Gillibrand using sexual assault to destroy military justice system

Democrat New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is on a mission and she is using the specter of sexual assault in the military to mask her true intent: the decimation of the time-tested military justice system.

There is no doubt that sexual assault is unacceptable, but when you analyze these new broad definitions, just about anything can now be described as sexual assault.

However, Gillibrand has introduced legislation that goes beyond the concept of a tougher legal stance on sexual assault. In effect she wants to strip commanders of all military justice jurisdiction. Her bill, which would ensure “justice” by taking the military justice system out of the chain of command, may soon be voted on in the Senate due to Senator Harry Reid’s action to redefine the filibuster threshold.

Senator Gillibrand’s idea of social justice for the military would create an independent legal system, outside the purview of the military commanders. As my friend Jed Babbin, a former Air Force officer writes in American Spectator:

One of the basic truths that makes our military function as well as it does is that if you have the responsibility for something, you pretty much are guaranteed the authority to accomplish it.

Kirsten Gillibrand wants to take that authority away. She’s going where no social experimenter has gone before. Gillibrand’s idea comes from several high-profile sexual assault cases which, she claims, prove that victims can’t get justice within the military chain of command.

Her proposed legislation takes away commanders’ authority to investigate and prosecute not just sexual assaults but all major crimes under the Uniform Code of Military justice and puts those crimes in the hands of “independent” civilian prosecutors.” Gillibrand’s proposal leaves only those crimes that would be misdemeanors in civilian life — and in the military are offenses such as being absent without leave — subject to the chain of command.

So imagine, the Nidal Hasan case at Ft Hood would not have been within the purview of the convening authority military commander, it would fall to some independent civilian prosecutor by way of the administration — and we know this administration still defines Ft. Hood as an act of workplace violence.

This is not just some liberal progressive fantasy, because Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have both signed on as co-sponsors of this legislation, something for which Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard took them to task this past summer.

I have been a commander in the US military and know the importance of discipline and order that a commander must maintain, that is his or her responsibility. And yes – for those of you who know my story — I have been on the receiving end of the military justice system. I can only imagine what would have happened if some “independent civilian prosecutors” had been brought in and not a system comprised of fellow combat commanders, superiors and peers.
I ask you to please call your senators and tell them not to support Gillibrand in this usurpation of military command and control.

And as a final note…to those who repeatedly seek to denigrate my service and refer to me as a war criminal, know that I retired with full rank, title, and honors. Know that I never lied about my actions and took full responsibility, and that I would never leave the lives of my men to chance or peril — unlike the charlatan who now masquerades as our so-called commander-in-chief. Go ahead. Call me a racist.


  1. What do these politicians know of any honor duty or sacrifice of being in the military. Yes sexual assault is a bad thing. It deserves to be handled and dealt with on a case by case basis. As with any crime we are garanteed a due process to be tried by our peers. No civilian would ever be considered my peer involving any military action. We have to stop this madness!!!

    • I agree with this. The UCMJ is fine except for certain catch- all clauses that are absolutely unconstitutional. Act 134 comes to mind. I think a civilian court with a jury of all vets would work.

      • Do you really beleive that the lawyers are going to look for a jury of vets? And when you take away the UCMJ then you have very little grounds to use to punish troops. Even fora minor infraction. I beleive in justice and any commander that does not prosecute for a crime commited should be held to the same rules. If used properly the UCMJ works a lot better then a civilian court

  2. I trust both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. So, this is difficult to see that you disagree with their take on this issue. I really hoped to vote for you for some office in the near future. And I still would. But now I come to a fork in the road, and I’m sticking with Cruz and Paul on this one.

    • You have to understand the inner working of the UCMJ system, I have to stick with LTC West in a small divided fashion. I believe that military incidents should remain under the conviction of the military, not civilians with no military background or true understanding. In cases of sexual assault or harassment, the only change that needs to happen is it is taken out of the chain of command and is investigated by another military command, possibly one created specifically for these incidents. You currently have the EO program but it still remains within that units command to decide. You cannot say that you’re going to disagree with the LTC simply because paul and cruz opinionated differently. This just shows that you’re not using your own opinion and judgement and blindly following. This is the mentality that America needs to get out of, this is the mentality that has us in the Obama admin issue we are in.

