Rapper Macklemore gets “Stupid Award” at AMA

It seems each time there are one of these entertainment awards shows, we have to be prepared for the bizarre and the stupid — well, except for the country music awards (gotta love that “Obamacare in the Morning” duet).

Anyway, last night’s American Music Awards did not disappoint. Once again Miley Cyrus took the award for the bizarre and rapper Macklemore, in my estimation, gets the recognition for the stupid.

Macklemore made this statement via his video acceptance speech, “Due to the fact that we are in Florida tonight accepting this award I want to acknowledge Trayvon Martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling and the violence that follows it. This is really happening. These are our friends, our neighbors, our peers and our fans, and it’s time that we look out for the youth and fight against racism and the laws that protect it.”

This is a walking example of the low information voter. Is he unaware of the “knockout game?” Maybe he doesn’t know, as Kevin Jackson points out, that black people kill more black people every six months than the KKK did in 86 years. I hope this “entertainer” becomes familiar with the stories of 13-month-old Antonio West or 88-year-old Delbert Belton.

If Mr. Macklemore is so concerned about his “fans” perhaps he should sing more about ending violence, being responsible citizens, getting a better education, and stronger families in the black community. I might recommend he take a civics class and learn there are no laws protecting or institutionalizing racism in America.

It just never ceases to amaze me that some of these entertainers are so full of themselves as to believe they are competent political and social commentators. Mr. Macklemore, just shut up and sing, er, whatever it is that you do. Please leave serious intellectual analysis to those of us who live in the real world.


  1. He’s a racist of the worst kind – he exploits racism for his gain. He ignores real issues while supporting fake issues that stroke and feeds his ego and makes himself feel superior.

  2. I’m glad I missed that I would have flipped out .Your right on Col West he needs to shut up and just act like stupid. I don’t listen to that garbage.
    Don’t even know who the small brain cell soul is.

    • He is too stupid, and does not know, hear, nor want to know facts! He is an idiot feeding off other idiots! Sorry replace idiot and idiots with Imbecile and imbeciles! Lowest form of stupid that I know of!

  3. Perfect post, Mr. West. It was concise, true, and offered a way forward. God bless you for your work in defending liberty and advocating moral principles.

  4. Here’s what I find strange: a couple of weeks ago, some black kid was attacked by white kids at SJSU in an unambiguous example of white-on-black racism, yet it wasn’t a huge story. Yet, with the Zimmerman case, there’s more than ample evidence that race wasn’t the reason he shot Martin.

    I think it’s possible that we’re at the point where the mainstream media really doesn’t care about black people getting hurt or killed, even if it really is a hate crime, and was using this opportunity to take an ambiguous case and get everyone on board to decry it as a hate crime.

    • Please give us the details or links to verify this. Racism of any kind is not OK. We are just so accustomed in these days that the most vitriolic racism emanates from urban blacks and liberal race hustlers, all the while they decry virtually non-existent racism from Tea-Party supporters. If there is a valid case of racist violence by a group of whites, then we must speak out against it even at the risk of making the idiots think one case of white-on-black racism justifies 1,000 cases of black-on-white racist violence. But, please be clear. If the group attacked a rapist, a thief, a dope dealer or someone attacking another person, then it probably wasn’t about race and should not be allowed to be used by the racist left to validate their own hatred of whites and Christians.

  5. Well said, Mr. West. I always nag my fiancee whenever I see an actor or a singer commenting on social ideals. The vast majority of the time, the person is not educated and is not political in mind, they just want to use their fame as a soap box to spread their unfounded ideals around. Remember people, just because you are famous, it doesn’t mean you’re a geopolitical scholar. It doesn’t mean you know better than anyone else. Shut up and do what you were paid to do: entertain.

  6. At least he didn’t fall in line and start talking about more gun control and how Chicago and DC are doing it the right way by banning guns. (Check out how effective those are)

  7. Not surprised. When is the last time anyone has heard a white entertainer speak of the atrocities that blacks commit against whites on a daily basis? NEVER. Of course if a white entertainer did, he/she would be crucified in the media. This Macklemore character did tell the truth (however he didn’t know it). “Hundreds and hundreds of kids” ARE dying each year due to RACIAL PROFILING, they just happen to be NON-BLACK KIDS and are targeted and killed by blacks. Hundreds and hundreds of NON-BLACK adults are targeted and killed by blacks as well.

    • That’s because the vast majority of crimes committed by blacks are against other blacks. It’s extremely rare that a black person commits a crime against a white person just as it’s rare that a white person commits a crime against a black person. Most crimes in America are committed against someone of the same race as the perpetrator. Maklemore is wrong and so are you. Check your facts.

      • “extremely rare”? Let me educate you. In 2011 (fbi uniform crime report 2011) over 45,000 robbery’s commited by blacks, over 48% of those were committed against WHITES. 36% of the 4,800+ rapes committed by blacks were against WHITE WOMEN. 45% of the 304,000+ other assaults commited by blacks were against WHITES. OVER 45% of ALL CRIMES committed by BLACKS are against WHITES. You’re statement is false, other than murder. Still, almost 500 whites were murdered by blacks in 2011 vs. just over 150 blacks killed by whites in the same year. You are ignorant, but after reading my post you should be better educated. Take a wild guess how many black women were raped by white men in 2011? ZERO!!! That’s right, a big ZERO!!!

      • I won’t pretend to know whether your statistics are correct except the last one. I actually know a black woman who was raped by a white man in 2011 the exact year you’re speaking of so that zero is absolutely false. I shouldn’t have said vast but the majority of crimes committed in the U.S. Are committed by someone of the same race as the victim. Regardless of your stats from one year the biggest problem in the black community is that young black men kill each other at an all arming rate.

      • You are a liar. Not surprising though. Look up the source I gave you and start with table 43. You then have to bounce around a bit, i’m not going to do all the work for you. You are undoubtedly too lazy to do it, I can tell by your opinion. There have been 0 to 5 white on black rapes in the last 8 years according to the FBI. Maybe you are mistaken and it was classified as a sexual assault instead of a “completed” rape. Nice try though. You need to do your own research, but most likely you won’t believe it when you view it with your own “blinded by liberalism” eyes.

      • Also, a very large number of black on black crimes go unreported due to the black community’s justifiable distrust of the police, so those statistics are skewed at best.

  8. He is simply stating what he thinks others want to hear. The politically correct thing, without any actual facts or figures to back it up. Typical dumb, uninformed celebrity!!

  9. Their is a bill being proposed to give 25 yr. sentience to people who are found guilty of playing the knock out game. But I have strong doubts that it will happen. That would be raciest.

  10. Lol, A gay white rapper talking about racial profiling, lol. probably the first that would get knocked out if the knockout game was in it’s neck of the woods..

  11. I would like to see an end to the “hundreds and hundreds of kids that are dying due to racial profiling and the violence that follows it”. I’d also like to see an end to extremely high numbers of people being killed by back on black violence. I’d also love to see everyone in the world able to live in peace, harmony and prosperity. I’m ready to accept my Miss America crown now and all the benefits that goes with it.

    You just can’t legislate an end to stupidity and hate. It isn’t money and it isn’t government control that will get rid of these problems. People have to choose and then live with the choices they make. Choose wisely.

    hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling and the violence that follows it
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2013/11/rapper-macklemore-gets-stupid-award-ama/#2k42cIDjH1PoOLzq.99hundre
    hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling and the violence that follows it
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2013/11/rapper-macklemore-gets-stupid-award-ama/#2k42cIDjH1PoOLzq.99

    • You’re right, it is NOT government control or money that will end these issues. The more we legislate, the more we are chipping away at the boulder of personal liberties. The communities need to organize and expunge the criminals from their neighborhoods. Black on black crime is extremely high, yet there seems to be no large, effective organized attempt to stem black violence in these communities.

  12. I would like to see an end to the “hundreds and hundreds of kids that
    are dying due to racial profiling and the violence that follows it”.
    I’d also like to see an end to extremely high numbers of people being
    killed by back on black violence. I’d also love to see everyone in the
    world able to live in peace, harmony and prosperity. I’m ready to accept
    my Miss America crown now and all the benefits that goes with it.

    You just can’t legislate an end to stupidity and hate. It isn’t money
    and it isn’t government control that will get rid of these problems.
    People have to choose and then live with the choices they make. Choose

  13. And what about the thousands of kids who are killed in the KITCHEN of the house in which they live. Cause Mommy didn’t put the Bleach, Soap, Ant Poison, Bug Spray, Carpet Cleaning Solution, an the bottom shelf… GOD, DAMN Stupid Parents…

    • I might suggest being a little kinder to the parents. There is evidence that Martin may have been going down that slippery slope. His mother sent him to his father’s since it appears she could not manage him.

      History is full of people who poor choices when they were young kids. Somewhere along the way they suddenly figure it out and became better people. I would bet Col. West had met many like that during his service.

      It is only fitting to show compassion and charity until it is noted it is not warranted.

  14. How about everyone pull their head out of each other ass and stop making everything about race it’s getting old, how about people start leading by example

  15. That dude Maklemore is as much of an idiot as Allen West but at least Maklemore won, Maklemore and Allen West are two people who should never speak, they’re both morons.

      • Maklemore is white, West is black and I dislike both. So who is it that I’m racist against? And what race do you think I am?

      • What planet do you live on? Most Americans don’t know who either of them are. Allen West is not an extremely well known person, aside from people in Florida and people who follow politics very few people know who Allen West is. Why do people feel the need to insult someone who disagrees with them? Calling someone that you don’t know anything about an idiot based on one comment is, well idiotic to say the least.
        Peace and love to everybody!

      • Except you doubled-down on your idiocy when you said most people don’t know who Allen West is. Put down the video game controller, get out of your mom’s basement and go to the library. Start in the section where the chairs are very tiny, and gradually move on to the books without pictures, you’ll get there eventually.

      • So your sole purpose in posting your absurd remarks were to stir up shiit! Right? Typical imbecile with idiotic mental disorder as all liberals are and been proven scientifically! You have not good cause to justify your dislike for Colonel West you just wanted to start trouble! The man was right you are a retard amongst all these other low ratings given you! Stick your piece in
        your mouth and pull the trigger doing the world a favor!

  16. What a shame, I don’t care what color or religious background a person is, I do however care about the person who has been hurt by another human. I pray for this country, God blessed us with “freedom” but we have taken that blessing and have turned it into something ugly. We are all from the same bloodline, time to see each other as brothers and sisters. God Bless You!

  17. there is a large percentage of black Americans in our prison systems. true statement, yes?
    America is around say 27% black? correct me if wrong.
    black Americans commit 70 to 80% of the crime? I dont see a problem. commit the crime, do the time and quit yo bitch ass whining.

      • This is just about the easiest fact to verify, anywhere, ever.

        And your other statements are just as inaccurate as the one they’re predicated on.

      • Fred no pun intended here but if your figures are correct then how is it that with .1% to .2% being homosexual the total obama idiot voters should have been around 13.2 % of the vote how did the minorities win that one over? Just screwin around no need to answer that! lol!!!!!

    • Wow…. NO-
      Black American represent 13% of the population. However, they do not commit 70-80% of the crimes. They are 39% of the prison population, but they are only 14% of the population in prison for violent crimes. The rest, which has quadrupled since the 80’s is due to mandatory minimums, which are handed out primarily to blacks in the system.
      So… In short- You are an idiot! Please understand statistics 101 before posting things you know nothing about!

  18. The real crime is hiding the truth and perpetuating the myth. Worse still are that people like Macklemore are practicing intellectual laziness by not researching the facts. But then paraphasing one of the Founders “facts are difficult things.”

  19. amazing that “entertainers” will stoop to whatever low to get their 15 mins of fame/tv time. I have no idea who this rube is, but he shows he has no clue about the facts and reality of life.

  20. Great analogy Lt. Col West, love the low information voter, being raised in Detroit, I can tell you through the years exactly what was killing black children, other black children, drugs, no parenting, and no education, running wild in the streets, and I am so glad other nationalities are adopting black children giving them a chance to have a good life with lots of education and guidance from those who love them

  21. Um, hate to disagree with Col West … but Mack is right … there are hundreds and hundreds of WHITE kids (as well as old folks, women, etc) being killed or terrorized by black people exclusively because of their color. In addition, the laws, particularly law enforcement, along with the political elite and especially the news media, actively advocate for this violence both directly (as in the Trayvon coverup) and indirectly (by NOT covering reports of the violence, ala the “knockout the jew” game). In addition, the laws in this country DO actively promote racism … DEMANDING that black people be favored over white people. There are also all kinds of private sector situations, particularly in universities’ tuition support systems … that actively discriminate against white people … specifically identifying the race of the kids that are eligible to receive awards (and of course that race that is eligible NEVER includes caucasion).

    So Mr West … I would ask you to stnad up and partner with Mr Stupid to end ALL discrimination based upon race, exactly what Dr King had in mind. God bless you my friend.

  22. It’s very obvious that he wants to appeal to a specific crowd…the types of people that would buy his music. He (like many politicians) is after the “black vote”. I would hope that even the most unintelligent could see through this ass kissing behavior.

  23. Yes it is completely obvious who he is speaking to , completely try’n to UP his record sales to a point of no return so as to fill his pockets with the devil – this guy is a nothing and is try’n and try’n really really hard to make a couple more dollars so as to be able to pay his motel bill at the big 8 hotel/motel – what a f”’ n idiot , he would knock his ma ma’s gold teeth out so as to purchase a BUSH BEER = racist

  24. Where is the outrage over this “knock out” game? How about telling these degenerate kids that is is NOT cool to punch random white people in the head and knock them out and in a few cases kill them!!!


