Iran says White House lying about nuke deal. Wait! Obama lies??

If we had a president in whom we had faith and could believe, this story would be irrelevant, but sadly, we do not. When you trust the devil – in this case, Iran — you get burned, and it has already happened.

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, the Iranians are accusing President Obama of lying about the details of the nuclear deal with the theocratic Islamic regime. No! Really?

The Free Beacon writes:

An Iranian foreign ministry official on Tuesday rejected the White House’s version of the deal as “invalid” and accused Washington of releasing a factually inaccurate primer that misleads the American public.

“What has been released by the website of the White House as a fact sheet is a one-sided interpretation of the agreed text in Geneva and some of the explanations and words in the sheet contradict the text of the Joint Plan of Action, and this fact sheet has unfortunately been translated and released in the name of the Geneva agreement by certain media, which is not true,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham told the Iranian press on Tuesday.

Iran’s right to enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon, is fully recognized under the draft released by Tehran. “This comprehensive solution would enable Iran to fully enjoy its right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under the relevant articles of the NPT in conformity with its obligations therein,” the agreement reads, according to a copy released to Iranian state-run media.

The White House confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon on Monday that the final details of the plan have yet to be worked out, meaning that Iran is not yet beholden to a six month freeze its nuclear activities.

Perhaps President Obama should have told the Iranians, “If you like your nuclear weapon development program you can keep it, period.”

Once again, the Liar-in-Chief has misled the American people. Iran’s nuclear program has not been halted as he claimed late Saturday night. Someone call our celebrity president out in Hollywood and tell him he just got punked — just like Neville Chamberlain.


  1. My God! When does the madness stop? Are the media FINALLY going to call Obama on his incessant lies? He not only should be impeached but charged with treason.

    • Nope… they’ll never call him out on it. Those who criticize him are all too often accused of bigotry and the media wants no part of it. The left is still in love with the idea of him, thus his inability to lead gets a pass. It’s sad really- I had great hopes for his presidency, but now I just want it to be over…

  2. Has anybody noticed that he keeps getting caught in his lies and we keep finding out. If this is true what they are saying,,,,I’m telling Divine Intervention is at work. If it’s not true then it should show the American people,,,Iran can’t be trusted. Today is Tuesday,,,only took two days for another scandal to appear after the deal was made. I should say that is a good thing for us because we are aware of what Obama is up to faster than later.

  3. Finally!!! A high profile personality has the guts to call the POTUS a “liar”. Careful Allen West, the republican establishment may banish you.

    • Or Bad Vlad Ras-Putin. Who would have thought, back during the Cold War, that we would ever see the day when the leader of Russia, of all places, was making more sense and had more credibility than the President of the United States, while the POTUS was just continually spouting meaningless gibberish?

  4. I wonder what Israel is going to have to say now. They told them not to trust Iran,,,but now another lie hanging over the so called POTUS. Now they are probably going to think Obama lied so Israel wouldn’t find out what the deal was about. I was just reading the the sanction bail may be hard to un-do which lead me to believe this was a trick by Iran and we are screwed. Oh are the Democrat Senators going to be upset over this one since they did not want those sanctions removed. And it only took took days to find out their was lying in this deal. John Kerry’s ass need to go….and Obama,,,well maybe the Senators will handle that one. Wonder what the jackass is going to say when he speaks to the Nation about this? The United States got Russia, France, England to go in on this with us. OMG Thanks Obama and Kerry you have just completed what you have succeeded to do,,,we are officially the laughing stock of the world. Obama you need to pack up your bags and leave the White House now. YOUR FIRED!!!!!

    • Unfortunately, Sherill, there are far worse ramifications than what you mentioned. Iran has every intention of continuing to build its nuclear warhead. Iranian officials have clearly stated this, as well as the fact that they fully intend to “wipe Israel from the face of the earth.” We have lost our staunchest ally in the Middle East, Israel (thanks to Obama). Israel will be forced to take preemptive action to protect itself. Who will Iran launch its warhead on first? What country will be the “test” run? Our scheming, know-nothing president has handed our heads as well as others to Iran, with little care or regard to the consequences. As to Russia, etc., going along with Obama, it is to Russia’s advantage as they already supply weapons of every nature to the Middle East, excluding Israel. You also failed to mention China, a communist country, who is also in on this deal. France is being overrun by Muslims, as is England. So deeper problems are at-hand than the USA being the laughing stock of the world. Our very existence is in the hands of Iran. Comforting thought, right? Thank Obama. He continues to destroy our beloved country. The only thing left to do is pray. Pray God intervenes for America, as he most definitely will for Israel.

  5. How did they get Russia, France, and England to go along with this? What are THEY saying about the discrepancy in the stated terms? I just got through reading that Iran is supposed to get a huge settlement of money as well. Who is going to pay this?

    • Presumably from the frozen accounts of oil money… but our intrepid incompetent may just take a few billion out of our empty treasury and hand it over as tribute…

  6. Let’s see…O is lying to America? Or he was lying to Iran? Hohohohohohoho, who gets to believe what he said? The old saying, “actions speak….” Anyone with a brain knows he is going to do exactly whatever he suits his purpose, no matter what he said.