      • I agree with you on this scott it should stay in the UCMJ and Just have an internal command like the IG be created to handle Major cases like this. We keep letting the outside dictate the working in the military and this has caused a lot of turmoil in me to the point that I am almost ashamed to put on the uniform anymore for the fact that it dose not represent the ideals of this nation or values that it once has. It has got to be hard on commanders now that they cant even make battle plain without first getting the popular appeal of the liberal media, and that are trope movement are know by are enemies before the personnel that will perform there actions. talk about playing with a stacked deck.

  3. This is something that should be led by those who know what that are talking about, those with prior Military service, not a bunch of politicians with an axe to grind!

  4. I was in the military and I never did like the UCMJ. Military personnel should have the same legal rights as every other American citizen… access to the civilian courts.

    • You are so wrong! If you were in the military, really, you wouldn’t say this. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz lost any support I would give them.

    • I’m in now, and I LOVE that I’m not tried in some civilian court by someone who has no clue what military people go through. Jury of peers right? Well that means that civilian court would have to be comprised of all military members anyways.

  5. It is unnecessary to re-engineer the UCMJ. what IS necessary is to hold the senior officer of a unit experiencing these problems responsible and immediately relieving them of command. Do that a half dozen times and this problem of old boy network cover ups goes away.

  6. The UCMJ is set in place for a reason, we as members of the military need to be held accountable to a higher standard than the rest of the country. While I may not like some of the rules in the UCMJ its is my duty as a member of the Profession of Arms to maintain and conduct myself at higher standard than those not being charged with the defense and protection of this nation. Leaving the justice process to a bunch of people that more than likely would have no prior military knowledge or history would not be in the best interest of our members, and for anyone to claim that victims of sexual assault don’t get justice are absolutely oblivious and haven’t looked at the Court Martial rulings.

    • I agree with you fullheartedly .sure ,there are some cases that go wrong,that have things that might appear to be under the rug…But let us talk about civilian courts.The Greylord situation,the drama of that case was atrocious….The crimes perpetrated by judges,lawyers and police officers was dispicable.Those especially are the ones to be held to accountability and to a higher standard .This is not the case currently in so many juristictions…..from Cali to Tx to Idaho …cases I am currently aware of or involved in ,the LE has abused their power and might just set a precedent depending on the outcomes.But to constantly change instead of fix our current laws and our proven ways of doing things is not the answer.Hold those accountable in Washington first…Hold them to the fire before you distract the public with this fiasco….Prioritize and set in motion to clean up your own house in New YoRk and DC before attacking our men and women in uniform….lest you forget ,these are the men and the women that allow you the chance to serve in the capacity you currently find yourself in .

  7. I hate to say this Mister West but in a way she is right. How she is going about it is wrong but she is on to something. I’m in the military myself as an NCO military police officer and I understnad the importance of the military justice system, but it is flawed because the commanders do have the power….which also gives them the power to push things under the rug….

  8. Sir, so far in every single thing I have read or heard about you I have agree’d with it. Keep it up please. I side with you.

  9. I have to disagree with you on this one Col. West. I respect you beyond what words can express and I would never say or do anything to disrespect anything that our men and women in uniform do for us, but I feel this is for the protection of our men and women in uniform. There have been too many instances of cover-ups when it comes to things like sexual assault of our soldiers. The current system is broken, I do not know if this is the complete right answer, but we have to try to fix the broken system.

    • I think a better fix would be to move the case out from under the jurisdiction of the commanding officer of the individuals involved. If that means moving the case to another base completely the so be it but allowing civilians to control these things I can’t agree with.

