Obama won’t honor Gettysburg, but I will

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On this day we remember a simple yet profound speech delivered by a simple yet iconic American leader. Today is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address given by our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Our current president is from the Land of Lincoln – Illinois — but for whatever reason will not be at Gettysburg to pay homage to this moment, a seminal moment in American history — how utterly despicable. I suppose the Organizing for America conference call the evening prior was just too taxing. Ironic isn’t it, that the first African-American president will not attend a historic moment remembering a “new birth of freedom.”

Therefore, since America is lacking a leader to address the nation on this momentous day, I decided to write and share with you all a modern Gettysburg Address:

“Seven score and ten years ago, this great nation stood divided on the fundamental concept of liberty and freedom. There were those who believed they possessed the liberty to withhold the freedom of others and that was defined as their right.

Another part of this great nation believed, as a slave owner had written, that we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights from their Creator thus being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This nation went to war, a Civil War, to guarantee the promise of the latter, rather than live with the shame of the former. So here amongst the picturesque Pennsylvania hills surrounding Gettysburg two armies met: the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac. And as poetic justice would have it, they met from July 1st to 3rd in 1863 to determine the course of this great land.

The latter prevailed at the end of those three days by way of sheer determination, but both sides displayed uncommon valor and bravery. The defining moment to end the physical bondage of others had come, and freedom was the victor.

We remember the honored dead of Gettysburg – but let us remember all the honored dead who have made the stand against the enemies of freedom: Fascism, Nazism, Japanese imperialism and Communism.

However today, this great country, this longest running Republic the world has ever known is yet again embroiled in a seminal fight for liberty and freedom. The current ideological conflagration in America pits a belief of collective subjugation, by means of the metaphysical bondage of dependency, to the will of government as opposed to the liberty of individuals to determine their way in life – enabling their pursuit of happiness.

Even today the political names of the actors, Democrats and Republicans, remain the same, but only the circumstances have changed. We again are challenged to honor the promise of our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, and the words of Jefferson, as well as our Constitution.

It is not only this internal struggle against progressive socialism but the external fight against Islamic totalitarianism — both threats to individual liberty and freedom.

Our men and women in uniform are deployed against the latter adversary, but we must all stand as guardians of this Republic against the former. What is at stake? The exact same thing that President Abraham Lincoln championed 150 years ago, “that the government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

May God bless the American legacy of courage displayed at Gettysburg, the Gettysburg address, and this beacon of liberty and freedom, the land of the free because it is the home of the brave. The place we call home, our beloved Constitutional Republic, these United States of America.”


    • Oh, I see, so what you’re saying is that Lincoln should never have fought the Civil War in the first place, because conflict of any kind is wrong. Please driveswiftly off a cliff.

      • Putting words in someone’s mouth and telling them to drive off a cliff is a pretty poor way to counter an argument. I disagree with the guy, but your tactics don’t help sway anyone to your way of thinking, and are in fact counterproductive.
        Lincoln was trying to keep the nation united. I think the so-called “Civil War” was more about the broader issue of states rights vs. federal control, rather than the specific issue of slavery.

      • You are right on with the reasons, Jennifer. I did think, tho’, that the comment of driving off a cliff rather clever.

      • I wasn’t trying to “counter an argument.” I was verbally dope-slapping him for his idiotic comment.

    • This is the political message of which Lincoln was speaking! Your complete misinterpretation of Lincoln’s speech and Col.West’s message is astounding.

    • Obama has made the divisions in this country. Obama believes in the “Divide and conquer” kind of Socialism. He (Obama) is an adherent of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and lies every time he opens his mouth. Obama tried to start a race war not too far back by playing the race card. He hoped to have cause to declare Martial Law and declare himself sole Leader. This country is in danger of becoming not just a socialist state or just a communist state, but Obama’s plan is for the Muslims to take over. He stated in an interview with a French reporter in 2009 he dreamed of ruling the largest Muslim country in the world. Islamic ideology is world domination. The wool, so to speak is being pulled over the eyes of newbie liberals and if we do not act to stop it the black hoods of death will be pulled over our heads by Obama and his Muslim brothehood. we must fight the progressives on all levels.

    • Yes we would still have honor. Islam would not have the foothold it currently has (he’ll back Islam down in a heartbeat! ), racism would not be as prevalent (from the left of course), jobs would be happening, and the economy would be much better and so would America and Americans! Lt. Col West is a true American!