  25. As usual, we can count on Col. West for a concise and clear analysis of where racism truly emanates. Thank you so much for not falling in line with the lefty zombies that seemed to have eaten the grey matter of so many “minorities”.
    It disgusts me that so many are so eager to divide and separate Americans into subgroups so that they can be manipulated for political and ideological gain and for the ultimate goal of personal fortune and power by the corrupt few.
    We often hear the left shouting about sell-outs, “UNCLE TOMS”, apples (red-on-the-outside…), and all the other labels meant to insult “racial traitors”. But, honest people know that these names are only reflections of the true intentions of the race hustlers and race baiters to divide and manipulate.
    Just the concept “racial traitor” indicates a racist concept that all people of a “race” are expected to fit a uniform political ideology–which should rightly be perceived as an attack on “minorities”, an attempt to subjugate them. Thank you, Col. West for standing up for the truth and what is in the best interest of ALL Americans!

  26. He has no clue and obviously does not read, or know how to read a newspaper. This person really has no clue about the real world.

  27. whoever wrote this article is a moron there is less black on black crime these days you’re just holding on to irrelevant facts to stop ppl like macklemore for speaking out against ignorance like this person here. I think he meant profiling across the board. And why is this person aiming directly at the black community I.e being responsible and educated its like saying their not educated and etc ot

    • It shows that you must be a low info voter because Its a Black Guy who wrote this article. Congress man Allen West who does his research and presents facts based in logical thinking, something liberals choose not to do!!!

    • Typical ignorant lib. We people, who have some education, are saddened by the un-educated youth that post their stupidity on here. Some day soon, there won’t be a reason for schools because this is what they’re puking out now and it just keeps getting worse.

      • Oh no, schools do exactly what it is they are meant to do. They teach people to be how they are supposed to be. Schools are a very well used tool to mould youths to be a certain thing, depending on social demands. It’s more social schooling than aught else.

    • I’m starting to think your comment was tongue in cheek just to stir the pot. No one could possibly be this misinformed……”whoever wrote this article is a moron?” Lol…

  28. Mr Macklemore is using typical gay political tactics in trying to appeal to African Americans that the LGBT is their friend. I like that Mr.West points out that there are no laws protecting or institutionalizing racism in America. But there are laws protecting and institutionalizing homophobia and Transphobia in America and it is Gay Activist like Mr.Macklemore fighting to have their own separate drinking fountain built that are lobbying to have those laws written. Their can be no bigger homophobe than the homosexual that calls themselves “Gay.” We are not all LGBT and the very LGBT itself is the greatest symbol of the oppression of the homosexual and the Transsexual. We are forced into one “Community” by a single narrow minded group that is not fighting for individual rights but instead for the right to drag people into their group and strip them of their individual right not to be included. I hope if Mr. West reads what I wrote he fully appreciates and understands how significant what I wrote is.

    • Your utter disconnect with reality is both hilarious and frightening. Please, do society a favor and pull your head out of your ass. We’re stuck with you, so the least you can do is not be a willfully ignorant pile of garbage.

      • Don’t worry I’m cutting the apron strings to which you are “Stuck” to me with. Reality is if you think forcing people together is fighting for freedom it is you that has lost the connection with reality.

      • That was a stupid comment Beaver, You didn’t rebut anything she said, you just did the liberal nanananana

      • This, coming from a man whose avatar is a picture of someone putting his bare ass up to a TV with the president on it. You’ll excuse me if I’m not particularly overwhelmed by your gravitas.

        Oh, to your original point, I’m sorry, you thought I was here to have a rational debate? No no no, I’m here to insult the imbeciles who believe the bullshit the site’s owner spews. There really isn’t much point in trying to have an intelligent conversation with mouth breathing idiots, and I gave up trying long ago.

      • Wow a idiot willing to prove he is a idiot. Nice Job beaver..
        On my pic with the POTUS kissing my ass (that actually wasn’t me) I wouldn’t let those lying lips touch my ass…

    • “Gay Activist like Mr.Macklemore fighting to have their own separate drinking fountain ”

      Do tell! Do you have a link for this?

      Or is it just another right-wing fever dream?

  29. Since when is being paid millions of dollars to shout nonsense on Fox News living in the “real world?” And since when is being a member of Congress?

  30. Okay, I have a couple of questions: So, first let’s tackle this assumption that maybe Macklemore is just doing everything in his power to “up his ratings”. Come on people, let’s face it… that isn’t necessary. He’s got them.

    Then, let’s say he’s speaking out against discrimination of both minorities in race, as well as in sexuality… okay, what’s wrong with that?

    Then, let’s note that there are so many artists who stand for nothing. Maybe he isn’t the most “educated”, but at least he stands for something. I am not certain, but I’m pretty sure that Trayvon’s family probably appreciated that, and many of the other people who are profiled (not limited to race) probably appreciated that its existence was acknowledged in such a public way but such a relevant figure. Maybe he would’ve impressed you if he’d spoken about something that you see as more prevalent, maybe he could’ve stood up and just gone on a whole tangent about all of the things that are “wrong” in the world. But he has chosen his battle, and that is to bring awareness to discrimination. No one person can take on every single issue… that would be impossible.

    Aren’t there better things to do with your time then try to bring those people with good intentions down by calling them “stupid”? The fact is that you don’t know him, and neither do I. What would it hurt to take someone who is trying to say something positive (whether it’s what you believe to be the most important or not) and respect that? Why does every little thing someone does have to be assigned to some ulterior motive?

    • YOU: “Then, let’s say he’s speaking out against discrimination of both minorities in race, as well as in sexuality… okay, what’s wrong with that?”
      Why did you leave out discrimination of whites?< I think whites might be a minority now in S California? And since when do you have to be a minority or a woman to be discriminated against? You are basically just dumping on white males< Sounds like you have a issue?

      • I actually didn’t say anything about white people in that comment, I said “minorities.” That’s up for your interpretation, which is obviously skewed. I am not dumping on white males (last I checked, Macklemore, who I am defending, is a white male). I also think that you missed the ENTIRE point of what I wrote by taking offense to some underlying assumption. I think that it’s rare, and good, that an artists stands for something positive, and that we shouldn’t bring someone down for that.

    • Stupid is as stupid does. Hundreds and hundreds of kids “like Trayvon” are NOT dying each year from racial profiling. They’re being shot by the animal next door for their shoes or a crack rock. And good F’ing riddance to them.End of story.

  31. If I may….there are more minorities other than blacks & whites. I don’t even know who Macklemore is, yeah, I’m older….LOL. But, if everyone wants to get down to brass tacks, the entire nation is a minority. Some are highly educated, others not so much. There are blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, handicapped people, disabled people, even women are still listed as a minority. Let’s just focus on coming together as the only race…that being “human,” & instead of bickering about one article, become a minority yourself. That being the minority of people who are free thinkers, those who form opinions of others based on each individual, by how they choose to treat others, & so on & so forth. We need each other right now more than ever. With that said, have a GREAT day & God bless.

    • “those who form opinions of others based on each individual, by how they choose to treat others, & so on & so forth”

      Thats exactly what we are doing, forming an opinion of how incorrect and uninformed this man is by the way he so on & so forthed!!

  32. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) notes that most crime is intra-racial. Statistics show that 84% of White victims are killed by Whites and 93% of Black victims are killed by Blacks (BJS, 2011). We need to address this as much as ANY other race.

  33. I believe everyone, including Mr. Macklemore, need to review the case in which he refers, Travon Martin being racial profiled. He was NOT racial profiled. The 911 operator asked Zimmerman, “Can you tell what race he is?” To which Zimmerman responded, “He appears to be black.” So, yes, Mr. West, It seems quite a few of us need to get our information correct.

      • Who…..was beating whose head on the ground and sidewalk? For this, there must be some manner of self defense.

      • So the old Marine (Semper Fidelis) would allow someone to stalk them and then run up on them without defending? Not any old dogs that I know.

      • You forget to mention the fact that Martin was the one who initiated conflict first. According to the testimony from the friend he was talking to on the phone right before he attacked Zimmerman, Trayvon said that he was going to beat him (Zimmerman) up because he thought he was some sort of gay child molester. Who was profiling who in this situation? I think anyone with any common sense would say Martin clearly did.

      • I did not say it absolved George Zimmerman. I simply said he did not racial profile Travon Martin. Zimmerman was answering a question asked him by the 911 operator.

  34. What is he supposed to do? Speak out against black on black crime? Of course not, the backlash from the black community would be enormous.

  35. Sir, you are a pompous, puffed up peacock. Were I you I would spend a bit more time doing your background research before you fire off emotional and incorrect statements. I think that FOX blood runs a tad too deep in your veins, thereby obstructing your ability to formulate thoughts with a view broader than your backyard.

  36. All due respect, I don’t think the author knows much about Macklemore and should do more research about people before he blasts them. Personally, I admire Macklemore. He’s not perfect; he’s struggled with substance abuse, etc. But human beings make mistakes. I appreciate anyone who is willing to put their money where their mouth is, and he does literally. Just one example is his music video “My Oh My” whose entire proceeds went to the Boys and Girls Club. I’m sorry, but of all the people you could pick apart in popular media, you picked the wrong one.

    • Agreed, plus, just because there are bigger problems doesn’t mean you ignore the smaller ones. A life lost is a life lost no matter the circumstance. If he, as a white artist, chose to focus on black on black crime he would have been criticized more. Bringing light to social ills is a noble deed.

      • Yes, it is noble indeed. However, pointing to Trayvon Martin as a result of racism is out of context. He wasn’t killed because he was black. He was killed because he attacked an armed person, while wearing a hoodie, being as big as any adult, and carrying 2 of the 3 ingredients used to make “lean” like he talked about constantly in his tweets and blogs. He was a thug, and was killed as a result….not because of his skin color, but for the content of his character (behavior)

      • You’ve got the wrong “thug”, YOUR KILLER THUG was just arrested again and he will stand trial AGAIN this coming year.

      • Oh….I get it now!! Since Zimmerman is a thug (and, yes, I think he’s a douchebag thug P.O.S. for sure), then certainly Trayvon wasn’t a thug. You know….’cuz only 1 person can be a thug at a time. ps..grow up

      • Did Trayvon have a truck and relentlessly follow Trayvon? Did Trayvon chase after George when he ran behind the town homes? Did George Zimmerman live down the pathway of where Trayvon was staying?

      • Man if George was chasing him down with his gun clearly in view then Trayvon was really dumb for sticking around and not going straight home as fast as possible. Or hanging up on his friend and calling the police. Both those options would have been better choices if the gun was obviously in view the whole time.

      • Actually he was killed because a grown man and gun nut chased him down and attacked him as he came back from the store. He defended himself, something we would tell all our children to do when attacked, and was shot. He was profiled by Zimmerman as one of them “that always get away!” (911 call) and his “appearing” black was all the nut needed to go after him despite law enforcement telling him to back off. The content of his character?!? He was 17. I guess his current girlfriend’s character should also be brought into question then? I had no idea Zimmerman”s purpose in this world was so pious.

      • With respect to “lean”, cough syrup containing codeine and/or promethazine is added to soda, not to a fruit juice cocktail. Arizona Watermelon, the beverage Trayvon was carrying, is a fruit juice cocktail and therefore not an ingredient in “lean”. Trayvon knew this. In the screenshot of Trayvon’s Facebook page where he discuses lean with a friend, Trayvon specifically says to mix with the cough syrup with “soda”. If he was intending to make “lean” as has been suggested, he likely would have purchased a soda, an ingredient he knew he would need, and not a fruit juice cocktail.

        Additionally, even if a person believes that Trayvon was planning on consuming some mixture of cough syrup, Arizona Watermelon, and skittles, George Zimmerman had no way of knowing that when they met.

      • He also didn’t know he was a teenager. He also didn’t know Trayvon was just kidding when he told he was going to kill him. And do a google search on making lean

      • You are 100% wrong. Zimmerman stated, “he looks in his late teens” on the NEN call.

        If you believe Zimmerman when he claimed that kid wanted to randomly kill someone, I have a bridge to sell you too. smdh

        Lastly, it doesn’t matter about the “lean shitt” you keep refering to, it doesn’t have anything to do with that night he was murdered by George Zimmerman. The kid had minimal TCH, pot in his system…AND………………………

    • Yeah … “all due respect” … it does not matter what the author knows about Macklemore (or, for that matter, what you know or don’t know) … the man said something incredibly stupid and all of us are sick and tired of being lectured to by idiots that just happen to have some talent that sells. Could not care less if he struggled with drugs, alcohol (how messed up is our society that this is suddenly a badge of honor and license to pontificate about social ills … being socially ill does NOT render you an expert), donates millions to righteous causes, or whatever. If he says something stupid, he said something stupid. PERIOD (accept I actually mean it, unlike Ob’lama). All the good he does is rendered moot by his idiotic statement that somehow the whole Trayvon affair … which was based upon a lie and whipped into a frenzy by a criminal regime and their cabal of propagandists … is commonplace in America. Especially in light of the fact that we are now seeing a rash of racist hate crimes perpetrated by blacks against whites based upon a presidential imprimatur … all based upon the lie he pitched to get himself elected.

  37. Megan…how about he NOT say anything political and just accept his award?? I changed the channel at this point….and did not see the remainder of the show. I did not tune in to hear political bullshit………I tuned in to see artists perform and awards be given. period. And, it’s true…….what about all the victims of the “Knock-out” games?? These kind of simple minded saps (you included) make me sick.

  38. Clearly you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about there, Mr. West. Have you ever even listened to Macklemore’s music? The kid’s Modus Operandi is equality and presence of mind, delivered conscientiously to millenials through a rap medium. Perhaps we should leave the serious intellectual analysis to folks that try to understand the subject under consideration before passing judgement.
    Everyone under the age of 40 that has stood within 20 feet of a radio and/or youtube in the last 2 years

  39. More uneducated trash from the uneducated, grotesque, Uncle Tom trash Allen West. Shut it you illiterate parasite.

    P.S. The American Music Awards are voted on by the people. Not one musician finds it stupid. In fact it is the one they cherish the most. But Allen West doesn’t understand that because not only is he the one supported by uncivilized low information voters but he also is one. FACT. Hey Allen; not one civilized, educated, REAL American cares about your nugatory existence you fascist piece of illiterate, anti-American, Uncle Tom TRASH .