      • To me this is a sensitive subject, I have MANY friends and even more family members that are active duty as I type this post, so I do understand the passion of the argument and the pride and honor of keeping all things military within the military. I look at this and compare it to problems we have within the Law Enforcement community. How many problems have there been for instances of police officers committing crimes against citizens and fellow officers and being investigated by their commanding officers or in most cases internal affairs and those offences being covered up because of the “brotherhood” of the badge protecting itself? The same is true of the Military. The problem in Law Enforcement would not be solved by shifting the investigation to another police agency as neither would the problem be solved in the Military by shifting the investigation to another base due to anyone conducting the investigation is still a part of the same establishment and chances are in the end will do what is best to protect that establishment. There needs to be an independent third party not associated with the establishment for an impartial investigation to occur.

  10. Make no mistake my fellow Americans, what we are witnessing is the planned, systematic, accelerated, and purposeful dismantling of the ENTIRE United States. The political system, the court system, and the military have all be taken over by radicals who HATE what this country has been and will break every rule, tell any lie, and stop at nothing in order to “fundamentally transform” this country into a rotting cesspool of corruption and suffering. When they are done, there will be nothing left in this country but the ruling over class and serfs… Get ready for some truly Evil Days…

  11. “Know that I never lied about my actions and took full responsibility, and that I would never leave the lives of my men to chance or peril — unlike the charlatan who now masquerades as our so-called commander-in-chief.”
    This is why I support, and will continue to support LTC West. Every commander of men says this, but not all of them give you the feeling that they actually mean it. Those that DO, you follow, and support with everything you have. LTC West, I believe you. Now, you need to put yourself in the running for the Presidency in 2016 so we may restore honor to the office.

  12. I agree with jyearsley and LTC(Ret) West. Leave the UCMJ alone, police the Commanders and take action when necessary. Good grief, if it is tough for the military to do it right sometimes, civilians would never get it right.

  13. I can agree that many times, within a chain of command, parties guilty get the easy treatment and while I have personally been involved with females in my command I have HEARD of cases about sexual assault and harassment where when left internal nothing happened, at least not the level of punishment we all would deem fitting. I do disagree with removing the authority to convict under UCMJ from company/battalion/brigade levels. I think that for a sexual assault/harassment case it should be done by an outside (of the unit) MILITARY degree, but leave it in the respected hands of proven individuals with nothing to lose or hide unlike those internal investigations have proven to happen.

    • I agree leave the UCMJ alone as it does work, maybe not always perfectly, but what man made system does, even those systems supposedly put together by the supposedly brightest people among us?(obamacare comes to mind) this left wing antiamerican needs to get her priorities straight.

  14. Although I admire you LTC West and agree you 99.99% of the time, I can’t agree with you on this. Why? Because, thus far, the military handling of sexual assaults has been an abysmal failure.

    • Very true! I suppose, rape is just an expected risk; according to the “boys will be boys network.” Weather or not women really meld with the institution, obviously, the upstanding men of the United States Armed Forces should be allowed to rape them.

  15. You know plenty of these assaults are being perpetrated by gays in the military. That’s why they should all just come home, especially those in the Middle East.

  16. You might as well go ahead an have them all neutered in basic training and take the urge away. Let’s just hope the fight in ’em ain’t linked to that urge.

    As a retired SCPO(SS) ’62 – ’82. I heard some simple advice from a MCBM who ran the Ford Island Boat Pool (running the 80 footers before the bridge). I asked him how his young PO1 was handling a staff of 120 sailors and “sailorettes”. I gave him my “talk” says he; “Son, you gotta make your choice. Are you gonna work’em all like sailors or …….? You can’t do both and the length of your tenure depends on your answer.” Anecdotal? For sure.

    Around the mid point of my career the “social experiments” began. Leadership was redefined and “pink ‘n fluffy” became the fad thanks, in part, to folks like ADM Elmo Zumwalt. Consequently, the Navy I joined became a “tinker toy” and honestly it was; “Did he just say wind your ass and then scratch your watch ……or ….? Are you sure?”

