Winfrey pulls the race card again. You’d think it’d be worn out by now

During a recent BBC interview, Oprah Winfrey said of President Obama, “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African-American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

Last night Bill O’Reilly interviewed black Harvard Law Professor Charles L. Ogletree Jr. regarding Winfrey’s comments, where Ogletree agreed – even though he could not cite on instance of “racist” commentary in the mainstream media.

What continues to bewilder me is the incessant use of the race card to protect President Obama, to the point where it’s worn and disregarded. I wrote a piece for the Washington Times Communities on “Race is Obama’s Get out of Jail Free Card.”

The Left’s default position for any criticism of Obama’s policies is to portray him as a victim. The irony is that when the Left attacks black conservatives, there’s not a single outcry — trust me I know, as does Deneen Borelli in her book “Blacklash.”

But this is nothing new. The first black conservative, Booker T. Washington, advocated a three-pillar principle of conservatism: education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. Washington founded Tuskeegee Institute — now University –to promote those principles and inspire a thriving black community towards economic growth and opportunity.

To this day Washington is attacked as a sellout, an Uncle Tom, and worse. Why? Why is it when those in the black community put forth a principled approach for self-reliance and growth, they are viciously attacked by white liberals, with no response?

However, when anyone speaks out against the failed progressive socialist policies of President Obama — which are certainly decimating the black community — they must be castigated as racist.

Last night Professor Ogletree spoke in very general and nebulous terms never answering the inquiries of Mr. O’Reilly. Ogletree continuously tried to create this specter of an institutional racial hatred toward President Obama that does not exist. Are there outliers? Of course.

However, as O’Reilly pointed out, Obama was elected and reelected, by an America which is predominantly white. After all, black Americans represent only 13.9% of the population. America has a right to question its president, it’s called the First Amendment right to free speech and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

What I found laughable was at the end Ogletree’s interview, he said he loves President Obama and thinks he’s doing a great job. This post-modern liberalism rooted in progressive socialism is completely based on irrational emotionalism. It is not objective and fails to see its own faults.

As I watched Professor Ogletree, I completely understood why our young Americans in college possess such a skewed perspective of our Constitutional Republic. Those of us who are parents must take a greater role in the education of our children because the goal of these progressives is to indoctrinate them from K-college. I’m not a Harvard law professor, but thank God my parents taught me the difference between right and wrong.


  1. Once again, dead on. I am so sick of the “race card” being thrown out on every corner of political debate, I could puke.

    • I’m also sick of it. I’m so sick of it, i just want to nuke ’em because they can’t face the truth, and they are constantly emotionally, irrationally blind.

  2. I can’t stand this racist bitch. She, like Obama, is a malignant narcissist who likens herself to God Almighty. She didn’t get behind Obama in 2012 because as dumb as she is, even she realizes there can only be one God (at least in her sick twisted mind) She never teaches, she ‘bestows her knowledge’, because, you know, she is so smart and all. Look at the name of her shows ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’. Read this article – very interesting and terrifying at the same time.

      • Also, she was real popular when I was a teenager, and even then I knew she wasn’t a Christian, nor was she a good person. Her ‘good deeds’ always had to be done publicly. The bible says, “Your left hand should never know what your right is doing.” Your good deeds should be done in secret, because Gods rewards are better than man’s, and if you make your deeds public, the Lord will not recognize them. Once again, take away the Christian aspect, because I know not everyone is a believer, and it still shows she not a decent human being, and is fake, because she brags about her doings. Why? For self recognition. Her studio name, was her name spelled backwards. It wasn’t enough to have her own show, but her studio had to be about her. Then there’s her tv station, and her magizine. Anything to glorify herself.

      • I thought it was odd that suddenly she is in the news again and wouldn’t you know, she is getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom this week in DC… mystery solved.

