Chicago-style comes to DC: Insurance Commissioner fired after criticizing Obama

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Way back in November 2008 after winning the presidential election, then-Senator Barack Obama crowed, “Chicago is coming to DC.” And just like the statement about “fundamentally transforming” America, no one bothered to ask what it meant.

Well, just ask former DC Insurance Commissioner William White what it means, because he was fired from his post last Friday for criticizing the so-called “Obamacare fix” saying it would create problems for the insurance exchanges. According to NBC:

William White told NBC News that Mayor Vincent Gray’s office didn’t explicitly link his dismissal to his comments. But he strongly suggested it wasn’t a coincidence.

“Anyone who looks at this can draw their own conclusions. My statement came out on Thursday, and by Friday [at] 4:15 I was out,” he said.

Don’t forget Chicago is the city of Al Capone and Saul Alinsky, both criminals in their respective areas of expertise. Both promoted intimidation and assassinations as a means to an end, one literally with a weapon and the other figuratively with words. Regardless, both were ruthless in their tactics, clear on their desired outcomes, and uncompromising in their use of brute force.

So here comes Barack Obama from the same city and the same mold, and we’re surprised?

Commissioner White made the unfortunate mistake of criticizing His Highness. Since the DC City Hall is just down the street from the White House, I’m quite sure Mayor Vincent Gray got the call, and within 24 hours White was history, simply for telling the truth, something Obama and the Democrats can’t seem to handle.

And we wonder who let the IRS dogs out? This is why we should be concerned about 200 senior military officers removed from their positions in the last five years. I like to analyze trends, and trends, like smoke, lead to a fire — this one is burning in the White House. Do I get concerned or nervous about speaking out against the progressive socialists and President Obama? Nah, call me Eliot Ness.


  1. Don’t criticize the do or know nothing President. You will eventually pay for it in the end. The ACA is a mute point. There is a case filed in federal court ruling the law to be Unconstitutional since the Supreme court ruled it to be legal for a tax law. Since all tax laws have to originate in the House and the ACA originated in the Senate it is illegal. So Obama will undoubtedly have a temper tantrum if it is ruled to be illegal. He will just add on to the complete failure of his administration. Apparently he’s not a intelligent constitutional lawyer.

  2. Mr West please tell us why our military has not gone in and taken this FRAUD out of office, he has done nothing but hurt the American people, he loves the musilum brotherhood which he gives money to kill our troops, this is TREASON what are they afraid the blacks will riot if charges are brought, this guy has done everything to destroy the job growth, the ecomony, degrades are troops, he goes around the Constitution at will he is an all around DIRT BAG DICTATOR

    • The Constitution does not permit a military coup. To remove a President from office, it has to be done through the Legislative Branch with an impeachment and removal from office or by the citizenry through force of arms. The current legislators are stacked towards the left along with the Supreme Court so make up your mind what you are willing to do.

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on the corruption and maneuvering of this illegal administration. Until Obama is impeached, sadly, this will continue. The devastation to our military is just the beginning of our woes. There are so many parallels to this Administration and Germany in the 1930’s with Hitler it is concerning.

  4. Alright Eliot Ness, Saul Alinsky (allegedly) used violence as well when he was credited for firebombing the house of a judge while the judge and his family were inside sleeping. Luckily the judge and his family survived the attack.

  5. they talk about gun control, but Chicago has a higher murder rate than a war zone, and who is the mayor of Chicago. BO’s best buddy!

  6. We must pray and work to stop the Demoncrats winning the House. They are so corrupt I fear the election will be so rigged again. Also we must take back the Senate to get rid of this sevant of satan.

    • please tell me your kidding this has nothing to do with the devil you moron this is about politics. People like you give christians a bad name.

      I used to be one and fully support freedom of all relgions, i won many awards and even have Bible Quiz trophy’s. You are telling me this is solely the work of satan? Ok so lets get some facts right, whoever told you that is taking the bible soley out of context and 2 if you honestly believe the bible you still have 300 more profiicies to have come true BEFORE the anti-christ such as idk perhaps like READING REVALATIONS where an ASTROID MUST STRIKE EARTH. Sounds to me like you been brain washed just as bad as a muslim extreemist who becomes a suicide bomber. People like you should learn more about your relgion before you toss out slander like that. I think Obama sucks and drove this country into the ground, i however dont believe he is anything close to the anti-christ and if he religion is different than yours the bible speaks on ONE msg and ONE alone. L-O-V-E. Kinda funny how you managed to turn that into another 4 letter word ending in E, H-A-T-E. This is what your religious text was meant for.