    Now, I have to say, I think old Zummie’s intentions were good. I don’t think he and other service flag ranks were out to destroy our military.but It did produce a great flux for five or six odd years. We survived and learned real flexibility Obama’s philosophy of remaking the military is ” a new broom sweeps clean” and is a grave concern for this old sailor. IMHO this step is just another way to ” whittle and winnow” the military along with the economy.

  17. Typical of the socialist(military haters) in D.C. Remember Project 100,000? Socialist using the military as a laboratory for their “progressive” social experiments. Moral, proficiency, espirit-de-corps, combat readiness be-damned in the name of social engineering. The damage from Project 100,000 was felt for at least a decade. The deaths of 241 servicemen in Beruit, Lebanon can be traced directly to a prevaling mentality amoung the officer corps that was spawned because of Project 100,000.

  18. this is another way to take our military and devastate it from the powerful services it once can anyone without military service experience even make any judgement ?She needs to stay in New York and continue her quest to destroy that state.Leave our Military alone.

  19. Well, guess what, Hildebrande…. This is why women were never allowed in combat with men. This is why women were never allowed to sleep in the same barracks and use the same showers as the men. BUT EQUALLY IMPORTANT is the fact that the numbers of “MALE” SEXUAL ASSAULTS have outnumbered the numbers of “FEMALE” SEXUAL ASSAULTS – – SINCE WE NOW HAVE “OPENLY GAY” MEN IN THE MILITARY! Why is no one mentioning this??????? This congressperson has the figures, why isn’t she letting people know that our president created the problem with open homosexuality, and women in combat! Now they’re all whining, but pretending it’s for different reasons!

    The reason why men and women had separate barracks and showers is because like it or not, during war or peace, sex is a strong instinct (this is why there were so many orphaned babies left behind in foreign countries after war). The above two recently implemented laws, have put our military at risk. Their main purpose is to survive and keep their peers alive while defending their country… Therefore, anything that takes that focus off of what it MUST BE, puts them at risk! Wake up you radical feminists. Stop creating a crisis, and then coming in with stupidity pretending to fix it!

  20. The forced integration in which the person who’s built to fight is surrounded by the greatest release a man can get – ends up with sexual assaults – shocking. Let the boys fight ladies – a natural order might put this country on the right track. Let the enemy start raping our female soldier and who will be asked to run in and save her or who will be blamed for the break in security – MEN! Women get out of the fight – we’re the support – not the front line! Sexual assault has no place in this world but wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t a forced integration in the military!

  21. So… isn’t this really about personal responsibility? All the other “motherizing” dilutions being rinsed into our military not withstanding, this really is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to a relatively small number of isolated though highly publicized events.

    Consider the debate about whether hate speech should be outlawed at the expense of the 1st amendment. Or burning the flag in a music video because it, well, our flag… Or pick your pet peeve expression of opinion because well, we don’t subscribe to the same belief. Obviously it can’t. But likewise, we can’t allow the 1st amendment to become the “get out of jail free” card for personal responsibility.

    Same with military commanders who dispose of their moral and ethical responsibilities as leaders in our military. Obviously we can’t allow the disposal of centuries tested military justice for the sake of an immoral, unethical and irresponsible 10%.

    Would it not be wiser to excise the cancer than to burn the entire body? Bring the bad 10% to task and allow the good 90% the authority they require to ensure order and discipline in their units.

  22. Sadly I have witnessed first hand the military “good ole-boy” network especially among the upper ranks giving breaks to their own. Within the existing system there is virtually no oversight. With that said… the full integration of men & women among hormone charged 18-30 year olds is a very very difficult environment to manage.
    The UCMJ needs to adapt to the new (social) times the military is finding itself.

    MSgt Bill
    28 years of service

    • I agree with the big mistake of mixing the hormone charged sexes in a military environment – oh, the memories…, (social) times, my ear!

      No new sins, just new spins!

  23. Is there something in the water in D.C. that makes these people lose their minds? This would undermine the fabric of discipline and order. Military commanders have had local control of their troops for millennia. Always. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have lost my respect and we will not support their election to dog catcher. I never had any respect for Gillibrand.

