Iran deal is an imbecilic venture

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Remember this Monday morning as it may end up being the “peace in our time” modern day Sir Neville Chamberlain moment. The reason we teach history is to avoid repeating its pitfalls and this is why the liberal progressive concept of revisionist history is so dangerous.

Why are we so anxious to have a kumbaya moment with Iran? Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Why the country even has a government agency that strategizes exportation of its tactics. In every part of the world where there are Islamic terrorist activities, you’ll probably find Iran’s fingerprints.

In October we sadly remembered the 30th anniversary of the Beirut bombing where 250 of our Marines, sailors, and soldiers were killed by an Islamic terrorist truck bomb. The person who planned and oversaw the execution of that attack, General Hossain Dehghan, was appointed as the new Iranian defense minister back in August.

Just a few weeks ago, Iran was celebrating “Death to America Day” remembering the taking of our American embassy and the over 400 days of detention of Americans.

Out of the almost 190 countries in the United Nations, there is only one that continuously calls for the destruction, and elimination of another member country — Iran. And how is it that Secretary of State John Kerry would even engage in talks with Iran while they have an American Christian minister, Saeed Abedini, imprisoned for nearly a year? The unconscionable part of this travesty is that he was not even mentioned by President Obama, nor Kerry — he remains imprisoned.

So what did we gain from this imbecilic venture? The same as Neville Chamberlain — the opportunity to return home and receive the cheers of those who are clueless and be hailed as having accomplished something historic — not a historic achievement but a historic blunder. Even Aljazeera acknowledges there’s a “tough road ahead.”

We have appeased a mad regime led by theocrats focused on attaining a device which will initiate an apocalyptic event according to their belief — the theory of mutually assured destruction (MAD) does not apply.

Chamberlain thought he had secured an agreement from Adolf Hitler, but in reality he had encouraged and enticed a dictator with his weakness, and the demands increased. President Obama and John Kerry have done nothing less.

This is just another failure of an inept community organizer and will not only affect Israel and America, but the world. So now it’s off to a series of fundraisers for Mr. Obama where he can be praised and lauded while the rest of us contend with the failure of Obamacare, and ponder the ramifications of his foreign policy folly.

History only remembers Chamberlain as an incompetent fool and the legacy of President Obama is heading that way. The country needs a Winston Churchill. He was at first vilified for his views, but he ultimately became the symbol of strength and a champion for his countrymen.


  1. All good points congressman, however, America needs thousands of Churchills / Patriots who protect the coutries best interests. We should stand with you and not behind you.

  2. They should have demanded the release prior to any talks. I realize that for any American, this is an overstatement of the obvious. The actions of our president requires that we constantly pull him forward from his rearward position while teaching him what a real American would do.

    • we are not talking about a real American, but a real muslime..this deal with iran should show Americans how he hates us. he is setting the stage for iran to become another American hating country to have nukes.with china, n. korea, pakistan,russia and now iran we have a lot to be concerned about.if Americans do not wake up soon, we’ll be overthrown as a world power by these nations who openly declare their hate against us.

    • Beau,
      I hope you are referring to a US citizen when you say American. Only about a third of Americans are US citizens. Aside from that, I wouldn’t expect release of a US prisoner when we have some of theirs in jail.

      To comment on pulling Obama forward, he is as stubborn as a mule when it comes to anything that will help our country. I say our country because it certainly isn’t his country. He is still mentally a few centuries behind because of his Muslim training, and he may have blown his brain while smoking dope. He is ill equipped, as a community organizer and political wonk, to run an advanced nation, or even a third world banana republic. He wants to be a King.

      Maybe we should put him in a locked room with a United States Marine with orders to bring him up to speed! Hopefully he would be wearing brown trousers to conceal the exiting of his backward ways.

  3. This is what happens when you are to worried about making History and making sure they are mentioned in that same moment. They are so infatuated with their place in history they do not care whether it is in the best interest of our country, just what it does for them.

  4. They are all in league with Satan. Sounds really hokey I know, but can you name one other thing that ties all of the world current events together. I can’t. Muslim power, destruction of America, gay this gay that, doing away with the American military, allowing Iran to have a nuke that will almost certainly start WW3, American turning its back on Israel, anti-Christian sentiment all over the world, GOV monitoring of every aspect of your life, abolishment of the 2nd Amendment, the EU, the NWO, and the list could go on and on.

