Why Sharpton and Jackson are silent on “knockout game”

Here’s what I had to say on the record to Greta Van Susteren regarding the conspicuous silence of the Reverands Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – not to mention our President and Attorney General – when it comes to the “knockout game” and black-on-black violence. Why aren’t the so-called “leaders of the black community” speaking out? Well, I will.


  1. He’s exactly right, when they end up shot by a gun carrier, then it will hit the news and people will be outraged. The gun banners will jump all over it.

  2. Where them Black Puppets at = Sharpton – Jackson !!!! Fake A$$ Bitch## They always say keep it real WTF-ever ! Thanks Mr. West for being one of the few who don’t see color !

  3. He’s exactly right. When i first heard about these crimes, i was curious to know if these were in “gun-free” zones and what will happen if these thugs spread to areas with concealed carriers. Won’t end well if they don’t knock the victim out. But that’s the hypocrisy of it all; you’ll see national news blow up if a white man/woman shoots and kills their black attacker. Jackson and Sharpton would be all over it to advance their agenda, which in turn creates more antimosity. We really need to take these race baiters off any type of actual news and have more actual leaders like Mr. West speaking out against them.

  4. Thank you Mr. West. This is such a clear cut example of racism against whites by the very rascals you named. It is SO unfortunate that this has become about race and not about the crimes.

  5. It is very sad to have to be this way, I have never seen a person by the color of their skin. To me a man or woman are people, their racist would never enter into my mind. Because of this knock out game or as it is also called ( Polar Bear hunting), I do now profile when I see African Americans males in groups or individually.

  6. I read where a 60 yr. old woman got knocked and when they started again by a gang of 7 blacks playing the game she realized she was going to get hit again she pulled her gun and shot 2 dead and 5 got away. Sad but what else can be done. You must protect yourself from these horrible thugs. She was released and not charged.

    • this type of action is going to be the rule as this becomes more and more the game of these cowards. Jackson and Sharpton are nothing but users themselves as they watch this and remain silent. If it doesn’t promote their agenda they could care less, and the president, well he and his atty gen. have done more to hurt civil rights and they too remain silent. I can only imagine this is exactly what they want. Perhaps more of these elderly people with guns is the cure. Oh, how does this play with these so called leaders with “gun violence” …One administration and we find ourselves 50 years ago with respect to respecting each other and instead of civil rights for all, we find civil unrest and they appear to like it..

  7. I was never taught to be a racist ,but since Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, B.Obama ,an Oprah ,have started the race baiters game ,this has given the blacks youths the wrong message .This attitude will make one racist ,but the BLACKS are doing this to themselves they are making white america highly dislike ..their ways ..
    I think this kind of speeches shouldn’t not be aired to the public an the camera’s should never be put on some one that wishes to spew EVIL from their mouth ,which would include all of the above names mentioned

  8. Mr.West,
    The racist people you named above will only speak out when the whites start defending themself and the black and Latinos doing this to people start getting killed,then they will put baby photos of the thugs on television to claim further victimization. Sad.

    • Now Latinos are getting balled up with blacks? 1.Blacks are lazy, will kill you for your bike, cell phone and shoes. 2. Latinos are hard workers, and will ignore you as long as you mind your own business.

  9. Honestly to this day I can’t figure why anyone would taken anything Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton has to say. If it doesn’t make them look good or they can’t play victim then you won’t hear one damn word out of them. Real leaders out of those of color speak out, Alan West is a true leader and I sure wish more would listen to him. As for the knock out game West is right someone is going to get shot and then guess what, the leaches like Sharpton and Jackson will be up front screaming poor black child unharmed shot, never mind the victim they just punched in the face. Obama is just as bad once again dropping the ball when he too should be speaking out, but like Sharpton and Jackson you won’t hear one thing from him, if it doesn’t fit Obama’s agenda there’s nothing in it for him.

    • I partially agree with your assessment. Blacks no longer follow these two gentlemen as before. They are near retirement and that’s good. There is No singular voice to represent black folks in this country. Allen West cannot be a voice because he only talks at folks and not to them. He may do well in these forums but this is not the way to reach black people’s ears

    • Joanna this does fit into his agenda ( Obama) when the whites start to fight back he will declare Marshal Law . can you people not see what is happening

  10. These situations must grieve Senator West because of the irresponsible behavior of the young perpetrators and the animosity these crimes can’t help but generate toward black Americans by some folks. Unfortunately, I know there are those who will respond with hatred toward black Americans in general. Once again I come away impressed with the insight and succinctness of Allen West. We must have this statesman increasingly involved in moving our country forward and upward.

  11. “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the
    street and hear footsteps then turn around and see somebody white and feel
    relieved.” – Jesse Jackson

    • Well, Jesse Jackson, your racist attitudes have added to this problem. I am thankful that you haven’t been attacked, but wonder if you would be willing to disguise yourself as white and walk through the neighborhoods, putting yourself at risk. It is time people stop saying EVERYTHING is racist. What ever happened to the idea that someone’s behavior was appropriate or not, good or not, legal or not? Does race enter into those? NO – and it is about time people are held accountable for their actions – NO MATTER WHAT RACE, COLOR, CREED, OR JOB THEY HOLD.

  12. The silence from our pathetic, pitiful president, Sharpton, Jackson, and their ilk is not only deafening, but humiliating. These men should at least be stepping up trying to help their own black youth, if not the victims. How did American fall so fast from the top to the bottom? These atrocities are igniting the fires of anger in the white community. What will eventually happen, will be the completely justified shooting death of one of these young hoodlums. Then and only then will you hear from the cowardly opportunistic black leaders who profit from so-called racism or race based violence. A shame it’s only recognized as “racism” when a black person dies. How can anyone think that white people will sit back and take this forever? And this is a totally preventable disaster. This just goes to show the cannibalistic mentality of the democrats, liberals, the president and the so-called black leaders. They are completely willing to sacrifice their own people for political gain. These people belong in prison, instead of in positions of authority in our nation. Why can’t black people see how they are being used?

  13. Something else to give some thought about to what Mr.West was talking about…… this double standard is starting to push a lot of whites into a defensive mode. I am white and I see and hear a lot of whites buying guns and ammo and starting to pack a gun in public. I would not think twice about shooting someone ( black or white) that was bringing harm to me or my family.
    There are some strong black and white men and women that ARE trying to help our kids in communities across the country but, they will never get the air time for there cause like the Jessie Jackson’s and Al Sharptons’s that are just in it foe FOR the cameras and money.
    We are sitting on a race powder keg that is getting closer to exploding…….

      • I do and don’t see it in the media per say, I hear and see it in real life. Just also to be fair I see and talk to hard working African Americans that are tired of seeing this also when they are also just trying to make it in this world like all other groups of people.
        But, I do think it is all media and (lack of) moral driven and the decay of the american family.

      • NO!
        We don’t want to kill anyone. However, if our lives are threatened, we need to be prepared.
        A gun is an “insurance policy”, one that we hope we never have to use, but will be glad that it is available if and when the time comes

  14. Jesse Jackson is just a joke anymore. Perhaps we should start marches in our cities,,,white, black, Hispanic, etc…against Jackson and government ignoring the crime that is going on. Draw media attention to it and demand that the government step up to the plate. I know one thing we all can do is start writing to the major news medias and demand that they start reporting all this LOUD and CLEAR, that they start holding government responsible and have their headlines scream it out. Every time we hear about a senseless crime write the media and get them to start holding government accountable. We Americans need to start speaking up and having our voices heard. Write the news medias, write your Congressman/woman, write your Senator, write Obama (a lot a good it’ll do you But write him anyway). Let’s unite together and get our voices heard. Mr. West is out there trying to get his voice heard, well let’s join him and get all our voices heard. The whites are fed up but I’ll tell you so are the blacks and there are more good blacks fed up then the blacks that aren’t.

    • Better plan wisely because the media will twist your marches message or plant a few to disrupt it and only get them on camera. I agree with you though.

    • Us whites are TOO BUSY WORKING AND PAYING TAXES to be “marching”.
      We will have to wrest control of the “mainstream media” from their present foreign owners . . .

      • I’m white and I to am busy working and paying taxes BUT I’m also tired of all the BS and am willing to give one day, even on the weekend, to protest for what others just sit back and complain about. And there are a lot of blacks fed up also.

  15. I have been thinking the exact same thing Col. West. Why aren’t Obama, Winfrey, Sharpton, Holder and Jackson doing something to mentor the blacks of this nation into becoming productive, “SANE”, citizens? What these kids are doing is plain crazy. These public personalities claim they are fighters of “the black cause” because white people are racist. This is another example of racism on THEIR part. I would be ashamed if anyone I knew behaved in such a manner. I believe those 5 people have the means to help their race and all they are doing by being silent is encouraging more of the same! They are the worst kind of example for the black race and should be brought down.

