Dozens of Islamist bomb makers living in US?

Waad Ramadan Alwan, right, and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, left. The two men are charged with trying to send sniper rifles, Stinger missiles, and money to al-Qaeda operatives. Photo: U.S. Marshals Service via CSM/AP

It seems Islamic terrorists have been successful in exploiting lax US refugee application checks and have infiltrated America.

ABC news reports the possibility that dozens of Iraqi “refugees” who have expertise as bomb makers have settled in the US. The tip of the iceberg came from a case in Bowling Green Kentucky. According to ABC:

The discovery in 2009 of two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky — who later admitted in court that they’d attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq — prompted the bureau to assign hundreds of specialists to an around-the-clock effort aimed at checking its archive of 100,000 improvised explosive devices collected in the war zones, known as IEDs, for other suspected terrorists’ fingerprints.

“We are currently supporting dozens of current counter-terrorism investigations like that,” FBI Agent Gregory Carl, director of the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC).

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many more than that,” said House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul. “And these are trained terrorists in the art of bomb-making that are inside the United States; and quite frankly, from a homeland security perspective, that really concerns me.”

We must never forget the 9-11 Islamic terrorists exploited a lax student visa program and gained entry into America. The Boston bombing was the result of Islamic terrorism and the successful introduction of an improvised explosive device as a weapon of employment. America was fortunate that the VBIED (vehicle born improvised explosive device) at Times Square did not detonate, but don’t forget the admission of the apprehended terrorist in court who said he would plead guilty “100 times over” as a “Muslim soldier.” We can ill afford these gaps in oversight for exploitation — the biggest of all being our wide open southern border. “Immigration reform” has vast and grave security implications.


  1. this is obamas plan working right on schedule yall want this president
    to stay in power this is what we will continue to get people wake up
    obama is a terrorist and needs to be removed from power.this is exactly
    what that govt. shutdown did it opened our borders and let these
    terrorist in WAKE UP AMERICA

  2. “Paranoia” and “Vigilance” are often the same.
    It is folly to assume that the Federal Government can stop “terrorism” without the constant concern and observation of the average American. :-<

  3. yeah I know.. lets leave our border wide open… Not just the 20 million illegals walked in, but 90% of the meth, cocaine, and heroin do as well. Hell, Mexico has an immigration policy and they use it.. I don’t care if you are republican or democrat, who wants this ? because the politicians seem to .. Are they really representing us ? or their own parties agenda.

    • I get so upset everytime I hear or read the words there is nothing I or we can do. BS. We have a government of the People. Put pressure on Congress, if your congressmen or women do not do as you want them to, recall the butts. It is our right therefore yes, there is something we can do and do now.

      • The ONLY thing we can do – without ending up in jail or a FEMA concentration camp fort eternity is to zap them at the ballot box.
        Unfortunately, we have to share the ballot boxes with complete morons
        enamoured with soetero’s skin color instead of performance and qualifications. People need to wake up and smell the coffee -he is NOT
        a friend of the United States. This is all an ACT! Nothing more. THE single biggest fraud EVER commissioned on the american people.
        If I had a daughter, I’d rather she married a Somalai pirate than a progressive liberal democrat. One is no better or worse than the other.

      • Really? This was not the case prior to Obama’s presidency? Only now it is possible for people that want to harm Americans to enter the U.S? Congress and the Senate have nothing to do with decision making? If people want to do harm to us, they are going to find a way to do it. It makes zero difference how easy or difficult it is to enter this country. It might slow them down, but stop them? No. McVeigh had no trouble…

    • Because we have a Senate run by those who are in agreement and are as ethically challenged as the President. The House can impeach all they want but so long as unethical people run the Senate, it is a waste of time. Not to mention the sort of trouble we would have if Joe Biden was to become president. They absolutely should be doing things to contain where he has exceeded his authority though by blocking some of his actions. Defunding agencies that exceed their lawful authority in following presidential mandates not supported by law.

    • There is no way that obama’s bed mate and Rump Ranger Harry Reid would allow impeachment proceedings to be initiated against his messiah.