    • I couldn’t agree more. The enemy we’re fighting across the globe is ensconced in our Oval Office and being aided at every opportunity. We send our troops to wars in other countries when the real battle is right here. Our enemies wouldn’t be as prolific if our government wasn’t supplying them with training, arms, munitions & funding. This gentleman would be focused on issues that would support the strenght, economical prosperity and solidarity of our nation. I rather doubt he would be driving us to the brink of extinction. Something that’s being done so blatently in this administration.

  1. Lt. Col, Sir, please Help our nation! please help those will stand with you and fight as our founding fathers did! Help us Fight! My oath will never die, I know yours won’t either!

  2. I would love it if Mr. West ran for office as President. Even live close enough to help. That, though is a long way off and he has some thinking to do. Who would want to clean this mess up?

    Maybe by then someone will have filed a real Petition to get this guy kicked out office and part of the mess will be cleaned up before Mr. West goes into office. We can hope.

  3. Col. West, Sir you surprise me with your second stanza. I am sure that you know what started the Civil War and who actually started it. Sir, I hold you in great respect and my oath to this nation is as valid today as it was forty three years ago as I know yours is too. Thank you for your leadership as well as your insight and advice in these trying times. Sir, I stand ready to accept my orders, Sir.

  4. Is there any wonder why the left spent so much to unseat this one-term representative? Thank you for your service to this country, LTC (Ret) West!!!

    • How in God’s was LTC West defeated? WHAT were the voters thinking?? We so desperately need more leaders like this patriot. I admire his integrity, patriotism, and courage. May God bless this good man and his loved ones.

  5. I like what I’m hearing from you sir..going to keep following you.. An hopefully you won’t dispoint us (American citizens) Who only wants this great nation to get back on track… With out stripping our rights away… Please stay on track… Thank you

  6. Thank you!!! Lincoln was a great man and fought for the freedom of the African Americans and was assassinated because of his belief that no man should be a slave. Thank you for what you are trying to do for this country. We are standing beside you and will help in the fight.

  7. Well said, I wish more people would wake up and listen to you,who truly loves our
    great country. Thank you, and I would vote for you in a heartbeat

  8. It is a document that has at its heart the breath of the Holy Spirit and instills in the mind that imperishable truth that each and every person regardless of race, color, religion or ethnic origin is born into freedom and liberty from which none, except by those who have the temerity to defy God, shall deprive them. Allen West has his heart and mind on the pulse of the people and only when the shackles that presently bind the multitudes into various forms of slavery and servitude are removed shall this country once again rise to the greatness from which it is presently being deprived and the rights to which they are entitled are returned.


      You can’t be a sellout if you settle for something worse than what you could have had/had before.

    • You are exactly the kind of person he is talking about. Actually, it is you who are the sellout. You’d never understand why. You are comfortable, too comfortable, in your racism.

    • Like all people of your ilk, you can’t stand on the facts,so you just resort to name calling. If you have a issue with something he said, call him out on it. The truth is nothing more than an inconvenience that stands in the way of your aberrant anti American agenda. You calling Col. West a sellout is like being called a terrorist by Osama Bin Ladin. You don’t qualify to do his Col. Wests laundry.

  9. Beautifully written! And yes…we TRUE Americans, need to stand strong and fight this inner war. Our nation and our freedoms are at stake. Let not all the blood that was shed for this great country and for its great people to have been shed in vain.

  10. Mr West,

    Please PLEASE PUH-LEEHEEHEEHEEEEZ consider moving to South Carolina. The Palmetto State would be proud to embrace you, and even prouder to elect you to take your place in the US Senate occupying the seat formerly held by our current disgraceful occupant from Oconee County. You would also occupy your place in history by joining with Tim Scott to make SC ironically the first state in the union to elect two African-American Senators.

    We NEED your leadership and fearless determination to bring us back from the brink.

    Thank you for your service, sir!

  11. Thank you for remembering this historic event and for your point of view. We are at a crossroads and we need to remind people to be ever vigilant against our enemies both foreign and domestic.

  12. This is what a “True Leader & Patriot” who loves this country sounds like, unlike the current obfuscator who occupies the WH.

    • Michele you are wright and wrong. It was wright about States Rights but Slavery was the deep under lying right of owning property, Slaves and taking them into newly acquired western land. Also maintaining equal power in the government to defend their States Rights So you were right States Right to own Slaves. .