  5. It is Obama’s way of helping his Muslim brothers….
    He knows the American public would go crazy on him if he gave money to Iran, so to avoid that scenario, he did the next best thing… he eased the sanctions so that Iran can sell some of their oil to finish the financing to produce a military weapon. Assurances from ANY Muslim government that they will fully abide by ANY agreement is as foolish as taking Obama at HIS word…

  6. And this country’s Churchill is named Allen B. West. The moment al-jazeera declares him elected POTUS is the moment when hundreds of millions of the enemies of the US have pull the spare diaper off their head to replace the soiled one.

  7. all three Americans being held in iran should have been the first demand from us, to be released, before any talks would begin..Israel should have been included in all discussions over nukes, being as they (iranians) are bent on their destruction.talks with lying iran is futile, we need stronger actions to make them listen, like bombing them into oblivion, maybe then they will listen…

  8. There are challenging times ahead to say the least. History will repeat itself if lessons are not learned or understood. To give the most vile regime on the planet this much leeway, things will happen. Like a war in the ME and Europe. Don’t give up your guns, it will come to your street as well.

  9. Allen West is one of the few in this country who has “his head on straight” and is not blinded by the appeasement whimpers of “Peace in Our Time” identical to those of which led to the most evil travesty in human history. the Neville Chamberlain negotiation gesture to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany…until what we are now facing!!! Obama has tried to ‘make like’ Abraham Lincoln as well as John F. Kennedy…and has succeeded in looking not only like the most dishonest foreign interloper you can imagine but like the champion purposefully systematic dismantler of the USA there has ever been! Allen West has BHO pegged exactly and is able to do it without screams of racism! Think about it.

  10. “History only remembers Chamberlain as an incompetent fool and the legacy of President Obama is heading that way.” Too late… The “legacy” is already written in stone… The Most Memorable Incompetent Fool…..

  11. Please run for office sir! We ( The United States of America ) need a strong leader! We need to get this country back on track and hold these traitorous leaders accountable to the full extent of the law! Including prison and if found guilty of treason then hanged by the neck until dead!

  12. Oh, I second that as Jorge says, please run for office. We need a ‘leader’ period. What we have is someone who is being ‘led’ by others, most closely by Valarie Jarrett and who exactly is pulling her strings is unclear (at least to print). I am afraid that we have gone past the point of no return as there are so many subversive terrorists already in our country, so many anti-American/Capitalism/free enterprise, installed in the Federal government at so many levels that I believe Mr. O has just about accomplished was he was set up to do. I do with people would wake up and get over this love-affair with Mr. O!!

  13. I agree with the others here who want you to run for President. America is such NEED for a level headed, no nonsense, intelligent leader. We like and believe in your views.

    • Yes, we need another President who will send our boys off to die for a poorly executed plan with unclear goals and no exit strategy. Oh, my nipples are getting hard thinking about returning to the good ol’ days… Oh, oh, oh! Don’t impress me with facts that show our verification process is 1000x better than it was in the 1980s and that diplomacy and sanctions CAN work. I just wanna bomb somebody and sell them McDonalds. Oh, oh, oh.

    • No benevolent God would single out a group and want for them to be referred to as special… and then be surprised when the rest of the world wants to destroy this group for their entire existence. Think, man. Think!! You need a doctor. Probably some prescribed medications as well. It’s OK. You’ll be OK.


  15. All part of the ongoing onslaught on The Constitutional Republic of America Mr. West. This last attack with Iran is just another part. We are no longer a free people Sir, you know this as well as anyone.

  16. I remember seeing our Americans being held hostage by Iran when Jimmy Carter was President. We cannot allow this President and John Kerry to sell America short. What can we as Americans do now? The deal is done. The wrong person is at the helm, making unwise decisions that we, the American public will pay for….with our lives.