  4. I posted this on ABCnews who also reported this, but they are censoring posts and deleting many… so I will post this here: This is by design, these are Obama’s people. Who sends Billions in aide to muslim countries, but does nothing to protect the hundreds of thousands of Christians being slaughtered by Islam in the Middle East.

    Prepare America, Islam is on the rise. Obama told an UN official that America would be a Muslim nation by 2016. He also declared that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” – So in other words, The future must not belong to the non-believer, especially the practicing Christian.

    “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” – Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood

  5. I don’t feel too optimistic about this problem. In addition to the potential bombers among us, there are too many American malcontents being recruited by terrorists here. And, of course, the current administration persecutes Christians and Jews and shows blatant favoritism toward Muslims while Congress just sits on its hands and watches it happen!

    • NRA with all the ex-special forces / swat team members / sheriffs / cops / other military and gun enthusiasts versus a couple million Muslims and terrorists who happen to be in the USA / our home. I pick America and the NRA in that fight

  6. Does anyone really think Al Qaeda doesn’t use the open door policy at our
    southern border? Obama leaves this open
    on purpose.

    • Seriously? Obama leaves this open on purpose. He, Obama, personally desires Al Qaeda to come into our country in hopes to harm Americans? Explain what would be gained by that. What logical benefit does your claim support?

      • Lux really??? answer the question WHy has obama named so many that are Muslims to important positions in HIS GOVERNMENT, even naming a Muslim to head DHS…that is why the south border is not important to obama,,,,

      • 1. Please list the many Muslims now appointed to important positions. 2. Jeh Johnson is not a Muslim (internet myth) 3. Then the Northern border is important? or you personally don’t have issues with Canada (which could easily be defined as a socialist government)? Who has killed more Americans on American soil, people proclaiming to be Muslims (which is a religion, not a race) or people proclaiming to be Christians? Now the vast majority of both religions would say that the ones committing the crimes are “not true believers”. What’s apparently bothering you then is not the ones doing the killing, but the method of which they do it? Self-proclaimed Christians are far more guilty. About 80% Americans claim to be one. And it’s then safe to say that the majority of Americans murdering Americans would indeed consider themselves Christians. The religion choice should not me the issue then, because if it was, you’d have a problem on your hands. Race then seems to be the underling issue. You don’t have an issue with a country north of us that has far more “socialist” programs in place. You don’t have an issue with the country north of us that has a far higher percentage of atheist than we. So what do you really have an issue with? You live on speculation; the idea that something is going to happen rather than it actually happening. You, and the many others here are fed on fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Logic is circumvented by the latest email chain, or a conspiracy theory.

      • 1) Your first error in logic is claiming that Muslim is a religion. Islam is not a religion, it is a totalitarian govt determined to bring the US under Sharia law. We’re being invaded by an occupying force who will use our laws, i.e. freedom of religion, against us. Under Islam you can either accept it, or die. That is the goal and do not be fooled otherwise. I don’t see anything racist about hating a people who would have us all killed. If you don’t believe there are Muslims in the Obama administration, then check out this article:

        2) Obama is indeed a Muslim. If you think otherwise you need to have another think.

        Obama is not only a Muslim, but he is a Sunni Muslim Brotherhood member. Egyptians know what he is. Wake up and smell the coffee.

        3) Obama is setting into place a system to take over this country. He’s got his own Army under the DHS and lately he’s been purging the military of it’s commanders in an effort to bring the military into submission. Who says, “My military” or “the troops are fighting on MY behalf”? No one I know ever swore an oath of allegiance to a man.

        and 4) The Democratic party has been taken over by communists. And they are working overtime to bring this country down.

        My advice to you is to open your eyes. If you don’t think ‘it’ could happen here, then you are the one who has let complacency take over your life.

      • Wow, I don’t even know where to start. I’m not going to devote a great deal of time on this, as you know, no one’s mind will be changed. What you have written, for lack of a better word, is hilarious. The fact that you consider the links you shared as news sources makes everything clear. You did not come up with this nonsense on your own. You were fed this by some fellows living in their mom’s basement posing as “organizations”. So when does it stop being news, and starts being crazy?

        Where’s the line?