  13. This President…I dont understand…! He’ll spend thousands of dollars to go to Africa and other areas of the world!!!….but, not spend half a tank of gas to honor those who gave their lives to give him the seat of which he sits!!!…, ho…use of which he sleeps, eats and to receive the honor of having the title of PRESIDENT of these United States!!! I don’t get it….half a day…half a tank of gas…to honor those who gave their lives, (all of their tomorrows!!!)… for ALL of us,… and this… “President”???
    This President…I dont understand…! He’ll spend thousands of dollars to go to Africa and other areas of the world!!!….but, not spend half a tank of gas to honor those who gave their lives to give him the seat of which he sits!!!…, ho…use of which he sleeps, eats and to receive the honor of having the title of PRESIDENT of these United States!!! I don’t get it….half a day…half a tank of gas…to honor those who gave their lives, (all of their tomorrows!!!)… for ALL of us,… and this… “President”???

    • DID ALlen West speak at the 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King march on Washington which was also a great american that died for this country ..fk Allen West

      • I’m not sure he was invited to speak there. No republican was allowed to speak there, no matter what their skin colour.
        Why was that? …Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican.

      • NO the party of the Klan didn’t allow any of those from the party who fought with King to be invited. How ironic.

  14. *Oh, wow* THAT was one of the most inspirational messages which I’ve read in a long while. THANK YOU Mr. Allen West. NOW, please make copies of this address, send one to the RNC, one to a lock box in your bank, one to a safe in your home and one to every Republican friend that you know closely to keep on file with their important documents. We really can’t afford to lose you and just as importantly, that document. You accurately record the current political atmosphere and something that fifty years from now the historians will want to have to get a feel for the “flavor” of what was going on now.

  15. Obama isn’t good enough to publicly quote the Gettysburg Address, take him to the links and let him play golf the entire day.

    He is the most disrespectful and arrogant SOB to ever occupy the Oval Office.

  16. Patrick Henry’s famous declaratory ” Give me liberty…or give me death” ….served as a clear warning to the tyrant- not simply a missive of passive submission. We have come too far in the last 235 years to suffer a tyrant now. There’s a very good reason why a person who never passes on an invite to stand in front of a live microphone would decide to pass on this one.

  17. Beautiful – thank you Col. West! This speech took our fragmented society and put it into a nation! And regardless of the time, like now, we are still a nation and as you have said we need a leader! We need a leader who has led! We need a leader who knows how to help heal and make this nation into a nation of Americans and a leader who can pick a cabinet of positive people! And I have said for some time Obama was destroying our military and I believe we should “recall” all of the Generals and tell them to start recalling officers, pilots and get us armed and ready! And we should be ready to aid Israel by defending them; one of our greatest allies. Notice I said one of! If you are that leader then I see some contenders who would be a great VP – one who could carry the delegated duties! We are America! And anyone that cannot accept that we are one country of many races needs to leave! I also believe that we need a militia basis to be prepared to handle guarding our areas that terrorists would most likely hit like all of the power units that are wide open; our communication towers; bridges and help patrol or open waterways! Terrorists could come in so many ways and destroy our infrastructure and do we have enough military to guard everything? Instead of having the “vets” as targets like Obama has made the “vets” we could be the militia kind of like the “minutemen” at the beginning of our country! All of us took an oath, a lifetime oath, to our God to defend the constitution! We need to quit screwing around and do what is necessary to get Obama impeached and start reorganizing our country! I, and if everyone would say what they feel, am very concerned over what is looming for us! And I think Obama should be arrested, his cabinet removed and a military should be in charge until we can have a new general election to start rebuilding our country! If not we will not have a country! There is no democracy when Reid is just a tool to do what Obama says. No one really knows who is who in congress! We need to start over! We have a tyrant in the White House who is totally unqualified, a VP who is not capable to lead and we need desperately to have a new government! You know if we keep playing by the rules trying to play the game right which a renegade tyrant is at the helm ruling with no rules we are going to lose! And the sad part about all of this is we have honorable people in the background who would be able to change all of this! And if everyone thinks we can wait Obama can declare martial law, Chinese troops were put in Hawaii because that would be the hardest to contain; Obama’s private army is not defined; and we have an armed forces without any central authority, on our side, to organize and make a powerful force! You know all of what needs to be done but I don’t see how we can do it playing by the rules! Bluntly, we need to crap or get off of the pot! We cannot play by the rules! My opinion and if you asked how many vet volunteers are available, regardless of age, if we can fire a weapon we could guard or whatever, and you could assemble a group until elections could be held. I don’t think Obama intends to wait until we do that!

