Video: Knockout game victim shoots back

As we wrote about the knockout game, someone would take aim against these attackers, and it has indeed happened.

This viral “game” is a very serious problem and it is time the so-called black leaders take responsibility for speaking out. Once upon a time black pastors were heavily engaged in their communities, but that has broken down and dissolved along with the strength of the black family.

We cannot sit back and just turn a blind eye, but we shall not surrender our right to personal liberty and safety.


  1. A loving father in the homes, who would not spare the rod, would be the solution. MUST start early. If not, the authorities will do the fathers job, after it is too late.

    • The lack of parental authority is obviously the biggest problem. These kids have no fear of anything. “Without hope the people perish”

      • A few years ago a black woman who was on the way to church with two pre-teen boys stopped to get gas at the same time I was filling up my vehicle. She repeatedly used the N word towards one of the boys telling him to hurry up and pump the gas. I told her she shouldn’t speak to him that way. She said she would speak to him however she pleased. I replied by asking her what are you teaching him when you speak to him that way. This church going woman was teaching a young man that his life has no value. If his life has no value, nobody’s life will have value to him. Positive change for blacks must come from within the black community and must start with loving the children and teaching them positive values.

      • A few months back, there was nothing but praise about Trayvon Martin, a thug who met his match on the street. But not one word is being said about this savage game and the fact that is all the black race playing it. Not one word from Sharpton, not one word from Oprah, not one word from Jackson and not one word from Obama. What does that tell you? All hypocrits……each and every one of them.

  2. I hope people realize that these rotten kids do not speak for all African American kids. Not everyone is doing this and its just some isolated cases. But it is growing because of all the media exposure. I like the advice he gives everyone at the end. “If you want to knock each other out go ahead. Knock each other out all day. No big deal.”
    Unfortunately as a white man I will now think twice when a group of African American males pass by me on the street. I am licensed to carry a firearm and may have to keep with me more often. Sad to say.

    • I don’t agree, they are a violent race… one of their problems are that most don’t have a father in the house and no two kids have the same father.

      • Don’t confuse culture with race. What I think you mean is that blacks in America are all part of a violent culture. For poor black males that’s likely true. Careful with your generalizations it is inflammatory as your comments implicate a race of people instead of a cultural group.

      • Raider, its really not a race thing. It is however a culture thing to be sure . I’m certain there are plenty of young white males who would do this same thing, and probably have already. Some of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met were black, male and female, of all ages. For a white man who grew up with a father in a culture who hated blacks and never met any until I was 18 yrs old I feel very lucky to have met the ones I did. I do agree with defending yourself, and with being armed to do so against any attacker, regardless of their race.

      • I wish some of you people would quit making excuses for them, because they use every excuse to do this. They are just evil animals who are getting away with it. Drop a few in the street, hang a few that get caught and watch how quickly is diminishes.

      • It’s not the race, it’s the poverty and not having parents that raise them right. There is always more crime in poverty stricken areas, doesn’t matter what color the people are. There is a reason for that.

      • It’s not the race. It’s the average IQ along racial lines.

        Asians = 110
        Whites = 100
        Blacks = 85 (US) 75 (World)

        Or maybe it’s the average IQ along the poverty line.

        (UK data)
        Trained professionals = 110-115
        “The lowest class of untrained worker” = 90

        Our problem has always been one of ignorance… And our challenge is that there are people who literally DO NOT HAVE the capacity to become informed, sociable individuals.

        (For the uninitiated, IQ only varies a few points from a person’s birth to death. And does not change with education.)

        And good luck solving this problem. It’s a deep one!

      • don’t start with they are poor and had a rough life… don’t even start with that vial disgusting excuse.. that has been played out.. they can go to school and make their lives better..
        that’s if they didn’t turn our schools into ghetto zoos…
        no, there is no excuse for gangs of BLACK kids running around committing hate crimes against whites..