  16. these black “leaders” and the resident of the white house WANT many more black teenagers shot and killed by white “racists” so they can make a gun grab on the general population…

  17. The crime, not a game, is also called “kill the polar bear”. how about a crime called “kill the black bear” the media would be going nuts.

  18. The so called leaders of the black community can’t speak out about this because it will point to another of their “fearless leader’s” weaknesses. With unemployment up almost 400% in that age group it world only point to the frustration of their situation and that they are looking for a release and someone else to blame. I don’t believe these people are stupid or oblivious to the situation and that inclues “fearless leader”. Just more evidence of his desire to be president of the largest third world country.

  19. Where is Holder? I am sure that the police have a plan (HMM, HMM) Anyway Holder needs to put marshals walking as decoys. Then arrest them for assaulting a federal marshal or law enforcement. OH, That’s right. As said “Does not fit their political agenda”.
    Until a white “Knock Out” victim shoots and kills a black assailant then these men will get involved yelling racism. Sad.

  20. Why is it only the leaders of the Black community who should speak out against hate crimes and violence? All people should be speaking out against this! If you are not speaking out, you aren’t just part of the problem, you are the problem! White or Black!

    • In some ways I agree, but these are kids without direction. Most of them are immature rather than evil. If we can redirect them, we could very well have quality human beings. Right now they are living in a teen gang/group mentality. If we can somehow impact them through positive leadership, then we could end up with a person who adds to society rather than takes away. One young perp was shot but did not die. He now realizes how moronic his actions were and is glad he didn’t die from the gun shot. As he spoke, he seemed like a pretty nice kid who had let his peers influence his actions. A change in their environment via positive role models and of course experiencing the consequences of their actions could very well be the key to stopping this insanity.

      • “Pretty nice kids” don’t randomly assault people and I’ll quote him, “6 or 7 times” while “high”. Nice kids go to school, get good grades, help out the less fortunate and have nice friends. Why must people like you make excuses for abhorrent behavior? These are low IQ, bastards with no influence (positive or otherwise) from their sperm donors. 70% of them have no father in their lives. It’s cultural, and again I reiterate, LOW IQ. Segregation is the only solution.

      • I do understand your response, because I don’t believe violence should be coddled, but preventing the violent behavior in the first place was my point. I said we might find ways to prevent the violent behavior by positive influence. Do you admire Dr. Ben Carson? He came from a fatherless home, was poor, and almost killed someone before he turned direction and became the fine admirable man that he is today. Also if you look at this video there is a mind set that is being promoted that could very well mold the thinking of our kids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT-ZCS-B740

      • Dr. Carson still harbors racial animosity and preference for black “culture”.
        After the Zimmerman verdict was announced, Fox News had Dr. Carson on one of the talk shows. I damn near fell out of my chair when I heard Dr. Carson state that “Zimmerman should have been convicted of something”, despite the jury’s verdict of acquittal.
        How Dr. Carson could defend a thug like Trayvon is beyond me.
        Dr. Carson’s advocacy for gun control (for honest citizens only) should raise a “red flag”.
        I lost much respect for Dr. Carson after seeing and hearing him play his “race card” . . .

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks anarchyst. I used to hold Colin Powell in esteem as well, but then he revealed his “true colors” abandoning his supposed conservative beliefs and voted for Obama TWICE! Let’s hope Mr. West and Condi Rice don’t move to the “dark side” as well.

      • I tend to agree that Zimmerman should have been convicted at some level of manslaughter. Zimmerman must believe that to, or he wouldn’t keep getting into trouble. He can’t seem to take the gift of freedom that has been given him and make something of his life. Instead he continues to be in the news in negative ways and has been arrested lately for assault and his gun rights taken away. Trayvan wasn’t an angel, but he didn’t deserve to die that particular day. They both believed they were defending themselves. I understand Zimmerman’s thinking, but Trayvan didn’t know he was a neighborhood watch captain. All Trayvon knew was that somebody was tailing him and his decision to confront cost him his life. Because of the Florida law, which I do agree with by the way, Zimmerman got off without any penalty. In another state, given the same circumstances, the verdict probably would have been at least manslaughter. As far as Dr Carson’s comment concerning gun control, it is only logical that we don’t want criminals to have weapons. 2nd Amendment rights should belong to honest citizens. So why would that send up a red flag?

      • I hope you saw trayvon’s facebook “thug” pictures–NOT the picture of him as an angelic twelve year old . . .
        It is apparent that you did not follow the Zimmerman trial closely. If you relied on media reports, you did not get the whole story.
        Zimmerman was JUMPED by trayvon. If trayvon had answered Zimmerman that he had a relative in the neighborhood, he would still be alive today. In fact, Zimmerman would have probably given him a ride home.
        Trayvon was “casing houses” for future robberies.
        The Florida “stand your ground” did not apply in this case. Zimmerman REFUSED to use the “stand your ground” law as a defense.
        Zimmerman was JUMPED while heading back to his car. Trayvon was ON TOP of Zimmerman pounding his head into the concrete.
        Zimmerman has had recent troubles, some of them related to the notoriety and publicity of his trial.
        Zimmerman “took out the garbage” when he offed Trayvon.
        As to Dr. Carson’s advocacy for gun control . . .Carson cannot be trusted on gun control as his statements would affect HONEST gun owners–not criminals.
        We are constantly told not to judge muslims by the actions of a few “bad apples”. Shouldn’t the same consideration be given to the millions of honest gun owners?? It seems that honest gun owners are being told to restrict THEIR rights because of criminal misuse of firearms. If we lose the Second Amendment, all bets are off . . .
        Best regards

      • I understand the confrontation that ensued with Martin and Zimmerman and I get it that he was getting the better of Zimmerman, but we are talking about someone dying here. If Zimmerman would have died, the argument would have been that Trayvan feared for his safety. In that case I still would have argued that manslaughter would have been the correct verdict. I saw the pics of him, and learned that some of the pics were not of him. When both sides are making their point sometimes truth and facts are twisted. No one knows for sure that the kid was casing the neighborhood. That is conjecture. Here in America we are innocent until proven guilty for the most part, so you can’t condemn Martin for a crime he didn’t even commit. A lot of us were punks when we were younger and even ashamed of some of our behavior during our younger years. So why would you hold a young kid accountable unto death for some thug pics that may or may not be authentic? I believe we are in the same camp of thinking for the most part. I will stand my ground on the 2nd amendment unto death. And this I stand on in spite of the fact that my brother was murdered by a handgun. I believe in the Constitution, and my heart grieves for the way this administration is trampling over it like a rug in front of the kitchen door. But even among like minded peoples there will be differing opinions, and that my friend is the beauty of freedom of thought, Best regards to you too. 🙂

      • I stand by my statements. If Trayvon had murdered Zimmerman, we would not be having this conversation . . .

        The Facebook pictures ARE authentic, but were not permitted to be introduced as “evidence”.
        Trayvon was sent to live with his father because his mother could not control him.
        His criminal activity in school was suppressed. He punched out a school bus driver and had burglary tools and stolen jewelry in his possession.
        Trayvon WAS casing the neighborhood as well as purchasing ingredients for a drug “cocktail” known as “purple drank.
        Trayvon was not the innocent 12-year-old the news media tried to make him to be, but a 160-pound thug who got what he deserved.
        I implore you to look into this case further. You will not like what you fine.
        Best regards

      • Fair enough. I did a lot of research, but I did not see all of the trial. So I will check out his background further. I know that in my brother’s case the circumstances were pretty sad, but when people try to justify the murder by demonizing the victim that isn’t cool either.

      • First of all these black vermin our not “my kids”. My kids have the guidance of me and my wife and would not be permitted to play such a game. Since 70% of black “homes” with children have no father (father figure) present, it’s no wonder they are susceptible to such influence (among many other “influences”). Until black fathers stay with the women they breed with and get real jobs, stress education, morality, giving (instead of getting from the government), humility (instead of lust, envy and greed), and sexual responsibility (think consequence), nothing will change. NOTHING. It all starts in the home.

      • No they are not your kids, but they are society’s children. I believe those adults who have the heart to make a difference in the lives of the poor and the widows and the orphans can change the worldview of these kids. And I don’t mean by throwing entitlement money at the situation. I am talking about spending quality time teaching right from wrong through programs run by churches and other types of community effort that teach the children to step outside of themselves and think about others. We need programs that teach compassion and accountability. With the impact of these positives, some of these kids will realize the dark direction their activities are taking them, and make a change. And enough change will ripple outward and make a difference to all of society. But for now due to a lack of enough of these programs, we have to focus on safety and getting this negative influence of a president out of office more sooner than later.