        If Obama is using Freedom of Religion against us, then you are saying our founding Fathers were not able to predict what it would lead to. That if they knew, they would have done something differently, worded it differently. And if this is true, the relevance of the Constitution is now in question. It was written without the foresight needed to combat the future takeover of our country by ones benefiting from it’s inherent guidance. Just like the 3rd Amendment. What everyone is overlooking, though, is that Obama is secretly trying to infringe on our 3rd Amendment rights. This is being done right under everyone’s nose, all why the 2nd is being focused on. Smell the coffee, or you will be making some for a Soldier here real soon. They’re known to delete shows off of DVRs, and eat all of the waffles, leaving the empty box in the freezer. Now, I could write a blog post, and even sight source, providing quotes taken out of context, seeming supporting my claims. It would not be hard to get a group of people to jump on board. Easy, really.

        Muslim Obama to take over the country in the way you have thoughtfully described, reported by people that have “taken the red pill” and their eyes are now open. This is sane. But Aliens, and Satanic rulers really behind the Sandy Hook massacre is plain nuts? Oh, I can find dozens of website ran by the same type of people that have “found the truth.” Each have about the same level of evidence as yours do, and the ones that believe are just as passionate on why they believe it. My coffee has not be smelled, they would say.

        Two of my close friends are Egyptian. One just came back after spending weeks there. We talk often and are very open when it comes to beliefs. The Sunni myth is not valid and would not stand up against real information, not bloggers held up in a basement surrounded by MREs.

        The Obama army… I remember when it was China and the “Red” army. That the millions of communist soldiers were being trained for an immanent attack on America. “We all better learn Chinese.” people like you would say. It was not a question that it was going to happen, attack was right around the corner. Well, the puppet master Obama has beaten them to it. And the communist hands of China are tied.

        Y2K? Hundreds of “wake up” books were written. The only coffee needed was a pot to keep them up that night.

        May 21st, 2011 – Paster Harold Camping. Mounting “wake up” Biblical evidence of the end times. People sold everything, hit the road to warn, and convert. Families were destroyed by this, but the ones convinced were 110% satisfied with the ‘evidence’.

        Where’s the line, again? When does ‘truth’ become ‘crazy’?

        Hey, our country will be lead by Socialist/Communist/Marxist Muslims! A first! Fascist Atheist Muslims! That has a nice ring to it.

        But oh lord, I bet you believe Hitler was a Muslim, since this site says so:
        It’s on the internet… so it must be true. Hitler was also working with Aliens and using their technology. That’s a fact too. It was on the internet, and also in an email that started with, “FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW:”… true, no doubt.

        The Obama administration has been a joke, I won’t argue with you on that. He has failed numerous times, and has not lived up to his promises.

        Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. The links you provided are far from extraordinary.

        I could keep going, but a wise person once said, “You can’t argue with crazy.”

        Take care…

      • My God you are out there in the far left field. Are you a troll or a shill for the Obamao regime? You ask for lists and when they’re provided all you can do is try to intimidate and pretend you know better. Where’s your proof that none of this is happening. You just make up stuff and try to sound like you know what you’re talking about. You’re a fool. These are not extraordinary claims (maybe in your pea brain they are) but these people are really in the administration and the congress is filled with communists. You don’t want to believe it, that’s on you. I bet you have Egyptian friends like I have Muslim friends. You are a liar and an idiot liar at that. And for a guy who wasn’t going to spend a lot of time, you sure spent a lot of time trying to discredit my links. You have a nice and day and try to take your meds so you can live in the real world.

      • Whether he personally decrees that the Southern Border should remain open or not, rest assured that his minions in the DHS, ICE and all the rest of the so called Immigration police have been given the order to stand down. I have a personal friend in the Border Patrol and he has told me face to face that they have been neutered. I believe him.

      • That ability is not exclusive to Obama. It has been an option for decades. Only now you have someone you don’t support running things. It make me think of my kids soccer games. People are livid when a call by the referee is against our team. That same call is made, but now at someone on the other team… silence and support. It’s the same here. And what’s the difference in the Northern and Southern boarder? If Obama is this Communist/Marxist, Canada falls perfectly inline with that ideology. They are perfect example of the Socialist system you all seem to think we’re heading for. Would it not make more sense to ally with them? They could assist Obama in carrying out his devious plans. And let’s say the Southern boarder was locked tight, do you think that would prevent their ability to harm Americans? The only thing noticeable will be the lack of fruits at the store because there will be no one here willing to pick them.