      • I really don’t give a crap what they are….but the one thing I know is that to stop it there has to be quick and brutal action against it!

    • I am Black and even before these incidents surfaced, I was always suspect while in the vicinity of groups of African American males that dress and imitate thugs. I would be foolish to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that if given an opportunity they would not do me harm. I behave similarly around groups of white males who dress and imitate rednecks. Its human nature, if I see a snake, I’m going to assume it is venomous and will cause me harm if I get near it.

    • i am an AMERICAN male Black … i am a firearms instructor .. i am from the live and let live school … but if you try to hurt me or mine i will not think twice of putting you in the dirt!!!!! These kids been hearing it’s not their fault and they should not be accountable for so long they think its true, they think its wrong when you defend yourself …they think this way because the complete failure of the welfare system and how it breaks down the family, years of breaking down the family has gotten us where we are today, weather they be black or white, it does not work. And this race hate has to stop … there are still racist people here in the US both black and white … for the whites who hate blacks for no reason get over it… we gonna be here, for the blacks who think someone owes you for slavery they don’t that was 150 years ago and YOU WERE NOT A SLAVE, you were never whipped, chained or sold, KING, MEGER, and MALCOLM X died to get you where you are today so grow up. i have a lot more to say but that will have to be another time.

  3. the best approach to this problem is to carry a gun and kill them… that is the only way that they will learn… kill as many as you possibly can, and their friends too.

    • Yeah that was my first thought to. But its one of those deals that will surely escalate into something huge as the body count daily increases. It would get worse. It truly has set the black community back. We can’t pay back violence with more violence.


      • i do not believe you should go looking for trouble but if it comes your way then yes protect yourself with whatever means you have to …. just make sure you are the one going home that night.

      • In the case of the 60 year old woman who they hit to knock her out, they were coming back at her to do it again. So what should she do? Just lay there and let them? She took her gun and shot them. I call that self defense. The kid that got shot twice, according to him, he learned his lesson. Maybe it was the waking up to the fact that he could have died playing a vicious game for fun. Now his ass is sitting in jail for one year. In his case that was a rude awakening. These kids all think it’s fun and games and I don’t believe they think past that or recognize the seriousness of it. There are a few video games out there they play showing how fun it is to play “Knock-out”. Al Sharpton did speak out against it today. Finally. Obama needs to speak out but will he? No. It is time that the laws need to change. These kids need to be tried as adults and given stricter jail time. The leaders of this country better start speaking out and try mentoring them. Jesse Jackson is worthless. This issue isn’t racial against the African Americans so obviously it’s not an issue for him. In African American communities you have gangs going around shooting each other but innocent babies, little children and adults are being wounded and killed. Where is Sharpton or Jackson speaking out about this? The only time I really heard Jackson speak out was in Chicago this summer when a two gang members opened fire on a bunch of people enjoying their day at the park. 11 people were wounded and those were mainly children. One 3 year old was hit in the face with a bullet. Yes he spoke out…but has been silent since it was no longer topic in the news media. He only speaks out and screams racial when the cameras are rolling. This is the same man who has an child with one of his workers, take $40,000 from a tax exempt charity to move her out to California to hide her. Jackson, jr. told $750,000 from his campaign funds to live the life of the rich and owned two houses. And now they are crying because he got 30 months and his bother said that was unfair and if it had been a white guy, he wouldn’t have gotten jail time. They think they are above the law. And at the same time they live in these big expensive houses while those poor people in the African American communities are fighting to exist. Great examples for those kids in those communities. “Hey it’s ok to steal and cheat,,,,look at us we did it and see where we are today.” And Obama,,,he also turned his back on the African American communities. He even promised the poor African Americans in the one state that he needed the votes from where they were living in such squalor, some even didn’t have electricity, that he would help get them out of that. Turned his back on them. No instead he now is sending billions to Iran. Our government should start taking some of that money we are sending over seas and spend it on the people here in our own country that need it. Hope our communities out. No, it’s more important to help those in Iran out. Oh and of course those people that are starving over there won’t see a dime of it. It’ll go right into the pockets of the leaders in that country. What I see today is the racial issue that wasn’t as bad before Obama took office. Now anybody disagrees with him, we are called racist. That word has been so abused lately that it’s almost lost it’s value. Then the youths in the African American communities are hearing that the whites are racist because we have an African American president. So now they think all whites are racist. Yes we have racist still today. We have had racist since the beginning of time. But they are the minority. I truly believe that Martin Luther King is up there just shaking his head today at how the leaders who claim they are living working for his dream are actually ruining it. Sorry for the length of this but I am one pissed off white American who is not going to sit back. I am going to fight for a change in government. I am not a racist either.