  18. Thank you so much for posting this. Something I’m going to share with many others. I love my country and I so much dislike (using kind words) the treason and divide that has been created by our government. I pray for our nation and I pray for all the good men and women who are serving our country to keep us safe. God is good, all of the time. I joyfully await His return.

  19. But Obama did read the address for a Ken Burns documentary and left out the words “under God.” Obama version: “that this nation, **************, shall have a new birth of freedom.”

    Obama is a disgrace to everything good about America.

  20. Thank you Mr Allen West. Prayers are being said 24/7 for our great nation. Although I hope the people who voted for this imposter have learned their lesson, I believe the election on both occasions were stolen. We can only pray for our good Lord and good Americans like yourself to intervene this coming election should these idiots try to steal another one. God Bless you and your family….

  21. Reading what I wrote I guess I am saying while we are planning Obama is moving! Let’s call it like it is! Surely there are a lot of major players who agree! We have one thing and Gov. Palin exemplifies such and that is we have honor! When the dweeb insulted her look how the country took it! Well we all respect our constitution! And right now I believe we need to act! I have heard so many times: “I don’t care if you make a bad decision that is better than making no decision at all!” That is not always good be right now we are off on a tangent in another world which is 2014! Obama is destroying on November 13th, 2013 which is now! He could really pull the plug at anytime! And he could start moving people and what would we do? Who would be in command? And Obama is saying to disarm the military police! Who is the first line of defense at our military posts? This cannot be allowed! God help us if we don’t s… or get off of the pot! Regardless we could stop every one of his appointed goons; take people we know who loves this country and make a change work….NOW! I think they have a name for making a change happen! I really do! And stop the feds from having the authority just to come in and what are the homes the want to do this to? Many have the word “vets” for the feds just to come in! I am sorry but the only words I know to explain such is this is Unadulterated Bulls…! God help us if we do not move and move fast!

  22. These inspiring word ring true, as true as the words of our 16th president Abraham Lincoln. I think even President Lincoln would be impressed by Mr. West words and yet concerned at the same time.

    Are nation is again at unrest, it is my prayer that we would not have to go as far a civil war. But our country is lead by a leader that has caused one of the greatest divisions our nations people in history. I love this great nation yet feel a great shame in it’s leader and those countryman that still are blind enough to think he has our nations best interest in mind when he has shown time and time again that it’s not so.

    Not long remembered will be the great multitude of hollow and misleading words spoken by President Obama, but long suffered will the actions he has taken while president will our nation have to endure.

  23. Obamacare is out and out fraud, NOT the “law of the land”……….just as Obama is a fraud , NOT “the President”……every act this fraud will have committed during his terms of office should be declared null and void…..including the ACA. The list is getting longer each day………………….Speaker Boehner.

    • If he were elected president, the words coming out of his mouth would be the opposite of what is coming out of Obama’s mouth…and the country desperately needs someone who will raise her up and our spirits along with her! He has fought for this country and knows that our brave corps are not refered to as corpses, even without a teleprompter!
      He is a true patriot and would have my vote.

    • Just because your an IDIOT….You don’t have to KEEP admitting it. “Stand still so i acn MUFFLE YOUR SOUND with this Grade A Duct Tape”.

  24. Mr west is campaigning…he is using the short comings of Obama ..to his benefits .its good politics ..I can understand that. .but its say a lot about his character I don’t see any honour in it at all..sorry…

    • It’s interesting that you would judge him for speaking the truth. If his “honor” is in question for telling the truth, then what does that say about your’s?

    • A good campaign always exploits the weakness of it’s opposition, whether on the battle field or the campaign trail! And not one thing Mr. West has said is not the blunt truth that we all need to hear!

  25. I’ve read a lot of hate against President Lincoln in many places. The only thing I can gather is there has been a ton of lies taught about him. I think his biggest threat was the mere fact he was a Republican who did the ultimate for African-Americans. He was willing to literally fight for their freedom. All the Democrats can claim is the KKK.

  26. In the Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln was wrong about, “The world will little note, nor long remember what we did here” and it’s a good thing he was wrong. What a loss to our country if we failed to remember this key moment.

  27. I’m afraid I agree somewhat with ‘reggi’s’ comments. I have noticed the Chicago gutter style politics becoming more prominent in your writings. I, personally, admire you, and deeply respect what you did while assigned to the Middle East conflicts. I even thank God that you put your country ahead of your regulations. Seriously wish there were more with that type of dedication. But….you are losing me as a big fan because of your current talks. There are ways to challenge that which is wrong without becoming a gutter snipe. I hope you are seeking another political position but ya need to think about how to do it with the pointedness with grace the others are lacking.