      • Pure fantasy on your part. Some ghetto rat WILL NOT LISTEN to a white man, period. They resent us, hold us responsible for their past, present and future failures. They won’t even listen to a man like Mr. West or Mr. Cosby or the like (they don’t view them as “real black” instead see them as Uncle Tom’s and “sellouts”. Sad but completely true.

      • We do live in a world full of sin, but those who live according to the teaching of Scripture will make a difference. That is the role of Christians to infiltrate the enemy camp and touch hearts and minds with Truth. We win in the end so keep that in mind. Yes we are swirling and I see the end of America in the near future, but humanity will hang on until the time God sees fit to clean up this mess.

      • Glad you brought up the Christian aspect. We are supposed to rebuke sin and not share time with those that are evil until they repent. We are also to “forgive as God forgives us”. That means that until “they” repent, we are NOT to forgive. We are also supposed to fellowship with Christians, not people full of sin that don’t repent. That’s how I live my life, by what is written. Apparently, you don’t.

      • I don’t agree with your take on Scripture. Jesus spent time with sinners. Missionaries spend time with Pagans. If we just hang around with “Christians” then how are we going to bring the unsaved to the foot of the cross? I do understand the intent of these Scriptures you shared, and that is that if one of our fellow believers has fallen away and is walking in sin then we are not to condone their behavior. We need first to call them on their sin. If they do not listen then we are to call the elders to address the situation and if the believer is still not repentant then we keep away. My focus in this thread, was on the children in tough neighborhoods that can still be reached. I am in full agreement with you concerning those who don’t work shouldn’t eat. The Bible speaks volumes against the sluggard.

      • We’re gettin’ closer! Many, many of these blacks are exposed to Christ through their grandmothers, mothers, aunts, community programs etc. However, their relatives practice sloth, deny the Christian ethics very openly in their daily lives, and shouldn’t “eat”, but do because of EBT and giveaways. EBT and giveaways (food banks and the like) were designed to help people in times of need, not as a permanent way of existence. How many times have you read stories of black thugs that get killed and one of the pat phrases a relative will use is, “he was a good boy, went to church and was turning his life around”…? Yet this same “stellar member of the community lost his life robbing someone,, in a dope deal gone bad, or pointing a gun at a cop?

      • I agree with you, they are our kids black, white, whatever race religion has naught to do with who or what we are. The book Hungry Ghost by Mary Taylor Previte is an eye opener and a chilling reality as to steps we must take to turn our youth and therefore our country around . The problem of unwed motherhood,women producing more than one child by different males is not restricted to blackAmericans but white , Hispanics and others as well. Violence on the TV , movies, how about that horrible movie Hunger Games? is an added factor to the misbehaving and brutality our youth are exibiting. Hollywood shame, shame!!!! You advocate community programs yet the same people that put Obama in office were also community activist, great care must be used here. Taking these kids out of the “situation” only to toss them back isn’t going to work. It is most destressful to read so much anger and hate, such frustration is due to our feelings of helplessness so let us cool down and listen to the voices of calm reason. i am a great admirer of Senator Allen West, like Ike Eisnhower he came up through the ranks, yet see people, Americans, existing in the greatest country on earth,and it really riles me up to see good people of every race being pitted against each other, we gotta hang together if we are going to survive

      • ReneeTru is one reason that universal suffrage (voting rights) had such a difficult time being enacted. Look at the election of Clintons and o’bama–neither would have become president without the women’s vote. The “touchy feely” emotional responses that many women have blinds them to the true danger that exists in real life. Of course, not all women react this way, but . . .

      • She may feel differently after volunteering her time to mentor these “misguided black youth”. At best, they will be loud, obnoxious and disrespectful, at worst they’ll sexually assault her and maybe kill her. Some people have to learn by experiencing first hand, while others can learn by “distant” observation…

      • Are you kidding me? Having compassion makes me ignorant and basing everything on emotion? That is an asinine thing to say. Many talking heads I see in favor of Obama are male. And many strong women are so against Obama and his policies that they speak often and loudly against the liberal ways. I did not vote for Obama either time, I base my compassion for these kids on the Love that Christ teaches in the Bible. I don’t have the same understanding for adults who do such things, but these are young teens not yet to the age of accountability. Keep in mind, their minds are impressed with what the adults in this world have set before them as “games.” I have already posted a link to one of the violent games that portrays exactly this knockout behavior. The lyrics to so many songs feed the mind with violence and immorality. Pure skanky behavior is condoned and rewarded even. Leadership is lacking in the neighborhoods because of the lack of fathers and strong parenting. Their are some who are led to fill this void to prevent this behavior from escalating to the point of hurting others and ruining lives. Once they have crossed the line they need to be punished to the full extent of the law. I am not a bleeding heart without logic. Do you actually think women voting has brought us to this point? I beg to differ and refer to our lack of teaching right and wrong as well as living in a world of liberal, humanistic, and relative right and wrong. Now go to your room and think about how foolish that comment was. 😉

      • I am happy to know that you despise the o’bama and did not vote for him.
        I stand by my statement that the woman’s vote DID assure victory for both Clinton and the o’bama. Voting statistics bear this out. There are TOO MANY WOMEN who voted on style vs. substance. I know there are many men who vote the same way . . .
        You are correct about violent video games desensitizing our children.
        You are definitely NOT ignorant. I enjoy conversing with you. You are so right about the coarseness of what passes for American culture. There comes a time when you have to “let go” and let the legal system deal with these feral “teens”. By the time a person is 9 years old, they should already know right from wrong.
        You are to be commended.
        Best regards,

      • Why thank you sir. I appreciate your comments. I have raised two boys who are working hard to support their families. They are also very alert to keeping them on the right track behavior wise through love, reason, and a properly applied smack in the behind if and when defiance plays into a situation. The pic shows one of my nine grandchildren sitting in front of me. She is making a silly face. My prayer is that the world they are growing up in is not so desensitized and immoral that they have a hard time finding a decent person to consider for a spouse when the time comes. Not many kids their age are playing “knockout” thank God. There are good kids. We just hear more often about the ones doing bad things. I do hope leaders like Allen West will be a part of our future and we can really look forward to some hope and change!

      • Sir it is not Black culture. It is this era of humanity period. As a society instant gratification is the norm. I give you kudos that you and your spouse are still together and raising your kids up right. Not all children have that solid start. But please don’t lay delinquent behavior on a particular race. That is not clear thinking.

      • Yes, in fact it is black culture. If not, why do blacks collect welfare at a rate 5 times that of whites? Why is their overall crime rate almost 6 times that of whites and their murder rate 8 times that of whites? Why is their AIDS/HIV rate over 6 times that of whites and their gonorrhea rate an astounding 22 times that of whites. Single mother homes? Blacks 70%, whites 29%. Even the ones that “make it” (nba and nfl stars) go broke at rates of 68% and 74% respectively. Yes, it is cultural…

      • “Most of them are immature rather than evil” REALLY? Do you call what they are doing to other humans “Immature”? Leadership? Where are their parents? There is where the “Leadership” starts!

        The United States needs to bring back the “WPA” (Works Progress Administration) and put all these kids to work cleaning up streets and highways and make them work for their family’s food stamps!

  21. While everyone needs to speak out in their community to the police, mayor and city council and tell them to do something. Black kids are more likely to listen to a black leader and curb this crime problem. The problem with Obama is, he is NOT a leader! He is a conman, a community organizer (whatever the crap that is) and a leach who has enjoyed extravagant vacations and the best golf courses taxmoney can buy! Why would street kids listen to him when he has done nothing for them except turn them loose with his Treyvon speaches. He makes cops afraid to arrest anyone black because the feds will come after them and persecute them in and out of court! You can’t win if the head man is a crook himself. The inmates are running the asylum!

  22. WHO beside YOU is considered a “Black Leader”? Surely you’re not talking about jackson, sharpton, winfrey, obama, powell or Farrakhan! They’re most certainly NOT LEADERS and if they did speak out, they would only spew more RACIST HATRED.Where Is Black Leadership In America? I don’t see where we have any to speak of.
    We see people like jammie fox who calls obama “Lord & Savior” (REALLY?) or maxine waters who is nothing but a loud mouth who keeps getting her foot caught in her mouth. The we have oprah who has turned RACIST BIG TIME. colin powell has lost his male equipment altogether, I’m guessing he shut his mouth so as not to lose his pension. The Black Clergy seems to be afraid of losing their “Non Profit” status!
    The only Black person other then you I see speaking out is Michel Massie (The Daily Rant)
    So I ask once again, “WHO” do you expect to speak out against this problem?