  17. Now is the time for Conservatives and Christians to call for the IMPEACHMENT of BO and crazy Kerry! This is something that MUST BE DONE, for the safety of all the innocents in the USA, or else we will be seeing the nuclear cloud over Chicago or Kansas City!! I am alarmed to the highest level and want to do whatever we can do to release ourselves from this insane movement done by the Idiot in the WHouse. I’m not concerned for myself, but for our children and grandchildren!! They deserve to live without this idiocy hanging over their heads. We must find some way to get this action reversed, for the sake of our beloveds. May God give us the strength and wisdom to do whatever is necessary to rid ourselves of the most arrogant and poisonous prez. we have ever known. We need a strong and trustworthy leader like Lt. Col. Allen B. West
    who can state the danger so clearly to those whose eyes are closed. We must act at the closest possible moment of the insanity perpetuated upon us by our INSANE so called POTUS, and his stupid yes-man John Kerry, the failed presidential, now failed
    Sec. of State…. Lt. Col. Allen West, we implore you and other sane men and women to
    help and lead us in this hour of greatest need…We also need a man like you in the White House!! I’m a female conservative grandma, but I know what this nation needs! I will vote for you in a heartbeat!!

  18. In my first log in, I did not mean to exclude conservative Jews and others who might stand with us in our hour of need. We ALL need a true leader, and Dr Ben Carson is also a true American Outstanding Patriot!! Allen & Carson will DO!!

  19. A few moments ago I did not mean to exclude conservative Jews and others who can lift their voices to protest the poisonous nonsense now and still coming from the White House!! We need Allen West, and Dr. Ben Carson, with his wisdom and patriotism!

  20. Why didn’t Kerry just leave his plane waving the goofy agreement? He imitated Chamberlain in everything else, except the BBC would have covered the announcement.

  21. This deal makes Chamberlain look good. He honestly believed he was protecting Great Britain!
    Un- freeze their assets and they will move quickly to transfer them all to “safe zones” like Switzerland. Reduce sanctions and they will sell more for funds to continue building WMDs! Trust them to carry out any part of this deal done by and with the DEVIL? Can anyone say Beirut Barracks, USS Cole?
    For the sake of our children and future generations WE MUST NEVER TRUST IRAN OR MUSLIMS, PERIOD!

  22. I would make the case for pure political reason this was agreeed to.. If Democrats loose in 2016 & they should any time after when Iran gets Nuclear weapons the can blame it on Republicans. Then in 2020 say if had a Democrat in office they would have built on the great start of Obama. Remember Clinton once saying if I had been able to have a third term would not have had changes of Bush.

  23. Remember the day January 20, 1981. On that day, the Ayatollah Khomeini, the supreme leader of Iran, the dictator, released from captivity 52 American hostages held for 444 days. There is debate whether the hostages were released because $8 billion in Iranian assets were released or because of the inauguration of a new US President. I think the latter. Can it be that the hostage release coincidentally happened on the very day of the swearing in of a new President? I think not. Before the new President was even sworn in, those hostages were on a plane back to the US. That President that was given his Oath of Office was Ronald Reagan and he was a Republican. History shows that democrats like starting fights with our military but rarely finish them. It also shows that Republicans don’t hit first, but when we hit back, we hit back hard and with a final blow.

    The US didn’t bow to Iran. Barack Obama and his mouthpiece John Kerry did. The Senate still has not approved of any new treaties with Iran and with GOD’s blessing, the never will. To Iran, Barack Obama is nothing more than a parallel of a spineless jellyfish, just like Jimmy Carter. It will take someone that actually has vertebrae in his or her spinal column to remind Iran to whom they are talking to. That person will be a Republican and hopefully it will be Newt Gingrich and LtC Allen West.

  24. I will never understand how 70% of American Jews voted for President Obama. I knew from the beginning that he would throw Israel and the US under the bus. Our biggest problem in the country is the uninformed voter. They only look at what they can get for themselves (all the freebies paid for by the working taxpayers) and could not care less about the country as a whole.

  25. Obama and Hillary want a “two state solution” for Israel and the Palestinians. Israel is about the size of Massachusetts, while Iran is about the size of Alaska. What Obama and Hillary want is for Israel to give an area twice the size of Rhode Island to radical Muslims. Kerry should have negotiated with Iran to move the Palestinians there.
    Obama has yet to offer justification of why Iran was removed from the list of terrorists countries. Negotiations with Iran should have just taken one day: stop the centrifuges or else.


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