  24. I am proud to support you Mr. West. I know your story and I don’t blame you, I consider you to be an America hero and a man of honor! I thank God that there are still a few good men like you who will stand for what is right!

  25. Those of you who disagree with LTC West – read the bill ( and the USC (! I have over 30 years experience, in Law Enforcement, over 20 yeas military service and I can tell you, absolutely, that this bill is a Trojan Horse.

    It effectively removes the right to any appeal of the verdict, removes the ability of the defendant to present evidence, on his/her behalf, that is admissible in any other court of law and – most importantly – gives complete control of the ability to bring charges, for any but misdemeanor offenses, solely to bureaucrats answerable directly to the President or who serve at his whim.

    Learn from history. This bill is no more than one more step, by an Incipient oligarchy, to take control of the military and corrupt it for their own oppressive use.

    • Thanks for both of your Services! You have made an astute conclusion that is all to real. Double-jeopardy was the start of this, I believe. The UCMJ should be enough to regulate Military behavior and standing. The throw us under the bus by double penalizing just opened the door for direct Civilian control, even at the local civic level. Right now, the Plaquemines Parish Sheriffs Department can chase a suspect on to the NAS New Orleans, JRB installation, issue citations, effect arrests and seizures. All OK’d by a previous Base CO and the New Orleans Military Council and Plaquemines officials. The Base Military Security seems to only deal with only issues involving emergencies. This is ludicrous. It’s all falling apart, piece by piece.
      OK, so 2014 comes and goes. We win back Congress. Does anyone believe that they will go back and remove all these Legislative and procedural mistakes? I am certain that all that a GOP Congress will do at this point is to just stall President Obama’s pending agendas till the 2016 Election, where God Willing, we take back the White House. That is not the Leadership America needs. We need someone that is going to take charge, make no apologies, and get the job of rescinding all the wrongs perpetrated by the Democrats since the Clinton era. Give the Military back it’s dignity and let it operate as it should. War is hell. No place for a bunch of PC sensitive namby-pambies who’s feelers get hurt so easily. We need our Constitution followed to the letter, as intended by the Founding Fathers, not the interpretations of Liberal judges with a Socialist agenda. We have to end, once and for all, the murder of millions of innocent Children. Hey Congress, ever thought that if those Children were allowed to live, that we would have any need, whatsoever, for immigrant workers? Just think of how many taxpayers that will never be. Speaking of taxes, the IRS should be abolished entirely. A much, much smaller State Based 10% flat tax with no loop holes or rebates. That would actually go a long way at resolving this insurmountable debt. This segways into spending. You are cut-off. America is broke. No more handouts, no more loans from China. All US based companies will be required to place all of their manufacturing onto US soil. If not, then they will have to be headquartered elsewhere and taxed heavily on their products. Railroading infrastructure has to be updated and reclaimed. Strict limits put upon tractor-trailer hauling. Just in Time business model practice to be abolished. That will save diesel. That will reduce traffic resulting in reduced maintenance costs and need for new highways/roads. Fewer tractor-trailer rigs will equate to safer streets and highways. Those who live on the government dole are now cut-off. Taking a page from the Great Depression’s New Deal, all public works will be manned by the unemployed. Instead of handouts, they give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage. More laborers can save costs as fewer heavy equipment is needed saving purchasing, maintenance, and fuel. For this part of the plan to work, illegal immigration has to be stopped 100%, all illegals promptly deported, those individuals that hire, employee, rent to, house, or support illegals (family or not) will be severely fined. Illegals caught crossing into the USA will have to pay their crime first before deportation by a term of 1 year hard labor for each consecutive attempt to enter the US illegally. Get caught on your 5th attempt, that is 5 years hard labor. The number of legal immigrants allowed each year by Congress to be drastically reduced. Foreign student scholarships will be drastically reduced. American students come first. No foreign student will be allowed to stay once the appropriate amount of time for their studies has concluded. All immigrants, no matter their status, will be monitored. They will no longer be afforded the Rights of a Citizen under the Constitution. They will have the basic human rights as outlined by the UN. If there is any doubt of their connection to drugs, crime, sedition, terrorism, anarchy, or other such destructive causes, then they are immediately quarantined till the facts are settled. Nothing conclusive will still be grounds for immediate expulsion. Anchor Babies and citizenship given to children born of illegal parents (one or both) will become illegal. All that have gained access and/or citizenship that way since the Amnesty of 1986, will be immediately deported to the country of origin of their parents. It was never the intent of the Founding Fathers, nor the 14th Amendment to give out citizenship to those who gained illegal entry, have no Birthright by blood and who cannot Pledge of Allegiance. The Flag of the United States of America shall fly at every school and public institution. The Pledge of Allegiance will be recited every day at those places. English is the Official ex poste facto language of the USA. Spanish will no longer be taught or accepted at the Elementary School level. So as not to be a crutch for ESL nor provide exclusivity to the Spanish language, bi-lingual only labeling will not be allowed. All labels are to be in English with exceptions made for safety or critical instructions like “Raw Chicken” or “Electrical Shock Hazard”. These labels shall encompass all the languages spoken by at least 1% of the population, ie French, Spanish, English, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and such.