    • They assassinated Herman Cain’s chances. He would have blown Obama out of the water. But the Democratic party suddenly came up with people who accused him of sexual harassment. Turns out that was all BS… but then again, so was the unemployment statistics before the 2012 election. What else is the Obama administration hiding? I firmly believe he will be looked at as one of our nation’s most incompetent presidents.

  3. Keep speaking the truth. More than you know see it clearly. The only way race has impacted Obama is that people voted for him to “prove” they weren’t racist, so they could say “I voted for him.” I bet there is a lot more private regret than any poll will ever show. It’s not hatred, as Oprah claims, it is sadness that our first African American president is failing so miserably as many truly wanted him to succeed – that election was indeed historic, but unfortunately, mass amounts of people were not understanding that party and policies actually do matter and do make a difference in results. While I celebrated the election of an African American, I knew he was doomed to failure for what he believed about America and the private sector. Its taken too many too long to wake up… if they are.

    • My girl and I have a couple that we a friends with… they asked us to watch their house while they were on vacation. On their fridge was an Obama 2012 magnet. I wish had a magnet that said “how’s that working out for ya???” hahah

    • As I read so many posts over the years about Obama, I have to give you a large amount of appreciation for your description of how most of us really felt about his being elected. Hopefully with a huge amount of prayer and continued wisdom, we will survive this period in American history as we have in the past with Nixon, etc.

  4. Lieu. Col. West, I have tried to reach out to countless conservative media personalities, multiple times, attempting to relay something about Ms. Winfrey from years back.
    I had hopes someone could find that clip somehow, some way.
    It was some time after the acquittal of OJ Simpson and race relations was a hot topic.
    In passing, Ms. Winfrey said, on her show and I paraphrase her words, “My friends and I recently had a conversation and we all agreed that if WHITE people could gather ALL BLACK people together and burn them, they would.”
    I felt that if she could say such an outrageous, over the top, completely false thing, being as prominent and educated as she, then, WHAT HOPE was there that things would EVER really change between the races in America!!!
    That comment she made was not discussed; she said it in passing and maybe went to commercial or something, I don’t know.
    What I can tell you is that I NEVER watched her program again, nor have I ever liked or respected her or anything she has ever said again.
    I’ve been done with her for a very, very long time.

  5. I personally don’t understand why people hold a celebrity to such high regard, such as Oprah Winfrey. Has she done good for people? Of course, but that doesn’t make her the end-all-be-all of what we should strive to be. ANYONE can do good on others.

    It’s okay, Oprah… you want to keep using your celebrity status as a soapbox about how horrible blacks have it in America. They have it so bad that even the President isn’t safe, is that right? I think that Booker T. Washington would have a thing or two to say to someone like Oprah. That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  6. Winfrey pulled a similar stunt in Zurich, Switzerland recently. A sales lady told Wifrey that the purse she was interested in cost a couple thousand dollars. So Winfrey accused the lady of racism. According to Winfrey’s logic, a helpful sales lady thinks that because of Wifrey’s color that she needs to be told the price of a purse. Oh please, what an ambassador that woman is!

  7. I quit watching or reading anything Oprah (but did go see The Butler), a few years ago. I still somewhat admired her for her work ethic and charitable giving. Now, having been called a racist, I have lost all respect in what Oprah says or does….because YES, I take it personally.

    • She is way too consequential. Can not for the life of me imagine why so many in the press and public give weight to any of her political or social economic quotes. Way too much attention is given to every remark she makes. Especially when she speaks about Obama. If anyone on the Right would dare to makes these type of idiotic one-sided comments, they would be trashed severely. This, sadly, is an extreme case of The Freedom Speech being taken way too far.

    • I’ve lost ALL respect for her since she became political. As a humanitarian she was good but her political views are just crap. She should shut her mouth and go back to just concentrating on helping people and making her millions off the backs of the people she’s bad mouthing. Mostly white people at that, and I’ll NEVER go see “The Butler” because of the way it’s skewed/Hollywoodized.