      • I’m waiting to hear Barry Soeroto say that if he had a son it would look like the kid that got shot twice. He gets involved when it can contribute to a race war. That way it takes the heat off of him for awhile.

  4. I guess Allen, nor his staff actually read these comments, because I pointed this story out in the comments of his original story about the knockout game.

  5. Was the kid smiling during his prison phone interview? I guess he hasn’t been there long enough to learn his lesson yet. When you have a generation of kids raised by kids, who have no sense of accountability and have seen the ‘gangsta’ lifestyle (including prison) glorified by their celebrity heroes, what do you expect? God, charity, the nuclear family, and patriotism used to be core values of this country. Now those things are targets for destruction, and punchlines for jokes. Social media works to spread these vicious memes (meme, being an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture) like a deadly virus.

    • I’ve researched the story you’ve posted the link to, and in my best estimation is NOT REAL. No location of the crime is listed and all links are the same story, verbatim. No local news whatsoever anywhere on the web. If we are to report news stories on this disgusting subject, let’s make sure they are true.

    • Where is President Obama? He was there during the Trayvon Martin Trial. His one statement that forever remains in my mind: Trayvon could have been my son. Okay, These kids out there could be his sons, too. They are so up to no good in just attacking innocent citizens.
      And, where is Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson? They were heavily involved in the Trayvon Martin Trial. Where are they?

      • Speaking of that: I just had to listen to the bs TM retoric displayed at the AMA’s. Blah.. people are ignorant. Also the AMA’s (american music awards) this year was NOTHING about America.. It was about everything- place else… including the illuminati ffs. It really made me sick watching it.

      • When O said Trayvon could have been his son he was giving marching orders for the feral blacks* to increase the attacks. Clever marketing gets it called a game and that it is bored kids doing it (NOT). He had to have known Traybaby’s being a member of the team, so to speak. Someday the phone recordings will come out of what he was talking about while waiting for “%^& cracker” George; ie. knockout. The president knew/knows who Trayvon was and tried, with his little identification-as-my-son speech to cover it up, which in turn was a green light and marching orders for the rest. “Justice for Trayvon” means just this that we are getting. And we thought it meant something warm, fuzzy, and noble pertaining to merely convicting Georgie.

        * Phrase is, “feral blacks” or the semi-politically correct and softened version, “urban feral”. Use it. Everywhere. It fits. Maybe it will eventually get shortened, as it becomes standard terminology, to merely, “feral” but for now “black feral” or “urban feral” is a start at perfect description and branding. Calling it what it is.

  6. I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t another chicken coming home to roost where the hen house is the “recovered” economy; “improving” unemployment especially among black youth; “takes a village” families replacing fathers with government; and a “hammock” welfare system. For me, I will support Freedom Works and Conservative Senate Fund and good folks like Allen West.

  7. The polar bear hunting is a direct manifestation of the great divider , OBAMA . I have never witnessed such great hatred amongst blacks and whites in this country. Often blacks speak poorly of whites who avoid blacks walking down the street. With these random occurring assaults that is deemed ” a game,” I believe the white folks are just exercising good survival skills. Blacks have certainly been in this country long enough to have assimilated and blend into the background like everyone else. The disenfranchisement blacks experience is of their own doing and at their own peril. They require different leadership opposed to the Jacksons, Sharptons and Obamas for any degree of success.