      • I’d rather be a Liberal than a reich-wing piece of trash. The opposite of liberal is fascist you uneducated parasite.

      • “The Nazi Party was formed in Munich after World War I. It advocated right-wing authoritarian nationalist government.”

      • Look up Socialist National Party. You will probably find that you agree with much of what they stand for because that is today’s Democrat party. They had nothing to do with Right wing principals. Key word genius “Socialist” Putz

      • The Reichpublican Party is anti-freedom for anybody who doesn’t bow down to their version of “Christianity”, racist, misogynistic, anti-gay, and everything the Nazi party was and you will all hang just like those grotesque non-human Nazis that were caught were hanged.

      • Parallel to the training of the body a struggle against the poisoning of the soul must begin. Our whole public life today is like a hothouse for sexual ideas and simulations. Just look at the bill of fare served up in our movies, vaudeville and theaters, and you will hardly be able to deny that this is not the right kind of food, particularly for the youth…Theater, art, literature, cinema, press, posters, and window displays must be cleansed of all manifestations of our rotting world and placed in the service of a moral, political, and cultural idea.

        – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Chapter 10

        Allen West has said nearly the same Nazi trash

      • Today Christians … stand at the head of [this country]… I pledge that I never will tie myself to parties who want to destroy Christianity .. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit … We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press – in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during the past … (few) years.

        – Adolf Hitler

        Allen West has said the same Nazi trash

      • The fact that the Curia is now making its peace with Fascism shows that the Vatican trusts the new political realities far more than did the former liberal democracy with which it could not come to terms. …The fact that the Catholic Church has come to an agreement with Fascist Italy …proves beyond doubt that the Fascist world of ideas is closer to Christianity than those of Jewish liberalism or even atheistic Marxism…

        – Adolf Hitler in an article in the Völkischer Beobachter, February 29, 1929, on the new Lateran Treaty between Mussolini’s fascist government and the Vatican

      • To copy and paste text written by the biggest Socialist doesn’t prove you right. It shows your lack of intelligence. I now have wasted 10 minutes of my life arguing with an idiot.

      • defining terms incorrectly and calling someone uneducated in the same sentence…wow, guest, you are impressive. by the way, you don’t even know it, but you’re getting butt-plugged by “the reich” aka the Democratic Party

      • Interestingly enough most historians on WWII will tell you that Hitler was a Christian only when it served his purposes, other than that he was very critical and very much a naturalist; which is why he is responsible for mass genocide because he wanted to get rid of anyone who he saw as less superior.

    • The sheer fact that you used no evidence to prove any statement made and the other fact that you did nothing but insult and call Allen West names proves your ignorance.
      You do realize that when they say “voted by the people” they mean anyone who cares enough to typically vote for overpaid, over-hyped, talent-less, “artists”. I am quite educated myself considering I have made it to college, I am civilized cause well I do civilized things like wash and live in a house, I am a real American cause I was born here and quite frequently show that I love my country heck I almost got into the Naval Academy, and I support Mr. West. Mr. West can read so that basically proves he is literate, He is a military vet so that proves he is American since he fought for our country, and the fact that you would call him “Uncle Tom Trash” proves you sir or madam are a racist against black Conservatives.
      Getting back to the music awards. No one who likes real music actually votes for these awards. The people nominated are usually mainstream sellouts that don’t give two s***s about fans and their music is tasteless, unoriginal, and immoral. Every so often there is someone half decent that gets nominated but really no one ever worth anything. The awards reflect American society for the most part and American society is typically under-educated, don’t care about quality, like things catchy and not complex, will listen to anything that talks about sex, drugs, and money, and all around is immoral or complete garbage.
      I could keep going on and on about how uneducated your comment was but I will stop here because it is probably already too long for you to read yourself.

      • Go suck his inhuman Hitler wannabe rancid ego you parasitic trash. You mean nothing to the world and neither does he. You are all trash.

      • Oh hey look another nonsensical comment that isn’t backed up by any supporting evidence and filled with nothing but name calling. People that call war veterans Hitler wannabe’s must not have realized we fought against Hitler in the war. You called me parasitic trash too, but I think if we look at what parasites are you would realize that it means 1. Biology An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.
        a. One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.
        b. One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.

        Well I can tell you that I am pretty self sustaining considering I work and pay for my own schooling, I do a lot of community service, and I don’t flatter rich people in fact I like to criticize them and most mainstream musicians are rich for no reason at all but anyone supporting Macklemore’s claims is trying to flatter him aka suck up to him. I’m not even sucking up to Mr. West I am just pointing out that name calling, and racist/bad name calling in particular, is hardly a way to prove a point considering it is an uneducated point about the author being uneducated.

        I would also like to add that since you don’t know who I am then how do you know everyone like me is trash? If that is true then your calling anyone who is politically active, a college student, comes from the middle class, or male trash. So you just insulted so many people, probably including yourself, with your general statement and you call me trash.

      • Your problem is that you actually think you are worthy of comments better than what you got. You pieces of reich-wing trash are not even worth a flattened penny. You mean NOTHING to the world.

      • Yet again you tell me “I’m not worthy” and “trash”. You haven’t once told me why or giving me any real reason as to why I am. I will also tell you that calling me a right-wing doesn’t help your case in the slightest since I am not right-wing. You just assume I am because I don’t agree with you.

    • More low information voters ^^^ P.S no one remove the warning labels on anything dangerous while this schmuck is present. They might hurt themselves.

  40. Shame on you for criticizing him for acknowledging Trayvon Martin and other teens who have been killed due to racial profiling. People like YOU keep racial issues on going because u can’t accept the fact that someone white can do what he did. I was at the march for treyvon, anyone making an acknowledgment at this time hss my full support. Stop being so racist. I’m sick of hearing it!!

    • Screw that little black criminal and screw you. He should have been in jail instead of visiting his Dad. His school district decided to handle criminal matters (the stolen jewelry in his backpack, the weed thing and punching a bus driver) IN HOUSE. It was a policy designed to keep “troubled youth” out of jail and to lower crime statistics in the area. Criminals run the risk of getting shot from time to time when they decide to pound an armed citizens head into the concrete. We are sick of hearing it from uneducated, dim witted simpletons like you.

      • Are you still that desperate making up BS lies about Trayvon Martin? The kid was never arrested, nor did he ever face a trial and he certainly was never sentenced for any crime.

        BTW, Trayvon’s killer is due back in court in January. Will you be watching ANOTHER one of George Zimmerman trials?

      • can’t you read? I said the school districts NEW POLICY was to handle matters THAT HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED FOR, IN HOUSE! To keep little creeps like him out of jail, and lower the crime rate in that area. Learn to read.

      • Trayvon Martin never had any rights according to YOU?! You demand justice for George Zimmerman, “innocent until proven guilty” but Trayvon Martin is “GUILTY as CHARGED” even though the kid was never arrested, nor will he EVER be able to tell his side of ANYTHING.

        Keep standing up for this POS killer named, George Zimmerman until he kills one of your loved ones. You’re walking and talking hypocrite just like few left who still support this lifelong abusive and violent piece of garbage.

      • He had the right to not attack someone. He waved that right and now is taking a dirt nap with thousands of his bro’s who also met the end of a gun while they were committing a crime. He was a punk. Now he is a dead punk. p.s. Why do you all rally behind one justified “white-hispanic” shooting of a punk instead of the THOUSANDS of black on black shootings every year? Hmmm. Must be because you fail to recognize that over 4,000 of you shoot and kill over 4,000 of you every year in this country. Lord only knows how many attempts were made to get that many black on black kills. It’s well known blacks aim sideways and seldom hit what they’re aiming at…

      • I got my popcorn already popped for George Zimmerman’s second trial, how about you?

        BTW, great dialogue. You make Georgie proud. smdh

      • Personally I don’t care. Popcorn? Thought it would be skittles and a watermelon flavored AZ ice tea. Or maybe a 40 and some Hennessy?

      • Yet again you keep skipping over what rebel yell clearly just told you. The school found pot on him so instead of turning him in to the police where he would get a minor and a fine they suspended him from school and took the pot. He was constantly tweeting about making alcoholic beverages with the gang he was in. He stole a students stuff and the school didn’t send him to the police they just took it from him and suspended him. He punched a bus driver, so the school didn’t send him to the police they just suspended him. Do you see a common theme here. A lot of schools in the US have resource officers that handle problems that arise in the schools. These officers don’t charge kids criminally so they “keep a clean record” and instead the school suspends them and puts them on academic probation. If the kid continues to do it then the school takes legal action and the police get involved. My high school did the same thing, if there was a fight or someone caught with alcohol or drugs the officer would take it, the school would suspend the student, and if it happened a second time during their probationary period then they would send the kid to the police and the kid then would get a minor. You don’t actually arrest kids for drugs they just get fined and given a minor. If you get like three or four before your 18 then you go to jail for it.

      • Keep up the good work supporting a guy who molested his cousin for TEN YEARS, assaulted his ex fiance, and who assaulted a cop and resisted his arrest. Can’t forget the threats and assault on his father in-law and the threats to his soon to be ex wife either. And lets not forget when Georgie ripped his wife’s IPad out of her hands, bent the device and destroyed the video contents. Now Zimmerman’s arrested for assaulting another woman and threatening her with an assault rifle, he’s arrested again and will face another trial sometime next year.

        Good for you and your lover boy. Good luck!

      • Speaking of lover boys, check out another one of your dead “hero’s” MJ (the molester that slept with little boys in his bed)! He and the Doc were on the DL!!! (like so many of your kind)http://www.tmz.com/2013/11/24/dr-conrad-murray-michael-jackson-penis-interview-daily-mail/

      • Thanks Nathan. The thing is with blacks is they seem to only understand a statement after it’s repeated at least 8 or 10 times and usually it’s a verbal statement not a written one. I’ve seen them argue in public quite a bit (I’m sure you have to) and they repeat the same phrase ad infinitum to get the point across. i don’t really know if it’s effective, but they seem to do it all the time. Maybe we have to write our response 8 or 10 times in all caps to get a fact to penetrate their thick skulls and into their tiny brains? I don’t know, maybe we could experiment?

      • The guy was 17 and only in the tenth grade. That says something. Guess he missed a bit of school. He made bad decisions.Hopefully his classmates learn something from this bad event.

      • I’m part of the solution. I post facts, not fantasy that can easily be research by almost anyone with an IQ of over 90. Unfortunately that leaves out about 70% of the black community. (see the IQ Bell Curve).

      • Yeah imagine if you and your family were receiving 1000s of death threats a day it would probably make you fly off the edge too. Especially since if you’re ever in public you’d probably get mugged and murdered in the streets.

      • Seminole County Court my already have a pool set up to get front row seats at Zimmerman’s next trial. Check it out. 🙂

      • good for you!!!!! rebel yell! I agree with everything you are saying.. what would a black person have done if a white person was beating his head into the concrete????? he would have shot him in a second!!!

      • Alot of blacks would have shot him, or you or me for looking them in the eye. They view that as “dissin'” em and view it worthy of killing.

    • The reporting of “unreported” black crimes would INCREASE the black crime rate, not lower it and it only minutely affect the 45% of all black crimes against whites number. They don’t report some crimes because a) they want to retaliate instead of letting cops handle it. b) afraid if they report they will be victimized in a much more harsh way by the perp or his homies. c) the victim was involved in criminal activity when he/she became a victim (ie drug deal gone bad) Get real please.

    • The fact that you think the Trayvon Martin case had anything to do with race tells me you’re the one “keeping racial issues on going.”

      • good for you brains,, I agree,, trayvon was not killed because he was black.. period! he wa shot because he was beating georges head into the ground.. black or white I would have shot him too

      • “beating his head in the ground” yet the one who claims was “beaten” walked away not needing a single stitch or a single band aid??? Hmmm…

        Will you be watching George Zimmerman most recent “events” in his upcoming Trial this coming year?

      • Cause blunt force trauma can cause deep tissue damage that doesn’t bleed very much. Seriously go to a concussion unit at a hospital a lot of people have concussions that are severe and absolutely no bleeding. That’s what blunt force trauma can do. That’s why George Zimmerman having his beaten into a blunt object such as the curb did not have that much bleeding.

      • Keep thinking harder, especially when George Zimmerman REFUSED a ride to the hospital ER on THREE separate occasions the night he TOOK a LIFE to save his life. THINK!! That POS all of a sudden didn’t give a shittt about his life AFTER he TOOK a LIFE?!! THINK!

        The ONLY reason why Zimmerman sought medical attention the following day is because his employer demanded he obtain a doctors note to return to work.

        George Zimmerman didn’t go to the ER because he’s a LIAR, that would PROVE that HE took a life, SENSELESSLY because he didn’t have any “real” injuries.

      • Lots of people refuse to seek medical attention even if their injuries are bad.

        And really the onsite paramedics who testified at the trial seemed to think he had defense wounds, as well as the detectives at the scene. I don’t know if you know much about forensic science but there is quite a bit of research that has been done in figuring out whether or not defense wounds are faked and also what they’re supposed to look like.

        So considering that experts testified that he had defense wounds and you still think it’s not the case shows that you must not trust the opinions of experts very much.

      • I’m not going back and fourth with your nonsense and your ridiculous excuses for a lifelong violent POS who killed a kid senselessly.

      • Right cause next time I’m getting my head beaten into the ground I should just take it like a man. Seriously the reason why he didn’t get sent jail is because the prosecution was over zealous and had no case. It’s pretty sad when your one material witness in favor of the prosecution starts changing her story while on the stand.

        I be honest with you too when I first heard about this before I researched it all I was just like damn that is bad but once I started doing my own research and everything. The more it became obvious that Trayvon was a thug and they both instigated matter. George instigated it by not heeding to the police’s recommendations when he called 911 and Trayvon instigated it cause he’s a thug. Trust me before I researched the matter I agreed with you. I also agree with you that the court did very little in this matter considering the complete acquittal. If they weren’t going to give him jail time at the very least they should have given him probation time and suspended his concealed firearms license indefinitely.