  23. Mr. West, you know the answer to the question about Sharpton, jackson, etc. The simple fact is they are not speaking out because there is no money to be made – or more aptly extorted- off of the situation. Why do you think Sharpton is focusing on stores like Macy’s and barney’s right now? $$$$$$$

  24. These are hate crimes and should be treated as such. I would like to know where are their parents? In one attack on a Jewish man, it was around 2 in the morning as he was walking home from work. These kids come from parents or parent who could care less. I know a lot of black families that their kids are at home and not out all hours of the night. Of course those are the families that have taught their kids true values in life.

    • An average black’s priorities top ten list from 10 to 1
      10) Nike’s latest Jordan shoe (to be paid for by theft cash or denying offspring food by selling EBT funds)
      9) Blame YT for all failures
      8) Do nothing productive all day and brag about it.
      7) Obtain multiple Obama phones and videotape it.
      6) Obtain as much “free stuff” from the “gubmint” and charitable orgs.
      5) Get high/drunk as much as possible by obtaining dope/alcohol (or cigarettes) by intimidating white folks for “a dolla” or stealing it. If a white denies you money or a smoke, scream “racist” and wave your arms while hopping up and down and doin’ the chicken neck.
      4) Mate with as many hideous blacks as possible and don’t use condoms
      3) Have as many “chillens” as possible to pad welfare, afdc, ebt, and section 8 voucher aid.
      2) Be loud and obnoxious in public settings, especially around white folk and make sure they “see you” as the center of the universe. When called out about your bad behavior, pull the race card.
      1) Rape, rob, kill, steal, screw over, whine about, blame, get what ya canz, from white folk, they owe you. And do it with a clean conscience as it’s the right thing to do.

  25. I teach (as a sub) primarily black and Mexican kids in Austin at the elementary level. I have to say, the black kids are generally great at that age, some sweet kids really. Something happens in junior high then high school that changes them. Fatherlessness is the enabler.

    • 100% correct missing Dads. Dad’s that don’t take the responsibility for their little boys and girls. Now it is worse if they have multiple “Baby Mamas”. DADS STEP UP!

      • They won’t, they are incapable (as a whole). Average IQ of 85 won’t allow it as well as their need for instant gratification.

  26. As someone who grew up in the 50s and 60s, I’ve seen race relations greatly improve over time. Then Obama was elected. Now everything is about race and perceived victimization. All the improvement over the past four decades has been quickly eroding. Maybe if Colonel Allen were elected to the office of president, the damage could be repaired. It would be a herculean task at this point. We can only hope the damage this president has done can be fixed before a true race or civil war erupts.

    • I grew up during the first “civil rights” era and observed firsthand what the “civil rights (for some)” movement has wrought.

      I lived in a decent Detroit neighborhood that began to “change”. At first, there was “no problem” with the few black families that moved in. However, things got progressively worse. If you had a nice bike, you had to be aware of two blacks riding on one bike. The black riding the handlebars would jump off, knock you off your bike and take it. Quite often they only lived a block or two away. The stolen bike would be visible. Calling the cops was futile as they would say “possession is nine-tenths of the law”. The kids and their PARENTS would actually DARE the white parents to “come and take it back” (if you can).
      Advance to a number of years to when I was on my own. .I was always a Detroit supporter . . .
      I still subscribed to the (mistaken) notion that most blacks were decent people, had decent black neighbors, was friendly with them, helped them when needed and generally had pleasant neighborly relations with them.
      I had an old car that I fixed up to near showroom condition. I used to park it in my driveway to work on it or wash or wax it.
      My neighbor’s relatives came to visit. Two of the “teenagers” saw my car in the driveway and proceeded to sit on the hood, scratching the paint. My request for them to get off was met with f— you. Upon talking to my “nice” neighbors, their response was that “boys will be boys” and to “let it go”. Although I remained pleasant to my “neighbors”, things were never the same. After a rash of break-ins and vandalism, a number of them by the same “teenagers”, I finally gave up on Detroit and close friendship with blacks.
      Improving “race relations” was always a “one-way street”–whites giving up freedom of association and the right to live with our own kind and restrictive real estate agreements (covenants) while seeing blacks and their criminal behavior destroy everything they touch.

      • anarchyst, what you describe is what has contributed to what is called “white flight”. I was raised in the northside of Chicago. Traditionally, the south side was and still is a mostly black community, while the north side was mixed with people whose ancestors were from Italy, Ireland, Poland, Korean, and various other ethnic minorities which comprised the “white” north side. In 1961, the area I lived in was plush apartments with fancy Edgwater Beach Hotel which was a block away, it was famous because many famous people stayed there and many entertainers played there.

        Today, this very neighborhood that I used to play in and ride my bike in, is totally black, iron gates have been installed in front of the apartment buildings near the sidewalks, and then the door to each building is made of iron. Police patrol in pairs wearing Kevlar vests and packing at least two guns. Many gang police are in unmarked cars patrolling the streets and the alleys.

        So much for the plush neighborhoods that used to be safe. What I would like to know is, if blacks move from a bad neighborhood to a good one, why do they then destroy the beauty and peace that existed in the new neighborhoods?? The answer is not lack of jobs, or lack of parental control, those are just excuses used by the likes of Jackson and Sharpton to perpetuate the slave mentality. What it is, is a blatant disregard for property and lives of others. The loud music, the theft, the drugs, and other disregard for law and order and common decency are totally ignored by these who have fled the bad neighborhoods only bring those crimes to the good neighborhoods.

        The sad part of all this is, every time whites complain about these changes to our communites, we are quickly and conveniently labeled “racist”. Those who do the labeling are NACP, Sharpton, Jackson and others who do little to improve race relations. They simply help to create an atmosphere of divisiveness instead of teaching those they protect, blacks, to be better stewards of their communities.

        So, the cycle continues until more and more communities like Detroit and Chicago are brought down, and more and more whites flee.

    • Obama and his “friends” Jackson, Sharpton, and Winfrey, all pull the WHITE race card when it suits them, and fail to come to the defense of black on white attacks. This condoning of such behavior and the one sided blame on whites is new since Obama has been in office. Not only has our economy failed, our military leaders purged, our health insurance become a total disaster, our economy failed, but now, we have a non American president who happens to be gay, and condoning pedophilia as well as murder of Americans and black on white race violence. All this crap can be directly linked to Obama’s lack of spine to act like a fair leader. He will most certainly have to take credit for the ultimate destruction of the US along with creating a tyrannical regime never before seen in American history while most of us sit by watching and are distracted by the controlled media and the lies coming out of the White House.

      Wake up people, stop watching TV, begin to realize your freedom is at risk and once taken, it may never be recovered. This is not some TV show that will end when the next show comes on. This is the real deal, and you can’t continue your complacency while a tyrant removes all your rights while you are being distracted. Rise up and protest, call and write your senators, and above all, prepare yourself for the worst. Learn to become a “Prepper”! Not sure what that means…..this is a good time to google it. YOU must find ways to learn on your own without people doing all for you. Its time for us all to begin to act instead of waiting for the state to take care of things for us. We must empower ourselves!

    • Race relations improved?? Yeah, right.
      A number of years ago, my employer “volunteered” me for a project called “Paint the Town”. Ostensibly, this “project” was intended to “help” Detroit low-income senior citizens with minor home repairs, painting and other home improvement projects that would “spruce up” the neighborhood.
      On the appointed day, me and my crew showed up to paint a house. There was a man and woman living in the house with three black male “teenagers” (approximately 18 to 20 years of age).
      The “woman of the house” wouldn’t shut up, complaining about the color and paint application while the “man of the house” was “cool” with the color. The three “teenage young bucks” sat on the porch, drinking their “fortys” and smoking weed and were oblivious to the amount of effort expended by these white “saps” on their behalf.
      When I got back to my employer, I told them in no uncertain terms that I would NEVER work on such a project again.

    • I agree, 2 steps forward, 4 feet back. He has completely turned black against white, red against blue. We are so divided right now, attacking each other. We were supposed to be the UNITED States, but heck, we even have different parts of Colorado trying to succeed from itself?

  27. It’s a shame that it took a couple of jews getting their heads pounded in to recognize that the “knockout game” (actually not a game) is a vendetta against whites.
    This PROVES that there is one certain “group” that owns the mass-media that didn’t give a damn about whites being attacked by blacks until a few of their own (the chosen) were attacked. Food for thought, huh??

