Georgetown “uninvites” Egyptian Nazi to conference

Under the innocuous and kumbaya-ish sounding title “Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy,” Georgetown University is putting on a conference that originally planned to feature a slew of pro-Muslim Brotherhood speakers, Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (of course) and…a founder of the Egyptian Nazi Party.

Not surprisingly, the university has come under some criticism for hosting this event, and stacking the speaker list with primarily pro-Morsi, pro-Muslim Brotherhood characters – oh and a Nazi.

Rami Gan, one of the founders of the Egyptian Nazi Party, was on the original list of speakers for the fun-filled event, but according to the New York Times, will no longer be participating.

In fact, the entire event has been postponed from its original December 5th date to January 30th “due to lengthy delays with our Egyptian participants getting visas” according to the Event Brite page. What a shame, but there’s still time for you to RSVP.

I’m sure you’ll miss hearing Mr. Gan expound on some of the themes he and his fellow Nazi party founders discussed during this tv interview, such as “all we want to take from Nazism is the respect. That’s it. We want to have supremacy over our world,” and “We have nothing to do with Hitler. The one and only thing we have adopted from Nazism is racial supremacy.” Okay, well that makes me feel better.

Gan was originally billed as a member of a little-known group called “Christians Against the Coup.” But as reported in the Free Beacon, most Coptic Christians supported the removal of Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Morsi and have been the victims of violence and vandalism in the months since Morsi was deposed.

If the event goes on, it will be held at the Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. Isn’t it strange that the only Christian originally invited to speak happened to be not only a Muslim Brotherhood supporter but a Nazi? I guess according to this crowd, the only Christian worth understanding is a Nazi Christian.

Free speech is one of our most cherished rights in this nation, and no voices should be silenced. But providing a megaphone with open arms to those whose aims and interests are so clearly anathema to our own and our allies is disturbing.

Perhaps you’ve heard this statement before: “When tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide.” Guess who said it?

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Dirk Davis

I believe that was you Mr. West


“When tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide”

Here’s another important thing to remember. I found it in the book West recommends
“Rules For Conservative Radicals -How The Tea Party Movement Can Save America”
on page 42, Chapter 39 Strategy Four -Encourage Individual Liberty

“Individual liberty is the antithesis of the collective tyranny of statism and socialism where the state, NOT the individual, is paramount”


Why is Georgetown U. even sponsoring this event! Why is this being allowed to occur on our sovereign soil? Our educational system is terrible! It is no better than an enemy of America!

Read Daniel Silva’s “The Secret Servant.” Historical-based fiction to be sure, but the details on the origins of the Muslim Brotherhood and where we are today are disturbing (and it was written in 2007). This scourge known as “Islamic Extremism,” Jihad, and similar, is spreading across the map much like the Nazi’s did during WWII. The difference being they are doing it with immigration vs. military conquest (with some exceptions, where they’ve taken up arms to overthrow secular or oppressive governments). The insane policies of appeasement and throwing open the doors of immigration to hardened warriors from Egypt, Saudi Arabia,… Read more »

Thank you for your service to our Country and remaining a Loyal Patriot! Am always glad to see it whenever someone has done their home(land) work and sharing what they know and have learned. “The Secret Servant” -should be a “must read” on everyone’s list.

Brian Graz

On another topic Chris Christie sucks the grand wazoo.


Perhaps the president of Georgetown ought to be hearing from us and that we do not think any of our universities should be providing a “megaphone” to enemies of the United States.
President John J. DeGioia
Office of the President
204 Healy Hall
37th & “O” Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20057-1789
Tel: (202) 687-4134
Fax: (202) 687-6660


Perhaps we ought to let the president of Georgetown University (John J DeGioia) know that we Americans do not think that any of our universities should be providing a “megaphone” to enemies of the United States.


If the Muslim Brotherhood is not an avowed enemy of the United States, what else should we call an organization that openly and officially calls for the replacement of the U.S. Constitution by Shariah law?

willie lee



is a failed form of Government which ultimately destroys itself and
becomes a Dictatorship administered by Oligarchs and fellow despots.
Egypt is the modern example of how rapidly Democracy degrades and
implodes upon the people. NOWHERE in the
US Declaration of Independence or our Constitution is the word
Democracy found; for darn good reason! Our Founders knew precisely that
Democracy always results in failure. American Colleges are saturated by
Marxists who know damn well what a failure Democracy is and will use
this trick of a Government term to protect and foster dictatorships.
These folks are sad excuses for educators.


We are a Republic and popular vote is not the answer. The democrats import voters and get more electoral votes by flooding the country with US haters, Marxists, La Raza and needy, illiterate demanding drones who vote for themselves not the best interests of US or us.

willie lee

Anti Morsi forces staged the worlds largest peaceful protest in the history of the world. Fully one third of all Egyptians were out on the streets to demand Morsi step down and the military gave him ample time to vacate. He was so proud in his Islamic state he basically spit on his people like Obama does with America. Egyptians have more going for them than Americans however. They got rid of Morsi and his torturing creeps, while Obama and his twisted media perverted and missed the largest display of freedom the world has every seen.

Thinking American

Speaking of oxymorans, a Nazi Christian, are you kidding me??? Perhaps our illustrious progressive press and out government bureaucracs find this heart warming but lets face face facts, the Egyptian military simply obeyed the will of the people & Isn’t this what true Democracy is all about. We the people need to stand up for the innocent Egyptian people and hope that these universities and our leadership wakes up before it is too late!