        And I know I’ve never heard any of the claims you made earlier about Zimmerman and I’m not really sure what your sources are either, so if you wish to post them to give them any sort credibility go ahead but I won’t be surprised if you don’t.

      • You “never heard any of my claims”? READ the evidence! Knock yourself out supporting this piece of garbage Zimmerman, most people have woken up, well, most.

        But do enjoy your front row seats to George Zimmerman’s latest AND next trial. Good luck!

      • I wasn’t going to defend him for this one he legitimately did break the law quite flagrantly but I’ll still tell ya he killed Trayvon in self defense. And considering you don’t wish to share your sources of all those claims you made earlier I’m just going to assume they’re probably false.

        I’m not a defender of a particular person or people I’m a defender of our justice system, and they got it right for the most part on that one. And I hope he does go to jail this time cause he did break law after the trial.

      • Are you lonely or desperate for attention? I have MY OPINION and you have yours, now MOVE ON…….

        Enjoy your front row seat to the next trial.

    • Oh leave him alone. His heart is in the right place. Hes trying to bring awareness, preach love and acceptance and although his stats are wrong what youre doing is trying to create more seperation and hate. But hey, you have the right to be wrong. Im withbyou jackie

    • Yes, you did not get the point of this article. You could push around the word racist all you want and half the people don’t even know what the word means. If you are so sick and tired of hearing this, go do something that will make a difference in your community. All the people who were screaming the loudest have done 100% nothing for the community. They pick themselves up and walk away after creating a worse problem than what something was. Why don’t you go to the NAACP, Al Sharpton and Rev. Jackson and anyone else who are the ‘big talk no action’ people – go and ask THEM what they are doing to help black communities. Talk is cheap. I personally admire the doers.

      • Macklemores only point was that racial profiling happens and in the case of Martin cost him his life. As a 40 yr old white guy in the same situation i like my chances of being able to walk to the gas station for a snack and be back in time to watch the all star game. Although with the way things are going with Zimmerman maybe not.

    • Trayvon Martin was killed by Zimmerman as an act of self defense. Apparently according to Martin’s Twitter account he bragged to his friends about knocking out a bus driver with one punch playing the “hit it and quit it” game. Rachel Jeantel said that that night on Piers Morgan. Martin tried to knock of Zimmerman with one punch. Unfortunately for him the “Crackah” was armed. These are Rachel Jeantel words

      • No they’are not Rachel Jeantel’s words. What she did say in a Huffington Post interview, NOT Piers Morgan, was that if Trayvon was “being detained by Zimmerman” he would defend himself”. And that’s exactly what Trayovn did, the “FK N PUNK” as GZ called him and because George Zimmerman CLEARLY stated on his call to the cops, “didn’t want another A HOLE getting away”!

        Are Georgie’s NEXT TRIAL, again pulling a gun on yet, another person?

      • I saw it live on Piers Morgan asshat. She said he was just playing putting a woop ass on da crackah. Don’t tell me what I saw, this is my business. I watch this crap for a living. This is why yRachel 15 minutes of fame are over. She exposed the entire states case as a fraud with that 3 sentence idiotic comments

      • 100% FALSE. If you watch tv for a living, then you should be fired.

        Got your front row seat reserved for Zimmerman’s next trial? LOL

      • I don’t watch TV for a living asshat. I have a talk show. Brandon you are making this stuff up hoping no one knows you’re full of crap

      • “Don’t tell me what I saw, this is my business. I watch this crap for a living”

        Great, now we know you make a damn fool out of yourself on your talk show too. LOL

      • the fire arm was never produced until Zimmerman was on his back “Ground and pound” style. The gun came into it. Absolutely no evidence Zimmerman detained anyone. Except in your fertile mind. Perhaps you might look into writing fiction because nothing you claim is true. I watched the entire trial, you have no clue of what you spew but thank you for playing “Thing dumbasses say”

      • Of course there is no physical evidence that Zimmerman threatened Trayvon with his gun, HE’S “CONVENIENTLY” DEAD.

        George Zimmerman has now threatened Shellie Zimmerman and her father with a handgun, punched him in the face and completely destroyed Shellie’s IPad, all caught on home surveillence footage. NOW George Zimmerman threatens his new girlfriend with an assault weapon and you mean to tell me Zimmerman didn’t threaten Trayvon with “THE GUN” the night he chased that kid down for no damn reason at all? Right, Zimmerman didn’t want another “PUNK/C**N and another A Hole getting away” now did he!

        Keep looking like a complete moron supporting that sociopath freakn’ nut!

      • Actually that entire statement is a fantasy. He never punched anyone and when the police came they found no gun. Sheelie said I thought he had one. She smashed the I pad you’re right about one thing there was video and it proved she lied. If Zimmerman threatened his father inlaw with a gun he would have been arrested. You are a dimwit. Keep making it up. He never “Chased anyone” Unfortunately you didn’t see much or any of the case or trial. I did, I watched almost 100% of the trial and live in the market and saw the first TV report (Local) from Orlando. Martin’s father when asked if the voice was his son on 911, he said “NO that ain’t my son” You are making a total ass of yourself with your pathetic comments made of hole clothe

      • More childish names? SMDH

        And right, every single one fo George Zimmerman’s VICTIMS has lied on him. What a poor “victim of circumstance”. LOL!!!

        Give Seminole County Courthouse a ring, maybe they’ll give you a front row seat with your name on it for his next trial.

      • LOL George Zimmerman said it was God’s will you moron. The Secret Service? What Secret Service, you’re an imbecile

      • Have a seat, chump.

        Lake Mary police: We don’t have enough evidence to prosecute George Zimmerman

        The Secret Service couldn’t salvage video from his wife’s broken iPad.

        November 14, 2013|By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel

        Lake Mary police on Thursday announced that they could not salvage video from an iPad George Zimmerman tore up during a dispute with his estranged wife and thus he will face no domestic violence charges.

      • The secret service have nothing to do with this case you imbecile. run along you have become jejune. No more imbecile. Don’t you have a spill on isle 3 or some carts to push back into the store?

      • The IPad video devise was sent to the Secret Service by the Lake Mary Police Department in attempt to retrieve the video. The SS was unable to extract any kind of video thanks to Georgie for intentionally destroying evidence.

        Your ignorance and lack of knowledge only shows me you shouldn’t be doing a so called talk show; you fail in every area of information in regards to Zimmerman’s abusive and violent behavior. You don’t want to see the truth, you just want to keep sucking Z’s d*ck for the balance of your life. LOL

      • “Lack of evidence” does that phrase mean anything to you son? Are you a radio executive? You haven’t listened so how would you know homie? Zimmerman has been convicted only in your tiny little mind not in a court of law. Now run along and get your talking points to defend the 0bama crime family

      • scamper away no little man with no life. I have given your life meaning this afternoon. When I move on you have to live your empty little life. With no future, your family tree still has relatives living it. I’m sure most of your family is doing time or has been a suspect. That is why your making this empty attempt to annoy me. You are like a gnat, a flea really with the importance of a family of fleas. You can trace you ancestor back more then 2 generations and those people are 10 times dumber then you.

      • Zimmerman according to his census form is an “Afro Peruvian Indian” he’s a registered democrat who supported 0bama. I have no political agenda. I am interested in justice. You want a lynch mob who wants to rip to shreds some guy you thought was white because he straightened out some thug who lost the “Knock out a crackah” game. http://www.theteapartychannel.com 8-10 am EST weekdays . listen watch learn and call. I dare you you punk

      • Trayvon was killed by a lifelong abusive and violent THUG who is sporting a GPS ankle monitor tracking his every move.

      • Of course there wasn’t enough evidence, George Zimmerman ripped Shellie’s IPad out of her hands, bent the damn thing, cut it open with a knife and FK N conveniently destroyed the evidence, DOPE.

        Not having a “smart” day, are ya. LOL

      • I read that he ate the knife and chewed up the Ipad lol he killed her father and fed him to an alligator . He’s a super hero

      • LOL Dis the secret Service find them? LOL If he assaulted her father Zimmerman would have been charged with assault. You are an extremely stupid stupid man. Secret Service? lol

      • You can’t read what the Orlando Sentinel published either? Damn, your “fans” from your so called “talk show” should be informed of your tragic disability. LOL

      • So Brandon you and your dimwit friends have concocted all of this nonsense. I watched and read then entire transcript. I am not supporting Zimmerman or anyone else. I am a seeker of the truth, you are a victim of your extremely immature emotions. Martin was playing the knockout game and messed with the wrong Hispanic guy. Ya know the homie doesn’t always win the knockout game and in Florida where we all carry guns it’s a game best not played.

      • I’m immature, Mr President of the name caller club?? LOL

        Right, you’re a supporter of the “truth” but unwilling to absorb the truth when I post articles proving you are 100% wrong.

        Also sitting online calling juvenile names continuously, supporting a lifelong abusive violent thug, Zimmerman, for hours on end and you claim you don’t support him???LOLOLOLOLOL

        Get your front row ticket to George Zimmerman’s latest and greatest trial. LOL Bubbye… LMAO!

      • So…going based off what you say, Zimmerman shot Martin while he (Martin) was whaling on him “ground and pound” style, right?

        And yet…no blood splatter on Zimmerman or the gun. In fact, none of Martins DNA whatsoever was found on George Zimmerman’s clothes.

        But of course, the “thug” was so dangerous, he was able to defy physics, right?


      • Aaron I believe you have watched entirely too many episodes of CSI. The shot was fired upward according to experts. Zimmerman was on his back being punched MMA style according to eye witnesses. Now son you can call me dumbass all you like but the evidence says Trayvon was the aggressor and Zimmerman was defending his life not standing his ground. Now move on to something defending 0bamacare or some other silly unwinnable argument

  41. I read through most of the comments on this board and find, for the most part, racial division and inequality on all sides mainly in the name of racial harmony and equality. It seems ironic to myself and others that the most vociferous and “proactive” in the representation of minorities seem to be the most prejudiced. Do some of you even read what you post or are you so caught up in your version of right and wrong based on your own skin color and cultural background that you’re quick to pull the trigger on someone else the second they say something that doesn’t fit with your personal sense of righteous indignation?
    Cleveland Jackson
    Rosebud Sioux Tribe (RSU18428)

  42. I think it is about time we settle this race thing once and for all. People with an open mind like Allen West, Bill Cosby and millions of others of that ilk should be called Black Americans who will live in this society and make it better.

    Racists like Cleveland Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, where who feel persecuted and not as good as the aforementioned group: will never change their attitude, are always looking for some type of so called reparations will heretofore be called NIGGERS.

  43. He’s. Another wana be. He Also needs. To get his facts. Straight first. More black people. Kill there own race and more black kill whites. And you don’t hear white. People. Yelling.racial. remarks. He’s just scoring. BROWNIE – POINTS “

  44. 1st off, George Zimmerman has steadily kept his name in the news for the wrong reasons, making one question the legitimacy of the acquittal. IMO the prosecutors probably should have went for manslaughter instead of murder and they may have had a conviction. 2nd, Has the writer listened to Macklemore’s albums? He pretty much talks about ending violence, being responsible citizens, getting a better education, and stronger families.

    • Really? Singing about it and doing something about it are too different things. If one is going to stand up before thousands of people, at least that person could do is have the true facts. Did you ever hear the saying, “big talk no actions”! People need to put on their “smart thinking caps” and if you don’t have one, go to school and get educated. Go make a difference in your society instead of being a problem in it.

      • With that rhetoric then a rapper who raps about gangs and violence but never actually participated in it isn’t doing anything detrimental to his or hers audience by perpetuating and glamorizing that lifestyle because he or she doesn’t “walk the walk”. However, I think the message alone is what matters and what resonates with the listeners. Macklemore’s positive songs will help teach tolerance and acceptance regardless of if he actually donates time or money to these causes.

    • You sir are not fit to suck the sweat out of Allen West socks. Col West is a decorated warrior and a great free thinking man. He does not reside on the democrat plantation where only black democrats who harvest their votes now instead of cotton.

      • War criminal, LOL hardly. He saved the lives of his men. Why do you hate free thinking black men? Allen West was neither charged nor convicted of a war crime you asshat.

      • Scumbags like you have no idea even the concept of honor, that’s why when you see it you don’t realize it.

      • I also notice you didn’t even attempt to disprove any of what I said…because you can’t. Say hi to your sister/wife/aunt for me.

      • It’s LTC West, actually. The Army gave him the boot before he could make full bird colonel. Just like the voters in Florida… And the editorial board at PJ Media.

      • The Army gave him a full Honorable discharge with a full pension, hardly the “boot” you dullard. West is officially retired so peddle your unfounded bullsh^t elsewhere.

      • He retired following an investigation into his conduct in which he was fined $5000. I don’t know how much you know about the selection rate for officers looking to move from 0-5 to 0-6, but he wasn’t going to get promoted. Ever. It’s called “up or out.”

      • He was done to be sure but receives full pension and and Honorable discharge. When you speak to a LtC or Col it’s Col. Now you may wish to besmirch his sacrifice by degrading his service because he’s black and you hate a black man who has honor but I will stand by my comment. He was not given the boot. And you are entitled to support the Marxist 0bama crime family but I find your lack of respect for Col West extremely telling about your hatred of free thinking blacks

      • But when you write the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel it is abbreviated LTC, not “Col” as you did. Since you were writing and not speaking you were wrong and you inadvertantly gave LTC West a rank he did not earn.
        I’m not besmirching anyones sacrifice, the record speaks for itself. Allen West was relieved of command and censured by the Army for violation of the UCMJ. I couldn’t care less that he’s black. I don’t like him because he’s a loudmouthed conservative Republican whose stock-in-trade is throwing red meat to the base.
        Although if I’m honest there is one other thing that bugs me about West. The jump wings. Who wears their jump wings on their suit jacket? Dude, unless you jumped into Normandy nobody gives a f*** about your wings. Nobody cared when you were in the Army and definitely nobody cares now.