    • Do you read? Why dont you spend a day in the “jew skin” and see how you like being on that end. Jews have been pushed around forever in every area.. And when you read your will see why we are the chosen people. We were chosen to DO GOOD!!!!!!! It is our responsibility. That is what we were chosen for. We were not chosen to be special. So emulate us, and do good!

      AND READ THE NEWS!!! What I see these days? The liberal media (and that includes some jews,) are so afraid of being called racist that no one says anything when a black hurts a white period! But if it is the other way around. We do not hear the end of it.

      • Poor jews!
        I read more in one day than most people read in a year . . .

        I sure touched a nerve! Lighten up!. Look up “who’s who” in corporate media ownership and you will see that what I have stated is the TRUTH. IT DID TAKE A COUPLE OF JEWS BEING KNOCKED IN THE HEAD for the “mainstream media” to finally admit that the “knockout game” is a black-on-white vendetta.
        As always, best regard

  28. Life in prison is too good for these animals. Might I suggest a “star chamber” in which citizens of means would exact TRUE justice upon those who do not receive “appropriate” justice from our defective “justice system”. Financial compensation could be afforded those who choose to exact true “justice”.
    I would like to see these animals receive a dose of “permanent paralysis”, either by knife or firearm. A shot or stab to the appropriately located spinal vertebrae would insure that these animals never commit crimes again. Spaying or neutering these animals would also be a “part of the deal”.
    Making them into paraplegics or quadriplegics would entail some future costs, but would be a TRUE execution of “justice”. Let these animals live the rest of their long miserable lives from wheelchairs or hospital beds. Once word got around to their “homeys” and criminal accomplices, we would see a drop in criminal activity against whites.
    Disabling these animals would still entail less costs than incarceration and would be TRUE justice.
    In addition, the families of these criminals should be spayed or neutered in order to prevent their defective spawn from polluting civilized society.

    Let’s get the ball rolling . . . this will work and can be done . . .

  29. it is a loser issue not a color issue… but for the loser stance to seem to permeate a sub-culture is really sad for those affected… you would think those that pretend to embrace a culture or race would not want this condition to exist… Leaders like Allen West probably stand outside the race/color issue and are realize they are just humans that happen to have a particular degree of pigment, beyond that they are humans created in the image of God and do not identify with this kind of madness… and will be the few that can actually do something positive about the situation

    • Wrong, it’s a color issue on this one. You see no other groups doing this. That makes it a color issue. There are poor Mexicans, Asians and Whites and they aren’t doing this.

  30. How many unemployed veterans in America compared to understaffed schools and community programs? Not all vets are combat stressed, PTSD suffering, walking time bombs but actually positive role models for many. We require our teachers to have college educations and our schools have gone to hell with that plan. Kids graduate that can barely read or do basic math problems. We focus on competition instead of cooperation. Sure, we teach team sports but only as a means to “Beat. Stomp, Destroy” our opponents, with the most violent “GAME” receiving 50% or more of most school budgets. Lets take the sports budgets and spend it on civics and life skills training. A school with 1,000 students may have less than 100 that play football and only 300 in sports at all. Therefor, a very small percentage of the students (football players) get most of the attention, scholarships, and perks.. It was the same when I was in school 50 years ago but our male teachers were almost all veterans so we also learned valuable life skills, like how to interact with others. Most veterans I know dislike violence but we know how to react to it.
    But thank you Mr. West for being the first of your race to acknowledge what a whgite man could not say without getting some label attached to him.

    • In Texas, high school football is regarded right up there with God and Country. In fact, most Texas high schools have sports facilities that rival that of college and professional teams . . .
      Google “Amarillo Texas jocks murder Goth student”. What you will find is sickening.
      Football jocks tormented (for months) and eventually murdered a Goth student by running him over with their car.
      When the case came to trial, the “jury” acquitted these thugs, despite incontrovertible evidence.
      You see, the big football championship was the following week. What good would it be if their “star players” were incarcerated?
      It is FACT that in most school systems, jocks can get away with a lot. In some cases, even murder . . .
      If I had my way, school sports would be completely separated from the classroom . . .

      • anarchyst, I played football in high school, iwas on the JV team in ninth grade, my older sister was a senior in same school, one night went out with the starting QB of the Varsity team, I was still awake when she came home very, very upset, her shirt was torn she was crying, she tried to rush by me, but I grabbed her, and made her tell me what had happened, what she told me, got me to wake up one of my other sisters, to stay with her and give her comfort, No she wasn’t raped, but it almost was. I knew they had practice the next day, Sat. I woke up, Grabbed a bat, jumped on my bike and rode to the practice field, and proceeded to beat his ass, after breaking his arm, all the while yelling out what he had tried to do so all the rest of the team, his coaches, and all the rest who were there knew. Needless to say, he was expelled, and his parents had to move out of the area. I never got any grief.

  31. Stupid S&^*t ! when are these people gonna put a face on Real Issues …Because the face is Black and Nobody want to Be Accused of Racial remarks , Why aren’t they Screaming when a Chid is Killed by Blacks or shot Because the black youths ere bored !!!!! Or an Old Man who is a WWIi veteran was killed by black s , where are there Screams for Justice for these people . Yet a known little hood gets so many Activists coming out of the wood work to fulfill there own agenda .

  32. Altruism is a uniquely white characteristic. No other race possesses this Christian-like concept (but ultimately self-defeating) racial characteristic.
    Despite TRILLIONS of dollars pumped into black “anti-poverty programs”, new schools (in which these black bastards STILL refuse to learn, and regard education as “acting white”) and excuses for their criminal, feral behavior, they STILL will not assimilate.
    It is curious to note that Africans who come to America want NOTHING to do with American blacks, preferring the company of whites and Asians.
    It is no secret that the African tribal chieftains who sold their own people into captivity were smarter than once thought. They did not sell their “best and brightest”, but sold their low IQ “slackers” and “conquests of war” into bondage–people they wanted to get rid of.
    Let’s not forget the black slave owners (yes, there were many, who treated their charges much worse than white slave owners). In fact, the real-life “Cinque” (portrayed in the movie “Amistad” which was based on real-life events) turned out to be one of the most prolific slave traders himself, traveling to Africa on many voyages, in order to procure “human capital” (slaves). . .
    That being said, “we should have picked our own cotton” . . .

    Africans have dominated their country for thousands of years yet they never created a civilized culture. Europeans went in the modernized their world for them and the blacks destroyed it. Now they’re murdering whites 200 times more often than any other European country. So many of them are beasts and savages who live to steal what others have worked and created.

  33. “Shorty” Belton fought for THIS!?!? And then was “cut down, not by enemy soldiers, but feral black “teens”.

    Delbert “Shorty” Belton served his country by fighting in Okinawa during World War II. This month. “Shorty” was murdered by two “youths.” Here’s a quick look on what Shorty ended up fighting for.

    -A nation with a welfare system that is second to none where people who do not work do better than most people who do work, and the working man has to pick up the tab.

    -A nation that did end segregation, but now his children and grandchildren are treated second class citizens with affirmative action which means less deserving people get scholarships, class placements, jobs and job promotions just because of skin color or gender.

    -A nation that has no more manufacturing. We no longer forge steel, build cars. make textiles, or appliances.

    -A nation that vilifies his brother soldiers because they want the government to follow the constitution that they swore an oath to defend. Meanwhile foreign invaders are treated better than our soldiers.

    -A nation with major cities that look like war zones. These cities were not devastated by foreign armies, but the residents themselves.

    -A place where he has to press the number one to speak to someone in English.

    -A place where men can marry men and women can marry women with the blessing of the state.

    -A nation with the some of the world’s worst public schools.

    -A nation where people of one color is being slaughtered by a groups of people of another color.

    -A media that is treasonous.

    -A nation that taxes its productive citizens to death yet the government is broke.

    -A government that has declared war on Christianity.

    Now if we could show our boys standing outside the local armed forces recruiting office back in the 1940’s, I’m sure the line would be much, much, shorter.

    Rest in Peace Shorty. Thank you for putting your life on the line for this once great country.

  34. “Racism” is a made-up word that was introduced by the inventors of communism . . . in order to destabilize non-communist cultures and make them ripe for takeover.

    True “racism” is desirable as it promotes the advancement of the culture and forges a “common bond” between the members of the race.

    Every race is expected to promote and advance its own culture; hence, the “congressional black caucus” for blacks and la raza for Hispanics.