    • Someone has to speak bluntly, because our politicians campaign slogan type of speech is what has gotten us where we are today!
      Allen West does not make empty promises as he proved when he was a soldier…when he speaks the blunt truth, we may not like the way he says it, but I have found that when we least like what we are hearing is when we most often NEED to hear it!

    • Paus … This nation is falling rapidly and I truly respect this man who has the courage to stand up publicly and on line and speak out in whatever way he desires .. to reach the all the people .. not just those who sit in the backgrounde & write prose .. instead of doing and saying what needs to be done. Calling his work that of a gutter snipe .. is truly pathetic, although all worthwhile men have enemies.

    • I have listened to Lt Col West speak many times, will stop what I’m doing to listen to him. Will make a point when I know he will be speaking on someone’s show to be there to watch it. I like his rhetoric. Admire it. Admire his manner of being pointed and calling things as they are. I guess you could say I have an affection for hearing his style of talking. I do not see in my post anywhere that I said HE was a gutter snipe. Did I miss that part? I just don’t want to see him fall into the type of speaking that has been so prevalent in the past 9 years. He is sooooo much better than those that use those tactics. Name calling in politics has never been one of my favorite methods for winning an election. I do take exception to his calling Pres Obama a dictator in one of his messages. So below him, his intelligence and his wordsmithing. No matter what we feel about Pres Obama, name calling ain’t nice when you’re trying to make a point. Lt Col West is soooooo above that, in my mind.

      • If you want him to speak the truth, and not play politics let him call a duck a duck if it quacks like a duck. POTUS Allen West sounds so perfect. Prayers and love to your family Congressman West. The election was a farce and quite handily stolen. Wisconsin

  28. There’s a slave, bound by his own arrogance and incompetency, who wasn’t emancipated by Lincoln – and he even lives in a big house where Lincoln lived!

  29. Still perpetuating the same old myth about the Civil War being about slavery. You try to nullify Obamacare in any state and just see what happens.

  30. Thank you for your uplifting words. Very presidential. What a shame our president could not bring himself to show up and read a few words off his teleprompter.

  31. It is despicable that the first A-M POTUS, who compares himself to Lincoln is un-assing the AO to avoid homage to this great man. It is not like he is kissing Lincoln’s arse

  32. Right On, Mr. West!! These things NEED to be said. Loud & Often! Our country is being dragged down by people who don’t care for our history, our ethics, our morals, and most importantly, our Founding Documents that formed and have guided our Nation as a Constitutional Republic. These usurpers MUST be stopped, at any cost! God Bless America!!

  33. ye, Mr.West i don’t think all the writers on Capital Hill could have said it any better my printer is not working could you please send me a copy of this speech i would love to have for my grandchildren and great-grand children my address is E.S. Kriesick

  34. Thank you, Col. West! You give me hope for our country. I hope you run for office. I will support you no matter which office you run for. Governor, Congressman, Senate (to replace Bill Nelson), or President.


  36. Thank you, Col. West. It’s wonderful to see what true leadership looks like, with emphasis on uniting, not dividing. We are longing for that.

    • Barack Hussein Osama is NO soul-brother nor did his ancestors toil on southern plantations under the crack of whips. For all we know, his ancestors could have been the ones who kidnapped native African villagers to sell to European slave traders.

    • I guess, because Lincoln was a Republican, they don’t want to honor him–or his victory in the war. The KKK was started by Democrats. Fact. Whatever their reasons–that is still a fact. I don’t think that this President thinks that he’s a black man. I don’t think that he identifies with that race at all. His daddy was from Africa not America. Of course, you’d have thought that Mrs. Obama would have told him to mention it wouldn’t you? I think he identifies with Socialists and Muslims. But, also the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, (also a Democrat cause) kills more black children than any other race. And abortion was started as an extermination attempt on mixed races! (Have you ever seen children of mixed races? Perhaps the most beautiful children of all. And maybe that’s intentional on God’s part, too.)
      Apparently the black race is incredibly prolific, or perhaps its the tight communities of poverty–where in order for a girl to feel love from a man, she does what causes birth to be an eventuality. And in order to receive welfare, her mom can’t marry her dad, so he is non-existant. We do owe repurcussions. The white community has failed.
      Bring in the black skinned person to be your slave, then when you’re done with them, don’t send them back. Kill them off. Kind of like what Obama suggested be done with our military. Particularly the ones that now have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and who wouldn’t after that horror. After all, War is Hell.