  7. The problem in these situations is in the refugee clearance process. Refugees are given their status by the UN (UNHCR). They are then cleared for travel to the US by the International Organization of Migration (IOM). Obviously there are different value systems involved as far as the UN is concerned.

  8. Pres. Obama has been asked by Afghanistan’s Pres. Karzai to apologize for civilian casualties of the war in Afghanistan. There wouldn’t be so many civilian casualties if jihadists did not use human shields such as women, children, the elderly, the infirm, and so forth. Think about that, Pres. Obama, before you bow to yet another Middle Eastern ruler!

      • Only because of how good we have had it. A lot of our ancestors have had it a lot worse. Watch the movies Cinderella Man and Sea Biscuit and you will see what I am getting at. THat is why I get so angry when I here all the mimes quoting the politicians about how we would never recover if a few major banks go under. Bull. American history is full of things we should have never recovered from.

  9. Well I guess we better stop F%&King around and both GOP and DEM start talking about issues like immagration reform and whats really good for this country and not there pockets or future votes back into office.

  10. Wouldn’t surprise me with a MUSLIM sitting in the White House. By the way, they call it the ‘White House’. Isn’t that RACIST these days?

  11. Lets hire a few more ragheads to work in homeland security, with the others that have been there for years, send them to the ” intel units”, so they can get the precise info. to their hommies who are “sleepers” here in the USA…you know the ones that drive every taxi cab on the street, and are buying up all the service stations…heck whats wrong with that…why the raghead in the white house doesn’t mean any harm!!

    • I have been saying for several years now and no one will listen to me; is that the very first thing that will happen when martial law is declared is that all of the foreign OWNED gas stations will be shut down . Then no trucks will be moving … no food , supplies or medication will be going anywhere !! Which absolutely freaks me out because I have a thyroid medicine that I have to take. There is no way to get it without a prescription !! After the transportation is shut down and everyone but the preppers are getting hungry then there will be riots and then the people will give in and be controlled so they can feed their families !! After that it will get even uglier !!!

      • Speaking of “foreign owned gas stations…” – I live in the greater Houston metro area. Yesterday I heard a news report about gas stations that are cheating their customers. One gas station owner who got caught by the inspectors had a Middle Eastern name. No surprise there, as taqquia/lying is their game. Admittedly, there were others who were caught cheating customers, too.

  12. Then why are there so many “needed” budget cuts? Why are we not hiring more qualified people to conduct the processes and protocols needed? America, you get what you pay for ….. stop blaming and start fixing!

  13. What has been going on in this country for as long as this administration has been in power, the islamification of our children in public schools. The country is being pushed towards Shea law as we speak. The Muslims have MORE religious freedom in this country than those of us who are Christian. Do you really believe that these guys really just slipped into the country. Honestly they were allowed in so that when the time comes and they do their dirty deed, the Feds will lock the US down for our own good. And that will be all she wrote…you won’t like what comes after this country is gone. Once America the beautiful is gone we will become another prison state even more so than we are now. Are you having fun yet.

    • I see evidence of what you’re saying everywhere. I kid you not, but my children have over 85% Muslim teachers. When my son mentioned that he was going to church, he was sent home. He’s scared to go back because the Muslim kids are threatening him. It gets even worse. My daughter is not “meeting dress code” even though she is wearing very conservative outfits. They’re encouraged to cover their heads, when outside. This is happening right under our noses people! Where’s the media? Why are we not seeing this on CNN?! You know things are getting bad when your preschooler comes home rolling their Rs.

  14. It is a fact that over 55 cities in the USA have Jihad training camps in them and have had for a couple years. When you look back it all started with Obama. Get rid of the leader and brother of Muslims and that weakens the group.

  15. This has been a plan from the beginning for a take over of the USA and the One world government that has been going on for 5 yrs or longer. Some just refuse to stop what they are doing long enough to see what is about to happen.


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