Lousy Iran deal puts even more pressure on Democrats for 2014

President Obama’s feel-good moment with Iran is already drawing bipartisan criticism. According to the New York Post, “Republican and Democratic leaders alike expressed outrage Sunday over President Obama’s decision to sign onto a nuclear-arms deal that eases sanctions on the terror-loving leaders of Iran. The double-barreled attack came as hundreds of cheering Iranians gave their country’s negotiators a heroes’ welcome as they returned from talks in Geneva.”

So in Iran, the leaders and negotiators are being praised, while ours appear neutered and ineffective. I believe since President Obama won his second term, he cares less and less about those in his own party (let alone his country) and more about his so called “legacy.”

When you look at the immense domestic policy failure called Obamacare and now add the foreign policy debacle of destabilizing the Middle East and giving Iran a reprieve, Democrats are being placed in an untenable position.

Two prominent Democrats, Bronx Rep Eliot Engel and NY Senator Charles Schumer have both complained about the deal letting Iran off the hook and sending the wrong signals.

Without a doubt it is becoming more strenuous for Democrats to defend the Obama administration, and the blatant slap in the face to our republic by Senator Harry Reid’s nuclear option only exacerbates the problem.

For Republicans, if there was ever a time to promote economic growth policies and a way ahead past the Obamacare disaster –as well as a coherent foreign policy that restores our trust, confidence, and credibility — that time is now. The narcissism of Barack Obama is in full bloom as in, “I got mine, the heck with you.”

Funny, when these progressive socialists thought they were riding high and the Obama poll numbers were great, they were all cheerleaders. Now that thr Potemkin Village is being exposed, they’re running scared. My recommendation? In 2014, make every one of these Democrats pay for exposing America to this scourge called President Obama. Make sure this president does not have a last two years like his first two.

Obama must be contained by having to face a conservative-controlled House and Senate in order to negate his extensive use of rule by executive order and edict. The Democrats must be held responsible in the 2014 mid-term elections for their support and the subsequent failure of their reckless socialist designs on America.


  1. You’re FIRED! ALL OF YOU!



  2. I have thought since he was re-elected he had a free pass to ruin our country! I watched Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and agree 100% with him. That any talks with Iran are just a free ticket for them to finish their project and bomb the hell out of Israel. Our greatest ally. I just see world war written all over this. I hope to see the 5 idiots on the front line Obama Kerry Biden Pelosi and Reed.

    • The problem is that unless the Republicans hold the House, and take the Senate, King Obama will have two years to continue to wreck havoc on our Great Nation… and you are (unfortunately) most probably correct… Iran will obliterate Israel and WE won’t come to their defense as long as this administration is in place… and the reason we can’t impeach Holder and Obama for abuse of power is because of Roadblock Reid… I fear for our Nation…

  3. Obama knows what he is doing he is going to sell Iran all our green technology companies so we can pour trillions into their lost economy just like he did with us.

  4. If we actually get out of the prospect of a major terrorist attack, domestic disaster or war while O is in office, we will have been given a second chance the way the Dems. are digging their own grave.

  5. Obama said that this will advert war. Does anyone think that an armed nuclear Middle East will be peaceful? Good Grief, this is an act of war. The only saving grace we have now is if Congress votes not to agree with this latest “deal”.

  6. The Republicans and the Tea Party need to come together to become strong so they can succeed in 2014. With this deal in Iran, why weren’t the sanctions kept in place to have a stronger hold on them? The Dems are against this deal also without sanctions but John Kerry and Obama just did things their way. For what? Do we trust Iran? I sure don’t. What about Israel? They say they will still protect them. Do I believe that? No. We now have Saudi Arabia ticked of at us. We are losing more of our allies than before. More and more countries are starting to turn against us. Obama doesn’t seem to even care. Oh that’s right,,,more and more I believe he is against Christians and more for the Muslims. What about our country? Why are we sending 7 billion dollars over there? Is it going to go to the Iran people? NO!!! It’s going in the pockets of the leaders of Iran. Are they still going to build the bomb? I believe they will. We have people in our own country that are living on the streets, going to shelters in the winter for warmth and food. Homeless people. Yes probably a few don’t want the help but the majority need the help. When is this government going to take some of those billions that they send to other countries and take care of their own. Oh wait, excuse me, we were given Obamacare. Obamacare, the law that our health care freedom of choice away from us. Those two idiots all but took our country and turned it’s back on Israel. For all Christians,,,you know Israel has always been a favor of God. If Israel even thinks that Iran is building the bomb they will go after them. Then of course they will be considered the aggressor and Russia will go after Israel even though they are a supporter of them at this time. Putin will go after the aggressor and if that happens what with the US do? Obama has made so many wrong moves. Nuclear Rule,,,give me a break,,,,he was against this a few years ago. Oh but that was when it wasn’t in his favor and now it is and he thinks it’s great. Yes it is for him,,,more power. Now this Iran deal,,,,yes his polls looked like crap and how can he make himself look good with the Americans,,,Iran deal. Too late. I believe this will blow up in his face. Remember the guy who dealt with Hitler,,,how did that turn out? At the beginning I just thought he was so far in over his head and had the wrong advisers running things. Not anymore. I believe he really is trying to ruin this country. A couple people from another posting from Mr. West turned me onto the movie 2016. After watching that and seeing the actions of Obama I truly believe there is truth in that movie. And that scares the Hell out of me and should you too. But if he were ever to become a dictator,,,I believe the American people would over throw him. And our military would be on our side since they do not pledge their allegiance to the government but the United States. But if he is doing all this for his legacy,,,at who’s expense? He has turned his back on his own party and the American people. How would I like his legacy to read….”The President who almost brought his country to ruin along with other nations because he only cared about WHAT he wanted and what WASN’T good for his country and other nations. The President who ruined his own countries health care system and took away their freedom of choice.” And here is what I would like to see also added to that. “The first President to be kicked out of office by the American People.” So folks, don’t just come out here and put your comments in,,,you need to fight for our country and freedom.

    And here is some interesting reading material for you. In your bible (and if you don’t have one,,,you can find it on the internet)
    Ezekiel (Chapter 38) Old Testament: Starts out….”The battle of Gog and Magog against Israel shall usher in the Second Coming…The Lord will come amid war and pestilence, and all men shall shake at his presence.”
    Then read Chapter 38:18.
    It’s been predicted that Russia and Iran will go up against Israel and in a prediction that one day Russia and the United States will join forces in the war in the Middle East.

  7. That’s like saying we have free and fair elections in this country. Since the mid 80’s the RNC has been unable to bring allegations of voter fraud because of a settlement reached in a NJ case. That’s why they’re throwing around all these wild accusations that can’t be supported. it’s all they have. They don’t need anything more. We’ll see plenty of districts turn in 100% of the votes for Democrat candidates and they total will be well above the total number of registered voters. That’s Obama’s legacy.


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