      • He was Honorable discharged and received an art. 15 which is like a trip to the principals office douche bag

      • I should address a LTC as Col douch hat? Thanks for the tip. Commas are your friends….
        In any case, you’re somewhat correct you do address both O-6s and O-5s as “Colonel.” But when written, their ranks are abbreviated to “COL” and “LTC” respectively.

      • Do you hate all black people or just ones who think for themselves and don’t still live on the Democrat plantation?

      • I don’t hate anyone really. But I don’t like Allen West’s politics or his public persona. And I think it’s a good thing that he’s not a military officer or a member of Congress anymore. This current gig as a media critic seems to fit him much better.

      • what racist comments? Brandon? Blacks are used by democrats to harvest their votes. They don’t get table scrapes from white liberals they get 0bama phones, and snap cards. Facts are hardly racist.

      • Really, I see sucker blacks vote over and over for Dems and are still living like animals. The democrats have stripped blacks of their dignity for 2 hundred years. The Dems started the Klan and only the insane would vote over and over and expect different results. Keep letting them harvest your votes stupid

      • “harvest my votes”?

        You don’t know who I vote for, nor do you know my race. p.s.. I’ll give you a hint, I’m not black.

        You’re batting a thousand, are you going for two? LOL

      • Just like the imbeciles who had the Duke Lacrosse team guilty seems little miss Magnum made the entire thing up now she’s doing 14 years for murder. Karma is a bitch

      • Right, “karma is a bitch”, Zimmerman has a new piece of jewelry latched onto his ankle tracking his every move.

        Now it’s time to move on, chump.

  45. Racial profiling and black on black violence are different issues altogether. if you resolve one you don’t resolve the other. If I got on stage and spoke of the need to cure AIDS I’m quite sure your response would be that cancer kills more people each year. Your attempt to pander to the white conservative base of your party is sickening.

    • there is no racial profiling there is behavioral profiling. If black men commit seven times more homicides then whites per capita (according to the FBI) then it is wise to view young black men differently then you would a group of 50 year old black women. Ignoring bad, savage behavior is counterintuitive and extremely dangerous. Please don’t try to tell me you’re in no more danger in the middle of the Ghetto at 2am then you are in downtown Palm Beach on Worth Ave at 2 am.

  46. In Jackson, Mississippi a white man was in town for a bass tournement. He saw someone around his boat. He walked outsidelike his motel unarmed and was shot in the head by a black boy. Why is this story not in the news media? Why is the man’s face not plastered all over the cover of a magazine. He was shot in cold blood. Why do people not cry out for justice for him? I feel offended and discriminated aganist. Why am I a hated for the color of my white skin?

  47. “serious intellectual analysis?” Is that what you’re doing, Mr. West? I find the fact that you feel compelled to give out “Stupid Awards” deliciously ironic.

  48. Absolute truth from a true American Patriot! I am happy to read any of your truthes for they are straight forward and to the point! Anyone that cannot handle that need not read nor comment farther!
    Colonel and Honorable Allen West I hope you read this and will respond? Sir What are your plans for running for office again? If I may I will be ready to volunteer to help your campaign in Southern Georgia! We need you so much to do what you do best Lead! God Bless you Sir and your entire family and your tireless efforts! I shall pray for you Sir!

  49. Soo because “black people kill more black people than the KKK” racial profiling is now ok. Wonder if Al used these same reasoning skills when he beat the crap out of an Iraqi policeman to get run out of the military. For your information Al, Macklemore does sing about making a better society. You might want to actually have some knowledge of the subject your talking about before…aww never mind. You’re just a talking head for faux news only capable of spewing talking points and hate. You’re only that because you couldn’t win in Florida!!! In the south a republican and you couldn’t win? That should tell how the GOP really feels about a black man in a position of power.

    • No I think point was that since blacks also commit a significantly higher amount of crime on themselves and others that, it’s logically wise to suspect certain individuals of wrong doing. That’s not racial it’s just statistical. And before you get up in arms I”m not saying all black criminals are either.

      For example you’re suspect is a tall Russian you’re not going to look for a short japanese man.

      • If Macklemore sings about making a better society, then I’m Pablo Picasso… how can sex, drugs, and money possibly contribute in any way to the betterment of the American people? This is a truly disgusting idea.

      • This is ridiculous. When Macklemore sings about drugs, it’s to describe his destructive personal experience with it and his current struggle to stay sober. And neither does he recurrently sing about sex or money. You’re putting him in a case of prejudices where you already put every other rapper.
        I’d advise you to listen to some of his songs (otherside, inhale deep or starting over).

  50. 1. Black people attack white people way more often than the reverse. From Tawana Brawley until this year, according to crime stats, 500,000 white girls were raped by black men to zero black women being raped by white men.

    2. Any time white people say boo to a black youth, it is national news. The knock out game is one that I have seen for at least twenty years and no one, not even the police give a damn unless a white guy fights back.

    3. The violence perpetrated on black folks is overwhelmingly B on B. I find it interesting that black folks do not scream about B on B violence and praise, and cheer B on W violence.

    4. The leading cause of death for young black men in DC was murder, when I was young. Today it is the ravages of HIV. Why is no one in the BLACK community trying to deal with that? Or is that another WHITE man’s cause.

    MLK was a Republican …. Wake up brothers and sisters …. Who are the racists and who are the perpetrators here?

  51. This is why I can’t take Americans seriously, my Mayor smokes crack and i’d still trust him over this guy, god bless Macklemore, at least someone cares

  52. I trust my crack smoking mayor in office more than i trust this guy, people like this are the reason i can’t take many Americans seriously, kudos to Macklemore for standing up to issues that concern him

  53. I don’t understand the point of this article. Mr. West, I ask why it is you are so concerned about another person’s concerns. At least he had the heart speak out for time long issue we have as human beings. It seems ignorant to instantly label another as “stupid” while he is using a few seconds of air time to address such an issue. It seems like a better use of time than the five minutes (i assume) that it took for you to write such slanderous jargon. Does a respected writer (again I am assuming) not have anything better to do? I see Macklemore’s speech as being short-sighted, but I also don’t recall anything at any such award shows as being a very deep topic or properly backed up by facts and references. I’m now bored of this and realize for me to fully approach this any further would require more time than I wish to use. Good day. Now please find something enlightening or purposeful to waste my time with.

    • The problem that West has is that compared to white on black crime, black on black and black on white crime, is overwhelming more prevalent. His implication, however, was the opposite, that black kids were in greatest danger of being murdered by whites, where not only is it true that blacks commit far and above more crimes against whites than whites do against blacks, it is the case that blacks are in much greater danger of being victimized by a fellow black than by a white. Furthermore, the so called “knockout game”, overwhelming played by blacks with whites, jews and asians as targets, has brought attention to the racial disparity in criminality and victimhood. It is remarkably ignorant, then, of Macklemore to make the statement he did in light of all this. Culturally, Americans (I’m Canadian, an outsider looking in) seem keen on largely ignoring black on black violence (black on white violence, they do address, usually indirectly and in frankly unhelpful ways, although I think the rest of the world attributes more malice to these than is really present) even though addressing it would leave the black community much better off than doing so with comparably negligible white on black violence, and Macklemore is carrying on that deleterious practice.

  54. Truly incredible that someone could write something this offensive and pass it off as journalism in 2013. This is the kind of bigotry you would expect to see 60 years ago.

    Do people honestly think writing an article like this is helping anything? Racial profiling absolutely does exist and good on him for using his fame for something good. This kind of white privilege and race-phobia is the exact reason we still have such high crime rates and substance problems in inner cities.

    The author is literally taking a statistic and warping it to seem like blacks are more likely to kill blacks in any situation, but refuses to acknowledge the drastic discrepancy between socioeconomic factors in the same recorded crime rates. The problem he is phrasing is done so in a way that he wants you to fear blacks and blame/ignore problems in inner cities. The problem is glaringly societal and not racial, but old white men and fox news are happy with framing it this way because it just levies them more power.

    This is an embarrassing excuse for any kind of journalism. People should really think about the world outside of their privileged bubble.

    • I agree. I feel like I’m missing something, because it is a valid issue that we have to deal with. I’m having an extremely hard time to understand why addressing the issue in the few seconds he had constitutes to label him an idiot or stupid. It just seems Ignorant.

    • The socioeconomic disparity is because the ghetto dwellers don’t want to go to school or work ,if the can’t be athletes or rap stars they become criminals and if the truth hurts so – be -it and if that makes me a racist ,I”M PRUOD OF IT

    • The socioeconomic factors? Take a look at the Appalachian region and get back to me. POOR as POOR gets, 90% white as a whole. But, their violent crime rate is much lower than the national average. However look at the norther region that touts a black % of the population at only 5.1% and the southern region @ 18.4. here:http://www.arc.gov/assets/research_reports/Chapter3–AppalachianRegion2010CensusReport.pdf

      then look at the violent crime rates that show it very low in the north but significantly higher in the south due not to socioeconomics as it’s one of the poorest areas of the country. here: https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/189559.pdf

      you are full of nonsense. This primarily white region, which touts a population in excess of 25 million people yet exhibits a low violent crime rate (with the exception of the southern region, which has 18.4 black population, FLUSHES YOUR IGNORANT/STUPID argument down the toilet. So glad I could attempt to educate you. Blacks are a problem wherever they go, period.

  55. Well said! Whoever this Macklemore guy is (I’ve never heard of him – and what’s with the one-name B.S – does he think that he is such an easily and instantly recognizable cultural icon that he needs only one name, like, say, Elvis, or Prince, or Madonna?), he sounds like just another typical Entertainment Industry Idiot mindlessly regurgitating Mainstream Media propaganda drivel and should be regarded as such.

  56. Honestly, I find this article disgusting, and I’m a conservative, military-loving man of faith who agrees with the premise of this argument but strongly disagrees with the attitude and demeaning nature of it.
    To those who disagree completely with the premise, think about it this way: if we disregard skin color, as we should and would in a perfect world, then it is more sympathetic and logical to seek an end in black-on-black crime than white-on-black, simply because it statistically accounts for more deaths in the black population. If we were to allowed to eliminate either one realm of violence or the other, between white-on-black and black-on-black, it would serve the black community better as a whole to eliminate black-on-black violence due to the significantly higher number of blacks killed by other blacks. To support the elimination of white-on-black racism is seemingly only geared by certain white peoples’ false sense of moral obligation to not “be racist” and “support the underdog minorities.” Such thought is destructive and paradoxical.
    If we are truly all equal, we should be treated as such, and the powers of logic and reason should outweigh this false idealism of “if I support blacks, I’m not racist.” This is simply untrue.
    Another thought to leave you with: many people view the Republican party as the racist party that seeks to hold black people back, but consider this: Democrats control almost every large city where such high amounts of black-on-black crime are committed. It is under this Democratic governance that black people continue a vicious cycle of criminal activity and end up dead or in jail, seemingly without any way out. I wonder if those Democrat leaders are as concerned as they say they are with ending that cycle… they have been elected on the premise that they are while Republicans most certainly are not, but I’m really beginning to wonder if that’s the truth…

    I seek the advancement of all mankind, black, white, yellow, brown… It is my belief that Democrats talk the talk but fail miserably to make any difference in their policy. I cannot see any Republicans that I follow as racist, I feel that all of them share the same sentiments that I do. Yet everyone and his mother thinks the Republicans are the racists; I just don’t get it.

    • Maybe it’s because the mainstream media continually hammers this into the skulls of low-information individuals who look no further than their TV’s in order to formulate their world-view. The media is no more than a propaganda machine for the left and long-ago abdicated their responsibility to fulfill their obligation as a part of our supposed system of checks and balances.

    • Now your statement in the way it is presented I agree with. But the statement of Mr. West si that one has no validity because the other number is higher. That is like saying that feeding the hungry in DC is stupid when you have so many more oversees who are hungry… one is not reflective or supplemental of the other,

    • Black and Hispanic drivers that they would be stopped by police during 2002 and 2005. Yet, of the white drivers stopped, only 3.5 – 3.6% of them were searched in 2002 and 2005; Black and Hispanic drivers who were stopped were searched 10.2-11.4% and 9.5 – 8.8% between 2002 and 2005 respectively.


      • Good they will catch more drunk drivers and take more criminals off the streets that way. Not so much wasted time.

    • So a person’s skin color, not their environment, education, childhood, etc., is their motivation to commit crime?

      That is the dumbest thing I’ve read in the past three days. Like, seriously, I’m pretty sure I just lost two I.Q. points even reading your ignorant statement, Sir.

      God, I hope your children and grandchildren marry black people.

  57. I am so sick and tired of these people who have a voice and use it like they are complete idiots. I have never heard so much racial talk than I have in the last few years. Racism??? Let’s back up a little here. Who screams racism more than the Liberals when we disagree with Obama? Even some of the media has written we are racists because we have an African American President? And Oprah,,,,seriously what the Hell was she thinking on that interview with BBC? I use to like her but after hearing that interview I think she is just useless. There she sit and announces to the world that most of the white are racist because we have an African American President. Then she goes on to talk about the Southern whites during the Civil Right Movement and how they were extreme racist. And her next comment about those whites now old,,,”They just need to die”. What was she thinking? She struggled as a child and got herself out of that and succeeded in life. She also became famous. Why couldn’t she set a better example and used her experiences to share with others on how she did that? Use herself as a motivator for others.

    As far as Macklemore, let’s invite him to Chicago. I’ll give him a map to the South Side of the city and let him talk to the people there. Who is killing who? The blacks are killing the blacks that live there. Babies, little children and adults. A few months ago two black gang members opened fired on a bunch of blacks just having fun in a park. They shot 11 people, one of which was a 3 year old boy who was hit right in the face. Today on the news a woman, in that community, was taking a shower last night when a bullet came through her bathroom window hitting her. She did survive and the bullet wasn’t meant for her. Yes they are killing each other on the South Side of Chicago. But the sad thing is they are killing more innocent people than their rival gang members. All I can say to Macklemore,,,”Thank you idiot for adding another notch to the race card and helping in growing more racial tension. You need to go back to school and get a better education”.