  37. Thank you Mr. West for so elegantly updating Lincoln’s address; for standing firm for America; for being so gracious and for helping keep the founding spirit of America alive, today. We need you back in Congress!

  38. Yes. But then I don’t subscribe to the Kennedy Worship Syndrome. I respect JFK’s military service. However he wasn’t in office long enough to accomplish anything. except the Bay of Pigs fiasco. He was womanizer that made Clinton look like a choir boy. His daddy spent $7 (1960 dollars) for every vote he got; including the dead people’s votes. He was a very eloquent speaker. Sound like the TURD who’s in office now. Have a nice day you socialist (i.e. Democrat) countrymen. SFC (Ret) Thomas Nickson

  39. It’s wonderful that the Gettysburg Address continues to receive so much notice and praise. I only wish that the Farewell Address of the Father of Our Country was given one-tenth of the attention. Surely our country would not be suffering many of the problems we are if our elected officials followed his directions. This link is to a New York Times article in which the two were compared:


  40. Ending slavery was considered a progressive, liberal position. The conservative position was to maintain slavery in the US. Yes, I am aware that Republicans led the push to free the slaves as Democrats stood in opposition. However, neither party is today what it was then. The core values of the parties have changed. In any case, to attack progressive policies at the time of slavery would mean that you would be against ending slavery. I find it interesting that this rant is coming from a black man. Some liberal policies are good for the nation. Some conservative policies are also good for the nation. I don’t understand why people can’t just form their own opinions instead of hitching their wagons to any political party. Just state what it is you think should be done. If your ideas have merit, they will prevail. If not, then they will fade away.

    • slavery is and always a liberal socialists program…basic Idea is to take the work of one group for the benefit of those who do not do the work…..and that is why it has never worked and never will work…

      • Sorry. Slavery was most definitely a conservative issue of the time.

        Definition of “conservative”: holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

        And ending slavery was the liberal position.

        Definition of “liberal”: open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
        You see, keeping slavery was the traditional attitude, and conservative people were cautious to change it. While abolishing slavery was a new behavior, and liberal people were willing to discard traditional values.
        I don’t care about your opinion of liberalism or conservatism. You can hold to whatever beliefs you feel comfortable with. But what you will not do is distort facts and rewrite history to fit your agenda, at least not while people who actually care about truth exist to check your lies and propaganda.

      • “But what you will not do is distort facts and rewrite history to fit your agenda, at least not while people who actually care about truth exist to check your lies and propaganda.”

        That’s rich, coming from a lib.

      • I’m not a liberal. I am not beholden to any political label. I think for myself. I don’t just follow a political party. If you correlate caring about truth and fact-checking claims to being “liberal”, then so be it. But I will not label myself. Try again.

      • Judge away, but do so fairly. Just so you know, I argue with liberals about positions that they hold that I don’t agree with. In this case, however, I’m not arguing against any conservative position. I am merely pointing to a fact. If you guys can’t accept facts, then I guess my efforts are futile.


      • What is so dangerous about presenting factual information? These are the very definitions of “liberal” and “conservative”. If you don’t believe me, then look the words up yourself. And if you aren’t convinced that the pro-slavery stance was the conservative position at the time, then you should provide a rebuttal. My opinions are based on the evidence. They are not set in stone. I will change my opinion with new evidence, if the evidence is convincing enough to sway my opinion. That isn’t dangerous. That is called learning. By the way, is the all CAPS really necessary? All of your words aren’t acronyms are they?

      • Your SCREAMING reply suggests that you are teaching your children that name calling trumps reasoned discussion.
        FYI I $upported Colonel West’s campaign and generally agree with his positions.

      • Even if you don’t agree with me, I appreciate your character. I wish more people could have reasonable discussions, instead of resorting to “screaming” and ad hominem attacks. Then, perhaps we could accomplish some goals and solve some problems in this society.