  8. Oprah said that people have a problem with President Obama because he is black. Nobody says it but everyone is thinking it. You are wrong. Everyone is not thinking it. You for not speak for me. I did not vote for him, because I am a Republican. I still felt a measure of pride that America has reached the point to vote in an African American as president. Everyone is not thinking it. I dislike him because of his policies and the government dependent student society he is trying to achieve.

  9. HEY I AM THAT GENERATION!!!!I had a AFRICAN Pastor and family stay with me for two months a few years ago. I took his wife to get her hair done you should have seen how the ladies in that beauty shop treated her .I asked her why did that happen to her I was surprised, she told me that the blacks here still blame AFRICANS for selling them into slavery!!!!Now tell me who is racist????/That family was so gracious I thought I had royalty in my house. And I am from ARKANSAS and I picked cotton in those cotton feilds with the black women and guess what we did not act like this generation.WE were all trying to feed ourselves. I saw praying women in those cotton fields you know at that time everyone was working that was before the radical groups came along and it has not been the same since!!!!I am sick of Hollywood and celebrities stirring the racist card . You need to talk to some of the real people in the south you might be surprised!!!!!

    • Well said. One thing many black people don’t want to admit and especially those who work in MSM, is that racism is running strong amongst themselves. (Chicago’s murder rate is a good example)

      • You are right . I was a faith base dorm mentor and a fund raiser for that cause. I went to many black churches and it is prevalent among themselves. And friends who married into the black race had more trouble with the black society than white. The Bible says to marry in with your own kind but if my son decided to cross the race barrier I would love them just the same. In their society there is a control spirit , they want control I am dealing with something right now and I had to distance myself the only person that controls me is JESUS,,.and I know they don’t know more than JESUS!!!!!

      • Blacks today are ver far worse than when I was growing up. They have no conscience, no guilt, and no problems killing each other and white people in a blink of the eye. This is why I’m forced to carry, to protect myself against them. Should I be threatened or under attack, I have no problem with defending myself. Blacks today don’t want to work. The jails are disproportionately filled with blacks and welfare/food stamps go to a disproportionately majority of blacks. That’s fact. I didn’t make it that way. THEY made it that way because of the way they are. They don’t even raise their kids. I’ve seen so many black kids running the street as young as 3 years old without supervision. So what does that tell you? That they don’t even have love for their kids? Maybe they had them for the welfare money? That’s how they are….. Some blacks are good people, but the majority of them? I’ve hired enough of them to know how they are…. I’ve even had a few who quit working after an hour or two, announcing that they’re gonna go sell drugs. It’s easier and a lot more money. No conscience.. No guilt….

  10. I find it extremely insulting that I am being bunched in with everyone else. NO ONE speaks for me, BUT ME! So this is what I have to say. Oprah, I liked you and had alot of respect for you, but that is now gone. I am sick to death, I mean SICK TO DEATH of the friggin race card being thrown everwhere. The past is the past, you cannot change it, I cannot change it, you can only learn from it and go on. I truly am sorry for the way the past generations lived and what they did, but guess what, it has no bearing on me and my generation. You cannot move forward, if you are stuck in the past. It was awful and horrible, but I didn’t do it, no one in my family did, just put it to rest for the love of God! Obama is an ass, a total and complete ass, and I don’t care of he is purple with pink friggin polka dots. I am not a republican or a democrat, I am for the person who is going to do the best job he can. Obama is trying to take down the United States and we are letting him. My question is why? He is doing nothing but tearing us apart, he worries more and helps his muslim brothers than he does us, the very people who put him in office (thank God I didn’t vote for this moron). People wake up and take back OUR AMERICA, before it becomes his wasteland. He should’ve been voted in because he was the best candidate, not because he is black, and that is such a shame!! I hope everyone who voted for him is happy and proud of themselves, and then to put him back in office again, WTF were you thinking??? I had hoped though because he was young, he would do the right thing by us, with better, fresher ideas, and that didn’t happen. Just so it’s clear, I didn’t vote for the other moron either!!!

