their way. According to their standard thought processes, that makes Eugene the racist. “Racist” in a politically correct, leftist, socialistic, communist wannabe environment is, simply put, any one who fails to kiss the butts of the powers that be upon demand, especially if Big Brother happens to be any color but white. Of course, it’s ALL relative. Meaning that if Big Brother is Islamic, then any failure to line up and kiss butt is Islamophobia. if Big Brother is gay, any failure to line up and kiss butt is homophobia and if Big Sister steps up to the plate, any failure to kiss butt will be patriarchal, testosterone induced hatred of women. Of course, any one claiming to espouse the Christian world view is a radical, extremist terrorist, in spirit if not in actions. That’s how they think, and that is the model for the “hope and change” they promised.

  27. I do like Eugene and appreciate him standing up and speaking out. Thank you. It is too bad our schools and universities have become cesspools for the left who do not want us to have our constitutional rights and tries to stop anyone whose opinion differs from theirs.

  28. In 1968, I wrote an article about radicals on a Michigan community college campus for our school newspaper. I was harassed by threatening phone calls, harassed by my PS teacher, berated and insulted by the Social Studies Dean. The paper was burned; I was surrounded by SDS goons as I exited the school cafeteria and was told to stop commentary in the paper; an unknown male tried to trick me into opening my car window and blocked me from leaving my parking place. I was a night school student. It was 11:15 P.M. and the campus was all but empty. I was able to out-wit him and I escaped in my car but he stalked me until I spotted some people who were leaving a bowling alley. I laid on my horn and asked for help. At that point, he left. My car was encased in chains and was lifted, yes, lifted, and removed from my parking place. Later, on another campus, I had been spotted by an SDS member, and a stranger forced me to walk with him to my car. I reached for my nail file and eventually fended him off. That was the year the SDS took over the Democrat Convention. We have not been free for a long time.

    • If you get to feeling your oats and want to tilt at windmills, try this one. During the period slavery was practiced in America, slaves were treated as “special” livestock. They were fed regularly and with healthy food to keep them strong, and well sheltered the way any farmer would treat his livestock, because they were the most precious livestock a farmer had. A slave who could read was more valuable also, so they were encouraged to read, write and count. They were also encouraged to mate regularly, especially with the strongest blood lines like any livestock–but never with white people which would destroy the blood line. Where the farmer’s wife caught hell, his slave livestock was treated better than his chickens, sheep, cows, horses, etc. and his wife. A farmer during slavery might plan on having two wives in his lifetime. The slave livestock was also kept happy to increase its value. This is all a matter of simple economics with a farm or plantation. After slavery ended the ex-slaves were often left to their own devices, much like wild but once domesticated animals. The Bowie State example is one of blacks left to their own devices and in an institution of higher learning stifled by one another from learning and expressing themselves. Funny how some stupid myths especially about slavery can keep people enslaved forever, when a little common sense would set them free. All the history books in the world won’t negate the simple fact a farm or plantation was and still is an economic entity not a social experiment.

  29. well the truth is out that the president of this country doesn’t care for the black people and all of the citizen of this country can anyone see this or is it my imagination?

    • It is not your imagination, your observation is true and accurately described. The question is why did anyone think he would care and why did it matter how he felt, he was not elected for the right reasons.

  30. This guy is making stuff up, he goes around campus acting a fool and then expect someone to listen to him & when you try to talk with him about certain things he argues with you and dis regards “the other point of view.” I strongly dislike how he went on national tv and portrayed Bowie State in a negative light. Plus this health care he is arguing for has very little benefits and he doesn’t even need it since he stated he is on his parents health care. The point is, he is arguing for something that no one else is even thinking about he just wants to say he fought for something, but no one even cares about this issue.

    -Fellow Student

    • I’ll respond. You are calling this guy names because he is standing up for the rights of fellow students and because he isn’t just agreeing with Obama because they are both black.

      People like you are the real racists in this world

  31. In a statement, BSU confirmed that students must seek independent coverage through alternative resources, but insisted the decision was made with full involvement and solicitation of student feedback.

    The full statement from Bowie State University.

    “As new health care options were slated to be available this academic year, the university, in consultation with students, made the decision that students would be better served by individually securing insurance coverage that would best suit their needs. We provided information on available options and how to sign up.”

    “Most students are now able to be covered under their parent’s health plans up to age 26 at no additional cost and new affordable coverage is becoming available through the Maryland State Insurance Exchange System. The kind of coverage available through these programs will recognize that they are students and be tailored to their individual financial status. The coverage will be far superior to the limited plan the university had previously offered and less expensive than any plan the university could secure on its own.”

  32. If you voted for him just because he is black than stop whining. You are getting what you deserve.

    Paul Pierce the basketball player came out and admitted he only voted for Obama because he was black. Then he back tracked.

    The fact is a majority of black people voted for Obama based on on his color and they still support him today just because he is black.

    What makes you think you are special just because you are black? That is what you imply. Shame on you


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