  26. Gillibrand is a brainless bimbo who was groomed by Schumer to advance his policy agenda under the pretense that it’s her idea. She can’t tie her own shoes, but the left showers her campaign with millions to ensure that New Yorkers have no voice in the Senate. It’s shameful that this woman, who was once considered a “moderate” , has been transformed into a paid prostitute for the Obama juggernaut against America.

  27. Gillibrand and Hagan have been on a jihad over “military sexual assault” for the last two years. Having seen many senate/DOD hearings, these two always manage to find away to work sexual assault into the hearing. One or the other made a comment that the military whose lead investigative commands-AFOSI, NCIS, CID; are regarded as some of the finest investigators and forensic scientists in the world, do not possess the skills to properly process a rape/assault. Those should be left up to civilians …of the local or state police–not the FBI or USMS; perish the thought they have no legal jurisdiction.

  28. Remember back in the mid to late ’90s when sexual harassment became the new PC buzzword? All kicked off by President Slick Willy Clinton’s romp arounds in the oval office and the issues and his previous escapades as Arkansas Governor. The best the Left could get. That all torched off a witch hunt to route out the evil rapists in the work place. First it was the co-workers, but those did not pan out much. Then the Feministas latched onto the idea of going after the managers, bosses, and executives of the companies. Everywhere you turned, it was sexual lawsuit this or wrongful lawsuit that with sexual innuendos. It got out of control. Was the workplace just a place for rapists to hang out? No. After the horror of 9/11 began to settle and Americans went back to planning for the future, it started to become painfully obvious that there was a concerted effort to trump up sexual harassment cases and even file claims that were completely false.
    An offshoot of sexual harassment claims, date rape became the new fad. Everywhere, seemingly overnight, date rape cases were popping up. College campuses seem to be the target here, as if no one else on the planet went on dates that ended poorly. Then some enterprising women began to target professional sports players. It was as if date night equated to jail time for those brave enough to chance it. Then the news broke, the girl in one college case recanted her story. She embellished and lied. Soon, other cases dropped or when re-investigated, the man was exonerated.
    So what is the next sexual crime fad? Twerking? While extremely offensive to the eyes, I hardly doubt that any self-respecting male is even a bit aroused by the raunchy display. No, I am postulating that GLAAD is going to get involved and relive this same chain of societal destructivity. Expect to see homosexual men, at first then women, slandering a sexual harassment or date rape charge against the same sex heterosexual. The first targets being in the Military just after this current witch hunt fails. Just as with the Progressives march back into Marxist-Socialism, the homosexuals believe that they have the solution to make it work.
    In an effort to keep the posting succinct, I will post my direct experiences with my own reverse sexual harassment dealings in my Civilian career. In my Navy career that came later, I steered clear of females whenever possible.