  8. Sad this is happening. Amazing how our country had been transformed over the last few years to something barely recognizable. Is this the “hope and change” that this president and his supporters voted for? Sadly, I beleive it’s only a part of the means to an end.

    • Then get out there and do something about it. Elections are coming up in 2014 and we need to start getting those in that can make a difference. We need to start making our elected officials responsible for what they do. Why do you think Obama tells lie after lie after lie? He thinks we will sit back and ignore it. Now the fact that he moved the 2nd Obamacare registration back after next year;s election,,,,he thinks we wouldn’t even notice the game plan. Because when those 2nd registration premiums come in,,,it’s going to be a sticker shock. Oh then the poor Senators would lose their seats. But their argument on moving it back is to help the people out. Then he is going to sponsor Hillary for president? Don’t give up,,,get out and fight back.

  9. Yet another excuse for more cameras. Law enforcement appears to be idle while this occurs until we scream for it to end. Presto more cameras. more laws, more police.
    This is a very easy problem to solve, only not with all the “laws” and political correctness..

  10. They need to start the prison sentencing at five years and go up from there depending on the level of injury suffered by the victim, age of the victim…sex of the victim, etc. How about assault with the intent…..20+

  11. I know I can take a punch…if I’m I still awake, my weapon is coming out and there are going to be 1+ fewer players of this sadistic game.

  12. There’s someone in the White House who “has enormous brain” and is intellectually bored with ordinary people! Now, we have street youths who are into this so-called KNOCKOUT Game, and one of the reasons cited is that they are BORED!!!

  13. hey you liberal mainstream media-ites! This is BLACK teens on white people. Call it like it is, just like you do when white kids beat up black people. You call it racist and a hate crime. Were is the high and mighty Sharpton and Jackson now? This is racist hate crimes on white people.

  14. There is a driving force that will amplify this whole thing for the mere purpose of creating a bigger division between whites and blacks. Yes this is a problem but the media or someone has an agenda to create a bigger race war and to cause chaos in our country – more so than there already is. They will amplify this so much that everyone will get sucked into this if they arent careful. Think about it. How many were drawn to the tv awaiting the verdict of a murder trial in Florida that a month before we didnt give a damn about. It was the Zimmerman gang vs the Trayvon Martin gang and everyone was in a trance about it.
    This whole thing will become bigger and bigger and our behaviors and reactions are being studied — for the next big thing.

    • This driving force is the same force that drove Obama into onto the throne of America. Is no chance that the President identifies himself with the murderous drugged thugs. It really “might have been him”.

    • Your comment reminds me of the US constantly telling Israel to NOT bomb Palestine. How much are they supposed to endure before retaliating? Same with lone whites vs. black gangs. How much are we supposed to take before retaliating?

  15. As civilized society continues to “wake up” to the problem of black violence (it’s taking a while due to PC, and MSM/government cover-ups of actual rampant black crime), more and more aware citizens will carry their weapons and defend themselves. Blacks have a tendency to target what they perceive as “weak and vulnerable” victims, ie the elderly, the infirmed, women and children and lone targets. They tend to attack in groups. Stay out of black areas, there is no reason to be there. Arm yourself, train, and remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t become a victim!

    • This is true. The “you’ll lose your tactical advantage” crowd denies it but there are lots of times where crimes were stopped due to the criminal seeing an openly carried gun. These are the ones that people have observed. There are probably many stopped due to open carry that people haven’t observed.

      These tactical advantage, let it be a surprise fellows sound like they actually want to shoot someone. Well, with open carry, you don’t have to shoot anyone to stop the crime most of the time. I don’t want to shoot anyone. I’ll conceal more than 50% of the time though because of the sheeple.

