Hilarious video: Dems run from the “O” word

Wanna see a clear indicator that President Obama and the Democrats are running from Obamacare? Just listen to the change in language as to how they reference it. These charlatans are so predictable. When things are going their way, they gloat. However, as truth unfolds and the failure of their insidious progressive socialist policies are exposed they scramble like rats on the Titanic. Sorry President Obama, there is one thing transparent about you, your lies and poll-tested messaging. Pathetic.


  1. Oh my Goodnes!!!So funny and yet so damn sad!! You would think they would be ashamed.. Im laughing on the outside but crying on the inside…These are the fools that are in charge WOW!

  2. How sad that we are still seeing an escalation of commitment from many of the buffoons behind this fiasco. And they are going to try like mad to get it postponed until the next elections so they can keep screwing us over. Just watch…

  3. That is funny! And Pelosi actually saying, ‘as I have always called it’ – she really nails herself as a supreme liar – just like her boss.

    • She never learns _hello VIDEOTAPE_ . sheesh. Yet again . . .Pelosi contradicting a previous recorded statement. She never said you couold keep your insurance either – well except when she did LOL

  4. They all have the new “party line” don’t they. What a bunch of liars….by the way…that’s not an O in front of Barry name that’s a ZERO !!!!! Zerobama !!!!

  5. Obama needs to tell the Senate he would like them to repeal Obamacare… at least for now. They would do it if the president requested a vote on this. It has to come from him.

  6. STOP IT!!!! So darn funny. I noticed this was happening,too. Pelosi is such a joke!! If Obama really “cared” he would stop this fiasco but instead he continues to spend more millions to make a website work. Heck we could have just paid for everybody’s healthcare!!

  7. When will the madness stop. Is is not affordable. It is not good for the country and why they don’t call it Obamacare anymore is because it is CRAP!

  8. roflmao!! When will these morons on the left get a clue that we the people aren’t stupid? You can run but you can’t hide. You leftist Zombies own this STINK PILL called Obamacare!

  9. Great video smacking them right where it hurts.. They are now backed into a corner of their own making. Divide and conquer, internally. They will push each other under the car or bus or whatever they like to refer to.

  10. The Demwits and Obie are getting away from the Obamacare title fast… and calling it the Affordable Care Act as Pelosi “always” called it. *cough But isn’t “Affordable” just as much a lie as Obama the great liar? Interesting stuff.

    • Palosi said she has always called it Affordable Care Act. Well, you were caught in a real lie on video because you did call it Obamacare until you said you said you never called it Obamacare…. Are our ears and eyes playing tricks on us – well I don’;t think so, it is you trying to play tricks on us.

      • This video has been doctored and edited to look convincing and make you believe the lies. How could you right wingers even think we have anything but the best interest of the people at heart! The ACA is the best thing to happen to this country since its foundation. To include that worthless outdated piece of paper called the Const, OK, OK, I can’t even go there this is all sarcasm. They are all dumb asses and need to have their political careers put to an end.

  11. I did my best to call it the PPACA when first referring to it because I knew it would be a fiasco and I was hoping to avoid putting a fools shoe on a fool. But I now enjoy watching the fool trip around in those clown shoes he insisted on wearing. And I like using the word Obamacare even though he thinks he’s “exempt” from it. Like all toddlers eventually he will have to learn to wipe his own butt.

  12. What the left doesn’t get, is that the people of America are more wise about politics and better educated than ever before. In other words, NOT STUPID. Having said that, I still don’t understand HOW people like Reid and Obama can be re-elected! Pelosi, I can understand. She is from California and better yet San Francisco. But, I still think, in addition, the reason ‘they’ don’t want voters to show a picture ID is that said voter would need to match the picture and BE ALIVE!

    • They get re-elected because people, in my opinion, just vote for a name or a face they don’t check out their political record to see if they do what the majority of people want or what they want.