    • I was falsely accused of sexual harassment in the work place, twice! I was working at Mary Kay Cosmetics (there ya go) as part of a contract IT migration team. I was warned to walk on egg shells as the company was filled with Femi-Nazis. They had already forced the contract company to dismiss two guys before me. Well, I did not heed their warning as I made the ultra poor decision to compliment a woman on her weight loss. She had a picture on her desk of her and the founder, Mary Kay. All employees did. She was overly obese yet you could not recognize the “new her”. The mistake was making conversation with her while I fixed her computer on my own lunch break. I saw the picture an asked her if she ever met Mary Kay (I admired the woman). The woman pointed to the picture with a small grin and said, “That’s me right there”. I told her that I thought it was her sister. She then briefly explained her weight loss. I did the gentlemanly thing to do and complimented her about her weight loss, “You look great. My wife is struggling with her weight” and so forth. Some unpleasant Femi-Nazis 3 cubicles down overheard what she thought was me asking this woman out on a date. Needless to say, this exploded so fast, that I did not know what was going on. They brought me into the office of Mary Kay’s VP and HR began their assault. I had worked there 7 months already and had interfaced with many of executives, security, contractors, kitchen staff (yes, they had a killer restaurant!). They all knew me as a courteous professional. My Family lived paycheck by paycheck and I was the only bread winner at the time so they allowed me to continue working there for 3 more weeks so that I could find other employment. I was to be escorted at all times, not allowed to enter any office except for the migration room or conference room during a meeting, I was not to speak or deal with any Mary Kay employee. It was ultra degrading but the company that I worked for said that they would not put anything negative in my employee folder if I complied. I should have sued but it was 1997. No lawyer would have taken it and I had no money for such luxury as justice.

      Fast forward a couple of years later. I worked at Nortel Networks as an employee of the company. Got called into the IT manager’s office thinking that it was quarterly review time. Again, I would consider myself an outstanding employee based on my accolades. I sit down and there is this HR person with the manager. She begins to lay down the accusations without a word but it was more exploratory in nature and very vague, “Have you ever spoken to someone and the said this…?”, “Have you ever put something inappropriate on a person’s computer…….?”, “Did you have touch someone without their permission ……?” I was a bit dumbfounded by the questions at first then it hit me what the heck was going on. I called them immediately out as to why I was being harassed with sexual harassment. The lady got real defensive. I asked who it was but she said that information is confidential. My freaking career and Family’s well-being is at stake and she can’t give me the specifics. I thought back at the questions and put two and two together. It was another IT employee named Carol. The HR goon would not confirm but I assured her it was Carol by distinctly applying the vague questions to the incidences that occurred. You see, Carol was computer illiterate. She had been a screen prompt reading tech support person (Level 1). A glorified help desk ticket writer. I was the only hardware certified IT guy so I roamed the entire 27 building campus. They tasked me to show here the ropes. I had to train her for 2 weeks as she was clueless. Meanwhile, my own ticket que was backing up. Still this woman begged and pleaded with me to help her our one more week. Time up and she is constantly begging me to help her with this ticket or she is scared because this person is a manager. I had to put my foot down and sternly tell her that she was going to have to go it alone or go back to the help desk. Apparently the latter was not an option. What I did not know was that she had just went thru a rough divorce and that she had latched onto me, being a strong, supportive male, for comfort, security, and support. I yanked her new found security blanket away so she struck out in anger. Once I had analyzed the data and ascertained the motive, I look at the HR goon, starring her with pitchforks and said, “We’re done here”. Before she could finish her, “Oh no, we have to…..” speech, I looked at the Manager with exuberantly confident eyes and said, “I am going back to work. As you can tell, I am behind my quota (cleared help desk tickets). That was that. I continued working with the company no problems. I even got promoted and was one of the last IT guys to transfer to the contract services company that had bought our part of the company.


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