    It is only whites that are expected to shed all vestiges of racial cohesiveness.
    Guess which race maintains the most racial and cultural cohesiveness yet decries racial cohesiveness by whites??
    Guess who started the NAACP and ran it till the 1970s??
    You guessed it . . . jews

    EVERY ethnic group and race was enslaved at one time or another…in fact, slavery is still practiced today, arabs enslaving blacks, primarily by muslims… where is the outrage from the “black community”??
    Given the state of just about every African country today, black Americans should be glad that their ancestors were brought here…that being said, “we should have picked our own cotton”…

    I am tired of being called a racist bigot. Yes I discriminate…with what I buy, what I eat, my music, movies, TV shows and who I associate with. I also discriminate in how I choose my friends and associates. It is my right to do so. If you are black and I decide that I don’t like you, so what? …I just don’t like you. You could be white or hispanic and I might not like you either. Color has little to do with it…Character does…your values…the things you like in life etc.

    I am tired of black history month…black colleges…black scholarships, black pride, the congressional black caucus, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama and his wife. I am tired of special treatment–contract set-asides, affirmative action, civil-rights laws that apply to minorities only–ask “attorney general” Eric Holder…who has stated that blacks cannot be “racist” and that “civil-rights” laws and “protections” DO NOT APPLY to whites

    Whites have “bent over backwards” to “level the playing field”–it turns out that blacks want the “level playing field” all to themselves…and make excuses for their own social dysfunctionality. White altruism (which NO OTHER RACE POSSESSES) will spell the end of white society…you can bet that when whites are a “minority” in 50 years or so, the same laws and special privileges that are applied to certain minorities today will NOT be afforded to whites…

    I love my country (what’s left of it), I love our military and I love what America is supposed to stand for…freedom and liberty for EVERYONE. I didn’t get to go to college…my parents were the “white” (which automatically put me at a disadvantage) for me to qualify for a grant but if I had been black or a “person of color”…not white…the state would have paid my tuition…now why is that? It surely is not fair…yet blacks say I am racist because I question it…it has gotten ridiculous…

    As a white American, I DON’T CARE anymore. You can call me “racist”–don’t be surprised when I respond with a heartfelt “thank you for noticing” and shake your hand.

    • First I would like to say dido, although I think will be a minority a lot sooner than 50 years more likely 15 years, with amnesty about to happen. Another thing about blacks is they won’t be happy until whites his slave.

    • I understand completely Anarchyst. All blacks do is screw themselves by accepting welfare and all the “perks” that go with it and eternally submitting themselves to poverty enslavement by the State… What a paradox for them. They think they are getting over when all they are doing is prolonging their servitude…Sick sick people

    • For the life of me, I just can’t understand why any person black or white would consider Jackson,or Sharpton 1. a “LEADER” 2. a “REVEREND” when all they do is try to lead a community into RACIAL HATE! What POSITIVE actions do you ever see them involved in? When do you ever see them making a public appearance when they are NOT SPEWING RACIAL REMARKS and blaming white people for the least little thing? “Reverend? You’ve got to be joking! Our GOD would NEVER pit one race against the other. All men are created EQUAL, granted, but it’s up to US to act equal and to treat each other equal. Have you ever heard Shaprton, Jackson, Obama, Farrakhan or Oprah preach or even indicate words to this effect? HELL NO! All they want to do is KEEP THE POT STIRRED! NOT THE SIGN OF LEADERSHIP NOR MEN OF GOD! HE is a man of GOD! Not because he’s white, just because he by example lives the life practices what he preaches! I was born and raised in the Frankford part of Philly. I was taught NOT to see color, as were many of my black friends. What a shame it isn’t that way today! Thanks to the aforementioned people for this! .

  35. I grew up during the first “civil-rights” era and have a decidedly different “take” on this whole “civil-rights movement” era. In fact, I saw for myself, what went on during those turbulent times.
    Despite the lies and fabrications by the so-called “mainstream media” the Selma and Montgomery “civil-rights marches” were not peaceful “gatherings” that were met with dogs and fire hoses, but were violent black confrontations that actually set back the “cause” of “civil-rights”. .
    The so-called “civil-rights” demonstrations were waves of lawlessness that disrupted the lives of peaceful citizens. There were many black citizens in these areas that were against these “outsiders” coming there to cause trouble. These “civil-rights” marchers committed crimes, rapes, robberies and other crimes, and trashed the areas they were protesting in. I WAS THERE . . . Of course, the cameras were turned off during the episodes of violence. . .then just as now, the news media could not “let a crisis go to waste” . . .
    It was mostly ACLU and ADL types that riled things up. . .and then later on “melted into the woodwork” only to become “civil-rights” attorneys, race hustlers and poverty pimps.
    One incident comes to mind–the tragic death of Mrs. Viola Liuzzo–Mrs. Liuzzo was a Detroit housewife who traveled to the “deep south” (without her husband) to run around with “freedom riders” at night–this was a recipe that was asking for trouble. What business did she have running around with blacks at night in the South while she had a family in Detroit?? Why did she put herself “in harms way”??
    I WAS THERE during the “civil-rights” disturbances and witnessed the misbehavior of these “civil-rights” groups (that never got reported). . .
    Of course, the “victors” write the history. To the victors–how does it feel now that those you pushed and supported are now turning on you??

    The so-called “news media” had an agenda then as it does now. White-on black crime (although relatively rare) is ALWAYS described as a “hate crime” where as black-on-white crime is NEVER described as a “hate crime”. . .Actually, ALL crimes are “hate crimes” . . .

  36. If they would speak and tell the black youths how bad this is, they might listen. However, all these actions give them another reason to rant and rave , they are rabble rousers, not speakers.

      • they would listen better if they started getting beat within an inch of their life by people who aren’t afraid to go toe to toe and know how to handle themselves… or just get shot

      • You are absolutely right, Don’t know what I was thinking. But seriously these thugs are convinced they are doing what our president and Al and others want them to do. Not too sure they are wrong. A lot of this started because of Obama sticking his nose in a court case in Florida.
        Thank you so much. rebel yell

      • Well, as it’s been said by many an employer to a manual labor employee, “I don’t pay you to think”. These youngsters are incapable of having a rational thought. That’s why they’re violent criminals instead of productive citizens. Low IQ and complete lack of family values being instilled in them in a TWO PARENT home are the culprits.

      • Your a racist! Instead of getting to the root of the problem and trying to FIX IT, you love to preach hate and sepratism……

      • You have a Bachelor’s and are studying for a Masters yet words like ”you’re” and ”separatism” are beyond you. Even allowing for typos, why would you let these pass scrutiny before posting. It would suggest that your anger is overcoming your intellect. And that’s how it goes ……

  37. And the politicians are doing business as usual. Democratically elected government.

    If you wonder what is wrong with society, you are.

    By voting for the same people over and over and over and over.

    Einstein defined madness as “doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”

    You are so buried in the left-right polarization you have lost perspective completely.

    Same master. Different puppet.

    “They” are not the problem.

    You are.

    • I agree with you 100%… time vote both parties out…
      if you are left, vote independent.. if you are right, vote libertarian.. just don’t vote for same two parties over and over…. that is insanity….
      like you said, we will get what we deserve, what we vote in there..

    • I guess that why the republicans keep voting against the Affordable Care Act, because they suffer from madness. You stated Einstein said it was “doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” Then why have they voted against it 47 times? sounds like madness to me.

      • We are all mad….If any fool thinks they can get something for nothing then they were raised in a welfare state….

  38. Good for Mr. West ! But because he’s Black he can say what he said about this , But if a White person said what he said about this subject they would be called a racist . The black community is always going to call the white community racist !!!

    • The majority of the Black community calls Alan West an: Uncle Tom or a Coon. I would take this man as president ANY DAY over the current moron we have in the White House now, who incidentally is part of the Race Card propaganda! As President of the United States, you are supposed to UNITE Americans… not drive them apart. Maybe based on the state our country is in now… we may need to rename the United States into; “Segregated States Of America” (USA to SSA). Because that is what this country is turning into, no thanks to these stupid Liberals ruining everything and driving a wedge between “race-relations”.

      Now PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY is considered politically incorrect and racist. We are in REAL trouble!!!

  39. Like I posted on fb.. These black wanna be thugs are so stereo-typical of the black condition. These cowards can’t even fight like men. In prison they never approach a white man unless they outnumber him 5 to 1… Then they all jump him and think they have accomplished something good… Sick race. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson also carry this deep seeded hate and fear of the white man… Well, preachers, what does it say in the Bible about fear and hate? A lot. A whole lot, but you, in your depravity secretly approve of this kind of behavior otherwise you would speak out against it.