  13. Put all AMERICAN CITIZEN on the lowest level (Catastrophic) of Obamacare..Every Politician (past present and future) every union member, every homeless person, every CEO…EVERYONE has the same basic coverage for 100.00 per month per person (no family plans). No subsidizes or exceptions. Get rid of Medicaid and the polititions “plans” and put that $ in the budget to pay for the “basic” coverage for everyone. Individules can subsidizes with their own plan from the open market. Lets just see if the Washington elite stay if they get the same healthcare as everyone else. No life time benifits for 1 years service.

  14. For the umpteenth, millionth time Obama’s bloviating, disingenuous, rhetoric CANNOT be trusted. Is it not clear Obama-Care is a stealth attempt to create a massive culture of dependency in return for voting democratically? Collectively, we are being played by a draconian, democratic party that insults our intelligence. Moreover, this nation faces a cesspool of politicizing baloney intent on hoodwinking the public for political power. In short, this administration provides an illusion of “transparency” while, in fact, engaged in anything but “transparency.”

  15. I would like to know when the people are going to wake up and take our country back? WHen are leaders such as yourself Mr West, going to rally the people to take our government back from the people who want to destroy this country? You swore an oath like a whole lot of us to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, when are we going to do that?

    • Do you know how man Democrats there are in the Senate and House? Democrats are running things because they were voted in. When Clinton was impeached by the House there was not enough votes to remove him from office. Have you contacted many Democrats to try to convince them the help impeach and remove him from office? Many are doing that now. That is the only way we can get rid of him unless he resigns.

  16. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again… It is NOT affordable, and NO ONE cares! GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN AMERICA’S INSURANCE!!! Obama just wants to be loved by anyone needy enough to depend on him. Why anybody voted for him the first time let alone the second is WAY beyond my comprehension. I think those who voted for him should be the ones to pay for all those who weren’t covered. OH WAIT! IT WAS THOSE WHO ARE NOT COVERED WHO VOTED FOR HIM! Sorry. My bad. I’ve got it all wrong – obviously. I cannot wait till the next election to get someone SMART back in office.

  17. Why are you upset ? Obama told us all that his words are campaign rhetoric. We have only ourselves to blame. Remember what Reagan said “trust but verify”

    • how can you verify when all of his records are sealed?…Americans are in the dark as to who this man really is.A wolf in sheep’s clothing for sure~!!

      • Then they should not have voted for him. Course, many who did vote were probably too dead to research him.

  18. I wouldn’t go near this website. I don’t want everyone in the world to have access to my personal information, and I don’t want the government to have anything to do with my health care, which is between myself and my physician. If nobody signed up, this would implode in very quick order. Those who are signing up are getting a very rude awakening.

    • I’m with you on this one all the way. you’d have to be short of a full deck to give them any of your personal info. They obviously can’t give you any information about the program as they still can’t get into the system.

  19. Romney didn’t go aggressively after Obamacare in 2012 so I can’t share this. He and his Michael Leavitt (ObamaCare exchange Republican, et al who simply want to ‘rewrite’ Obamacare for their Special Interests) need to go away and let Allen West and TEA Party handle fighting this battle by telling people the truth. Loudly this time because it works better than way (understatement).

  20. Exposed. Liars. They sent this country into a tailspin and ruined the lives of many who now face unaffordable insurance, loss of their doctors and the doctor-patient relationship, and are now indentured to their employers for coverage until this mess is straightened out. WHEN will you remove this traitor from office?

    • I don’t know who gave you a thumbs down, but I’m sure they’ll change their mind when Obamacare hits their wallet. THIS IS MATH! This is NOT affordable, that’s a TRAP word, FACT! The Unaffordable SNARE Act, I mean TRAP! (copied b4 post)

      • God/Jesus said we should pray for our enemies. He did not say WHAT, or for which context, we should pray for them. Check Psalm 109:8 ( or all of 109 ), then give it a good thinking over.

      • This scripture meant ‘to pray [for their improvement] essentially, which would mean to pray for them to have a change of heart, and be enlightened by the Holy Ghost, the bearer of Truth. When abuse of power happens, like Obamacare, it is truth that is trampled upon!