  16. packs of dogs are only strong in a pack mentality,these Amoeba by themselves would micterate down both legs because they are COWARDS

    • “pack of dogs” has led to a phrase being used more and to distinguish from civil blacks. Phrase is, “feral blacks” or the semi-politically correct and softened version, “urban feral”. Use it. Everywhere. It fits. Maybe it will eventually get shortened, as it becomes standard terminology, to merely, “feral” but for now “black feral” or “urban feral” is a start at perfect description and branding.

  17. I see there is a misconception brewing that this is a racial problem. It is a civil problem. It just happens to be the offenders are from places where street crime is a way of life. This isn’t a new phenomena either as it was once the bane of every city with large unemployed immigrant populations. Interestingly they were all political casualties of their day and it’s no different today.

    • Those “unemployed immigrants” assimilated and were from a foreign land and didn’t speak the language. These blacks have lived here since birth and their families for generations. Your point is mute. It’s like comparing a banana to a steak…It is a black problem.

      • So you and 31 others think race is the problem and it’s not racist to see it that way. That’s is exactly what perpetuates the problem. In reality it’s no different than any group of people with a motivation other than being the best citizens they can. It’s a “West side story” problem.

    • My mother grew up in a highly immigrant populated part of Philadelphia. Nothing like this was going on except black kids playing push whitey. I am not a bigot and it is high time we stop giving a racist pass to these youth.

    • No its a black on white “game” I do not see how anyone with eyes does not get this …and when people continue trying to cover up the simple truth it will never go away . Any person involved in this should be put away for good ..anyone that can hit an elderly woman of any race at all is a worthless piece of DUNG and needs to be eliminated with EXTREME prejudice .. I am usually calm with most issues ,but when it comes to beating on elderly women , that group needs to be hunted like wild animals and put down.

  18. This is the “Hope and Change” that that guy squatting in our White House pushed on us with the same success as his Obamafraudcare. Hope, change, care = a three time loser.

    • If it happens to me, there will be one seriously injured or dead kid. I conceal carry, and I’m damn good at the draw, if I may blow my own horn. Since first hearing of this “game” I’ve spent many hours practicing. At 61, the last thing I need is some punk trying to crack my hard head. (It’s damn hard, just ask my wife!)

  19. The kid in the video who’s in jail looks like he was born with fetal alcohol syndrome.
    This is “obamanation”. We, as a free society, need to push to have obama removed from office and clean up our streets.

    • Most likely he was a “fas” baby or a crack baby. It’s a ghetto scam. They admit to drinking or doing drugs while pregnant, then when the child’s several months old they have him/her examined by a sympathetic ghetto, affirmative action doctor who will “diagnose” the problem (or call him autistic). They then take that ”diagnosis” to the local welfare office and get much more in $ aid for that child. Another common scam they use is when mammy goes to jail for drugs or whatever, the grandmammy or auntie steps in and becomes a “foster parent”. Lot’s more money involved and when mammy gets out of the joint she simply rejoins the family (on the DL) and enjoys extra income and a free place to live. It’s VERY common in the black ghetto community. That’s how they drive late model SUV’s and such while on welfare. Well, that and making extra cash on the side by hooking, dealing or having their current boo supplement with his illegal cash.

      • Hate to have to say it but I think you are right. Just recently have I been looking into it because I thought that this is what I’ve been observing. It’s both sad and angering, especially since this administration is “rewarding” this kind of behavior.

  20. I object to the word ‘random’ when it appears blacks are not attacking blacks. They are attacking whites, jews, and non-blacks. This is targeted, not random at all. If it were whites attacking blacks, hate-crime would be in every single reference to this crime.

  21. For those of you that think the “hate” of white folks is limited to “ghetto” blacks, THINK AGAIN! Here’s a video of the MAYOR of Monticello, NY after his arrest for DUI. He goes on a rant and even accuses a black officer of being a race traitor for not releasing him. This is what many (no matter what their position in life) think of whites.