    • Well Kenny Whitewolf (Native American???), the black condition is not all like it appears here. I guess you have never read about Allen West, Black Republicans, Martin Luther King and others who are not TYPICAL BLACK THUGS!!! Furthermore, there are more Blacks that are against this than for it. But since you brought up the RACE card, tell me that the same condition plagues ALL poor neighborhoods around the world…not just inner city neighborhoods? How come no one ever has told you that most blacks live OUTSIDE of the inner cities. Furthermore, this problem plagues Native American towns as well; because I’m part Native America and READ ABOUT IT! As far as the SICK RACE GOES, and the Holy Bible; in the eyes of God all men are evil…PERIOD! Just so you know I’m a Black Conservative female Republican with a Bachelors, on her way to a Masters…..PLENTY OF US OUT HERE, as you need to stop living in the dark ages!

      • No there aren’t plenty of you out there. You (if you aren’t lying) and the Allen West’s and Condi Rice’s of the world are an EXTREMELY RARE exception to the rule. 16% of you tout an IQ that is equal to, or above an everyday, average white person. That’s a fact and one can’t fix “stupid”. Congratulations on your IQ and accomplishment, you are one of the very few from your race. I’m quite sure your education is paid in full by grants and tax dollars and most likely you don’t need to work at all and drive a nice car paid for by myself and people like me. If not, I congratulate you again. African American Studies or Psychology?

      • Correction: God does not think anyone is evil, he thinks sin is evil, sin is in those who commit it but sin is not “us”! This is how Jesus can still love us because he knows this and sees us as separate from sin but living [in] sin!
        As for Kenny, he did not speak for an entire race, he spoke about those in a race!
        Diane, you need to decipher what you read and hear before you approach another in conversation!

      • I have a great friend, Diane, he is a professor at IUPUI, he’s a black man with a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids. I am not ignorant of what is going on in the world, Diane, I am not stupid either, nor do I bury my head in the sand. You are an individual who seeks to be successful. You are able to pursue your dreams, are you not? This is, after all, America. I just have a couple of problems with your reply. You say that more blacks are against this senseless violence than are for it. My problem is this: What kind of people would be for such depravity? That’s where you’ve been programmed my girl, you really need to examine your thoughts before you write them out. This kind of behavior by anyone anywhere should not be even dreamt of as acceptable, but there it is…The other thing is this: IF there are more against this than for it then who is standing up to denounce it? It’s like the faithful muslims who don’t condone terrorism yet say nothing about it for fear of some sort of twisted retaliation. Who in the black community is going to change this? You? I doubt it…

  40. It is not just African Americans, it is whites, Hispanics, also, need to catch up on the news, they arrested four or five whites ranging from age 28-38 and they arrest four guys and they were black and Hispanic. Keep up on the news, and stop trying to blame everything on one race.

    • Sorry the facts make you uncomfortable because you are of the same race of those who are doing this disgusting inhumane act. You made a statement but never cited what those 4-5 whites and hispanics were arrested for.

      I think instead of trying to shift blame elsewhere, how about admitting how disgusting this is and how the black community needs to speak out before innocent blacks get targeted, which will happen.

      • well said john… they will always shift the blame and never stand up and do the right thing. bunch of animals.

      • Dan, not sure if that was sarcasm or you are being serious. I can never tell because of how liberals lash out with such ignorant statements.

        If it was sarcasm, I can sleep better tonight.

      • Yes, john doe, its a joke. They, the liberals, always blame President Bush . Therefore, a white man did it. We are racist too.

      • Whhheewww, lol. I was hoping it was a joke because people that think like that, blaming everyone else and anything else for their life, are a joke.

    • This particular “game” involves only African-Americans, so far. These young African-Americans are targeting people other than their own race. Regardless of who they target, this game is despicable, and these young people show no regard for their targets. This goes beyond racial stereotypes, and has more to do with human decency. These young people show no regard for innocent people when they play this “game”. How quick would these young kids retaliate if there own family was a target in this “game”? Would they find it “cool”, or funny if one their family members was an unsuspecting target in this game? It is called a “sucker” punch because no one sees it coming. That is exactly why these punks play this “game”!

      • That is not true, read it for yourself. That is what your mind wants to think, so that is what you think. Go to search and see whites and Hispanic plays this same game.
        White man charged with ‘knockout game’ hate crime, put that in Youtube.

      • What I typed was “so far”, Angela Greene. The video showed African-American youths taking part in this despicable activity. I certainly did not state “only” African-American youths. Regardless, I did refer to “young people” who participate in this “game” to not single out African-Americans. As I typed, this goes beyond racial stereotypes. As for the white man who was arrested, may he get what he deserves. I will not defend his cowardice, and stupidity.

      • Whatever! I do not go by what my mind says, but what the news and statistics says. In fact, all races share similar ratios. Yet there’s no outrage or racial debate about “white on white” violence. Instead, the myth and associated fear of “black on black” crime is sold as a legitimate, mainstream descriptive and becomes American status quo.

  41. Titled “Blacks are a menace to civilized society because these are their top ten priorities in life.” (fairly creative I believe and very truthful. I’ll thank you ahead of time.

    An average black’s priorities top ten list from 10 to 1
    10) Nike’s latest Jordan shoe (to be paid for by theft cash or denying offspring food by selling EBT funds)
    9) Blame YT for all failures. Then leave the bastards at home unattended and go to the club for random, unprotected sex. When the little bastards crap on the floor or whine for food when you get home, have your “boo” for the night scald them with hot water or beat them senseless, then take them to the county hospital and say “idunno what happenz, I dinn do nuffin”. That or dispose of it in the local waste bin. After all, it’s all about the muh dikk and muh coochie…
    8) Do nothing productive all day and brag about it. Then commit flash mob robbery’s or play the Knockout Game and brag about it and post it to Facebook and You Tube.
    7) Obtain multiple Obama phones and videotape it. Then, realizing those phones aren’t the latest technology, steal an Iphone from a white person.
    6) Obtain as much “free stuff” from the “gubmint” and charitable orgs. as possible. When you run out because you’re incapable of budgeting, cause a disturbance at Chuck E. Cheese or McDonalds to avoid paying for crappy food. If that doesn’t work, shoot someone or jump over the counter and video tape it. Also drive your 12 mpg hooptie 45 miles each direction for the Popeyes once a year $4.99 special and throw a fit when they’re out of chicken. Scream and bob your head while proclaiming “howz I posed tuh feeds muh keeidz”?
    5) Get high/drunk as much as possible by obtaining dope/alcohol (or cigarettes) by intimidating white folks for “a dolla” or stealing it. Make sure you say “yo, gibs meh a dolla/cigarette”! If a white denies you money or a smoke, scream “racist” and wave your arms while hopping up and down while doin’ the chicken neck.
    4) Mate with as many hideous blacks as possible and don’t use condoms. If that is unsuccessful, rape a white woman or shoot someone in a chicken ‘n waffle joint’s parking lot or IHops lot. (when all else fails, shoot up a “house party”). Hold the gun sideways and close your eyes and fire randomly, that way you may hit other people, (even children) if you miss your intended target.
    3) Have as many “chillens” as possible to pad welfare, afdc, ebt, and section 8 voucher aid. Name them made up African names like De’Fecate, LaTrine and Xcretia. That will ensure a good looking over from HR when applying for a responsible job.
    2) Be loud and obnoxious in public settings (restaurants, sporting events, movie theaters/starbucks), especially around white folk and make sure they “see you” as the center of the universe. When called out about your bad behavior, pull the race card.
    1) Rape, rob, kill, steal, screw over, whine about, blame, get what ya canz, from white folk, riot and loot when practical, you deserve a flat screen and Ipad and they owe you. And do it with a clean conscience as it’s the right thing to do. When arrested say “I dinn dooz nuffin” and have your family say you are turning your life around, are an aspiring rapper/nba/nfl star and go to church. Plus you are a good guy and make everybody laugh…

    • Hey Yellow, and I do mean the color of the strip down your back, I’m sure you won’t think this fits you, but I think it’s perfect:

      Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, which is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders.

      Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

      Believing that you’re better than others

      Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness

      Exaggerating your achievements or talents

      Expecting constant praise and admiration

      Believing that you’re special and acting accordingly

      Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings

      Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans

      Taking advantage of others

      Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior

      Being jealous of others

      Believing that others are jealous of you

      Trouble keeping healthy relationships

      Setting unrealistic goals

      Being easily hurt and rejected

      Having a fragile self-esteem

      Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

      • You perfectly described many in the black culture today! Thank you steveheron, couldn’t have said it better myself. Enjoy dump city!