    • don’t insult tools lol they are at least useful… the whole administration is like a tornado in a landfill… a big ass mess

  21. Wait till the deep Medicare cuts to doctors & hospitals take place next year, and seniors get a dose of Obama’s lie that “you can keep your doctor”. They have to pay for this atrocity somehow, and as Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel says “communitarianism” should guide decisions on who gets care. He says medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled, not given to those “who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens”, and that “allocations by age is not invidious discrimination.” (source: Deadly Doctors, O Advisers want to ration care by Betsy McCaughey).

    • Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel has hatched nothing more than a monster that will even turn on him in due time. He doesn’t begin to understand humanity, their needs, nor their survival spirit. I cannot wait for the day his rotten work is dealt with by some comet from heaven.

      • I loved it when they put people in the Public Square in the stocks! Wouldn’t you just love to see Obama and Pelosi and Reid in there screaming their heads off !!!!

  22. The Obamacare implosion must be worse than what even some leftists are admitting. Usually statists/progressives/Alinskyites would deflect criticism and demonize a chosen target or fall guy, i.e. “the evil insurance companies.” Although they tried that for a bit when the cancellations first began, it seems that tactic didn’t get them anywhere, and now it appears they are the ones on their heels, and not Al-Qaeda like they tried to tell us during the Democrat convention. It’s an interesting turn of events, but I’m still skeptical that Obamacare will be defunct before his term is up as Obama’s supporters are likely to circle the wagons in fierce defense. But if that means he doesn’t get anything else on his radical agenda accomplished during the remainder of his term, that’ll be good for the country.

    • Unfortuneately, rats can swim. In fact – some of them were transported to the Caribbean, etc from Europe on ships – and if the ship sank – the rats swam for shore – or climbed on wreckage or any other piece of floatsam that would hold them up.

    • You should never talk about the Titanic like that…many senseless deaths that night with self centered people taking those lifeboats when they weren’t full and then sitting out there in the darkness listening to the
      screaming and know u

      left children behind but

    • Betty, I realize you are referring to the sure consequences that come to those who ABUSE POWER. What goes around, comes around.

  23. There are several faces I can barely stomach seeing in any venue of media and that is Obama and his wife, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, Graham, & Holder. If their mouths are moving they are lying. Period.

      • there aren’t enough fire extinguishers in north america to put out the fires the politicians start on their pants. or if you wanna talk Pinocchio status… their noses would be the size of old growth trees

    • It might be daftness. I mean, she is supporting the promotion of the biggest codependency in the history of the world, the biggest Sick Support System, meaning the biggest addiction System ever imposed on others ever. Obamacare was never meant to be primarily insurance, it is meant to FACILITATE DHIMITUDE. She knows what’s on pg 107 of the package. She just assumes she’s safe because of her position. What all democrats will learn is that no one is safe, and Obama is capable of disposing of people he’s USED, after he’s done with them. He has already done so.

      • Amen! I’ve said this all along!!! When obummer an his upper cronies use them up they’ll drop them like hot potatoes! Then all of them will be whining an crying! Then obummer an the upper cronies will move to the next fool!!! The followers are blinded an in Obummer’s spell!!! I they must be chipped so they follow their master!

    • Sorta. The website is an indicator of how effective they are and trust level tells how successful they will be. Being untrustworthy pretty much undoes a plan in due time.

  24. hahaha, Pelosi calling it Obamacare in its pupa stage then, as she is always prone to do, lie, again, and state the Affordable Care Act, as I’ve always called it…. I think it should be renamed Pelosicare… hahahaha

    • Actually a more correct moniker. She and Harry and the Dems and their staffs put it together. Obama just rubber stamped it. That way he could ultimately say “I did not know”, his new standard answer.

    • We already had socialized medicine through the hospitals. In 1986 Reagan passed a law mandating that private hospitals treat everyone including illegal aliens regardless of their ability to pay. Please spare me the bs.