  22. maybe wearing a football helmet will start protecting this stupid game… wear it on the way to where ever and at bus stop…oh by the way make sure you pull a winter hat over it so they cant see it….once they least theyll have a darn broken or helluva hurt hands….

  23. Bad, bad, bad reporting.
    -It is not a game or sport. It is assault based on racial profiling and hate.
    -It is NOT new. It is not just in the last few months. It has been around for years only the names given to the purpose of the attacks is new. MLK was not pushing for peaceful protest for whites; he was preaching it to the black community who were doing just this, back then; retaliation through justification. Everyone made assumptions he was preaching to the whites and KKK, which he could have but that was not his primary audience.
    -It is not, “for no reason”. It is because they are white. Jewish are now being thrown in and Asians because they are thought by blacks to reject minority alliance and side with whites.


    • Not the best of ideas. They’d rob the library patrons, steal books (and use them to start their bbq’s) and spend time on the library’s computers looking at porn sites which would then lead them to rape the white women and girls at the library.

  25. It’s a real shame that we as people white, black or any other color feel that we need to en-part pain on other people who are not guilty of doing anything against us. WE hear all the time that we want respect okay, but how can we respect those that will walk right up to a total stranger and hit them as hard as you can. If you hit a person hard enough you can kill them and if the punch doesn’t do it, then what happen when this person hits the ground and the damage that can happen then. And since when do men go up and try to knock out a women. Real men don’t do that kind of thing. My dad would have kick my A$$ up and the street if I had ever done anything like that. And wouldn’t have minded who was watching. We need to start having respect for each other no matter what a persons color is. We are all colored people. White is a color to. We are all human being that God created and he didn’t create us for these kinds of action. We are to love are fellow man. In fact God calls love the greatest thing you can do for one another. Were suppose to care for one another. And this type of action is totally uncalled for. We should be better than this. Do these people really want to take the chance that they might kill someone when all they think there doing is having fun. If they want to do that. Get a group of them together and knock each other out and see just how it feels.. We all need to grow up some.

  26. I think there a bunch of pussys for running up on some from behind walk up to the person. and tell them ur gonna knock them out let’s see how it works out for ya then or there not man enough go do that

  27. Good job, need more of this then maybe this non-sense will stop! Like the man in video said go knock each other out and have a great time doing it. But you guys keep this stuff up many are going to end up pushing up daisies!

    • That’s why all people need’s to be armed!!. they need to keep an eye out, & shoot these bastard’s!! . their head could hit the curb & kill them,then they would have a murder charge! .

  28. Ah, this is great. This punk was shot twice AND is in prison for playing the knockout game. Said he didn’t know it might cost him his life and land him in jail. Scoff. Seriously? Need to have a few more punks shot and thrown in jail, even killed, and maybe they might figure out this is NOT A GAME and it is not funny. And it’s often a black on black crime. This shows a punk attacking a poor old homeless guy. I don’t know who the man is at the end of the video, but he is another voice of reason, like Mr. Allen West. Where are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the two ignorant O’s in all of this? Far as I know, not a peep.

    If Mr. West will run for president, I will gleefully vote for him. Oprah says anyone against O is a racist. Take that you ignorant, foolish woman. I take that back. You STUPID, foolish woman. Ignorance can be cured with education. There is zero hope for her in that department.

  29. These kids are just punk-ass COWARDS! You never see just ONE of them at a time. And when you hit someone when their guard is down it’s also called a “bitch move”. This crap would never even be happening if Obumass wasn’t squatting in the White House. With him there, everyone thinks they can get away with anything. And why not? Old Barry Soetoro has been allowed to do anything he damn-well pleases…..except get our guns! And we need to keep it that way!

  30. In the good old days, groups of thugs would have been chased down and left hanging on street corners for all to see the error of their ways. Now most city living men are wimps. Then the men were men and thugs nervous.


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