      • I guess you just described yourself Mr. Steve Herron…Or better yet those black wannabe thugs hitting helpless WHITE people for the fun of it because, well, they’re angry and feel like they’re better than everyone else, especially YT, as they fantasize about power, and how good they look for the camera doing it because well, they feel entitled and well, they don’t care one way or the other if they go to prison because all their friends are there. Get a grip you philosophical midget,

    • Holy crap….please tell me that this is sarcasm..if it isnt you should turn in all your guns, burn your rebel flags sell the trailer home and check yourself in to the nearest white supremest, mental health facility..you define the phrase”racist”

      • Yes Angrydave, this was done “tongue in cheek” so to speak, however their are elements of truth in each of the “top ten” that apply to a significant segment of the black population in this country. especially 2, 3, The first sentence in 4, 6 and the first sentence in 9.

    • On #6–it is sickening to see all the Mercedes, BMWs and Cadillacs pull up to the welfare offices and food banks. Here in Detroit, that is a common occurrence. It is not unusual to see a well-dressed (by black standards) 300-pounder get out of one of the aforementioned luxury cars with 2 or 3 “babies” and COMPLAIN because EBT card amount isn’t enough or the free food they are getting “isn’t enough” or is an off-brand.
      You see, blacks are expert at intimidating welfare office workers by getting “in their faces”, being “loud and obnoxious” stating “I can’t feeds my babies”, “racism” etc. Quite often the “social worker” will approve their “benefits” just to get them out of there or the welfare worker personally KNOWS the “client”.
      It is also disgusting to see the types of (expensive) foods they buy, many foods that the average working white person cannot afford.
      We can’t forget the corrupt foreign “party store owners” who exchange EBT card “benefits” for cash at a 50% rate–$50 cash for $100 EBT benefits.

      • I have never said ALL blacks . . .. However, there are TOO MANY unproductive blacks who squandered or ignored their education opportunities, education thought of as “acting white”, passed through school, goofing off and causing trouble, making it difficult for those students who CHOOSE to learn. I blame those, who despite being given the opportunity of developing themselves mentally, have themselves chosen to end up on the “trash heap” of society blaming YT for “keeping them down”. Of course, it does not help that many of these unproductive blacks worship at the altar of race hustlers, jesse Jackson and al Sharpton (I refuse to call them “reverend”) who made their millions fomenting racial hate and discontent.
        It is good to know that there are blacks, such as yourself who ARE successful and living the “American dream”. Congratulations on your accomplishments.
        Best regards,

      • The funny thing is BLACKS built this country. Whites were LAZY for centuries but wanna talk about BLACKS. LOL #sitdown

      • No, blacks did not build this country. You live in a fantasy world. Only 1.2% of the population owned slaves at it’s high point. You probably believe blacks built the pyramids as well. Considering an average Sub Saharan African’s IQ is 67, the only thing they’ve “built” are mud/straw/dung huts and have been doing so for centuries. No irrigation, no sewers, no electricity, and were a few thousand years behind in “discovering” the wheel. Imbeciles is what they were/are. The mathematics/geometry and engineering/logistics to build the pyramids was/is WAY beyond that type of mental capacity. An African with an IQ of 85 (american black’s mean IQ) would be a fricken genius in Africa. Look it up. Blacks picked cotton, cooked, cleaned, were “mammy’s, and did laundry and cared for livestock. You probably think Jesus was black. Haven’t seen a black Jew lately. Except Sammy Davis Jr. (a convert) and Lenny Kravitz (he’s a half black). Jesus was a Jew. You are as much an Imbecile as your African buddies.

      • True. Whites take 39% of the “welfare pie” while blacks take 38%. HOWEVER, whites make up about 70 % of the population and blacks 12.6 (2010 census). THEREFORE blacks are over 5 1/2 times (550%) more likely to be on welfare than whites. One needs to account for demographics when comparing the two races in any statistic. It’s a “per capita” thing.

    • That’s pretty funny. That’s what all BLACK people do all day long. You’re a genius. I’ve done none of that bullshit you speak of. Wherever you live, you should move, it sounds crazy there.

      • Reading comprehension might not be your strong suit. It says “average black”, not “all blacks”. But, like I pointed out in # 2, you do see yourself as the center of the universe…

      • And so do whites, you single out one, but look at the communities as a hold, and stop trying to blame one race. Whites are on drugs, whites are in gangs, whites steal and kill. Read the papers, look at all the crime that whites do on CNN, HLN, and local and worldwide news. Come on now!

  42. Col. it would be great for you and Gretta to hit the bricks but frankly sir, there needs to be more. Men and women of renown need to rise up and descend on the locations where these things are happening and help these kids see there is an answer other than lashing out in hate.

    There have been multiple generations now that have been degraded by Jackson/Sharpton/Holder/Obama and their ilk.

    There will be national repentance or there will be national death.

  43. We have a (quasi) black president and they’re still crying racism in the black community. Low info-handout-haters will never stop. Thank this proxy in the WH for setting race relations back 70 years. The funny thing is these perps never knew slavery so why the hate, if not induced?

  44. The thugs will only stop this knockout game when somebody shoots and kills everybody involved in the game that means the friends who were laughing and filming it as well . this is why i do moving head shots at the range with my personal sidearm . I WILL PROTECT MYSELF I WILL PROTECT MY FAMILY I WILL PROTECT MY NEIGHBOR I WILL KILL THE LOCAL TERRORIST AKA THUG . Because the truth is all that a thug is , is a local terrorist . they are members of a gang . under the patriot act they are terrorists . Armed America it is time to do your duty .

  45. They are already starting to get shot in Lansing, MI! 🙂

    Teen Playing ‘Knockout’ Game Shot Twice By Intended Victim, Arrested [VIDEO]newsone.comMarvell Weaver, 17, of Lansing, Michigan, recently lost the so-called “Point ’em out, knock ’em out” game when he was shot twice by his intended victim and arrested, reports WILX. On Feb. 26th, Wea…

  46. What a smart man you are Mr. West and a loving father! Continue to call out Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Obama. You are right on the mark as usual. All of these men need to step up and selfishly they do not. MSNBC is a disgrace but Sharpton continues to use that as a venue for his political manipulation. They are the role models for these young people and yet they continue to spew hate and victimization. We should stand up and tell them that modeling these men will only breed more hate for the next generation.

  47. The Jesse Jacksons Al Sharptons and barrak obama are not the “men” they posed to be. Only a real man will call it like they see and deal with the situation. Good on you Mr. West.

  48. Please, Sharpton and Jackson are not “leaders” of the black community unless you like going off the cliff like a lemming.

    They have an agenda and can whip up emotionality and use that to get the result they are looking for.

    They are manipulators of the worst kind, using race and hatred to achieve their misguided goals.

  49. Sharpton Condemns Knockout Game!
    Posted on 24 November, 2013 by PMRobinson
    FINALLY~!~ But after it has gone on for HOW LONG as compared to him being “Johnny On The Spot” with Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman! What a Farce Sharpton is! WHY? Didn’t he come out and say this when these “HATE CRIMES” first started? Where is Jackson, Obama and Oprah?
    Sharpton plans to meet with black leaders on Monday to discuss their “next move” though there were no indications as of Saturday that Sharpton planned to lead any marches against the “knockout” attacks. So we will see where this all goes, but my guess, is that this is just another political move.

  50. It’s time for African Americans to stop calling on sharpton and Jesse because they r the biggest racist of all. Crime is crime but they only show their faces when a black person stands accused. It’s their business people. They see dollar signs only. Time for parents to raise their young boys to be better men. Stop defending bad behaviors.

  51. lol. maybe now they will stop playing with us. You can only hurt a group of people for so long before they start returning the favor. Think about that when you question why this is happening.

  52. seems like many of the instances, the blacks are hitting and killing non-racists, since in many of the videos the unsuspecting gentle polar bear has just been asked for a cgarette

  53. Instead of trying to find a solution, I find that almost all comments are blaming the other race. So many are showing their own racism right here. I wish we could all get along, but in a real world I know that is impossible. Too much hate in this world!

  54. According to the FBI statement, Mr. Barrett a white man spent a week trying to work up the nerve to try knockout.
    The FBI said that in a video from Nov. 24, the day of the assault, shows Mr. Barrett stopping his car, approaching the 79-year-old man and asking, “How’s it going, man?” — before “a loud smack is heard and the victim falls to the ground.”

    “Barrett laughs, says ‘knockout,’ and then flees,” the FBI affidavit says.

    In other videos, the FBI said, Mr. Barrett uses racial epithets and says blacks “haven’t fully experienced the blessing of evolution.”

    The victim of the assault, identified only as “R.C.,” lost three teeth, suffered a broken jaw and had two metal plates inserted into his mouth.


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