    • Fame and fortune does not negate the overtly racial stance of so many in America. no one said “all” nothing is an absolute. but to be blind to the fact that OUR black President has been racially attacked over and over again is ignorance. Racial profiling is very real and needs to be addressed. unfair sentencing is very real. disparity in the judicial system is systematic and calculated. Speaking about race does not build racial tension. Following a 16 year old boy through a neighborhood because he “looked suspicious” and then shooting this un-armed child because you start loosing the fight you initiated does.

      • The sourced facts are from conservative outlets:

        Fact: Prison sentences of black men were nearly 20% longer than those of white men for similar crimes in recent years, an analysis by the U.S. Sentencing Commission found.
        Fact: Black and Hispanic drivers that they would be stopped by police during 2002 and 2005. Yet, of the white drivers stopped, only 3.5 – 3.6% of them were searched in 2002 and 2005; Black and Hispanic drivers who were stopped were searched 10.2-11.4% and 9.5 – 8.8% between 2002 and 2005 respectively.

      • You are a typical Liberal. That is the problem with you Libs. When anybody disagrees with Obama,,,OMG the race card is pulled. Why? Because like you just said “Our black President”. You want to keep going back to what Zimmerman did as your only argument. There were plenty of us white people that were not happy about it either. But no we are all racists. As far as I’m concerned Zimmerman was nothing but a loose cannon who should have gone to jail.

        “Our Black President” has done nothing but lie to us over and over and over. Totally wreck our health care system and still lies about it. Knew about that millions of people would lose their insurance,,,,but still lies about it. Fast & Furious…..lied about it. Benghazi….lied about it. IRS targeting people….lied about it. Spying on on allies……lied about it. Oh but he is black so nobody should disagree with him because that makes you a racist. Racially attacked my ass.

        Did you disagree with Bush when he was President….bet you did…..he is white and you are black…..you are a racist for disagreeing with a white president. How’s does it feel?

        I am not a racist and the majority of our fellow Americans are not racists. Yes there are still some as has been since the beginning of time against whites and blacks.

        Oh yes we whites are racist. Well you brought it up so here goes. During the days of the slavery,,,,,whites you helping those people run away…whites had the underground railroad to get them up North here….Whites hid them out, chancing the fact that the so called owners of the slaves could come and also take the white man back South and throw them in jail or hang them also. No whites took that chance and hid those people to help move them up to Canada to freedom.

        Civil War…Northern whites fought for the freedom the the blacks.

        Civil Rights Movement. Whites marched with the black for equal rights. Democrats wouldn’t even let the blacks vote. The Republicans fought for their rights to vote. White marched in the South for the blacks equal rights and whites were also killed for it.

        Now because we have a black president we are racist. People have disagreed with their President since we had our first President. So now take you race card and shove it. I am not a racist but I am one angry Republican who is pissed off with you Liberals who take that card and use it because we disagree with a president. I have black friends and they would tell you what to do with the race card also. What would you call them,,,,they totally don’t like “Our Black President”. Perhaps you should leave out the word black and call him “Our President”. You so are a racist.

      • Uhhhh first I am an independent. and I have disagreed with every president i have known. even Our black one, on those topics… (except fast and furious, that was a police action) and many more topics than u just listed. but disagreement does not make racial attacks. that was your statement not mine. calling him the “food-stamp president” is racist. being a birth-er is racist. shirts that say put the white back in the white-house are racist. bumper stickers that say don’t Re-Nig in 2012 are racist. depicting him and his family as monkeys is racist. claiming he is Muslim after damning him for Rev. Write is racist… (not damning him for Wright, but knowing he is Christian and still saying he is Muslim) and countless others. Now you see no where in this was a policy dispute. no where was a legislative disagreement. Here is an exercise for you. since it seems you want to deny that racial attacks are evident against our president. just goggle racial attacks against Obama. But like all presidents he not done nothing but Lie. but he did lie… like all presidents. what is a more egregious lie. “you can keep your health care plan if you like it” or “we are going to war to stop weapons of mass destruction” ?

      • I looked it up and a lot of that comes from Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. I don’t follow them. They are the minority. Don’t judge the whites by the minority. Food stamp president,,I don’t consider that a racial remark. When the food stamp program originally started along with the Welfare Program, a white president was labeled that also. Birth-er, don’t call that racist either,,,that really started big time when Michelle, in a speech which she made the comment “We just got back form visiting Barracks’ home country of Kenya”. That comment made it sound like he was born in Kenya and not the US. She should have been a little more careful how she spoke. As far as being accused of being Muslim,,,not racial. His actions have led a lot of us in this country to believe he is Muslim. A lot of us believe he is in with the Muslim Brotherhood. That is not racial that is dangerous. A lot of the racial remarks that are being made come from the minority and some are just coming from angry Americans. Is it right…No. Here’s something for you…do a look up in Google on racial attacks on whites. The racial attacks on Obama you gave are words,,,,the racial attacks on whites are killings in huge numbers. By the way,,,Fast & Furious was more than police action…Holder should have answered for that one.

  58. “Please leave serious intellectual analysis to those of us who live in the real world.”

    really. and what world is that exactly? firstly dismissing one egregious offense because there are other more egregious offenses in the world is your Stupid Award. That is like saying that churches collecting food for less fortunate is “stupid” because of the sooo many more people around the world are starving. The world Mr. West lives in is beyond my comprehension.

    • Wow. the world where liberals just make up facts to support their point of view must be a fun place. You’re never wrong. Like the guy who said George Washington signed the first bill to give free food and shelter to the poor. I’m sure in liberal reality that happened. Mr. West takes this rapper to task for his social commentary that has no factual basis. Even if you support his view his statements should be condemned. If you can’t win a debate with facts then what’s the point? To implement policy that is sure to fail? Great. How’s Obamacare working out?

      • Fact: Prison sentences of black men were nearly 20% longer than those of white men for similar crimes in recent years, an analysis by the U.S. Sentencing Commission found.
        Fact: Black and Hispanic drivers that they would be stopped by police during 2002 and 2005. Yet, of the white drivers stopped, only 3.5 – 3.6% of them were searched in 2002 and 2005; Black and Hispanic drivers who were stopped were searched 10.2-11.4% and 9.5 – 8.8% between 2002 and 2005 respectively.

      • If little green men were committing the majority of crime would you waste all your resources looking at the red, blue and orange ones or would you focus on the ones actually committing the crimes.

      • I look at the links you posted. So because the government created these laws and rules you blame all the whites. Perhaps instead of blah blah blah with the race card, you stand up and do something about it. Go after the government to get this changed. And at the same time go after them to help resolve all the gang killings that are going on in the cities,,,like Chicago. Let me ask you,,,,if those gangs were all white, killing and wounding innocent people with drive by shootings, you see a gang of white guys walking down the street wouldn’t you start profiling them? It’s the minority of blacks that ruin it for all black just as it is the minority of whites who ruin in for all whites.

      • Chicago is a perfect example of blacks propensity to commit violent crime. The demographics are almost equal, roughly 30% black/white/hispanic. Yet blacks commit over 80% of the murder. Bet ole John will try and explain that away too, Problem is, he’s a buffoon.

      • “propensity” good word. since that seems to be the prevailing thought throughout this thread…. the belief that blacks are preconditioned to commit crime… nothing to do with economics, overpopulation, the funneling of drugs and weapons to the inner city. education. the second class citizen mentality (on both sides) the fact the we are only 3 generations from Jim crow laws. The Willie Lynch doctrine…. naw none of that … its purely the skin color that makes crime happen. And don’t get me wrong, I am not excusing the actions of idiots who pick up a gun vs a book. they disgust me the same way that people who shoot up a grade school disgust me. or people who blow up a federal building in TX disgusts me. but according to your logic I guess white people have a “propensity” to be serial killers and terrorist. and when intelligence meets ignorance, ignorance resorts name calling. buffoon, really…

      • White’s live in these exact circumstances (as you listed as an excuse) in these exact same neighborhoods, yet don’t commit violent crime in anywhere near the numbers as blacks. Wonder why? It’s because whites aren’t anything like the feral black. 3 generations from Jim Crow laws? Laughable. 3 human generations but more like 4 or 4.5 for blacks. Blacks are the only race that become great grandparents at the age of 50. My goodness you’ll blame YT for all your problems but refuse to blame the real problem, Single mother black homes (70%) absent fathers, poor work ethic (the welfare mentality, YT owes me), lack of moral values, disdain for education, greed, envy, and instant gratification/lack of forethought and consequence and NOT TAKING ANY PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR LIVES ( blaming everything and everyone other than themselves for their current situation.) .

      • Here’s a little something on your notion that serial killers are predominately white. Here’s an excerpt for you: Results show blacks are more than twice as likely to be serial killers and presently almost 3 times as likely. Choke on it you misinformed racist that lies.

        The 155 Black sexual serial killers from the 417 total represented 37.2% of all the sexual serial murders in the U.S. as of April, 2012. In 1980 Black sexual serial killers accounted for approximately 21.7% of the murders. Black sexual serial killer doubled between 1991 and 2000 to 50.6% and then peaked at 70.1%between 2001 and 2012. Presently, the overall percentage is 37.2%, which is almost double the percentage from the 1980’s.

        The data was divided chronologically beginning with cases which occurred prior to 1980 and then calculated in ten-year increments up to the April, 2012. The following Table provides a breakdown of sexual serial murder prior to 1980 up to April, 2012.
        Research Conclusions

        There was a total of 417 Sexual Serial Killers who killed 3440 victims. The 155 Black sexual serial killers, who represented 37.2% of the total, murdered1002 victims. The most frequent modality of death of the victims was strangulation, which occurred in 68.6% of the cases.

        This research revealed that Black sexual serial killers targeted more White female victims than White sexual serial killers targeted Black females. The exceptions to that finding were prostitute and homosexual serial killings.

        31.6% of the cases involved White victims, 45.3% of the cases involved Black victims and in 23.1% of the cases the victims were Black, White, Hispanic or other. 21.9% of the Black sexual serial killers engaged in home invasions murders involving 200 White female victims and 15 Black female victims and 9 mixed race killings. Here’s the link so if you care to you may read it in it’s entirety.http://www.practicalhomicide.com/Research/BlackSexSerKillers.htm

      • Just facts:
        When was the first drive by shooting? , when automobiles were invented. Drive-by shootings were common in the “gangland” era in the 1920s and 1930s.

        Again just facts not opinion.

        in 1930 the murder rate was 14.6 per 100k people in 2012 it was 15.6. Again I am not excusing what is taking place. I am saying that Black people did not invent this ish.

        So does this mean that whites have a “propensity” for violent crimes?

      • aren’t you the same person that I replied “no one said “all” nothing is an absolute.” in your earlier post. And to answer your question… I do. stand up against gang violence in Pittsburgh where I am from and now in MD where i live. BUT HOW DOES THAT NOT MAKE PROFILING WRONG. how does that not make sentencing disparity WRONG. and if you follow the root of the evil. it is well documented when you take fathers out of homes the children are more likely to commit crime… right… can we agree on that. and if we agree on that then, if you remove more fathers from black homes then you do white for the same crime what will happen to there children? extremely oversimplified but hopefully you can follow the progression. Chicago is terrible… but it always has been. white gangs were killing people in the streets left and right from the 20’s-the 40’s. No one is saying that it makes it OK or it should not be protested and detested. but one does not negate or excuse the other.

      • Those were the Mafia gangs. John they killed their own and tried making sure innocent people were out of the way. Was it right….no. Thanks to Alcohol prohibition is where it all started with them. Killing people left and right on the streets, yes they killed a few on the streets from other Mafia gangs. Innocent people at times did get in the way but they weren’t like the gangs today. Really read up on the Mafia gangs. And I’m not saying they were any better. At the same time they just didn’t start shooting hoping they would get their target. They made damn sure they got their target. Not like what’s going on today.

      • When was the first drive by shooting? , when automobiles were invented. Drive-by shootings were common in the “gangland” era in the 1920s and 1930s.

        Again just facts not opinion.
        in 1930 the murder rate was 14.6 per 100k people in 2012 it was 15.6. Again I am not excusing what is taking place. I am saying that Black people did not invent this ish.

      • Look John,,,Nobody said the black people invented drive by shootings. Let’s keep going back into the past and say what everybody back then did wrong. We can go back all the way to Adam and Eve. But does that fix what is going on today? NO!!! You just can’t get it and to be honest I through here. Perhaps you need to be part of the solution of today’s problems and not the problem.

      • The reason why “I do get it” is because i have been the victim of profiling. Things like being stopped 3 times for a license plate light being out. or being stopped because “I looked” at the cop when i went through the intersection” and countless others. Look at the woman who was just shot through the front door for asking for help after a car accident.
        Amadou Diallo who was shot 53 times 5 times through the bottom of his foot for brandishing his WALLET.
        Sean Bell, who was shot at 50 times after his bachelors party. again completely unarmed

        Or the Police officer’s son who audio recorded a stop and frisk indecent after being stopped 3 times in the same day. there reason. “you looked at us.”
        The list is endless. the occurrences so often only the most overt get recognized. But I forgot because we are all criminals we deserve it…

    • The national park service posts a sign that says “Please don’t feed the animals. If you do they will never learn to feed themselves”.

  59. Whoever wrote this article is ignorant. Macklemore uses his “fame” to speak the truth. Yes, the racial thing is real. Ask a Mom of a light skinned lil girl with a dark skinned lil brother…. From the same father. But I digress, comparing TM tragedy and the knockout stupidness is not the same.

    • From the same father? Yah, sure. And the man in the moon is real, Santa and Jesus are black and the white murder rate is higher than the black’s. Better go on Maury and get a test.