      • Your definitions are wrong. We do treat the poor, etc. but the only portion of our system that one might correctly call socialized would be Medicare and Medicaid. The law that REagan passed was an extension of coverage of Medicaid. I don’t agree with it but the system was in place and started by Democrats in the 60’s.

      • Thank you texasken, for setting the record straight concerning Medicare and Medicaid, as both are ‘socialized medicine’. I don’t consider Obamacare any kind of medicine. It is an act that takes away the rights of We the People. Obama and libs couldn’t care less about the few million Americans who don’t have health care insurance coverage. It is all about $$$$$$$, and they want $$$$$$, any way they can get it, even if it robs Americans blind.
        Obamacare is a convenient way for Obama and his fellow elitists to take away the rights of We the People.

  25. you all need to understand the worse is yet to come and behind closed doors all of the asshats are on the same side and each one has carried on what the one before didnot finish there is no left or right its just an act and there all out to get us all they all answer to higher ups this has all been a flase flag clear back to johnson, and all this is so you all fight between one another and dont look at the big picture, we are in for the fight of our lives …good luck to you all

    • I’m a 59 year old very conservative white guy who does not support Obama one bit. But the “N” word offends me and it does nothing to
      promote our side of the argument.

      • I to dislike the use of the “N’ word, However, it seems to be used more so by themselves against each other or to incite the banding together in music, film etc. that ones sees or hears. Therefore if the Kettle calls it’s self ‘….. ‘ the cups and saucers will soon catch on.

      • Why should the “N” word offend you? They offend themselves by calling each other the “N” word! It’s almost encredible but it’s true!

  26. What a mess. Usual for the Democrats! Stop the madness…Peoples jobs and lives are on the line here. I don’t think this should ever have come before the people especially when there were too many who voted it in, didn’t intend to take it themselves. That seems to be illegal in every sense of the word.

    • If ever……………another black man runs for office………….I have prerequisites:
      Number one…………He better be a full American 100% African American,
      Number two……..He better be a real God fearing man with morals,
      number three…….and he better have EXPERIENCE.
      Do not ever come forth with this type of a poor excuse to put a black man in office again. Allen West fits the bill . I would vote for him in an instant. I did not vote Obama…..Had better sense.

      • Add to your list that he understand and supports the American free enterprise, capitalist system. All of the stuff on your list are not enough if he is a socialist, marxist, etc. like BO.

  27. Col West,
    Sir you are among one of people I have respect for in political public field today, you are honarable an truthful an have served your country unselfishly!
    I implore you to help bring back American to a nation that we can all be proud of!
    Our country has been lied to, deceived by our own president an it seems there are no bounds to his ability as a dictator, he is a racist along w his wife an there good buddy Oprah!
    This country needs men like you to take up the fight to impeach Obama an all those crones of his that have helped hide an skeam against the very country we live in an he is president of, god let someone have the strength to stand up for America an take on the challenge of impeachment before our country is a total dictator ship.
    I want my children an grandchildren to know what freedom is an I fear my grandchildren will never know what our country was, a freedom country!

  28. Liberals use to say, “GLOBAL WARMING” too until it was proven that the earth was actually cooling and, now they call it “CLIMATE CHANGE”. But isn’t climate change called SEASONS? Now that OBAMACARE is so unpopular, Obama don’t want to have his name in the title. I don’t think these liberal morons know what the word AFFORDABLE mean, because this OBAMACARE law Is making healthcare UNAFFORDABLE.

    • Utter B.S. It was the pecuniary-driven conservatives who worked to change the terms of the global warming debate into “climate change,” and unfortunately too many liberals took that bait. But to say it’s been “proven” that the earth is cooling. in anything other than a very out-of-context year-over-year snapshot is a damnable, reprehensible, willful, pecuniary-driven right-wing lie.

      “Obamacare” was likewise a conservative coinage. Liberals mistakenly adopted it, much like “Methodists” co-opted an originally pejrorative term for their faith. Didn’t work out as well for the “Obamacare” advocates, and they should have stayed away form it from the beginning. But The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a worthy legislation aimed at a worthy goal that is bigger than any one person –, and certainly bigger than the moral pigmies who want to destroy it simply because it happened under Obama.