    • I like your post and agree with what you say, but I have to say this to
      you: If you didn’t vote for the “other moron” (whether you are
      referring to McCain or Romney) then YOU’RE PART OF THE REASON the Ass in Chief
      is in the White House. When will you people who vote 3rd party get it?? NO
      third party candidate, NONE, ZERO, has won the presidency since Whigs won it on
      March 4, 1853. 1853, for Chrissakes!!!
      And Whigs were not really even a third party then. There were Whigs and
      there were Democratic Republicans. Please
      wake up and smell the Big Government Democrats who will win again if you and
      your well-meaning, blinders-on, will-only-vote-for-a-perfect Republican, bunch
      of lunatics keep voting 3rd party.

      • You are so right in re to voting and that every vote does indeed count. When living in Colorado Springs in the 70’s we had a school related election. It lost due do a tie! The following day a friend of mine said she was going to vote but it was late, she was tired and just wanted to go straight home. Had she taken the extra minute to stop and vote, her vote would have broken the tie. And, yes, that is what happens when one votes for a 3rd party as well. They are literally wasting their vote.

  11. “They” deliberately picked a black – anyone else would be long gone by now with these horrible policies and actions that are being committed.

  12. I think the best response for a white man like myself is along the lines of “do you really think that there are no other reasons that someone would disagree with his policies?”

  13. What does she mean ‘everyone thinks it but nobody is talking about it’?!?! That’s all they talk about whenever President Obama is criticized. She quickly dropped her support of Hillary Clinton when a black man entered the race, so exactly who’s the racist here?

    • She also dropped her support in October for Obama. After all he broke his promise to her that she could have access to the White House for her station “OWN”. And she was already fighting with Michelle. She did spend millions on him during his campaign in 2012 and he dumped her. She’s joining the Jesse Jackson group of calling people racist thinking her rating will boost.

  14. Oprah and Obama can play the race card all they want but when and if I ever meet them I will put the race card where they sit and shove it deep where their brains are.

  15. I have never considered race as being any kind of issue good or bad until this president’s whining and now okra is whining too… good grief… I am so glad black folks have good examples of men of integrity like Ben Carson, or Allen West

  16. Oprah likes to talk and make herself look important. Using the race card over in England, it just made her feel important. One thing people need to remember is she is still feuding with the Obama’s and will probably carry that feud for a long time because she can carry a grudge for years. After she cancelled her program here in Chicago and left, almost a couple of years later when she was putting her building up for sale that was here she made a comment that she made Chicago what it is. All I have to say to her on that is “Chicago was made what it is a H— of a lot of years before you came on the scene. Hope the door didn’t hit you in A– when you left our city. Oh and Oprah,,,Chicago helped make you (B)Witch.” Actually one of our newspapers wrote “Hope the door didn’t hit you in blank blank when you left our city.” Loved it.

  17. It is a sad, sad day when the President of the United States, arguably, the most powerful man in the world, has failed so badly that a celebrity must characterize millions of Americans as racist to attempt to deflect attention away from that Presidents words, actions and policies. She doubles down on this absurdity by stating that racism will end in America when old white men from the south die off. In her arrogance she clearly sends the massage that only whites are racist. And it is only these white racists, for the most part, who oppose the policies of Mr. Obama. How she can say this with a straight face is beyond me. There is far more black on white racism and hate crimes than the reverse. Take a look at the FBI crime statistics don’t take my word. The Australian baseball player shot by three black youths, the 89 year old veteran beaten to death by two black teens, the beautiful twelve year old boy murdered on Christmas Eve by a black woman with a welding torch, the two black kids who followed a younger, smaller white child home then doused him with gasoline and lit him on fire. These are but a few examples of horrific racially motivated crime. Yet racism will end when guys like me die off? The position is as weak as Obama’s claim that Benghazi was caused by a Youtube video and is having the same effect’ diversion.