      • You do realize that Colonel West’s version of the Gettysburg Address was updated to apply to today’s United States don’t you? As you said, things have changed. Neither liberals or conservatives condone slavery today. It is true though that today’s liberals DO keep minorities in sort of a condition of slavery when they assume that they cannot do for themselves and must be made wards of the state. When you remove any incentive for people to work to improve their own lot you are holding them back and keeping them in a slave-like state in that they depend on you for their livelihood and to make their decisions for them.
        Control citizen’s lives from cradle to grave = liberals
        Allow citizens to make their own life-choices = conservatives
        You started out your first post by saying that things have changed since the Civil War in that Democrats (liberals) have reversed their decision to support slavery but then say that anyone who claims that Republicans (conservatives) opposed slavery are “trying to rewrite history.” Which way is it? It can’t be both ways.
        As far as that goes, Obama and his cronies try to rewrite history from week to week, let alone over a 150 year period. Just look at his constantly repeated claim: “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance, If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.” Now he and his hangers-on are backpedalling on that, Nancy Pelosi comes to mind.

      • This is the only thing I said about Republicans or Democrats:

        “Yes, I am aware that Republicans led the push to free the slaves as Democrats stood in opposition.”

        The rest of my argument was aimed at the labels of “conservative” and “liberal” I am aware that West has attempted to “rewrite” the Gettysburg Address to suit what he thinks is the current state of the union. I disagree with him. Not because he is a Republican or a conservative, but because he is undermining the entire essence of the Gettysburg Address, which is to preserve the Union. He is not trying to preserve the Union, but helping to drive a larger wedge between the two groups, when what we really need is compromise.

        I am not going to defend Obama, Pelosi, or any other Democrats. I am not a Democrat. I agree with some of their positions, and I disagree with others. I tend to agree and disagree with Republicans at about the same rate. Believe it or not, there are people in the middle of these issues who do not see this false dichotomy of choices and realize that there is a middle ground. We, and especially our representatives, just have to be willing to meet there.

        I also disagree with your assertions that “liberals DO keep minorities in sort of a condition of slavery” and “when you remove any incentive for people to work to improve their own
        lot you are holding them back and keeping them in a slave-like state in
        that they depend on you for their livelihood and to make their decisions
        for them”. I’m assuming you are speaking of social programs such as Welfare, WIC, and Food Stamps. I am a product of that system. I grew up in poverty, and if it weren’t for Food Stamps, the Free Lunch/Breakfast Program, and WIC, then I don’t know how I would have gotten by as a child. Even with the help, we sometimes didn’t have food to eat. The summer was especially rough, because we couldn’t depend on getting meals at school. I was very malnourished. And my mother worked. She worked 60+ hours a week. She just did not make enough to sustain us. My dad contributed what he could, but after he got cancer and could no longer get hired (he was a mechanic by trade), he had to take odd jobs to make what he could. He also played guitar at bars to bring in a bit more money. It just was not enough. We needed those programs to get by. And today, I am no longer on the system. I started working at 14. I am a college graduate. I served in the Army for 6 years. I am now married to a naval officer. I am a stay-at-home dad for the time being by choice, so our son doesn’t have to be raised in a childcare facility. We are fortunate to be in this unique position. But, had it not been for the programs that helped me when I was younger, I may not have been so fortunate. So, when you think about people on the system, just know that not everyone is just mooching. There are employed, hard-working people who need help. In fact, most of the people on assistance are the working poor. I know that doesn’t fit into your narrative, but it is the truth.

    • I find it rather hypocritical that you, espousing we should not hitch our wagons to any political party, come forward and immediately label slavery as a “conservative issue”. No double speak with you, is there? Perhaps reading some history will help you to understand the issue at hand was not political in nature, but dealt with nature itself-ALL people are created equal and imbued with certain unalienable right. With that basic premise, slavery demeaned some into servitude, thus elevating others. Nothing to do with politics Danny. Nice try to push your political position though.

      • First, slavery was a political issue. I understand that it was always immoral. I agree with that sentiment. But the fact remains that slavery was a legal institution in the US. It took political action to try to abolish it. And because of politics, the nation was pushed into war. Don’t condescend to me, saying that “perhaps reading some history will help you understand”, as if you know anything about what I have read or studied. What I have said is verifiable from primary sources of the times. I have read them. Have you? My understanding of historical events is based on researching the facts, not just regurgitating what select members of some political party has distorted.
        Secondly, I am not trying to push any political position. I’m not stating that the pro-slavery stance was a conservative stance to support the liberal party. I could care less about the liberal party or their agenda. I do care about facts. I care when people, such as West, make blatantly false statements. And when I come across these assertions, I will challenge them, whether they come from conservatives, liberals, libertarians, or whoever. That’s because I do not identify with any of these parties, and I don’t think any of them are above criticism. There is nothing hypocritical about pointing to a fact. And that the pro-slavery movement was a conservative position, by definition if you care to look it up, is clearly a fact. That’s not to say that all conservative positions are wrong. I actually agree with many conservative positions. But, on the issue of slavery, the conservatives of the time were wrong. That’s just the truth, whether you accept it or not.