      • you are so racist it is hard to read your comments. way to completely ignore the plight of a mother and attack what is your preceded promiscuity of her… you guys are absolutely right there ins’t any need for a discussion about race in America… SMDH

      • not racist at all. Reality sucks for you doesn’t it John? 12.6 % of the population (black) murders almost 500 whites, yet 70% of the population (whites) murders 150 blacks. Doesn’t really fit with YOUR racist agenda now, does it? Pretty hard to get sympathy with factual statistics like those now, does it?…You don’t even want to hear the robbery stats, you might kill yourself.

      • non associated facts do nothing to support your argument. no one is saying that black on black crime is not terrible, it is. but it has nothing to do with the statement. You are racist for implying that the woman you were speaking having her children by one father is a believable as Santa… that makes you racist. where is your factual argument for that. and side bar. Jesus was black. but i digress. Saying you should ignore racial profiling because of the black on black crime rate is asinine. it is like saying why is there such a push for people to get flue shots when cancer kills so many more…

      • Idiot. “hundreds and hundreds of kids that die each year due to racial profiling and the violence that follows it”. Uh, yes, the facts I provided disprove his theory 100%. Let’s assume that 50% of those 150 blacks killed were “kids” and let’s assume 100% of that 50% were targeted because they were black (even you know that’s not possible, but I’m inflating the numbers in your favor). That would be 75 black kids killed because of “racial profiling and the violence that follows it”. Now last time I checked, 75 is not “hundreds and hundreds”. My Lord you are once stupid person.

      • Most Jews are not black, and Jesus was a Jew. Ask Jews how safe they would feel walking through a predominantly black neighborhood, especially since Zimmerman is a Jewish name and his mother was Hispanic, yet the blacks and the media kept referring to him as white. I have a black granddaughter that I love dearly, but to ignore facts and to paint anyone who brings up facts as racist, is EXTREMELY racist.

      • Believe it or not being racist is a constitutional right. You cannot force people to have your opinion they can think and say whatever they want. Granted to them by freedom of speech.

      • John what rebel yell is saying is the truth and not a racist speaking. You had put two links out. One on the government ruling…fight to get that changed. The other about the profiling by the police…stricter department rules for the police. You get caught profiling you get suspended, etc. The crimes that go on with the minority of blacks is out of hand. In Chicago,,,we have been designated the crime capitol of our country by the FBI. It’s not the whites,,,,it’s the black gangs that ruin it. I don’t hear anybody doing anything about it. I’ll give you an example: Jesse Jackson who screams racial but then doesn’t speak out when so many innocent black people are being killed. Except one time: Over the summer several black people were enjoying themselves in a park, two gang members opened fired on them hitting 11 of them. One was a 3 year old shot in the face. Thank God they all survived. That hit the news big time. Good old Jackson huffed and puffed how it had to stop,,,when the cameras rolled. The cameras stopped rolling, the news stopped talking about it and Jackson??? Not another word about cleaning the mess up. Even the mayor of Chicago, huffed and puffed, cameras stopped rolling and nothing said again. You think a white person would even dare go in those neighborhoods? NO!! And not because we are racial but because we know we probably wouldn’t come out alive. It’s not racial,,,I call that salvation. Those gangs have ruined it for people like you. The white supremacist have ruined it for people like me. Both of them are minorities not the majority. When you hear people scream racist to us that disagree with Obama,,,,discredits the true meaning of racism. It’s all political. Also when you hear disagreements on Obama, go out to the internet and research it. Don’t just listen to one news media. You have the far left news media who will also scream racist in the articles and you have the far right. Judge for yourself. The statement that the rapper made, not about Trayvon Martin because that was his right to say that, but “and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling and the violence that follows it.” That is the statement I have an issue with. It makes it sound like the whites are killing the blacks. As far as Zimmerman,,,I said it earlier, he is a loose cannon. I don’t believe he truly racial profiled Trayvon,,,I believe he saw somebody and wanted that person to be somebody up to no good so he could come to the rescue of the neighborhood and make himself look good. It could have been a white guy, it wouldn’t of mattered to him. Because in his mind he would have been a hero. He should have done jail time and never, never allowed to have another gun. Look what he’s been up to now. Please do not let politics and the true racial issues get mixed together. When Obama was elected in his first year,,,people who scream racist to us forget the landslide of votes that put him into office. A hell of a lot of whites voted him in otherwise he probably would never have been elected. I didn’t vote for him, not because of his color but because I am a Republican. But I was called a racist by a couple of people because I didn’t vote for him. It’s not racial,,,it’s politics. More and more people have turned against Obama and not because of his skin color but because of his actions. If you know white people,,,sit down and talk with them. Ask them how they feel. I think you maybe surprised at the answers. Because the majority of us whites do care and don’t hate. We are all Americans and maybe it’s time to quit using the terms black and white. Maybe we need to use the term American. Start blaming the government for the racial issues and the law enforcement. Hold them responsible for their actions not the innocent people. Also hold the gangs responsible.

      • The fact that you and others elected a man for president just because of the color of his skin is as racist as you can get. He had absolutely no credentials that qualified him to be President, yet you elected him anyway. That’s working out great huh? He’ll go down in history as the absolute worst president to ever serve.

      • LoL…I will never understand how people could still be so damn butt hurt over losing an election.

        News flash, Genius: There are just as many people who voted for Romney and McCain for the exact same reason (their race). To sit here and claim that he only won the election (twice) based on his race is intellectually dishonest.

        Also, how do you know who he voted for and his reasoning for doing so?

        And by the way, I’m not a fan of Obama at the moment, but he’s still far and away better than Bush the 2nd, so I find the claim of him going down as the worst in history lacking.

      • The African-American community felt greatly lifted up to have one of their own running for President, and of course to have him win. After many years of feeling despised and oppressed – not without cause – as a community they are not prepared to admit it was too soon because they were already convinced it had been far too long. The Bible says in Proverbs 30:21 (and part of verse 22): “For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear: For a servant when he reigneth;…” – I am not trying to apply the other examples to the black community, but certainly in having Obama in the White House they feel that they who were once the servants are figuratively reigning. The Bible says it is no wonder we are having problems.

      • Idiot! Obama received 93% of the black vote. He also received 39% of the white vote. I’d call that something other than what you think. Maybe you think like Oprah and believe that if a white person doesn’t like/didn’t vote for Obama, that makes them racist? Well, with that logic 93% of black folks are racist because they didn’t “like” or vote for Romney or McCain…You lib’s are so stupid, it really isn’t funny…

      • Black people have a history of voting for the Democratic Party. You’re so quick to made judgments when you know absolutely nothing of the history of that demographic.

      • True. However in the 2004 election 11% of blacks voted for Bush (republican). That means that over 38% of republican black voters “bailed out” and voted for a dem, BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK. Like Colin Powell did. Here’s an interesting article from a town in Texas. Blacks vote for this guy in the article because they thought he was black. Read here: http://www.khou.com/news/local/White-guy-wins-after-leading-voters-to-believe-hes-black-231222981.html Blacks do vote “for skin color”. Believe it!

      • Still angry over an election that’s long over? You idiots are amazing. And blaming black people for getting Obama elected is the most ridiculous thing you racists have been able to come up with! Blacks historically and overwhelmingly vote for the Democratic party — a lot would never vote for a black Republican & who could blame them? But, ya know, continue to play the race card!

      • Wow… Between Allen West’s sheer ignorance, and your complete racism, I’m literally sick to my stomach. In all honesty, you scare me.

      • Allen West is hardly ignorant and I’m not racist. What you need to understand is that you liberal/progressive types are afraid of truth. You’d rather live in your fantasy world that all people are the same and those having trouble ( ie violent criminals) “just need a helping hand and a second (or third or fourth or fifth) chance. You are living in a dream world. You know what makes me sick? People like you and your liberal agenda’s as well as that immoral piece of socialist (bordering on Marxist) filth you and your kind voted into the White House, not once, but twice.

    • The only thing that makes them not the same is the color of the skin. The knock out game has been targeting only the whites. I’m sorry but I call that racial. If it were whites playing that game on blacks would you not call it racial? Same thing.

    • Violence is violence. So yes, it is the same. It’s funny how you say tragedy about TM but use “stupidness” about the knockout game. A proven thug wanna be attacking a man compared to idiot thug wanna be’s attacking many people.

  60. This guy who I never heard of until he made this stupid speech is Ignorance ran Amok.
    Just a dumb white guy trying to sell records by playing to his listeners emotions.

  61. What’s that phrase? “don’t argue with fools. They’ll hold you down and beat you with experience”. Macklemore makes catchy pop songs, I’d assume he’s an expert on it as he’s been quite successful, so he’s not stupid. He is however a celebrity so people ask him to speak his mind on all sorts of stuff, especially politics because I’m sure his fans feel passionate about this and that and want to know what he would say. So he might talk about domestic issues and come off as stupid, especially if he doesn’t share your views. So what? Is he expected to have a well thought out response to this stuff? Not really.

    • He’s an entertainer, that’s fine. What he isn’t is a spokeshole for anyone other than himself. In my opinion he’s just trying to come off as “friendly and understanding” to the ignorant black community/Staygone Martin supporters to boost song sales. To do it in an interview with some (C)rapp magazine is one thing, to do it primetime on network tv is quite another.

      • No, it isn’t. If you were noteworthy for something people would ask you questions on primetime TV, but you’re not, so they don’t.

      • Ummmmm, they kind of did. He’s giving an acceptance speech, essentially giving him a forum to say whatever the hell he wants, which he did. You’re not him. While you may not like it, he has a larger platform to speak his mind because he’s accomplished. Don’t like it? Accomplish something great and you can go around saying whatever asinine thing that pops into your head.

      • Nope. You’re wrong. No question was asked, implied or otherwise. He’s a self important boob and dresses like a pimp, (C)rapp’s and is commonly known as a wig ger. Like a white Kanye (remember what he did to Taylor Swift?).

  62. Wow, I can’t believe I am reading this. You obviously have never listened to a Macklemore album. He is probably one of the more insightful rappers of this generation! He may not rap about “Stronger Black Families” (because he isn’t Black so why the hell would he) but he does rap about just about everything else you just said AND more. He raps about never giving up, sobriety, racial intolerance, marriage equality, making something of yourself, and ending violence. How about before you sit there and say that he is “Stupid” and needs to re-evaluate himself, you need to go and listen to “The Heist”. All but just about 4 out of the 15 songs on that album are VERY philosophical and actually have some real value to them, but…. you wouldn’t know that would you because you didn’t listen to it. The fact that people actually read your website and adhere to your advice/blogs really bothers the hell out of me. You are very ignorant and I literally created an account just to tell you that. You have a good day, and try to be factual when you post things that ultimately make up peoples minds about artists and ultimately ruin the good artists lives.

    • I made an account to just to say, ahem, LOL cheerleader much for Macklemore ? I have listened to his music. The same tired crap I heard all through the 90s and early 2000s. You say racial intolerance but yet he comes off with an asinine statement like he did. How about the kid who was set on fire and laughed at while he was burning just because he was white?! That’s not racism in your eyes though is it ?

      • Maybe a little uncalled for, yeah I can see that. Asinine? Racially provocative? Really? Its hardly that bad, he didn’t mean anything by it like you are insinuating so how about you take what he said a little more out of context. I don’t care what you are tired of hearing, there aren’t enough people in the world today that talk about what he talks about in his raps, to where people are actually standing up and doing something about it. You can be tired all you want, but whether you like it or not his music, that you aren’t so fond of, is inspiring the next generation of people that are gonna be in charge of the country when you are old and decrepit. I’m not even that big a Macklemore fan, I only just recently got into him. He has a good message in his songs, and I like that he is an artist that makes songs that talk about relevant situations and isn’t just a “club” artist. WHERE THE HELL did the fire burning come from? What the hell is wrong with you?! You must work for Fox News with all that embellishment! So how about you create another account under a different name this time and say something that has actual intellect and is a valid argument.

      • Yeah, his whole argument kinda went down as soon as he brought up something that had nothing to do with what the actual conversation was about. Just shows how weak his point of view was if he had to change the subject so randomly like that.

      • To hate someone because of the color of his skin is the epitome of stupidity …. whether done by whatever color. But I do hate rap music. To my ears, it is not music. I prefer Tex Ritter.

      • So hating rap music makes one a racist?
        How many Black’s listen to country??

        More white people listen to rap than blacks listen to country.

  63. The greatest part about this comment section is that all of you racist bigots are proving all of our points by simply expressing your opinions. Allen West- look at the type of behavior you encourage. Look at who your fan base is. NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY NOT TO BE ONE THEY WILL ALWAYS VIEW YOU AS A BLACK MAN. You are the 21st century version of a house slave. Take a deep look at yourself in the mirror, my BROTHA.

    • Actually the only thing I see is ignorance from those that defend and make excuses for Trayvon Martin and those that claim the knock-out game isn’t a racial hate driven agenda by blacks.

      • Trayvon Martin was walking home in a hoodie. Zimmerman is on tape referring to him as a “coon” and a “thug” — that’s racist towards his attire and skin color. TM was racially profiled. You people are licking Zimmerman’s ass despite all he’s done in the wake of the trial …pathetic!

      • Calling Martin a “coon” is NOT on tape. What’s on tape is Zimmerman calling Martin a “punk.” Obviously, you did not watch the trial.

  64. Wish these Hollywood twits would learn to keep their mouths shut They need to know everything that is going on before they shoot off their mouths.

    • Stupid, stupid, stupid. Entertainers are people as well. They are entitled to their opinions and have the right to express them as do the rest of us who are not in the spotlight.

  65. I’m willing to bet money that at least 98% of you people, including this failure of a blogger, downing Macklemore’s music haven’t listened to a single song he’s done aside from that annoying “Thrift Shop” song. So I’m just going to skip over that because you’ve already proven your ignorance when it comes to music that’s not about driving with an “ice cold beer in the console.” (Yay for drinking and driving in country music! Am I right?! Am I?!)