    The real culprit in Obama’s failings is the media who have refused to do their jobs and report facts. Without this journalistic malpractice Obama would not be President right now. Their continued work as a public relations firm for this administration has made a de facto dictator who has become more brazen in his contempt for the congress, courts and people of this nation with every scandal they bury for him. Why have they done this?? Maybe because he’s the first black president???? Obama and his ilk have used race to get away with murder, yes literal murder, and violations of our Constitution too numerous to list. Resources designed for national security have been turned away from outward threats and used to monitor those the systems were designed to protect. His hope and change isn’t the realization of martin Luther Kings Dream as we all hoped it would be. it is the destruction of the worlds last, best hope for individual freedom.

    Personally i don’t mind Oprah saying I need to die to have racism end. I get it quite often when I debate issues with liberals. The part that bothers me and reveals that they themselves are racist is when I deny their charges by stating I would vote for Alan West or Dr. Ben Carson should he run for office. They find this totally unacceptable. I’m a racist unless I vote for a black man they approve of.

    • I agree with you. But when you think about it, the only argument they have in his defense is calling anybody that disagrees with him a “racist”. The problems with Obama are not caused by his color of skin but by his lies. (If people remember,,,he is half white) Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS Targeting the Tea Party, Obamacare, and spying on our allies. And now we have another one to add to this that has just been released,,,the low unemployment rate that actually was faked in 2012. And they caught the guy that did it, Julius Buckmon. I attached a link to it and it’s been going on since 2010.

      • Very true. Without any substance or facts to support claims of his policies producing a benefit to the American people he’s going to get a lot of criticism. Crying racism truly is the option for him. Unless of course he grows a pair, starts taking responsibility, and acting like a man. Which we know ain’t going to happen.

    • Please don’t forget the new game on the block…” Knockout”…my fellow citizens please be careful and look both ways when you walk alone down the street… evil walks among us.


    • Please stop with all CAPS. Usually makes people just pass on over your post. Sorry, but u might be right in what you write, and have the right to do so, but it’s annoying.

      • Wholeheartedly agree. All caps are hard to read. Looks like screaming, which is also hard to understand.

  19. Just forgetting all about the famed slain civil right leader, MLK Jr’s. brilliant speech. The lesson taught character. The color of the skin was irrelevant. Dang, when can we all get an excellent grade on this subject?.

  20. This fat racist is showing her true colors,,,,,,,,we all made her rich and famous, and now she dares to call us racists? Better she just keeps her fat black mouth shut..their never happy no matter what the situation it seems to always come back to race showing what we all know as……….who is the real racist here?

  21. as I have said before; it is not about the colour of his skin, but the content of his character. Now who said that? Well, he was right. Now, because the majority of people find Mr Obama’s character lacking, and say so, they must be racist. I wonder what Martin would say about that?

  22. I take it personally, being called a racist, I love everyone I don’t care who you are or where you came from. I get soooo tired of the race card. Believe me, the PAST makes me sick to my stomach and I am so thankful not to have been a part of any of it, but it is the PAST!!!! Please move forward and lets all live together. Hell, we don’t have all WHITE schools, colleges, Ms America pageants or WHITE on line dating sites but we have Black schools, colleges, Ms America pageants AND Black dating sites… How is this helping us all come together and as far as Obama being the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, are we all denouncing his white heritage because I don’t. He is Bi-RACIAL, in all actuality he is white because you are as your mother. Obama is ruining our County and not because of his race. COME ON, PEOPLE, accept the fact that we all make mistakes just BECAUSE…