      • You are kidding, right?

        The ACA is worthy legislation? Distribution of wealth, taking from the rich and not so rich and the young to pay for insurance for others? That is worthy? OMG. Call a pig, a hog, and it is still porcine. This law will keep our economy in the dumper and will cause doctors to leave the profession resulting in a shortage of docs, etc. Then with a more expensive health care system with fewer resources, the feds will have to ration the care. This is exactly what has happened in every country that has tried this approach.
        There is a reason why people with money come here for treatment instead of staying in their own countries. The care here is better and their likelihood of survival (ex. cancer) is much higher here.

      • “It was the pecuniary-driven conservatives who worked to change the terms of the global warming debate into ‘climate change,’ and unfortunately too many liberals took that bait.” – As you said, “Utter B.S.” only you got it wrong. The climate/warming alarmists and their politicians made the change when projections/predictions didn’t materialize.

        “that the earth is cooling. in anything other than a very out-of-context year-over-year snapshot is a damnable, reprehensible, willful, pecuniary-driven right-wing lie.” – Somebody better tell that “authority” known as the IPCC because they acknowledge that NOTHING HAS HAPPENED as alarmists predicted/warned.

        “‘Obamacare’ was likewise a conservative coinage. Liberals mistakenly adopted it” – You’re actually right here. It IS conservative coinage and leftists (because there is nothing “liberal” about that side of the aisle) READILY adopted it when they were in marketing mode, as the video portrays. Now that it’s bombing, the leftists are scrubbing Obama’s name from the label as propagandists are known to do.

      • Monster, I don’t know where you get your facts, but the latest IPCC assessment report doesn’t match them. Here are two quotes:

        “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia. The atmosphere and ocean have warmed, the amounts of snow and ice have diminished, sea level has risen, and the concentrations of greenhouse gases have increased.”

        “Human influence on the climate system is clear. This is evident from the increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, positive radiative forcing, observed warming, and understanding of the climate system.”


        Thank you for confirming that “Obamacare” was a coinage of the rightists (because there’s nothing legitimately conservative about that radical side of the aisle) which, I’ve acknowledged,
        was unfortunately adopted by the Dems in hopes of co-opting the insult.

      • World’s top climate scientists told to ‘cover up’ the fact that the Earth’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years

        What an odd title: “Radical Conservative”. Sounds contradictory and illogical to me. There’s nothing radical about wanting to preserve a Constitutional Republic. Only in desiring to “fundamentally transform” it. There are real conservatives and there are even liberal conservatives in the true sense of the word. Liberal equates with liberty which leftists that want the leviathan government are very much against.

  29. Mr. West, simply put, we need people like you in the Whitehouse to bring dignity, trust, honesty, respect, integrity and common sense back to our nation. From what I know of you, it is an honor to call you, Sir. No one will ever be able to please everyone – that’s not the point. Integrity is universal. God Bless you and may you be successful in whatever you decide to do in the future of our great nation.

  30. this is an eyes wide open view of how liberals go about controlling the dialog through the vocabulary used.
    Also funny as all get out! Bravo

  31. Keep spinning, progressives. You’ll just make yourselves dizzier, whatever you call it. The people who are still on your merry-go-round are already getting off (or being thrown off), and their heads are clearing.

  32. Unless or until the government can assure me that my information is safe on that site, I am absolutely not gonna be logging on there. Since the Obama administration has ZERO credibility, that pretty much means I won’t be signing up.

  33. when they started touting the “Affordable care act” instead of the medias Obamacare I knew it was a change to help Hillary.
    the trouble is that it is not affordable and it does not care.

  34. It is a bit of a hoot, and most of us are now hearing it’s racist to call the administration’s disaster Obamacare. Sorry about that. They have totally forgotten Romneycare and Reagonomics apparently. Were those racist too? Apparently to hear the talk.


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