Maintaining a legacy and restoring Camelot

Today we sadly remember the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our nation’s first Catholic president.

I was only two years old on that fateful day but will never forget my first real introduction to President Kennedy, in the movie “PT-109” with Cliff Robertson portraying the young Navy combat craft commander in World War II. His was an amazing story of heroism, one that inspired me.

I believe America once again needs heroic leaders who inspire us all to greater achievements. We need leaders who challenge us to ask not what the country can do for you and break this cancerous welfare nanny-state dependency mentality that enslaves the indomitable American spirit.

I will never forget growing up in our simple home at 651 Kennesaw Ave NE in Atlanta and the three pictures that hung in the formal sitting room: Jesus, Rev. Dr. King, and President John F. Kennedy.

Those of you who do remember this day, please share your memories with us here, for that is how we maintain a legacy and our history.

And yes, I do believe we can restore Camelot, but it will require honorable Knights of the Roundtable and someone with a servant’s heart and impeccable visionary character as possessed by King Arthur, and exemplified in the short life of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was not a perfect man, but a principled American leader.


  1. I was in Junior High and was home from school taking care of my grandfather. I saw it happen on tv. I called my mother at work and told her what just happened. I was 12 years old.

  2. Well done, Colonel, as always.
    And we need look no further than the men and women that serve this great country within the ranks of our military to populate the new Round Table. I agree, Camelot need not be a distant unattainable dreamscape. But is can only be manifested by asking men and women of indomitable character to build it. A hope I keep is that that you, Colonel, recognize your clear destiny as a leader of this new generation of Knights, upon whose principles, character and fortitude, we may soon begin the difficult but worthwhile task of erecting the shining city on the hill.

  3. I was working in an office in New Jersey when the announcement came over the radio. There were only two of us there. We listened, closed the office and went home and stayed there till the funeral was over. Everything was closed down.

  4. I have lost hope….we have a few people to gather at the round table….but all they do is fight. The dems see the big picture and always vote together, conservatives, republicans and independents can get past minor differences…we need a JFK

  5. Camelot was a fantasy concocted after JFK’s death. Unless your referring to the affair of Maid Marion and Lance A lot then you might have something.

    The only party that would accept JFK today is the Tea Party. Not even the Republicans would have him today. JFK wanted low taxes and hated communists.

  6. I was in grade school. I remember the announcement coming over the loud speaker that he had been shot. A few minutes later, the principle said President Kennedy is dead. We all went home that afternoon and I saw my mom cry for the first time. Then we watched black and white TV. It felt as if the world had changed in an instant. The weight of the sadness permeated the core of the American People.

  7. I was in nineth grade ‘homeroom’ for the urgent announcement from the school principal. After hearing over the intercom that President Kennedy had been shot and killed, our teacher hid her face in her hands and cried at her desk. A very somber memory.

    I believe on that day, freedom in America died. It has not been revived since. The federal government has grown into the Big Green Monster and the national debt keeps spirally upwards. There remains the same power behind that assasination comspiracy (I refuse to believe LHO did it alone) that controls us to this day….corporate and mega-banking powers now control the political process and media outlets.

    Can you imagine how dumbed-down Americans would be without the internet and social media? ….yet to be controlled by gov’t.

  8. I was eleven years old and in grade school. I remember the teacher told us with a somber expression and a tremble in her voice. A little later we were told that we were going to walk down to a classmate’s home a few blocks away to watch the news about it on television. We lined up as usual and marched single file the few blocks. I remember how quiet it was and that it was the first time ever in my life that I had seen a television.

    • And this just reminds me of how we are given these shocking events to weaken our resolve and numb our minds. The false flag events have escalated.

      President Kennedy, like President Lincoln, was trying to go around the ban-k- sters from Rome ultimately who have taken over this nation. The Federal Reserve is their tool and they don’t like to be interfered with.

  9. I was twelve years old and just finished with lunch at school. My friend, Julia, lived just a block or two from school so she had lunch at home. She came up to me on the sidewalk in front of the building and told me. I started crying and I walked right home. I found my stepfather had also left work and come home. He was bawling like a baby. We loved President Kennedy. I was a Republican not a Democrat the moment I learned what the system is. But my respect for this brave man has never diminished despite his character flaws. Great men have great flaws. Look at King David, the only man ever referred to as a man after God’s own heart.

    Now I just hope that the curtain will finally fall once and for all and people who are responsible for his death will stand convicted even though most of them have already met their maker.

  10. I was a young girl when this happened and remember exactly where I was at the time. Such a sad time. My uncle and I stayed glued to the TV and crying. The nation mourned our loss of such a great man. Since that day I have never really known a President that could have filled his shoes. Our government changed that day and has gone down hill every since. They no longer seem to care about the people like President Kennedy did. He knew he was elected by the people and for the people. We had him such a short time in office. Those of us that remember will never forget him.

  11. Wow, I do remember that day and do remember great Men of integrity and spirit and carried the American dream and faith that God has given us such as JFK and MLK did, however the democratic liberal left has blemished it with such Evil that it’s even hard to see the American flag through their smoke screen.