    • Thank you for bringing up the ‘all black’ schools, pageants, etc. That is an area that has never sat well with me and that I really don’t understand. I hope that people understand that obama is BI-RACIAL but I feel as tho many don’t comprehend the meaning of the word. The past is just that, The Past. Surely we are mature enough to get past that and move to the future as you so well pointed out. This may sound strange but I was completely unaware of racial problems until after I had been married for a while. I lived in south TX from the time I was 10 until almost 16. I went to school with Blacks, Mexicans (sorry if the word offends anyone but that’s what they were called at the time & I’m not re-writting history in order to be PC), misc. other races and never gave it any thought. Before that I had lived in Germany and played with more German kids than American ones. After that I lived in Japan and one of our immediate neighbors was a lovely Black family who we ate with and I babysat for. We were married by a Black Chaplain. Are we any less married? I don’t think so. We followed his Army career for many years and talked to him several times when we were stationed in the same town. Ha and my dad remained good friends for years. One of my college room mates was from a ‘high class’ family in India. Did I request to be moved? Not hardly! She was a lovely person with good morals and values and I learned from her. One of our neighbors after we got married was a Black family. They were no different than anyone else — young, newlywed, starting a family, broke — just like the rest of us.

  23. I have one question for Oprah:

    Miss Winfrey, you are a very successful TV personality, and it is said you are one of the wealthiest celebrities. You didn’t do it alone, you had many talented people working at Harpo Productions making sure the TV programs were the best you could create. Audiences agreed; your program was number one in many markets for years.

    So, knowing what you know about Barack Obama, what position would hire him for at Harpo Productions?

    I’ll wait for your answer…….

  24. And I thank God for people like you, who are not afraid to stand up for what’s right. There are definitely people supporting you, and stand right there with you in agreement, no matter the color of their skin. I don’t know why so many in this country aren’t able to see yet. Will they, when this country is finally in utter despair? If something doesn’t give soon, it is coming.

  25. You, Mr. West, are a shining example of what the American dream is all about. When ANYONE uses their ethnicity for gain, political, societal or otherwise reveals their character or should I say the lack of it. As for ms. oprah, she is one I would ban from any drivel that she mouths. I watched her show where she denounced Jesus Christ and Christianity. She’s caught up into the newly packaged, New Age, which stemmed from the lie that satan spoke to Adam and Eve in the Garden. “You shall be as God”. She, like the others have rejected the Truth and are actively indoctrinating the masses into this lie.

  26. Yep.. I love you. I love reading any and everything you write, I love your truth and honesty and that you are a hardworking American who understands. Why aren’t you in office?? Why was a political idiot given the opportunity be the first “black” (he’s white too) president? I ask myself all the time if intelligent people really think this man is some sort of political savant, or genius?? Really? Me thinks the American people have a skewed reality. Listening to too much news reported by folks with little real life experience and a journalism degree, I think my dog could get one of those. Sorry.. But anyway THANK YOU MR. WEST.. You are MY hero!

    • Thank you for bringing up the fact that obama is also white! Why is this a proven fact that everyone including obama seems to have forgotten? I do believe that people tend to overlook that fact for some strange reason. And I do agree — Mr West is also my hero.

  27. Funny how liberals operate on their irrational emotionalism, yet try to control every last thing, and do so according to some social standards THEY come up with. If acting on irrational emotionalism is their modus operandi, then what’s wrong with other things that are also categorizable under irrational emotionalism? Like today’s hot topic of “bullying”? I don’t see the difference. Just the same old same old of whenever their rationale supports their actions it’s okay, but THEIR SAME rationale can’t be applied to someone else’s actions when those actions oppose them.

  28. Sir you have brought up soooo many topics that the main stream media have failed to even address in the slightest. Please keep your efforts focused on what you have been doing and keep up the fight. The one thing that I am worried about, because YOU are so outspoken, has the administration tried to silence you through any means of intimidation through the IRS or any other entity at their disposal. Stay true to the cause please keep the truth flowing.

  29. I agree with much of what Mr. West says here, but I also wonder this: why did Republicans not bother to seek and share the wisdom of black conservatives until we had a black President about whom they could complain?


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