      Before you post something like this again think about what Jesus himself said, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THEYSELF. Does not mean actual person living next door but rather the human race as a whole. He also said IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING OFFENSIVE TO SAY OR FALSE THAT WILL HURT OTHER DO NOT SAY IT. Please do respond so i can put those old trophy’s to use and start quoting scripture to somebody who clearly cant grasp the basic things of their own religion. People like you are why i will never go to church again. So jaded and corrupt from what the bible was meant to do, bring peace so we CAN co-exist. Not force your religion on others.

      Im saddened to see the religion i once loved twisted so far from what is was inteded for. Congrats on making people hate Christians more, i hope you remember your actions when facing “god”. I know im going to hell for my sins, i got no pride or shame in that, i know my path i chose and can not change that, however i can change others before they go down mine.

      • Satan came to seek and destroy – so don’t know where you think that he isn’t trying to destroy the US through whatever means he can. So sorry you refuse to repent of your sin by refusing to believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior….He loves you know matter what you have done. It is pride and satan keeping you from doing that.

      • You may have debated it,quoted it but none of it reached your heart. Only with the Holy Spirit does the heart understand the teaching of the Bible.

      • Don’t focus on the religion, Dj, focus on your relationship with Christ. And whatever path you chose, there is always repentance, think of the Prodigal son.

      • I’m just not sure how seriously I can take a rant on a rant when neither ranter can spell correctly. Perhaps it is not just our Government that is failing us…

      • And……………………………………………………….GROW UP, before running uneducated mouth!

      • Hmmm…You’d think that someone who claims to have won “many awards and Bible Quiz trophies” would know how to spell Revelation. The final book of the New Testament is “The Revelation of St. John…” Not “RevalationS” Also, not only do you take several Bible quotes out of context, you don’t even quote them accurately. So if you’re going to go off on a Christian for not knowing the Bible, you should know it yourself.(Whether you yourself are a Christian or not) And when your spell-checker underlines a word, you should probably pay attention to it, especially if you’re going to call someone a moron.
        …Just saying.

  7. In all likelihood if it wasn’t for the Chicago Daley Machine, Kennedy would not have won the presidency in 1960. Obama wants to move that machine power to DC and he has. But we have the power of the electorate, conservatives are more vocal, and the internet did not exist in 1960. We can make a difference.

  8. In all likelihood if it wasn’t for the Chicago Daley Machine, Kennedy would not have won the presidency in 1960. John F Kennedy did not get the popular vote. Obama wants to move that machine power to DC and he has. But we have the power of the electorate, conservatives are more vocal, and the internet did not exist in 1960. We can make a difference.

    • What happens, if the internet gets shut down? Have you ever heard such a thing? ~ ~ ~ And, wasn’t the internet invented by one of those green freaks ??
      What’s his lame?????

  9. Just how many more will be tossed aside before this country realizes this micromgr doesn’t have a clue? Really doesn’t have a clue how to do this job?

  10. No free vote will EVER exist again as long as the USA uses programmable voting machines! it does not matter how many people vote against a person who is running for another party. If you can program a voting machine the opposition will always win, no matter whether it is 1 % or 99%

    • Actually, it’s the In’s that win, not the opposition. They’re the ones with control over the voting machines, and often the Supervisor of Elections office.

  11. I wish I could spend just 5 minutes with obama speaking my mind and telling him that because of his upbringing in a Communist family, he’s damaged goods. Just five minutes…

  12. The prerequisite if you want to keep your job in OBAMA DC, do NOT speak the truth!
    The more you LIE and hide the truth the better your job security.
    The whole place is a sewer pit of lies, deception, fraud, bluff, pretense and double dealing and the rats are continuing to attack and destroy anyone who dares to criticize
    “his majesty”….sorta reminds you of how Muslims ……………

  13. Born and raised in Chicago, but I left to burbs to raise my kids. I am sick of hearing how Obama is from Chicago. He is NOT. Our state politicians are all corrupt. After Jack Ryan’s sex scandal, a senate seat was open and Barak Hueissen Obama was fast tracked thru blowing by poor Jessie Jackson Jr. who was being groomed for greatness. But there is no doubt that the powerful “Democratic Chicago Machine” made sure the “annointed one” was ushered to the top. Makes me sick, and between Madigan, Quinn, and Emmanuel it is only gotten worse. Planning to move out of Illinois asap. Done!

  14. Its no mystery..the government does what it likes ..the america people are puppets preety much…u mean they are so proud of their bullshit government one is gonna say nothing


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