  12. Jack and Bobby Kennedy were a breed apart. They were raised wealthy but some how they grew into men with and intense need to serve America. They truly tried to right the wrongs that were happening in the country. As we have seen, it cost them both their lives. I don’t believe we will ever see men like that in our life time again.

    If you read their history, money did not always mean their lives were without pain and tragedy. That only stiffened their spines and they strived harder. Both men were special and no Kennedy has been able to live up to these two great men, nor has anyone else. Jack did not have everything handed to him and you would think. Even with the wealth he worked hard. His religion, his fathers history and his health would have made a lesser man give up. He was not perfect in his personal life but he was darn near it for his country.

    There will never be another Camelot because America has turned from God. We have desecrated the temple and the spirit has departed. Now all we have in our leaders and most people is greed, pride, demigods and atheist.

  13. I was a 20-year old Airman in the USAF stationed in England. My girlfriend and I went to see a movie that night at the theater in Bedford, England. A short while after the start of the movie, a slide was projected onto the screen saying “We regret to inform you that President Kennedy has been assassinated.” Then the movie continued. It happened so fast I don’t think many of the patrons in the theater even realized what was just announced. The reality didn’t hit me until after we got up and left the theater and found all the USAF guys in town that evening were lined up at the bus stop waiting for the next bus to take them back to the base at RAF Chicksands. It seemed everyone was in a state of shock. The base was put on alert immediately and remained that way for quite some time.

  14. I was 3 years old and only remember everyone crying and huddled around the TV. I too was a big fan of JFK. He was a NAVY man like me, but more importantly; He believed in American Exceptionalism. Kennedy changed less during his life than the Democrat Party changed after his death.

  15. I’d really love to believe we will come back. But they’re so many bad apples on both sides of the fence who in my opinion are purposely running this train over the cliff. Many in DC and elsewhere do not love this Republic, do not believe in that concept of Government and are doing everything in their power to destroy it from within. I firmly believe 90% or better of our present government absolutely does not have the Republic’s best interest in their hearts and are working towards an entirely different agenda (form of government). So many Repubs preach we need to turn the Senate to save the Republic. The problem there is so many of them are the same bad apples who are killing us.

  16. I was a sophmore in high school and I went to a private shool like a college so I worked my tuition off by working in the maintenence department. I was buffing the floors in the add building when it came over the speakers. Everyone had pretty much gone home for thanksgiving vacation and just a few of us were on campus. Up till now where everything has turned to crap, I had not experianced anything like this in our country except what was going on in the civil rights movement which in my part of the country was totally supported. I believe Kennedy died because of his fundamental beliefs in this country and its people as did Martin Luther King. So this cancer that has stood up in full force now is not new and we the people have got to stop it before it destroys our country!! I don’t know Mr. west if you placed Christie’s add on your page, but I will never vote for this POS anymore then I would vote for John McCaine or obama!!

  17. I salute you Sir not as an American but as an Irish woman. I follow you with keen interest since the tragedy that is Obama has undermined your country. My father was an Irish army officer a Catholic and a great admirer of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (may he rest in the peace of Christ.) The three pictures that hung in your family sitting room were Jesus, Rev. Dr. King, and President John F. Kennedy. In our sitting room and in most Irish sitting rooms were the pictures: the sacred heart of Jesus, His blessed mother Mary and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I was six years old and I remember the shock and horror in our home, in our school and town when the news that this great Irish American President was cut down in his political prime. But you are the new hope for the restoration of Camelot. You Sir are one honorable Knight and with the help of Jesus through our prayers your once great nation can begin to get from its knees and stand tall again. May President Kennedy and his dream remain alive in the hearts of all Americans and all throughout the whole world who looked to him as a great leader of men. And I thank God that you, a man of great courage in these unholy days, are the voice of reason of truth and integrity. A true soldier of Christ may you be forever in hands of God our creator through Jesus Christ our Lord. Sincerely Noreen Fitzgerald.


  19. I was a senior in high school and the principal announced it over the intercom. He had everyone go to an assembly and he was crying when he told everyone. Then he dismissed us all to go home for the rest of the day and I think the rest of the week. Everyone was crying. I think if he hadn’t been assassinated this country would have gone a different path.

  20. I was 13 yrs old in JR High that fateful day.. The Principle announced his death over the school PA system.. I was in shock at the time… my thought was, we have no President who is going to protect us…

  21. leveraging America’s entrepreneurial spirit to put a man on the moon was an example of how government could facilitate BIG THINGS and focus the American spirit on a noble task. the occupier of the white wash house has rendered one of the 3 pictures that hung in your house, evil, uses one as a punch line and the third as a prop. MLK died for this clown?

    JFK’s enormous tax cuts to the marginal rates, ultimately legislated under Johnson, either ignored by Lefty or somehow less intrusive than Bush’s though both had the same result. More Americans,kept more of what they earned AND the US Treasury had an increase in revenues. But Lefty can’t deal honestly with that subject.

    lastly JFK was murdered by a left winger. another detail absent in the lamestream’s narrative


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