  7. Which begs the question will there be any use of a freeze after the final details are worked out. It appears the negotiations amount to nothing but offering an apology for trying to enforce the NPT, which Iran obviously has rejected. They have learned well from NK. It is notable that when the pursuit of power becomes greater than the concern for the welfare of the people that the people are reduced to a natural resource to be mined. One must wonder if we aren’t already viewed as such by this administration let alone Iranians, North Koreans or any other governments in the world.

    • if he thinks ww3 would be the only option left, by the time he runs out of his term, well, its gonna happen. and the media lets him slide. they are more guilty than he, for letting this happen. they have too much invested in him, to admit the truth. even if it is to save us. whatever happened, to “never negotiate, with a terrorist”.

      • The fiat money is going down the tank as designed. The globalist cabal wants WWIII to change the political landscape of the USA. The plan is 100 years old this month…(Federal Reserve Charter). There will be blood in our streets and our country attacked on all fronts. I don’t like it, but I can do nothing to stop it. Be ready, something evil this way comes!

    • Yeah! What proof you have? NONE! But I have proof you ARE a Racist, bigoted, scumbag!

      Is Barack Obama a socalist? No.

      Is Barack Obama a Marxist? No.

      Is Barack Obama a communist? No. He is a capitalist.

      Is Barack Obama a dictator? No. The constitution guarantees checks and balances between the branches of government, and Congress has ensured that almost nothing has gotten done in the past few years.

      Is Barack Obama a Muslim? No. He is a Christian as evidenced by the fact that he attends a Christian church and calls himself a Christian. Muslims go to mosques and believe in Mohammed.

      Is Barack Obama destroying America? No. Whether or not you think he has helped or hurt the country “destroying” is obviously too strong of a word.

      Is Barack Obama a triator? No. No evidence of this whatsoever.

      Does Barack Obama hate America? Obviously not. This question doesn’t even merit an explanation.

      But what else would fuse such hatred?…..Uhh…It’s Racism.

      • You are a typical Obama/Soretoro bot.
        “is he a socialist” judging his actions NOT HIS COLOR yes he is.

        “is he a marxist” judging his actions NOT HIS COLOR yes he is. Socialism is just a result of Marxism.

        “is he a communist” judging his actions NOT HIS COLOR yes he is. Communism is a ruling political party embracing socialist/marxist ideals.

        “Is he a dictator” judging his actions NOT HIS COLOR yes he is. Dictators rule by decree, e.g. DREAM act, changes (refusing to enforce) immigration law, changes (refusing to enforce Obamacare as written) etc…

        “is he a muslim” judging his actions NOT HIS COLOR yes he is. He is ARMING MUSLIM AL QUEDA IN SYRIA!! HE LEFT AMERICANS TO DIE IN BENGHAZI! HE CLAIMS VICTORY IN AN IRANIAN “AGREEMENT” THAT DOES NOTHING TO STOP THE REGIME FROM OBTAINING NUCLEAR WEAPONS WHILE GIVING THEM BILLIONS OF DOLLARS! HE SUPPORTS THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD WHO SEEK SHARIA LAW OVER THE PEOPLE! You do know that you can be a good muslim by lying to the infidels to achieve your goals right? Funny how that doesnt work for Christians.

        “is he destroying America” judging his actions NOT HIS COLOR yes he is.See above.

        “Is Barack Obama a traitor” judging his actions NOT HIS COLOR yes he is. See above.

        “does *he* hate America” judging his actions NOT HIS COLOR yes he does.

        Judging his actions NOT HIS COLOR I would fully support Col. West for any office he chooses to run for. Pres./Vice Pres./Def Sec/Congress/State even my Mayor is I were to be so lucky.

        Geez I’m a racist……

      • Is that you Baghdad Bob? You’re wasting your time here shill, even the lowest IQ’d of us is light years ahead of you in intelligence, you’re not welcome here.

      • The only thing obvious is that you are more emotional in your support of Obama than you are knowlegeable about socialism, marxism, communism and anti-Americanism. Also, you knowledge of the Bible seems to be lacking. If you have ever heard Obama talk about it, and if you know anything about it yourself at all, you would know that he lifts, twists and perverts it’s intended meaning every time he speaks of it. But then, on the other hand, while he calls it “the Bible” his has very often referred to what he calls “The Holy Quran”. So, since you are son hung up on his skin color that you can’t see or hear anything else, what does that make you and all those like you?

  8. President Obama apparently doesn’t fully understand Middle Eastern bargaining–having already seen his tendency to prevaricate, they will look for any slip of the tongue in his announcements to declare him invalid. Time for him to close his hand, pick up his cards, and go home–there will be no dealing with Iran now that they have his number.

  9. Best line EVER:
    Perhaps President Obama should have told the Iranians, “If you like your nuclear weapon development program you can keep it, period.”

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Just as Rep. Joe Wilson told Obama, “You lie”! Here we go again. What would absolutely “shock the nation” would be that “Obama once spoke the truth”? Naw, it never happened, or it would be on every liberal T.V. station and Obama would get another “Nobel Peace Prize” for telling the “truth”? Once.

  11. is it treason yet?
    this deal was made over a year of secret negations with Valerie Jarrett’s efforts behind the scenes following Obamas orders and the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda

  12. El Stupido trikes again. Guess the Pres & kerry aren’t as smart as they thought. Maybe they should rescind the whole agreement, and not play stupid again!

  13. West, you got all these flaky punks disrespecting the OFFICE OF PRESIDENT… If you ll want to put your money where your mouth is I’m in Van Nuys CA…


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