  41. How incredibly presumptuous of you. Surely you understand that all educated Americans are familiar with this speech already and can easily look it up on their own for a refresher. You have done no service here.

    • And How presumptuous of you to assume that all educated Americans TODAY are familiar with the Gettysburg address. YOU have done no service here.

    • How incredibly presumptuous of you. Surely you understand that all educated Americans are familiar with the Gettysburg Address, (WHICH THIS IS NOT) already and can easily take the time to read the content before offering an indictment of the author of the nature of his writings. You have done no service here or for your pathetic dying cause.

    • Do tell, how is it “…that all educated Americans are familiar with this speech already”, when Mr. West just presented it? Apparently, you didn’t bother to read the speech and figure out it is not the Gettysburg Address, but Mr. West’s own speech.

  42. Mr West why is it that a man such as yourself can succeed in a world that we are told is so racist and hateful but when the liberals start bashing you it is ok I do not understand why people of color stnd up and accept this behavior are they so entrenched in this rhetoric from the left that they can no longer think for themselves.You Sir have my support in any office you intend to run for. and thank you for your service to our country

  43. You’re no Abe Lincoln, Al. A shame you couldn’t get it right in 10 paragraphs when Abe used only 4. You couldn’t even quote him correctly. ” and that government of…” not The govt. Next time, do your homework.

    • How many times did you have to consult a dictionary to understand what Colonel Allen wrote here I wonder? Even if you did, i doubt a Kool-Aid drinking lib like yourself fully understood what he is trying to state in this writing. Go back to your Obama worship and throw off yourself off the cliff of government servitude and dependency.

    • He said it was an MODERN version of the Gettysburg Address, he wasn’t trying to quote Lincoln directly, he never said that was his intention to do so. What he wrote, and intended, was an update appropriate for this time in our history and he did a very good job. You must be a liberal, hearing or reading only what you want to hear or read.

  44. Colonel West, we owe you gratitude for standing tall for America. The “Crazies and Lefties” will never shut up till the sun goes down on their parade. God just may do it.

  45. Lincoln did NOT free the slaves. He announced that those held in the Confederacy were free as a tactical decision to weaken the threat to rule by the Feds. The slaves in Boston and New York City were NOT freed by him.
    I suspect that I would have fought with the Democrats on the side of the Confederacy in defense of State’s Rights.

    • You can’t separate indentured servitude from slavery? Why don’t you look up the definitions of both? In the former, one works for someone either to pay off a debt or in order to gain a plot of land/property. In the latter, one is owned by another person as property. There is a clear, defined difference. Add to it that indentured servitude did not typically entail beating, abusing, and killing, while slavery, throughout history, did. But even if there were no beatings and slaves lived in the most humane conditions imaginable, do you think it is moral to own another human being as property? If so, then you are the first person I’ve ever encountered that doesn’t see the problem with it.

      • Two points:
        1) we don’t live in the dictionary writer’s world
        2) in the era when indentured servants were common, the debtor’s prison was a common destination for failure to put in your labor. Not a nice place to spend your life.
        I consider money as an analog for labor. Indebtedness is thus a voluntary form of slavery. When I moved from Phoenix to Daytona Beach, the credit company who had painlessly financed my Triumph Spitfire raised hell for my having taken it out of state without their permission. “Mother, may I?” is not my favorite phrase and I’ve not had a long term auto loan since. (New job, purchased a house full of termites, idiot as new boss, Thanksgiving in a motel … thinking about the fine print on the car loan got little think time.)

  46. Sorry Allen, but you cannot improve on Lincoln’s magnificent words. They stand alone as one of the most extraordinary speeches in our history.

    • I don’t believe he intended to “improve on” Lincoln’s words. I believe he meant to write his own words, while honoring Lincoln’s. And to that end, he did a magnificent job of it.

  47. Obama snubs Gettysburg Address celebration! So what else is new with this anti-American Kenyan-Indonesian Muslim fraud? Obama once more proved that he is not an American and never will be! One day soon true and loyal Americans like Colonel Allen West will say enough is enough and legally depose this evil man who is president of these United States in name only!


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