    I don’t believe George Zimmerman is a racist. I also don’t believe what happened between him and Trayvon Martin qualifies as murder and, as a result, he was rightfully acquitted due to the prosecutors overreaching. I want to get that out of the way right now before you sheep start jumping to his defense after I say what I’m about to say.

    If you think he didn’t racially profile that young man and you think he would have acted the same way if TM was white, you’re either lying to yourself or you’re, simply, a moron. You don’t have to be a racist to believe in negative stereotypes.

    The fact that some of you are so quick to call him a “proven” thug amazes me given that none of you knew him. Am I saying he wasn’t a thug? Nope…but I’m saying this because I don’t know whether he was or not. I didn’t know him. Wearing gold teeth grills, smoking marijuana, getting into fights at school…that’s not automatically thuggish behavior. That’s TEENAGE behavior. Seriously, you people might as well be using the n-word when you say “thug” because I’m pretty much assuming that you’re using that word as a substitute for what you really want to call him.

    Also, when a dispatcher tells you not to follow a suspicious looking person…why would you do it anyway? The police are on their way to investigate, why make it worse by following and antagonizing said person? But Martin just automatically attacked Zimmerman? Zimmerman didn’t catch up to Martin, demand that he wait for police, and when Martin defiantly decided he was leaving, he and Zimmerman couldn’t have tussled, leading to the tragic events of that night?

    That was a theory, by the way, because that’s all any of us have: theories and what we believed really happened. If you believe Zimmerman’s point of view, it’s your right to do so. But you’re also signing off on the belief that all young black men are violent savages…and that is a very ignorant, very stereotypical point of view.

    By the way…hasn’t been five months and Zimmerman has been accused by both his wife AND his pregnant girlfriend (yeah) of assaulting them with guns. But he’s completely innocent, right? Because in my opinion, he sounds like a…well…a “proven thug.”

    Seriously…you far righters are just as ridiculous as the tin hat brigade on the far left. Both of you guys should drop off the face of the earth because all you’re doing is setting us as a human race back a few centuries.

    • If Trayvon Martin were white and had been running around looking into people’s windows in the dead of night, in a gated community on edge from a series of recent burglaries, would Zimmerman still have followed him despite being told not to engage? Perhaps. The fact is that if Trayvon Martin had not reacted by assaulting Zimmerman and attempting to maim or kill him by beating his head against concrete, he would most probably not have been shot. That raises the question, would Martin have acted that way if Martin were white?

      You make a popular assumption in folk “wisdom” and pseudo-psychology that nobody really changes, that events only reveal a person’s inner self. There are limits on that. I am sure that if I had been subjected to what George Zimmerman has been subjected to – international embarrassment, vilification as a “proven thug” and much worse, and of course the incessant death threats he has received – SOME kind of change would result in my behavior.

      If I want people to recognize nothing else, please recognize this: the George Zimmerman we are seeing today is NOT exactly the same as the man who encountered Trayvon Martin that night in Florida. He does not feel that he can ever be the same. He feels hunted and hated and horribly wronged and he knows that the people who want his destruction accord no weight to his acquittal. It is not such a strange thing that he would amass an arsenal in those circumstances. It is not a strange thing that he would have trouble acting calmly and peaceably towards others. It would need the faith and patience of a proverbial saint for George Zimmerman to behave in the way he is expected. He is, in the end, just a man.

      • I should not have left this out: with all of the money the NFL is now putting towards studying “organic brain syndrome” as a cause of personality changes in former players who had concussions, should any of us for a moment believe that George Zimmerman AFTER his head was beaten against the concrete must be expected to think the same as he did when it hadn’t been? No, I am not endorsing abusive behavior. He needs help to get that under control. I am saying again, he is not the man that he used to be and it’s unfair to use what happens now as “proof” that he was “always that way.”

      • George Zimmerman feels “hunted?” Hmm, I wonder how Trayvon felt when a strange man was following him, calling him a “coon,” a “Thug” and saying “these guys always get away.” Zimmerman deserves to live in this asylum of hell for murdering an innocent boy – may he never live another peaceful day upon this Earth.

    • “Wearing gold teeth grills, smoking marijuana, getting into fights at
      school…that’s not automatically thuggish behavior. That’s TEENAGE

      typical apologist….. definition of thuggish behavior.

      • I’m not apologizing for anything, Jay. I’m saying that I knew just as many young men when I was a teenager that was into all of that simply because they were trends of the times.

        I have a strong feeling that while you think you know what “thuggish” behavior is…well…you don’t.

      • I’m not apologizing for anything, Jay. I’m saying that I knew just as many young men when I was a teenager that was into all of that simply because they were trends of the times. Those same kids went off to college and eventually graduated with their B.A. That doesn’t exactly fit society’s definition for “thuggish behavior” does it?

        Also, just as many of the “preppy” kids were smoking, drinking, and fighting as the more “urban” youth in my school. I would bet a paycheck you wouldn’t label them as “thugs,” though.

        In fact, I have a strong feeling that while you think you know what “thuggish” behavior is…well…you don’t.

      • I don’t believe Trayvon deserved to be murdered because he was a “thug.” He was a teenager going through a troubled and rebellious phase as many of us did. I, myself, escaped 3 near death incidents when I was in my “phase” and doing really stupid things. I think it’s tragic that Trayvon did not have the opportunity to get older, to grow out of that phase to become a mature responsible adult. Some people never do escape that phase as they get older, but there is always the possibility that he would have had he not made the fatal mistake of assaulting a stranger on the street he thought was a gay “cracker.” So I think it is only by the grace of God that I didn’t meet the same fate (death) as Trayvon did because of my stupid “thuggy” actions.

    • I believe if his attacker were a white-hispanic and bashing his head into the ground Mr. Zimmerman would have shot him as well. I’ve listened to Mac’s music, especially the Thrift Store song (my 2 daughters think it’s funny). I don’t personally like it. I do like country (older stuff) and I don’t drink and drive. As a matter of fact, I don’t drink at all.

      • Trayvon wouldn’t have had to have bash Zimmerman’s head into the concrete if Zimmerman had left him alone. Trayvon was wearing a hoodie and walking home in the rain. A hoodie made a kid causing no trouble “suspicious?” I should hope if an idiot stalks you when you’re not causing any trouble, you would fight for your life as well.

      • What do you mean “if Zimmerman had left him alone?” Zimmerman was on his way back to his vehicle when ambushed and suckerpunched by Martin (shades of the Knockout Game!). I think Martin made a fatal mistake when he did not leave things alone.

      • Oh no you didn’t! But you did! You just stated that it’s perfectly acceptable to you (and I would gather to most blacks) that if you are under surveillance and asked a question by a neighbor hood watch volunteer or concerned citizen because you “match the description” of a burglary suspect in the area you “have to bash (that person’s) head into the concrete”. This is how blacks think people. Know that!

  66. Yes the Knockout game is played by black racist and this rapper is a clown trying to sell records by making speeches. Not hard to understand when he has no talent.

  67. This period of America will be judged by historians as the Age Of Ignorance, judging by the low test scores in school and the thug garbage music from the likes of Mack the Moran.

  68. Actually, he does send positive messages through his music as you mentioned he “should do”. Maybe everyone needs to take a step back and learn the facts before they open their mouths.

  69. “there are no laws protecting or institutionalizing racism in America.” Able bodied white males are excluded from set aside contracts. Does that count?

  70. Macklemore had no clue of what he was talking about. First, hundreds of black youth are not dying because of Racial profiling. Second, Trayvon Martin was not racially profiled on that night and the incident had nothing to do with race hate other than Trayon calling Zimmerman a Gay white cracker rapist. three, there are no laws that protect racism in America. Stand your Ground was not used in Zimmerman’s case.. Not too menition SYG actually allows innocent people to protect themselves from people like Trayvon and other black youths playing the knockout game as well as other would be attackers. Fourth, the only laws that promote racism are the ones for blacks such as affirmative action not too mention Trayvon should have been in jail already but he was protected by a “divertion” program for black youths enabled by the SPD that white/latinos/asians are not included in. PS… I wish Macklemore would take a nice long walk into a ghetto black neighborhood and let’s see how many more songs of togetherness he is gonna sing about after. His speech was nothing more than to get blacks to like him and appeal to them, it was a self-serving uninformed speech…

    • Stop & Frisk is racial profiling. SYG enables racial profiling (Jordan Davis). If Trayvon was not “racially profiled,” tell me why Zimmerman followed him for doing nothing wrong other than wearing a hoodie and called him a “Coon” while chasing him down? People like you supporting these types of laws and behaviors explain why America will never be post-racial.

      • Zimmerman reported Martin because he matched the description of recent burglaries in the neighborhood, and because of his behavior …. wandering around in the rain looking into the windows of the townhouses. Zimmerman never called anyone a “coon.” That was a part of the misinformation put out by the main stream media in their effort to stir up a lynch mob’s frenzy.

      • every single comment you just made was made up of hole clothe. Coon? They stopped calling blacks coons in 1960. When you creep around a gated community in the dark off the sidewalks that creates suspicion. And if affirmative action benefited white woman more then anyone else you wouldn’t be for it dummy.
        But nice try

      • do you live in Florida ?probably not,if so you are the raceist ,because you would be wondering too why some guy in florida is wearing a hoody in the rain looking in peoples apts, ? Instead of not trying to get home to get out of the rain ,how come you don’t mention that from the case ?

  71. Allen West continues to harp on Belton & West yet has not said a word about 13 year old Darius Simmons, shot dead by his 76 year old white neighbor in cold blood when he’d done nothing wrong. This man is so ashamed of his heritage. He’d give anything to wake up with porcelain skin and blonde hair.

    • This is not true,why is it only when a white does something to a black you hear about it on al sharpton on msnbc ,but never when black hurt whites ? Example , i have not heard once about the knock out game on al sharptons show yet ? as for Col ,West he is a man who for nothing else you should respect for fighting and protecting your freedom,do you know anything about respect ?

  72. Will the liberal left come up with an original idea? We heard all this before. If you are white and do not subscribe to liberal lies and victimhood, you are called a Racist and if you are black, you are called an Uncle Tom. Most liberals are low information Followers with a Capital F. Repeating the same line that they heard from another liberal over and over. Do you know how weak and pathetic that really is? Allen West has accomplished more in one month than most of you will in your entire life time. Please read a book and turn off the crack music

    • True. I distrust blacks because of their propensity to commit violent crimes, leach off the welfare system and ruin neighborhoods in which they live. I also find their culture (having children out of wedlock at a rate of of 70%, being loud, obnoxious and rude, and their (C)rapp music (which promotes drug/alcohol abuse, violence, and portrays women as “throwaway objects ie “ho’s”)) offensive. I also feel their failure to take responsibility for their “plight” and blaming white people and “the system” is irresponsible. These tendencies show a great lack of character. So, to so many blacks I say, “stop reproducing irresponsibly, take responsibility for the children you do have and get a job Sparkling Wiggle!

      • I love all people but i see from living in orlando that everything rebel yell says is true,i thought maybe i was becoming prejudice ,but no I’m not, its that I’m seeing that what people are saying is true,even some awesome black folk here will tell you it is true,i voted for obama twice thinking he was going to help the poor sick and forgotten,but i too have been duped,i cant tell you about others because its almost all black folk here now, unfortunately this is what i see these days

      • All it takes to “change” a person is to be among them for a relatively short period of time. All the garbage we have been fed are entire live’s is suddenly fantasy. Nothing like the “getting to know a few” argument to open one’s eyes to the truth.

      • Well, it is always a fundamental logical fallacy to make a sweeping generalization about such things. There are white folks that have the same kind of behaviors. It has to do with integrity and it comes in all colors.

      • Not when it comes to frequency (and considering demographics). A sweeping generalization when it concerns 70% of any group is not a generalization at all. It’s a tendency.

      • According to psychology today “statistically, more than 80% serial killers are white males”. So you should be afraid whenever you see a white male (like myself) because according to the “frequency” they are likely to be serial killers.

      • I reckon so. If you happen to run into one of those rare serial killers. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the rest of us), blacks manage to get caught before they become serial.

  73. I watched a little of macklemore on the CW tonight. I couldn’t help it, my channel changer was broke and I couldn’t get to the TV fast enough to turn the channel. macklemore is a showboy for the LGBT community. I have no problem with the LGBT community (other than homosexual sex is one of a long list of sins, and none of us are innocent), but when macklemore gets up there and starts blaming the rest of America for their hardships, and trying to compare their struggle to the civil rights movement, I have to call foul. The so-called artist macklemore is just another leftist liberal who has made a successful career in capitalism, and then shoots down the very system that made him successful (if you want to call a performance with Miley Cyrus successful, I don’t). He’s an idiot and a punk.

    • although if you have time you could listen to his track Contradiction. Here are the lyrics http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/macklemore/contradiction.html
      I think you’ll find he’s aware of what you said. The Heist isn’t his first album. So, if you have time to read the lyrics to the tracks in The Language of My World, it could be enlightening for you about him. The messages are more dragged out there.
      And about the haircut, I can follow up with an explanation about fashion anthropology, but it might stray too far from the subject.

  74. “If Mr. Macklemore is so concerned about his “fans” perhaps he should sing more about ending violence, being responsible citizens, getting a better education, and stronger families in the black community.”

    Wait, have you listened to his lyrics? He sings about how you shouldn’t drink or do drugs in “Other Side” and “Starting Over”. In “10,000 Hours” M & RL sing about how if you work hard, you’ll be able to accomplish almost anything (basically the American Dream). His famous “Thrift Shop” is an attack against the culture of consumerism and wasting money. He also attacks the consumer culture in “Wing$”. “Thin Line” is about the importance of staying honest in a relationship.
    Honestly, I could go on and on. Macklemore’s songs are about empowerment and the betterment of our culture. Your comment is blatantly false.


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